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fill-; M.VKNTH KWT10N OF 




Entered according to Act of t'\igv<'jw In ilir )'**tf i '**,* 

In the Office of tluf Lihrsniin of ( Ywip'eA, 41 U\n>ttt 


THIS Abridgement of the Oxford Greek Lexicon has been undertaken in 
compliance with wishes expressed by several experienced School Masters, It is 
an entirely new work, and it is hoped that it will meet their requirements. 

It differs from the old "Abridgement,, in that 
ist. It is made from the last Edition (1883) of the large Lexicon. 
3ndly, The matter contained in it is greatly increased. This increase has 
been caused by giving fuller explanations of the words, by inserting the irregular 
forms of Moods and Tenses more fully, by citing the leading Authorities for the 
different usages, and adding characteristic phrases. , 

With regard to the citation of Authors* names, it has been endeavoured to 
give the earliest authority for each usage. When the word or meaning continued 
in general use, an ' etc/ is added to the first authority or authorities. When the 
original usage seems to be continued only exceptionally, the names of the 
exceptional authorities have been added. 

Generally speaking, words used only by late writers and scientific terms have 
been omitted. But from Homer downwards, to the close of Classical Attic Greek, 
care has been taken to insert all words. Besides these, will be found words used 
by Aristotle in his moral and political treatises, by- Polybius and Strabo in the 
books generally read by students, by Plutarch in his Lives, by L.ucian^ by the 
Poets of the Anthology, and by the writers of the New Testament 

With regard to Etymology, when the word represents the Root or Primitive 
Form with a termination easily separable, it is printed in Capital letters, as 
TE'Mfl, K PA'TOX ; when the Root and termination are not so distinctly separable, the 
assumed Root is added, as TUTTTW (Root TYH). 

In Derived words, reference is made to the Verb or other word under which 
the Root is given, as Ki<f>o-poXos (/3<iAAa>) ; except that in cases where the Root can 
only be found in the aor. % or some other tense of a Defective Verb^ this form and 
not the Verb is given, as Spojxos (8/>ajaeu>)> ^^ (fafropai). 

In Compound words, the parts of which they are made up has been marked 
by placing a hyphen between them, as d-rro-p^XXw, d<f>-fyjAt, a-paros. When either 
part of the compound remains unaltered or only slightly altered, no reference to 
the simple forms has been thought necessary. And words derived from a compound 
already divided are left undivided, as <j>tXo<ro<|> from <|>iX6-cro4>os. 

The Quantity of doubtful syllables is marked : when a doubtful vowel precedes 
another vowel, it is to be understood that the former is short a unless it is marked 


CH. CH., OXFORD, Oct. 27, 1888. 

7-AVr OF A /*/*/* A 

* means equal or cgniva/rtit /<> 
a/bsot. * absolute, absolutely 

ace. -* accusative ; ace* to -^ according to 

Act, a" Active voice 

act. -* a active sijij-mficatkm 

Aclj. * Adjective 

Adv. Adverb 

Aeol, = Aeolk.% in the Aeolic dialect 

Acrtch. ** Aeschylus 

Aesohin. * Aenehincji 

Anth. Anthology 

aor* ** aormt tense 

Ar AriHtophannH 

Ari&t. * Aristutlei 

Att. Attic, in Attic Greek, -* Balm us 

c. cum 

e, ace. connate x with cof^natti areunativts i, c*. wb<m 

the Subnt. has the name or a similar hig'nlHcatlwn with 

the Verb 

c. joren. partit. cum jjfenitivo parttttva 
c. gen, pora. cum pfenitivt* per<>nau 
cf * confer, compare 
collet. collateral 
Com. C<*mic in Comic PuotH 
Compar. or Comp '- Comparative 
Conjunct, ConjunrUon 
contr, contracted, contraction 

Dep* * Deponent Verb, i. . a Verb of Micltlta or Pawtve 

form with Active erit5 
deriv* dttiv>d dotiivatlon 
ctlsyll. ** cltsyllable 
Dor. *w in Doric Greek 
Ep, Iia Epic Greek 
e*Jp. especially 
etc. et cetera 
Kur. Kuripides 
f. or fut. w^luturo tomte 
fern,. " feminine 
fin. * jBincm or fina 
freq* !*B frequent, frequently 
*, or Brandt. 


Hes. - Hetod 

How. * Homer 

Jmpumfc, or imper* 

Imperf . or impf, - 

impers* jimpereonal 

ind or^ indie. Indicative 

inf. infinitive mootl 

tntr. or intransi. *- Intransitive 

Ion, lonte, In the Ionic dialect 

irreg. * irreg-ular 

Isocr. Isocrate 

l*at* Latin 

n. pr. 

X. T. 

mm, * mtm 
oft. - <*ftrl 
>$>p. to " oft 

<|it, or **ptiifc, 

tut i 

part. ' * |MU'ti*-'tf*!r" 

l*IlE1l, ' 

ll. ttr | 


I-** ; f, - 

' $if, 


httwrlij Hiiha 
iilijunrtivri n 
Hutinfc* * Ktihttiicttivc > 

* uh* ** 



xtMUi * 

V* **i vl* 



A a, a\<f>a, r6, indecl., first letter of the Gr. alphabet : 
as Numeral, of = ets and irpcoros, but /* looo. 
Changes of a : 1. Aeol., a for e, #AAora for 

#AAore : for o, efrecm for efccocri : reversely o for a, v. 
sub o. 2. Dor., a for e, a\\OKa for -re : in the 

body of words, IctpJs for isp6s, 3. Ion., a for e, jue 
flos- for fj-eyfdos : reversely for a, v. sub e. b. a be- 
comes 77 In the num. forms, $Lir\'f}O'io$, iro\\a'ir\ i fi(no$ for 
SnrAdVtos 1 , TroAAaTrAdVios'. c. in some words, d repre- 
sents 77, as /j.ecrctjj.ppi'r] for /*i0"rjju>ftpta,'-fta.Teca for 
ajj.<picr-^Tjrca. d. a for o, as appcoSeco for oppca- 
Seoj. II. changes of d : 1. 77 Ion. becomes d 

Aeol. and Dor. in the 1st decl., as 7ri5Aa, ^ArpetSas for 
iri5A77, 3 ATpel$7)s : also when a is the vowel of the root, as 
Qvdo-Kca for 6vf}<TK<a (0AN); but 77 for e or et is often 
retained in Aeol. and Dor., as T/px^ucw (p%o//,ai), but 
dpX^cw (Jipxop-ai}. b. reversely, in Dor., ae and ae* 
in inflexions of Verbs in dca are contr. into 77, as evltcfj for 
-d, dpJTS 1 for-iys : so in crasis, ri)fidforr& e/ta, Keytar for 
icai iy&v. c. in Dor., ao and acu are contracted not 
into (a, but into d, v. fi ca. 2. in Ion., 77 for d is charac- 
teristic, as in 1st decl., <ro<pt-ri, ~r\v, 'Apia'Ta-ydpiis, -TJV : 
if the nom. ends in d, the change only takes place in 
g-en. and dat. dA^0eid, -77$, -?j, -av. 

a,-, insep. Prefix in compos. : I. alpha privativum, 

expressing 'want or absence, like Lat. in-, Eng-1. un- } 
<ro<p6s wise, &-<ro<po$ unwise : v. ay. This a rarely 
precedes a vowel, as in S-aros, d^fi^s 1 : more often 
before the spir. asper, as a-'fjffa'TjTOS,, &-6paros 3 a^pia-ros : 
sometimes a coalesces with the foil, vowel, as &/e<wr (d- 
CKCOJC), &py6s (acpyds) : before a vowel av~ is more com- 
mon. Reg-ularly, it is only compounded with nouns; 
for exceptions, v. a(3ov\ecc, airfdo/uat, &rlca. II. 

alpha copulativum, expressing- union, likeness, properly 
with spir. asper, as in &-8poos, a-tras, but with spir. lenis, 
&-KOLTLS, &-\oxo$, a-8e\<p6s f a-TdXavros, a-K<$X,ov9os. It 
is prob. akin to the Adv. $/xou III. alpha inten- 

sivum, said to answer to the Adv. &yav, very. The 
existence of this a is doubtful : some words referred to 
it belong- to a privativum, as d-SdVcpuros-, a-OecrtyaTOs, 
&-gv\o$ (v. sub vocc.) ; in others, as -<TKIOS, a-revfis, a- 
<T7rep%es-, d-or/ceXes-, the a may be a copulativum. I"V". 
aeuphonicum, as a-ft\r]Xp6s> d-<T7rafyxw, a.-crra<pts, a-o-re- 
poirf] for p\yxpfe o"ira^pw, <rra<pls, cTTfpoirfi. [a in all 
these cases, except by position. But Adjs. which begin 
with three short syllables have a in dactylic metres, as 
a-Scfytaros, a-0^/UToy, a-K^aros-, d-TrdAa/^os- : one Adj. 
a.-Qdvaros, with its derivs., has d in all metres.]] 

S., exclamation, like Lat. and Eng-1. ah / & SexAe, 5 SetAtiS, 
S 8ei\ol f Horn. ; doubled, 3, a Aesch. 

a a or a a, to express laughter, &*z, /ta, Eur., Ar. 

a, Dor. for Artie. 77. II. fi, Dor. for relat. Pron* 
ff. III. $, Dor. for 7j, dat. of &r. 

a-aaros, ov, in II. with penult, long, (a privat., daaj) 7i0j? 
<? # injured, inviolable, vvv /tot B^ocrcroy da'drov 5Twy2>s 
05cup, because the gods swore their most binding 1 oaths 
thereby. II. daa-ros, ov, in Od. with penult, short, 

(a copulat., adta*) hurtful, perilous, aweful; &ed\os 

a-ayris, er, (#yi/u/u) unbroken, not to be broken, hard, 

^strong, Od., Theocr. 

a-aiTTos, ov, (airrojtai) not to be touched, resistless, 
invincible, xe?pes aairroi Horn., Hes. 

aacra, contr. 2<ra, aor. I of ado : med. &acrd*fj,T)V, fard- 
/J,TJV : pass. dd*cr0T]V. 

aa<nr6Tos> oaorxcTos, v. <rirros, #<r%erojr. 

aarat, Ep. med. from He* (a). II. ddrai, from adta. 

a-aros, contr. S.TOS, ov, (&eo o) insatiate, c. gen., "Aprjs 


ddaj (Root Apt cf. ^TT;, oC'-c^ra), used by Horn, in aor. I 
act. Sacra contr. Sera, med. dacrd'jUTJj' contr. ao~d/jur)v, pass. 
a.d<rQt)v : pres. only in 3 sing", of Med. darai : properly 
to hurt, da-mage ; then to mislead, infatuate, of the 
effects of wine, sleep, divine judgments, Od. : so in 
Med., "AT77 T^ TrdWay darai II. II. aor. I med. and 

pass., to act recklessly or foolishly, aaffdiMr]v I was in- 
fatuated II. ; fie*/ ddV077 Ib. The quantities vary : 
dafev, adcrav, part, ddtros : ddo'afj.'rjv, ddff&ro : datrdriv, 

otpa, 77, Dor. for 7^)877. 

dpaKc<u, f. 7^<r<, to be speechless, Ep. Verb only used in 
aor. I, of 8" aBdKr)o~a,v irdvres Od. From 

d,-pa.KTJs, e^, (jSd'^ea) speechless, infantine, Sappho. 

a-pd"Kxet)TOS, ov, (BafcxeiJou) uninitiated in the Bacchic 
orgies, generally, joyless, Eur. 

a-paXe [d^], properly a pd\, expressing a wish, O 
that . . ! Lat. utinam, c. inf., Anth. 

d-papi]s, ^, (jfrdpos-) without weight : not burdensome, 
of persons, N. T. 

d-po-flravwrros, oy, (/Sacrav^a)) not examined by torture, 
untortured ; of things, unexamined, Plut. : Adv. 
-rces, without examination, Thuc. 

a-pcLcTLXe-uTos, ov, (^acriAi5cw) not ruled by a King, 
Thuc., Xen. 

a~pcl<ricavTos, ov, (fiacrKalvca) not subject to enchant- 
ment : Adv. -TG>$, Anth. 

d-pacrraKTos, ov, (fiaffrdfa} not to be carried, P!u 
t-paros, ov, also 77, ov, (Patvco) untrodden, im^^a^q* 
inaccessible, of mountains, Hdt., Soph., e^Ji pf a 
river, not fordable, Xen. 2. of holy plalf^, ## to 

be trodden, like &6iicros, Soph.: metapH. fi&tf,' chaste, 
' Plat. 8 of horses, not ridden, uc. II. 

2 'A/3/35 

act., 2tj8. irovos a plague that hinders walking, i.e. 

gout, Luc. 

*Appa, Hebr. word, father, N.T. 
'Apo-rjpiTTis [I], ov, 6, a man of Abdera in Thrace, 

proverb, of simpletons, Dem. : Adj. "ApSiipiTucds, 4j, 

6v, like an Abderite, i. e. stupid, Luc. 

s oy, ^t,ncerta^n, unsteady ; TO a&&cuov d/iJe- 
, Luc. 2. of persons, ^t,nstable, Dem., etc. 
S| oy, not profane, inviolable, Plut. 
x, 97, silliness, stupidity, fatuity, Plat. From 
d-peXrepos, a, oy, <?<?< for nothing, silly, stupid, 

fatuous, Ar., etc. ; Sup. ~&TO,TO$, Id. 
d-pia<rros, oy, (j8tef<w) unforced, without violence, Plat. 
ol-pios, oy, = aj8fo>Tos, Anth. II. without a living, 

starving, Luc. III. of the 'lTnn)fj,o\yoi, simple in 

life, II. 

a- (3 LOTOS, oy, aftitoros, Eur. 
d-pCuTos, oy, ?z0 jfo be lived, insupportable, &. TreTro/Tj/ce 

Toy )3ioy Ar. ; afitcarov XpoVoy j8iOT6vo"cu Eur. ; apicardv 

[4cm] /z/<? is intolerable, Eur., Plat. : Adv., d/3icTs 

exy to find /*/<? intolerable, Plut. 
dpXdp(,a, ^, freedom from harm, Plut. II. act. 

harmlessness, Lat. innocentia, Cic. From 
d-pXa.pirjs, , (j8Acj877) without harm, i. e., I. pass. 

unharmed, unhurt, secure, Aesch., etc. II. act. 

not harming, harmless, innocent, Aesch., Plat. 2. 

averting or preventing harm, Theocr. 3. Adv. in 

Att. formularies, aft\apco$ crirovo'cus ^u/ieWy without 

doing harm, Thuc. ; so the (firovod themselves are 

entitled &So\ot Kal afiXafieTs, Id. 
dpXapCo, TJ, Ep. for dj8\cij8em, h. Horn. 
d-pXe4>apo5, oy, ({3>\e<papov) without eye-lids, Anth. 
d-pXi]s, TJTOS, o, 7), (^aAAco) not thrown or shot, Ibv 

djSA^Ta an arrow not yet used, II. 
Sj oy, not hit by darts, II, 
"s, es, f j8Xi7x^) without bleatings, Anth. 
s, rf, oV, (a euphon., fiXiixpos) weak, feeble, II.; 
/CITOS an ^asy death in ripe old age, opp. to a 

violent one, Od. 

dpXT)xpuST)s 9 es, == a.fiXirjxpo'S) of sheep, Babr. 
dpodri, -aros, Dor. for uftoyrl, -TJTOS. 
d-poi{9tiTOS, oy, OoTjifle'cy) helpless, Plut. 
d-pJt)TOS, Dor. -arcs, oy, (j3o<w) w<?2f loudly lamented, 

Anth. : Adv. aftodrt, without summons, Pind. 
ape's, Dor. for yfids. 

d-p<5<neT)Tos, oy, (jSoVtfa?) ungraded, ftpy Babr. 
d-pouK^X-qros, oy, (/Jov/coAew) untended by herdsmen- : 

metaph. unheeded, Aesch. 
dpouXew, (a privat., ^ovXofiai) to be unwilling, Plat. 

(dj8ouA.6w is an exception to the rule that privat* can- 
not be comp. directly with Verbs; v. a-. I.) 
dpovXia, T}, want of counsel, thoughtlessness, Hdt., 

Soph., etc. From < 
a-povXos, oy, (j8ouX^) inconsiderate, ill-advised, Soph., 

etc.; r&Kvoicri &$QV\OS taking no thought for them, 

Id. : Comp. -orepos, Thuc. : Adv. -CDS, inconsiderately, 

Hdt.; Sup. djSot/AoVaTa, Id. 

d.pouTY)$, ov, 6, (ftovs) without oxen, i. e. poor, Hes. 
d-ppI0fjs, 4s, (ftpLdosi) of no weight, Eur. 
dppo-parijs [a], ou, o, (fialvco) softly or delicately step- 
ping, Aesch, 

, oy, living delicately, effeminate, Plut. 

dppo-yoos, ov, wailing womanishly, Aesch. 

dppo-Siairos, ov, (5(atra) living delicately, Aesch. ; ri> 
d^/)o5(airoy effeminacy, Thuc. 

dppo-icdfJ.T]$, ou, d, (/ccfytf?) wVA delicate or luxuriant 
leaves, <oiyi Eur. 

d-pp<$fxios, oy, (Bpdjuuos) without Bacchus, Anth. 

a-ppop-os, oy, either, 1. (a #/., jS/oe^w) w^y wo%, 
boisterous, or, 2 . (a j^n'i; . ) noiseless : epith . of the 
Trojans in II., v. avtaxos. 

oy, (ireSiXoy) with soft scandals, Anth. 

r^vri) of delicate texture, Aesch. 
, oy, richly lux^lriant i Eur. 
[a by nature], a, 6v, and 6s, ov, (perh. from same 
root as ^77) : delicate, graceful, beauteous, pretty, 
Anacr., etc. : of things, splendid, Pind. Very early 
the word took the notion of over-delicate, dainty, luxu- 
rious; hence neut. as Adv. a/)& Trade'tv to live deli- 
cately, Solon ; a^pot. irapritSos app&v irapyto'ct, Eur. j 
ajSpaJs and apby ^alveiv to step delicately, Id. 

dppoorwTi, 7j, = a^p6Tr]s, Sappho, Eur. 

dppoT<xci>, to miss, c. gen., only in aor. I subj., /JL^TTCOS 
a&poTdojj,v (Ep. for -co/iey) a\.X^\ouv that we may not 
miss one another, II. (From same Root with <X/A- 
0/>oT-e?y, d/iapT-?y, /t being rejected.) 

appo-nrjs, TJTO^, ^, (a/Spfe) delicacy, luxury, Pind. ; ou/c 
eV a&p6rr]Ti /ceTirat thou art not in a position to be 
fastidious, Eur. 

dpp<5-TLjj,os, oy, (ri/j.'fi) delicate and costly, Aesch. 

a-ppoTos, oy and i\, ov, immortal, divine, holy, y&| 
afipo'TT), either holy Night, as a divinity, (like tepoy 
Kve<f>as, lepbv ^ap), or never failing (like &<p6iros i]tas}, 
II. 3 ^TTTJ &fipora holy hymns, Soph. II. without 
men, solitary, Aesch. 

appo-x a "~n$> ov > 6, afipofc6p7i5, Anacreont. 

dppo-xvTcov [T], coyos, d, ^, zn 5<?/jf tunic, softly clad, 
Anth. : cuyots afipoxtravas beds tuz'jfA 5^if coverings, 

a-ppoxos, OJ/ > (^P^X 6 ') unwetted,unmoistened,Aeschin.i 
wanting rain, waterless, Eur. 

dppTjvw, (afipos) to make delicate, treat delicately, 
Aesch. : to deck or trick out, els yd/j.ov a&pvvat rivet, 
Anth. : Med. or Pass, to live delicately ; then to wax 
wanton, give oneself airs, Aesch. ; c. dat. rei, to pride 
or plume oneself on a thing, Eur. 

''ApvSos, T}, Abydos, the town on the Asiatic side of the 
Hellespont : *Apv8o0ev, Adv. from Abydos, 'ApvS^Oi, 
at Abydos, II. 

a-pvcrcros, oy, with no bottom, bottomless, unfathomed, 
Hdt.; generally, unfathomable,enormous,Aesch. II. 
^7 &$vo~<ro$, the great deep, the abyss, bottomless pit, 
N. T. (For the Root, v. 0a0ik.) 

fry, apocop.form of avd before K, y, %; v. avd init. 

a-yo, Dor. for #717. 

d^daaOai, Ep. for &yaffQcu, inf. of &, : dydacrOe, 
for fayao-Qe, 2 pi. 

Dor. for fyydOeos. 

ijsi es, (etSo^at) seeming good, Plat. 

contr. -ovpYla), ^ do good, N.T. : and 

dva6o6pvta, Ion. -tirj, contr. -ovpyia., f), a good deed, 
service rendered, Lat. beneficium, Hdt. From 

dva0o-epYOs, contr. -o-up-y^s, ov, ^^pyw) doing good : 
ot 'Ayadoepyol, at Sparta, the five oldest and most- 

approved knights, who went on foreign missions for the 
state, Hdt. 

aYa.do7roi.ew, f . 4]cra>, to do good s N. T. : dy. rwd to do 
good to, Ib. II. to do well, act rightly, Ib. : and 

ayafloirotta, 77, well doing, N. T. From 

ayaOo-Trouis, 6v, (nWa) doing good, beneficent. \ 

ayaOo's [ay], ^> <fr : (deriv. uncertain) : good, Lat. 
bonus: I. o persons, 1. in early times, <?<?<;?, 

gentle, noble, in reference to birth, opp. to KO/CO, irarpbs 
5 s efyi* ayaQolo, 0ed 5e ju,e yefyaro /J^rrjp II. ; dyaflol /cai 
e dya0coy, Lat. fom' fowis prognati, Plat. : with this 
early sense was associated that of wealth and power, like 
Lat. optimus quisq^Le in Sallust and Cicero; esp. in 
the phrase /caAol /cdyaflot (v. tfaAo/cdya&fc). 2. good, 
brave, since these qualities were attributed to the 
Chiefs, II. : aya6bs & vff^ivr), fiofyv a,ya,86s, 7ru dya- 
Q6s, etc., Horn. ; ay. T& TroAe/xia, rcfc TroAm/ca Hdt., 
etc. ; also c. dat., ay. iroAqu? Xen. ; and, ay. & TI, 
7T/?f rt, 7rp<fc TI Plat., etc. ; lastly, c. inf., dy. fj.dx^ccBai, 
linr^effdaL, good at fighting-, etc., Hdt. 3. good, in 
moral sense, Plat., etc. 4. ayaBov Salpovos, as a 
toast, ' to the good Genius,' Ar. II. of things, ,J- 
good, serviceable, *l0dtcr) ayadty Kovporpdipos Od. ; ay. 
roZy roKv<n, rrf ir6\L Xen. ; c. gen., e? rt oI5a Trupcrov 
ay. *00^ for fever, Id. : ayaB6v [eoTi], c. inf., zY zs 
good to do so and so, Horn., etc. 2. a.ya96v, r6, a 
good, of persons, <j>i\ov, $ /zeyitrro*' ay. elW ^>acrt Xen. ; 
ITT" dya0$ TOLS vo\lrais Ar. : rb hyaS6v or rayaddv, the 
good) summum bonum, Plat., etc. : in pi., dya0a, rd, 
the goods of fortune, 'wealth, Hdt., etc.; also good 
qualities, of a horse, Xen. III. instead of the regu- 
lar degrees of comparison, many forms are used, Comp. 
dyuefo/a)j/, apetoav, ^\ri(av, Kpetovuv, Xanvv (Xtpwv), Ep. 
ReXrepos, Xairepos, tyeprepos; Sup. apiarros, ftsXTLtrros, 
Kpartaros, X&CffTQS (XyffTOs), Ep. jSeAraroy, KOLpriffros, 
tyeprwros, <j>pi<rros. I"V", the Adv. is usually e5 : 

ayaQ&s in late writers. 

aYa0oup*ye(D, -oupyio^ -ot>p-y<5s, contr. from aya00f>y-. 

0.7016 wcrvvTj, Tj t (ay 0,60" s) goodness, kindness, N.T. 

ayaLOjJLat, Ep. and Ion. for wya/tai, only in pres. and in 
bad sense (cf. ay? n) : 1. c. ace. rei, to be indig- 
nant at, Od. 2. c. dat, pers. to be indignant 'with, 

aya-icAe-qs, ey, voc. -K\fs: Ep. gen. aryoKK^os, nom. 
pi. aya/cA^ets : shortened ace. sing. dyo/cAea; dat. dyo- 
/cAei', pi. dya/cAeay: cf. vAc^ : (K\OS) '.very glori- 
ous, famous^ Lat. inclytus, II., Pind. 

aYa-K\LTOS9 *?, ^, = f oreg., Horn., etc. 2. of things, 
dya/cAeir^ 6/car<fyij8i7 Od. 

aya-icX.tJTOs > Jv, = dya/cAeir^, Lat. inclytus, of men, 
Horn., Hes. 2. of things, Od. 

aya-icTXjx^vii, (/erf few) poet. fern. ev-Kriptvy, well-built 
or placed, irdXis Pind. 

a-yaXaKTos [ya], or, (yaAa) without milk, getting no 
milk, i. e. taken from the mother's breast, Horace's /aw 
/#nte depulsus, Aesch. _ "** 

ayaXXiao-iSj etas, y 9 great joy, exultation, N. T. From 

ttYO^Kfojla-te form of ayaAAo;xai,fo rejoice exceedingly, 
N. T. ; aor. I ^yaAAfatra, Ib. : also as Dep. dyaAAioo- 
/iai or dofjwu : fut. acrojtcat,: aor. I med. 
ffdj.if\v and pass. ^jya\\idcrdr}v, N. T. 

os, % f^ *m or flag, h. Horn. - 


'AFA'AAii [a], f. dyaAeu, aor. I ^fy^Aa, subj. dyifjAw, inf. 
dyrjAai : Pass., mostly in pres. and impf. : to make 
glorious, glorify, exalt, c. ace. : esp. to pay honoitr to 
a god, dy. TWO, Qvffiaifft Ar. : to adorn, deck, yajuTjAtovs 
eifvds Eur. : Pass, to glory, take delight, exult in a 
thing, c. dat., Horn., Att. ; absol., Hdt., etc. 

ayaXjxa, wros, rl> 3 (dyaAAw) a glory, delight, honour-, 
IL, Att.; dyoA/xar* ay o pas mere ornaments of the 
agora, Eur. 2. a pleasing gift, esp. for the gods, 
Od. 3. a statue in honottrofag-od f Hdt., Att. ; an 
image, as an object of worship, etc., Aesch. : then 
generally, = avSpids, any statue, Plat. : also a portrait, 
picture, e^aAei^fleicr 1 us ayaA/xa Eur. 

ayaXp.aTO-iroio's, <5, (iroiew) a maker of statues, a sculp- 
tor, statuary, Hdt., Plat., etc. 

"AfAMAI [a], 2 pi. &vaer0e Ep. dyaao-0, Ep. inf. dya- 
ao~dat : impf, ^ya/i^x: fut. Ep. : aor. I 
7]ya<rd]AT]v > Ep. 3 sing, ^yacrtraro or, also 
in pass, form ijydcrQTjv : I. absol. to wonder, be 

astonished, Horn. 2. c. ace. to admire a person or 
thing, Id., Hdt. ; so in Att., ravra dyacrflefr Xen. ; 
c. ace. pers. et gen. rei, to admire one for a. thing, Plat., 
Xen. 3. c. gen. rei only, often in Com., to wonder at, 
\6ywv Ar. 4. c. ace. rei et gen. pers., QVK &yajj,cu 
ravr* foSpos I admire not this in a man, Eur. 5. c. 
gen. pers., foil, by a part., to wonder at one's doing, 
dy. avrov el-irtvros Plat. 6. c. dat. to be delighted 
<with a person or thing, Hdt., Eur., etc. II. in 

bad sense, to feel envy, bear a gmdge against a per- 
son, c. dat., Horn. 2. c. ace. to be jealous or angry 
at a thing, Od. Cf . ayatopai. 

*&vo,*'U.u r v(M)V, oyos, 6, (&ya,v, p,p.v<6v, from fjt-evco) : the 
very steadfast, name of the leader of the Greeks against 
Troy, Horn. : Adj. 'Ayap-ejivoveos, ea, eov, Horn. ; also 
6vtoSj a, ov, or -<$vios, a, ov, Pind., Aesch. : Patron. 
-oviS-rjs, ov, 6, Agamemnon's son, Orestes, Od. 

ayajie'vcos, Adv. part. pres. of oya/tat, with admiration, 
respect or deference, Plat. 

dyap.ia, TJ, (^yaftos) celibacy, Plut. : dyafiiov Sixy, y, 
an action against one/0r not marry ing f Plut. 

a-ya)xoS) ov, unmarried, umsuedded, single, Lat. caelebSf 
IL, Trag. II. ydpos aya/ios-, a marriage that is 

no marriage, a fatal marriage, Soph., Eur. 

"APAN, Adv. very, much, very much, Theogn., Att., the 
word K(T\V being its equiv. in Ep. and Ion. : im bad sense, 
too, too much, Lat. nimis, as in the famous fnjS^y oyoy, 
ne quid nimis, not too muck of any thing, Theogn., 
etc. l&ydv properly, but ay ay in Anth.] 

ayavaicT&, f. fata, (ay or) to feel irritation : metaph. to 
be vexed, anmjsd, angry, discontented, Ar., Plat.: 
c. dat. rei, 'to be vexed at a thing, Id. ; eirl rtn Isocr^ 
vvp TWOS, Sia rt Plat. 2. to be vexed at or -with a 
person, Tivi Xen.; irp6$ TWO. Plu-t. ; fcard TIVQS Lmc.': 
c. ace. pers., dy. TWOS airoQyf)0'KOVTas to 7 
their dying, Plat. 

dyavaiCTTicrts, ecas, %, (dyava/crft>) 
irritation caused by teething, Plat. : metaph.j i 
O-LV %* the thing gives ground for i 
pleasure, Thuc. 


ov, verb. Adj. of 

, .,, 

B 2 

4\ 3 6v,, Luc. 

otY<iv-vt<|)O9, ov, (yityw) much snowed on, snow-capt, II. 

QLYavo-pXc^apos, ov, mild-eyed, Anth. 

<ryav<pci.os, ayavopitt, Dor. for ayyv-. 

ayavfe, %, 6v, mild, gentle, kindly, of words, Horn., 
pj n j. . j n Horn, of 'the shafts of Apollo and Artemis, as 
bringing an easy death : Sup. ayavdraros, Hes. : 
Adv. -vas, Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

aYavo<f>pocrvvti, TJ, gentleness, kindliness, Horn. From 

a"yav<J-<|>pttv, ov, gen. ovos, (0p^) poet. Adj. gentle of 
mood, Horn. 

dyavtop [a], Dor. for ayf)VQ>p. 

ayaopai, Ep. form of &yanai, only in part, ayc&ftevos, 
admiring, Hes. 

OLYaTrd^o), Ep. form of ay air da, Dor. 3 pi. -orri : also 
in Med., Dor. impf. *ayairdovTQ : only in pres. and 
impf. : to treat with affection, shew affection to a 
person, caress, c. ace., Horn. : so in Med., Od. 

s, ov, Dor. for ayairyros. 

w, f. ^<ra> : pf. f/ya-Tr^/ca : Ep. aor. I o/ycwnjtra : 
I. of persons, to treat 'with affection, to 
caress, love, lie fond of, c. ace., Att. for ayaTrdfca, Plat., 
etc. : Pass, to be beloved, Id., Dem. 2. in N. T. to 
regard with brotherly love, v. cbycwnfj. II. of things, 
to be well pleased or contented at or with a thing 1 , c. 
dat., Dem., etc. : also c. ace. rei, Id. : absol. to be 
content, Luc. : ay. tin . ., i . ., av . ., to be well 
pleased that . . Thuc., etc. 

&yain], f) } love : esp. brotherly love, charity ; the love 
of God for man and of man for God, N. T. II. in 
pi. a love-feast, Ib. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

aYair^fJta, aros, TO, (ayairdca) a delight, darling, Anth. 

aYa.'ir-ifjvwp, opos, 6, ^fyvopeyv ayait&v, loving manliness, 
manly, II. 

dYairriTlos, a, ov, verb. Adj. of ayairdco, to be loved, 
desired, Plat. 

&Yairr|Tiic($s, ^, ov, (ayairdu*) affectionate, Plut. 

o,yaTCf\r6s > 'fl) ov, Dor. -O,T$SJ d, ov, verb. Adj. of ccycwrci&j, 
beloved, of an only son, Horn., Dem. II. of things, 
worthy of love, loveable, dear, Plat., etc. 2. to be 
acquiesced in (as the least in a choice of evils), ayaTryro'v 
I<TTL] one must be content, el . . , sav . . , Id., Xen., 
etc. III. Adv. -TO?*-, cheerfully, contentedly, Plat., 
Dem., etc. 2, just enough to content one, only just, 
'barely, scarcely, Plat. 

cLYolp-poos, ov, contr. -ppo-us, ovv, (&yav, /eo>) strong- 
flowing, swift-flowing, II. 

a.Yaor<raTo, Ep. for fyydffaro, 3 sing-, aor. I of ayapat. 

aYa-tTTovos, ov, (ffrevw] much groaning, howling, of 
waves, Od. : loud-wailing, Aesch. 

&ya,<rr6$, 4\, ov, verb. Adj. of &ya/j.a,i, deserving admira- 
tion, later form of the Horn. a,yr\r6s, admirable, Eur., 
Xen. : Adv. Teas, Id. 

&ya,r6s, }}, ov, poet, for ayaa'rds, as Qavparos for 0ai/- 
fiaa-r6s, h. Horn. 

&,-Y<ru<$s, ^, 6v, (a euphon., yalw) illustrious, noble, 
Horn. : Sup. 6raros, Od. 

&*Ya*up<fe, d, 6v, (a euphon,, yavpos) stately, proud, 
Hes. : superl. Adv. ayavpdrara, Hdt. 

&YY<x.p*va>, f &f (&yy<*>pos} to press one to serve as a 
courier, to press into service > N. T. 

$ 9 o, Ion. form of ayyapos, Hdt. II. neut. 


aYvapvjiov, post-riding, the Persian system of mounted 
couriers, Id. 

aYY&P ?) b> Persian word, a mounted courier, such as 
were kept ready at regular stages throughout Persia for 
carrying the royal despatches; cf. ayyap^'ios, and v. 
Xen. Cyr. 8. 6, 17. II. as Adj., tiyyapov irvp the 
courier flame, said of beacon fires used for telegraph- 
ing, Aesch. 

ayYeiov, Ion. -ijtov, ^, = ^770^, Hdt., Att. 

aYY^a* Ion* """!> %> (tiyyeXosf) a message, tidings, 
news, Horn., Hdt., etc. ; ayyeXfy fat a report cf me, 
concerning me, II. ; ayyeXlyv irarpbs ^cpei Ip^o^voio 
he brings news of or about thy father's coming, Od. : 
ayyeXiyv faQeiv, to go a message, i. e. on a message, 
like Lat. legationem obire, II.; so also Ep. in gen., 
077 eX^s- ofx^eo-Ke went on account of a message, Ib. ; 
VjXvQe <reu even? ayyeXiys (i. e. ayy\lrjs ffov eVe/ca) Ib., 
Hes. 2. a proclamation^ command, h. Horn., etc. 


* &> (0 e/ P w ) & messenger, 

Hdt. : title of the Persian minister who introduced 
people to the king, Id. 

&T'tis, ov, o, = #776X0$, h. Horn. 
WJ (#776X05-) : Ep. and Ion. f. ayye\ca, Att. 
Q : aor. I tfyyet\a : pf . tfyy<-\ica : Med., aor. I 
: Pass., f . ayy^XQ-fiffo^ai : aor. I TiyyeXQrjv: 
pf . tfyyeXfJiat : aor. 2 pass. liyyeXyv only in late Greek : 
to bear a message, rivi to a person, Horn. ; c. ace. et 
inf. to make proclamation that, II. 2. c. ace. rei, to 
announce, proclaim, report, Horn., Att. 3. c. ace. 
pers. to bring news of, Od. ; irepi nvos Soph. II. 

Med. to announce oneself, Id. III. Pass, to be 
reported of. Id., etc. ; ret ^yy^X^va the reports, Thuc. 

aYY ^H- a > aT0 ^ T ^ a wmfl^e, tidings, news, Eur., 
Thuc., etc. 

"AfTEAOI, o, f), a messenger, envoy, Horn., Hdt., 
Att. 2. generally, one that announces, of birds of 
augury, II. ; Mou<ro>j/ ^776X05-, of a poet, Theogn. ; Aibs- 
#77., of the nightingale, Soph.; c. gen. rei, #77. Karcuv 
fjL&v Id. 3. a divine messenger, an angel, N. T. 

ayyrfiov, TO, Ion. for ayyeiov* 

''ArrOX, eos, TO, a vessel of various kinds, a jar to hold 
milk, etc., Horn. : a vat for the vintage, Hes. ; a vase, 
pitcher, pail, Hdt., Att. II. a coffer or ark, in 
which children were laid, Hdt., Eur. : a chest for clothes, 
Soph. : a cinerary urn, Id. III. the cell of a honey- 
comb, Anth. 

aY-YP^ 6 ** poet, for ava-ypd<f>(i>. 

aY, o-Yere, properly imperat. of ayu, used as Adv. come / 
come on I well! Lat. age! Horn., Att. 

aYeLpo) (Root AFEP) : impf. tfyeipov : aor. I tfyetpa Ep. 
ayeipa : Med., aor. I ^yeipa^v : Pass., aor. I r/76p- 
6riv : pf. ayfiyepfiat, : Ep. 3 pi. plqpf . ayrjyeparo : Horn. 
uses a shortd. aor. 2 of med. form, but pass, sense, 
ayfavro, inf. ayepsffBai, part. &yp6fjivos : to bring 
together, gather together, c. ace., Horn., Att. : Pass. 
to come together, gather, assemble, Horn. ; ayp6/j,vot 
crves herded swine, Od. ; BV/JLOS $vl o~T'})8eo~<riv ayepBri, s 
QpevaBvfj.'bsayepO'rill. II. of things, to get together, 
collect, gather, Od.; so in Med., Ib. 2. to collect by 
begging, Ib. 3. otyptias efo Iv ayelpeiv to frown, Anth. 

OL-YCITWV, ov, gen. ovos, without neighbour, neighbour- 
less, Aesch. i <j)i\<av by. with no friends as neighbours, 

v, Dor. for ayeXytidv. 

, a, ov, (ayeXij) 'belonging' to a herd, feeding at 
large, Horn., Att. II. in herds or shoals, grega- 

rious, ixQvS Hdt. ; aycAaia, rd, gregarious animals, 
Plat. 2. of the herd or multititde, i. e. common, 

d., etc. 

f .^crw, to lead a company ,c.gen., Plut. From 
., ou, <5, (0176X17, #p%) A<? leader of a com- 
pany, captain, Plut., Luc. 

ctYeXacrri, Adv. without laughter, Plut. From 
a-YeXaanros, ov, (7Aca>) w<pjf laughing, grave, gloomy, 
sullen, h Horn., Aesch. II. pass, not to be laughed 

at, not trifling, Id. 
a-yeXeii], TJ, (&yca, Xeta) Ep. epith. of Athena, driver of 

spoil, forager, II. 
ayl\ti, 7), (&7) a herd, of horses, of oxen and kine, cf. 

fiovvojAQs ; of swine, Hes. II. any herd or company, 

Soph., Eur. ; metaph., trAvov ay\ai Id. 
a-YcXiqSdv, Adv. (ctyeATj) in herds or companies, l\., Hdt. : 

Dor. a-yeXaS^v, Theocr. 
a"y^Xirj<}>i, Ep. dat. of &y4\ij. 
efY^jxev, Ep. for &yiv, inf. of &ya>. 
<xYfx6v-u|JLa, aYejxovcvw, a-yep.^, Dor. for yyejUL-. 
avV, Ep. for tdyycrav, 3 pi. aor. 2 pass, of &yvv/Lu. 2. 

Ep. for ^yev, 3 sing-, impf. of &yta. 
a-YveaX<$YTjTos, ov, of unrecorded descent, N.T. 
a-Y^Vios, oj/, (ysveiov) beardless / ayVi6v rt elprjKevat 

to speak /z<? a 5<?y, Luc. 
a-Y^vir|TOS, o*/, (yVcrOai) unborn, uncreated, -unorigin- 

ated, Plat. II. of things, not done, not having 

happened, ayevrjrov iroiciv, Lat. infectum reddere,S>oph. 
a-YVvijs> es, (ysvi/a) of no family, low-born, Hdt., Plat., 

etc. II. low-minded, Hdt., Ar., etc. 2. of 

things, much like fidvavffos, illiberal, sordid, Plat. : 

Adv. -vS>s, Eur. 
a-Y^WTjTOS J ov, (yevvdai) unbegotten, unborn, ay. T^T* 

$ Soph. II. like ayevyfa, low-born, Id. 
a-yeofxat, Dor, for yytoftat, 
a-7^pct(rros> oi/, (yepas} without a gift of honour, un- 

recompenscd, unrewarded, IL, Eur. 
a"yp<r6at, Ep. aor. 2 med. inf. of ayetpca. . 

v, Dor. and Ep. 3 pi. aor. I pass, of ayelpw, 

p. 3 pi. aor. 2 med. of hyctpu. 
s ecus, 17, (&ytp(o) a gathering, mustering, Hdt. 
]j Oll/ ? poet. Adj. high-minded,, lordly ,Hom., 

etc. 5 in Pind. of noble actions. II. in bad sense, 

haughty, arrogant, insolent, Archil., Luc. : so Adv. 

-%&>, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
a"ycr(Xas v. ^^crfAaos". 

o, y, host-leading, Hes. 
LS, Dor. for 177-, 
s, ov, (yetofJLai) without taste of, fasting from, 

c. g-en. j metaph., KOK&V tiyevcrros alcav Soph. ; r&v 

'H, Dor. aya [&y] 9 77, (tiyapai) wonder, awe, amajse- 
Horn. II. envy, malice, Hdt.; and of the 
gods, jealousy, Aesch. 

ayi> Dor. &Y*^ [^7]* %> (ftfyw^i) a fragment, piece, splin* 
ter, Aesch., Eur. 

a.yv\, Ep. for ecfyT?, 3 sing-, aor. 2 pass, of &yvvpi. 
TO > Ep. 3 pi. plqpf. pass, of ctyefpa?. 
w, f. ^crcu, (^705, eAa^vco) to drive out a curse, 

. e. an accursed or polluted person, Lat. piaculum 

exigere, Hdt., Soph. 

yrujLO,, arras, r6, (j&ya?) anything led, a division of an 

army, corps, Xen. 

Y < ]vdlpeios, Dor. ayav6p-^ a, ov, aytivap, Aesch. : and 
o-YT] vopia [a] , y, manliness, manhood, courage, II. From 

Y-ijvwp [a], opos, 6, y, (&ya,v, ayfjp) poet. Adj., manly, 

courageous, heroic, II. -, in bad sense, headstrong, 

arrogant, Horn., Hes. 
-j pf. of &yca. 

vTos, ov, (yripaffKca^sq., Simon., Eur. 
os> OV) Att. contr. aYiipwSj ay, ace. sing. ayfip<w t 

and a.yf)p(a : dual ayhpa : plur., nom. ayhpcp, ace. 

ayhpws, dat. ctyhpeps : (yi\pa.s} : not waxing old,, 

undecaying, 1. of persons, Horn., Hes.; so, ayfjpws 

Xpdvtp Soph. 2. of things, II. , Att. 
a-Y^lpO'Tos, ov, == ay^ipcuos Eur., Xen. 
aynptos, to?) contr. for ayrjpaos. 
a.YT|cri-Xdos [&y] 9 ov, 6, leader of people, conductor of 

men, Aesch. ; so, fiyi\ari\(i>s, and otYfcrCXas, a, Anth. 
aYf|ori-xopos, ov, (ayeofjiai, Dor. for 7)7) leading the 

chorus, Pind. 

aYTrnjp, ypos, 6, Dor. for yynr-fip. 
a.yi\r6sy 'h, 6v, (^yayuai) admirable, wondroits, c. ace. 

rei, eltios ayrirds admirable in form, II. ; elfios ayyrot 

wonderful in form only, as a reproach, Ib. ; c, dat. rei 

ay. xp'f]fA<*> cri Solon. 

ciYiatco, later form of aytfca, N. T. Hence 
a,yia,T[f.6sy ov, d, consecration, sanctification, N. T. 
aYi<>, f. Att. Tw, (ayos) to hallow, dedicate, Soph. 
a,Yiv<>, lengthd. Ep. and Ion. for &yw, only in pres. 

and impf. : Ep. inf. ayiv^^vai : impf. Tiyivsov, Ep. 

and Ion. aylveov or aytveffKov : f. ayivhcra) : to 

lead, bring, carry, IL, Hdt. : Med. to cause to be 

brought, Id. 
OLYI.OS [a], a, ov, (ayos) devoted to the gods, sacred, holy, 

Lat. sacer : 1. of things, esp. temples, Hdt., Xen., 

etc. : rib aytov the Temple, TO: ayta r>v aytcw the Holy 

of Holies, N. T. 2. of persons, holy, pure, Ar. :- 

Adv. ayttos, Isocr., N. T. The word never occurs in 

Horn, or Trag., ayv6s being used instead. Hence 
r os, fj^ayttocrvvri, N.T. 
7), mostly in pi. holy rites, temple-worship, 



f. ffu, (aylfu) to perform sacred rites, 
2. to live piously or chastely, Eur. 
), -h, (&yios) holiness^ sanctity, N. T. 
t, (a7/ccis) Dep. to lift up in the arms, II. 
v, Adv. like ayicds, in the arms, Aesch. EL 

with bent arm, resting on the arm, Id. : not for aye- 
KaQev, since ayK- stands for avatc-, never for aveic-. 
a-YKaX-q [a],^, (&yKOs) the bent arm, Hdt., etc.; mostly 
in pi., ev ayKdXats in the arms, Aesch., Eur.; ev raTr 
ayK. Xen. ; in sing., <j>epiv v rrj ayKd\.r) Hdt.^ II. 
metaph. anything closely enfolding, Trerpaia aytcdXTj 
Aesch. ; irforizi ayKd\ai bights or arms of the sea, Id, ; 
ctyicdXdis Ar.* 

i, Dep., aytcd&nai, toembrace,A.nfh. TL 
in pass, sense, Aesop. 

o-YKaXi?, 77, in pi. = ay/e<^Acu, arms, Ep. dat. pi. ay/caA- 

<u.yK(i\icrp.Q,> aros, ro, (Ay/caAffo^aO that which is em- 
braced or carried in the arms, Luc. 

aY>caXos, o, (ayKaXy) an armfid, bundle, h. Horn. 

GLYKGLS [as], Adv. in or iwrfo the arms, Horn., Theocr. 

a,Y-Kifjt.tu, poet, for aya-/eiyttau. 

aY~K:T|p'ucro'4, poet, for a.v a- Kripv &&<*}. 

aYKLCTTptov, rrf, Dim. of &yKiffTpov, Theocr. 

a-YKtcTTpd-SeTos, ov, ivith a hook, Anth. 

aYKLo-Tpov, ro, (&yKOsr] a fish-hook, Od., Hdt., etc. 2. 
the hook of a spindle, Plat. 

LYKtcrTp<$ofia,i, Pass. (&yKiffrpov) to be furnished with 
barbs, Plut. 

o-Y-KXCvw, poet, for 

oiYKoivt], ^, l^y/coy) poet, for ay/cctAr? or ayttc&v, zfA<? #<?W2f 
rw, only in pi., Horn. 

aY~KojJucu, poet, for ava-KO/ilfa. 

*ATK01!, cos, TO*, a bend : hence a mountain glen, dell, 
valley, Horn., Hdt., Eur. 

aY-Kpp,acra.s> aY-cpicris, aY-KpoiiJojj,a,i, poet, for &,va-icp-. 

aYKwX'i] [0], r\, (ayKos] a loop or noose in a cord, Eur., 
Xen. 2. the thong of a javelin, by which it was 
hurled : the javelin itself, Eur. 3. a bow-string, 

c-Y^vXiov, r6, Dim. of ay/cuA7j : ret. ayicvhia, the Roman 
and Ha, Plut. 

_ v, Ivos, of a cock, with hooked spurs, Babr. 
S, ovroy, <5, T), crook-toothed : barbed, Anth. 

ttY^Xo-ix^TY)?, ov, 6, rj, (fj.TJrtS'} crooked of counsel, wily, 
epith. of Kpovoff Horn. ; of Prometheus, Hes. 

s> <5> y> gen. iroo'oy, wzif/i bent legs, ay/c, 5[-. 
y } Rom. sella curulis, Plut. 

aYKvXos [v], y, ov, (&yKos} crooked, curved, of a bow, II.: 
beaked, of the eagle, Pind. : of greedy fing-ers, hooked, 
Ar. II. metaph., of style, crooked, intricate, Luc. 

aYKvXo'-To|;os, ov, (ro^oy] with curved bow, 11., etc. 

aYKTjXo-x^iXirjs, ov, o, ^ctXas 1 ) 'with hooked beak, ahros 
Od. ; alyvmol II. 

a.YK'uXo-x''5^ T 15j ou, <5, (x^A/j") wzY/z. crooked claws, Batr. 

aYicvX^w, f. ocrco, (ay/cuAoy) ^o crook, bend, T'/)jf %e?/?a : 
Pass., owlets 3iyKv\a>fj,vQs with crooked claws, Ar. 

d-YK:t3Xti)T^s, T), 6v, verb. Adj. of cLytcvXata, of javelins, 

furnished ivit/i a thong (a.yK,v\ f r\} for throwing, Kur. 

aYKvpa, ri, C&yKos] Lat. ancora, an anchor, first in 
Alcae. and Theo^n., for in Horn, we hear only of evvat, 
i.e. stones used as anchors ; hyitvpav ^^AAeo'^at, ica- 
QilvoiL, jue^tei/at, kfyi4vaLi to cast anchor, Pind., Hdt., etc.; 
so, ^Trl ^voiv hytcvpaiv dp/metv, i. e. c to have two strings 
to one's bow/ Dem.; cf. ^x&" Iwl rTjy avrris (sc. 
dyK///?as) 6pjj,?v rots TroAAoTy, i.e. *to be in the same 
boat ' with the many, Id. Hence 

aYKvpw, f, Att. Tw, to throw by tkff hook-trick, i. e. by 
hookingf your leg behind the other's #<?<?,in wrestling-, Ar. 

o-YK-upiov, T(f, Dim. of &yKvpa, Luc. 

o-YKcSv, Sjvos, 6, (yKos} the bend of the arm, the elbow, 
Horn. 2. generally the arm, like &yw{A7?, Pind., 

Soph. II. any bend, as the jutting angle of a wall, 
II. : the bend or r?a<:A of a river, Hdt. ; eVirepQi fayiccaves, 
in Soph., seem to be the angle of the bay of Rhoeteium. 
'leipos, ov, (HQtipci) bright-haired, h. Horn. 
, Ion. -t-rj, 77, (^yAaoY) splendour, beauty, adorn- 

inent ; &,y\cd'n(f)i TrerrcoLOc&s (Kp. dar.) II. : in bad sense, 
pomp, show, vanity, and in pi, vanities, ( )d., Kur. 2. 
triumph, glory, Pind., Soph. : in ^}\.,f^stiviiirs, inerri- 
ment, Hes, 

a.YXata>, f. Att. i> : aor. T ^yXdiffa : (ayAa^y^ : ^ 
wia^e bright or splendid, Plut. II. Mod. and Pass. 
adorn oneself or /;<" adorned with a things ^/Av 
delight in, <f ^/ni ky^a'tnTo-dat I say that //w w//# 
2fa^^ delight in them ^sc. -Hm- TTTTroiy', II. Hence 

d.YXaiorp.a, euros, rJ, a?t ornament 9 honour, Aesoh,, Eur. 

ayKa.A-'yvioSy ov, (yviov) with boa'iiteous limbs, Pind. 

aYXa<J-8v8pos, ov, ($&$pov] with beautiful trees* Pind. 

aYXa<!>-8<>pos, oj/, ($wpov\ giving splendid gift$> h. Horn. 

aYXa$-0-i5|ji,os ov, noble-hearted, Anth. 

aYXa^-icapiros, ov, bearing beautiful or goodly fruit 
Od. : in h. Horn, of Demetcr, giver of the fruits of the 

aYXa<j>-fj.op4>o$, ov, ( fAQpffr'fi} of beauteous form, Anth, 

dyXa^s, "ff, 6v and 6s, 6v, splendid, shining, bright, 
beautiful, Horn., Hes. II. of men, either beautiful 
or famous, II.; c. dat. rei, famous for a thing-, Ib. 

o-YXao-TpiaLVTjs, ov, 6, Dor. ace. &*>, (rptcuva) tfod of 
the bright trident, Pind. 

dyXa-ciS^, cavos, 6, i), bright-eyed) beaming* Soph. 

oLYXls, gen. &yKWos, -^ :- only in pi., a head of^ r afrlir, 
made up of several cloves, Ar. 

a-YXoxro-oSj Att. -TTOS, ov, iyAwcrvra) without tongue, 
of the crocodile, Arist. II. tougueless^ hichu}i(ent, 
Lat. elinguis, Pind., Ar. j tlu*ns^8c(pj8a/?oy T Soph. 

ayjAa, aroy, ro, (&yvv/*it} a fragment* I Hut. 

a,Y|A<5Sj o, (dyvvfju] a broken el(jj\crag, Kur. 

a-Yvctp.TrTos, ov, unbending, injlexiblc^ Plut, 

a-yva<{>os, ov, (yif^Trrw) uncardvd, N. T. 

a-YV(a, ^, (ayvww) purity, c/utsttty, Soph., N. T : in 
pi. purifications* Isocr. 

ayvcvp-a, rd, (ayj/ct'/w') chastity > Kur. From 

a.YVi5<> f . <f(y : pf. ^yj/fiwa; ^ay^,y) : -//; consider fts 
part of purity, make it n point of religion 9 <*. 5nf, 
ayjfc^oucrt ^^v-^ov ftyd^v Kretvftv Heir, : absol. tn be 
pure, Aesch. ; ^"ipOtS ayvevei is elect n in hands, Kur. : 
to keep oneself pure front a thinpf, c. jcn. Dcni. 

ayvCSw, f. Att. Iw, (ayv6il to cleanse <srw;/v> csp. by 
water, Soph. 2* to cleanse, purify, inm\ a thing", <:. 
gen., Kur., II. ctyv* rbv Oavdvra fo hallow the dead 
by fire, so that he may be received by the gods below, 
Soph. : -Pass., (F(a(jL<x.& > ^yviffQf] wvpt Kur. Henrt* 

Toy,T^ i ,<')' pttrijirati on, ex/nation, l\(^ch* ; and 

a, ov, verb. Ac!],, / /;/ purijled, Kur, 
), Kp. AYVOL|W, S sing*, subj. kyvotftft, ; impf, ^y* 
y(Jow : f. kyvoJitfo) : aor. r ^y^^^tra,, Kp. ^yj>%?m 
also Kp. contr. 3 sing-. kyvrfxrarrK, ; pf. fyyvdriKa : Pass,, 
fut. (of med. form') ^.yvo^ffo^ai : aor. I fyyvwli&iiv : pf. 
^yv6r\iJLat : (from *&y wos 1 ayvdnsr n) : -7WJ? 1 / perceive 
or know, &v$p* Htyvoirjffffiff* from />j^ recognising him, 
Od. : mostly with negut,, o^ ^yvo^effjw, i, e, JW /wr- 
cewed or /sw?w w^, II. ; ^.7)5^j/ &y*/dfi learn all, Kur.: 
c. ace. /;ff ignorant of, Hdt., Att. ; iyv. Trrtroy 
Plat. : -dependent clauses are added in part., rtt 
TOV Tr6\/jLov %%ovra ; Dem. ; or with a Conjunct., 
iyvoe? tin , . , Id.:- Pass, not to he known, a., 
etc. II. absol. to go wrontf, make a false stefa etc. ; 
hyvocov ignorantly, by mistake, Xen. 

d, (dyj/oew) a fault of ignorance, error, N.T. 

ayvoia, rj, (dyz/oeou) want of perception, ignorance, 
Aesch., Thuc., etc. ; V VTT" ayi/olas 6p%$, i. e. whom 
seeing- you pretend not to know, Soph. II. ayvo'y/j.a, 
a mistake, Dem. [In Poets sometimes ayvola."] 

ayvoi&o, Ep. for dyj/oeco : ayvoi-flcri, v. dyj/oew. 

ayv<$-ptiTos, QV, (f>oa} pure- flowing, vora^s Aesch. 

ay v<fe, 4?, <fj>, (aye*) full of religious awe : I. of 

places and things dedicated to gods, hallowed, holy, 
sacred, Od., Att. 2. of divine persons, chaste, pure, 
Od, II. of persons, ztndefiled, chaste, pure, Aesch.,, 
Eur. : c.gen. purefromz. thing, Eur. 2. pure 'from 
blood, guiltless, Soph. ; ayvbs x^P- s E ur - 3. in 

moral sense, pure, upright, Xen. : Adv., ayv&s l%iv 
to be pure, Id. 

ayvosj ^j Att. 6, = Xvyo$, a willow-like tree, vitex agnus 
cast us, h. Horn. 

ayv<Tir]s, T?TO$-, ^, (ayyJs) purity, chastity, N. T. 

ayvvjju, 3 dual aywrov : f . &i-a> : aor. I aa, ^a, 
imper. 3oj> : part. &a$ : Pass., ayyifyiai : aor. 2 gdyyv 
[a mostly] : -pf . act. (in pass, sense) edya, Ion. evjya : 
jf<? break, shiver 9 Horn. : Pass, to be broken or shivered, 
ayr) t-icfios IL j ^a*y^ $6pv Ib. ; TraAiv ^ye^ uytcoi t^for 
tdyrja'av} the barbs w^rtf broken backwards, Ib. ; Ka^vaf 
iro\\as ayvtiuevos, of a river, with abroken, i. e. winding, 
course, Hdt. ; ay WTO Tj^the sound spread around,Hes. 

dyvjjiov&>, f. Tjcrco, (ay*/cfyi.j>) to act without right feel- 
ing; act unfairly, Xen., Dem. : Pass, to be unfairly 
treated, ayyqfjLOVijdeis Plut. 

ayvtofiocruvrj,^, (ayv<f>/jLfav}want of sense, folly, Theogn. : 
senseless pride, arrogance, Hdt., Eur. 2. want of 
feeling, zinkindness, icnfairness, Dem. 3, in pi. 

misimdersta ndings, Xen, 

d-yvoijjiwv, OK, gen. ovos, (yvc&fjLT)} ill-judging, senseless, 
Pind., Plat., etc. : Adv. ~(Ws, senselessly, Xen. 2. 
headstrong, reckless, arrogant, (in Cornp. oveffrcpos] 
Hdt. , in Sup., Xen. 3. ^l,nfeeling, unkind, hard- 
hearted, Soph., Xen. II. of things, senseless, brute, 
Soph., Aeschin. 

O.-YV<US, &TQS, 4, r{, (yi-yvftjcncca} ; I. pass, unknown, 
of persons, Aesch. ; ayvfos 1 irarpl clam patre, Eur. : of 
things, unknown, obscure } u7fintelligible,A.QSch. ) Soph.j; 
ayv. SdKijcris a dark suspicion, Id. 2. not known, 
obscure, ignoble, Eur* II. act. not knowing, igno- 
rant, Soph. III. c. gen., where the sense fluctuates 
between pass, and act,, ctyywrcs- aAA.^jAcaj' Thuc. 

a-yvworta, 7), {ayv&s} ignorance, Eur. *, Stcfc rfyv a.KK^Ktav 
ayv. from not knowing one another, Thuc. 

a-Y^won-os QJ- a-yvwros, ov, unknown, rivl ; &yvcarov 
s y^v Eur. , yvcarh KQVK fcyvtord ^uot Soph. 2. not to 
be known, &yvcocrr^ nva, ru%6ii' Od. ; 
y\(affffav most imintelligible in tongue, Thuc. 

ay-lTipaiva), poet, for aya~7jpalv<0. 

ayovia, ^, unfruitfulncss, Plut. From 

a-yovos, oi/, (-yi-yj/o/iat) ; I. pass, unborn, II. : nctf 
y<? 5orn, Eur. II. act. not producing, imfruitful, 
barren ; r^KOifftu kyAvois travail without issue, bring- 
ing no children to the birth, Soph., etc. 2. c. gen. 
not productive of, barren in a thing, Plat. III. 
childless, Eur. 

a-yoos, ov, umnourned, Aesch. 

ayopa [ay], as, Ion. ayopij, ys, ^ : (byelpu) : an 

Assembly of the People, opp. to the Council of Chiefs 
(jSouA-^), Horn. : KaQteiv a,yop'f)v to hold an assembly, 
opp. to X.vetv ay. to dissolve it; ayop^i/Se KaXssiv, 
Kypvcro~iy, Horn. ; so, ayop&v arvvdyeiv, o"v\x4ytv 
Xen. II. the place of Assembly, Horn. ; used not 
only for debating, trials, and other public purposes, 
but also as a market-place, like the Roman Forum, 
Att. ; but to lounge in the market was held to be 
disreputable, cf . ayopouos. III. the business of the 
ayopd, public speaking, gift of speaking, mostly in pi., 
Horn. IV. things sold in the fcyopd, the -market, 

Lat. annona / ayopav trapacrKevdfetv to hold a market, 
Thuc. "V. as a mark of time, ayopb TrX^Oovcra or 
ay opus TrKif]B(api], the forenoon, when the market-place 
was full, Hdt. ; opp. to dyopjs Stdx.vcrtSj the time 
just after mid-day, when they went home, Id. 

ayopdcurdc [ay-], Ep. for rjyopao'Qe 2 pi. of ayopaofxai* 

ayopd<> [ay], f. dffca : aor. I 7/y^pacra : pf. i)y6paKa : 
Med., aor. I TjyopacrdfjL^: Pass., aor. I ^yopckrfl^i/: pf. 
i]y6pacraai (also in med. sense) : to be in the ayopd, 

frequentit, Hdt. : to occupy the market-place, Thuc. 2. 
to buy in the market, buy, purchase, Ar., Xen. : Med. 
to buy for oneself, Id., etc. S. as a mark of idle 
fellows, to lounge in the ayopd, Thuc. ; cf . ayopcuos. 

ayopatos [ay], ov, in, of, or belonging to the ayopd, 
Hdt., Att. ; 'EpjULijs^y, as patron oftraffick, Ar. II. 

frequenting the market, etc. ; ayopcuot, 01, loungers in. 
the market, Lat. circumforanei, subrostrani, Hdt. : 
hence generally, the common sort, low fellows, Ar.,Plat., 
etc. 2. of things, low, mean, vulgar, Ar. ITT. 
generally, proper to the ayopd, skilled in, suited to 

forensic speaking, Plut. 2. ayopoubs- (sc. 7), a 
court-day, Strab., N.T. 3. Adv. -oos, in forensic 
style, Plut. 

ayopavofjuicos, ^, 6v, of or for the a.yopavo'fjLOS or his 
office, Plat. ; used to translate Lat. aedilicius, Plut. 

ayopa-v^jjios, 5, (ve(j.cti) a clerk of the market, who- 
regulated buying and selling there, Ar. : used to trans- 
late Lat. Aedilis, Plut. 

ayopaofxat, almost wholly used in the Ep. forms, pres. 
byopdacrQe [a metri gr.] , Impf . fyyopdacrQe, 7}yop6avro ; 
aor. I, 2 sing. i)y6pw, 3 a.yop^o'aro : (ayopd} : to meet 
in assembly, sit in debate : then, like ayopevw, to speak 
in the assembly, harangue, Horn. 2. to speak, 
utter, II. 3. to talk with, rm Soph. 

ayopatr-ayeveios, ov, crasis for ayopdffei ayzveios, 'will 
lounge in the ayopd without a beard, Ar. 

ayopcxorSw, Dor. for ayopdCw. 

ayopacrjjLaj euros, r6, (ayopd^ui] that which is bought : 
in pi. goods, wares, merchandise, Dem., etc. 

ayopaa-TTfis, ou, 6, (ayopafw) the slave who bought pro- 
visions for the house, the purveyor, Xen. 

ayopvw, (ayopd} impf. ^yop^vov Ep. aydpevov : f. 
-eucra) : aor. I fyydpevcra, Ep. ay : pf . yyAp-Gvica : in cor- 
rect Att. writers, this Verb (and its compds.) is for the 
most part confined to pres. and impf. j the other tenses 
being borrowed (fut. ^p<, pf. efpTj/ea, aor. 2 etvov) : 
to speak in the assembly ^harangue, speak, Horn.; KaKQv 
TI ayopi5ciJ' rivd to speak ill of one, Od. : of the Krjpv 
in the Ecclesia, rls fayopefatv ftofaerat ; who wishes to 
address the people ? Ar., Dem., etc. 2. ^ n <$>6frovtf 
dy^peue counsel me not to flight, II. 3, to proclaim* 

declare, mention, Horn. : in aor. 1 med., 

5>s . . to have it proclaimed that . . , Hdt., etc. : metaph., 
tiepfJ-a Qrjpbs &y. xeip55y epyov tells a tale of , . , 

Theocr. 4=. Pass., of^a speech, to be spoken, Thuc. 
ii, Ep. and Ion. for ajopL 

v, A.dv. front the Assembly or market, U,, etc. 

cLYOpijvS*, Adv. ^ f/j^ Xw^w^/y or market, II. 

evoptirns, ow, 5, (ajopdojaai) a speaker, orator, II. 

&Voptr4, ^ ^> (^o^oftot) *fo ^'^ o/ speaking, 
eloquence^ Od. 

)<j>-, Adv. i ^Ae Assembly, Hes. 
s, 5, ~ kyopa., Eur. 
[d], ov, <5, (7) tf ^^f, ^z>/, II., etc. 

"AfCX or ayos [&], eos, T<^, (v. fifo/Aai) flwy matter pf 
religious awe : 1. lite Lat. jiacidum, that which 
requires expiation, a curse> pollution, guilt, Hdt., 
Aesch., etc. 2. tf&t? ^>ersw or ^Axw^- accursed, an 
abomination, Soph., Thuc. f 3. an expiation, 
Soph. II. in good sense, = <r#ay, ewe, h. Horn. 

oL7o<rT<$s, <5, the flat of the hand, II. EL *A<? ar?, 
a7/caA.?/, Theocr., Anth. 

a 7 pa, Ion. crypt], ^, (^) catching, hunting, bypw 
ty4irew to follow the chase, Od. j h ypa$ levai Eur, : 
also of fishing, Soph. 2, a way of catching, Hes., 
Hdt. II. that which is taken in hunting, the booty, 
prey, Hes., Trag. : game, Hdt. : of fish, a draught, 
haul, N.T, , 

a-YpoW&s, ov, without learning (ypa^ara), un- 
lettered, Xen., Anth. 

a-vpaiTTOs, ov, (ypdcpw} unwritten> Soph. 

aYpavX&w, f. 4\<r<*> (fcypavKos) to dwell in the -field, N. T. 

aYp-avXos, ov, (typos, avXft dwelling in the field, of 
shepherds, II., Hes.; tiryp. My a boor, Anth. 2, of 
oxen, Horn., etc. 3. of thing's, rural, rustic, Eur. 

avpa<|>o9, ov, (7p(<J>) unwritten, Thuc. : fypatyoi 
v6j*.oi unwritten laws, i. e. 1. the laws of nature, 
moral law, Dem. 2. laws of custom, common law, 
Thuc, II- not registered, Id. 

aypet, aypVT, v. &ypQ) II. 

aYpeios, a, o^, (ayp^s) <?f or t f/i^ country, Anth. 2. 
clownish, boorish 9 Ar. 

oLYpe^c^VT], fc (irypeTos) donnishness, a rude, vagrant 
life, Anth. 

avpicj)va, ^, a harrow, rake, Anth. 

a.YpV LOV > T<f, == ^7pa 1 1, Anth. 

aypecrta } Ion. -Crj, 7),<=#7/?a t, Anth. 

aYpetifxa, aroy, r6, (faypf-tca} that which is taken in hunt- 
ing, booty, prey, spoil, Eur. II. a weans of catch- 
ing, Aesch. ; of the net thrown over Agamemnon, Id. 

dYpvs, <os, o, (typeioo) a. hunter, Find., Eur. II. of 
an arrow, Anth. 

&YP c " ur np> yp s > 5, ^sq., Theocr., Anth. 

aYpevTtjs, ot), <5, a hunter, like typefe, Soph. II. as 
Adj., typ. K&VSS hounds, Solon 5 typ* KtUa/wt a trap of 
reeds, Anth. From 

aYpv'u, f . ei5<r&j : aor. I tfypevfa, : (&ypa) take by 
hunting or fishing, to catch, take, Hdt., Eur. .also in 
Med., 0fyiar' tiypefoacrtf ye caught or chose your vic- 
tim, Eur. : Pass, to be taken in the chase, Xen. 2. 
metaph. to hunt after, thirst for, Eur. j but fc 
/& A<i7$> fo ca^cA him in or by his words, N. T. 
^w, poet, form of foreg., only in pres., to capture, 


seise, Sappho, Aesch. II. imperat. &y/>i, * &ye, 
come ! come on ! II. ; cbyperre Qd. 
YPYI, T), Ion. for typo. 

a/ypicuvw, , aj/S : aor. I iryplai/a, : (fryptos) : 1. mtr. 
to <? angered, ^rovokcd, chafed, Plat. ; Twl with one, 
Id. : -metaph. of rivers, Pint. II. Causal, to make 
angry : Pass. to be angered, Id. 
-ypias, aSos, ^, = &ypfa, pccul. fern, of fcy/uos, 

QI/, Xafo) o/ a wild olive, Anth. ^ ^11. 
as Subst. a mW olivc> Lat. oleaster, Theocr., N, T. 

aypto-TroiiSs, (Jv, (flWw) writing wild poetry , Ar. 
ypi-oSj a, oy and oy, OP; Comp. -ciTepoy^ Sxip. e^raros : 
(ay p6i) '.-living in the fields, Lat, agrestis : I. of 
animals, wiZd, savage, al& <m II. j ftnroi, tfyo^Hdt., 
etc. ; of men, Id, 3 of a countryman, as opp. to a citizen, 
Mosch. 2. of trees, wi/rf, Hdt., etc. ; ju^rpbs &7pfay 
&7TO made from the w^Z vine, Acsch. ; &yp* tXato*>, 
Soph. 3. of countries, 7D ild,wicultii}ated> Plat. II. 
of men and animals, having qualities incident; to a wild 
state: 1. in moral sense, savage, fierce, Lat/lrws, 
ferox, Horn ., etc. 2 . wild , brutal, coa rsc, btwrtsh , r r fr>, 
Horn., etc. ; &y/>i$rara #0ea Ildt.; Is T?) byptdrtpov to 
harsher measures, Thuc. 3- of things and^ circum- 
stances, cm^, /mrsA, Acsch., etc.; vi> fcyptwrt/nj mare 
wild, stormy, Hdt, : &7P- w^w malignant disease^ 
Soph. III. Adv. -fws, savagely, Acsch., etc, : also 
%pta as ncut. pi., Hcs., Mosch. 

a7pi<STT]$, ijros 3 ^, (^7ptos) wildness, savageness, Xen., 
etc. II. in moral sense, savage m*$s, fierceness, 

cruelty ', Plat., etc. 


aor. I tiyplwtfa 
savage j' vwl against one, Kur. 
otifMlv, aor. I fyypu&Qviv : pf. 

or savage, and in pf . ^tf Jtf s<?, Kur. 2. in moral sense, 
be savage, fierce. Soph., etc, 

crypi-cairos, <5jA, (fi^) wild-looking, ICur. 

a^po-P<iTT]s, ow, Dor. -as, a, 6, (&6<rKu) fettling in the 
field, dwelling in the country, Soph., Kur. 

a-ypo-yeCTtov, ow, d, country neighbour, Pint, 

a7po-8<$nis, <?v, 5 a- giver of booty or /ry Anth. 

a-yp60ev, Adv. (faypos) from the country, O<1.> Kur. f etc. 

a^pOLKia,^,H/^>/^y,ftwmAw<:'i\v, coarseness, Plat. ; and 

a^poLKL^op-cLL, Dep. ^ 6t n^A,' flwfZ huorisk, l*lat. From 

ayp-oiKos> ov, flf or w tf/ir cmmin^ Ar., etc. 2, of 
men, dwelling in the country, a countryman) runtic t 
Id. : then, opp. to Aorretos, clownish, boorish, vudv, 
Id. : - the character of the &yp<HKw is <loscrii>ed l>y 
Theophr. II. Adv. -KWS, Ar.; Comp. ~0Wpw, 
Plat., Xen. ,- but -drtpov, Plat. 3. of land, m^A, 
uncultivated, Thuc. 

&7POLC&TT1S, ov, 6,^7p(iT7js I, a aw^rxww Horn,, 
Hes., etc. II. as Adj. rustic, Anth. 
*, Ep. aor. a part. pass, of &7fyw. 
, Adv. (&7p<5s) ^ the country ^ Od. 
p,os or-v<5|ios,oy, (y^o/iat) haunting the country 
rural, 'wild, Od., Aesch.: of places, Soph. II. as 
Subst., overseer of public lands, a magistrate at Athens, 

*ArPO'![aby nature], ou, <5, Lat. AGER, afield, in pi. 
, lands, Horn., etc. ; in sing. afarm t Od. & 

a hunter, Od. : fern. a 


the country, opp, to the town, Ib. : ayp$ or <?7r J aypov 

in the country, Ib. ,- /car* ay pots Ib. ; &r* aypwv Soph, 
aYp^repos, a,oi/,poet. for &X/HOS, wild, of animals, Horn., 

etc. 2. of country men, Aufh. 3. of plants, W/d!, 

Id. II. (&ypa) fond of the chase : 'Ayporepa, the 

Huntress, i. e. Artemis, II., Xen. 
aYpcmjp [a], Tjpos, 6,~ayp6'TT)$, Eur. : fern, ayp^rcipa, 

as Adj. rustic, Id. 

, i.e. 

Artemis., Anth. 
a.7po-<(>vXa| [u], 3, catcher of the country > Anth. 
aYpvirvea), f. ^cr<w, (tiypvirvos} to lie awake, be wakeful, 

Theogn. ; arypwrveiv ri]v VVKTO. to pass a sleepless night, 

Xcn. 2. metaph. to be watchful, N. T. 
aYpi>TrVT)TiK<fe, <f), 6v, (aypvTrvca)} wakeful, Plut. 
aYpv-TTVia, Ion. -air), ^, (wypuTrycw) sleeplessness, waking, 

watching, Plat. ; hypvirviycrw e^xero Hdt. 
CLYP-^TVOS, oy, (aypeca) hunting after sleep, i. e. sleep- 

less, wakeful, Plat., etc. : metaph., Z-rjvbs &yp. ft&os 

Aesch. : TO &ypvirvov = aypv-rrvta, Plat. II. act. 

keeping- awake, juepi/xj/ou Anth. 

aYpcScrcrtx), only in pros., Ep. for aypeiru, to catch fish, Od. 
aYpfeicmrjs, ov, <5, = ayp6ry$, Subst. and Adj., Soph., Eur. 
&YP<*>onri9, i&os and ecw, ?j, a grass that mules fed on, 

Od., Theocr. 

aypcuTTj j, on,6, dyp^s Adj., afz'W, Eur, : n^tar, Anth. 
aYuia, rj, a street, highway, Horn., etc. (A quasi-par- 

ticipial form from &y(a, cf. tipyvia.} 

aYvtart]s [or], ov, voc. -ora, <5, 'AyvieiJs:, Aesch. Hence 
CLY^LaTLs, iSoy, ^, fern. Adj., ayvidnSes flepaTretcu the 

worship of Apollo Agyieus, Eur. 
'AYVU-US, eatf, <5, (a7U({) name of Apollo, guardian of 

the streets, Eur. 2. # ^7/<sr 5^ w^ <ztf the street 

door, Ar. 

a-YVH.vacra, ^, (yvpvdffiov} 'want of training, Ar. 
a-Y^H-vaqrros, ov, (7Ufti/c{{co) unexercised, ^t,ntra^ned, 

Xen. 2. ^^npractised 9 riv6s in a thing, Eur., Xen., 

etc.; also ets, Trp^s or Tre/ol n, Plat., etc. 3. ^m- 

harrasscd, Soph. II. Adv., &,yv/j.vdcrrtos %x lv v pts 

n to be unpractised in a thing, Xen. 
&Yvpis [a], 10$, T\, Acol. form of ayopd, a gathering, 

crowd, Horn. 

s, 6,-yvpi$, Babr. 

Jo), only in pres., to collect by begging, Od. From 

s, O y, 5, (ayftpa) a collector; esp. a begging 

priest of CybeM, Anth. : then, 2. beggar^ mounte- 

bank, vagabond, juggler, Soph., Eur. 

, 6v, fit for an aydprys, vagabond, Plut. 
, fern, of ayvpr-^p ( ayvprys}, Aesch. 
OLYX^-F-O-XOS, ov, (fayx*-, ^X ^ fighting hand to hand, 
J\., Hes. ; r& a.yx- S-n-Aa arms for close fight, Xen. 
&7X*> C^TX W ) = *n"k> Adv. of Place, n^ar, wz^A, cZose 
K, absol. or c. gen., Horn, j Comp. &yx*>ov> ftvcroy : Sup. 

and 17, ov, (a'Xs^ -w^ar the sea, of cities, 
II. ; of islands, sea-girt, Aesch., Soph. 
aYX-pa8ijs, &, (j8(0os) df^ n^r shore, of the sea,0d. 
'YX t ""y ^ TW ', ov, gen. ovos, neighbouring, Aesch. 
TX^ S> W9 n a r the gods, i.e. Zi^ ^ ^c>^ or 
dwelling with them, Od. ; later, a demigod, Luc. 
> ov, (Otpa) next door, Theogn., Theocr. 

by sea, 0,7%* 

aYXi-H- ^5 ^ 0-WA.6H/) coming near, c. gen,, Theocr. : 

in Horn, only in neut. as Adv. near, close at hand"; 

so e ayxtp-faoLO II. 

aYxt-ve^iis^, es-, (W<os) w^ar ^^ clouds, Anth. 
a-YX^oia, ^, readiness of mind, ready wit, sagacity, 

^Plat., etc. From 

a-YX^-voos, OK, contr. -vous, our, raM?y of 'wit, sagacious, 

shrewd, Od., Plat., etc. 
OLYX^"'"'^-OOS, o^, contr. rrXovs, ow, 

7r6po$ a^short voyage, Eur. 

aYX^-iropos, oj/, passing near, always near, Anth. 
aYX^-WToXts, ews, ^, ^, poet, for ayx^oXis, near the 

city, dwelling hard by, Aesch., Soph. 
aYX^Taa, ^, (ayxi<rreva>} nearness of kin, Plat. 2. 

rights of kin, right of inheritance, Ar. 
aYXWTCia, rc, = foreg., Soph. 
a.YX-crT-us, eces, ^, mostly in pi. oyxurreis, (&yx L vro$} 

^ closely akin, of nations, Hdt. : next of kin, Luc. 
aYXJ-crrcvo), f. crw, (&yxurro$) to be next or near, c. dat., 

^Eur. II. ft? ^ w^Arjf of kin, Isae. * 

a.YX-o-Tijp, ^pos, <5, one <who brings near, the immediate 

author, Soj5h, ; and 
aYXNTTtvos, i], oy, cZo^ together, crowded, in heaps, 

Horn. From 
aYX-crros, ov, Sup. Adj., (ZtyxO nearest, Find., Trag.; 

T-eVe* ^7%rros- irarpts nearest of kin to him, Eur. II. 

in Horn, only neut. as Adv., ^yx^rov or &yxLo"ra,, most 

nearly like, c. gen., Ads #7%. $j*tf to Zeus, Aesch.; 

#7X- 'row /Scu/tov Hdt. 2. of Time, most lately, but 

now, most recently, IL, Hdt. 
aYx"0" T P<><i> > o^, (<rrp e<J>co) turning closely, quick- 

wheeling, of a hawk, Theogn. 2. quick-changing, 

sudden, Thuc. ; neut. pi. as Adv. suddenly, Hdt. 
aYX^-^P^^v, ov, gen. oz/os-, (rcppa) near the borders, 

neighbouring, Soph. 
cry, poet, for avd before 7, Aesch. 
aYX^-TOKos, ov, (T(/CT&>) in the pangs of child-birth* 


V Adv. (ayxov) from nigh at hand, Hdt. 

Adv. = 017x01*, near, c. gen., Horn. ; absol., 

d-YX^v-q, 7], (^TX) ^ throttling, strangling, hanging, 

Trag., etc. 5 ^70 /cpekraW 017x^775 deeds beyond (i.e. 

too bad for) hanging. Soph. ; rciS* 7X^y WAa? 'tis 

nigh as bad as hanging, Eur. : in pi., v ayxfocus 

Bdvarov Xa&eiv to die by hanging, Id. 
i*Yx6viQSi a, ov, (&yxco) fit for strangling, fip6xos Eur. 
ttYX OT( * Ta> > Adv., Sup. of a7xov, like fryxiffru, nearest, 

next, c. gen., Hdt. ; <^7X- TWO'S 'very near, i. e. very like* 

some one, Id. ', also nvl Id. : of a,7XOTcirw irpocr^Kovres 

the nearest of kin, Id. : so, a7x0Vara ^x 6 ^ T I ^ to 

be most like one, Id. 

aYXO*Tpos, a, ov, Comp. of ctyxoS, nearer, c. gen,, Hdt. 
*YX^ =" &7X L > ne<Wj nigh, ctyxoD 5* tcrrajiteVi? Horn. ; c. 

gen., Id., Hdt. 

jiYX-<n>P> oj>, Ion. for &7x-opo^, neighbouring, Anth. 
"ArXii, f. &7^fiif : aor. I %ya : cf. airdyx< " to com- 

press, press tight, esp. the throat, to strangle, throttte> 

choke, yx* l*w Mj farb Seip^x II. ;; rbv Ktpfifpov 

airway &yx<v Ar. : metaph. of creditors, Id., N.T. j of 

a guilty conscience, TOUTO &vx Dem. 

V} (&7X l > o^a\os) nearly equal, a 



& xeLpOTQvia Thuc.; &yx> Mx 7 ? a doubtful battle, Id. : 
neut. pi. as Adv., ctyx^ciXa, vav^a^eTy, Lat. aeqzio 
Marie pugnare, Id. Adv. -Xcus-, Luc. 
"'Aril [a], impf . 3,yov, Ep. &yov, 3 dual ayerrjv, Dor. 701;, 
Ion. tiyeffKov : f ut. #|, Ep. inf. a^pevat, -e^v: 
aor. 2 fyyayoy; aor. I %%a is rare: pf. ^X a ; redupl. 
ayf)ox a : Pass-* fut. ax^ CfJ J a ' a< > a ^ so me< ^. &&l LaL ' m 
pass, sense: aor. i ^x*^ l n - ^X^ y: ?/ %yp* L: 
I. zfo /CYztf or carry y to convey, bring, with living crea- 
tures as the object;, <epw being used of things, 5&>/ee 5" 
&yei;y ercxpoicri yvycutea, Kal Tpiiroda $4piv II. (y. infr. 3^ 
&y. els or Trpbs rt-rrov; poet, also c. ace. loci, &y* 'Ax*- 
povTos a.Kriv Soph. b. intr. of soldiers, to march, 
Xen., etc. ; so, tiryujtev /<? us go, N. T. ^ c. part. 
&y<ov is used in gen. sense, taking, (fryer* 5* fryw, 
where we should use two Verbs, took and placed, 
Horn. 2, to &L& with one, tratpovs Id. 3. to 
carry off as captives or booty, Id., etc. : mostly in 
phrase &yeiy Kal $4psiv to sweep a country of all its 
plunder (where <epeiy refers to things, &yiv to men and 
cattle} i then c. ace. loci, tpepav Kal &ywv rfy "QiQwlSa 
plundering all Bithynia,Xcn. : in Pass.,a7<tyie0a, <cpo- 
/t0a Eur. 4. \ysiv els $ticr)v or SiKO.o'r'fipioY, &y. 

tirl robs fiiKatfrds to carry one before a court of justice, 
Lat. rapere in jus, Att. ; so, simply &yetv, Plat. 5. 
to fetch, &e0* UWT/ rbj/ pi<rTOz/Od. : of things; to bring 
in, import, olvov vr]$s fayoWL II. 6. to draw on, 
bring on, TT^ua r^5* tfyayov QvpavttuvfS Ih. ; 'IXf^ 00o- 
/>av Aesch. 7- to bear up, <*XXol 8* &s 3 ifryovcri 
Sfrcruoz/ Id. II. to lead towards a point, lead on, 

rbi* 5* 176 juotpa /ca/c^ QW&TQW TeXocr^e II. j also, c. 
inf., &7ei Qavv leads to death, Eur. : ffibs &yei the 
road leads, ds or ^Tri T^TTOX, Soph., Plat. ^ 2. rnetaph. 
to lead) as a general, II.; #7. a-Tpandv, vavs, etc., Thuc.; 
817. rfyv TroXirefav ^o conduct the government, Id. 3. 
zft? in'7*^ up, train, educate, Plat. III. to draw out 
in length, rsl^cs &yav to draw a Una of wall, Lat. 
ducere, Thuc. : Pass., ij/crou TJ $i>pvl- Hdt. ; K^XTTOU 
ayo^von a bay being formed) Id. IV. jf<? /fe^/ "z?z 

memory, Kcti fj,ev /cAeoy ^70^ 'Ax^of Od. 2. like 
agcre> to hold, celebrate, lopr^x, T^ 'OXtfyiTrm Hdt., 
etc. 3. also to kdd, keep, observe, cfTrovtibs &y. irpts 
rwas Thuc. ; el/^Tjj/Plat.: often c. ace., as periphrasis 
for a Verb, crxoX^v ^yuv^ff-^oK^iv, Eur,; r t c 
U-y. ^crux^C et)[/ > Xen. 4, to kep, maintain } 
dlpav ^7 rV 'EXXaSa Dem. 5. of Time, Jo ^ass, 
nrofas 1 yfjiepcis Soice^ JUL yew ; Soph. "V. like ? e /7 
Lat. duccrey to hold, account,, reckon, & rijuw i 
&/ ovSe/xi^ yuo(p7?, irepi TrXe&TTOii ^7ecy Hdt.; Oeous 
ifo believe in gods, Aesch.; TifjLi&repov &y. ny^ Thuc.: 
so with Adverbs, tivcrfydpws ^7. ^o think insufferable; 
Soph.; &rlfjLto$ ftyeus Plat. "VT. to tveigh so much, 
&yeiv rpia,KOtftov$ Sapet/coiJs to weigh a mina, 
darics, Dem., where the ace, is the weight which the 
thing- weighs or drains down : cf. e'XKW. VII. on 
&y, fcyerc, v. sub vocc. 
B. Mod., to carry away for oneself, take 'with 
one, "%puu6v re Kal fapyvpov o^wraS 3 &yecr6a.t Od. 2 
&ye(r&a.i yvvatKa, Lat. uxoreni ducere , ^ 2fa-ife(? oneself 
a wife, Ib. ; in full, ^7. yvvcuica Is rck o?/c[a Hdt. ; anc 
simply ^yccr^at, if<? marry, II., etc. ; also of the father 
;f0 bring home a wife /br Ais 5ow, Od. 3. " 

fayecrOaL p-vBov to let fifiss through the mouth, i. e. to 

utter, II. 4. yffQat n s x^pas to hike a thing 1 

into one's hands, and so to undertake, Hdt. 

LYW [dl, crasis for ^ ^7<. 

i-ywyaios, ov, fit far leading by, of a dog's leash, /\nth.; 


t-ycoYC^Sj ecus, <5, 07if ^^^ draws or drags t Hdt. II. tf 

leading-rein, leash, Soph., Xen. From 

tY^v 1 !' ^> C^7 W ) ^ carrying away, carriage, licit, , etc.; 

rfy ayuyfyv ^TroieTro pursued his voyage, Thuc. : move- 
ment, rov vo$6$ Plat. 2. a bringing to or in, i5/A&5y 
j\ $ rovs ohtyovs &y, your bringing us he/ore the 
council, Thuc. 3. a carrying off, abduction,., Aesch., 
Soph. II. a leading towards a point, git iding, ftnrov 
Xen. 2. jf/z<? leading of an army, Plat.; ^ TCUS &y. 
on marches, Xen. 3. < training, education, Plat., 
e t c , . of plants, culture, Theophr. 
o,'Y^"Y L M' os ov ? (fay^ Cftsy t ?w ^ or Mrwcrft rpi&ffwv 
&fjLa,<ov ay&yifjiQV fidpos weight enough to load three 
wains, Eur.; r& faytiyifjict thing's fitH'ttiblf, wttn's, Xcn. 
etc. II. of persons, to br carried off, tfeliwrt'd into 
bondage, Dem. 2. rast'fy led, comptnhauf, Plut, 
a-Yoi-ytcv, T<f, (,^7^) the load of a wffrgt>n, Xen, 
o-Yo-y^s, ^y ? \^7<o) leading, and ay Snhst. <r guide, Hdt%, 
etc. : c. .crcn., Stiva/jus <kvQ@d>irtov by toy 6s power offattdtug 
men, Plur. II. leading towards a point, %$, nph 
or <M TI Plat., etc. III. drawing forth > eliciting, 
Xoal vGKpwv faywyoi Eur.; 5a/ff)//a>i/ ^7. Id. 2. abnol. 
attrctcti'ue, Pint. 
OIYWV [d\ crasis for <5 &y<*>!/, 

6-Ywv [&], wi/os, 6, i^70/aai) <:i number of pwpte brintghb 
together a gathering, assembly 9 like fayopd^Cavev ripbv 
kyS>va, Xvro S' hy&v, iViyfivi vcSy I lom .: esp, tf w assent bty 
met to see games, Id., etc. S. <r //wr of content, 

the arena. Id., etc. ; JS^TTJIW & ju/a'ow ^7<Wjfo& II. II. 
<m assembly of the Creeks /f* //i/v> ,^nv^ uatimtat 
games 9 6 v *OXV/XTT^ ^7^^ licit.; <5 ^OAy/www^s 1 ^7^^ 
Ar. 2. M0 contest for a prise at the ^iimcs, ^7^)^ 
iTTrt/c^s, yvjjiVLK^s Hdt., etc. ; &7<i>v TW)/ tb/JSpfioy, in which 
the chorus was composed of men, opp. to r&v iraitiuv t 
Dem., etc. :- hence, Jtyawt &yew, KtuQurrAvcu., riQ4vQ,i> 
irpOTi&tvai, TOteTv, to holcl or propose a content? Ay o5 vet or 
ly dycoi/t yi/ca^, to win one or <?^ one. III. generally, 
/ry struggle t trial 9 or danger, iroXXofts &7<2yas 
of Hercules, Soph,;; &7cbF 7ry)o/c/rat, c. iul, it is 
or dangerous to do a thing-, I (dt 1 . : also, < , , , 
tl/i/X^s, TTcpl jAGy(cfT(t)i/ (i sHritggte For Hftt and dcJith, 
for one's highest interests, Km*.' S. ^ kittle > action, 
Thuc. 3, fl;t rt7Vj at law, trial, Plat*, etc. *, 
mctaph., o^ xJyco)/ Iftf" iryc^ now is not ///<" it we for 
speaking 1 , etc., Eur. ; oi/x i'^as- ^7* *tis no //m /^;r 
sitting- still, IcL 

&Y<"v-dpx*ls ou ^ (&p%to} judge of a cunM) Soph* ^ 

ttY^vCa, Ion. -Ctj, ^, (d7^y) a contest) strutftf.'* for mic* 

tory*, 8tit jrcKcrtyS' Aywv^s lx* t?/ ^ embrace every kind <y 

contest, Hdt.; wQ\$jj,t<av fay(avia Kur. ; ^ 5i)/ji0TejJ' ifcry* 

Xen. St. gymnastic McereiW) wresttingt Plat,, etc.; 

generally, cxcrcise, Id. 8. of the mind, agvny, 

anguish, Iv fyfifitp /cal ^roXXp Aywjyf^ Dem. 

o-Y^viaw, f. dto*w [,d]; aor. i ^76)j/fd0*a : pf. 

Dam., etc. II. to be distressed,, he in an agony, 

Plat, ; irepi rivos Arist. ; eirt rivi Plut. 
CLYWviSarai., v. aycavl^o/ B. 
&ya>vio|xai, fut. ?ov/ (in pass, sense, v. infr. B) : aor. i 

T/ycovio'a'yUTji' : pf. yycavicrjJLai (in act. sense) : aor. I fyyaj- 

viffQyv :-(aycov} : 

A. as Dep. to contend for a prise, esp. in the public 
games, Hdt. ; irpos riva Plat. ; rivl Id., etc. ; trept rivos 
about a thing-, Hdt., etc. : c. ace. cogn., ay. crraoiov 
Id. ; ayava irepl rrjs fyw)(7Js ay. Dem. 2. to fight, 
Hdt., Thuc. , Trepl ra>v aTravTCDV ay. Id. ; irpos TIVGL Id. : 
c. ace. cogn., fyv [fJ-dxyv] aycavl&crQe Eur. 3. to 
contend for the prize on the stage, both of the poet, 
Hdt., etc., and of the actor, Dem. : generally to contend 

for victory, KCL\COS ^ydoviffat. Plat. . 4. of public 
speaking, Xen. II. to contend against, as law-term, 
Antipho,* c. ace. cogn., ay. $iKr)v, ypa<>7)v to fight a 
cause to the last, Dern. ; ay. xj/eufo/iapTupiwr (sc. ypa- 
tyliv) Id. ; ay. aycoj/a Andoc., etc. ; but ay. tyovov to 
fight against a charge of murder, Eur. III. gene- 
rally, to struggle, to exert oneself, c. inf., Thuc.; c. 
ace. cogn., a JJLGV Tjyuvlcrca Dem. 

B. as Pass, to be won by a contest, to be broiight to 
issue, mostly in pf., iroXXol ay&ves cLycavlSarai (Ion. for 
f/y&mcTjUej/oi eicrt) Hdt.; ra iiycavLff/j-eva the contested 
points, Eur., etc. ; 6 aycuvityjuevos v6ju,os the law under 
debate, Dem. ; fut. med. in pass, sense, ayoovie'iTai r2 
Trpayua it shall be brought to issue, Id. 

&y<i()Vio$, ov, (ayc&v) of or belonging to the contest, &e0Xos 
ay. its prize, Find. ; of Hermes, as president of games, 
Id. ; of Zeus as decider of the contest, Soph, ; the dyc<$- 
vioi Oeoi, in Aesch., etc., are prob. the gods 'who pre- 
sided over the great games (Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, 
Hermes). 2. ayowtcp cr%oA.< in Soph. Aj. 195 is prob. 
an oxymoron, rest full of conflict, uneasy rest. 

A-yciSvicris, 7j, (iLyoovlfofAttt) contest for a prize, Thuc. 

aYcavicrfxa, aroy, r6, (aycavlfo{j,at} a contest, in pi. deeds 
done in battle, brave deeds, feats, Hdt. 2. in sing., 
ay. <riv6$ a feat for him to be proud of, Thuc.; j-vveorevs 
ay. a fine stroke of wit, Id. ; apas ay. the issue of the 
curse, Eur. II. ay. iroiet<TOat TI to make it an ob- 
ject to strive for, Hdt. ; ov jj.LKpbv rb ay. irpocrrdrreis 
Luc. III. that with which one contends, a priste- 
essay, declamation, ay. ^s rb Trapaxp^/cca Thuc. 

a-Yanacrji^s, 6, (&ytoviofJ.a.L} rivalry, Thuc. 

&Y&mcrT^ov, verb. Adj. of aycavifo^ai, one imist contend, 
Xen., etc. 

aYwvttrrrjs, ov, 6, (aywlfoiiai} a rival at the games, 
competitor, Hdt., etc. : as Adj., ay. 'linroi r<:<?-horses, 
Plut. 2. a debater, opponent, Plat. II. c. gen. 
one who stntggles for a thing, rys apcrirjs Aeschin. 

&Y&>vi<rriK<$s, ^ Av> (ay wvlfojuLctL} fit for contest or debate, 
Arist. II. of persons, contentious, eager for applause, 
Plat. : Adv. -KW?, contentiously , ay. Xet^ to be dis- 
posed to fight, Plut. 

iJtY&>yo0<ra, y, the office of ayajyo^er^s-, direction of 
games, Plut. 

&Y fov 0* T ^ w ^^w, #(? direct the games, exhibit them, 
Thuc, ; ay. 'OXtS^TTia Anth. 2. c. ace., ay. crrcio'ij/ 

/(? ^jfz'jr fc^ sedition, Plut. II. generally, to act as 

judge, decide, Dem. From 

s, OP, (5, (rl'OrjjiLL} judge of the contests. 


director of the games, or (later) an exhibitor of games, 
Hdt., Att. 2. generally, a judge, Xen., etc. 

aSa-rjfxovta, ?;, ignorance or unskilfulness in doing, c. 
inf., Od. From 

a-S<XT]ficov, ov, (^*5aco) vmknowing, ignorant cf& thing, 
c. gen., II. ; KaK&v dSa/j/xovesr Od. 

a-Sa-qs, ey, (*&) = foreg., c. gen. pers., Hdt. ; c. gen. rei, 
Id.; c. inf. unknowing how to do, Soph. : absol., Xen. 

a-8dT]Tos, ov, (*5aw) unknown, Hes. 

a-8aiTos, ov, ($} of which none might eat, Aesch. 

a-SatcpTJS, w, gen. vos, ao'dKpvros I, Pmd., Eur. II. == 

r II, Id. 

nDri, Adv. without tears, Isocr., Plut. 
ptrros, ov, (SaKpv&i) without tears, i. e. I. act. 
tearless, d8. Kal air^/j.cav II. ; aSaKpvrca %x ev ucro'e Od. : 
evvdfeiv a$aKpvra>v 0\<pdpu>v ir6Qov to lull the desire 
of her eyes so that they weep no more, Soph. ; cf. 
aSepKTOs. II. pass, unwept, unmourned, Id. 2. 
costing no tears, Tpoiraia Plut. 

aSafjiavTtvos, T], ov, (dSct/^asO adamantine, Aesch., etc.: 
metaph. hard as adamant, ffiSripois Kal aJSafAavrivois 
X6yoi$ Plat. ; OVK dS. evrl, of a girl, Theocr. : Adv. 
-vus, Plat. 

aSafiavTo-Seros, ov, iron-bound, Aesch. 

a-Safjias, avros, 6, (8ajJ.d&} properly the untamed, un- 
conquerable : I. as Subst. adamant, i.e. the hardest 
metal, prob. steel : metaph. of any thing unalterable, 
tiros cpew aod/j.avri irekdcrcras having fixed it firm 
as adamant, Orac. ap. Hdt. 2. the diamond, 

Theophr. II. as Adj., metaph., the inflexible, of 

Hades, Theocr. 

a-Sdjiacrros, ov, (Sajuctfw) epith. of Hades, inflexible, 
II. : later in the proper sense, untamed, unbroken, 
"iriros Xen. 

a-SajjiaTos, ov, a^dfjLacrros, unconquered, Aesch., etc.; 
of females, zLnwedded, Soph. : of beasts, untamed, v. 
sub 7TO")j/Aa. \_dda.> in Theocr.] 

a-Sairavos, ov, (o'aira.vy'} -without expense, costing no- 
thing, yAiWa KutiaTrava (crasis for Kal afidirava] Ar. : 
Adv., aSaTrdvws repfyai <pp*va Eur. 

^80,9, "AiSas, Dor. for y8r)s, "Ai57]y. 

a-Saarros, ov, ^areo.aaO ^e,ndi'V^ded, Soph. 

a8e, 3 sing. aor. 2 of aj/ 

a8ea, Dor. for ^SeZa, and also for yMv : v. rfiits. 

a-Sc^s, Ep. dSct-qs, es- : Ep. voc. ifiSets : (Seosi) : with- 
out fear, fearless, elf irsp aJei^s T" l<rrf, of Hector, II. ; 
K^IOV aSSees Ib. 2. fearless, secure (v. aAe-fc), rS 

aJees-, security, Thuc. j aSe^s 0avarov without fear 
of death, Plat, ; dSeey Seoj ^c^ieVat to fear where no 

fear is, Id. II. caitsing no fear, not foj-midable, 
Trpby fyQpvbs Thuc. III. Adv. dSecos, without fear, 
confidently, Hdt,, etc. 2, without stint, freely, 

aSeia, ^, (a&efc) freedom from fear, aSef^v 5t5&/ai to 
grant <zn amnesty, indemnity, Hdfc. ; ev a^ely elvai Id.; 
rcav ffwpdrtov &$iav TTOLC'LV Thuc.; afeidv rivi irapa- 
ffKevdfav, irapex*"' Dem. ; opp. to atieiav Xap&aveiv to 
receive indemnity, Id. ; aSeias rvyx&veiv Id. 

aSti/ps, *$, Ep. for d5e//s. 

a-SeCfiavros, w, (Sei^alj/a?^ fearless, dauntless, Pind., 


etc. : Adv. -rw$, Aesch. 2. where no fear is, owta 


dSeiv, aor. 2 inf. of avSdvw. 
a-Senrvos, or, (Senryov) supperless, Xen., etc. 
ci-8Ka<rTos 3 0?, (5e/caco) unbribcd) Arist. : Camp. Adv. 

drepoy Luc. 
d-8cKaTi>TOs, ox, (JciearetffiO nojf tithed, tithe-free, Ar, 

u8eX4>Vj, 17, fern, of dSeA^xfe, # sister, Trag., etc. ; Ion. 
dSeX4>ci5, Hdt.j Ep. dSeX^eCt), Anth. 5 Dor, d8eX<|)x, 

Soph. 2, a sister (as a fellow Christian), N.T. 

dSeX<j>t8loSj contr. -OTJS, o 3 a brother's or sister's son, 

a nephew, Hdt. 

dSeX^iSijj T), Att. contr. for dSeAtfuo^T?, brother's or 

sister's daughter , a niece, Ar., etc. 

oi8eX<j)8iov T^, Dim. of d&eAcfxk, Ar. 

d.8X<j>o-KT<5vos, ov, (/crcW) murdering a brother or 
sister, Hdt. (in Ion. form aSeA<f>eo:T~), Plut. 

&SeX.4>4s [&], (a copul.) SeA^fo ; cf . Lat. co-uterinus), so 
that cL$\<poi are properly sow o/" /ze ,S<ZWM? mother : I. 
as Suhst.j aSeX^xfo, <5, voc. &>A<|> (not-^e)? Ion. a5eA- 
<>($, Ep. -ei<J$ : # brother,, or generally, a 7Z/?r kins- 
man, aSf-Xfyol brother and sister, like Lat. fratrcs, 
Eur.; d5A$eol for* ajj.fyorepwj' brothers by both parents, 
i.e. not half-brothers, Hdt. 2. a brother (as a fellow 
Christian), N. T. II. Adj., aScA^xfc, 77, dV, brotherly 
or sisterly, Trag., Plat. 2. like Lat. geminus,gc- 
mellus-f of anything: pairs, twin, Xen. : then, just 
like, c. gen. or dat., dSeA^d TcoySe, a5*X<^a rovroioi 

AR^>iA.^ 3 crasis for 5 dSeA<|><fa. 

nSj ^TOS, T/, (aSeA^^y) the brotherhood, N.T. 
, oy, (8eitii) left-handed, awkward, Luc, 
^s, (ScpKo/tai) unseen, invisible, Anth. 
;, ov, (Sep/co/xai) W>J^ seeing, a8^p/cra?j/ b^^r<av 
)$ reft of thine eyes w Mazf 2?A^ 5e<? 7zc, Soph.; 
cf. d5cipvro^ I : Adv. -rws-, without looking. Id. 

a-SecrjJioSj ov, unfettered^ unbound) 2tS. (jiuAa/ci?, Lat. 
libera custodia, our 'parole,' Thuc., etc. ; 5eo"/xby ftSecr- 
jnoy bond that is no bond } of a wreath, Eur, 

d-S^o"7roToS) ov> (SetfTrt^njs) without master, Plat., etc. 

a-SeTos, ov, unbound, free, Dem. 

d-8e-uKtis, 4s, a word used by Horn, only in Od. as cpith. 
of I^AeGpoy, ir^T/xos, <pr)iML$, commonly expl. not siv&ct, 
bitter, cntcl (from an old word Sewdjs 1 sweet} ; but more 
prob. it means unexpected, sudden (from ZfoK-^tf). 

d-SA|/T|TQs s ovj (5cv|/4w) untanncd, of a raw hide, Od. 

dSc'o) [a}, (^w satio') to be sated (only found in two 
Homeric forms, aor. i opt. and pf. part., ^ elm 
Sefory^ dS^trcie lest he should be sated -with the repast, 
feel loathing 1 at it ; /cajudTtp dSTj/toVes ^8e KCU ftirvcp 
sated with toil and sleep. 

aSjj, 3 sing 1 , aor. 2 subj. of d^Scivw. 

d-cij'tos, contr. d-S-flos, ov, ttnassailed, unrcmaged, 

d-8-jKTos, ov, (5c(Kv&j) imbitten, not gnawed or worm- 
eaten, Hes. (in Sup. atiyKrordrT)} :~Adv. -TCOS, Plut. 

dS-rjX^o), jfo be in the dark about a thing", Soph. ; and 

d8ir)Xta, r), uncertainty, Anth. From 

a-S-rjXos, oj/, o^ ^^z or known, unknown, obscure, Hes., 
Soph., Plat. II. of things, &&. Qdvarot death ^y aw 

unknown hand, Soph. ; ^5. ^x P a secret enmity, Thuc.; 
fa? TTO.V &5ij\oi/ melts all ^ nothing, Soph. ; 2i5. TAW 
unseen, unobserved by him, Xen. b. neut. &$y\dv 
y<w] eZ . . , oVi . . , it is uncertain whether . . , un- 
known that . . , Plat., etc.; so, ^5-r/Xov M > w - : "" 
absol., i57jAo^ ^ it being- uncertain, Thuc.; so, & 
d5^AoTpy cTvai. Xen. c. &dri\Q$ often agrees with 
the subject (like Stacutfc efyu), TrcxTSeF ^Xoi 6vor*pw 

Adv. -Aw^ secretly? Thuc., etc. j Sup. -^rara, Id. 

i8i](jiovw [d5-], aor. I inf. diST^uoyTjcrcu : -ifo ^t* sorely 
troubled^ Plat, j dS^/wifjcrai rdy ^ux^s Xen, (Deriv. 
uncertain.) Hence 

aS-rju-ovLa, 17, trouble 9 distress, Anth., Plut. 

a8ir]V or aS-qv [a], (&w satio} Adv., Lat. AvufxX &> t>ntf's 

j^//_, eS/xej/ai ^T?V to eat their fill* II. 2. c. ^en., 
o'/ jUii/ &57jz/ exiw(Ti TToA^juoio who may drive him ito 
satiety of war, Ib.; ^TJH/ lAtt^r cXparos licked ///A- //<? 
of blood, Aesch. ; xal rovruv ttfiriv enough of this, 
Plat.; c. part., #817? tl%w xrelvwrss Hdt. \& t except 
in first place cited from II., where it is commonly written 

dStfos, ov, contr. for &$*f)fo$. 

a-8r|pLs, LOS, o } T;, without strife 3 Anth. 

a-8T]plTos> or, (S'qplofjiai) without strife or battle, 
II. II. unconquerable, tb/cfywTjs cr#tW Aesch, 

8i|s or^AiS^s, ou } ^; in Horn, also *At8ir]s ao, and eta; 
Dor. "AtBas, a : there is also a tfen. "Ai'Sos, dat/Ai'5t (as 
if from ^Al's) : (from ajhriwit., ^?j/) :- ' lltttfrs or Pluto 
(cL riAo^Toy),the god of the nether world, .son of Knmus 
and Rhea, brother to Xeus, 2^s- /tctl t ? 7^ r^iraroj * 
"'AiSTjs II. ; called Zta /carax^^os Ib,; ^ or iVAl'$ao 
(sc. S^ju-ois 1 , SJ/xovy) in, into ^/t<? nether wwrttf, How. j e^ 
^Ai'Sos^ II, ; ^"AtSov, |y r/ AtSow ^sc. offc^, olwoy) Att. ; - 
also "Ai'50V5e Adv., II, II. as appellative, //w&\v, fAe 
world below, dfftitcw Sl"5t /ct/0oj/Aeu Ib. ; Vl r^y $5^ 
Luc. j eljf AtS^y Anth.; & T$ ^5p N.T. 2. ikti 

grave, death, ffiys irforws death by sea, Aesch., etc. 
'[atoV in Horn., Att* (fS^sj but in Trag. also tu$<w :* 
gen. atSew as an anapaest in Horn.; g*en. ai'^do Id. j 
^en. di^oy before a vowel, IL] 

dSirjcr*), fut. of &v$&v<a. 

d8Ti-<J)a"Yos, 0)^, ^ST)^, ^>&7?i/) Cdting one's J?//, gtut- 

fonoitSf <5i5. ^^p> f an athlete, Theocr. ; T^/J/ dS. ^<l<ro*' 

this devouring' sore, Soph. 

OJC, 7X6/ ^TA ^/* fttlSSfd, fTGTOLfJLftSf TO7W XcO. 

;, oy, (Sia^dAXw) 7i0 listt'ivitttf to sttindttf) 

of, (SiaT^/tait) intestate 9 Plut. 
;, oj/, undecided} Luc. 

N.T. 3 Adv. -nw, Polyb., N.T. 
a-SidXijTos, oy, (SiaXvw) undissol>vcd> indissoluble Plat, 
&-8CavTos, o*/, (Sta^ca) imwetfa'd, Simon. II. ASCar* 

TOJ/, T<i, a plant, maiden-hair, Thcocr. 
d-S^avXos, OK, -wtVA no way b$k t of Hades, Kur. 
a-8idL<(>dapTos, OF, (5ta^[pw) &8td$6opo$ l f Plat. ^ 
a-8ta^0opCa, ^, incorntption, u$rightne$$ 9 N.T. Vrotn 
d-Sia<j>6opQS) on/, (Sia^efpw) uncornifited, Plat., etc. :- ' 

Adv. -pus, Aeschin. 2. of judges and \vitnt'Wfes ; 


incorruptible, Plat., etc. : Sup. Adv. -(arara, Id. II. 

imperishable, Id. 
<a-8CSa.KTos [i]j ov t untaught, ignorant, c. gen., d6\ 

fy&ruv Anth. 2. untrained, of a chorus, Dem. II. 

of things, untattght, Plut., Luc. 
a-SLcloSos, ov, act. unable to get out, Anth. 
&-8ip"uvTjTos, ov, (5ieptW<w) unquestioned , Plut. 
tt-8nqyiriTo$, ov, (Sajy^ofMi) indescribable, Xen., Dem. 
a-SiKacrros, ov, (Si/cafw) undecided, Luc. 
a.SiKcip,evos, Boeot. for fjSiKTjjuevos, pf. part. pass, of 

: Ion. impf. T/JJfaeov or cOv : Pass., fut., in 
med. form aJSiK'fjo'ofjLai or pass. dSi/o^cro/xcu : (&$IKOS) : 
/<? do wrong, Hdt., etc.; rdSiAcciv wrong-doing, 
Soph.; TO'iKeiv righteous dealing, Aesch. , but, 
cr^trei TO ^ud5z/ce?v will restrain 'wrong-doing, Id. : in 
legal phrase the particular case of wrong is added in 
part., "caKpdr7]S dfo/ce? 5i5acr:ajv Plat., Xen. : c. ace. 
cogn., adiKtav, d&frcTj^ua, Plat., or a neut. Adj., dSifceTv 
TToAXa, (MtyaXa, Id. ; ou&ev, /Y7$^ d8., Id. : also, d5. 
jrepl T& jj.vo'T'fjpia Dem. II. trans, c. ace. pers. to 
do one wrong, to wrong, injure, Hdt., etc. : c. dupl. 
ace. to wrong one in a thing, Ar., etc. ; ra /Ayi<rra d5. 
rivd Dem. ', d5. Ttvci trepl nvos Plat. : Pass, to be 
wronged, ^ 5^r* adtKrjdQ Soph. ; dSt/ce?<r0ai efs n 
Eur. 2. #o spoil, damage, d5. 7?}v Thuc. 

aSiKTjfJia, euros, T6, (aSiKeca) a wrong done, a. wrong, 
Lat. injuria, Hdt., etc. : c. gen. a wrong done to one, 
Dem. II. that which is got by wrong, ill-gotten 
goods, Plat. 

cLSiicrjTeov, Verb. Adj. of dSiAcecu, one must do wrong, Plat. 

aSttcia, Ion. -it), f), wrong-doing, injustice, Hdt., 
etc. II. like dSfarj/xa, a wrong, injury, Id., Plat. ; 

&SLKIOV, TO, a wrong, wrong-dealing, Hdt. II. 

ctSutlov ypaty't), an action against public wrong-doers, 
Plut. From 

a-SiK09? ov, (Sf/o?) of persons, wrong-doing, unright- 
eous, ^{,nj^t,st, Hes., Hdt., etc.; d&i/ccfjTaTos Soph.: 
&S. efe TI unjust in a thing, cs riva towards a person, 
Hdt. ; irepi riva Xen. ; c. inf. so unjust as to . . 
N. T. 2. &5. forTTOi obstinate, unmanageable, 

Xen. II. of things, wrongly done, wrong, unjust, 
pyfj.ara Theogn., Hdt., etc. ; rb SlKatov Kal rb &,, r& 
tiiicaia Kal &$tKa right and wrong, Plat. III. Adv. 
-Kcas, Solon, etc. ; robs d5. Qvf)<TKOvras Soph. ; efre 
8i/cafcoy Jre aft. jure an injuria, Hdt.; OVK d5. not 
without reason, Plat. 

"AAlNO'I^^j/Ca],^^-^^'^; (v.afycfc): hence^ 1^. 
crowded, thronging, of bees, flies, sheep, Horn. ; dfov^ 
tidtcpvct thick-falling tears, Soph. 2. vehement, loud, 
of sounds, II. ; SeipTji/ey <x5ii/a the loud-voiced Sirens, 
Od. : Adv. -v&$, frequently , or loudly, vehemently, II. ; 
so dSwJi/ and dSiva as Adv., dSii/by KXaleiv, /xvKcr0at, 
crroyaxTjcrat Horn. : Comp. aSivdrepov Od. 

a-8i<5p8a>Tos, oy, (5iop0(fo>) <?# corrected, not set right, 
Dem. : of books, unrevised, Cic. ; cf. 5iop0ccr^s. 

a-SicrraKTOs, ov, (5icTTc(fw) woz? do^t,bted : Adv. -rco$ t 

a-Suj/os, ov, (5fi|/a) <?jf suffering from thirst, Eur., etc. 

iSjjL^s, vjros, 6, v), poet, for dSc^aros, untamed, of cattle, 
Od. 2. of maidens, unwedded, Ib. 

7?, ov, poet, for dSa/iaros, in Horn, only in fem. 

and of cattle, unbroken, fiovv a8^rf}v, V off TTOJ VTT^ 

fv^bv 7?ya7V dv^p II. ; TTTTTOV e^re' a^^r^v Ib. 2. 

like ao'juL'fjs, unwedded, of maidens, h. Horn. 
a8oi, 3 sing. aor. 2. opt. of avScfo/w. 
a-8oici]Tos, ov, (5oKo>) unexpected, Hes., Soph., etc.; rb 

d5. 2fA^ unexpectedness, Thuc. II. Adv. -TCOS-, Id. ; 

so dSo'/ojTa as Adv., Eur. ; diro rou a.SoK'fjrov Thuc. 
a-8oKijxacrTos, ov, (5o/ci/tafco) untried, unproved, in 

regard to civic rights, Lys., etc. 
oL-SoKLy.05, ov, not standing the test, spurious, properly 

of coin, Plat. II. metaph. of persons, rejected as 

false, disrepzitable, reprobate, Eur., Xen., etc. 

SoXecrxe'co [d], f. ^(Tw, to talk idly, prate, Plat., Xen. 


So-Xcorx'ns [d], ov, 6, a garrulous fellow, idle talker, 

Ar., Plat. (Prob. from &5f\v ^eVx??, talking to satiety.} 

SoXecrxCa [a], ^, garrulity, idle talk, Ar., Plat., etc.; 

Theophr. wrote Trepi d5oXa*%^as-. From 

8^.\orxos [a], ov == d5o\crx7?s-, Anth. 
a-8oXos, ov, without fraud, guileless, of treaties, crirov- 

5l &S. Kal up\a&t$ Thuc. : Adv., often in the phrase 

a.o'oKcas Kal SiKaiws, Lat. sine dolo malo, Id. II. of 

liquids, unadulterated, genuine, Aesch.; metaph. 

guileless, pure, Eur. 
aSov, Ep. for e'a&ov, aor. 2 of dvSavtu. 
a-SdVqroSj ov, (^oveaj) unshaken, Anth. 
aSovCs [a], fj> poet, for aTj&Wy, Mosch. 
a-8of acrros, ov, (5ocy) not matter of opinion, L e. 

certain, Plat. 
a8o$c>>, f. ^craj, ^o 5^ held in no esteem, to stand in ill 

repute, Eur., Dem. II. trans, to hold in no esteem, 

nva Plut. : and 
a8o|Ca, r], ill-repute, disgrace, Thuc., Plat. ; obscurity, 

Plut. From 
a-8o|os, ov, (8oa) inglorious, disreputable, ^itn., Dem.: 

of persons, obscure, ignoble, Xen., etc. : Adv. -<ws-, 


a8os [a], eos, ro, (&& satio} satiety, loathing, II. 
aSos, a8oo~uvi^5 Dor. for ^5os, ^Qocfum]. 
a-SoTos, ov, witho^tt gifts, h. Horn. 
a-8o-uXos> ov, unattended by slaves, Eur. 
d-SoTJir^TOS, ov, (5oi>7T6Cij) noiseless, Anth. 
d-8pavirjs 4s, (Spafvw) inactive, powerless, Babr. a 

Anth. II. intractable, of iron, Plut. 
*A8pa<rTia, Ion. 'ASp^orma, y, a name of Nemesis, 

Aesch. (Perhaps from a privat., diSpaffKct), the In- 
a-Spcurros, Ion. a-Sp^orros, ov, (SiSpacr/caO not running 

away, not inclined to do so, of slaves, Hdt. 
"A8pias, ov, Ion.~Cir|S J ea>, 6, the Adriatic, Hdt., etc. : 

Adj. *A8piav<5s, old Att. 'ASpnqvcfe, ^ &v, Adriatic, 

Eur. : also, *A8piaKos afJLQKpopefc, i.e. a cask of Italian 

wine, Anth. 

a8p<5o|Jiai, Pass, (afycfc) to come to one's strength, Plat. 
'AAPO'E, d, 6v, in the primary sense it seems to mean 

thick : (akin to dS-ivoY, as Kv$p6s to KvSvts) : I. 

of things, %ioVa d5p^v iriTrrovcrav falling thick, Hdt. : 

strong, great in any way, d5pb$ ir6\efjios Ar. II. of 

persons, large, fine,well~grQwn> Hdt.*, Plat.; of animals, 

Xen., Babr. ; of fruit or corn, full-grow n, ripe, Hdt. 

aSpooruvtj, 17, (a5po / s)=a6poT77S, of ears of corn, Hes. 

S, TITOS, -9, (adpds) strength, II. II. abundance, 
N. T. " 

aSpow, v. dSp^o/aai. 

a- opt) as, ciftos, 77, (a copul., SpOs^ ^jUaSpvas", Anth. 

aSpijvw [C], f. i)w, (adposi to make ripe, ripen, Xen.: 
Pass, to grow ripe, ripen, of fruit or corn, Hdt., etc. 

OLoxi-po&s. 7rT)s. Dor. for you-poiys, TJOV-CTT^S. 

a-Swajua, Ion. -foj, 17, d>6va,fus\ want of strength or 
power, inability, incapacity, Hdt., etc. ; c. gen., d5. 
roS a$iKLvfor wrong-doing, Plat. 2. poverty, Xen., 
Dem., etc. 

aSwaa-ia, ?;, == dSwccjuta, Hdt., etc.j c. gen., a8. TOV 
\4yeiv Thuc. : and 

aSwaTfeto, f . ^crco : I. of persons, to want strength, 
Plat., etc. ; c. inf. to be unable to do, Xen. II. of 
things, to be impossible, N. T. From 

a-Stivdros [>], ov, I. of persons, unable to do a 
thing, c. inf., Hdt., Eur., etc. 2. absol. without 
strength, powerless, Hdt., Eur., etc.; of dSiWroi men 
disabled for service, incapable, Aeschin., etc,; dSiW- 
ros %p^/ia(Ti poor, Thuc. ; tfs TI Plat. : -of ships, dis- 
abled, Hdt. : TO d5. -amnif of strength, Plat. ; rd d5. 
disabilities, Dem. II. of things, jf&dtf cannot be 

done, impossible, Eur., Plat., etc. ; a.8vva,r<$v or dSu^ara 
[^crTi], zY is impossible, Hdt., etc. : -r> dS. impossibility, 

aSxi-irvooSj aSv-TroXis, Dor. for r}Sv-. 

a8vs, Dor. for ?)5v<f. 

a-8vTos, ov, ',5uw) not to be entered: hence as Subst. 
aSvrov, t6, the innermost sanctuary, II., etc. 

$8a, Att. contr. for dcfSw. 

aS<>v [a], d^os, ^, Dor. for wrjUidov. 

ASoiv [aj, covoj, 6, ^ASwi/is, Anth. 

*A8wvta, ra, A<? mourning for Adonis, celebrated yearly 
hy Greek matrons : hence 'ASwnc^ouo-cu, at, (,as if 
from 'AScoviatlw, to keep the Adonia) title of the 1 5th 
Id. of Theocr. 

*A8cDVi-s [a], i5os, 6, Adonis, favourite of Aphrodite", 
Sappho; c5ftjj/z, crasis for d "AS., Theocr. : generally, 
an Adonis, a darling, Luc. 2. 'ASciwSos KT/TTOI, 
(^tick-growing herbs grown in pots/or the Adonia, Plat. 

d-S<opTjTos, ov, = ftSvpos, h. Horn., Eur. 


a-Scopo8oKos, ov, incorruptible-, Anth. 

a-Supos, ot/, ^Stopov 1 without gifts, taking none, incor- 
ruptible, c. gen., ctSwp^raros xpTiAtctrcoj/ Thuc. II. 
giving no gifts, d8o6pois lAa^>7jj8oA^ai5r by hunting from 
"which no gifts 'were offered, Soph. III. &5pa Swpa 
gifts ^Aajf <2W MO gifts, like $(0$ d^fwros, Id. 

a-SwTtjs, ou, 6, 0?z# wA<? gives nothing, Hes. 

dcOXf-uu), aeGXew, -tjTtjs, Ep. and Ion. for d0A~-. 

dfi'GXi-ov, Ep. and Ion. for aOXov, the prisse of contest, 

^ Horn. II. for a6\os, the contest, Od. 

ot0Xios, ov, also a, ov, (,&e0Aoi/) gaining the prise, or 
running for it, 'liriros deflAify a r^-horse, Theogn. ; 
WlKov de^A. the apple of discord, Anth. 

o.0Xoy, r6, ae6Xo?, 6, Ep. and Ion. for 30A0y, S0Aoj, 

aeOXoorvvr], ^, l^e^Ao]/) a* contest, a struggle, Anth. 

a0Xoc{><$pas, ov, Ep. and Ion. for a,6\o$>6pQ$. 

dci [dl, Ep. alci, alev ^v. sub fin.), Adv. always, for 

ever, Horn., etc. ; often with other words of time, 5ta/A- 

alzl, ffvve^s atst, H/A/ACV^S alet, Id. ; ati :aO* 
e(, ael /cai /caO J ?;/ipav, ael war" 
tc., Plat., etc. - } \, etvael ; -"6 ael 
Xp^cy eternity, Hdt,, Plat. ; ot ael o^rey the immortals, 
Xen., etc. :- but, <5 a^el /SctcriAe^wji/ the Ivrng'/'or ///<' /////r 
being, Hdt. j ToFcri TOUTCOJ/ atrl j-KydvoLfn to their de- 
scendants for ever, Id. v'^ 10 Koot is Al^ ; of. I -at. 
aev-u?n, aetas, i.e. acv-itd$.} 

ai-poXos, ov, (&d\K<o) contiuualtf tftrown, Anth. 

ai-Yvn]s> only in Ep. form alei-'Ycv^TYjs, ou, 6 : cyi- 
*yj/o/xai) : epith.of the gods, like a,N:v6vTt$,cv(*rt dating, 
immortal, decay aleiynvGrdutv, Q^ols aleiyevfowinv 11. 

at-YVT]|Sj cs,} evcrl tint ing, Plat., Xen. 

a-etStjs, s, ^el^osj without f unit, incorporeal, Plat. 

aei-8Cvt|Tos [*], ov, (.Sii/eco) ever-revolving, Anth. 

'AETAii, Ion. and poet* Verb <cf. /pcw), Att. ^8w : - 
impf. ^etSoi/, Ep. ^,t5o>', Att. rlSoy : - fut. aefcrojucu, Att. 
acrojuai : rarely in act. form cUfcrw ; still more ruvcly <^Vw ; 
Dor. acreu^iat, ^craj : aor. l ^fiio*a, Ep. ^en/a [ot j iniper. 
faicrov, Att. ?T<ra. -Pass., Att. aor. I |/(r<9r/^, pf. ij<r/ta : 
zfo i'in^*, 11., etc. : then of any sound, tfr> hitting, of the 
bowstring, Od. ; to ivhistle, of the wind, Mosch.; to 
ring, of a stone struck, Theocr. II. trans., 1. c. 
ace. rei, to sing) chant, wvw, 7rcu?|0!t/a, /cA^'a ai/<Jp<wjf 
Horn.: absol. ,de(5iv a/jLtyi rivos tostiig in one's praise, 
Od. : Pass., of songs, to bo sung, I kit.; 0107x0, /caAate 
(jcr^eV Xen. 2. c. ace. pers. to sing, flrttis?, Att. 

aci-t^ w ^> ovcra, ov, (fcUca) cver~>l'wiiig 9 <(wr\ri Anth. 

ai-0aAiTJs, ', ^c^AAcoi ever-gnvn, Anlh. 

a-LKc-Xuos, a, oi/, or os y oj/^att/o'js, llouu, Hdt.; cuntr* 
alKt ( Xios Theogn., Kur Adv. ~lw$i Od. 

a.~icVjs, es, (dbcto) unxccmly, shameful, at/ca Ao^^y 
Q.JJMVSLV II. ; act/c^a [et/xara] Od.; 5fo*ju^s afiw/js 1 Acsch.j 
crroA^ Soph. ; detK^o'Tepa ^ira Hdt, ; w$\v amU' *apc- 
XtsffQai to cause no inconvenience, Id. : -Adv. aet/cws ; 
Ion. ~eW, Simon, j dct/ceV as Adv., Od, ii. unsaemt} 1 , 
shabby, /xicr^s, ^iiroiit/a II. 3. ovfit-v ai/c ^crri, c 
inf., it is nothing strunga that . . , UdL, Acseh. CC. 
Att. alK'fjs. 

aciKia, Ion. -Cm [r], t;, (deuces') unswtnly treatment* 
outrage, Horn., Hdt. Cf. Att, af/cfa. 

aciKL^w, f. Atfc. i<w : Ep. aor. I ac(:i(r<ra : Mcd., I 4 *p. 
aor. i det/acro'd^j' : Pass., Ep, aor. i inf., &*t/tr04i 
juej/at : ifw treat unseemly, injure, abuse, Hum.; ov 
yap $yc <r* ^KTrayhov dei/ciw f will do tlu'c uu grwit <//.v- 
honour, II. ; Med, in act. sense, Il>. L'f, Alt. abcf(0. 

aeL-Aoyta, ^, {X&yw j continual talking : ah Att. law- 
term, T^J/ d. Trpor^^ccr^ai or 7raptx<tv to court r^M- 
tinutil inquiry into one's conduct, Uem. 

aei-p-VTio-Tos, oy, (fjuvdofjiai) ever to be, remembered, Trag'. 
Thuc. Adv. -rcwy, Aeschin* 

aL-vaos, ojy, -dfcWos-, q. v. 

j AOi-, d, 7/, &Qerfa$tin# 9 Anth. 
, Att. contr. for faeivaos, v* dlvaosr. 

aei-TrdpGevos, ^, t"yt'r a virgin^ Sapph. 

, ov, cvcr-fio'ming, wp^r)) Soph* 
^Root AEP), Ion. and poet. Verb ', cf. od$w} 
afcpw <,q,v.'), Aeol. 4<lpp<> : impf.^ctpof, Kp.Hctpa*' ; 
dpco [a], contr. from depw ^not in use i ; aur. j 
Ep.iteipa: Med,,fut.dpou/u,ai [a|: aur. i uif. 
part, -a/xews' : -Pass., aor. i fytpOnv, Kp. dtpDr^, 3 pi 
aep^^ ; pf . ^p/xcu : plcjpf , Ep. 3 sing*, awpro, Ion. 



&opro. To lift, heave, raise up, Horn., etc. ; 'icrna, 
ffret\av aeipai/rcs furled the sails by br ailing them up, 
Od. : esp. to lift for the purpose of carrying, to bear 
away, carry, II.; &xQ s etptv, of ships of burden, Od.; 
yd\ fjiot olvov &eipe offer me not wine, II. 2. to raise, 
levy, A/cri)y apovfjLev OTO'AOJ' Aesch. II. Med. to 
lift up for oneself, i. e. bear off, c. ace. rei, II. 2. 
to raise or stir up, asipacrQcu Tro'AejU.oj' to ^t,ndertake a 
long war, Hdt.; &apbs falpeffBcu. slow to undertake, 
Id. 3. aeipaarQcu ra for la to hoist sail, or without 
iWa, Id. III. Pass, to be lifted or carried up, 
Od. ; attptcrQai. els . . to rise up and go to a place, 
Hdt.; mostly of seamen, but also of land-journeys, 
Id. 2. to be suspended, Trap K0v\ebv (d<~v &copro 

[the dagger] hung always by the sword-sheath, II. 3. 
metaph. to be lifted up, excited, Soph. 
acts, part, of &7ju.i. 
acLorci, Ep. for ^eicra, aor. i of acfSw. 
aeia-jj-a, r6, poet, and Ion. for $(r/ta, Hdt., etc., fut. of &e/5. 

otci-^XeyiSj &> (^Aeyou) ever-burning, Anth. 
oL-4>pa-upos, oy > ever-watching, i. e. ever-lasting, ofrn?- 

<m /<>p., of the grave, Soph. 
ai-<t>v-Yia, ^, (4>u7^) perpetual exile, Plat, 
o.i-yp<5vios> oj/, everlasting, Anth. 

S, y, QV, particip. f orm = atKwv, Od. ; WAA' 
ts, Virgil's midta. reluctans, Ib. 
.,, v, = &K6Atos, II. 

n, Epic Adv. against one's 'will, Horn. ; c. gen., 
xe/crjri, ae/o? <r0ev, Lat. to xVm'to, and Qe&v 
ae/c7/rf, a,K7)Ti Becav, Id. 
a~KQV<rios, ov and a, QV; Att. contr. aicoi5<rio$ [a], ov : 
against one's will, involuntary, of acts, Hdt,, etc. H. 
of persons, only in Adv. a.Kov<rt<as, involuntarily^ Thuc. 
a-^Ko>v, Att. contr. &KWV [aj, ovcra, ov, against one's^ 
will, unwilling, of persons, CLGKQVTOS ^/xeto II. ; Jro'AA 3 
&eK<DV, Virgil's mult a reluctans, Ib. ; faovros Aids, 
invitojove, Aesch., Xen. ; Adv. a/coVa*, unwillingly, 
Plat. II. like cucofoios, of acts, involuntary, 

aeXtos, <5 ? Dor. for fy&ios, TJJAtos. [a, but made shorl 
by Soph, and Eur.] 

aeXXa, Ep. a^XX-q, y$, y, (et\to} a stormy wind, whirl- 
wind, eddy, Horn. ; &\\ai &vii*.uv Id. ^ ^ 2. metaph 
of any -whirling motion, (aKvtipfoois aeAActts, of an 
animal, Eur. ; &&rp(/w fa* beXXcuffi Id. 
aeXXcuos, a, ov, (ieAAa} storm-swift, TreAaas Soph. 
aeAXcxs, ci^os-, ^, = foreg., 'tirTroi Soph. 
acXXiis, <5, i^deAAa) eddying, II. 
acXXo-jxa-x ?? ^ struggling with the storm, Anth. 
oueXXtS-rros, TroSos, (J, ^, poet, for ^eAAo'-Trow (cf . apriTOS 

OfSfrros) : storm-footed, storm-swift, II., etc. 
'AcXXcS, o'oy contr. oSy, ^, ^eAAaj Storm, a Harpy 

Hes - , , - i. , 

a), (&ATrros) to A-<? <? hope, only in part., <xeA 

-5- <roW elvi II. ; & faeppab.&a'Qai Hdt. 

^ (^A7ro^,at) unhopedfor, imexpected, Od. 
deXirTCa,"^, (^ATTTOS) aw unlocked for event, & acA 
Trrfys unexpectedly, Archil. 

pectedly, Hdt. ; so, ^ ki\Trrwv Soph. 2. 
" , despaired of, Solon. H. act. Ao^/ff 

desperate, h. Horn., Aesch. III. Adv. -ray, beyond 

all hope, Lat. insperato, Id. : neut. pi. as Adv., Eur. 

1-vo.os [a~], ov, (,yciw A) also aet-vaos, contr. acivws 
is a corrupt form) : ever-flowing, Hes., Hdt., 

Trag. 2. generally, everlasting, aperas aeVaoy K\4os 

Simon.; rare in Att. Prose, Xen., Plat. 

evdcov, oucra, oy, = foreg., Od., Hes. 

(-<(>"uXXos, ov, (<uAA0J/) nourishing leaves, leafy, 


J;C-<!>xiTOS, ov, (tywrtiv} nourishing plants, *H<6s Anth. 

AE'Hil,poet. form of at/<w (a,vdvo>}, mostly in pres. and 

impf , without augm. : later poets have fut, ae|^<r<y, aor. 
i ??e'Tj(ra, fut. med. ae^crojiicu, aor. i pass. a^Q7]v. To 

increase, enlarge, foster, strengthen, /xeVos f^eya, QV/J^S 
de^ei II. ; Qvfjhv uefav Ib.; T&vQos a. to cherish woe, 
Od. ; vibv a. to r^^r him to man's estate, Ib. ; 
de|ouo-i 0eo( they d/^s the work, Ib. 2. zf> e^i 
one's deeds, to magnify, rb 7rA??0o$ ae^eiv Hdt,; ,- 
magnify, exaggerate, \_otryye\iav~] pvdos ae^et Soph. ^ 3, 
a|eiv <|)^ov Eur. II. Pass, to increase, grow, ae&TO 
he was waxing tall, Od. ; ov TTOT" a|eTO /ci/^a no wave 
rose high, Ib. ; xo\0s ey cfT^ffo'iv de^erat rz^s &t#fc, 
II. ; r^e ^070^ a. it prospers, Od. ; ae|ero /6p5y ^jaap 
7i)5 getting on to noon, II. ; so, /cep5os a|erat Aesch. 

i-cpyia, Ion. ~ir\ [?], ^, a not working, idleness, Od., 
Hes.Cf. Att. ap7*a. From 

i-epyos, ^j/, (*=p7<0) not-working, idle, Horn., Hes., 
etc.; aep7ol 6"<tytoi ?^ houses, i.e. where people are 
idle, Theocr. Cf. Att. ap7&. 

a^pStlv, Adv. (aefpaj) lifting up, Aesch. Cf. Att. fyfyv. 

xpe0o|iai>, see under Ion. form ^ep- 

icpOev, Ep. for riepBiiffav, 3 pi. aor. i pass. o aetpw; 
aepBt), 3 sing.; acpfleis part. 

Uptos [a], o^, also a, OK: Ion. Tje'ptos, 17, oy : (at)p) :y 
in the mist or ^zc* air of morning, Eur. H. it* 

i i>, Id. 

f . ^crw, 3t<? -zu^Z^ ^A^ air, Ar., Plat. From 
[a], ov, 5, (ftedva) one who walks the air, 

P ' lut: " . . A .t, 

apo-8lvi]Sj 5-, Ion. T|6p-, (titrri) wheeling in air, Anth. 

apo-8<5vt]Tos, o^, air-tossed, soaring, Ar. 
aepo8pop.6>, f . V^> to traverse the air, Luc, 
aepo-Kopo., a/cos, ^, ?i air-raven, Luc. 
apo-Kwv<o\|/, WTTOJT, <2?* air-gnat, Luc., -37, (/xa^) <2W air-battle, Luc. 
tcpo-fJieTpew, f . ^<rw, to measure the air : to lose one- 
self in vague speculation, Xen. 

Upo-vfixns> k> (vflX.ofMU'') floating ^ n atr > ^ clouds, Ar. 
ap<J-<|)oi,Tos, o^, ((^oiracw) roaming in air, Aesch. ap. Ar. 
>, Aeol. for aeipcw. 

o v, 6, (vordofjunt) high-soaring, Hes., Anth. 
>s, oj/, = foreg., Hes. 

aepo-i-'n-uv*, c>, 17, lifting the feet, brisk-trotting, l-KTcoill* 
aepTa|o>, lengthd. Ep. form of aefpco, to ^ f# ; impi 

Tje'prafojf Anth. 

aepraco, = foreg., aor. I ^eprn<ra, pf . pass. t)fwyroi, Antn. 

aeo-a, aeVa/4ey contr. &trafj.ev, fatfav, inf. aeo-at, aor. I 

(from a form aew, not in use) to sleep, Od. (Akin to 

A, " 


silliness, folly, Od., Hes. From 
atea-"4>pwv, O>A, gen. oyo^, (^y) damaged in mind, 
less, silly ,Hom., Hes. ^For aaa-f-^pwi/, from d(aj, 


VETO'S aQearos. 

'AETO'X [a], Ep. and Ion. aUr<te s ot), <5, an eagle, 
Horn., etc. : proverb., dcr^y 4v v<p4Kaicfi, of a thing 
quite out of reach, Ar, 2. an eagle as a standard, 
of the Persians, Xen. ; of the Romans, Plut. II. in 
architecture, the pediment of a temple, Ar. 

o.TO-<j)opos, <5, (,<>p) a standard~bearer, Plut. 

dcTwS-qs [a], es, (sitos) eagle-like, Luc. 

*d&i> v. ea*a. 

aa, 77, (&&} drought : in Od. an old shield is said to 
be TroraAay/ueVoj/ &(rj coated with dry dirt or mould. 

daXeos a, ov, (#) dry, parched, Horn. ; jSaw afaAeV 
the dry bull's-hide, II. 2. metaph. dry, harsh, 

Anth. II. act. parching, scorching, "2,*tpio$ Hes. 

ddv<i>, (&a?) ^ ^JX* porch up> h. Horn. 

d&rjXCa, 7% freedom from jealousy, Plut. From 

a-i]A.os, of, <? s^tbject to envy, unenviable, dreary,, 
Simon., Aesch., etc. 2. generally, sorry, inconsider- 
able, Plut. 

d-fftX^TtjiroSj ov, free from jealoitsy, envy, Plut. 

d-rjXo>Tos, ov 3 not to be envied, Plat. 

a~t;rj[jLios, ov, (fyfAia) free from f^t,rther payment : with- 
out loss, scot-free, Lat. immuwis, Hdt., etc. : un- 
punished, not deserving punishment, Soph., Eur. II. 
act. harmless, of sour looks, Thuc. 

s *$> zinceasings excessive, II. ; neut. as Adv., 
<pay4(j.ev KCLL me/Aey Od. ; tfrcy a.. fjLjj,aicvicu II. 
(^Ep. word, perhaps an old dialectic form for d-foe^s 
(a copulat., iex&>), v, sub fa-.) 

aop.a(, (Root Af, v. ^705), Dep. only in pres. and impf. ; 
act. only in part, afyvra : to stand in awe of, dread, 
esp. the gods and one's parents, Horn. ; followed by 
inf., to shrink from doing-, Id. ,* also &^o^a,i ^ . . , 
II. 2. absol. in part, awestruck, Od., Soph. 

a-f^u-yos, ov, = &&%, imtvedded, Kolrf) Luc. 

a-f/ujjt-os, ov, (1^77) of bread, nnZeauened, v\ lopr^/ TOJV 
afv/j,a)v or r& &(vjj,a the feast of unleavened- bread,, 

CL-\J, vyos, 6, 77, r6, (fetfyi/u/ii) unyo&ed, unpaired, un- 
married, Eur. , of Pallas the virgin goddess, Id. : with 
a gen. added, $v! XeKTpcay, y^o>v, Gvvrjs, Lat. nu-pti- 
arum expers 3 Id. 

ao>, v. sub & 

""AZii, to dry tip, parch, Hes. : Pass., ctfyeipos &(ofj.4vn 
/ccZreu the poplar Hes drying, II. 

a-toxrros, ov, (ft/^vvvfju) ungirt, from hurry, Hes. 

d-T|8Vjs, ^5-, (^5os-) tmpleasant to the taste, distasteful, 
of food, Plat. 2. generally, iinpleasant, oitfilv ol 

&7]5e(rrpoj/ fowflai Hdt. : in Plat, of talk, d7?5<& or oi>K 
aTjSejp ffri, II. of persons, disagreeable,, odious, 
Id. III. Adv. ~Ss, unpleasantly^ Id, ,- ^^w #x^ 
TIK/ to be (? bad terms with one, Dem. 2. 'without 
pleasure to oneself, unwillingly* Plat. 

<XT]$ia, 17, (a-rjSTjs) unpleasantness, nauseousness, of 
drugs, Hipp. II. of persons, odiousness, Dem., 
etc. 2. a being ill"pleased, disgust, dislike, Plat. 

ai}8ovi.8X)<5, ecus, 5, (^TjScuy) a young nightingale, 
Theocr., in Ep. pi. &ri$ovi$TJS. 

&riS<$vio$, ov, of a nightingale, ydos, vd/JLOs L the 
nightingale's dirge, Aesch. 

ar^SovLs., tSos, ^, = a7?5^y, a nightingale, Eur., Theocr. ; 

s, of a poet, Anth, 
, gen. fofSovs 1 Soph., voc. ^77^0? Ar. 

a.T|So>v, 6vos 3 T}, (^c(5a)) 2f/z6* songstrcss, i. c. M<' nightin- 
gale, Hes., etc.; of the daughter of PandareiLs, who 
was changed into a nightingale, Horn* 

dt]6eia, lon.-tt] [?], r), (^Or/y) unaccM$tt>MCtincs$ t Oatr.j 
d^0. TWOS inexperience of a thing, Thuc. 

onrjO^crorw, poet, for cwjfl/a;, Kp. impf. at'/Oetrcro^, /fy; /;< 
unaccustomed to a thing 1 , c. gen., U. 

d-VjdtjSj cs, (^Oos 1 ) unwonted ', unusuat, Ac.sch.:~~"Adv. 
-0yy, unexpectedly, Thuc. II. of persons, unused 
to a thing, c. gen., Id., Dem. 

d-rjOta, 7^, ^0icc, Eur. 

aT)(j.a, r^, a blast, gale, Aesch., Soph. From 

atjjju (^Root PA, cf. atf-w), 3 sing. ^7]<n s a dual &IITOV, 
3 pi. i&eicri; inf. CLTJVCU, Ep. di^/xci'ai; part. &fe : 3 sing, 
impf. ^77 : Pass., 3 sing. &??rou, impf. icr/ro, part. (w/ 
ftevos. Ep. Verb, = #w, jfy breathe hard, blow* of winds, 
Horn. : Pass, jfo ^c beaten by the 7w///</, w({/,tC'i/ojr /cai 
d^ei/os Od. : metaph., ^o ^tfw or 7<rra<- > about) as it* by 
the wind, ^i^nQv^s &TJTO, i.e. w.v //i doubt wfc#r t U. 

d^p [a], QL&pos, in Horn. &7jp, tyzpos, o and ?/, (&^fj.t^ : ~ 
^<? lower air, the air that surrounds the earth, opp, to 
cu'07]/? jfAe upper air (v. U. 14. aStS, where a tall pine 
jACLKpordrt) Trcc/wina Si 1 ijtpos a^lep' t/cctt/ev ) ; hcut:c ///KV/, 
gloom, irepl $ J i]6pa 7ravA.i;j/ %XGV%V II. ; ^tpa yU^ (ffc^- 
5a(Te Ib. ; cf. ^epios, i] epochs. 2. generally* <//V> 

Soph., etc.; A^pa Sepiy (cf, Virg. veyherttt attrus), N.T. 

at]crL9, a>y, 7?, (&7/u) a blowing, JCur. 

d-KJo"onrjT09, later Att. A-ITJTTTJTOSJ oy, (^(rtrdo/jt.a.i} w;/ 

, Thuc., Dem. 2. uiiconyncnibh', Plat, 
, for aT^juXoy, wicked , II. 
, of, (&^/j.i) light as <//r, small 9 l/ll/<\ Aesch. 

a-nrai, 3 sing. pres. pass, of &tycw. 

dtlTTJs 7*;, sas a^Tr)^, HcS. 

diJTir|s, ou, ($, ^7))uO blast, gale, Horn,, etc*. 

aTjTo 9 Kp. for ^r/ro, 3 sing, impf. pass, of $r;/it* 

a-r|Tos, oy, ^Tj/at?) stormy, fur'urus 9 Qdptros &yjray II. 

d-K]JTTTfiTos 9 ov, later Att. fur A^orcnjTos. 

d-OaXdo-crwTos, Att. -TTWTOS, oy, i OaAa^tniwl unused tit 
the sea, a land~litbber t Ar. 

es, (<?c{AX(w) ;/^ iierdftnt!, wilhcrcd) Plut. 
, ey, (0a\7roy) without wtinHth* Anlh. 
is, 4% (0<Lf*.&os) fearless, Ibyc., Plut. 

3 A0dva, J A8avaL, *A0avaCa, Dor. for *ACh)F; v. *A6^n|. 

dOavaor^a, T?, immortality, Plat., etc, ,; and 

d0avo.Tiw, ^? m/6t' immortal 9 to hold oncwlf hn Mortal 9 
Hdt. From 

d-OdvaroSj o^, Kp. also 77, or:- undying, hn wort til ^ 
Horn., etc. : &0({>;aTot, o{, ///<" fiHttwrfttts>^c* j 
faQdvaraittKiat) i.e. the sea goddesses* OtU: Clomp. "<*}- 
poy, Plat. 2. of immortal fame ^ Tyrtrun II, of 
things, everlasting^ Od., Hdt!, etc. 2. &0. %>(^ th<s 
hair <w which life depended ', Aesch* III. of &iciWrot 
#/i(? immortals? a body o! Persian troops in which every 
vacancy was at once filled tip, Hdt. IV. Adv., &0a- 
vdrws i/5et^ Anth, [a0~ always in thw Adj. and all 
derivs., v. A a, fin.] 

a-Oairros, Qv f (Qdirrto} unburit>d> IL, etc. II. un* 
worthy of burial > Anth. 

*A0A'PH [0ci], T^, groats or wwaZ, porridge, Ar., etc. 

d-0apanrjs, ^y, (Odpffos) discouraged) doinktiartcd t }?\Mk*\ 
TO aOapar^s want of courAge* Id. Adv. -<r&h^ Id. 

d-0aTos, oz/, unseen, invisible ', Plut,, Luc. 2. jfAaiJ 

aOeei adpew. 

II. act. not seeing, 

may not be seen, secret, Plut. 
blind to a thing, c. gen., Xen. 

4-0cC, Adv. (0<fc) -without the aid of God, OVK aOeei, 
Horace's non sine Dis, Od. 
flL-Ociacrros, ov, (0icw) uninspired, Plut. 
a-0XKTOS, ov, (0eA7w) implacable, Aesch. 
a-0|u, ITOS, <J, ^, lawless, Find., Eur. 
a.0[At<rrios, ov, (0e,ut$) lawless, godless, a9^l<rna slScas 
versed in wickedness, Od. 

oi-O^icrros or a-0jUTos, ov, (the first form prevailing 
in Poetry, the latter in Prose) -.lawless, without law 
or government, of the Cyclopes, Od. ; a0ju(TT(*repoi 
Xen. II. of things, lawless, unlawful, a0/ura 

gpya, a0fura fpSeiv Hdt. ; a0. iron-Tv, ^(T^at Xen. 
a-0os, ov, without God, denying the gods, Plat. 2. 
godless, ungodly, Trag. : Comp. -6repQs Lys. ; Sup. 
-*d>TO,TO$ Xen, 3 . abandoned of the gods, Soph. II. 
Adv. -o)s, impiously, Id.; Sup. -<6rara, in most un- 
holy wise, Id. Hence 
a0e<5Tqs, TITOS, y, ungodliness, Plat. 
d.0po.'ir\Kria, ^, neglect of, 0ea)v Plat. From 
a-0pairvTos > ov, uncared for, o animals, Xen. : TO 
a0. neglect of one's appearance, Luc. II. un- 

healed, incurable, Id. 

&0cpt or -uro-w : aor. I a0<^na Ep. 3 sing. med. a0e- 
plffffaro i to slight, make light of, Lat. m'AzY curare, 
c. ace. pers., Horn. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
a-0p(*,avTos, ov, not heated by. strife or passion, Aesch. 
a-0pjjtos, ov, without heat : TO #0ep/iov want of heat, 

a-9ecrjAOS, ov, = bQecrfjuos, Plut. 

a-O&r^aros, oi/, ^j/<?wd <?i><?n a god's power to express ; 
ineffable, aweful, $n&po$, Odha.ffo'a^ id Horn. ; also 
marvelloits in quantity, a0. olvos, <rtros, fides Od. 
oL0CTlw, f. fata, to set aside : a0, riva to deny one, re- 
fuse his request, N. T. From 

a-9eros, o^, ^T^/AI) 5^2^ as/^ .Adv. -rw^ = a06orju<ws, 
lawlessly, despotically, Aesch. 

&-0wpT)Tos,'oj>, (devpeca) without observation: Adv. 
-TWS, Plut. 

a-0T)Xi;s v, unfeminine, Plut. 
*A0Tiva, Att. for 'A^^afrj, *A0^7?. Hence 
'AO-fjvcu, Dor. 'A0avai, S>v, at, the city of Athens, ^used 
in pi., because it consisted of several parts (cf. r}#ou, 
MVKTJVCU^ Horn., etc. ; the sfng. (Mkv O^i?) Od. II. 
Adverbs, *A0i)vai, to Athens, Thuc., Xen. : A0Tfjvq- 
*v> from Athens, Lys., etc.; poet. 'A0tjvo0K, Anth. : 
"A0i]VTjcriv, at Athens, Dem. 

'A0-qvcaov t6, CA07?ya) the temple of Athena, Hdt. 

*A0-nvoLO$, a, ov, Athenian, of or from Athens, II., etc. 

'A0i{vt], T), Athene, goddess of wisdom, warlike prowess, 

and skill in the arts, often called naAA.&y *Mi\vT\, also 

"A0*ivak] or IlaAAta s A07?i/a^. The latter name (in Att. 

"A07)ra/aJ was contr. into 'AO-qva, the Att. form : Dor. 

*A0ava and ^avak Theocr. : Aeol. J A0avda [va], 

Alcae., Theocr. II. Cf . 'A0i)j>cu. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

*A0iivido), OA^vot) to long to be at Athens, Luc. 

*A6H'P, fyos, 6, an ear of corn, Hes. 2. husks, chaff, 

Luc. II. the point of a weapon, Aesch., etc. 
a-0ijp'WTOs, ov, 107)/>i5a>) not hunted, Xen. 
&0Tjptj-XoiY<$s, <5, (&%) consumer of ears of corn, of a 
winnowing fan, Od. 

a-0f]pos } ov, (04?p) without wild beasts or game, Hdt. : 
TO &07?pov absence of game, Plut. 
d-0iYjs, *$, {QLyydvu} untouched, of a virgin, Anth. 
a-8iKTO<$, ov, (dify&vw) untouched : c. gen. untouched 
by a. thing, Soph.; Kp5wv 0iKTov jSouAeuT^jpiov zm- 
toztched by gain, i. e. incorruptible, Aesch.; also c. dat., 
j/oVots a0. Id. 2. w<? ft? be touched, holy, sacred, 

of Delphi, Soph. ; MiKra holy things, Aesch. 
a.0X-uco, Ep. and Ion. deOXcvo, L ~<rw, (50Aov) to con~ 
tend for a prise, combat, wrestle, II. ; a0Aevo>v irpo 
^j/a/cTos struggling or suffering for him, Ib. 
aOXecu, Ion. impf. ae0Aeov : f . -^<rw : aor. r ^0A770*a : pf . 
#0A.7jKa : ^a0Aos) : commoner form of a0Auw, Aao- 
/AeSovrt ct,6\'f](ra.vTS having contended with him, II. ; 
TroAAa Trep a0A^o*avTa having gone through many 
struggles, Ib. : <? contend in battle, irpts nvot, Hdt. 
a0X.T]|jLa, aros, TO*, (aflAefio) <2 contest, Plat., etc. II. 
aw implement of labour, Theocr. 
a0Xti<ris i) (a0Aw) a contest, struggle, N.T. 
dOX-qT-qp, Tjpos, <5, older form of adX.Tjr'fjs, Od. 
aOXTjTTJs, contr. from ^60A77r^s", ou, ^, (a0A<) ^ prise- 
fighter, Lat. athleta : as Adj., d0A. TTTTTOS a r^-horse, 
Lys. II. c. gen. rei, practised in a thing, Plat. 
a0Xios, a, ov and os, ov, Att. contr.^from Ep. a0Atoy : 
i v a0Aov, a0Aov) : gaining the prize (this sense only 
in Ep. form). U. metaph. struggling, wretched, 
miserable (this sense only in Att. form), of persons, 
Aesch., etc. : Comp. -idvepos Soph. : Sup. -LC&TCITO? 
Eur. : also of states of life, 7^01, &los, T^ Trag. : 
-Adv. -leas, miserably, Soph, 2. in moral sense, 

pitiful, wretched, Dem. 3. without any moral sense, 
wretched, sorry, 6r)p<rlv a0Afa opa Eur. : Adv., a0A(a>y 
Kal KO.KCOS with wretched success, Dem. Hence 
a0Xt<5TT|S, tiros, fj, suffering, wretchedness, Plat., etc. 
oi0Xo-0lT7]s, ou, d, (T-%U) one who awards the prize, 
the judge in the games, Plat., etc. 
a0Xov, T<J, Att. contr. from Ep. and Ion. a0Xov, the 
prize of contest* Horn., etc. ; #e0Aa /ceZrat or Trpo'/ceiTai 
prizes are proposed, Hdt. ; 50Aa irpo<|>otveiv, vporidevai, 
rt0vat to propose prizes, Xen.; S0Aa Aa^u/8aviv or 
(pepecrBai to win prices, Plat.; a0Aa TroA^oy, rys aperys 
Dem. II. = a0Aos, a contest, Od. : metaph. a con- 
flict, struggle, Aesch., Soph. 

a0Xos, <5, contr. from Ep. and Ion. a0Xos, a contest for 
a prize, Horn., etc. ; #e0Aos vpfaeirai a task is set 
one, Hdt. ; &0Aov TrporifoVeu to set it, Id. ; metaph. a 
conflict, struggle, Aesch. 

d0Xo-4><5pos,' ov, (<f>epo)} bearing away the prize, vic- 
torious, iincos 11. 5 in Ion. form ae6X-, Ib,, Hdt. 
a-0oXos, ov, not turbid, clear, Luc. 
a-0<$XTOS, ov, i^oActa) untroubled, of water, Hes. 
tt-0op-upT|To$, ov, ^0of>t/j3e) undisturbed ; TO a0. tran- 

o506ptipos, ov, without uproar, Plat. : Adv. ~&cas, Eur. 

5.0os, Dor. for ^0os. 

a^patKTTos, ov, (QpaM unbroken, unhurt, Eur., etc^ 

adpco) or a0p4<a : f . ^<rco : aor. I opt. aepfaeie, inf. o0p^- 
ffaL ~tQ look at, gaze at, observe, perceive, Horn., 
etc. 2. absol. or with a Prep., to look, gaze, II.; 
5evp* %77<r0v Eur. ; ou yfy> tSow &v &0pav iy observing, 
Soph. II. of the mind, to look into a thing, con- 


i8 <. 

xider, Id., Eur., etc. : foil, by an Jnterrog. or rel. 
clause, TauT* &&pTi<rov 3 el . . consider this also, whether 
, . , Soph. ; &Qp<-i Plat. Hence 

a,0p-qT<ov, verb. Adj., one must consider, Eur., Xen. 

a9pot<o or a0poi<o ; f . <f& : aor. i tfdpotcra :- Pass,, 
aor. i fyQpQitr&yv : pf. %&poi< : (aQptios or aQpdos*' : 
to gather together, to muster forces, Soph., Xen. ; 
Tpotav a.0p, to gather the Trojans together, Eur.; irj/eu/xa 
&6poi<fov collect breath, Id. : Med. to gather for oneself, 
collect round one, Id., Xen.: Pass, to be gathered 
together, s rfyv a.yop'f)v Hdt. ; nQpoiffQevres having 
rallied, Thuc. ; T> %6fjLira.v TjQpQlcrQv) fticr^Aioi the whole 
amounted collectively to 2000, Id. 2. in Pass, also 
of the mind, oflpoffecrtfat els lauroV to collect oneself, 
Plat. ; <|>0 / /8os %j6poi<rrai fear has gathered strength, 
arisen, Xen. Hence 

o&poicris, ecos, T], a gathering, mustering, <rrpa.TOv Eur.; 
XpTf1fj,dr<t)v Thuc. ; and 

<x0po(.<r(j.a, rrf, a gathering, Aaou Eur. 

a0pot<TT^ov, verb. Adj. of &6potu, one must collect, Xen. 

a-6poos or a-0pooS) <*, ov, Att. adpovs, ovv : (a coptdat,, 
Opoos] :~in crowds or masses, crowded together, mostly 
in pi. ; Trcw/Tes aOpdoi Od., etc. , Mpdoi, of soldiers, in 
rlose order, Lat. conferto agmine, Hdt., Xen., etc. ; 
also, TroAAal /cw/xat a.6p6a.i close together, Id. II, 

taken together, aQpda irfor* aTrcTicrev he paid for all at 
once, Od. ; afyxfa WAty the citizens as a whole, Thuc. ; 
rb &<9p^ov their assembled force, Xen.; adpoq (rrJ/xaTi 
with one voice, Kur. ; a.dpdov$ Kptveiv to condemn all 
by ti single vote, Plat. ; Karrjpt'rrGv adpo'os; he fell all fit 
once, Theocr. Ill, multitudinous, Sdicpv Eur., 
Plat. , IV, Comp. a&potarepos Thuc., etc.; later 

ov, {Qpimrca} not broken, not enervated, 
Plut.; fflpvxros l$ y^Ktara, never breaking into laughter, 
Id. Adv. -rwy, Id., f. T7<rw, (j9vjuos) to be disheartened, lose heart, 
Aesch., etc. ; TIVI at or for a thing 1 , Soph. ; <?7rrw., ets 
Ti, 7rp<JJ rt, Att. Prose : -foil, by a relat. word, to be 
sore afraid, &0u/xw 8' el <f>avif]<ro/xou Soph, ; Jeiyccy d^u^oS 
ja?/ p\4ir(w 6 fj.a.vTi$ f Id. Hence 

,0{5jATjT^ov, verb. Adj. t><? must lose heart, Xen.; and 

o0vp.Ca, Ion. -itj, ^, 7w?z^ o^ heart, fainthearted ness, 
Hdt., Soph., etc. ; els &6vuiav KaQiffrdvcu rwd Plat. ; 
a&vfjiiav Tra,p*')( t Giv nvi Xen. ; v ct-Bvjjii^ stvai Id. ; &6vfj.ta 
fyiriirrei nvi Id. 

a-0iJp.os, ov, 'without heart, fainthearted, Od., Hdt,, 
etc. ; &Q. clvai irpds n to have no heart for a thing, 
Xen,; so Adv., &0ii/xws tyewxpfo n Id. 2. without 
passion, Plat. 

a0-upjxa, r6, (bQvpu^ a. plaything, toy : a delight, joy, 
Horn., etc. 

a-0vp<YXttTTos, QV, (Qvpa, yAwrro) one that cannot 
keep his mouth shttt, a ceaseless babbler, Eur. 

a-flvpos, OK, (Qtpaj without door, Plut. 

a0vpoo-Tojxia, j) } = a&vpoyXwrria, Anth. From 

a-0vp<$arTojJLos, ov, (Ovpa, <fr6}t,Q l , = ^$vp^y\(arros t ever- 
babbling, Soph. 

a-0xpcros, oy, witkottt thyrsus, Eur. 

*A0Y'Pii [v], only in pres. and impf., to play, sport, 
uf children, II., Eur. ; c. ace. cogru, /ioutrai/ kQ'bptav 
singing sportive songs, h. Horn, ; -Med., simply, to 

5/w^ 1 , Ib. II. c. ace., %pya tycartcv &0, to play the 

deeds of men, of an actor, Anth. 

a-0vptu-ros [fj], QV, (Qvp6(a]~&9vpQ$, never closed, Ar. 

a-0vTos, oy, {Ova') not offered, i. c. neglected , lepk, &&., 
Lat. sacra inausfiicata, Acschin. II, act. without 
sacrificing, Qvro$ aTrcAfieTi/ Xen. 

a0o>os, o*>, (Qw'fii unpunished, scot-free, Eur., etc. ; &$<j- 
ovs KoBiffrdvai rwds to secure their itnmunity, Dem. ; 
udyov d<jt>ti/ai Id,; &0$QS a7raXAeiTTtv or "<r0at to jj;vt, 
off scot-free, Plat, 2. free from a thing-, c. gen., 
Ar. 8. -unharmed by a thing, c* gen., Dem. II. 
7/o deserving punishment, without fault, Id. 

A0<g>o$ or"A0<t>os T;, ov, of mount Athos, Aesch. 

a-OcoirtDTos, o/, (OwTrctJw ) not flattered, without flattery, 
rifts (*.TI$ y\(a<ra"r)s from my tongue, Eur. II. act. 
not flatter i ng, discourteous, Anth. 

<x-0<opaKicrTos, QV, {Q<apa.Kt(a , without breastplate, Xen. 

"A0a><? [a], , ^, acc. "A0<wv or^AQw: Ep. num. 'AO^ws, 
^co : mount Aihos, II. , etc. 

ai Dor. and Ep. for ci, //.- <xl /ce or KCI/, if on/y f so 
that, Lat. dumniodo, with subj,, Horn.; so Dor, attt&, 
Theocr. II. at 7^0 (with accent), Ep. for $1 ydp, to 
express a wish, that! would that! Lat, utinatn ! 
with optat,, Horn.; cf. aWe. 

at, Exclam. of astonishment, ha ! at rcCXas Ar. 

ala, -37, Ep. form used for7cua metri grat., Hom.,'IVag. : 
never in pi. 

ata-y^o-, aros, TO', a wail, Eur. From 

aid^w, f. |w : aor. i part. a!c(a$ : to cry atou, to wait, 
Trag. ; c. ace. to bewail, Ae.sch., Kur. 

aiai, exclam. of grief, ah/ Lat. vac! c. g<. k n, alat 
r rd\ Eur. ; and repeated, acu aia? /xX^wy %pywv 
Aesch. : later c. ace., aJoI ray KvQ^p^tav Bion. 

AlaKtSTjs, ov, <5, $ow of Aeacus, II. 

aiatcT<Ss, ^, oi/, verb. Adj. of aM^iw, bewailed,, lament" 
able, Aesch,, Ar. II. wailing > miserable, Aesch . 

aidvTqs, Ion. alirjvi/is, 4s, old word, dreary, dismal, dire- 
fid, horrid, vvKrbs alavr) r^Kva f vvK,rb$ alavfys fct^/cAos, 
alctvfys v&ffos Aesch., Soph., etc. II. of Tinu", fly 

TO>/ alai/^ Xp&vw Aesch. ; and so in Adv. atav$>$ for ewer > 
Id. ( ,Thc prob. tleriv. is from aic^ werlastintfi, whcni'tr 
may come the notion of 'never-ending, wetiristtint\ 

Aias, <wn>s v , ^, Ajax, masc. pr.n., borne by two heroes, 
the Greater son of Tclamonithc Less son of ( )Vlcu.s,l Ion).; 
voc. Alow/ i metri grat.j Soph., elscwh. in Trag, A^iai*. 

al(3oi, /w// / cxclaxn. of disgust or astonishmvut ; but 
aiftoi, $<H, of laughter, Ar. 

at-y-a-ypos, ^ and ^, f v af^ ^7^03?) ^/H 1 wild tftmt, Babr. 

Al^atos, a, oy, Aegean, ir%\ayto$ A< k sdi, ; ^pos Afy, 
mount Ida, lies, II. Alycuos ^sc. TrJjt/ros 1 , d, // 

Aegaean, Plat,, etc. 

AlYaCwv, wws', ^, Aegaeon, the name; given by writ to 
the hundred-armed son of Uranus and Gala, called by 
gods Bpidpfwy, 11. XI. the At^aean wrt, Kur. 

al"y3.vri, rj, a hunting'Spear, jtwelln, Hotn*^ Anth. 
i Perh, from af^, a goat-spear*) 

aly^, v. ctfyws, 

atyLos> a, Ion. TJ, oy, Ep. for atY<os { ctt^ <*>/* ^tffW/' or 
goals, Lat. caprinus, attyiews rvpfo jfoatn-MHk 
II.; &(r;y <b> al7(^ in a goafs skin, Ib. ; ai7 
a helmet of goatskin. 

a, oj/, q/ 1 Aegcus, Aesch. 

,T), the poplar x cf. A&c) v >,Od. (.Deriv. uncertain.) 
ay-caTifis [a], ov, <5, ;J\atW) a goatherd, Plut., Anth. 
CUYCOS, a, oj/, = ctfyeios, Od. II. as Subst. alyer) (sc. 

5opa , ^, a goafs skin, Hdt. 
alYioXifTjs, ou, 6, fern. ITIS> iSos, one i.vho haunts the 

shore, Anth. From 

al-yiaKos* o, (ctf Hi the sea-shore , beach, strand, Horn., 
Hdt. i afytaAov vov rpefai, i. e. he has a whole sea- 
beach i. e. quantities of 'voting-pebbles, I|/T}<JOI K ; in his 
house, Ar. 

e&s, r\, (otf, j3oV/c<^ a goat-pasture, Anth. 
s, ov, 6, ( at, oV&?) feeding goats, Anth, 
op, (ctf, $6ffK<a} browsed by goats, Od. 
or al-y0aX.os,^/z^ titmouse, Lat.^wms,Ar, 
s 9 oj/, i^dfl, KVJHM}} goat-shanked, Anth. 
els, <W, oz, goatherds; name of one of the four 
old Attic Tribes, Hdt., Eur. (,If from a3f|, KQpevwiM, 
the literal sense would be goat-feeders. ) 
aiyt-Xixl/ [71], tiros, 5, ^, ' x #j-, \(TTW ; destitute even of 
goats, hence steep, sheer, verpij 11. 
at/Y^os> ^, ' v cd? a herb of which goats are fond, Theocr. 
AtYiva, ri$, q, Aeglna, II., etc.; also AlYivafoj (sc. 
vycros] Hdt. : -hence, Aty-v^TTis, ov, <5, fern. -t)Tts 
&os, an Aeginetan 3 Id., etc. : Adj. AiYtveuos, a,, ov, 
of Aegincif Thuc., etc. 

<x.iYX-vop,\5$, ews, 6, (<#, v4jj,a] a goatherd, Anth. 
alYi-vojj,os, op, ;a, vejuLdo] feeding goats : as Subst. a 
goatherd, Anth. II. alyivofj.os (proparox.), pass. 
browsed by goats, ftordvri Id. I 

ov, (e^ttf) Aegis-bearing, of Zeus, Horn. 
s, ov, d, (ctf 9 TTOVS) goat-footed, h. Horn. 
vs, 7ro8os, i, i), ~ foreg 1 ., Hdt. 

r aiYi-Trvpov, rtf, ^r plant of which goats 
were fond, perh. bit-ckixsheat , Theocr. 
O.IYIS, ^8os, ^, (a; : I. ^/z^ a^g-/^ or shield of Zeus, 
described in II. 5. 738 sqq. The aegis on statues of 
Athena is a short cloak of goat-skin, covered with 
scales, set with the Gorgon's head, and fringed with 
snakes, v. Hdt. 4. 189. 2. a goatskin coat, Eur. II. 
^af U ) a rushing storm, hurricane, Aesch. 
al-yXdcLS, contr. aiyXas, Dor. for afyA^eisv, Find. 
AITAH, v), the light of the sun, radiance, Od. ;-~-then 
simply daylight, \GVK)) atfyXTj Ib.; h cttyKoLV jUoAeli/, 
i.e. to be born, Find. 2. any dazzling light, 

I'Ustre, gleam, XO,\KOV II. Hence 

eerera, cv, dazzling, radiant, lustrous, Horn. 
, es, ^a^Ojuoi^ radiant, Anth. 
gen. -Kcpw, ace. -K*p<av : (rtJtJ> Kepas] : 
goat-horned, Anth., Plut. II. as Subst. Capricorn 
in the Zodiac, Luc. 

s, ov, ,df, pc/W; ^ aryW/ioy, Anth. 
u%05, ^, ^, (o3f|, ^>vuf =al7W^n|, Anth. 
s, ov, b, = a^tTrcJS'jjs, Anth, 

s> ov, at^, irpda'uTrQv I goat-faced, Hdt. 

vulture, Horn., etc. : aryurrio's is the 
vulture which preys on live animals, yfy the carrion- 

fo), to speak Egyptian, Luc. 
is, 4> ^v, of or for the Egyptians, Plut., etc. 

> o^> Egyptian^ Horn., etc. 
A.l-yvTtriwv, etc., are trisyll- in Horn.] 


i, Adv. ^as if from *AZ7virri), in the 
Egyptian tongue, Hdt. II. in Egyptian fashion, 
craftily, Theoer. 

vVjs> <k, (y*vos*j of Egyptian race, Aesch, 
6, the river Nile, Od. ; called NcIXos first in 
Hes, II. y, Egypt, Od. ; AfyvirroVo'c to Egypt, Ib. 
v%oy, <5, ^, ;tf|j oW) goat-hoofed, Anth. 

'AtSas, Dor. for 'Ai'Srjy, "AiJbjs. 

AI'AE'OMAI, poet, also ou$, part. cuo\fyivos ; imper. 
afSeo : impf., Ep. 3 sing. ctfSero, pi. atScovro Att. 
|}5oiWo : f . cuSecro/Aa:, Ep. alSeffffOf^cu : aor. i med. 
jJSeo'ct/A'*]*', Ep. imper. atSeortrat : aor. I pass. ijSecrQyVf 
Ep. 3 pi. aVSecrfiev : pf. p5eo"jUai : Dep. : to be ashamed 
to do a thing, c. inf., Horn., etc. ; rarely c. part., ctfScereu 
fj.v Tretrepa vpoX^itrwv feel ashamed of deserting him, 
Soph. :- absol., alSecrOels from a sense of shame, 
II. 2. c. ace. pers. to stand in awe of, fear, respect,, 
alSeto foovV Ib., Horn., etc. ; and of things, cdftecrtrai 
ju.\a0pof respect the house, II. ; fywcov alSeffQeis 
Soph. II. to feel regard for a person, /x^5e ri /t' 
alSdfJLtyos yidjS' tteaipcay Od. Hence 

aLSeori^ios, ov, exciting shame, venerable, Luc. 

aiSecm, ^, ^atSeofiai) respect, Dem. 

CL-tSrjXos [t], Dor, -aXos, OK, (*16J; making unseen, 
annihilating, destroying, II. ; Adv. Aws, o\.e6pi(cy, 
Ib. II. pass, unseen, obscitre, Hes. 

al8i]p.(i>v, oy, gen. oz/os, (a/5eojuai) bashful, modest, Xen. : 
Sup. cuo^uoxeirraTOS 1 , Id. : Adv. -jnfoas, Id. 

anSijs, cs, '^elfSw i unseen, annihilated, Hes. 

'AiSTjs, ^, poet, for ^AitfTjs ,* v. ^TJS. 

cuSios [ai5], ov, also TJ, ov, (aeij everlasting, eternal, 
Hes. and Att: :- - 4s tf&iov for ever, Thuc. 

a-i8v<5s,^j ov, i s ^tSco ; unseen, dark, Hes. : so d-8v^s, 
Poeta ap. Plut. 

alSotov, r6, mostly in pi. alSota, rd, (at^oftat) the 
genitals, pudenda, II. , etc. 

alSoios, a, or, (alSco/xau of persons, regarded with 
reverence, augiist, venerable, and of women, deserving 
respect, tender, Horn. II. act. shamefaced, reverent, 
Od. : Adv. ~~u>$, reverently, Ib. III. Comp. olSot- 
, Od, ; Sup. cu&Gie'crTaros, Find, 
poet, for cuSeojucu. 

At8os, Ep. gen. of an obsol. nom/'AtSj v, ^TJS. 

alS6-<j>pwv, ov, gen, oxosr-, (??oyu,eti, typfy) respectful in 
mind, compassionate, Soph, ; -TTfxJs rtva. Eur. 

aiBpeiT] or -| [?J, ^, -zwizwjf o/ knowledge, ignorance, 
Od., Hdt. From 

o-i8pis, i, gen. toy and eoy, .,*l$<0 poet. Adj. unknow- 
ing, ignorant, II. ; c. gen., Od., etc. 

ci,-t8piiTO$ or av-CSpvTOSj ov, JSpvccj unsettled, vaga- 
bond, Ar. ; 3p6jjjois a.v. in vagabond courses, Eur. 

*A*8vvs, ecas, later ^j^AtSrjs: poets used the obi. 
cases s Ai5oj/7jos, Tji', ?)a, with a, metri grat. 

alScus, 6os, contr. ovs, TJ } (a,i$4o[ a. sense of shame^ 
shame, modesty, self-respect, Horn., etc. : personif., 
Zfjvl <rMoKOs 9p6v<av A.l$d>s Shame that shares his 
throne with Zeus, Soph. 2. regard for others, re- 
spect, reverence, Theogn. ; rty ^ft^v aiSw respect for me, 
Aesch. II. that which causes shame, and so, 1. 
a shame, l\.; as an exclam., shame ! alSc&s, *A.pyei<n, 
KO,K ^Xeyxea 1 Ib. ; cuSdSs, & A.IIKIQI' TTO? 
Ib. 2. =ra al&ota, Ib, . 

C 2 



aUC, Ion. and poet, for ad. 

aUt-yeveTijs, <5, poet, for aefyeWrT/y. 

alcXoupoSj v. sub ctfXovpos. 

aUv, poet, for dte(. 

aUv-uirvos, oy, hilling' in eternal sleep, of Death, Soph. 

aUros, Ep. and Ion. for ceer<fc. 

att]c$s, lengthd. oif/qios, 6, strong, lusty, vigorous, 
Horn. tDeriv* uncertain.) 

aiijvifis, Ion. for a/cu/TJs. 

aujTos, in II. Vulcan is WA&>/> afyrov, ~&ijrov, terrible, 
'mighty monster. 

ai6dXij, f), (a?0)ctf0aXos, soot, Luc. 

al0aX<uv, cows, (crtQoXos) epith. of the rer-r^, swarthy, 
dusky, Theocr. 

ttl0aX<5eis, ^ecrcra, 0v t contr. atfiotXcn/s, over era, ow, 
(a?0aA0s-) smoky^ sooty, II, Theocr. ; /ccfm aZ0. /<2C& 
ashes that are burnt out, Horn. II, burning, 

Hes., Aesch- 

atGo-Xos, d, (ai&(a ?) soot, Eur. 

al6aX<So), f. <QT&>, zfo soz/ with soot or smoke, Eur. 

aX6e t Ep.for <#fo, a?0* ctyeXcs- would that ! Horn*; cf. cu. 

at0os, Dor. for ylBsos. 

oi6p-jApaT6w, f . ^(rw, (<?/ia/i/&0 ta z/ w tfz$r, Anth. 

ol0pios, a, ci/, also oy, oi>, (ctlfrfip) of or m sf^ ^^ 
tfiV, Aig-A in ah ', &&, Aesch., Soph., etc. 5 aiQepia 
aveirra. flew up z'wfo fe<? <>, Eur. 

o.L6epo-8po}i,oSj ov, (Spa/ieiV) ether-skimming, Anth. 

ttidijp, epos-, in Horn. y; in Hes., Aesch., and Att. Prose 
5; in Soph, and Eur. (5 or^: (aidco) :- ether * the brighter 
purer air, the sky, above the aifjp (q. v. ) ; Zeta aWpt 

II. a clime, region,, Eur. 
^ ^> Ep. pi. A20t07n/e^ em, AlOioirCs, /5oy : 
) ; properly Burnt-face, i.e. anBthiop, negro, 
Horn., etc. II. Adj. Ethiopian, Hdt, etc, : 

AieLOTrtKiSs^ ^?, fo, and as Subst. AL0iOTra, ^, Id. 2. 
in literal sense, sun-burnt* Anth.. 

alOos, <5, (aW<a) a burning heat, fire, Eur, 

al&o-uou (sc. tfTorf, being partic. p a^aj), ^^ in the 
Homeric house, the corridor, open in front like a veran- 
dah, looking E. or S, to catch the sun, whence the 
name ; the sleeping place of travellers;, Od. 

at6-o4s OTTOS-, (ctt6u t ^) fiery-looking s of metal, flashing, 
II. , etc.; of wine, sparkling, Ib. ; of smoke, -mixed 
with flame, Od. 2. stc/^, dforjfc, Anth. II. 
metaph.jferj', keen, eager, Lat ardens, Hes., Soph. 

atfipT| (not a%a even in Att.), %, (alQ-hp) clear sky, fair 
weather, Lat. sudum, Horn. 

cd6pfi..^VT/js > 4s t (yi-yvo^aL) epith. of Boreas, born in 
ether, sprung from ether y II.; so <d$pi\~ytvi<rr\$, Od. 
, Ion. ~ltj, ^, later form of %*?, Solon, etc.; 
s, Att, -/cw, fw clear weather, Hdt., Ar. j UTT& TT?S- 
s in the open air, Lat. $&& rfw, Xen* 2. /At* 
r/^?- t<?M air of night, Hdt. [I in dactylics and ana- 

^ar, of the sky, &$ tf r]epld<re Babr. 
<*,f.^<rwj (o(r7?) to sleep in open air, Theocr. 
s, ay, (atopy) clear, bright, fair t of weather, h. 
Horn., Hdt.; epith. of Zi5^, Theocr. 

al^pos, d, the clear chill air of morn, Od. \ cf. a%(cc. 

aftvia, ^, a sea-bird, a gull or <&V*r, Od. (Deriv. un- 

o^, 3, one that darts swiftly, Anth. From 

al0i5cro"to, poet. aor. 1 o#0va, (aY 

motion, stir u 9 kindle, Soph. : 

leaves, Sappho. 
Al"fll, only in pres. and impf., to light up, kindlt*, 

Hdt., Trag". 2. intr, to burn or blase, Soph. : in 

this sense the Pass. tuOofxcu is used by Horn, in part., 
S aWoftwoto 11., Od. 3 etc.; so rnctaph., Ifpcort 

co) ^ ^z^ /;? rapid 
Pass, to quiver, of 

y <avo$, <J, ^, (affiiJu) fiery, burning, biasing ; of 
metal, flashing, glittering, Horn., etc. II. in Horn, 
of the horse, lion, bull, eagle,- where it is either firry, 

fierce, or tawny. 2. metaph. ablagc, fiery, Aesch., 
Soph. [The penult, of the obi. cases may be shortd. 
in Poets, metri grat,, (&QQVQ$ Soph.; afflova Hes,] 

atica [K], Dor. for ef KC or %&v, Theocr. 

auKaXXw, only in pres. and impf., (alicd^os} to flatter, 
wheedle, fondle, c. ace., Soph., Eur. 2. absoL, erf 
a dog, to wag the tail favmingly, Babr. : (this is prob. 
the orig 1 . sense). 

aiK, atKcv, poet, and Dor. for &fo/, 

atKeXtoS, o^, poet, for &tK\to$ f 

aW>j [at], ^, (aftrcrw) rapid flight * ntsh, imj^etuSf 11. 
[*], e5, poet, for fautts, Adv. ^"K^S, II. : in Tr 

aiKLa [r], ^ Att. for the Ion, aetefy (q. v.), injurious 
treatment an affront 3 outrage, Aesch., etc* 2. in 
Prose mostly as law-phrase, tdtttas Sitcy art action f<>r 
assazilt,, less serious than that for ftfipis. Plat., etc. 

alKi^coj Att. for Ep. dewiffw: I. Act. only in pres., 
z?<? ^wa^ injuriously, to 'plague* torment, ri^Soph.; 
of a storm, aiittfav ^>^o?y IfATjy Id. :- -Pass- to hp tor- 
mented, Aesch. II. Dcp. alicC|ofton ; f . aklro^a(, 
Att. -towjuat : aor. I rned, ^Ki<rd^y 3 pass. iJicItr^i/ ; pf . 
rJKi<rjj,ai : -in same sense as Act, c. ace*, Soph., etc. ; 
c. dupl. ace. pers. et rei, atKt(*<r6c& nva, TCU &rr Xen. 

aticLarjxa, aros, r<f, <2 outrage, toyhtn^ Aesch. : in pi. 
mutilated corpses, Eur. 

alictcrft<5s, ^, = foreg-, ? Dem. 

atKws, alicws, Adv. of &iVdfc. 

at-Xtvo5s <5, a laintii)e dirge, Trag", ; isaid to l>e from 
af Mvov, &h ine for Linus! v, A^os 1 n.) 2 Adj\ 

otiKwos, ov 3 moitrnf%tl ) plainthc 1 Kur. :* tttXtva. 
as Adv., Mosch. 

atXovpos or aUXovpos, 4, ^, m/, licit., Att. (Dcriv, 

aljxa, aros, r J, blood, Horn., etc. ; in pi. atwetwstifb/Mxi, 
II, bloodshed, murder , Aesch ., etc. : >ty afaart 
to avoid trial far murder by j^oin^ into exile* 
Dem.; so, aV $*&yj/ Kur. III. like Lafc* s 
blood-relationship^ kin 3 Soph., Horn,, etc. 5 5 Trp 
ros one of the blood or race, Soph, j ftr?rpbs r^s* 

' to her ^ blood, Aesch. (.Dcriv. uncertain.) 
, Jv, verb. Adj. of al/xdltnj'w, mingled with 
j of blood, Eur. 

j a, <?*/, (aT/ita) bloody , blood-red, Anth. 

alfias, c5or, ^, (otjua) a ^*w^A or stream of btvod, Soph. 

atp.acrLa, ^, a wall of dry stones, Lat. maceria t ()(!.> 
etc. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

cup,dcrcr<o, Att. rrw : f, ^d^: aor. t ^ala.^Pass., 
aor, I ^dx^y or al^d^v ; (at^a) ; ^ ^k > bloody, 
stain with blood*, Aesch, : hence to smiitt no as tet 

make bloody, Soph., Eur. ; so in Med., Anth. : Pass, j 
to welter in blood, be slain, Soph. ' 

alptaT-dcxvorta, v\, (lK%6oo) shedding of blood, N.T. 

al|xaTiripais, a, Jv, also 6s, dv, (af/ia) bloody, blood- 
stained, murderous, Trag. II. 0f blood, consisting 
thereof, Aesch., Eur. 

ai|j.aTiq-c{><$pos, ov, (<epa>) bringing blood, bloody *, Aesch. 

a.tfj.aTO(.s, oWtra, dev, contr. al^a-rous, ovcro"a, ovv,= 
afyia-rijpoV, II. 2. blood-red or of blood, Ib. 3. 

bloody, murderous, Ib. 

alp.aTO-Xoi,)os, o'v, (Aefx^) licking blood, epws af/t. 
thirst /or blood, Aesch. 

alfxaTo-TrwTtjs, ou, #, (TTIVW) a blood-drinker, Ar. 

atixa.Topp6'<{>os > ov, (o<><w) blood-drinking, Aesch. 

atjJiaTOp-pvTOS, ov, (^co) blood-streaming, af/i. /5avies 
a shower 0/ blood, Eur. 

aljJuttTO-crraYijs> es, (crrcifco) blood-dripping, Aesch. 

aljj.a,T<5-<J)i)pToSj ov, ((jbv'pto) blood-stained, Anth. 

al}jiaTO-xap|Ji.T]S, ov, (^afpw) delighting in blood, Anth. 

a!|xaT<$(*>, f. ctfcrco, (aljua) zto make bloody, stain with 
blood, Aesch., Eur. 

alp.aT-<o8ir)s, *$> (eBosO blood-red, Thuc. 

atjxaT-wrrdsj oV, (3ty) bloody to behold, Eur. 

alfjuo-(3a<j>rj<s, 4s, (jSarrrcw) bathed in blood, Soph. 
atfio-popos, ov, (j3ooa) blood-sucking, greedy of blood, 

at[Ao-8u|;os, ov, bloodthirsty, Luc. 
alu.op-pa.'v'nS) ey, (^h'fjyvvfj.L) bleeding 'violently, Soph. 
at(Aop-pavTos, ov, i^a(vco) blood-sprinkled, Eur. 
at|xop-po(o, (,^00) have a cujuoppoitt. 
aljAoppoia, ^, a discharge of blood. 
aiuop-pvTos, ov, () blood-streaming, Aesch.: poet. 
" ' s,Anth. 

, S, tx.t}jiaTQ~ffTay'hs, Eur. 
s, ov, (<f>opvVo~w) defiledwith blood, /cpeaOd. 

N.05 1 ) winning, wily ways, Plut. 
, ov, = afyuJAos, Od., Hes. 
TTJS, ov, 3, (/LUJTIS) of winning wiles, h. Horn. 

__ r u ],ij, ov and os, ov, flattering, wheedling, wily, 

Hes., Aesch. j rov at/ivA^rarovSoph. (^Deriv. unknown.) 
alp.-to8T]s, es, (eTSos) bloody, blood-red, Luc. 
ai|X(x>v, ovos, 3, ==5a^fiwv, skilful in a thing, c. gen., 

II. II. (of/ia) bloody, Aesch., Eur. 
, (Jv, ~ afjuaTOJiro's 1 , Anth. 
s, ov, ^, (alvds, aperfo terribly brave, II. 
atve<m, 0)5-, ^, (alvew) praise, N.T. 
diverts, ^, o'v, verb. Adj. of sq., praiseworthy, Arist., Anth 
alve'w, Imp. fjvovv, Ion. afveov : f . atv^crw, Att. cdv^ffco 
aor. I tfvnffcf, Att. ^veo-a,Ion. afve<ra: pf.^Va: Med. 
f . aZveVo^ai : Pass., aor. I jvtfaiv : pf. yvvj^at. Poet 
and Ion. Verb, ^rcuve'w being used in Att. Prose:- 
properly, to tell or so& o/ (cf. alvos), Aesch. II 
commonly, to speak in praise of, praise, Lat. laudo, c 
ace., Horn., Hdt. 2. ft> allow, recommend ,Qd. : c. inf 
ft? recommend to do a thing, Aesch. ; also c.^part., alvei 
Uvra. to commend one's going, Id. 3. like ayairdw 
to be content, acquiesce, Eur. : c. ace. rei, to be canten 
with, acquiesce in, yapov Pind., etc. j Qycrffav rpair 
Eur. 4. to decline courteously^ Hes. III. t 
promise or -zjow, r( nvi or rtvl iroteiv ri Soph., Eur. 
aiv-rj, ^, = a?vos, praise, fame, &> ctfv$ %&v Hdt, 



,, Aeol. for alvew, Hes. 

^, cJv, = aivercJs, Pind. 

. r ., r ., aros, T^, (alvicrcrofiLai) a dark saying, riddle, 
Aesch., etc.; ^alvLyfjidrcavin riddles, Id.; 5t s alviyfidTuv 
Aeschin. ; a&VLypa, -TrpojSclAAetv, j-vvriBevai to propose a 
riddle, Plat. ; opp. to aTviy/ta Atfetv, vpo-/civ to solve 
it, Soph., etc. 

r~o>Sr]S) 6J, (elSos) riddling, dark, Aesch. 

t, 6, = ctfviyfJ.ct., a riddle, 5t" alviy^v tyeiv Ar. ; 

lvCo|xai>, Dep., = cuv6co, Horn. : Act. a!via> in Anth. 

IviKnjpios, ov, known from the Adv. -foos, i riddles, 

Aesch. j and 

dvtKT<$s, T], o'v, expressed in riddles, riddling. Soph. 


uvtcrcro|xai, Att. -TTOj*,ai : f . i|o/xat : aor. 1 7?vta/7V : 

Dep., but also as Pass., v. inf r. II : (alvos) : to speak in 

riddles, Soph., Eur.; yvcapijJLws alv^o/xat / will speak in 

riddles but so as to be understood. Soph.; aivo*o"0"6at 

&rea to speak riddling verses, Hdt.: -c. ace. rei, to hint 

a thing, intimate, shadow forth, Plat. II. as Pass. 

to be wrapt up in riddles, only ia aor. i yvix^f P r - 
<., Theogn., Plat., etc. 
is, Ion. -pCir|s, ov, d, (j8la) awefully strong, 


atvS-*yajios, ov, fatally wedded, Eur.^ 
alvdOcv, (caWs) Adv. only in phrase alvdQev alv&s from 

horror to horror, right horribly, II. 

ilv<5-9pv7TTos, ov, (Qpvirr<o) sadly enervated, Theocr. 

ilvo-Xapinfc, $, (Aci/tTrw) horrid-gleaming, Aesch. 
aivo-XeKTpos, ov, (Ae/crpov) fatally wedded, Aesch. 
alvo-Xewvj ovros, 6, a dreadful lion, Theocr. 
alvo-XXvos, ov, (Aivov) unfortunate in lifers thread, in 

allusion to the Parcae, Anth. 
<uv<$-XuicoS, 6, a horrible wolf, Anth. 
cuvo-p-opoS) ov, doomed to a sad end, Horn. 
a!vo-ira0ijs, S, (trA<rx<) suffering dire ills, Od., Anth. 
Alv^-TTotpiSi tfiost 6, like Aixr-irapis, unlucky Paris, Eur. 
alvo-irarrjp, epos, 6, unhappy father, Aesch. 
atvos, 6, poet, and Ion. word (cf. cuveV) : I. =/tu0os, 
a tale, story, Od. ; alvcTv alvov to tell a tale, Aesch., 
Soph. : generally, a saying, proverb, Theocr. II. 
Att. leaves-, praise, Horn., Trag. 
alv6s s ^j ov, poet, and Ion. word = Set vfe, dread, dire, 

grim, terrible, Horn. ; cuvoVare Kpovfttj most dread son 
of Cronus, II. H. Adv. -vus, terribly, I e. strangely, 
exceedingly, Horn., Hdt. ; also cuVa as Ad^., II.; Sup. 

aivo-T^KCKij ^, (rkrw) unhappy in being a mother, 

aivo-rupavvoSj d> a dreadful tyrant, Anth. 

ArNYMAl, Dep,, only ia pres. and impf . without augm. : 
to take, take of, take hold of, Horn. ; c. gen. partit, 
rvpu>v aivvjitevovs taking of the cheeses, Od. 

ArH, ai-yiSs, o, y : dat. pi. cttyeffiv i*a goat, Lat. caper, 
capra, Horn. 2. ot| Hypios the wild goat, the ibex, 
Id. II. cfiyes, old name for waves. (Prob. not 

from &fo~(ra>, of which the root is AI1C.) 

ot^ao-Ke, Ion. and Ep. aor. of a'fcrtrw. 

AloXcis, cws, 6, an Aeolian ; pi. AloAecs, Att. AwAeis or 
-^s, Hdt.,Thuc. : Adj. AloXiieds, ^,>, ^/ or like the 


Aeolians, Theocr. ;- fern. AloXis, iSoy, Hes., etc. ; poet, 
fern. AioX-qts, Find. 

aloXic*>, f. o*w, ' Ai'oAefo; to speak Aeolian, Plut. 

aloXAoo, (ai6\o$} only in pres,, to shift rapidly to and 

fro, Od. : Pass, to shift colour* of grapes, Hes. 

aioXo-pp<$vTtis, ou, h* (frpovr^ wielder of lightning, 
Zevs Pind. 

aioXo-0p7]!, TJKOS, 6, with glancing breastplate* II. 

aloX<5-|JiY|Tis> toy, 6, i\ 9 fitll of various wiles, Hes., Aesch. 

aloXo-jjii/rpt]?, ov, &, (fjilrpa] with glancing or glittering 
girdle ;forit was plated with metaVl, II. II. with 
variegated turban, Theocr. 

aloXo-irojXos, ov, with quick-moving steeds, II., Theocr. 

a.i6\Q$*lr1,ov*q^lick-mGving*I\,; al6\ai svXcd wriggling 
worms, Ib. ; so of wasps and serpents, Ib. II. 

changeful of hue, gleaming, glancing, of arms and 
armour, Ib.; (but here also it may be explained moving 
with the body, manageable , Lat. habilis] 5 also, aftJXct 
vv star-spangled nigfht, Soph.; Aesch. calls smoke 
flushed by fire-light aMXi) irvpb$ K<i<ri$; aU\a cr^pi- dis- 
coloured from disease, Soph. III. metaph., 1. 
changeful, shifting, varied, /ccfaa Aesch.; of sounds, 
ia%^ Eur. 2. shifty, wily, slippery, tyevtios Pind, 
(L)eriv. uncertain.) 

B. as prop, n., proparox. AfoAos, ov, (5, lord of the 
winds, properly the Rapid or the Changeable, Od. 
[The penult, is lengthd. in the gen. AWAou jaeyaA^TOpos, 
metri grat., Od.] 

atoX<J-orTop,os, ov } ' (TT^fia) shifting In speech, of an 
oracle, Aesch. 

ai/rreivtis, ^, fo 9 (nlvvs] high> lofty-, Horn. II. 

metaph., 1, precipitate, hasty, Pind. 2. hard 
to win, difficult , Pind., Eur. 

aiTrep, Dor. for etrcp. 

attracts, ecttfa, ev* = aiir*w6$, II. 

aliroXeai, only in pres. and impf ., to tfnd goctt$> Theocr. : 
Pass., of the flock, Aesch. 

aiiroXiK^s, T], dv, (afWAos) of or for goatherds, Anth. 

aiiroAiov, r6, a herd of goats 3 II., etc. II. a goctt- 

pasture* Anth. From 

aiir($Xos, <$, a goatherd) Od., etc. ad-ic^Kos is for alyo- 
ir^Aoy from ?, TroAew.) 

otliros, eos, T^, (a/7rta) a height, a steep, Aesch, : vpbs 
alvos fyxecrQaif metaph. of a difficult task, Eur. 

, ^, 4v t Ep. for atirvs, high, tofty, of cities, II.; 
ikre&ms falling" skeer down, Ib. 
ov, 5, iftfjTLs) with high thoughts 9 @jUi5os 
aiwfiTJra trot Aesch. 

aiirv-va>Tos, oi/, high-backed*, on a high vioitntain-ridge*. 
of Dodona, Aesch. 

AITIYI, ?a,^, A/g-A and steep, lofty, of cities on heights, 
as Troy, Od. ; of hills, II, ; /Sp^os atar. a noose hang- 
ing" straight down, Od. II. metaph. sheer, utter, 
cuVta ii\e$pos Horn, (death being regarded as the plunge 
over a precipice) ; so, fy&vos cdiris Od,; also oUirbs %<?Aoy 
towering wrath, II. 2. arduous, difficult* Ib. 
(xos, oy, (aipfo) that can. be taken* Xen. 
S, ecus, ^, ( cupeoo ) . taking, esp. oif a town, Hdt., 
etc. ; ^ /8a(TiA^oy atp. jf^<? taking by the king, Id. 2. 
means for taking a j>lace* Thuc. II, ialp^o^at) a 
taking for oneself, a choosing, choice* ye/jLeiv, wpoTi- 
0eVcu, Trpofid\\GLv to give or offer choice, Hdt., Att.; afp. 

ylyverai rtvi a choice is allowed one, Thur. ; dlptcriv 
Ko,p,$avLv to have choice given, Dem. 2. choice or 
election, of magistrates, Thuc., etc. 3. # ch trier* 
deliberate plan, purpose, Plat., etc. 4, a s?ct* 

school* etc. : esp. a religions ,wv/, such as the Sad- 
ducees and Pharisees, N.T. 5. Arrms Keel, 

atpT<los, a, ov, verb. Adj. of tup fa, to he taken* desirably 
Xen. II. atpisrJIov* one must choose, Plat. 

alpTi^o), f. era, (alpeofAai] to choose, st'lerf-, Babr., N.T. 

alpTiK<is, ^, v, < ctipfopcu,} able to choose, Plat. 2, 

heretical, N.T. 

alpT<>$, ^, ^, verb. Adj. of atpfa, that may be taken or 
conquered, Hdt.; j?/mif ;)' be understood, Plat. II. 
(atpeopat) to be chosen, eligible, Id., Hdt., etc.; <>7jy 
irovrjpas Odvaros aiperdarepos Monand. 2. c/rosett, 
elected, Plat., etc. 

AI*PE'il ; impif. 77p eov .' l n " V OV : ^* cttpfiffto : pf. $pv)Ka, 
Ion. apafpij/ca or cXpijKtt : plqpf. apaip'fjKe* : Mod., f. 
afp^crojuai : pf . in med. sense j}pr)jJLai : 3 pi. plqpf. TJpyvro : 
Pass., f. cupefl^ertyiai, rarely rlp^ffo/Jiai : aov. I tlp^Qyv: 
pf. yp' : 3 sing, plqpf. fT/Mjro, Ion. fopatpyvo. From 
Root EA come f. lAw, aor. i t\a,only in late writers: aor. 
2 efAo*/, Ion. eKeffKOV. Mod., f. \QV/MU: aor. 2 ^lA^Tj/f: 

A. Act. /tf /^X'cr w///z /*<? hand, grasp* atp, rt fr 
Xeptriv, JU.T^I x^pffiv to Me a thing in hand, Od. ; afy>. 
^epo*i 5<ipu II. ; atp. riji/ot xetpds to take one by the hand, 
Ib. : -part. lAcif is sometimes used as Adv., by force, 
Soph. 2. jto tefo" away, Horn. II. ^ ^^' by 
force, /# /<7/&<p a city, II., etc. ; to overpower, kilt* Hom., 
etc. : often of passions, etc., to sriot* t Id., etc. * hi 
conquer '.in a raceS II. 2. to take, ctitcJi* as in 
hunting, in good sense, to win o^er } Xen., etc, ;~ c, 
part, to catch or detect one doing a thing 1 , Soph* 3. 
to win, gain, KV$O$ II. ; of the public games, Simon., 
etc. 4. as Att, law-term, to convict a person of a 
thing, nv& nvos Ar., etc. : also c* part., ofywi/ nvk ATA^TT- 
Toi/ra to convict of theft, Id. ; ^p^ffBai KAoTneita HC, <^^/ 
Soph.; TOUT* %<rrtv t> l^t^ afy>^0*t Plat. 5, <J A^yoy 
otpeet, Lat. rjf/o evincitf reason proves, Hdt. 

B. Med. to take for oneself, Hom, ctft. ; alp S^p- 
TTOJ/, JeT'Trj'Oj/ f<3 to&? one*s supper, Id. : so in most 
senses of Act. II. to choose, Id. : to hike tit jbt'f** 
f e re f ice, prefer one thing to another, rt wp6 rtwt Hdfc. ; 
TI twri riyos Xen, ; also, rt nvos Soph, ; n ju&AAo*' ^ 
. . , or iMfoX6i> TWOS Att. ; c. inf. to prefer to do, H<U* 
etc. 2, atptsTcrtiai rd rivos or Ttvdt /w //r/r/* anothtr*s 
part, /^/"/z his p&rty, Id v etc. 3. /<> cftooae by vote* 
elect to an office, Plat., etc- 

C. Pass, to be taken* Hdt. ; but aAlcwo/Aou Is used 
in Att. for Pass, II, as Pass, to the med. sense, /</ 
&<* chosen* in. pf, ^p^^ai (which is also med. Hdt,, Att. 

a-ipos [r], 6, Od. 1 8. 73*ty<w %ds, Irus unhappy //w, 
- a play upon his name, like 8>pa #<wpa, 

atpw i, Ep* and poefc. &fp<> tj.v.) ; 1 ^w [&\ which must 
be distinguished from bpw [aj t contr. from (feipoi, f. of 
&(pcw;-aor* i $pa, imper. apoi/, subj. ^pjp^i opt. Hpt t 
part. Spas [a] :pf. ^pa : 3 pi. plqpf. -ffptftow: Mcd^ 
impf. jlp^yaijjf : f . Apow/Aat [i"), poet. Ap^o/uou s aor, t 
tyd.^ : in Ep. poets also aor. 2 hp&fvnv [i] ; Kp. nubj, 
&pi)cu f &pr)rat; opt. &pot/u,yv; inf. kp^ffQat; part 1 , 3tpd- 
/i6j>0y: pf. un med. sensed -?pyuai : Pass., f, ^p^^o/aai: 
aor. i fjpByv; pf, ^p/iaij but in med- .sense, Soph. : 

"Ai? al( 

A. Act, to take up, raise, lift up, II., etc. ; ctfpeiv 
:to step, walk, Eur.; ctfp. vwiiov to hoist a signal, 

Xen. : Pass, to mount ^lp, ascend, Id. 2. often of 
armies and ships, afp. rets vavs <? grif the fleet ^mder 
sail, Thuc, : also intr. to get under 'way, start, set 
out, ,pat r<$ ffTparrtp Id.; so in Med. and Pass., Hdt., 
etc. II. to bear, sustain, {j.6pov Aesch.; S0\oy 

Soph. III. to raise up, exalt, Aesch.: of passion, 
to exalt, excite, vtyov ctfpew Qvp&v to grow excited, Soph,; 
aXpttv Bdpffos to pluck tip courage, Eur., etc. : Pass., owe 
ypOij vovv s arcurQaXiyv Simon. 2. to raise by words, 
to extol, exaggerate,JLur., Dem. IV. to lift and take 
away, to remove, Aesch., etc. : to take off, kill, N. T. 

B. Med., with pf. pass, tfpfiai fv. supr.\ to take tip 
for oneself : to carry off, win, gain, K\SOS II. ; aeflAia 

of horses) Ib.; KV$O$ Horn. :- -hence simply to receive, 
get, %\KOS ap4cf6cu II. ; also, SetXlav apei wilt incur a 
charge of cowardice, Soph. II. to take upon one- 
self, undergo, carry, bear, II., etc. 2. to undertake, 
begin, Tr^Xc/toy Thuc., etc. ; fyvytyv apecrdctL, Lat. fugam 
capere, Aesch. III. to raise up, <r<oT7)pct nvi Soph. : 
of sound, cdff>cr<7cu q>a>jrfiv to raise, lift up one's voice, Ar. 
**Ais, obsol. nominat., v. ffiys. 

Alcra, TJ, like MoTpa, the goddess of destiny, Lat. Parca, 
II. II. as appellat., 1. the decree, dispensation 
of a god, Aiby cdfcrp, forty Aibs cfiffav Ib. ; Oeov atcra 
Eur. : /car* aUffw fitly, duly, II. , etc. ; war* alircw, ow5' 
inr^p alcfav Ib. 2. one's appointed lot, destiny, 

Horn., etc. 3. one's share in a thing, Od. ; \wi8os 
alffa. Ib., etc, 

alcrOcxvop-ai, Ion. 3 pi. opt. alcr0avoiaro : impf. yffda.v6- 
fojv: f. a!ff(Wjcrofu : aor. 2 y<rQ6p, f r)v : Dep. : 'a?<u'>:~ 
perceive, apprehend by the senses, to see, hear, feel, 
Hdt., Att, 2. to perceive by the mind, understand, 
hear, learn, often in Att. : absol., alffBdvet, Lat. tenes, 
you are right, Eur, : Construct., c. gen. to have per- 
ception of, TUV KOK&V Id., etc.; also c. ace., Soph., 
etc. : - dependent clauses are mostly added in part. 
agreeing with subject, a.lcrQdvofjt,ai Kdfj,va>v Thuc. ; or 
agreeing with object, rvpdvvovs %Kir0"6vra$ ^(f06^ 
Aesch. Hence 

aiicr0ir]|j,a, arcs, r6, perception of a thing, KOK&V Eur. 
o.tar6t)cri | s, &>y, 7), (alffBdvofjica} perception by the senses, 
<tiff9, vyfjidrav perception, sense of calamities, Eur/ 
The phrase aMniffiv %x iv * s use< ^ * ^ P ersor 
fcr&. lx tv riv6sy"cd<rQdy(fOaJi TWOS or rt, to have a 
perception of a thing, perceive it, Plat. 2. of things, 
to give a perception, i.e. to become perceptible, serving 
as a Pass, to alffBdvoficu, Thuc. ; more freq. erfcrf 
7rap^x ll/ ^-> Xen. II. one of the senses, Plat. : 

and in pi. the senses, Id. Ill, a perception, al 
(few Qwv visions of the gods, Id. 2. in hunting, 

the scent, Xen. 
alcr6Yj-n]piov, r6, (alo'ddvofjini] an organ of sense, Arist 

etc.; -ri alo-8. the senses, faculties, N.T. 
at<r6r]TtK^s, 4 4v, (altfOdvoptu) of or for perception by 
the senses, perceptive, Plat., etc. : Adv. alfffhirucus 
lxf to be quick of perception, Arist, II. of things, 
perceptible, Plut. 

ttl<r0T)Tos, ^, fa, and 6s, ov, verb. Adj*. of aJ<r0cj/0/*at ; 
perceptible by the senses, Plat. 

, only in pres. and impf, (it^M 4 ) t breathe out, like 



he was giving up the ghost, 

f, happiness, cucrt/ticus' TrXouJrou Aesch. From 
ouori|ios, ov and -77, ov, ofo'ct" Lat. f atolls, appointed by 
the will of the gods, destined, aticri/tov -?/iap the fatal 
day, day of death, II., etc. ; ctiffifiov tan 'tis fated, 
Ib. II. agreeable tofate y meet, right, oSlffijj.tx, lveiv f 
aZtfiiJLa. etdcfo Od. 
atcrios, ov and a, oj>, (alcra) boding well; auspicious, t 

II., etc. : Adv. -fos, Eur. 
a-"cro, ov, == &VUTOS, unlike, unequal, Pind. 
atarcro), (Root AllO, contr. ^ar^j in later Att. arTto or 
OLTTCO : impf. ^ffffov, Ep. ^iVcrov, Ion. afcfcrecrKOj' : f. 
al" w : aor. i ^; Ion. Tjt|a, a^a^/coy; Med., aor. 
afj-curflai : Pass., aor. i f/tx^ 1 ?* Ep. atx^T)^- [#- in 
Horn.] To wcwe wf^/i a gwzc/fe shooting motion, to 
shoot, dart, glance, Lat. impetu ferri, II., etc. ; so in 
aor. med., dfa<r0cu, and aor. pass. a,'ix^l yal Ib,; K6jj.ij 
<Jt' at;pas <y<rcreTat floats on the breeze, Soph. 2. fo> 

fcjrn eagerly, be eager, ttfs n Eur. II. trans, to put 
in motion, Eur. 

t-Tt(TTos, oy, contr. ^<TTOS, (,a privat., ^c^w) wof if<? 5^ 
seen, unseen. II. act. tinconscious of, c. gen., 

Eur. Hence 

uorrdo), contr. qUnr^tt : f. d><ru : aor, I ^t<rro3(raj contr. 
parr-- : Pass., aor. i iiicrr^B^v, Ep. b.'icrr&Q'riv : waj5<? 
unseen, to annihilate, Horn., etc. 
i-torwp, opos, 5, ^, (a privat., sfoevat) unknowing, un- 
conscious t Plat.; nv6s of a thing, Eur. 
atcrvXos, ov, unseemly, evil, II. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
aicru^vacii, to rule over, c. gen., Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
alorvjxvijTcia, T), an elective monarchy, Arist. 
al<ru|xvi^TTqp, ypos, 6, (ai0*vft'cic>) a prince, II. 
alcrun.vtj'nrjs, ov, &, (al(fvp,vdui) a regulator of games, 
a judge or umpire, Od. : a president, ntanager, 
Theocr. II. an elective prince, Arist. 
ou<rx>wv, ato^icrTos, Comp. and Sup. of alcrxpfe' 
AliXOi, os, rd, shame 3 disgrace, Horn., etc. ; in pi. 
shameful deeds, Od. II, ugliness or deformity, of 
mind or body, Plat., Xen. 

alor^p^jJLwv, oj/, gen. ovos, {alcrxp&s} shameful, Anth. 
alcrxpo-KiCpScLa, ^, (Kp5oy) 6a^<? covetousness, Soph. 
alcrxpo-KepSijs, ^, (fccp^os) sordidly greedy of gain, 

Hdt., Eur. Adv. ~5ws, N. T. 

alcrxpo-Xov^w, f . V w (^70?) ~ alffxpoeirev, Plat. Hence 
j],fottl language, abuse, Xen. 
, toy, <5, -7, forming base designs, Aesch. 
, <Jy, (jrotft>) doing foully, Eur. 

f . -^(Tco, (irpcio"croi> N ) = aicrxpov/yycw, Arist. 
(fv and <is, oV, (al<rxoi) causing shame , 
abusive, ^Trea II. ; so in Adv., atVxpSs- eveVtcnre 
Ib. .II. opp. to Ka\oV : 1. of outward appear- 
ance, ugly, ill-favoured, of Thersites, Ib. 2. in moral 
sense, shameful, disgraceful, base, infamous, Hdt., 
etc.; atcrxpov [!<rri], c. inf., U. : -rJ> aiarxptv, as Subst, 
dishonour, disgrace. Soph., etc.; rb KO\OV Kal rb 
a.ia'Xp6v, Lat. honestum et turpe, virtue and vice, 
Arist. : Adv. shamefully, Sup. af<rx*orra, Trag. 3. 
awkward, Xen. III. instead of the regul. Comp. 
and Sup. aio'xp6T*P os > -(^raros, the forms cdcrx^ v L*J> 
ata'x ia '' ros formed from oJ<rx<>^ are used. Hence 
, v), ugliness, deformity, Plat. 




v, Ep. inf. of aJ<r%iW. 

, y, (*%pyw] shameless conduct, Ear. 
al<rxvvir| [c], ^, (a?o"xos) shame done one, disgrace, 

dishonour, Hdt., Att. 2. ^ disgrace, of a person, 

Aesch. II. shame for an ill deed, personified in 

Aesch. 2. generally., like cu'Scfo, shame, the sense 

of shame, Soph., etc. 
al<rxwTov, verb. Adj. of aAtrxfivoiuu,, one must be 

ashamed, Xen. 

alcrx'uvT'rjX(Js> ^7, &v } (cLlcf^vo^ai} bashful, modest, Plat. 
alcrxwTrjp, ypos, o } {cdtfxvvw a dishonourer, Aesch. 
aiar)(WTtjpdls, TJ, 6v, s =-cd(f)(vvr'fi\6s, Plat. 
al<rxwriK:<Js, 4\, 6v, ^altfxfijsa)} shameful, Arist. 
atcrx^vw \ju] : Ion. impf . aI<r%TJye<r : f . -ijyu, lon.-vi/cw : 

aor. i $a"x\>v<*> ' Pass., with f. rned. akrxwoD/uu : aor. 

lyffxvvdriv, inf. alff^vvQ^ya.i, poet.-^uci/: p. 

2fo w#^tf "y disfigure, mar, irptiffcairov, 
' 2. in moral sense, dishonour, tarnish, 
cav Ib., etc. 3. to dishonour a woman, Aesch., 
B. Pass, to be dishonoured, VGKVS r}ff"xyjj,fjt,vo$, 

of Patroclus, II. II. to be ashamed, pel shame, 

absol., Od., Hdt., etc. 2, to be ashamed at a thing, 

c. ace. rei, Od., etc. ; also c. dat. rei, Ar., etc. ; and 
with Preps., cuVx- M rivi Xen. j %v nvi Thuc. ; vWp 
TIVQS Dem. : c. part, to be ashamed at doing a thing, 
Aesch., Soph,, etc. : but c. inf. to be ashamed to do a 
thing, Hdt., etc, 3. c. ace. pers. to feel shame be- 

fore one, Eur., etc. 

diTas [rj, <5, ictfw) Dor. word for a beloved yoirfh, 

favourite, Theocr. : generally a lover, Anth. 

aire, Dor. for etrn. 

AITE'H : Ion. impf. atreov : f . alr^(r< ; aor. i jjrrja'a 
yrrfKct,', pf. pass. ^TTJ/XCU : to ask, beg, Od., etc. 
c. ace. rei, to ask for, crave, demand, Horn., etc. ; <5$bv 
air. to beg one's departure, i.e. ask leave to depart, 
Od. : c. ace. pers. et rei, to ask a person for a thing, 
Horn., etc. ; Staay air. rwh fydvov to demand satisfac- 
tion from one for murder, Hdt. 3. c. ace. pers. et 
inf. to ask one to do, Od., etc. II. Med. to ask for 
oneself, to claim, Aesch., etc. : but often used just 
like Act. III. Pass, : 1. of persons, to have a 
thing begged of one, Hdt., Thuc. 2. of things,, to 
be asked, rb cdr^^vov Hdt., etc. Hence 

at*rr||xa, aros, r6, a request, demand, Plat., N. T. 

atTT|S Ion. for &tra.s. 

CUTTJCTMS, GWS, ^, (ctlrew) a request, demand, Hdt. 

aiTtjT^ov, verb. Adj. of alrtca, one must ask, Xen. 

alTtjTiK^s, 4j, dv> (afrew ) fond of asking, c. gen., Arist. 

aiTi]T<Js dv, verb. Adj. of air 4(1), asked for, Soph. 

alrta, r\, \alr<u) a charge, accusation, Lat. crimen, and 
then the guilt or fault implied in such accusation, 
Find., Hdt, : Phrases : alriav ^x ll/ to be accused, rtvds 
of a thing, Id., etc. 5- reversely, atria %i /i Id. 
carlo, stmi or ytyveffQat, Xen., etc. ; alriav ^iri^iv to 
lie under a charge, Plat.; alrtav <p4pecr$at Thuc.; alriais 
Ivexetrdat Plat. : opp. to these are & alrtq, <ex eLV or 
5i* air(a$ to hold one guilty, accuse, Hdt,, Thuc., etc. ; 
Iv airly fid\\<;iv Soph. ; alriav ve^iv rivi Id., 
etc. 2. in good sense, *l *5 trp^ai^v, otlrla. 6eov 

1 the credit is his, Aesch. ; eft Covert rabryv rfyy alriav 
who have this as their characteristic, Plat. 3. ex- 
postulation', fify ^TT* ^x^P? r ^ TA.^OJ/ ^ alrlcf. Thuc. II. 

: pf. 

a cause, Lat. causa 3 Plat., etc, ; dat. aW$, like Lat. 
causa, for the sake of, KOIVOV ajaOov Thuc. III. 
an occasion, opportunity, alriav Trape'x***' Luc. IV. 
the head under which a thing comes, Dem, 

cuTiaacrOai, Ep. inf. of alrta-opai. 

, ^alrla) Pass, to be accused, Xen. 

air(dfj.a, aros, i"4 a charge, guilt imputed, Xa^tV ^TT' 
alndfjLart riva Aesch. ; TOtoTo*5 ^TT* alridjji,a<nv on such 
charges, Id. From, Ep. 3 pi. alrdwvrat, opt. 3 and 3 sing. 
aln6(fO, fpro, inf. alndatfQat, impf. ^ridaffQ*, - dfavro : 
f. -a(Tc/ aor. I ^ria.ffd^fiv, Ion. part, alrtrjffd^e- 
vos: pf . yrtdjJt,aL : (alrla^: -to charge a accuse, censure, 
blame, c. ace, pers., ra^a KGV Kal kvalriov alriAqtro II.; 
air. rivd nvos to accuse of a thing, Hdt., etc. ; - c. inf., 
afrr. riva. iroieiv ri to acc'itse one of doing'. Id. : -in this 
signf., certain tenses are used in pass, sense, to be 
accused, aor. i yrLdByv Thuc., Xen.; pf. jfr(a/Aou 
Thuc. 2. c. ace. rei, to lay to one's charge, impute, 
rovro air, Xen. ; ravra Dem.; c. dupl. ace., ri ravra, 
robs Adfccavas alrtdt/jLeQa.; Ar. II. to allege as the 
cause, air. rwu rftriov Plat, ; (ptwds re Kal &A\a pvpia 
air. Id. ; rfjs tepas x^P as ^Ttaro I^at ho alleged that 
it was part of the sacred territory, Dem. 

al-riaT^ov, verb. Adj. of alndofj,ai f 011 a miist accuse, 
Xen. II, one must allege as the cause, Plat. 

alrCci>, Ep. form of air<a, only in pros, to ask, hes*", c. 
ace. rei, crtrov Od. 2. c. ace. pers. to &# of^pvn\- 

(rrypas Ib. 3. absol,, alrl(cov jBotTKew fyv yacrrfya to 
fill one's belly by begging, Ib, 

alTLo-Xo-ytK<5s, ^, 6v 3 inquiring into causes : T^ -K;Jv, 
investigation of causes, Strab. 

aiTios > a, ov, more rarely os, ov, alr4(a} to blame, blame- 
worthy, culpable, II., etc. : Comp., alrtdrnpos more 
culpable, Thuc.; Sup., rota alrLcardrovs the most guilty, 
Hdt. ; nvos for a thing, Id. 2. as Subst, airm, 6, 
the accused, culprit, Lat. reus t Aesch., etc. ; ol atriot 
rov irarp6s they mho have sinned agaitist my father, 
Id. : c. gen. rei, ot afr. rov fydvov those guilty of 
murder, Id. II. being the cause, responsible far* 
c. gen. rei, Hdt., etc. ; c.'inf., Soph. : Sup., alrtdraros 
i/au/iax^crat mainly instrumental in- causing the sea- 
fight, Thuc. 2. ctfnov, r6, a cause 9 Plat., etc. 

Alrvaios, a, ov, of or ba/0nginjf to Etna ^Afrn^, Pind., 
Aesch., etc. 2. metaph. like Etnct> awrnnnt^, Km% ; 
some explain it so when used of horses, but better 
Etnean, i.e. Sicilian (for the Sicilian horses were 
famous), Soph. 

at^viSios or a<(>v(8tos, ov, (&<f>vw} 'unforeseen, sudden, 
Aesch,, Thuc. : -Adv. -/ws, Id,; also -toy, Hut. 
, alxp-ards, Dor, for aJx/4^ a?XM 7 ? T ^^* 
, f. c<ra>, v^xM) t thnm the spear, II. ; fj/Sox 
iv to play the warrior at home, Acttch* XE. 
to ante mth the spear, #x/Aao"s x^pa Soph. 
lxH-aXwaia, ^, (alx^^Awroy) captivity i ^ body of cap* 
twes, Diod.,N.T. 

ijco, to take prisoner, N.T. ; and 
K:6s, 4\, 6v, of or far a prismwr, Kur. ; and 
, tSos, 7], fern, of alxM^ wrosl Soph. Froiti 
c, taken by the spear, wptfot* to one's 
spear, taken prisoner, Hdt., etc, ; 
fidvew, &y*iv to take prisoner, Xen. ; t 

to be taken, Id. ; ra alxf^d\u>ra booty, Id. II. = 
cuxAtaXwri/coY, tiovXocrfov) afcju. such as awaits a cap- 
tive, Hdt., Aesch. 

aixp.'H, T), (aicf) i, or atcrcrw) the point of a spear, Lat. 
cuspis, II., etc. II. a spear., Ib., etc. , To|ovA/cbs 
ai%/A^, of an arrow, Aesch. 2. a fodJj/ of spearmen, 
Find., Eur.; cf. towis. 3. war, battle, /ca/ccoy ^ 
*XM ffT7]K the war went ill, Hdt. III. warlike 
spirit, mettle, Find. ; so, in Aesch., 7wcu/cbs or yuvcu- 
Keia aZ%/xcc seems to be a woman's spirit. TV. a 
sceptre, Id. Hence 

s, Dor. dcis, eo"o*a, V, armed with the spear, 



[a], <5, Ep. form of alxjttiyr^y, IL 
^> D r * SLTO,S> a, d, (alx/Ai]} a spearman, 
II. In Find, as Adj., 1. pointed, /cepav- 
2. warlike, 6v(j,6s. 

s, ov, (<J>epw) owe OT^O trails a pike, a spear- 
man, Hdt.: esp. like Sopv<p6pos, of body-guards. Id. 
alxl/a, Adv. quick, with speed, on a sudden, Horn. 
al\jnr]po~ic\.v6o$, ov, swift-speeding, of Boreas, Hes. 
aiijnripo's, d, 6v, (atya) quick, speedy, in haste, Horn. 
*A1 <A 11 [a], only in pres. and impf. &i'ov [a] : to perceive 
by the ear, to hear, c. ace. rei, II. , c. gen., Trag. : also 
to perceive by the eye, to see, Od. 2. to listen to, 
give ear to, Sfrojs Hes. : to obey, Aesch. ; cf. &rafo>. 
[Horn, has ctico; but diets, cuwv Soph.] 
atu) [a], = &7yui, jfo breathe, only in impf., rrel <f>i\ov 

&*o v %rop when / was breathing out my life, II. 
aiwv [a], Dor. for $\i&v. 

alcov, wj/os, <5, poet. TJ : apocop. ace. alco (properly alFdv, 
aevum, v. alel) : a period of existence : 1, one's 
lifetime, life, Horn, and Att. Poets. 2. an age, 
generation, Aesch. ; 6 (JLtXXwv cd&v posterity, Dem . 3 . 
a long space of time, an age, ax* aicovos of old, for 
ages, Hes., N. T.; rbv 5i* cdQvos xp^ovfor ever, Aesch.; 
^Travra r6j/ aL Lycurg. 4. a definite space of time, 
an era, epoch, age, period, 6 al&v o$ro$ this present 
world, opp. to 6 fj.i\\wv, N. T : hence its usage in 
pi., els robs alutvoLS for ever, Ib. 
aloivLo?, ov and a, ov, lasting for an age (al&v 3), Plat. : 

ever-lasting, eternal. Id. 

alcopa, ^, (aclpo) a machine for suspending bodies : a 
noose for hanging, a halter, Soph. (Jin the form 
<?eopa). II, suspension in the air, oscillation, 


al<i>p&i>, . ^<r : aor. i pass. 'p<0p'f]6yv : (aelpu) : to lift 
up) raise, vypbv ytarov ateopeT, of the eagle raising his 
feathers, Find. ; rovs tityeis vTrep TTJS K<pa\.7)s alwp&v 
Dem. : cf. Iwp&w. 2. zfo hang, Plut., Luc. II. 
Pass, to be hung, hang, Hdt. ; aZwpou/xevwv rwv o<rrwv 
being raised, lifted, Plat. ; at/xa pajpetro spouted up, 
Bion. 2. ito Aan^" suspended, float in air, hover, 
oscillate 9 Soph., Plat. 3. metaph. to be in suspense, 
Thuc. -, aivpe'iffdai. & &hXot$ to depend upon others, 
Plat. ; alwpyBels fnrlp fj.eyd\(av playing for a high stake, 
Hdt. Hence 

alcapT)|Aa, arcs, r6, that which is hung up : a-hanging 
cord, a halter, Eur. 

aibip-rjTfk, fo, verb. Adj. of alwpfa, a hovering^ Anth. 
aica, I)or, Adv. d^v, softly, gently, Find. 

or -Ca ,[r], ^, the Academy, a gymnasium 

2 5 

near Athens, where Plato taught : hence Platonic philo- 
sophers were called 'AftafiripiKot, Academics. 
atcadapcria, T), uncleanness, impurity, Dem. From 
\-Kel0apTO$> ov, (/caOafpw) uncleansed, unclean, impure, 
Plat. : Adv., a.KaQdprcos Ixezv Id. II. of things, 

not purged away, Soph, 
iicaiva, TIS, 7), (atcis} a thorn, goad, Anth. 
.rccupia, 7], (ix/caipos) unfitness of times : unseasonable- 
ness, Plat. 2. want of opportunity, TTJV cuccupiav 
TTJV &cevou /ccupbv jfyierepov yoftlffavres Dem. 
i-KCLipos 7 ov, ill-timed, unseasonable, inopportune, %$ 
&ca:pa TroveTv, Lat. operam perdere, Theogn. , OVK 
tfuccupa Aeyeiv Aesch. ; &K. xpo(?v/,iaThuc.: Adv. poos, 
Aesch., etc.; neut. pi. as Adv., Eur. II. of 

persons, importunate, Lat. molestus, Theophr. 
a-KaKt]$, Dor. aKOKas, 6, poet, for fttcaKos, Aesch. 
\KaKTjTa [dttd/c], Ep. form of &KaKos, guileless, gracious, 
epith. of Hermes, Horn., Hes. 
.KaKLa, 7i, guilelessness, Dem., etc. From 
l-KaKos, ov, unknowing of ill, gitileless, Aesch., 
Plat. 2. innocent, simple, Dem. : Adv. -tews, Id. 
LKcLXav6Cs, (5oy, rj, = aKav6is, Ar. 
aKaXap-peCrir]s> ov, &, (aKaXts, /$ea) soft-flowing, of 

Ocean, Horn. 

aicaXi]<j>t) 9 7), a nettle, Lat. urt^ca, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.) 
a-KaXXi]S, ey, (/ca\Aos) without charms, Luc. 
d-tcaXXilpijTos, ov, ill-omened, tepd Aeschin. 
a-KaXXd)iTi0"TO$, ov, unadorned, Luc. 

;, ov, uncovered, unveiled, Soph. 
;, 4s, = d/caAvTrroy, Soph. 
Xd^yx 1 !^* ov > &> (^dyxT)) unwearied at the 
spear, Find. 
aica(JioLVTO-|J.dxilS9 ou, b, (/xax^) unwearied in fight, 


aKa|AavT<5-iro'USj 6, 7), untiring of foot, unwearied, Find. 
a-Ka|xas [d], arros, 5, (/ccJ/Ava?) untiring, unresting, 

II., etc. 

a-tcafj-aTos [;d], ov and TJ, ov, without sense of toil : 
hence untiring, unresting, Horn. ; a/c. y7\ earth 
that never rests from tillage, Soph. : neut. cucdjjLara, 
as Adv., Id. [d/cd/ActTOS-, Soph. ; but first syll. long 
in dactylics.] 

a-Kafxirros, ov, (K^TTTCO) unbent, that will not Bend, 
rigid, Plat. : metaph. unbending, unflinching, in- 
exorable, Find. ; ^i/x&v &Kap.7rros Id. ; d/ca/ATmy /tevet 
Aesch. ; ^/ca/iTrov Plut. 

aKav0a [OK], TIS, T}, (&KT} i) a thorn, prickle, Theocr., 
etc. 2. a prickly plant, thistle ; in pi. thistle- 

down, Od. : also a kind of acacia, Hdt. 3. the 

backbone or spine of animals, Id., etc. -4. metaph., 
/caj/0cu, thorny questions, Luc. 

aicav6ivos, TJ, ov, (faavQa) of thorns, N.T. U. of 

acacia wood, Hdt. 

arcavOis, I5os, T), a bird, the goldfinch, or the linnet, 
Arist., Theocr. II. as fern. Adj. prickly, Anth. 
aicav0o-paTif|S [a], ov, 6, (j8o(vw) walking among 
thorns, nickname of grammarians, Anth. : fern, aicav- 
0opari,s, iSos, Id. 

oucavOo-Xfyos, ov, (Xeyw) gathering thorns, nickname 
of quibblers, Anth. 

aKav0os, 5, (a^ i) Lat. acanthus, brank-ursine, a plant 
imitated in Corinthian capitals, Theocr. 


dKav0-w8-r]s, cy, (<3o'os)full ofthorns > thorny, Hdt. 

metaph., \6yoi d. thorny arg-uments, Luc. 
a-icairvos, ov, without smoke, Qvffia. &Kairvos an offering- 

but no burnt offering, Luc. , a poem is called KaA- 

d-KapSios, ov, (fcapSia) wanting the heart, Pint. 

a-tcapT}vos> ov, (jeapjvov) headless, Anth. 

a-Kapi]$, &, (*/p) of hair, A?<? sAc^zf to <5<? C7 
short: mostly in neut. aKapes, 1. of Time, # moment, 
v a/cape? xpdvov Ar. j :apT7 SictAtTnW (sc. -^p^vov) 
having* waited a; moment, Id. ; cheaply #pas fl moment, 
Plut. 2. the ace. d/cap?? is used adverbially without 
reference to Time, ot d/cap?j or oi>5* aap^ not a bit, Ar. 

aKapicuos, a, ov, (iueafts) momentary, brief, Dem., etc. 

aicaptria, fj, (&ca07ros) unfruitfulness, barrenness, 

d-Kapmcrros, ov, (Kapirtfa) 'where nothing is to be 
reaped) unfruitful) of the sea, like arptyeros, Eur. 

a-KnpitQs 9 ov,without fruit, barre?i,E\ar. 2. metaph. 
fruitless, unprofitable, Id. : Adv. -v<as, Soph, II. 
act. making" barren, blasting, Aesch. 

a-tccxpTTwros, ov, (KccpW&>) not made fruitful, without 
fruit: of an oracle,/mz"few?, unfulfilled, Aesch. j vfaas 
aKdpirctrov x<ipiv because of victory which yielded no 
fruit, Soph. 

dicacricaioSt a, ov, (*cwc# n) gentle ', Aesch. 

d-KaTapX-qTos, OP, (jcara^AAw) not to be overthrown, 
irrefragable, Ar. 

d-KaTayvwcrros, ov, (tcara'yiyvdo'Ka*} not to be con- 
demned, N. T. 

ov, (xarroKaX-iivrdi} uncovered, N. T. 
, oi/, (raicp^) uncondemned, N. T. 
s, ov, (K<vra\\dff(r(a} irreconcileable : 
Adv. -rus, Hue. iroKefjiuv Dem. 

a-KaraXiJTos, ov, (/mraAtJw) indissohible, N. T. 

d-Karairatiorros, ov, (ttaroMratfo/xai) that cannot cease 

from, TWOS N. T. 

a-KaTourraTos, ov, (tca/Bltfryifu^ unstable, unsettled, Dem. 

a-KaroarxcTos, oy, (/carcxw) not to be checked : Adv. 

-TW5, Plut. 

a-Kara<f>p<iv7]Tos, ov, (Karatypovew) not to be despised, 
important, Lat. hand spernendus, Xen., Plut., etc. 

d-Karatj/evo-Tos, ov, Kara^^ not fabulous, Hdt. 

dtcariov [aK&j, r6, Dim. of &caro$-, a A^-/// 5o^zf, Thuc., 
etc. II. a small sail,, perh. a. top-sail, Xen., Luc. 

oLKaros [owe], 4), rarely o, a light vessel, Lat. actuaria, 

^Hdt., etc. j cf. facdnov. 2. generally, ^ ^Az^, Eur. 

a-Kavcrros, ov, ' icatai) unbzirnt, Xen. 

eidro, Ep. for -7?^ro, 3 pi. plqpf. pass, of 

i, pf. pass, of & 

Ep. fut. of ax" : 

icaxw ^f], (^xeiw) only in pres. to trouble, grieve, 
TivdOd. : Pass., /4 Xiyv aKaxi&o QvfjiQbe not troubled 
in mind, II. ; JU^TI Oav^v cucaxtfev be not grieved at 
^ death, Od. 

dtcaxpK'vos, 77, oy, a part, (as if from a Verb *#*&?, v. 
^ i), sharpened, of axes and swords, Horn. 
dicaxoiro, 3 sing-. Ep. aor. 2 med. opt. of ax&>- 
axdvovro, 3 pi. Ep. aor. 2 med. of ax>. 
s, Ep. part, of facial. 

S t Dor. -as, <J, = dfcepcre^/wjs, Pind., Anth. 

v, unbidden, Trag-., Plat, 
ov, (Kevreo)) needing no goad or 5^wr, Pin J. 
a-Kvrpos ov, ' Kevrpov} without sting, stingless, Plat. 
[a], Ion. imper. &ceo (for d60\ Ep. part, d/eei- 
: f. a,Keffo/jLai, Ep. aKea'0'o/, Att. : aor. 
, Ep. Imper. &eecr<rai: V 2i/cosf): Dep.: I. 

trans. Am, cwr^, cXicoy ^cr(rat heal the sore, II.; or 
of part healed, &\<t>apov ajceffaio Eur. - 3 also ^<? /z^7 a 
person, II. 2. #0 stanch, quench, ^tya? Ib. 3. 
g-enerally, to mend, repair, vyas Od.; applied to a tailor 
or cobbler, like Lat. resarcire, Luc. 4. metaph. 

to repair, make amends for, a/AoprcfSa Hdt. ; tc.aK.6v 
Soph. : absol. to make amends > dXX* a5^cda, ocAA." 
b.Kco'aa'&f Horn. 

d-Ktpaios, ov, =the poet. a.K'fjparos, unmixed, pure in 
blood, Eur. II. entire, unharmed,, unravaged, of 
cities or countries, Hdt., Thuc. j cue. Sfoajuf an army 
in full force. Id. ; cue. Ae^os inviolate, Eur. ; of per- 
sons, uncontaminated, guileless, Id. : c. gen., cifcepaios 
KctK&v T]QG)v uncontaminated by bad habits, Plat. 
d-JcepavvQTOS, ov, ' KepoLvvow] not lightning-struck, Luc. 
dtccpSeia, ^f, 7uff; of gain, loss, Pind. From 
a-Kp8i]s, es, (/ccpSos) without gain, bringing loss, 

Soph., Plat. II. not greedy of gain, Plut. 
dice'pKiorToS) ov, (xepKlfa) unwoven, Anth. 
a-KepKos, o^ without a tail, Arist. 
at-Kcpfjiaria, 97, \K4pfta) 'want of money, Ar. 
d-tcepcre-KOfXTis, ov, 6, (,Ketp<a, K^TJ^ with unshorn hair 
(the Greek youths wore their hair long- till they reached 
manhood), epith. of Phoebus, II., etc. ; cf. aKfipeKo'fj.ys. 
OLKC'PWTOS, ov, (Kpas] not horned, Anth. 
oLKcari9 etas, T}, (&K60/iat) a healing, cure, Hdt. 
aKecrjxa, <TQ, (tucfopeu) a remedy, cure, Pind., Aesch. 
aecmjp, rjpos, 6, (bcfopou) a healer ; metaph. as Adj., 

aic. xaXivos the rein that tames the steed. Soph. 
onecarnjS) ou, o, oiweo'T^p ; d/cecrral tjj,art<ov fiayfvrwv 

menders of torn clothes, Xen. 
otKCcTTOpCa, vi, (cuceofiat} the healing art, Anth. 
aicccrnfe, 4\ } 6v, verb. Adj. of a/ceo/teu, curable i metaph., 
easily revived, II. 

^, (a/ceo/icu) a darning-needle, Luc. 
^, (oKfOfliai) a sempstress, Luc. 
opoy, 6, (oiKeo/tai) a healer, saviour, Eur. 
a.KCcr-<f>opo^, ov, ( t &;co$, ^cpw) bringing a cure, healing, 

ov, &KOj*ai 3 ofa/vr^ allaying pain, Anth. 
, (K^>aA^) without head, Hdt. 2. 

without beginning, \oyos Plat. 

tKewv, ouo'a, (v. &K^ ii) a participial form, used as Adv. 
like dw^v, softly, silently, Horn, j also dual dfceoi/Te Od. 
Thoug-h d/ccovo-o occurs in Horn., yet d/cW stands 
with fern., *A(bjvafo; d/ceW i?v II.; and though he has 
dual &C60VT6, yet dwrewv occurs with plur. Verbs. 
*AKH', ^, a Subst. cited in two senses, I. a point, 

(whence facts, 8tv, 8ucorf) f facax^voy, aK&Krj, alx^ ; 
cf. Lat. acus s acuo, acies^. II* silence, calm, 

(whence d^v, 4/c^wv, tiucaffKoios, ^fca^ : a lulling, heal- 
ing (whence 4Wo/*at v <. 

d-iajSccrros, ov, (K^ea) uncared for, unburied, II. : 
Adv., -TW5-, without due rites of burial, or (perh. 
without care for others, recklessly, remorselessly, Ib. 
a-iajScvros, ov, (Kqo'cfafi unburied, Plut. 

aicrjOGOD - 

ffta : Ep. aor. I d/dj50*a : d/ojoVjS : to take 
no care for, no heed of, c. gen., II., Aesch. 
a-KTjSijs, es, (/cJjSos, : I. pass, uncared for, un~ 

buried^ Horn. II. act. "without care or sorrow, 

careless, heedless, Id. 

atCTJJCOtt, pf. of CWCO&tf. 

a-Kii]X7)To$, ov, (Kti\<a) to be won by no charms, proof 
against enchantment, inexorable, Od., Soph. 

aicyma, r6, = a/cecr/xa, a cure, relief, o$vva,<av for pains, II. 

O.ICTJV, \aK-fi II) Adv. softly, silently, II. 

a-KY)pa<rio$, ov, Ep. form of OLK^paros, unmixed, olvos 
Od. II. untouched, Lat. integer, O.K. Xei/ji&vcs 

meadows not yet grazed or ?)wwn } h. Horn.; 2tv0oy d/c. 

fresh, Anth. 

a-tojjpa-ros, ov, (Kepdvvvjj.1} unmixed, ^^ncontaminated, 
undefiled, uScop II. ; irortfV Aesch, ; opfipos Soph.; d/c. 
Xpvffos pure gold, Hdt. II. metaph., 1. of 

things, untouched, unhurt, undamaged, Lat. integer, 
Horn. ; dfc. /co^wj unshorn hair, Eur. ; d/c. AcijUcJv an 
unmown meadow, Id., etc. 2. of persons, unde- 

jiled, Id.; c. dat., a.K'hpa.ros &A*y0"t untouched by woes,. 
Id. ; c. gen., d/c. KOK&V without taint of ill, Id. 

a-Kijpios vA s , ov, unharmed by the K^pes, unharmed, 
Od. II. act. itnharming, harmless, h. Horn., Hes. 

a-KTJpios ^B), ov, (Hyp} 'without heart, i.e., I. 

lifeless, II. II. heartless, spiritless, Ib. 

aiajp<$TaTos, a poet. Sup. of aK^paros, Anth. 

aKir)pvKTc( and -T, Adv. without needing a flag of 
truce, Thuc. From 

&-Ki]pvKTOSi ov, (Ki)pt<rar<i)} unannounced, itnpro- 
cl aimed, d/c. v6\e/jios a sudden war, Hdt. ; but also a 
war in which no herald was admitted, implacable, 
Xen., Dem.: Adv.-rws', without needing a flag of 'truce, 
Thuc. II. not proclaimed by heralds, inglorious, 
Eur. III. with no tidings, not heard of, Soph. 

a-KTipwTos, ov, (Krfpdw] univaxed, Luc. 

aso]x*^ aTai or ^arat, Ep. for ff/ccix^VTca, 3 pi. pf. pass, 
of dWetf : aKTjx*H-vos, for d:ax^vosr, Ep. part, 

4-Ktp8T]Xos>ov, ^inadulterated, genuine, Plat,, Luc. 2. 
metaph. of men, guileless, honest, Hdt. 

o-KtSvos L]> $> 6v> weak, feeble, faint, Horn, always in 
the Comp., oMiSv^Tfpos Od. (Deriv. unknown.) 

a-KiKus, vos, 6, T), powerless, feeble, Od. 

aKlvaKTjs [dj, 6, Persian word, a short straight sword, 
Hdt., who declines it -coy, -ci', -/ but Xen. has 
Q.KLV&KTIV, cuavdKas as ace. sing, and pi. 

d.-KLv$vyos, ov, without danger, free from danger, Eur., 
Thuc., etc. II. Adv. vws, Eur., etc. : Comp., 

d/avftvvoVcpov with, less danger, Plat. ; Sup., dictv5uvo / - 
rora most free from danger, Xen. 

4-KiVY)Tos y ov and ij, ov, {Kiveon^ unmoved, motionless, 
of Delos, Orac. ap. Hdt. ; 4 d/ctVTjTou iroSds without 
stirring a step, Soph. 2. idle, sluggish, Ar. 3. 
unmoved, ttnaltered, of laws, Thuc., etc. II. im- 

movable, hard to move, Plat., Luc. ; Adv., d/av^rws 
%X*iv to be immovable, Plat., etc. 2. not to be 

stirred or touched, inviolate, Lat. non movendus, 
rdtyos Hdt, : proverb, of sacred things, tcweiv ret d/aVrrra 
Id. ; also rfaeivyra typdcrcu Soph. 3. of persons, not 
to be shaken, steadfast, stubborn, Id. 

H-KIOS, ov, (lets} not worm-eaten f Sup. aKit&Taros Hes. 

4Kipos> oV, prob. d/ci5vo / s, Theocr. 


j inglorious-ness, Anth. 

OLKIS, iSos, ^f, OKI] I a point, the barb of an arrow or 
hook, Plut., Anth. : an arrow, dart, Ar. 2. 

metaph., iroOcw a/ctSes the stings of desire, Anth. 

ot-Kix'HTOs [t], av, ,Kix c * l/Wl 7zd? ^ fa ^ reached, unat- 
tainable, II. II. of persons, c^ ta />? reached by 

prayer, inexorable, Aesch. 

aiciao|xai, Dep. d/cciJ to affect indifference or c<?j.'- 
ness, dissemble, Plat. 

OLKKO>, ^, a bugbear or # 5///y woman. v.Deriv. unknown. > 

oLKXapcoros, Dor. for cwcA^/wwTos, 

a-KXaoTTOS> ov, . /cAacu unbroken, Anth. 

a-tcXavTOs or a-KXaaJcrros, oi/, unlamented, Horn. : 
l^Aeuw ) : I. pass, unwept, <piX(av by friends, Soph.; 
a/cAavra re/ci/a, i. e. children <? liable to death, 
Eur. II. act. ?w weeping, tearless, Od. 2. 

Soph. = xaipw, with impttnity. 

a-tcXT]5, *: gen. coy: ace. d/cAeS, Ion, cwcAcTj, Ep. 
: ^Ep. atcXcLijs or d/cArjTjs, pi. cwcAi?y or aKAiyeTy 
] : without fame, inglorious, unsung, Horn., 
Adv. cbcAewy, Hdt., Ep. a/cAeiwy, II., etc. : also 
neut. cwcAeefs as Adv., Ib. 

aecXcta, Ion. -ti), ^, (.d/cAe^ 

a-KXfiL^s, ^, Ep. for d/cAei 

a-KXcicrros, ov, Ion. aKXijl*<rros, Att. aicX-jjcrTos : 

720^ closed w fastened, Eur., Thuc. 
, Adv. of a/cAc^y, q. v. 
) Ep. for d/cAe-fc. 

os, ov, without lot or portion, poor, needy, Od., 
Xen., etc. : c. gen. without lot or share in a thing, 
Aesch., etc. II. unallotted, ivithout an owner, Eur. 

d.-KXi}p<i)Tos, ov., f/cA7ty>(J&M without lot or portion in a 
thing, c. gen., Pind. 

aKXn<rros, Att. for awrAeierros. 

a-icXY|Tos, ov, uncalled, zinbidden, Aesch., etc. 

a-KAivVjs, <=s, (K\ivc0 bending to neither side, un- 
swerving, Plat. : steadfast, regular, Anth., etc. : 
Adv. -vws, Ion. -vecos, Id. 

a-KXwros, ov, \K\VUI unwashed by waves, Plut., etc.; 
as fern., AJJAtv dwrAvcrTav Eur. 

OKp.aa>, f. acrw, i d/]) ^<7 ^e z'w /2^/^ bloom, be at one's 
prime or perfection, I. of persons, cities and 

states, Hdt., etc. 2. c. dat. to flourish or abound 

in a thing, TrAovny Id. ; vapour KGV?) Thuc. 3. c. 

inf. to be strong enough to do, Xen. II. of things, 
aKfidfei 6 irdXefAoy, rj v6<ro$ the war, the plague is at its 
height, Thuc. ; iaK^dfov Qtyos mid-summer, Id. ; of 
corn, to be just ripe, Id. 2. impers. cwcfia{et, c, inf., 
it is high time to do, Aesch. 

oicp.atos, a, ov, (^d/c/*^) in full bloom, at the prime, 
blooming, vigorous, Aesch.; a.Kfj.cuos fy&criv in the prime 
(^strength, Id. II. in time, in season, Lat. op- 

portunus, Soph. 

OKp.i], 7), v,dfci i) a point, edge : proverb., irl fcvpov 
OLK^S on the rasor's edge (v. 1-vpdv} ; d/x^tS^toi d/uot 
the fingers of both hands, Soph.; ToSoTv d^oi the toes, 
Id. II. the highest point of anything, the bloom, 

flower, prime, of man's age, Lat. flos aetatis, fa/*)} 
fy&ris Id. ; OWC/A^ friov Xen. ; %v dwft^ lvou = ctKfjuifeiv, 
Plat. ; d/xV lx t)>/ * ^ co^ n j to be ripe, Thuc. ; also of 
time, d. tfpos the spring-j{>rzm^, Pind. ; d. Btpovs mid- 
summer, Xen. ; d. rys Sdl-'rjs Thuc. ; periphr. like fria, 
cbcjii^ 0i?<rt8av Soph. III. like Kaip6s, the best, 


most fitting time, Trag. -, fyyw, \6y(*v aM the tin 

fordoing, speaking, Soph ; ; d*/-* A - : ~* '*'" fc -'" 

time to do, Aesch. *, &r* &/CJU.TJS 

jfA* jp0j'w of doing, Eur. 5 lir* 

come to the critical time, Dem. 
aKii.iiv, ace. of aK/x^, used as Adv^just, Xen. 

yet, still, Theocr., N. T. 
aiqj/qvrfs, 4], ov 3 (awli) full-grown, Od. 
aKfujvos, ov, fasting, II. 5 c. gen., &K(jyvos fflroio fasting 

from food, Ib, (Deriv. uncertain.) 
0,-Kuitis j\ros } 5, 7}, (/cct/xyw) ccc/uas, untiring) un~ 

'wearied, II., Soph. 

(Kfxuvo)) ~ aKjn."T}s, h. Horn. 

(5, (ttK/tcci/, rl>07j/u) & anvil-block, stithy. 

t<rri, c. inf., 3 tis high 
c. inf., to be on 
eei T7?y &c/i<y 'tis 




o,K}i<Sviov, T<, Dim. of sq., Aesop. 
cUjittv, OKQS, , orig. prob. a thunderbolt, &tfwv oupa/J- 

Oev Kan<6p Hes. il. #w anvil, Horn.-, etc. : metaph,, 
r &cjoom i><?ry anvils to bear blows, Aesch. 

S, aKVOtTTTOS, iB-KVclclkOS, ^yj/a/lTTTOS 1 , 6tC. 

i05, 17, ^/te spine or backbone, Od. 

CL-KVIO-OS, oy, (/uro) without the fat of sacrifices, Anth. 

OLKOI^ -jj, Ep. aicovij, (a/coiico) a hearing, the sound 
heard, II. 2. the thing heard, hearsay, report, 

news, tidings, perk irarphs aitwhv in quest of tidings 
of his father, Od.; doj foropety, 7rapaAa/3e7v rt to know 
6y hearsay, Hdt.; so, ai/coTyjf Aeyeir Plat. H. 

^/2^ ^s<? a/* hearing, Hdt., etc. 2. Mi 
f^-, hearing, outoy /cAi^eu/j - r *- 
%p-%rat Tt Soph., Eur. 
Plat. III. *&? <?r, Sappho, Aesch. 

a-Ko((jttiTo, ov, (KOtpfai) sleepless, of the sea> Aesch. 

a-KOivd&vTiTos Wj ^Koivwve>) 7*0 if 1 shared with another, 
c. dal., Eur. II. act. having no share of or t, 

c. gen., Plat.: absol. unsocial, inhuman, Id. 

a-jcoiri]?, ov, ^, (a coJ)uL f Koirf), cf . fiiAoxos') a bedfellow, 
spouse, husband; and fern. aicoiT^ AOS, ^, <* spouse, 
wfe, Horn., etc. 

a.KoXdo-ia, 7) ., (fac6\tttrros} licentiousness, intemperance, 
Thuc.j etc. 

ttKoXacrraCvw, f . a.v&>, (a/c^Aao'Tos) to be licentious^ in- 
temperate, An, Plat., etc. 

aicoXa<rnf)n,a, aros, r6, an, act of A/coAacrfa, Plut. 

a-K^Xacnros, ov > (/coAct^a?) Lat. non cctstigatus, unchas- 
tised, undisciplined, unbridled, Hdt., Att., etc. 2. 
licentious, intemperate, opp. to <r(a<pp<av, Soph., etc,; 

,so in Adv., &fcoA^o"rws' ^ci^PIat.j Comp., kttQKaffi 
Tp(DS ?% eiv Kpfo n to be too intemperate in a thing-,, Xen. 

a*coXo$j ou, ^, a, biff morsel, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

or w&Ji him^ c. dat. pers., Ar., etc. ; also, &/c. /xrc( rtv 
Plat.; <rbv rivi Xen.; Karrfaeiv TLV&S Ar. : -absol., Plat., 
etc. II. metaph- tc follow f obey, 

afc, rots irp&ytiacnv to follow circumstances, Dem, 2. 
to follow the thread of a discourse, Plat. 8. of 
fching-Sj to follow upon, be consequent upon, rots 

fA&QtS Id, 

cbcoXov6ir)T&>v, verb. Adj. of &KoA0u0&>>, one must follow, 

Xen., etc. 
axoXovOia, T?, (&KOX&V&GU)) a following, train, Soph. 3 

Plat. II. & following upon, conformity with, rots 
. Id. 


a-ic<iXo-udos, ov, (a ca^uL, KAu6o$) following attend-. 

ing on; as Subst. a follower, attendant, Lat. pcdise- 

quus, Ar., Thuc., etc. ; of &/c<$AQt>0oi the camp-followers^ 

Xen. 2. following after, c. gen., NT7p]/S&)^ <k. 

Soph. 3 following or conseqtwnt upon, in con- 

fortuity with, c. gen. ? Ar.; alsoc. dat., Plat. : absol. 

agreeing with one <w0Aw,Xen., etc. : -Adv.-0tts, *i 

accordance with, rots VQ/U.OLS Dem. 
a-K5Xu|i.pos, ov, unable to swim, Batr,, Plut. 
aKo|i,i<rra, Ep. -Ctj [F], 4> * ^ tending or mr^ Od. 


;, oy, (^V 7 ?) withottt hair, bald, Luc. 

;, oj/, (KOftwdlfw) Tiotf boastful, Aesch. 
a-Kop.Tro9, or, wozf boasting 1 , Aesch. 

-KojJL\[/os 3 ov, unadorned, boorish, y& 5* &KO{J^QS f rude 

I arn m speech,* Eur. 

.KOVO.CO, f . ^orw, (&K<$KT;) jfo s~harj>en, whet, /x,ax^py Ar. ; 

^}W ^ en * :~"Med., (i/covacr^w /laj^a^pas iJo sharpen 

their swords, Id. 

without knuckles ; without 

a-K$v8iXos 5 ov,, 

blows, Luc. 

aKiSv-f} [a], ^, (W I s ) a whetstone, hone, Pind., etc. 
c.covlT( [rt], Adv. of JucoWo?, without the dust of the 

arena, i.e. without a struggle^ without effort^ Lat. 

sine ptifaere, Thuc., Xen. 

ajcovIrtKos, "hi foj made of aconite, Xen. From 
OLKOVITOV, r6, aconite, a poisonous plant, Thcophf* 

(Deriv. uncertain.) 
a-KovLTos, QV, (KO'VIS'} 'without dust. 
itcovrC [r], Adv. of &cwv, contr, for &orr, Plut, 
&KQVTCJX f. Att. tw 3 (&KWV) to hurl a /dw?/t', rti/^f rt^ 

one, II. ; 4wC ru/i Ib. : the weapon is put in dat., 
8owp( darted with his spear, Ib. ; also in ace., 
K o^a, SoSpa darted their spears, Od. 2, c. 

ace. pars, to hit with a javelin f Hdt.* etc. j Pass, #o ^ 

50 hit or wounded, Eur., Xen. 8. & J&wf /<?//A 
, of the moon, Eur, II. intr. to flicree, t^o"w 

iov, rj, Dim. of &K&V, h. Hom, Hdt., etc* 

ws, ^ 5 (<3iKOK/r^) jawtiw'thriwing, Xen. 
d,KOVTtcru.a^ aros, T^, (t&KOj/Trf^iw ) a, javelin* $ throw ^ 

Xen. II. the thing thrown, a dart, 

Plut. HI. in pL=&Koyn&rai t Id. 

OUCOVTIGTJJLOS, d, - ; fadyrurts, Xen, 
^.icovTteTi/jp, ^pos-, <5, wsq,, Kur. 
&KovTL<rn ( j$ > ou, d, (do^r/{Wj farter > 

Horn., Hdt., etc. 
aKoVTtonriKoSj ^ ^, (aKovTCfw) skilled in throwing the 

javelin, Xen. 
aKOVTicn-us, t5<?5f, ^, Ion. for &Wjw<w, fA* g&in& ttf 

throwing- the jewelin 9 IL 
OL-KOTTOS, oj/, without we&riw!$$f and so, I. pass, 

untirad, Plat. H. act* n^ wearying, of a h<r%:, 

0asy, Xen. 2, removing weariness, rejfr &s/i I ng f Plat, 
^-Kopeorros, o/, (fcop^wt'/bu) Att. for iuttprrrw* inMtlatf, 

Trag* 5 c. gen, insatiate in a thing* Ae^ch. r-'-in Soph* 

(iriwtoK &Kop<$(Fraro$ f most insatiate, most shamel&ss'), 

the word is either sync, for &K0/>0Wrar0ff, or Kup. of 
A/ccJpecrToy. 2. of things, insatiate, j<n- 

Lat. improbus, Tragf. XI. act. fif>/ 

satiating, Aesch. 2 4>^ liable to surfeit, $iA(a Xen* 

atcopT05, ov, (poet.) for aKJpcffros, Aesch., Soph. 

d,-icopt]Tos, ov, (/copeWv/u) insatiate, imsated in or with 
a thing-, c. gen., II. II, (/copeo>) unswept, un- 

trimmed, ungarnished, Ar. 

a -K op os, ov, = a.Ko'pca'Tos : untiring, ceaseless, Lat. zw- 
probus, elpecrta Find. 

"AKO2E, eos, T(?, a cure) relief, remedy for a thing, c. 
gen., Od., etc. : absol., &KOS ef/peiy IL, Soph.; Jevp?j>, 
AactV, iroifSffQai, Hdt., etc. : by a medical metaph., 
&KOS vTp,Viv f Tcjj.veLV, cf. Ivre/xvw II. 2. a -means 

of obtaining a thing-, c. gen., Eur. 

dKoorp,<i>, f. ^(fcw, (&co(TjUos) 2f<? ite disorderly, to offend, 
Soph., Dem., etc. 

a-KoorjnrjTos, ojc, (>coa>t) unarranged, unorganised, 
Plat.: Adv. -TWS, Id. 2. unfurnished 'with, c. 
dat., Xen. 

a.Koo-}Jua, r), disorder. Plat. : extravagance, Eur. : in 
moral sense, disorder liness, disorderly conduct. Soph, 

a-KocrfJLos, ov, 'without order, disorderly, Aesch. : in 
Horn, of Thersites' words, disorderly: Adv. -pas, 
Hdt., etc. II. K^ffjjLos &KQfffJLQs, a world that is no 

'world, Anth. ; also of an inappropriate ornament, Id. 

aicoorrcuo or-^w, (aKcxr'Hj) only in aor. I part., 'iinros O.KO- 
crr^cras &ri (jxirvr) a horse corn-fed at manger, a stalled 
horse, II. 

aKoayij, v), barley. (Deriv. unknown.) [ax], Dep., only in pres., cwcotta, to hearken 
or listen to, c. gen., Od. ; Satrbs- cbc0uae<r0oi/ ye are 

Bidden to the feast, II. 

O.KOVIJ, 7i, Ep. for aKOJi. 

aKovKa, Lacon. pf. of a/coiw. 

a-Ko-upos, ov, (/compos Ion. for n6pos] without male heir, 
Od. II. (Kovpd) unshaven, unshorn, Ar. 

aKO-uo-a, Ep. for tfKowa, aor. I of aicovco. 

oLKo-ucri-Oeos [a], ov, heard of God, Anth. 

aicoucrios, ov, Att. contr. for aeKoixnos. 

aKovcrjjLa, arcs, r6, (O.KOV<O) a thing heard, such as 
music, Xen. 2, a rumour, tale, Soph. 

axoTj<, f. of CLKOVW. 

aKo-uareov, verb. Adj. of a/cot5a>,0n must hear or hearken 
to, c. gjen. pers., Hdt., etc.; c. ace. rei, Plat. 2, 
aKovcrrsos, a, ov, to be hearkened to, Soph., 

aKoiHrnSs, #, 6v, verb. Adj. of a/cotW, heard, audible, h. 
Horn., Plat., etc. II. that should be heard, Soph., 

CUCOTJCU (Root AKOf ) [a] : Ep. impf . tiucovov : f . aKO&ro/iai 
(act. form aKo^crw only in late authors) : aor. i ^/couera, 
Ep. &KOVO-O, : pf . aK-fjKoa, Lacon. &KOVKO, : plqpf. t)Kir)~ 
n6*w ; old Att. Tjfcq/c^T?, Ion. a.KTjKfau' : Med., Ep. impf. 
&KOUCTO ; aor. I fjKovcra/iijj/ : Pass., f. d/covorfl^aro/icu : 
aor. I ^\Ko{i(fBt]v : pf. ^/coucr/iai. To hear, Horn., etc. 
Construct,, properly, c. ace. of thing heard, g-en. of 
pers. from 'whom it is heard, ravra KaXvfyovs %Kovcra 
Od. ;; the gen. pers. may be omitted, a/dj/coas \6yov 
Soph., or the ace. rei, &cove TOV Qavtivros Id. : often 
however c. gen. rei, to have hearing o/a thing. 2. 
c. gen. objecti, to hear of, hear tell of, &c. irarpds Od. ; 
so c. ace., Ib. so, fac, wept TWOS. 3, the pers. from 
whom the thing is heard takes a Prep., axovtw ri aW, 
IK, irapd, irp6$ TWOS, II,, Att. II. to know by hear- 

say, ei TTOV &Kofat.$ Od.; so Plat., etc. III. absol. 


to hearken, give ear, to begin a proclamation, d/coverc 
\(p hear, O people. IV. to listen to, give ear 

to, II. 2. to obey, c. gen., or more rarely c. dat., 

Ib. 3. to hear and understand, Kkfavres ou/c %KOVOV 
Aesch. V. in pass, sense, with an Adv., to hear 

oneself^ called, be called so and so, like Lat. audire, 
KaKw an. irpds TWOS to be ill spoken of by one, Hdt. ; 
e3, KUK&S, &piffTa O.K., Lat. bene, male audire, Id., 
Att. 2. with a Noun, cucovetv Kaitts, /caAck Soph., 
Plat.; it6\aKs arcotiovcrL Dem. 3. c. ace. rei, cwc. 
KaKd to have evil spoken of one, Ar.; <JW}/tas a/cas 
^/cov<rejc Eur. 

aicpa, Ion. atcpi], ^, (&cpos) : 1. a headland, fore- 

land, cape, Horn,, etc. 2 . a mountain-top, summit : 
used by Horn, only in the phrase KO.T &Kpv}s from top 
to bottom, i. e. utterly, ir6\w aip&iv /car 1 &cp7js Hdt. ; 
so in Att., KO.T &Kpa$ utterly, Trag., Plat. 3. the 
citadel of a city, Lat. arx, Xen. 

a-Kpaavros [icpd], ov, Ep. form of &KPO.VTOS, unfulfilled,, 
fruitless, Lat. irritus, Horn. 

a-Kpayqs> es, (Kpdfa] not barking, Aesch. 

aKp-at]s, 5, (&Kpo$, &TJ/JLI) blowing strongly 3 fresh~blow~ 
ing, of the north and west wind, Od. ; si a/epa^s erit, 
\i it shall be clear weather, Cic. 

aKpaios,^a, ov, (fapa) dwelling on the heights, Eur. 

aKpai<fvi]$, es 1 , syncop. form of o.Kepa,io-<f>avfi$ (aitepaios, 
<f>a.ivona,i), unmixed, pure, Eur., Ar. : metaph., irsvla, 
o/cp. utter poverty, Anth. II. unharmed, entire, 

Lat. integer, Eur., Thuc. 2. c. gen. untouched by 
a thing, Soph. 

a-KpavroS) ov, (npaivta) like Ep. aKpcWros-, unfulfilled, 

fruitless, Pind., Aesch. : neut. pi. as Adv., in vain, 
Id., Eur. 

oLKpacrta, T} } (&cparos) bad mixture, ill temperature, 

o.KpaTia, y, (aKpar^s] incontinence, want of self- 
control, Plat. : the later form is o-Kpacria. 

a-Kpanfo , fa priv., Kpdros) powerless, impotent, 
Soph. II. c. gen. rei, not having power or com- 

mand over a thing, Lat. impotens, yXcixrcrrjs Aesch. ; 
op7^yThuc. : also, intemperate in the use of a. thing, 
otvoi) Xen., Arist.; ?rpl rk x^/xara Id. 2. absol. with- 
out command over oneself j .incontinent, Lat.impotem 
sui, Id. 3. of things, immoderate, Savdyrj Anth. 

aKpa.TLou,<H, f . lovjAcu. : Dep. ; (&Kparo$} : to drink 
wine unmixed with water; hence, to breakfast, because 
this meal consisted of bread dipped in wine, Ar. Hence 

oLKpaTLo-fxa [/cpd], CLTQS, TO, a. breakfast, Arist. 

CLKparicTTos [/<rpd], ov, (awparffo/iai) having breakfasted, 

cLKpoLTOirocria, Ion. aKpK]T07rocru], TJ, a drinking of 
sheer wine, Hdt. From 

aKpdTO-ir^TYjs, ov, Ion. 4icpY|TO'3T^T < ^s, eco, 6, (faparos, 
itivto] a drinker of sheer wine, Hdt. 

a-Kpa.TOS, Ion. a-Kp-qTOS, ov : (KGpdvvvfj.i) : 1. of 

liquids, unmixed, sheer, of wine, Od. : esp., olvos 
&K.p-r\TQ$ wine without water, Lat. merum, Hdt. ; and 
&Kjparos (.without olvos}, Ar., etc. 2. metaph., &cp. 
fA\av pure black, Theophr. ; Swcparos vti% sheer night, 
Aesch.; focp. vovs pure intellect, Xen. 3. of con- 

ditions or states, pure, untempered, absolute, 

Plat. ; &Kp. i^euSos a sheer lie, Id. : Adv. 


absolutely, Luc. 4. of persons, intemperate, ex- \ 
cesslue, violent, faparos Ipyhv Aesch. : so of things we 
feel, &K(>, oprh> &xp. KWIM, etc. U. Comp. ap- 

rtfrepos, Sup. -ttfrwros as if from aKparfjSj. ^ 
aKparwp la 1 , opos, &, = aKparfo \> Soph. II . ~ p*~ 

T^S n, Bat. M 

&icpdrs [d], Adv. of fap&ros. H- aicpaTs Adv. 

of a/cparTjS 1 . 

ottcpa.-xXos [a], ov, &Kpos, x&\o$ ) gui '.ckto angt^', jpas- 

sionate, Ar. II. hi passionate distress, Theocr, 

cLKpci&ttv, OJ/OS, or aKpcjJiwv, 6vos, 5, ^Kpoj ; branch, 

twig, spray, Eur,, Theocr. 

acp-e<nrpQS> OK, .fopo* n, la-rcpa at eventide, Anth.: 

neut. kKp4o"irepov as Adv., Theocr. 
iKp..T)pi)S ou, <5, , &poy, 7^77") a youth in his prime, Anth. 
o.Kp-T)pos, ov, ,&Kpos, fy8i}i / earliest ymth, Theocr. 
aKpYjros, aKpTjTo.Trooriifi, -ir^Tt^s, v. sub &KpaT~. 
aicpCpcua [icpr], 7b ' o.Kptfi'fis] exactness, minute accuracy, 
precision, Thuc., etc. ; with Preps, in adv. sense, St' 
a/cpi#eas, &:/>*#$, witf/J minuteness or precision^ 
Plat. ; so, as TV &/>., wpfcy TV &cp. Id, :- ^ &cp. TOW 
VCWTIKQV its perfect condition, Thuc. 2. jwsf- 

;;/,<)// v> frugality, Pint. 

aKplpi]S, V, <?.Y^ci 3 accurate, precise, made or rfo* ^ rt 
nicety, Eur., etc. H. of persons, mzetf, precise, 

strict 9 cotisuMiuatP/lihviS; etc. : - esp. painfully exact, 
over-nice, precise, curious, Plai. : - T^> &Kp*^^s - &:pf- 
0eia ? Thuc. :- Adv. -^ws, //; /? nicety, precisely, Hdt., 
etc- 2. parsimonious, frugal, Menand. ( Deriv. 

uncertain. ) 

atcplpoXo-y^o|iat,Dep. ^ be ex act w precise in languag-e 
or thought, Plat, j c. ace. rei, to weigh accurately, Id 

afcpIflo-X^os w, precise in argument* 

aKpipJ<i>, f. <6o-c) fl {fatpiBfot to make enact or accurate, 

Eur.; a/>. T<8e ^ ^>^ perfect in bearing these hardships, 

Xen. : Pass. ^ ^ or become perfect, Ar. 2. to i- 

vestigatc accurately, to understand thoroughly, ol 

you sure <?/my name? Plat. 

a.KpI0ws, Adv. of fapifrfo, q- v. 

aKp ioo-0ij KIJ, ^, , &icp^ rt locust-cage, Theocr. 

ciKpiSi ios f r} &Kposi a hill-top, Od. 

'AKPI1, ttw, >?> /dtf^rf, U. 

^ } tfucptros i want of distinct ness f Xen. 
5, u, shetidvng floods of tears, Anth. 

^ { , # V, recJiU'ssly or confusedly babbling 

II. II, hard of interpretation, Od. 

a-icptros, o/ 3 undistinguishable, unar ranged, dis 
orderly > Horn.; r^^ySos &piros one common itndis 
tinguished grave, II. 2. continual, unceA$ing>&x& 
Ib.; neut. as Adv., 7Ti/8^jUi/ai iiKptTOK ali Od.; - opo: 
tt/cp. a continuous mountain-rang*, Anth., Babr. II 
undecided, doubtful, yc^Kca, &0Xos IL ; &Kpfaj/ Uvr; 
7t)/j,//^ #/ttf issue was doubtful, Thuc. : -Adv. &KP(TOJS 
without decisive issue, Id. 2. uitjudged, un 

tried) of persons and things, &Kfnr6v TWO, nrttvciy t 
put to death without trial, Lat. indicia causa, Hdt 
etc. III. act. not git) ing a judgment, Id. : 
out judgment, ill-judged., rash, Eur. 

closely blending, leafage, IL 

Aesch, ( 

<XTO$ T<5 i A/cpoao/xai ) anything heard with 
pleasure, as d //^.}' or musical piece> Xen. 
Kpoap-arixos, ^, dl>/, (&Kpodofit.cti ) designed for hearing 

only, Plut. 

v, f , -e<r0/ [a] : aor. * ^KpodLffajLiijv : pf . 

w _ r : Dep. : - to hearken to s listen to, c. g*en. pers., 

ace. rei, Thuc., etc. ; c. gen. r<si, Id. 2 ; absol. to 
/ w'te , 6 &*cpo cli juevoy rt A *fl wr, disciple, Plat , Xen . II . 
/o attend to, obey, nv6s Thuc., etc. i Deriv. uncertain. > 

.Kp^otoas, ecoSj ^j rt hearing or listening) Th uc. , etc. 2 , 
obedience to another, c. gen. Id. ; and 
eticpodTlov, verb. Adj., <?/"' must listen to, riWs Ar. 
i.Kpoa,Tripiov, T&) i ^Kpodofj.a^ a place of audience, 
N. T. II. fl audience > Plut. 

LKpooLT-qs, oC, <5, i^/cpodcojuat hearer, Lat, auditor, 
Thuc. , etc. : disciple, Arist. II. fl lecturer, Plut. 
aKpoariKos, "h}&v-> (&Kpodofji.oii) oforfor /tearing, fAtefvbs 
&Kp. a lecturers fee, Luc. 

LKpo-pa^s, cs, ,j3a^7j) tinged at the point? Anth, 
(.Kpo-peX-yjs, ^s, \&&os) with a point ai the end, Anth. 
LKpopoXca), (A/cpo^^Xo^; to slittgj Anth. 
a.KpopoXi|s 7 ^y, ^ aKpoj3eX^*, Anth. 
",KpopoXia. s rj,' ^Kpo^Xos i a slinging, jsklrmishing,Ai[>\>, 

Dep. : to throw from afar, to fight with MISS Mm, to 
skirmish, vp6s nva or absol., Thuc., Xen. : metaph., 
&/cp. &re<ri Hdt. -The Act. in Anth, Hence 

acpopoXi,cr|AOS, ov, 4, * &Kpa/S<!;Wc$, Thuc., Xen. ; and 

atcpo{3oXt<jTTJs, oO, 4, sq.j Xen. 

a-Kpo-poXos, v, (fidXhto* pass, struck from ffar t 

Aeseh. II. act. ^wpo^(J\o$, '.parox.) 3, stinger, 

^Kpo-piKTrCo,, 4, ike foreskin, N. T. II. circnnt* 

cisitfii, Ib. j and as collect. ^/? uMircu.fltcUion> I. e. 

///tf utu'ircittnclised, Ib. iDem*. uncertain.) 
aKpo-YWviatos, a, ov, '/yaWa' 1 w/ Mf extreme angle > &x:p 

X(0os ^^ corner foitiidatwn-stvw*, N. T, 
d,Kpo-8TOS o^, bound at tin* (*nd or to_/>, Anth. 
aKpo-Spva, TCI, (Upvs'ifrulMws* Xen. II. fruits, 

Arist. The sing", occurs in Anth. 
oncpo-Otv^s, *s, (Qiyydivto ] touching on the sttffact', 

touching the lips, Anth. 
aicpa'0Lva, rei, -*4po$^i,, Find. 

y>/V/fe out for oMMlf, Km". 

05". "Me topmost part of a fwa t the choice part, 
firstfrtiits, taken as an offering to the gody, Hdt. etc. 
ajcpo-iceXaiviao*, (KeXaiv^s*) only in Kp. part* 3wp(>w:iXt 

i/KJaji/, growing black on the surface, of a swollen struam, 

atcpo-Kv^atos, o/, \Kvtyas at the beginning of night 9 

in twilight, Hes. : KO, 4Kpo-Kv|>^s, Is, Luc, 
c.Kpo-KojJio<>, ov, ' s K<fywj) wrtA /za*> w the crown, of the 

Thracians, who seem to have shaved all the head except 

the crown, IL H. with leaves ttt t/ie top* Kur. 


, <5j t/ie citadel of Corinth, Kur,, Ken. 

aKpo-XX8o$, ov, with the ends made of stone; %6avov a/cp, 
a statue with the head, arms, and legs marble, the 
rest wood, Anth. 

aicpo-X<ry<i>, (\4yto] to gather at top, crr^x uas Anth. 

aKpoXo<f>iTr|$ [f], ov, 6, a mountaineer, Anth. From 

aKpo-Xo<{>os, ov, high-crested, peaked, Anth. II, as 

Subst. a mountain crest, Plut. 

dicpo-XijTG>, f. ^<r, (xd) ^ zw&V jf & 0flfo, Anth. 

aKpo-fxav-qs, es, (} on the 'verge of madness, Hdt. 

aicpo-}j.oXi{3Sos, ov, leaded at the edge, of a net, Anth. 

aicpov, ov, ro, (neut. o &cpo$0 the highest or furthest 
point : 1. # mountain-top, peak, Horn., etc. 2. 
headland, foreland, cape, Od. 3. a:;* end, ex- 

tremity, Plat. ; &Kpa x L P^ tne hands, Luc. H. 

metaph. the highest pitch, height, Find. ; is &cpoi/ ex- 
ceedingly, Theocr. ; ra &Kpa rots &Kpoi,$ curoo'LO'dvai the 
highest place to the highest men, Plat. ; &cpa <epecr0cu 
to win the prise, Theocr. 2. of persons, "Apyeos 

&Kpa the oldest riders of Argos, Id. 

vvxt [*], Adv. with the tip of the nail, Anth. From 
s ov, (ovvj-) = a.Kpdcvvxos, Anth. 
s, ov, (vv) at night-fall, at even, Theocr., etc. 
iqs, 4s, (irevOos] exceeding sad, Aesch. 

oucpo-iroStjTi or Iri, Adv. (TTO\>$} on tiptoe, Luc. 

aKpo-iroXts, poet. oLKpo-iTToXts, eoos, y, the upper city, 
i. e. the citadel, Lat. arx, Od., Hdt. :esp. the Acro- 
polis of Athens, which served as the treasury, Thuc. II. 
metaph. of men, a tower of defence, Theogn. 

cucpo-ir^Xos, ov, (.TTOA/OJ) high-ranging, lofty, Horn. 

aKpo-in&po$, ov, < ireipcti} piercing with the point, Od. 

atcp<5-Trpa>pov,Tcf, [irpypa] the end of a ship's proiv, Strab. 

aKp6-irrepov, r6, the tip of the wing, Anth. 

OLKpO-TTToXlS, 7], poet, for O.Kp6vOklS. 

aKpos, a, ov, (a.K'fi l) at the furthest point, and so 
either topmost = Lat. summus, or outermost Lat. 
ext remits : 1. highest, topmost, & &Kpy ir&\.i = <b> 

attpoir6\i, II. ; jueXac $5wp tiucpov at its surface, Ib., 
etc. 2. outermost, facpif) X ty> & K P ot noSes, &Kpo$ 

Sifjios the <?w of the hand, ends of the feet, z/ of the 
shoulder, Ib., Thuc. ; &r* &Kpuv [ScwcTvAw/) on tiptoe, 
Soph. ; focpoiffi Actu^ow KpaffireSois with the outermost 
edg-es of the sail, i. e. under close-reefed sails, Eur. II. 
of Time, it denotes completeness, faepa <ri>v foirepa, when 
eve was fully come, Pind. ; &Kpas Micros at dead of 
night, Soph. III. of Degree, the highest in its 

kind, exceeding good, consummate, excellent ; of per- 
sons, Hdt., etc. ; &Kpos pdvris Soph. : often with an 
ace. modi added, ^X^ v ^ K & K P OS n t strong in mind, 
Hdt.; &Kpoi TO. Tro\ju,ia., skilful in war, Id., etc.; also 
c. gen. modi, of &Kpoi ry$ vo^crecos Plat. ; also, &Kpo$ ek 
or. Trepi T* Id. IV. as Subst., v. &Kpa, &Kpov. V. 
neut. as Adv. on' the top or surface, just, fapov ITT! 
fifl'Yfjuvos on the very edge o the surf, II. 2. ex- 
ceedingly, Theocr. 3. utterly, completely, Plat. 
o.Kpo-cri8T)pos, ov, pointed or shod with iron, Anth. 
o.Kpo-cro<|>os, ov, high in wisdom, Pind, 
aKpo-orriXtov, ro, ' crroX^) the git nwa/e of a ship, Plut. 
aKpo-a^aX-rj?, 4s 9 ;o-^>oXXaj y apt to trip, unsteady, pre- 
carious, Plat, 

EiJTiov, ro, the fag-end of a verse, Thuc. 
u, to lop off, shave the surface, Xen. From 
>, ov, (rfovw) cut off sharp, abrupt, Polyb. 

o,Kpo-4v<riov, r6, (<pvffa the snout or 
bellows, Thuc. 

iKpo-x^v-j]?, $, (xct<rW' yawning at top, Anth. 
jLKpo-xipii<>H-ai, Med. 2^0 struggle at arm's length, of 
a kind of wrestling, in which they grasped one another* s. 
hands, without clasping the body, Plat., etc. 
-XoXos, v. sub a/c/>a%-. 
Wj) a wart with a thin neck, Plut, 

P j, ov, (Kpvirru] unhidden, Eur. 

a-Kpvo-raXXos, ov, free from ice, -f} x^frn Hdt. 
aKp-ct>(jiia, ij, (ft/Acs') the point of the shoulder j in a 
horse, the withers, Xen. 

o,Kpb>via, TJ, a dub. word in Aesch., perh. = ap<wT??/)ia<r- 
/t^s, mutilation. 

aKpcovvx^a, y, the tip of the nail ; metaph. the ridge 
of a mountain, Xen, From 

oLKp-wv^xos, ov, ^faicpos, ovvj- < 'with nails at the extre- 
mities, xepbs a.Kp<avvx<x> the tips of the fingers, Anth. 
aicp-wpcia, y, (opos*) a mountain-ridge, Xen., Theocr. 
atcpcornpia^w, f . o~ca, to cut off the extremities, mutilate, 
ras irptfpas T\Kpto r nipia(ra.v cut the beaks off the prows, 
Hdt.: -so in Med., ray rprfpeis<ifj.fvoi Xen.; 
pf. pass, in med. sense, $Kp<ari]Qia,G'fj,voi rets- varpifias 
having mutilated their countries, Dem. From 
oLKpwnjpiov, ro, (^/cpoy) any prominent part, aKp. rov 
oitpeos a mountain-/*a, Hdt. 2. a cape, promon- 
tory, Id., Thuc. II. the extremity of anything, 
a,Kp. yyds a ship's beak, Hdt. 2. in pi. the extre- 
mities of the body, hands and feet, fingers and toes, 
Thuc., etc. ; ra aKp. ry? N//c??$- her -wings, Dem. 
axraivo), only in pres. to lift up, raise, aKraiveiy o~rdcriv 
to raise oneself so as to stand, to stand upright, Aesch. : 
so in the form aKT<uv<Jo>, Plat. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
CLKTCUOS, a, ov, (&KT#) on the coast, of Ionian cities, 
Thuc. : so, 'A/crafa ,sc. 777), ^, coast-land, an old name 
of Attica, Id. 2. haunting the coast, fidrpaxoi Babr. 
aK-re'a, OIKTTJ, Tj, the elder-tree, Luc. ,Deriv. unknown.) 
a-KTavos, ov, (Kreavov;. without property, poor, rivos 

in a thing, Anth. 

OL-ICT^VWITOS, ov, (KreviCca) uncombed, unkempt, Soph. 
aicWov, verb. Adj. of #y, one must lead, Plat., etc. ; 
flp^vnv cutreov one must keep peace, Dem. II. 

one must go or march, Xen. 
GL-icTp&o'TO5, ov, =sq., Anth. 
a-KWpKi'Tos, ov, (tcreptfa} ztjihallowed by funeral rites, 


aKTij (A), y, a headland, foreland, promontory, shore, 
Od., etc. : of the banks of rivers, a/cral 3ip6*vros 
Aesch. ; *A.x*P OVTOS S P h - 2 * generally, coast-land, 
a/cral 5i^ci<nat of the N. and S. coasts of Asia Minor, 
Hdt. ; of Attica (cf. &KTTOS), Soph. II. generally, 
any edge or strand, like the sea-coast, Lat. ora, x~ 
/iaros aKrrj of a sepulchral mound, Aesch. ; jBefytios & 
of an altar, Soph. I, Perh. from Z^w/tt, cf. firry /ifr.) 
aKTij (B), ^, old word for corn or meal, ATj/A^jrcpos- axr^ 

II. ; oX^tTou ar^ Od. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
ot-KTijfJtwv, ov, gen. ovos, (KTTJJUCI) without property f poor, 
XpvffoiQ in gold, II. : absol., oxr. ir*vlct Theocr. 
a-KTijTOS, ov, (tcrdo/Jiai] not worth getting, Plat. 
oticTtvrj8(5v, (farts} Adv. like a ray, Luc. 
atcrios, ov, (aKr-fj] haunting the shore, of Pan, Theocr.^ 
./. j-yj^ * yo ^ ^ ^ ra y t beam, of the sun, Horn, j fob 

a, i. e. from the south, Soph, ; facra/ts r- 
Ai/r<<rcu sunset, Eur. 2. metaph. brightness, splen- 
dour, glory, Find. II. like Lat. radius, the spoke 

of a wheel, Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

[tj, ou, <5, (d/crt?) a d-weller on the coast, Anth. 
os, ov, (,/CT^W) untilled, h. Horn. 
, opos, 5, \^j(a} a leader, Aesch. 
pVTjTos, w, (KvjSepvcica} without steersman* Plut. 
s, 6, an acorn, the fruit of the ilex, Od. 

a.-Kt5p,avTos [0], oz/, (KVfj.atvc)} not washed by the "waves, 
ij/ajua0oi$' ITT* cLKVfj.a.vroi$ on sands 'washed by no waves, 
i. e. on the sands of the stadium, Eur. II. wave- 

Jess, calm, -jr^Aayos Luc. 

a-K-ijp.os, ov } (KVfjia} = a,Kv/j,avTQ$, Arist, Plut., etc. : 
metaph. tranquil, cue. jBloros Eur. 

a-Kvp,wv [0], ov, gen. ovos, (/ev/*a) = btcvfAavros, Aesch. 

a-Kvjiwv [u], oj/ ; gen. om, (/cueou) without fruit, barren, 
of women, Eur. 

a-icupos, oj/, (/cvpos) without authority : I. of laws 
and contracts, invalid, &Kvpov 7rotiV, Lat. irritum 
facere, to set aside, and &icvpov ytyvecrOai, to become of 
no force, to be set aside, Plat. ; V&IJLQIS aKi>pois xpupwi 9 
i.e. having- laws, but not enforcing them, Thuc. II. 
of persons, having" no right or power, &K. TTQIGIV ru/d 
Xen. ; c. gen,, &Kvpoi TTC^VTCUK 7Hj<r6o*0 Dem. 

a-icvpa>Tos, ov, verb. Adj. of Kvp6<a, unconfirmed, Eur. 

OLKWKIJ [a], ?), (kief) i~] anoint, Horn., etc. 

a-KwXiiTOs, ov, (/cajAuco^ unhindered, Luc. : Adv. ~ra>$, 

d-Ko>(j.a)8-r]Tos, ov, (KcofMepSefa) not ridiculed : Adv. -rcoy, 

OKWV [a], ovros, 6, (iuefi i) a javelin, dart, Horn., etc. 

aicwv [a], &covcra, a/cox, Att. contr. for a/ca>i/, 

a-K7ros, o^, (/C^TTTJ") without oars, Anth. 

AXa|3apxa [dAl, ^, zfAi? c>#w of*AXa$apM$, in Egypt, 

s [rj, Anth. 

OirJKiq,^,^ case for alabaster ornaments, Dem. 
[aAa-], <5, box or casto of alabaster, Hdt., 

Ar., etc, : fadficurrpos is a later form in Lxx, N. T., 
Plut. : a ncut. a\dj3ao"Tpov in N. T., pi. aA^acrrpa or 

^-ra in Theocr. and Anth. (Prob. a foreign word.) 
aXa8e [aA], Adv. of &\.<?, to or m^ the sea, II., etc. ; 

also, *t$ &'Aa5e Od. 
aX<i-8pofxos [aAj, <5, in Ar. Av. 1359, either from &VA.O- 

^ai, /A^ bounding race; or from #A$>, a race over the sea. 
aXaJoveCa, ^, ^Aafowv) /a/w pretension, imposture, 

^quackery, Ar., Plat., etc. 

aXa{<$yeu}j,a, aros, r6, an imposture, piece of quackery, 

Ar,, etc. From 

&X<s,qvTJo[Aai, f. iVQjucu : Dep. : (&Aafc^)/) :- ^ make 
Jahe pretensions, of the Sophists, Xen, 
&Xaovnc$s ^, ^ (a\a(av) boastful, braggart, Xen. 

Adv. ~K&$, Plut, 
aXa^v [aA], Jws>, 6, f), (foil) properly a vagabond: 

then, ! /fl/w pretender, impostor, quack, of Sophists, 

Ar., Plat., etc. II. as Adj. swaggering, boastful, 

braggart, Lat. gloriosus, Hdt., Plat. 
ftXadeia, aXaOiQs, Dor. for &A*?0~. 
&Xa0t$, Dor. for &Ai?0efo, aor. i part, of kkdopcu. 
dXatvto [aA],~<iA^/xac, /> wander about, Aesch., Eur.j 

&A. wJ5a to wander on foot. Id. 

a-XaKara, f] } Dor. 

aXaXa., Dor. for aAaAi?. 

aXaXayn, -^, shouting, Soph. ; and 

dXaXayp-a, aroy, r(J, ~sq., Plut.; and 

dXaXa^jx^s, 6, = aXaXayf), Hdt. II. a loud noise, 

rvfj.7ra.vtov, auAoO Eur. From 

aXaXa<i>, f . -d^ojaat : aor. i 7jAaActa, poet. aAaAa^a : 
(formed from the cry &AaAa as ^AcAffw, oAaAv{io from 
similar sounds) :<~ta raise the war-cry, Xen. ; c. ace. 
cogn., vlKtjv &\a\dfew to shout the shout of victory, 
Soph. 2 . generally, to cry or shout aloud, of Bacchus 
and the Bacchae, Eur. 3. rarely of a cry of pain, 
i]\d\a^ SvcrdvyarKov Id. II. rarely also of other 

sounds than the voice, to soiind loudly, clang, N, T. 

dXaXaC [aA], exclam. of joy, Ar. 

aXaXaros, 3, Dor. for aAaAi?T<fc. 

aXaX^ [dAa], Dor. dXaXcl, ^, a loud cry, Eur, : 
esp. the cry with 'which battle was begun, hence the 
battle-cry, Pind. (Formed from the sound, cf. &AaAa(.l 

aA<x\T)jjLcu [dAa], pf. of ^xdo/jLai, only used in prcs. sense 
(part. aXaX'hfj.Gvos takes the accent of pres.\ to wander 
or roam about, like a beggar, Ocl. ; of seamen, Ib. 

a-XaXrjTos, ov, (AaAcw) unutterable, Anth., N.T. 

a.XaXif)Tos Dor. -dr6s, ov, 5, ^AaA^j) the shout of vic- 
tory, II. : war-cry, Ib., Hes. 2. rarely, a cry of VIM 
or wailing, II. II. a loud noise, cw\wv Anth. 

aXaXKc [dA], 3 sing. aor. 2 (also 2 imper.) ; Ep. 3 sing, 
subj. aAaA/qycn : opt. &\d\KQt$, -/coi, -KQLW, inf. &AaA- 
Kiv, Ep. aiAaA/ceyuej/ai, -e/xe?/; part. dAaAw^j' : -to want 
or keep off, rt nvi something from a person, II,, etc. ; 
more rarely rl TWOS Ib. (From AAK come #AaA/ce, 
aA/dj, ^A/cap, &A/CI/XOS, &A^|w : identical with APK, iv. 
A A, iv\ whence Ap/c^w,, Lat. arceo, arx, area*} 

*AXaXKofXVTjts, tSos, name of Athena, prob, from &AaA- 
tceiv, the Protectress, II. 

dXaXKoja-evios, 5, a Boeot. month, anKwering to Att. /xat- 

jiaKrripu&v, Plut. 

a-XaXos, oj/, speechless, N.T. 

aXaXuKTiqfxcu [dAd], a pf. formed by rcclupl, from *dAw 
TCD, to be sore distressed, II. ; cf. &\vKrdu>, 

d-XafXTreros, oi/, (a />>,, A^TTW) without light, dark- 
some, h. Horn. ; of the nether world, Soph. 

&-Xajj.7r*js, ^,foreg,, ^A. ^A/oy <;# w/thc sun's %/f/ 1 , 
Soph. 2. metaph. obscitrc, Plut. 

aXaop-ai [dA], Ep. 3 pi. &k($(/avra,L, Kp. imper. &A<to ; 
impf, ^X<afM)v, Ep. 3 sing. &AWTO : f. dA^cra^ai ; Kp. 
aor. i aXJiQyv, Dor. part. dAd0(s : cf . &A<iA?tya : Pass. ; 
(itAi?) : to wander, stray or mm about, Horn., etc. ; 
to wander from home, be banished % Soph, ; c, ace. loci, 
dA. 7i?j/ to wander over the land, Id. 2, c. g-c,n. fa 
wander away from, cease to enjoy, ctypoer&vas Pind. ; 
rifc W&PQL& -vTpa(<w Eur, II. metaph. / wander 
in mind, be distraught) Soph. 

A-Xcios, 6v,^not seeing, blind, Od., Tra#., etc.; JfX*ay 
dAa^y a blinding wound, i.e. blindness , hL (Commonly 

^ regarded as a compd. of aprivat. and A^w mdm.} 
dXao-crKOTria, Ion. -iij, ^, (CT/COTT^W) a blind, i, c* ttwtent, 

careless, watch, Horn., Hes. 

&Xao'<u, f.^orcw, (&Aa(fs) to 5/rf, ^0aXjU00</an eye, Od. 
&X&rra8vos, ^, <Ji/, (dAaWfwi exhausted % p#werless t 

feeble, Horn., Hes.; Comp. dAawaWripat IL 

XairaJw [dA], Ep, impf, kKdvafov ; f. c<w : Ep. aor. I 

dAoVaa : to empty, drain, exhaust, Od. ; dA. TT&\LV 
to plunder it, II. j and of men, to destroy, Ib. (From 
Root AAfl with a prefixed, cf. AaiTdVorcy.) 

aXas, aros, r6, (aAs) salt, N.T., Plut. 

dXao-Tw, aor. i part. dAao-TTjcray, (aAacrros) to be full 
of wrath, II. 

dXacnropos, ov, under the infltcence of an a\d<rr(ap : 

^suffering cruelly, Soph. 

a-Xa<rros Ion. a-XiicrTos, ov, (A^Oo/xai) not to be for- 
gotten, insufferable, unceasing, irzvQos, &x os Horn. : 
neut. as Adv., incessantly, Od. 2. of persons, 

&Aa<rre accursed wretch ! II. , Soph. 

dXao-rcop, opos-, <5, the Avenging Deity, destroying 
angel, Trag. ; dA. ouzo's Soph. ; $ovK6\cav dAaorwp the 
herdsmen's plague, of the Nemean lion, Id. II. 

pass, he 'who siiffers from such vengeance, an accursed 
wretch, Aesch., Dem. (Either from aAcurros, or from 
a\do/Mat, he that makes to wander.} 

dXaras, aXa/reta, Dor. for aA^T^s, dATjTefa. 

dXartov, r6, Dim. of aAas, Aesop. 

aXaro, Dor. for ^Aaro, 3 sing. aor. i of oXAOjU-at. II. 
aXS-TO, 3 sing. impf. of aAd'ojUcu. 

dXaaiT-uSj vos, y, (dAa^co) a blinding, Od. 

dX-yeivos, 4\, dv, (&\yo$) Att. for Ep. ateyewds, giving 
pain, painful, grievous, Trag., Thuc. : Adv. -v&s, 
Soph., Plat. II. rare in pass, sense, feeling pain, 

grievously suffering, suffering, Soph. Cf. a\yi<ev, 

dX-yew, . -fjcra, (fayos) to feel bodily pain, suffer, IL, 
Hdt., etc.; the suffering part in ace., dA7. -7rap Aesch.; 
Toy SctKTvAo*', rd ^/xara Plat. 2. to suffer hard- 
ship, Od. II. to feel pain of mind, to grieve, 
be troubled or distressed, aXyeiv ^vx^v, <J>peV Hdt., 
Eur., etc. ; dA7. TLVI to be pained at a thing, Hdt.,, 
Soph. ; eirt TIVI Id. ; did TI Hdt. ; Trept TI or TWOS 
Thuc.; c. gen., Aesch.; c. ace., dA7w jue*/ p7a Id.; 
c. part., ^.7770-' d/coiioras Hdt, 

dXy^ScSv, ovos, y, (dA76ft>) a sense of pain, pain, suffer- 
ing, Hdt., Eur.,, etc. II. of mind, pain, grief, 

jSoph., Eur. ? etc, 

aXYY]p,a, aTOs, r6, (aXyeoo) pain, suffering, Soph., 

, ews 1 , T], (aA7<) sense of pain, Soph. 
, ecrcra, $v, (aA70s) painful, grievous, Hes. 
1 KL v ^XYICTTOS, t], ov, irreg. Comp. and Sup. 
of aXycivds, formed from aA70J (as KaXKlcajs, -IO"TOS 
from KaXXos, alffxitov, -urros from aTcr^osr) : more or 
most painful, grievous or distressing : of the Comp., 
Horn, has only neut. aA7ioj>, so m-uch the worse, all the 
harder; aXytcrrri &x^ckracr0ai (of a mule), IL [In Horn. 
&\yiov, but I always in Att.] 

"AAF02, eoy, r6, pain of body, IL, Soph. 2, pain 
of mind, grief, distress, Horn, II. anything that 

causes pain, Bion., Anth. 

dX*yvva> [C], Ion. 3 sing. impf. kKyvvefftte : f . \>v& : aor. 
I tf\yvva: Pass., with f. med. dA7t>j/oi5/Ku (in pass, 
sense) : aor. i ri\y^vQr\v : (&\yos} : to pain, grieve, 
distress, rivd Aesch., etc. : Pass, to be grieved at a 
thing, rivi, Soph. ; eW rtvt Eur. ; rt Soph. : c. part., 
eltn&oucra fi\ydvOr)V Aesch. 

dXSatvw (Root AAA), only in pres. and impf., except 
Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 tf\8av : Causal of dA$^<r/ca>, to make 


to grow, jueAe' ^ASave she filled out his limbs, Od. : to 
increase, multiply, a.\$atvetv /ca/ea Aesch. 

dXSijcncw, to grow, max, II, II. trans. = dA&ak'to 

Theocr. ' 

dXca (A.), Ion. dXerjj %, (dAeo/xat) an escape, II. ; c. gen. 
shelter from, verou Hes. 

dXea (B), Ion. dXctj, f}, warmth, heat, Od., Ar. (Deriv. 

dXecuvw, aor. i dva, (dAe'a B) to warm, make warm, 

^Arist. ^ II. intr. jto grow warm, be warm, Ar. 

aXeacrdai., dXeacrde, Ep. aor. i inf. and 2 pi. of dAeo/tat : 
dXlaiTo, 3 sing. opt. 

dXe-ycivds, 77, &>, Ep. for aXyewfc, Horn.; c. inf., '/TTTroi 
aAe7ti/al Sa/iTjjuei/cu hard to break, II. 

dXYt|X Ep. Verb, only in pres. and impf., (dAe'7>) to 
trouble oneself about a thing, to care for, in Horn, 
always with negat., c. gen. rei, r&v pev ap' OVK a\yi$ 
vwrjij) II. : absol. <? tale- tod, Ib. 

aXe/wc* [v], aor. 2 a\4yvva, (aXtyw) to care for, fur* 
nish, c. ace., oAAas 5 s aXeyvvers Scurasfind your meals 
elsewhere ; SCUT* aXeyvvov, of invited guests ; but, 8 euros 

^e/'a-as- dA. zto prepare a meal /or guests, all in Od. 

dXe-yw, only in pres., to trouble oneself,, have a care, 
mostly with negat. : 1. absol., OVK dA, to have no 
care, heed not, Lat. negligo, Horn. ; KVVCS OVK dAexou- 
0-0,1 careless, reckless dogs, Od.; without negat., dA<f- 
70tm Kiovffai are heedful in their course. II. with 
a case, 1. c. gen. to care for, Od., Aesch. 2. c. 
ace. to heed, regard, respect, II. : without a negat., 
oVAa a\yov(Tiv take care of, Od. (Prob. from Root 
AEf = LIG in Lat. re-ligio, a being euphonic.) 

dXeetvds, -f} } oV, (dAea B) open to the sun, warm, hot, 
X&pyi Hdt., Xen. 

dXeeivw [a], Ep. Verb, only in pres. and impf. : (dAea B): 
to avoid, shun, c. ace., Od. ; c. inf., KT&VOU < r 
he avoided killing him, II. 

dXer], Ep. for dAea. 

aXeirjs, 4s, like aXeeivts, in the sun, virvos Soph. 

aXeiara, ra, (dAeV) wheaten flour, Od. ; cf. tfAei, 

aXeijxjJia, arcs, r6, (dAef^a?) anything used for anoint- 
ing, unguent, fat, oil, Plat. 

dXcCTTTKjs, ov, 6, (dAcfyxw) an anointer, a teacher of 
gymnastics, Arist. : metaph. a teacher, Pint. 

dXeis, etcra, eV, aor. 2 pass. part, of tffAw: v. clfAa n. 

aXeicrov [a], r6 3 a cup, goblet, xpfoetov Horn. (Deriv. 

dXcCrujs, ov, o, (dAeo/iat) one who flees from punish" 
ment, a culprit, a sinner ? Horn. 

aX(,<J>a-, r6, collat, form of sq., Hes., Aesch., etc. 

aXci<)>ap, anos, r6, (aAef^w) anointing-oil, unguent, oil, 
Horn. II. generally, any t hing used for smearing, 
pitch or resin., to seal wine-jars, Theocr, 

dXcC^o), f . i^w : aor. i ^AenJ/o, Ep. aAenJ/a : pf. ( 
Med., aor. i ^Xci^d^v, Ep.dA-: Pass., f. i 
cfofJLOLi : aor. i fyheifydrjv : pf . dATjAi/i/iat. (From Root 
All! with a prefiKed, v. \iiros.} To anoint with oil, 
oil the skin, as was done after bathing, or before gym- 
nastic exercises, the Act. referring to the act of another, 
Med. to oneself, II.; often with Afo-a added (v. Afirct) : 
metaph. to prepare as if for gymnastics, to stimulate, 
Plat., etc. II. like eVoAc^w, to plaster, 

to stop up the ears, Od. 



s, fas,' f),' an anointing: a method or custom 
of anointing, Hdt. 

clXcKTOpuricos, ^, Dim. of aA^/crap, a cockerel^ Babr. 

aXcKTOpo-4>6>va, 37, (dAeVra>p, (pawf)) cock-crow, i.e. the 
third watch of the night, Aesop., N. T. 

a-XKTpo?, ov 3 (AeWpo*/) ^{.nbedded, unwedded, Soph., 
etc.; &\Krp', &vvjA<pa, ya.^<av d/uAA^ara, much like 
ydfjios fcya/ios, i. e. a lawless., unhallowed marriage, Id. ; 
&\Krpa, as Adv., Id. 

ttAetcTp-uaiva, 17, a hen, Ar. From 

aXcKTp-uwv [a], 6vo$, 6, a cock, Theogn., etc. II. 

y, aAe/crpvaiva, a hen, Ar. From 

cLX&rap [a], opos, 6,~&\Krpvdl>v, a cock, Aesch., etc. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

aXcKto [a], to ward off, Anth. ; v. a*AaA/ce. 

aXtp-aros, aXejJtctTWS, Don for ^Ae/*,-. 

aXcv, aor. 2 pass. part. neut. of elAoj. 

3 AXfav8picnrijs, ov, d, a partisan of Alexander, Plut. 

aXel-avSpos, oi>, (av/jp) defending men, v6\efjios Inscr. 
ap. Diod. II. the usual name of Paris in II. , cf. 

Aesch. Ag. 6 1, 363, 

*AXcavSp-a>ST]$, es y fel&osr) Alexander-like, Menand. 

dXc~avcp.os, ov, (dA|w) keeping off the wind, Od. 

, aros, r6, (aAecu) a defence, remedy, Aesch. 
s, etas, TJ, (dAea>) a keeping off, defence, Hdt. 
a, 77, fern, of sq., Anth. 

, ypos, 6, (dAea>) one who keeps off, dA. ;ua%r?s 
a stemmer of battle, a champion, II. 

aXe|T)T)7pios, a, ov, (dAea>) able to keep off, of the gods, 
Lat. Averrunci, Aesch. ; j-fiXov aA. a club for defence, 
Eur. 2, dAe^-Hj/uov (sc. ^dp/jLatcov), r6, a remedy : 
protection, Xen. 

aXiJiJTWp, opos, <5, = dAe^r^p, Soph. 

aXe^L-apt] fap], 7), either (from dpa) she that keeps off a 
* curse, or (from y Ap^s) she that guards from death and 
ruin, Hes. 

dAeiji-peXefAvos, ov, (fritepaiov) keeping off darts, Anth. 

aXet-icaicos, ov, keeping off evil or mischief, II. : c. gen., 
Sty?;* aA. Anth. 

aXci-p,f3poTos, oy, protecting 'mortals, Find. 

aXcC-fA.opos, ov, warding off death, Soph. 

aXeii-cf>apfjtaicov, T(J, <2w antidote, remedy, Plat. : rw6s 
against a thing, Id. 

aXc'ca [a], Ep. inf. aX^e^evai, -4p,ev : L a\e^arca : aor. 
I opt. dAe^ercxe : Med., f. dA|^<ro^at. Besides these 
tenses (formed from aAee / a>), we find others formed 
from aXe'tcw, f. dAe^cw, med. aAe^o/iai; aor. i inf. dAe- 
r. " (From Root AAK, v. #AaA/ce.) To ward or 
f, turn away or aside; c. ace. rei, Zei5 r<f 7* 
Od.^:; c. ace. rei et dat. pers., Aavao'tcriv dAe- 
Kbv ^ap wf/Z wr^ it off from them, II., etc. : 
then c. dat. pers. only, to assist, defend, Ib., Xen. ,- 
absol. to lend aid, II. : Med. to keep off from onestlf, 
defend oneself against, c. ace., Ib. : absol. to defend 
oneself, Ib., Soph. 2. Med., also, to recompense, 
requite j robs 6 leal KOK&S TTQIOVVTOS a\el-6'ju,vos Xen. 

aXcoficu [aA], contr. dXeajfAai, Ep. aXevofxai : impf, 
aXeovro : aor. i ^Aei/a/ii?^ inf. a\cur6ai y aAeva<r0ai, 
part. akevdju.vos. (Prob. from same Root as a\dojnai : 
cf. a^cfKca) : Dep. to avoid, shun, c. ace. rei, y%eo 

aAam>, allin II. ; rarely c. ace. pers., Qeovs 

, Ib. : c. inf. fo avwW doing; aAcverat (Ep. 

3 sing. subj. for ^rt) ^Trepoireveiv Od. 2. absol. 

if<3 j^^ ^br o<? 5 5 life, flee, rbv pev a\vdfjLevav rbv Se 

Krd/j.vov II. ; ovre tpvyeeiv Si^yar* oi/r* aAeaorfiai Ib. 
aXcorara, Ep. for ^Aecra, aor. i of dAew. 
dX^Ttjs, ov, 6, (dAy) a grinder, v. #vos n. 2. 
d,XT(5s, d, ^dAeftj) fl grinding, Plut. , cf. dATjrtfc. 
dXcrpcvo), f . eucrw, (dAecw) ft? grind, Od. 
dXc-Tpip&vos [aA, i], d, (dAew, rptfica') that which 

grinds or pounds, a pestle, Ar. 
dXcrpis, ios,ri, (dXea?) a female slave who grinds corn^ 

yvvfy aXerpls Od. 

aXev, poet, for ^Acue, imp. of aAet$<w. 
aXcvai, Ep. aor. i imper. of dAeo/tai : dXcvaro, Ep. 3 

sing, indie. 
aXevpov [a], rrf, mostly in pi. aXevpa, (dAeco) wheaten 

flour t distinguished from fiA^tra (barley-meat), Hdt., 

dXevo), to remove, keep away ; aor. i Imper.j ^Aeucroi/ 

tfjSptK Aesch. ; KOKOV dAe^trarc Id. : absol. in pres. 

o"Ai/, for a"A6ve, av^ M^ evil, Id. : Med., dActJo^aai, v- 


aXe<o [a] : impf. tfXovv : aor. i ^Accra, Ep. &\c(fo'a : pf, 
dA^Ae/ca : Pass., pf. dA^AeeTjuat or ~6/iat : zto grind, 
bruise, pound, Od. (From Root AA came also 

*dXew, only used in Med. 

dXewpT], Att. ~pa, ^, (dAeo/i^O avoidance, escape, II., 
Hdt. 2. c. gen. means of avoiding, a defence or 
shelter from, Srftov Mpw II. : absol. defence, Ib., 

* Hdt 

J 'AAH [a], ^f, ceaseless wandering, Od., etc. 2, w- 

dering of mind, distraction, Eur. II. act., o"Aai 

fiporcov SvcropjJLOi, of storms ^w^A 5 <?tfj> W<?TZ wander* 
ing without haven and rest, Aesch. ; cf. dAi5w. 

dXij06ia [aA], TJ, Dor. aXa0ia ; Ep, also d,Xt]0$a : (dAij- 
Qfo) : I. truth : 1. truth, as opp. to a lie, iraitibs 

iraffav dA. fjLvdeTffdaL to tell the whole jfn^A about the 
lad, Od. ; so, xP^-'^ a ' i r V ^- ^ c ^* > % ^- 7r P^ Tiroy 
Thuc. 2. truth, reality, opp. to appearance, rwy 
fyyav vj dA. Id. 3. adverb, usages, r?7 dA7?0ea z?4 

y^rj/ truth, Id. ; rarely dATjflefa Plat. ; d?r* aXyOelas 
in truth and reality; Dem. ; /xer* a\.7]6eia$ Xen. ; /car" 
a\^6eiav Arist- II. & character of the dATjfl^y, 

truthfulness, sincerity, frankness, candour, Hdt., etc. 

dXiri0-uft), f. a-a>, (dA^^/) zto ^^ #rw#A, Aesch., etc.; 
rds 5e/ca ypepas i)\^6vcr he was right about the 10 days, 
Xen. ; dA. robs faalvovs to prove their praises true, 
Luc. II. Pass, to come true, of predictions, Xen. 

d-Xti0ifjs [a], Dor. d-Xd0T]s, 4s, (apriv., A^0<w = \avQdva] : 
unconcealed, true; I. true, opp. to ^evS^s-, 

Horn. ; TO a\r]Bes f by crasis rdA770ey, Ion. rwAT/fles 1 , and 
rd dAij0^, by crasis rdA^ jfA^ #nM, Hdt,, Att. 2. 
of persons, truthful, II., Att. 3. of oracles and the 
like, jfrw, coming true, Aesch., etc. II. Adv. 

&\y6cos, Ion. -Betas, truly, Hdt., etc. 2. really, 
actually, in reality, Aesch., Thuc., etc. ; so, &s dAij- 
0$ Eur., Plat., etc. III. neut. as Adv., proparox. 

\7i6es; itane? indeed? really? in sooth? ironically, 
Soph., Eur., etc. 2. ro dAT/fles really and truly, 

Lat. revera. Plat,, etc. ,* so, TO &\r)Q4o*TaTov in very 
truth, Thuc. Hence 

aXv)0Lgofj,cu, Dep. = aAijfleva?, Hdt. 

dXt]0ivos, 47, 6v, (aA?70-fc) agreeable to truth : 1. of 
persons, truthful., tmsty } Xen., Dem. 2. of things,, 
true, real, Plat.; Is aA. &v$p 3 facoffivai to turn out a 
true man, Theocr. : Adv. -v&$, truly, really , Plat ., etc. 

aXt]0o-p,avTis, 5) f], prophet of truth, Aesch. 

aXir]0ocnSv7fc ^, poet, for aA^0e*a> Theogn. 

aXij0ca [a], =-=&Ae'a>, Anth. 

'AXifiov TreSW, rJ, (&\TI} the plain ^ wandering (over 
which Bellerophon wandered"), in Lycia or Cilicia, II. 

a-Xtjios, ov, (Xr]iov) poor in lands, II. 

aX-qXcica, -|xai, or -~<rjxai, pf. act* and pass, of aAew. 

aXT]Xt<|>a, dX^Xi,, pf. act. and pass, of aAc&jbw. 

a A^ |j. a [aA], aroy, r^ (aAew) jw^ ?/z<2/ ; metaph. of tf 
wily knave, such as Ulysses, Soph. 

aXTmevcu, Ep. for ccXrjyai. 

dXt]fxcov [a], oyos-, <5, ^, (aActo/tat) # wanderer, rover, Od., 

aX-ijvai, aor. 2 pass. inf. of ?Ao>. 

a-Xir|irTO$, oy, not to be laid hold of, hard to catch, 
Phit.j Comp. a\T}TrrdTepos less amenable, Thuc. H. 
incomprehensible, Plut. 

aXtjs [a], &, (elfAa?, cf. aoAA-fc) Ion. word eginv. to Att. 
a9p6os, assembled, thronged, in a mass, all at once, 
Lat. confertus, Hes., Hdt.,* either in pL, &$ oAees tfycrav 
ot "EAAijyes, or with collective nouns, oA^s yevoftevr} 
iracra $ 'EAAck Id. 

a-XijcrroSj-oy, Ion. for ^AacTros. 

aXqrcCa, Dor. aXareta, 17, < wandering, roaming, 
Aesch., Eur. Erom 

aXtirevo), f . tfca, to wander, roam about, of beggars, Od. ; 
of exiles, Eur. From 

TJTtjs [a], ov, Dor.'aXaras, a, 6; voc. aA^ra, Dor. 
aAara : (aXdo/jLai) : a wanderer,, stroller, rover, vaga- 

bond, of beggars, Horn. ; of exiles, Trag. ; rbv 

oAara^ Trtivtov one 'mho has -wandered in long labours, 

Soph. 2. as Adj. vagrant, roving, fiios Hdt. 
aXirjTds, 6, poet, for aAT<fe, Babr. 

^AAQOMAI, Pass, to become whole and scnind, ^Xdcro 
^X^/) (Ep. 3 sing, impf.) II. 
aXta, Ion. -(tj, (aA^s-) an assembly cf the people, in Dor. 

states, answering to Att. &f/cA?7or/a, Hdt., etc. 
aXia8ir]s [a], ov, o, (aXs} a sea-man, Soph. 
aXt-aeros, poet. a\iaieros, a, the sea-eagle, osprey, Ar. 
aXi-aijs, 4s, (^jut) blowing seaward, Od. 
aXL-av0T]Sj S, (^cAy, avQcos') properly sea-blooming ; then 

= aXiTTOptyvpos, piirple, Anth. 
4-Xiaorros, ov, (Ajafoueu) unshrinking, unabating, II. ; 

neut. as Adv.,^S* aXiaa-Toy o$i>peo nor mourn incessant, 

Ib. ; so, typfyv oAfa<rro5 <ppl<r<ri. Eur. II. of per- 

sons, undaunted, Id. 
aXtpas [a-], ai/ros-, ^, 12 dead body, corpse, Plat. (, Deriv. 


ov, Dor. for ^XlfraTos. 

oj/, (^tAy, f-lpexv} washed by the sea, Anth. 
[a], oi', resembling, like, Horn.: cf the 

compd. ^vaXijKLOs, (Deriv. uncertain.) 
aXi-Sovos, ov, (aAs, 5ov ca?) sea-tost, Aesch. 
aXict'a, 17, (aXie&to} fishing, Arist. 
aXt-epKYis, cy, (^s, I/JKOS) sea-fenced, sea-girt, Pind. 
aXuvs, ^ : gen. 4 ^ Ion. ^os and contr, aXiSs : ^ aAs) : 

one who has to do ^mith^ the sea* and so,, 1. a fisher, 


Horn., etc. 2. a seaman, sailor, Od. ; \vithanother 
Subst., fptras aXiijas sea-faring rowers, Ib. 

aXie-uTttcos, ^, 6v, (a\it>co) of 'or for fishing, Xen., Arist.; 
r) -icft (with or without rfyvn) the art of fishing, 

e PIat ; 

aXtevw, . <r&>, ',aAs) fo be a fisher, Plut., Luc., etc. 2. 
to fish, go fishing, N. T. 

aXt(o (A) [a] : aor. i ^A^o-a : Pass., aor. i ^KiffBtiv : 
Ion. part. pf. aXiff^vos : laA^s) : to gather together, 
to muster, military forces, Hdt. : Pass, to -meet to- 
gether, assemble, Id. 

aXiw (B) [a], f. iVw, (aAs) ta sa^, and Pass. &? &? 
s/tarf, Arist., N. T. 

aX-vos, ov } < s aAs, &VT/I'} sea-girt, Anth. 

aXt-^a>o5, ov, living on or /?* the sea, Anth. 

aXiT), 97, Ion. for aA/a. 

dXi-irjpi)S> s, (epcVaw) sweeping the sea, K.dnrt\ Eur. 

aXidios, Dor. for T]Xl9io$. 

a-Xt0os, oy, without, not stony, of land, Xen. 

c AXiKapvaororos, Ion. -ijcros, ^, a Doric city of Caria, 
Hdt., etc. : e AXucapvurcriJS, 4<as, Ion. ~T|<revs a eos, 6, 
a Halicarnassian, Id. : ^XiKapvacrtr<J0v, Adv., from 
Halicarnassus, Luc. 

aXiKta, ^, Dor. for ^Awfa. 

aXt-KX-ucrros, of, (aAs-, At5^ftj) sea^washed, Soph. 

aXitcoS, a, OK, Dor. for yXiKos. 

aXi-icrim-os, ov, graaning at sea, of ships in bad weather, 
Soph. 2. of waves, roaring on the sea, Eur. 

aXi-KV{a,wv [v], oy, (#As, /cSjtia) surrounded by i m<mes ) 


a-Xp,cvos [i], ov, (Atjic^K) without harbour., harbour- 
less, Aesch. j Thuc., etc. 2. metaph. without shelter, 
inhospitable, Eur. Hence 

dXtp.voTT]5, 77, OTorw/ ^f harbours, Xen. 

aXiu/Gpirjeis, ccrera, ey, (ofXs 1 , /dpa} flowing into the sea, 
of rivers, Horn. 

aXt-|ju}pT]s, cy, (aAs, pvpot) sea-flowing, of the sea, 

dXivSeco or otXtvSw [a], to make to roll (but AcL 01% 
occurs in compos, with ^|) : Pass, to roll in Afe tftot 
(cf . aXiv^Bpa) : metaph. to roam abu>t t Attlfc. Hew* 

aXivSi}0pa, 7;, <z sandy place for horses to rtM fyfy ij/&& 
volutabrum : metaph., T 
enough for rolling places, 4 

swimming in ihe sea, Antfe* 

aXl-viijxijs, $, (fiAs, v4x&) "swimming in the sea, Anth. 

aXtvos, 17, w, (a\y) of salt, Hdt. 

a-Xtvos, oj>, (Tdvov} without a net, &A. 6^pa a chase in 
which no net is used, Anth. 

aXi|, Dor. for ^Ai|. 

aXt-|avTO, ov, (aXs, galvai) worn by the sea, Anth. 

aXios, <5, Dor. for %Kio$. 

aXias (A), a, oy and os, ov, (ceAs) o^^Aff 5^, Lat. marinus, 
of sea-gods and nymphs, Horn,, etc. ; oA. ^wo0oi tibe 
5<?i!Z-sand, Od. 

aXios (B), a, o^, (cf. ^A^ios-) of things, fntiiles y un- 
profitable, wain, idle, Horn, : neut. aAwi'' as Akltr, m 
v^z/w, I!.; regul. Adv. -itas, Soph. * 

aXto-Tpe^T]?, es 1 , (rpe^a?) sea-bred, (jwtcai Od.' ! ' 

aXiow, f. aAito<Ta> ; aor. I 7?AiWa, Ep. oMftMTa : aA:os 
B) : fa *ruz& fruitless, frustrate, disappoints A^s 



v6ov Od.; ou5* aAiWe jSAos nor did he hurl the spear ' 
in vain, II. 

ot-XliroLp'qs, $, iwtjit for a suppliant, Soph. 
aXi-ireSov, TO*, a plain by the sea . as the plain near 
Pirseeus was called, Xen. 

aXC-irXa-yKTos, ov, (aAs, TrAafoucu) roaming the sea, 
Soph., Anth. 

aXL~-7rAavTJs, s, IccAs, TrAavao/xai) sea-wandering, Anth. 
aAtirXavia, T?, a wandering voyage, Anth. ^ 
aXC-trXiiKTOS, Dor. -irXaKros, ov 3 V#Ay, TTATJOVW) sea- 
beaten t Find. 

aXt-TrXiji, 7)70$, 6, ^, = foreg. ? Anth. 
aXt-TrXoos, ov, contr. -irXo-us, ovv, (aAs, TrAeco) covered 
with 'mater, II. II. sailing on the sea, vavs Arion. 
aJU-Tro'pos, ov, (cicAs, Trefyw) through which the sea flows, 

aXi-iro'p<|>vpos, ov, (aAy, iroptptpa) of sea-purple, of true 
purple dye, Od. _ 

aXippayiis? es, (#As, fi'fjyvujM) against which the sea 
breaks, Anth. 

s, ov, (<ixs, afo/aO sea-surging, Anth. 
>s, ov, = a\ippayf)$, Anth. 
a,Xtp-p60ios ov and a, ov, (^cAs, /SJtfoy) dashed over by 

the sea, Anth. 

aX(p-po0os, ov,=forcg. aA. Tropoi the pathways of the 
raging sea, Aesch, 

aXip-pvTos, ov, (#As, ^ea>) washed by the sea, Anth. 
aXts [dAts], Adv. : (aA-fc) : / A^6-, crowds, swarms, 
in abu ndance, i )i plenty ; and ihcn^ufficien tly, enough, 
Lat. satis; 1. with Verbs, ctAis TreTror^arai [/uc- 
Aiovcu] 11. ; irep^ 5^ Tpwal SAiy ^<rav fly f;i swarms, 
Ib.: also y^t^zf enough^ in moderation, like perpicos, 
Eur, 2. attached to a Noun, xaAKoV T xpvcfdv re 
#Ais gold and silver enough, Od. 3. &us (sc. ^<rri1 
'tis enough, 11. ; t^ oi% ^Xis, ws ; '^ it not enough 
that . . ? Horn. 4. like an Adj., ccAis rj w^opc 
(sc. ^o-n) Eur. :-~also, a\ts (sc. eZ^ij with a part, added, 
&\i$ vocrovo* 1 tyta enough that I suffer, Soph. 5. c 
gen. rei, enough o/a thing, ^Ats l% tj/ riv j> s Hdt -> ^ fct 
aXtcry^w, zf(? pollute : whence dXCo-Y'HfJi.a, TO, a, pollution 

N. T. (.Deriv. unknown.) 

aXto-Kofxai (Root AA), a defect. Pass., ^thc Act. being- 
supplied by afpcco : impf. ^AICTKO'/X-^V ; L aA^cro/uat : aor 
2 TJAwv, Att. eaAwv [d], subj. aAw, yy, <j; [a]. Ion. aAcow 
AAcfin [a], opt. oAofyv, Kp. aA^Tjv; inf. aAwvai, Ep 
aA(t>ju.VCU ,* part. aAoi^A* :~ pf . $Aco/ca Att. 4aAwK, plqpf 
rjAc3Kiv. To itf taken, conquered, of persons anc 
places, Horn., etc.; aA<r/co*0cu ew troK^iovs to fa/ 
into the hands of the enemy, Plat. 2. /o ^c? caught 
seized, Qavdrq aAwvai or without 0ava/ri>, jfo <;^V, Horn. 
IcU-axraiv ^ 'A^vay ypd^ara letters were seised am 
taken to Athens, Xen. 3. in good sense, to be toon 
achieved, attained, Soph,, etc. t II. with part # 
#*? caught or detected doing a thing, Hdt.j Mv aA 4 
rotJro Trp^rrwv Plat.; also with a Subst. or Adj., th 
part, &v being omitted, ov jap 5r) ^ovei/s aA^o'o^tat Soph. 
Ar. 2. as Att. law-term, to be convicted and con 
demncd, Plat., Dem. : c. gen. criminis, to && convicttit 
of, aAwvcii ^vSo/iaprv/Hoiv, etc. 
aXC-crrovos, ov, (a\s, crWvw) sea-resounding, Aesch. 
otXicrr<5s [a], ^, Jv, (aA^C w ) salted, pickled, Anth, 
aXC-o"TpirTOS> ov, (^Ay, (frpify^ s^ci-tost, Anth. 

ivw ^Root AAIT) : aor. 2 *puToi>, subj. &A(TW, opt. 
otjUt, part. aAm6*/ ': Mod., Kp. 3 P 1 - ^ r - 3 aA(Ta^To, 
subj. AAfTwjueu, inf. aAtr^ai : part. dAiT7?Mw^ Ctormed 
as if from AAfnjjUt, cf. Tt^fiem, Kp. for Tttf- 
os) : 1. c. ace. pers. ^ ^zw or offend against a 
, Horn., Aesch. 2. c. ace. rei, to transgress 
s tyeTjwfe II. 3. the part. &AIT^/ACWS is used as 
an Adj., sinful, Od. 
aXtTiv, aor. 2 inf. of aKiratvto, 

aXX-Tviis, S, (fas, Tfi>) stretching along the sea, 
level, flat, Plut. 

aXi-Tp}xwv, o*/, (fiAy, Tepjua) bounded by the sea, Anth. 
iXCrnpa, arcs, T<J, (AAtTafyw) st, offence, Auth. 
iXiTtjjJiwv, oj/, = sq., II. 

OOmjpios, ov, (aAtra(vw) sinning or offending agnimt, 
a god, c. gen., Ar., Thuc, 2. absol. sinful, guilty, 
Lys.j etc. 

AvTt|pt-8tis, 5, (e?5oy) abominable, accursed, rial. ^ 
XXr-^pos, ov^aAiT^pioj: in Soi)h.,ic4| aAt-njpov </>p^as* 
should prob. be K&| aAiTT?pay or ^ AAirpfay. 

aXtT<5-|vos, ov, sinning against one's friend* Puul. 
-4>po<n5vq, ^, (^v) w/VA^ '/n/rf, Anth. 
atvw, Ep. for ccAirafv^, to JT//Z, offend, Hcs., AnUu 
^w, (ctAirp^s) iAwakw, Aesch. Honco 
Ca, ^, sinfttlness, mischief, Soph. 
aXtrp<Ss, <3v, syncop, for 3tAtT7jp(Js ? si7//?, sinning; awl 
as Subst., Sallow fairpds a sinner against the god*, 
Horn. : in milder sense, a knave, rogue, Od. 
aATrpoo-uVT], % aAirpfa, Anth., etc. ^ 

Xi-rptJTos, ov, ' v ^As, rpilco) sea-beaten, sea-wont, 7%pv 
Theocr.; /cu/x/37? Anth. . 

X-Tviros, ov, (^As, TUTTTW) sefrbwtciij A. ^ap7? ^nets 
/or sea-tost corpses, Aesch, 2. as Subst, a seaman, 
fisherman, Eur. 

aXC-Ti5pos, 6, (#As) a i'or^ of salt-cheese, Anth. 
aXi<t>0opCa, 4, at disaster at sea, ship rack, Anth, Fa>m 
.Xi-^ed'pos, ov, (&As, ^e^w) destroying on the sea ; as 
Subst, a pi rate f Anth. 
Xxaios, a, ov, (&A/d?) strong, wighty, Kur. 
XKap, T(J, (aA/c^J only in nom. and ace., rf safeguard, 
defence, c. dat., Tp^<rcriv ^Awap #<re0"#eu 11. ; c. tfcn. 
'A.xtuwc!pfenceQi the Achaeans, lb,j but,7^/>aos 
a defence agmnst old age, h. IIoi. 
, Dor. for &AKfa*y. 

, ^, (^AaA/ce) strength displayed in action, flrtmws, 
courage, boldness, <fmei,u/vo AAwijV clatl in prtrwww, IK; 
5t5(r0ai dAw^v Ib. : in pl./<^ of strength, Pind. II. 
strength to avert danger,, a defence sttcctwr, I tow. s 
AAwrfiVivos defence or tf/rf against a thing. He*., Pind., 
etc. 5 <?s or Trpos ^AV rp^7rc<r0oi to turn tfwJ wwi,v/ 
stand on one's guard, Hdt., etc.; so, iAKTJ* /i^tf0ai 
Id. III. ^ bat tie, fight, Aesch., Kur. Hence 

AXK-nets, <r<ra, <?v, valiant, warlike, h. Horn., Anth, 
&Xct [fj, heterocl. dat. of AM C if fl ' om ^ might 9 
strength, dA/cl TreTrot^s, of wild boasts, Horn. 
iXicC-jxaxos, T?, ov, Cucix^0 brawly fighting, Anth. 
aXctp.os, ov and 77, ov strung, sttntf, of men and weapons, 
Horn.,' ^A/a^uos T^ irotefjiiKd Hdt 

, ov, gen. ovoy, C<J>p?V) stout-heart etf t Acsch. 
, T?po$, <J, (^AaAwe) frvtector from a thing, c. 
., Horn. 
ovCSes, af, (with or without VW ^^ H 

'AAKTQ'N a\\ OK a. 

days during which the halcyon builds its nest, and 
the sea is calm, the halcyon days, proverb, of undis- 
turbed tranquillity, Ar. 

3 AAKYil'N, 6vos, T), the kingfisher, Lat. alcedo, Horn., 
etc. (halcyon with h is a wrong 1 form.) 


dXXa, Conjunct., properly neut. pi. of aXXos (with 
changed accent), otherwise, but, strong-er than 84 : I. 
to oppose single clauses, but, Lat. autem, the preceding 
clause being negat., ov ju.6vov atra%, aXXa TroAAa/as Plat.; 
so, ovx (or fjd)) OTL, ovx (or judj) dirws, are followed by 
dAAct or dAAd KCU . . , not only . . , but ... 2. 
after a negative aXXd sometimes dAA' $?, except, but, 
J:7raio"6v O&TLS dAA' eyd> Soph. II. to oppose whole 

sentences, but, yet, Lat. at: used by Horn., with im- 
perat. or subj., to remonstrate, encourage, persuade, 
like Lat. tandem, aXX" Wi, dAA' titye, dAAoi fa/nfv, 
Horn. III. joined with other Particles, dAA' apa, 

or, dAA* otfv, but then, however, Hdt., etc. 2. dAAd 
yap, Lat. enimvero, but really, certainly, Att. 3. 
dAA 3 ^ in questions, Lat. an vero ? ergo ? Plat. : cf . 
dAA 9 % (suo loco). 

aXXdynj y, (dAAacrcnw) <2 change, Aesch.,, etc. II. 

exchange, barter, whether in buying or selling, Plat. 

aXXtryfia, aros, TO, (aXXacro'ca) that 'which is given or 
taken in exchange : the price of a thing, Anth. 

aXXavToirwXIw, f. 4j<rw, to deal in sattsages, Ar. From 

aXXavTO-irciiXifjs, ov, 6, (ircoXeca) a sausage-dealer, Ar. 

aXXas, avros, 6, a sausage, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.) 

aXXacrcrw, later Att. -TTW, f . c|o> : aor. I ^AAa^a : pf . 
fyXX&xa : Med., f. aXXdoju,ai : aor. i rjXXal-dju.'rjv ; 
Pass., f . dAAax0^cro/icu, f . 2 dAA&y^croyUcu : aor. i TjAAa- 
Xflijv, aor. 2 rjXXdyrjv [a] : pf . i?AXay/xcu : 3 sing, plqpf . 
^AAa/cro : (&AAOS 1 ) : to make other than it is, to change, 
alter, Eur., Plat., etc. II. dAA. ri TWOS to give 

in exchange for, barter one thing for another, Aesch. ,* 
TI avrl TLVOS Eur. : so in Med., Thuc. 2. to repay, 
requite, fy6vov fyovsvffLv Eur. 3. to give up, leave, 

qztit, Qvpdviov $$>$ Soph. III. to take one thing for 
another, K.&K.IQV rovffO\ov Theogn. ; dAA. QV^T^V stSos to 
assume mortal form, Eur. : Med., dAAaofcrecr^ai rlrwos 
one th,ing for another, evScujuovias Hdt., etc. : hence, to 
buy, Ti w"T apyvplov Plat. IV. to inter change, alter- 
nate, <r/c7}7rrp' aXXdffffuy ^x tv * n joy power in turn, 
Eur. : Pass., apeTal dAAcr(rJyai/at in turns, Pind. 

aXXax^j Adv. (#AA0s) elsewhere, in another place, &\\os 
dAAa%^ one here, another there, Xen. ; ^AAore dAAa^ 
now here, now there, Id. 

aXXax<50cv, Adv. from another place, Antipho. 

aXXax<$0i Adv. elsewhere, Xen. : aXXax<5cre, Adv. 
elsewhither, to another place, Id. : dXXaxo^i Adv. 
elsewhere, Soph., Xen. 

aXXeyov, aXXefjcu, poet, for aveXsyov, dvaAe^ai, impf. 
and aor. i inf. of avaXeyta. 

iaXX-j), Adv., properly dat. fern, of aXXos : I. of 

Place, 1. in another place, elsewhere, Horn., etc. : 
c. gen. loci, #AAos &AA?? ry$ ir^Aecos one in one part 
of the city, one in another, Thuc. 2. to another 
place, elsewhither, Horn,, etc. IX. of Manner, 

in another way, somehow else, otherwise, Id., etc. ; 
&AAp 76 irp Plat. ; &AA?? Trwy Xen. 

dXX s TJ (for #AAo tf) other than, except, but, only after 

negat. words, ousels dAA' 3) e/cetVTj no one but she, Hdt.; 
apyvpiov JJ.GV OVK %co dAA' ^ fMKpdv n Xen. 

dXX-v)YOp6>, f. i\ff(a, (&XXo?, ayopevu') to speak so as to 
imply something other than what is said, to interpret 
allegorically, Plut. : Pass, to be spoken allegorically, 
N. T. Hence 

aXX-T^opCa, 7}, an allegory, i. e. description of one 
thing vender the image of another, Cic. 

aX-X7)KTos, ov, poet, for a-XrjKTOS, (X^iyca) unceasing, 
ceaseless, Od., Soph. II. implacable, II. 

aXXir)Xo<|><ryia, y, an eating one another, Hdt. From 

aXXTiXo-^a-vot, ((payelv} eating each other, Arist. 

dXXTjXo<j>ova, Dor. dXXaX-,^, mutual slaughter, Pind. 

aXXir]Xo-4><Sv<H, Dor. dXXaX-, a, murdering one another, 
Aesch., Xen. 

aXXijXwv, gen. pi., (a nom. being impossible); dat. 
dAA^Aots, ats, ois : ace. dAA^Aous 1 , as, a : dual gen. and 
dat. aXXJiXotv, Ep. aXX^Xouv, redupl. from aXXos, of 
one another, to one another, one another, Horn., etc. 

aXXtrjv, ace. fern, of &XXos, as Adv., aXXrjv Kal aXXyv 
again and again, Plat. 

ttX-Xicrros, ov, Ep. for a-Xurros, (XtffcrofjLai) inexorable, 

aX-XiTavvroSj Ep. for a-XiT&vevros, (Xtravevca} inex- 
orable, Anth. 

aXXo-"Y V1 i<ij 4s,(y4vos) of another race, a sir anger, N.T. 

aXX<J-'Y^ <ll)o " oro s> OV 9 (yX&fftrd) using a strange tongue, 

aXXo-'yvoew, (yi-yv&o'KQi) to take one for another, not 
know, aXXoyytiffas (Ion. for aXXoyvo^ffas] Hdt. 

aXXo-wcaros, ov, mis-known, itnknown, Od. 

aXXo-oairos, ^, ov, (&XXos, v. Troo'aTr6s} belonging to 
another people or land, foreign, strange, Horn., etc. 

aXXo-eiSujs, 4s, (c?Sos) or aXXo-tSujs, 4s, (Idea) of strange 

appearance, neut. pi. dAAoezSea (which must be ), or 

dAAoi'Sea which must be - v w -, Od. 

oXXo0*, by elision from &AAo0i. 

aXXo0ev, Adv. from another place, aXXoQev aXXos one 
from one place, another from another, II., etc.; aXXoGev 
from abroad, Od. ; ov^a^Qev &XXo0ev Ib. 

aXXo0i, Adv* elsewhere, in another place, in a strange 
or foreign land,Od. : c. gen., titXXoQt yaiys in another 
or, strange land, Ib. ; but, aXXodt, irdrpys elsewhere than 
in one's native land, i. e. away from nome, Ib. II. 
in other ways, from other causes, Thuc., Plat. 

dXX<5-0poos, ov, Att., contr. ~0povs> ovv, speaking a 
strange tongue, Od.; generally, foreign, strange, 
alien, Hdt., Trag. 

dXXotoS) a, ov, (SAAos) of another sort or kind, dif- 
ferent, Horn. 5 aXXoiov n, euphem. for tcaicdv n, other 
than good, Hdt. : from its comparative force, it may 
be foil, by ^ . . , Id., Plat., etc. : but an actual 
Comp. aXXoidrepos occurs in Hdt., Thuc., etc. II. 

Adv. -cos, otherwise, Plat. : Comp. -6repov Xen. 
aXXotoco, f. (&cro, (dAAoibs) to make different, to change, 
alter, Plat., etc. II. Pass, with f. med. -c6<ro/icu 

and pass, -ud'ho'o/ : to become different, be changed, 
Thuc., Xen. 2. to be changed for the worse, Id. 

aXXoiwais, ecos, r}, a change, alteration, Plat., etc. 
aXXoKa, Aeol. and Dor. for #AAore. 


aXXo-Koros, oVy of units ital nature or form, strange, 
monstrous, Ar., Plat., etc. 5 AA. vpayna an unwelcome 
business, Time, : c. gen., aAAo/c^r^ yvc&fj.c<, rtav irdpos 
with purpose utterly different from . . , Soph. Adv. 
-TWS, Plat. (From &\\os, the termin. -KOTOS being- un- 

aXXofjicu (Root AA, Lat. SAL-/0") : impf. ^AA^fya?*' : f. 
aAov/Aat, Dor. aAev/zou : aor. i ^Aa/xTji/, part. aAcfyuevQs 
[ist syll. long] : aor. 2 TiXd/uyVj 3 sing 1 , subj. $Ar?Tcu [a], 
Ep. aAerai; opt. aXolfJLrjv ; inf. aAeVflou; part. aAoV- *' oy 
[a] : also Ep. 2 and 3 sing-, aor. 2 ctAcro, <$Aro, part. 
akjuLevos (which have a smooth breathing-X To spring', 
leap, bound, of living beings, Horn., etc. :- motaph. of 
things, SATO o'Cffrds II. ; the eye, to throb, Theocr. 

aXXo-irp<5or-aXXos > 6 3 i.e. a"AAore Trp&y a"AAov, leaning 

first to one side, tJien to the other, of Arcs, II.; TrAovros 

V AAAOJ, 77, o, Lat. alius, another, one besides, a\\os 
juei/ . , $AAos 5e . , 0;/<! J . , another . , II. ; &AAos TIS 
or rl$ &\\os, any other, some other y oi/Sely &\\o$ no 
other; et ns &\\o$ } Lat. vsi gw/s alizis, any one 
else, 2. repeated, ^AAos- &AA0 AVa <y?z<? w/7. says 
<w<? thing, one another,, \. e. different men say different 
things ; a\Xos &\\rj trpdrrfro Xen. ; \elirovcn. r'bv \6fyov 
#AAoi #AAo0ej/ Id. ; v. aAAax 1 *}. 3- a*AAos Kal a\\os, 
one or two ; &\\o Kal &AAo one t/iing after another, 
Id. 4. joined with the Art.> 6 a'AAos, the other; 
in pi., ol aXXoi (Ion. AAoz\ all the others, the rest ; 
Lat. ceteri ; r& o'AAct, contr. rciAAa or r$AAa, Lat. 
cetera, reliqita, not <?//# ; o0 re &AAot woi . . both 
all the others and . . , i. e. especially . . 5. with 
Numerals, yet, still, Tre/rfTOs TroTa/^'s &\Xos yet a fifth 
river, Hdt. : with a Sup., b'ivpd>raros &\Xav most 
wretched of all besides, Od. II. rarely like 

etAAo?os, of other sort, different , II. : hence 2. some- 
times like a Comp., c. gen., StAAa TOJV St/cafoo^ o/Af^ 1 
than justjXen.; followed by ^ . . , when a negat. goes 
before, ov^v &AAo, tf . . , nothing ^/s* than . . , Hdt., v etc. 

aXXocrc, Adv. (&\Xos) to another place, elsewhither, Od.,- 
&X\os &AA<xr one one way, one another, Aesch. 

aXX-ore, (^AAo^, ?(re) at another time, at other tiities, 
&\\ore , . , &AAore . . , at onetime . , , at another . . , 
Horn.; so, &\\a>$ &\\ore at one time one way, at another 
another, Aesch. ; ^AAor* ^AA|?, ^AAo^t, &AAo<re, etc. 

aXXortj anything else ? Lat. numqtiid crtiud ? when 
foU. by ^, the sentence is intcrrog., ^AAo rt ^ iret^crouo-i ; 
i.e. icAAo TI 7r(<ro^rctt ^ Treii/^croucrt ,* will they suffer 
aught else but hunger ? will they wotf be starved ? Hdt. ; 
also without -^, ^AAo TI %\.Gyi-$ ; did you say anything 
else ? did you not say ? Plat. 

aXXoTpto-ctrCcrKO'iros, <J, a busy-body in other men's 
matters f N.T. 

aXXoTpio-Xo-y^w, f. 97<rw, (Ae7<y) /<? 5/^Jfe <5/ thing's 

, foreign to the waiter, Strab. 

dXXoTpto-7rpttY|J<.ocrwTf|, ^, (trpayna) a meddling with 
other people's business, Plat. 

aXX<Tpios, a, ov, (&\Xos] : I. opp. to TSios, /?/or be- 
longing to another, Lat. alientts, Horn., etc.; aAA. 
7u^ another man's wife, Aesch. ; yvaB^cnffi ye\olu>v 
&\Xorp(oi<nv, of the suitors, laughed with a face unlike 
one's oivn, of a forced, unnatural laugh, Od. (Horace's 
malls ridere alien Is is different}; aAA, 6'ju.juacrii/ by M<? 

7/<?/^ <?/" another* s eyes, Soph. ; a,\\orpiurdrois TO?S 
crcb/jLacriv xpyv9<u to deal with one's body #,? // if abso- 
httely belonged to another , Thuc. II. opp. to 

oiKCLOSyforeign, strange, Loi.fereffriniis, Horn.; often 
with the notion of hostile, II. III. Adv., &\\orp[(*)$ 

^Xety or 5(a/c?<r#ai -rrp^y rt>/a to be unfavourably dis- 
posed towards one, Lys. : Comp. "tt/orepov less favour- 
ably, Dem. Hence 

aAXoTpi^TTjs, 7?roy, 7;, alienation, estrangement, opp. 
to olKGidrys, Plat., etc. 

aXXoTpi<$-xpws> &Toyj ^, 17, changing colour, Anth. 

aXXorpuSw, f. <6<ra>, ^AA^rptos) : 1. c. gen. pers. /<> 
estrange from, r&v (fu>^ru>v r^v tr&Xw Thuc. 2!. 
c. dat. pers. to make hostile to another, T^V x^pw T0 ^ 
jro\fjilois Xen. : Pass, to be wade an enemy, nvi 
Thuc. 3. in Pass, of things, fo be alienated, fa! I 
into other hands, Hdt. Hence 

aXXoTpCucris, seas, vj, estrangement, rys ^v^ax^-as oux 
6fj,oia i) aAA. its estrangement, its !oss, Thuc. 

aXAov, Adv. = &\\o<f, 

aAAocfjo?, ox/, Ep. for &\o<pos. 

aXXo-<j>pov&>>, f. ^<ro) 3 to think of other things, fo give 
no heed, Od.; of one in a swoon, to be senseless* II,, 
Theocr. : to be seised with frcnay 3 Hdt. II. to 

be of another mind, have other views, Id. 

aXX<S-<|>vXos, oj>, (q!)vA^) of another tribe, foreign, Lat. 
alienigena, Aesch. , Thuc. ; tr6\(J.os aAA. war w//// 
foreigners^ Plut. 

a.XX<5-xpoos, ov f contr. -xpo^s, ow, \)(p6a} changed in 
colour, Kur.: -so, &XX<J-xpto$, <wroy, &, < r?, looking 
strange or foreign, Id. 

aXXiJSis, Adv. (&\Kos] Ep. for aAA0<rE,, elsewhither^ 
&X\os one hither > another thither* Hum. ; ^A- 
changes 7iow one way, now another, 11. 

<xAAx><TK, aXXvovcra [v], Kp. for Mhv, aJfaAiJawra, 

aXXws, Adv p . of a*AAQ$, in another way or wanner t othw- 
mse^ Horn., etc. : in Att., &\\<as wws 1 in some other 
way ; ^.AAws o^5a/ z";/, no other ivist* ; Kal liAAws and 
besides; hptcrrov Kal ^AAtwy (ppovifiwrdrw Plat. 2. 

&\\tas re /ca . . , ^>^jf/t otherwise and > , . , i.e. 
especially, Att., etc. II. otherwise^ diffcrenfty, 

aXXtos ?7rai to say otherwise, i, c. to deny, Hdt 2, 
in far other manner, i.e. better, Horn., etc. 3. 
otherwise than should be, i. c. without aim or purpose* 
without reason, Od., Hdfc., etc. : also fruitlessly) in 
vain, II. 

aX)xa, aroSy TO, (a'AAOjUat! a sflrintf) leap, bound, Od, ; 
v^rpas a leap M fall from the rock, Kur. ; net/y^; 
//^ /^fl^ of the lot from the helmet, Soph, 
, Ep, aor. 2 part, of $AAo/ieu. 

aAfAY}, ^, (&\$} secwatcr, brine t Od. etc. : spray thtit 
has .dried on- the skin, Ib. : <3 w/i* incrustation on soil, 

^Hdt. 2, the brine, i.e. tf/u 6 % m, Pm<i, Aesch* 

aXjxvp<5s, d, dv, (#AJUT?) salt, briny, Od. 2, of tastts 
5^, brackish, Thuc., Xen. 3. motaph bitter, dis- 
tasteful, Lat. ainarus. Plat,, etc*; &A/4,vpa K\a^ctv ti> 
weep bitterly, Theocr. 

aAoaa>> Ep. oLXoiAQ : Kp. 3 sing, impf. AAo(a : f. -4<ra>: 
aor. i ^A^cra, Kp. fyXotqo'a : (a\4w) : /^; thresh, thresh 
out, Plat. 2. 2*a thresh, cudgel, beat, Il Ar. 

iSt-Xopos, oj/ 7y//7; /<9/)<? wanting, of victims' livers, Xen* 
, f. ^trw, ' v ^Ao7os ft; ^fy ?;y regard 

Lat. rationem non habere rei, c. dat, II.; c. gen. to 
be disregardful of, Hdt. 2. to be out of one's 
senses, Luc. Hence 

aXoyia, Ion. -Ci|, y, 'want of respect or regard, aAoyiV 
elxov TOW xP 7 1 crrv lpt ov took no heed of it, Hdt. ; so, ev 
aXoyiy %6ti/ or 7roi7cr0a n Id. 2. in Att. want 
of reason, unreasonable conduct^ absurdity , Thuc., 

aXoYiorfa, ^, thoughtlessness, rashness, Polyb., Plut., 

a-X<$Yicr*ro$, ov, (Xoyi Co/ica) unreasoning, inconsiderate, 
thoughtless, heedless, Thuc., etc. : rb a\6yi(TTOV un- 
reason, Id. : Adv. rws, Id., Plat., etc. II. not 
to be reckoned, Soph. : not to be taken into account, 
vile, Eur. 

a-Xoyos, ov, without x6yo$, i.e., I. without speech, 
speechless, infans, Plat. : Adv. a\6y<as, Soph. 2. 
unutterable, Lat. infandus, Plat. II. -without 

reason, irrational. Id., etc. : TCI &X.oya brutes, animals, 
Id.,Xen.; (in modern Greek &\oyov is a horse}. III. 
not reckoned upon, unexpected, Thuc. 
aXot)T<is, o, (aXoaw) a threshing, Xen. 
a,X<$0ev, Adv. (SAs) from the sea, Q aXtOev (showing 
that it Is an old genit.) II. 
aXoiaw, Ep. for aAoca>. 

a-XoiSopos, ov, not reviling or railing, Aesch. 
a.Xoit]Tv}p, ypos, <5, (aAoiaw) a thresher, grinder, aA. 

o8<Wes the grinders, Anth. 

aXoi<|ni, i], (&Afy>) anything used for anointing, 

kog's-lard, grease, unguent, Horn. II. laying 

on of unguents or paint, A. /uiSpav Plat. 

aXotciiX f. (Tco, (&Ao) #0 trace furrows in waxen tablets, 

<? write, draw (cL Lat. ex-arare], Ar. 
oX<5vT [d], aor. 3 part, dual of aTJovco/xa:. 
aXo|, OKOS, f), = ai?Aa., a furrow : v. a5Aa. 
01X69, gen. of #As. 
SXo?, Dor. for ^Xos, a nail. 
"AXo-<ru8vt|, ^, ^aAy, vSvea (IYA) jfo nourish) Sea-born, 

a name of Amphitrit, Od. 

ttX<J-Tpt\l/, T/3os, <5, (Sxs, rp^o)) a ^e^/e /<? pound salt, 

aX-ovp^TJs, ^ (^^ *^/>TW) wrought in the sea, sea- 
purple, i.e. genuine purple, Plat.; aXovpyy pitrple 
cloths, Aesch. Hence. 

ftXo-up-yfe, ^Soy, y, a purple robe, Ar. : as Adj., i<r0^ 
a\ovpyts Luc. 

aXo-up-y(5s, 6v,~a.\ovpyf]$, Plat. 
aXo-ucrCa, ^, a being unwashen, want of the bath, Hdt. 

Eur. From 
a-Xo-UTos, ov, (Xo^ojucu) unisaashen, not using the bath 

Hdt.,, Eur., etc. 

a-Xo(f>os, Ep. aX-Xo<|>os, ov, without crest, IL 
a-Xoxos [aj, ov, %, (a copuL, \exos, cf . &/cotTTjs) 
fellow, spouse, wife, Horn., Trag. 
aX6w, Ep. for &\cov, aXw, imperat. of a\cio/xai. 
aX<ia>VTai, Ep. 3 pi. of aAc0/zca. 
aXirvioros, 17, o^, Sup. Adj. (cf. *ir-aMw>s), 
loveliest, Pind. 
"AM (A), oAcis [a], 5; dat. pi. xa<w: Lat. SAL, 
li^ip of salt, Hdt. : generally, salt, oft. in plur., Horn 
etc. ; atibs ptraXXov a sdtf-rnine, Hdt., Od., etc. 
[], ^, #A* w<r, Horn. 


X<ns, ecus, ft, (oiAAojucu) a leaping, Arist. 
,Xoro, 2 sing. Ep. aor. 2 o aAAo/xcu. 
Xcros, cos, TtJ, a glade or grove, Lat. saltus, Horn. ; 
grove, Od., Hdt., etc. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
tX<r-w8t]s, e^, (eftos) like a grove, Eur. 
',XTLK<5s, ^7, (Jj', (aAAoyiiai) .g'oodl ^r-f leaping, Xen. ; aAr. 
opxytns, of the Salii, Plut. 
ATO, 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 of aAAo/Acu. 

f&os, ^j (aAs) ^ salt spring, Strab. 
, (aAvw) only in impf., to be in distress, Hdt. 

aX-uKTO-ireSai, at, (^aAvcrcrw, TreSij) galling bonds, Hes. ; 

in sing., Anth. 

tX-ufja, Ep. aor. i of aATJcrw. 

"tXv|LS, ews, f}, (aAucncw) aw escape, Aesch. 

L-XTJirrjTOs, ov, (AUTTCCO) Mi?^ pained or grieved, 

Soph. II. act. causing pain, Id. 

-XtiTros, or, (X^m?) without pain, Soph., etc. ; c. gen., 

SA. 77?pcos without the pains of age. Id. ; T& ^Awo/ = 

aXvirla, Plat. Adv., aAuTrws C^^ to \\vzfreefrompain, 

Id. II. act. ?!<?# paining, causing no pain, Id. 

a-XiJpos, ov, (Aiipa) without the lyre, VJJ.VQI &\vpoi, L e. 

wild dirges accompanied by the flute, not the lyre, (cf. 

a<p6pfj.tKTO$}, Eur., etc. 

iXvs, t/os, o, (aX\)(a] listlessness , ennui, Plut. 
Xvcris, ews, Ion. dat. aXvart, %, a chain, Hdt., Eur. 

(Deriv. uncertain.) 

-XvcriTeXTJs, es, unprofitable, Xen. Adv. -\u>$, Id. 

-X-uoTKa^w, = aXiHfKca, only in pres. and irnpf., to shun, 

shirk, avoid, Horn. 
dXvcncavw, = aAucr/ca), Od. 

Xvo-KW, f . aA^^aj, med. aA^ojuat : aor. I ^Au|a, Ep. 
&Aua : (aAtJco) : to flee from, shun, avoid, for -sake ; c. 
ace., Horn., etc. : rarely c. gen. to flee from, Soph.: 
absol. to escape, Horn. 

Xuo-o-w, (aAvw) #<? be uneasy, be in distress, II. 
-Xvjos, ov, (Auw) #0* to be loosed, indissoluble, Horn., 
etc. : continuous, ceaseless, KVK\Q$ Pind, 

aXvw or aXijco, (akin to aAao/xat) only in pres. and impf,, 
to wander in mind: 1. from grief, to be ill at 
ease, be distraught, II. : to be beside oneself, Horn., 
Soph. 2. from perplexity, to be at a loss, not know 
^hat to do, a\vei 5' eVi iravrl Id.; dA. \fa%, & irfcois, 
Id. 3. from joy or exultation, to be beside oneself, 
Od., Aesch. II. to wander or roam about, Luc., 

Babr. [v in Horn., v once in Od. and in Trag.] 

iX<j>avu (Root AA4>) : aor. 2 ^ov, opt. &UJKHAU :fo 
in'w^- n, yzW</, earn, Horn. : metaph., <J>0ow' aA- 
AdveLv to incur envy, Eur. 

aX<t><rC-potos, a, GJ/, (aA^ai/w, 3oSs) bringing in oxen, 
irapOevoi aA^etr^otat maidens whose parents receive 
many oxen as presents from their suitors, i. e. much- 

courted, II. ,/>>> 

iX^o-T-ns, oO, a ; Ep. gen. pi. a\<t>fi(rr<iwv : (a*4>avu\ : 
working for one's daily bread, laborious, enterprising, 
Od. ; esp. of trading, seafaring people, Ib. 

aX<|>t, r6, poet, abbrev. form of &\<$HTQV, h. Horn. : so 
Kp? for pt^. 

otX<|)iT-aijLOL8iJs, <5, a ^a/^r in barley-meal, Ar. 

aX<j>tTov, rd, (aA<<Js) j^^^ or pearl-barley^; sing, only 
in phrase &A<^roi> dKT^7, barley-meal, Lat. polenta, 
Horn, : in pi. *A<J>tra, barley-groats, barley-meal, opp. 

to &\vpa, Horn., Ait. II. metapK. one's daily 

bread, Ar. ; ira-rp^a &\(f>, one's patrimony, Id. 

a.X4aTO-iroita, 77, (iroiew} a making of barley-meal, XCM. 

aX4>iTO-criTecD, f. ^crca, ((Tiros] to eat: barley-bread, Xen, 

aX<j>oi, 3 sing, aor, 2 opt. of a\<pdv<a. 

S AA<I>O'2, <5, whiteness : white leprosy, Hes., Plat., etc. 
(From same Root comes Lat. a/bus, and also ^A^trov, 
because of the whiteness of meal.) 

dXcod, Dor. for aAwi?. 

"AXcaas, dSos, 77, (aAcu^) goddess of the threshing-floor., 

aXwcivds,^, oV, (aAcw) of or for the threshing-floor, h.rtih. 

dXu>TJ [a], Dor. aXa,7}, ( &Aeew) Ep. for &\<a$, a threshing- 
floor) iepbs war* aAway II. j ju.yc(A7jv /car* dAeo^Vj ^VKTI- 
iievTjv /car* aA. Ib. II. <s garden, orchard, vine- 

yard, v. yovv6s, 

aXoS-n, 3 sing. aor. 2 subj. of aAf<nco/xcu. II. but 

aXcjTj, optat. 

*AX<ot$, f&os, T^'AAoocfo, Theocr. 

aXcatriris [f], ov, <5, i2 thresher, husbandman, Anth, 

dXwvaij Ep. aXoijxcvat, aor. 2 inf. of aA/ovco/xat. 

aX<ov, wvos, ??, =aAa>y, found in the obi. cases, Arist. 

dXcoircKeios, a, ov, Ion. cos, 77, ov, ( &\&Tn\%) of a fox : 
aAa>7r/ce77, Att. -/CT? (sub. Sopot,}, a fox-skin, Hdt., Plut. 
s, ou, <5, (aAttTrrjl) branded with a fox, Luc. 
evs, eW, <$, (aAcoTr??!) <rz young fox, Ar. 
cL, . crew, (aA<W7r^) to play the fox, Ar. 

aXcDTTCKiov, rtf, Dim. of aAcoTTT^, little fox, Ar. 

dXcjTTftas, /50y, 77, = /cvvaA<^7r7?|, Xen. II. a fox- 

skin cap, Id. 

cLXttTnrjl [a], e/coy, 77; dat. pi. aA7r^/crca, a fox, Solon, 
Hdt., etc. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

aXtos [a], 77, gen. #A<w and #Aeoos ; dat. #Ay ; ace. (5i\(W, 
^Awv, $Ao>a : pi., nom. and ace. &Acos : (&A^co) : -like 
Ep. a\co^, a threshing-floor, Xen., etc. : then, from 
Its round shape, II. the disk of the sun or moon, 

or of a shield, Aesch., etc. 

aXwcrtfjLos, ov, (a\i<fKOfjt.a.i, aKfavni] easy to take, 'win, or 
conquer, Hdt., Thuc., etc. 2. of the mind, easy to 
apprehend, Soph. II. ($Aco<m) of or for capture, 

iratkv aA. a song 1 of triumph on taking a city, Acsch. ; 
/3ais aA. tidings of the capture, Id. 

aXcocrLs, ecos 1 , Ion. *oy, ^, (a^cfKOfJiai, a\Savai) a taking, 
capture, conquest, destruction, Find., Acsch., etc.; 5cet<w 
fiA. conquest by the enemy, Id. ; tncans of conquest, 
Soph. : aAwcu l<rxypkv &\(a<fiv to be taiken without 
power to escape, Plut. II. as law-term, convic- 

tion, Plat. 

aXwnJs, #> <^j verb. Adj. of aAifcr/co/xca, ^ ^<? taken or 
conquered, Thuc. II. attainable, Soph, 

a-X<icj)TT|ros, OP, (Aw<J!)c(w) unremitting, Plut. 

aXcSci), Ep. for aAa), aor. 2 subj. of aA^/co^uai. 

afji, poet, for &v<, before a word beginning with the 
labials /8, TT, <|>, /*, e.g. 

*'AMA V [a/x], Adv., !/ ow^, at the same time, Horn., 
etc. II. Prep. c. dat. at the same time with, 

together with, #// ^o? at dawn, 11. ; tipa ?y, &/*a ^ 
i Thuc. (Cf. tip-ov, Lat. sim-ul,} 
Dor. for &p.a t 

s, ^, mostly in pi. 'A/xcifovcs, a, the Aina- 
xons, a warlike race of women in Scythia, II., Hdfc., etc. 

(Commonly derived from o,prh. t fi&tys, from the fable 
that they got rid of the right breast, that it might not 
interfere with the use of the bow.) 

'Ajjuxovtic<$$, 'fj, &v, of or like the Amastms, Pint. 

afxaOatvco, to be untaught, stupid, Plat. I 4 'n>m 

d-p-aG-f]-;, 1$, (fjiavQavu)} unlearned* ignorant, sittpid, 
boorish (v. a/ia0/a), Hdt., etc. ,; &/ua0^ff r^>' ticztvwv ^a- 
Q'LOLV stupid with their stupidity, Plat,; dfca$e<Trepo;i/ r&v 
v6^<av (ftrGpO'fyla.s TraiSeuecrOat to be educated 7y/7// /rw 
little learning to despise the laws, Time. : Adv., a^a- 
Q&s a/xapT?i/ to err through ignorance, Kur. 2. c. 
gen. rci, without knowledge of a thing, Id. j Trcpf rii/os-, 
Tr/xJs 1 rt Plat. II. ';/^;^ heard of, unknown, a/x,, 

^ppet Eur. :~Adv., d/x,a0<5<r xwpeTi/ of events, to take rzw 
unforeseen course, Thuc. 

dp, 0.9 to., 77, (^a^s 1 ) ignorance, Soph., etc. 5 3ija. riw?j? 
ignorant of a thing, Xen. 5 TT/>( ri Id. 

a|xa0os [aft], 77, sandy soil, opp. to stta-saiul (ij^ua0or\ 
II. ^ in pi. the links or dunes by the sea, h. Horn. : t:f. 

[u], (^/xa^os 1 ) only in pros, and nnpf. to level 
'with the sand, utterly destroy, II., Aosch. 2, to 
spread smooth, level, K&VIV h, Horn. 

dfj,aifxaKTos, 77, OP and as, ov, 1^-p, form of ^jUax^i 
irresistible, Horn., Soph. 2. strong, stubborn, of a 
mast, Od. 

ajxaXSwo) [{)], (a/xaA^s) /c; soften; then /(^ destroy 9 
efface, II. : /6 'w '//./), squander, x/y^/xara Thenrr. ; 
Pass., ^S 1 ei/ r?xo$ 0,/u.aX.diwifjrat. II. ; &/.-taA8vj/f/(r&/xat 
Ar. 2. metaph. io conceal, disgitisc, h. Uom, 

d-fjLclXOaKTOS, ov, (fAaAQdrrtfCa) is d/xaAa/croy, Anlh. 

a|xaXXa [a/u |, 77, (^t/xawj <r,v/^ corn, a she(fj\ Soph., Plut. 

ajxaXXo-oeTTJp, TJpos, ^, ^cco A) # binder of sheavus, 1L 

d.|xaXXo-8^TT|s, ouj 6, ^forcg., Theocr. 

oL{jiaX<5s [a/*]* ^?j <^^ Avy/, weak, feeble, Horn., Kur. ( From 
Root MAA, juaA-a/c^s, with a euphotu) 

a|xa}'U9 [&/*&], T) ? gen. vos or iSos\ <r 7//' trained on 
two poles, Sappho, etc. (Deriv, unknown.) 

ajxavTcrorL, Dor. poet, for ^/xwcnt, part. dat. pi. of &yuew, 

ajA-a^a [a], Att. ajx-a|(., 77, (&IH.Q,, &*y&)} a w<y,*,Yw, wttht) 
opp. to the war-chariot (^p/xa', Lat, phntstrtnn, 
Horn. 2. c. gen, a wagon*! octd of, irTpwv # <rrow 
Xen. II. the carriage of the plough , \j\\i* currns^ 

Hes. : -Charles' wain, in the heavens, ///<" (treat lh"ur 
(&PKTQS], Horn. III. = a^a|iT(lv, Anth. 

a{jLa|cvSi ^5, <5, (^/xaja)y>;r wtfgflH: povy a. a draught* 
ox, Plut. 

dp.alcvw, f, cr<w, jfr; traverse TO//// /* wtft*(ni : Putss, ^ />f 
traversed by t wagon~road$, of a country, 1UU. 2, 
raetapbu, a/xa|Vti/ fttorov to dnig on ti wctiry life, 
Anth. II. intr. to be a wtigunrr> I^lut,, Anth. 

. rptfios a ///j>"//,-road ? Kur. 
p.a^Laio5, a, ov, (<5fyxa{a) /^r^ (> entmgh to load a 
\Wos Xen., etc. 

p.a^ts, ^8os, 7^, Dim. of #/Aa|[a, a /iVf/^ tMtgtni 9 L 
plostellum, Hdt., Ar. 

|xa^LTTjs [t], ou, 4, (^t/xa^a) of w for a wagon, Anth. 
jid|-LTos, ov, Kp. and Lyr. ^jU- (^xtafa, ?/xt //w) / 
versed by wagons, at*. 45^ rarriage-miul^ ///f/i-rya 
Pind., Xen,; and without MoV, as Subst., 11. 
ov, dwelling in a w(tgon> Strab, 



S 6, Cn"f)yvv/j,i) a cartwright, Plut. 
^s, es, (TrXyQos) large enough to fill a 
wagon, like ajua^LOios, Eur. 

ap.a~ovpYd*s, 6v, (,a/x,aa, *epy(a} a/ma^OTnyyds, e a^ua- 
%ovpyov Xcyiy to talk cartwrights* slang", Ar. 

ojxap, Dor. for ^aap. 

dfidpa [a/xa], Ion. ajxdpir], ^, a trench, conduit, channel, 
for watering meadows, II., Theocr. (Deriv. unknown.) 

ajj.cxpo.Kov [a/id], TO, and ajj.dpa.Kos, 6, Lat. amaracum, 
amaracus, Anth. 

djj.apa.VT i vos, t], ov, of amaranth : metaph. itnfading, 
imperishable,^.^. From 

a-jxdpavTos [a-yiia-], ov, (jjiapaivw) unfading, undecay- 
ing, N. T. II. as Subst. amaranth, an unfading 

flower, Diosc. 

ajxaprdvci) i Root AMAPT), f . a/xapr^cfoftai : aor. 2 
TOjt/, Ep. ^/xjSporov: pf. 7) : Pass., aor. i ^ 
T^T\V : pf . fyuapT'fyucu : 3 sing, plqpf . Tjfj.dprfjro. To 
miss, miss the mark, c. gen., e/c&y ^uaprajfe tytar&s he 
missed the man on purpose, II. ; d/x. r^s <58ou to miss 
the road, Ar. ; row <r/co7roi3 Antipho. 2. generally,^ 
fail ofdoingy fail of one's purpose, to miss one's point, 

fail, go 'wrong, Od., etc. ; c. gen., vo^aros tfjufiporev 

failed in hitting upon the thought, Ib., etc.; d/*. rov 
Xp'ncrfjLOv to mistake it, Hdt. 3. to fail of hamng, 
i. e. to be deprived of, lose, c. gen., d/xapT^crecrflcu OTTW- 
TTJJS that I should lose my sight, Od.; d/t. Triads a\6x<>v, 
Eur. II. to fail, do wrong, err, sin, Horn., etc.; 

c. dat. modi, yvc&pr) djii. to err in judgment, Hdt. ; or 
Iv \6yoi.s Id., Plat. ; with a neut. Adj., r<5e 7* %u/8po7w 
I <?rm in this, Od. ; in Prose, d^u. wept rt. or TIJC os do 
'wrong in a matter, Plat., etc. 2. Pass., 
TL a. sin is committed, Thuc. : impers., 
Trepl n Plat. 

a|xapTds > dfios, 77, Ion. for d/iaprfa, Hdt., etc. 

ap,apTCiv } aor. 2 inf. of a/Aaprd.yea. 

ajji-apvirj or ~f|, (a/ta, ap-aptcr/cw) [a/*], Adv. together, at 
once, Horn. 

a|xa.pTY|{j,a } aros, rJ, (a^aaprciyw) <# failure, fault, sin, 
Soph., Plat. 2. <z bodily defect^ malady, Id. 

a|xapTi]Tiicc)S, T?, ^, (a/xaprccj'w) prone to error, Arist. 

afxapTta, ^, (a^aapr^j/cw) a failure^ faidt, sin, Aesch., 
etc. ; a/A. nv6s a fault committed by one, Id. ; a^tt. 
$d'ns fault of judgment, Thuc. 2. generally, guilt, 
sin y Plat., Arist., N. T. 

ajxapTt-voos, ov, (a.fjLa.prdvo}} erring in mind, dis- 
traught, Hes., etc. 

ap.dpTLOv, r6, a/j,dpTf}fji>a,, Aesch. 

ojAapTO-e-TTiqlsj ts 1 , (a/^apr^yw, ^TTOJ) erring in 'words, 
speaking at random, II. 

a-(xapri3pT]Tos oy, (/taprupety) needing no witness, Eur. 

a-fxdprvpos, oy, (pdprvs) 'without witness, unattested, 
Thuc., etc. : -Adv. -pws-, Dem. 

i], 7), poet, for a^apria, Theogn., etc. 

v t sinful : as Subst. a sinner, N.T. 
ii [Att. v, Ep. u], ^, = j^ap^apvyf), a sparkling, 
glancing, of the eye, h. Horn. ; of horses' feet, Ar. ; and 

ajxapvypra, euros, TO, a sparkle, twinkle, changing colour 
and light, Anth. ; quivering, of the lip, Theocr. From 

ajAoLp-uoro-w (Root AMAPYf), only in pres. and impf., like 
juapjuafpou, to sparkle, glance, of the eye, Hes. : Med. 
of light, colour,, Anth, 

a(xa-Tpoxxw, (rp6%w) to run together, in Ep. part, a^ua- 
Tpo%<W, Od. 

ctfjia-Tpoxtel, y, (rpoxos) a jostling ox clashing of wheels, 
aju-arpoxiks aXeeiycay II. 

ajj.avp6-.ptos, ov, living in darkness, Ar. 

ajj-avpos [o/t], a, 6v, 1, dimly seen, dim, faint, 
baffling sight, d^wXov CLJJL, a shadowy spectre, Od. 2 . 
having no light, darksome, vt% Luc. : blind, sightless, 
Soph. , so, a/uavp^ K&Xcp with blind foot, said of a 
blind man, Id. II. metaph., 1. dim, obscure, 

^tncertain,K\'Jr}d>vP l ^.VBch.*, ^Xtris Plut. 2. obscure, 
unknown, Hes., Soph., Eur. 3. gloomy, troubled, 
tppfo Aesch. III. act. enfeebling, vov<ros Anth. 

(Deriv. uncertain; cf. a/u>8p<ta.) Hence 

a}iavpoa> [a/x], f . -cocrw : aor. I fypavpcaffa : Pass., pf. 
7|jUcwpc)/Acu ; Ion. aor. i afjt.avp&67}v : (afjiavp6s} : /o 
7?i^^ dim, faint, or obscure, Xen. ; metaph. fo impair, 
Eur., etc. : Pass, ft? become dim, suffer eclipse, of the 
sun, Hdt. ; to disappear, Hes. Hence 

ajj-a-upcofjia, aros, r6, (a/j,avp6ofj,a.i) obscuration, Plut. 

ajj,axavta, ajJi.axci.vos, Dor. for o,^f]%"~ 

d-fiaxct or-{, Adv. of ^/xaxoy, without resistance, Thuc. 

a.-|j,axTOs, ov, poet, for a/xax^ro^, Aesch. 

ap,axTiTC, Adv. of sq., withoiit battle, II., Hdt. 

d-|ji,a-x i l'roSj ov, (jua%o/Aat) 7^ozf to be fought with, un- 
conquerable, Soph. ' II. not hamng fought, not 

having been in battle, Xen., ov, (ju-^x^lO without battle : I. of a person, 

with whom no one fights, unconquered, unconquer- 
able, invincible, Hdt., etc. ; of places, impregnable, 
Id.; of things, irresistible., Pind., Aesch. II. act. 

not hamng fought, taking no part in the battle, 
Xen. 2. disinclined to fight, peaceful, Aesch. : not 
contentioiis, N. T. 

a|xao) [a- in Horn., a in later Poets] : impf, tf/jLuv : f . 
djuV}(Tftj : aor. i TJwcra, Ep. #/i77<ra: Med., f. djU^o^uai : 
Ep. aor. i djUTjcraTO : Pass., pf. ^/i^at. To reap 

corn, absol., II., Hes. ; metaph., fiiwcrav KaX&s they 
reaped abundantly, Aesch. : so c. ace. to reap, K^iov 
Od. ; fflrov Hdt. 2. generally, to cut reeds, etc., 
II. , Theocr. II. in Med. to gather together, collect, 

as reapers gather in corn, a.^Tja'd/j.evoi [ya'Aa] having 
collected rnilk: so inAct.,d^(Tas- K.&VLV, hamng scraped 
together earth over a corpse, Anth. (From Root MA 
with a euphon., cf. Lat. MET-0, to mow.*} 

d(jLpac7]V, poet, for avaftalriv, aor. 2 opt. of ava.$aivu>. 

apfiacre, Dor. for avefiiricre, 3 sing. aor. i of avafiaivca. 

djo.(3do-ts, dp,paT7js [a], a|x|3aTos, poet, for avaftavis, 
avaftdrys, &^a,ros. 

d|Apa.T, Dor. for avafiyre, 2 pi. aor. 2 imp. of ava&aivw. 

djx-p\TJ8if]V, Adv., poet, for ava^X^v, 
wzY/i sudden biwsts, d/i^A,. 7o<ici><ra II. 

ajj-pXio-Kw and ajJ.pA.o'to : f . ayuj8Xcio-w : aor. I 
pf . 7^\wKa : (d^ujSA.^?) : to cflw^f? fo miscarry, Soph., 
Plat. 2. o the woman, to miscarry, Plut. 

dfj.pX-uvoj [u], f . i)vw : aor. i ^/xjSXOj/a : Pass., f . -vvQJ]- 
ffofj.a.1 : aor. i tyfJip\vvQi)v : #(3 blunt, take the edge off 
a sharp instrument, and metaph. to make dull, tf/t/iaros 
auyV Anth. : Pass, to become didl, lose its edge or 
force, Aesch., Thuc. From 

'AMBAY'Z, eTa, t, blunt, dulled, with the edge taken off, 

of a sharp instrument, Plat., etc. : metaph, dull, dim, 
of sight, djuAv (5pay, jSA^reiv Id. ; of the feelings, d/i- 
&\vrepq, ry opyf with anger less keen, Thuc. ; d^Au- 
repoj/ voter? rt /&s 'vigorous,, Id. 2. in Acsch. Eum. 
of Orestes, having lost the edge of guilt : but of per- 
sons, generally, dull, spiritless* having lost the keen- 
ness of one's feelings, Th uc . II. act . darken ing, 
of a cloud, Anth. Hence 

ajApXiittis, yro$, f}, bluntnesst metaph. dullness, Pint. 
d|A(3Xv-wir, f. Tjcro), (tfifO to be dim-sighted t Xen. 
oLfxpXx'WTrta, ^, dim-sightedne$s, Plat. 
oL(JipXv(5orar<ii), Att. -TTW, only in pres., (dytt/QAtta) jfo &* 
dim-sighted, Plat., etc. ; djU./8A. irp&sr rb <|><$ &? #<? #//W 
to it, Luc. 

ap,pX.(i>ir<5s Jj/, (&}j,$\-l)s 9 &^f) bed fanned, dark, Aesch. 
a.|jL^X-cJv|/, Oairos, 5, ^, = dfijSA&Tnfa, Eur. 
atx-pdafia, afj,-j3ocuo poet, for 
ajx-poXa, 7^ poet, for dpajSoAi?. 
ajxpoXa87|V [a5], Adv., poet, for 
bubbling up, II. : metaph. Zy /<?&?, capriciously, 
Anth. II. /z"&? <a prelude, h. Horn., Find. 

afJLpoXcxs, dBos } r), for avapokds, thrown up, of earth, Xen. 
afipoXuep-yrfs, <fr, poet- for dva^oA- (ava&dx.\co II, 

fyyov) putting off a work) dilatory,, Hes., Plut. 
afxfjpocrta, Ton. ~T], 17, (^u/Sporos) ambrosia (i. e. zw- 

mortality) the food of the gods, Horn., etc. 
ap.(3po<nQs, a, of and <?$-, o)", leng-thd. form of fyu/fyoros, 
immorta^ h. Horn. : in Horn, nig-ht and sleep are 
called ambrosial, divine, as gifts of the gods; so of 
everything belonging to the gods, as their hair, robes, 
sandals, the fodder and the mangers of their horses. 
ojippoT<5-'irfcXQS, QV) with coursers of immortal strain, 

a-jjLppoTos, ot> and ??, ov: (aprw. 3 fipords with /A inserted) : 
like leng-thd. form o.p.$p&(riQS 9 immQrtal !> di'vine 3 Horn., 
Aesch. 2. */ &/ji$poro$ 9 like djU/3po<rfy ^^, Od.;~~ 
then of all things belonging to the gods, Horn. 
afxpwcras, Ion. for df a/8o^orajr, aor. i part, of d*>#/3acw. 
ap.1 or ajx^, Dor. for ^as-. 

a-jA,^Y a P T 5> 0?/ j (jU.e'yafyw) unenviable : 1. inelan*- 

choly j direful, Horn., Eur. 2. of persons, unhappy, 
miserable, Od. 

d-jJL0iJorTLvos, 07, o^, of amethyst i Luc. From 
a-fi^Hcrros, o^, (fj-edvu} not drunken^ Plut. II. 

as Subst, &fAs&v<rro$, 77, amethyst* the precious 5tonc, 
supposed to be a remedy against dntJikwincsS) N. T. 
ap.eipovTs, of, v. d/cief/So? A. ir. 

ap.ipi) [&] : Ep. impf . &jj.eij3c>v : L -$<a : aor. i tffjLGi^a. 
[From Root MEIB or MEY with a prefixed, cf. d^ueiJo/xai, 
Lat. MOV-^.) 

A. Act. to change, exchange, %VT $/A(/SJ/ II. ; tip. 
ri TWOS, as 7<W yowby b.i*,$i$tov changing one knee for 
the other, i.e. walking slowly, II. : and so, either 1. 
to give in exchange, rev^e* ^/tet/Sc %pu(Tea %a\KGtwv 
exchanged gfolden armour/^?* brasen, Ib.; or 2. to 
take in exchange, v6cnv hvrl eras afjiftyat ^i/%Sy to re- 
deem him at the price of thine own life, Eur. 3. of 
place, to change it, and so to pass, cross 9 Aesch., Eur. : 
'then, either to pass out of a place, have it,'or to pass 
into, enter it, Hdt.., Att. 4. simply, to change, alter, 
Xp&ra one's colour, Aesch. 5. Causal, to make others 
II. : to ]>&$$ on y hand on from 

one to another., Eur. 6. like Med. i. 3, ia re/tn\ 
return, o.^. xfy>w Aesch. II. intr. in part., d/m- 

j8oj/rey, ol s interchange rs> i. e. the rafters that meci 
and cross each other, II.; v ^ei^ovn d v aoi/3ct^o% 
Find. 2. a/met ftet KCLLV^V UK Kaiv&v one new tiling 

comes on after others, Kur. 

B. Med. z'fl change one with another, &ju,etfto'fiGiHn 
by turns,, alternately > Uom. : //' r// //; ///r;/, 
Eur. 2. often of dialogue, to answer one trnMer, 
Od. ; often in part. d^uet/J^wy, answering, in answer, 
Horn. ; c. acc. d^u. rt^a /A^y /tu0ow, JWo'<r< Id. ; even, 
ravra roi'S 1 <pl\QVs tyfjietyaro Hdt. S, ato refia\ f , re- 
quite, StiapoLffLv d/x. rivaOd.; xpijiTToTorf Ildt. ; also c. 
ace. et dat. rei, d/i. cvepyetfias x^P lfftv ^ en - ^ :f " 

jf^ ^"<?rf '/?x exchange, \(pov$ ^pei/ay TCOJ^ i^wr irapwff&v 
Soph. 2. like Act. to change a place, /a f>ass cither 
otit of or /#<?, Hora., etc. 

-jteCXiKTOs, oy, (yUeiAfcr^w^ uiisoftcned, cruet, Honi., 

-jjteiXtxos, ov, (/i6tA(<r<rw) implacable, relent/tw, 
II. II. of things, itnmtf /gated, Acsch, 

fxcCvwv, o^, g"cn. o^os, irrcg". Conip. of dya^^y, better, 
abler,, stronger., braver, Horn., etc,; v. &7a0<ta II. 

of things, better, fitter, Id. 2. &i*W&v {$ffrt\ V/.v 
better, c. inf., ^TTC! TrelB^ffOat &jjLewav 11., ctc ; With 
neg-at., od 7ap ft/Aewov 'twere better not, Ildt. 3, ra 
d/i/i/w <ppoveiv to choose #/;<:* better part,, Ul. 
fxcipd), as afjitpSo), fo bereave ofti thing, c. &'<*., Piml. 
|jit^/Ls, ecoy., ^, (d/xe(j8a>^ exchange^ interchange^ 
Plut. 2. change > succession, Id, 
I|JI^XY<D [a], f. |, /^ w///r sliccp and j'oats ; $oa,s ThootT. ; 
--Mec]., in metaph. sense, d/^AyftfCteu roi v " I^Vour /** 
w/M them rfrj', Ar II. /^ <-/W7 milk from the 

animals, d/u. yciAa Hdt. ; Pass., #i>jr d/t^sAy^/ifixat 7<^A 
having milk drawn from them, wj/M-ewoR, U, S5. 
metaph. if<? squeeze out like milk, to fircss (>n 
favQbv ^aeA^e 7^05 Anth. -III. 
(From Root MEAP, with a prefixed, comes also 
eu*; cf. Lat. MULG-cch} 

cLjjieXeL, imperat. of d^teAeca, neiier tin'tttf, Ai% Xen. ; 
aor. i oL^Xviffov Luc. II. as Adv. /;/ r* 1 // weitus, 

of course, An, Plat., etc. 

TLVOS towards a person, 7r<?/?( rn/oy about a thing 1 , Plat. 
, ^, want of practice ^ Plat. From 

[a], f. i\tfu> : aor, 

of, c, gen., Horn., Hdt., etc. 2, alwol. h 
heedless, negligent, Hes., etc. ; r> /td/xAi> (crasis fur 
ju^ &fjL\GTv) carefulness, Aosch. 3, c. uv. <?t pavl.// 
overlook., a,nd so /<? /^/? (tHoi^, suffer^ wctWew Qv'fi<rKow&i 
d/ieAr /,' /^v theitt dic ICur, ; -Xcn. has gen. in hinm* 
sense. 4. c. inf. ft neglect to do, I Itlt., Plat . XI, 

Thuc. :- Atlv. 

], ^y, (a priv., ^\i} cetrrfess, het'tflMS, rie^ 
ligcnt., Ar., Xcn., etc. : Adv. - Awy, cfrrelessljf, Tluir. j 
Comp. -farfpov, Id. 2, c, gen, r^w/w.v ^* a thing, 
Plat., etc, ; TT/?( viva, Isocr* ! -Adv d^tfAws 1 $x^w ^ 
be careless, Trpos rt or Trepf rii/a Xen. II, pa-^. 

uncarcdfQr> unheeded) Id, 

v, verb. Adj. of ofieAew, one must neglect, rivds 
Isocr. II. a/^A^Teos, a, ov, to be neglected, Luc. 

a.{jt,eXir)TOS, ov, (a/xeAew) not to be cared for, Theogn. 
v) } poet, for ctjueAeia, Eur. 
Tos> ov, (/xeAAw) not to be put off, Luc. 

, ov, (/x^u^>o^uai) not to be blamed, blameless, 
Eur., Dem. $ ^jue/wrTOs xpdvov in regard of time, 
Aesch. 2. of things, perfect in its kind, Xen. ; 2t^t. 
Kiv77 without blame to her, Pint. : Comp. a/AeyUTrToVe- 
pos, less blameworthy, Id. : Adv. -r<as, so as to merit 
110 blame, right well, Soph., Xen. II. act. not 

blaming, content, &/x.eft7rro / v TIVOC TroieTcrOou Xen. : so 
Adv., djUe/iTTToos &ex0"0a TWO, without censure, Id. 

, 4s, = ^jU7TTOs I, Aesch. II. act.,= 

n, Plut. Hence 

cij ?j, freedom from blame, Aesch., Soph. 
a|J.v<u [d], Ep. for &iv, pres. inf. of #a>, to satisfy.. 
d-}Jivtjv<Ss [a], oV, (IJLGVOS} powerless, fleeting, feeble, of 
ghosts, Od., etc. ; of dreams, Ib. ; of one wounded, 
II. 2. of mortal men generally, h. Horn., Ar. Hence 
djJLVT)voo), f. eficrw, to deaden the force of a thing 1 , II. 
OJI.CVTJS, $, = a/xevTjj/oV, Eur. 
a, Dor. for T^uepa. 

[a], f. , zto pluck or jg^//, Lat. decerpo, 
Sappho, Eur. : Med. to pluck for oneself, Theocr. 
ajxcpSci) [a], f. ffw : aor. i ^epcra, Ep. &ftep<ra: Med., 
aor. i part. ajuepcrcijuevos 1 : Pass., aor. i fyu<=p07]v : (a 
euphon., /xcfpo/xcu) : to deprive of, bereave of, a thing-, 
c. gen., Hes., Od. : Pass, to be bereft of r a thing-, cuwvos, 
5cuT<fo Horn. 2. c. ace. pers. only, to bereave ^his 
fights, to rob, II. ; 0V<r 5* ^/xepSev avyf) the glare #<?- 
reft the eyes of power, blinded them, Ib. 3 IvTea /ccnrvby 
a/iepSei the smoke r#Z>s the arms of lustre, tarnishes 
them, Od. 

a-p,pT]s, s, (fjLtpos) without parts, indivisible, Plat. 
a-jxpL|JLVos, ov, (ju, freefrom care, unconcerned, 
Anth. II. pass.uncaredforjttn/ieedea'fSo'ph. III. 
driving away care, Anth. 
os, Dor. for 
-KoLTos, Dor. 
s> Dor. for jftfjLepos* 

Ep. for %up<ra, aor. i of a/j,ep8u>. 
aj*,<s or Dor. for ^juets. 
a-jjtCTaKCvirjTos, ov, immovable ; Adv. rcoy, Arist, 
a-fATajx^Xi]Tos, o*/, (juera/xeXo/xai) ?z^jf 2f<? 5^? repented of, 

Plat. II. of persons, unrepentant, Arist. 

cUp.T0.v<JiriTos, OK, ?z0tf zfy /;<? repented of, Luc. II. 

act. unrepentant, N.T. 

a-p-CTOtoTTolTos, ov, (/A0tcrT7|/.u"( 7ZOif /o &<? transposed, 
unchangeable, ^t,ncha,nging, Plat. 2. 720^ ^<? be got 
fid of m put away, Id. 

&-|ATacnrpirTos, ov, (jneracrrp^ofJLaL) withoiit turning" 
about : Adv. ^eratrrpeiTrt [tj or -ef, without tuni- 
ingf straight forward, Isvai, tyevysw Plat. 
a-jxTttcrTpo4>os, ov 3 (jueTaorT/></><w) unalterable. Plat. 

os, ov, foreg 1 ., Plut. 
s, Dor. for mierepos. 

s, ov, (/tTXw) having no share of & thing, c. 
gen., Thuc. 

a-pt^TpTiTOs, ov and -j, ov, unmeasured, immeasurable, 
immense, Od., etc. 2. unnumbered, countless, 


a. 43 

f, (&{j.rpoi) excess, disproportion, Plat., etc. 
DS, ov, of immensely long life, Anth. 

d}AeTpo-injs, S, (e7ros) unmeasured in words, II. 

cifxeTpo-iroT^Sj ov, 6, (TTIVW) drinking to excess, Anth. 

cUficrpos, ov, (jweVpov) without measure, immense, ex- 
cessive, boundless, Plat. : Adv. -rpus, Id. ; neut. pi. 
&/xeTpa as Adv., Babr. 2. immoderate, in moral 

sense, Plat. : Adv. -Tpcos, Xen., etc. 

dp.vo}, Aeol. for d/iei/Sojuou, to conquer, Pind. 

afxcvcrC-iropoS) ov, with interchanging paths, Pind. 

"AMH, 7], a shovel or mattock, Ar., Xen. 

ajx-YJ, Adv. (ior, dat. fern, of afj.6s = rls'), in a certain 
way : a j u7?-'ye-7n7 or -77, in some way or other, Plat. 

djxijv, Hebr. Adv. verily, of a truth, so be it, N. T. : 
TO ct/A^v, certainty, Ib. 

d-pjjvm>s ov, (/*i7vuo) ;w angry or wrathful, Hdt. ; 

wrath of heaven, Aesch. : Adv. ~TO>S, Id. 

ajjujs, TjToy, (5, a kind of milk-cake, Ar. 

aji.Y]cra, Ep. for ^U7)<ra, aor. I of a/x<x. 

dfJLtjTijp [a], ijpos, <5, (ducted) reaper, II. 

ajJLt]Tos or dff]T<3is [a], <5, (dyucicw) reaping, harvesting, 
II. (metaph. of slaughter).. 2. harvest, harvest- 
time, Hes., Hdt. II. //z<? <rr0j6 or harvest reaped, 
Lat. seges, Anth. 

a-pJTup, opos, 5, ^, (fdirvip) without mother, motherless, 
Hdt., Eur. II. ^, ^t,nmotherly , ju^ 


iw, ==sq., Anth., in Ep. forms afxn% 
iw, f . j'jo'w : impf . T^u^xavouv : 

/^ss 1 for, or w want of &. thing, c. gen., Hdt.; 
TrepI TIVOS about a thing, Eur.; OTTO, Tpcwrcojucu which 
\\'ay to turn, Aesch. 2. absol., d/x^xavcov fttorevca I 
live without the necessaries of life, Xen. Hence 
' L "H | ''nX^Hi^> ^s, o,^-)(avos, h. Horn, (^in gen. pi. eojv). 
ijiTfixo-vCa, Ion. -i*q, ^, 7oan^ <?/ means, helplessness, im- 
potence, Od.j etc. ; UTT* afj^^wias Ar. II. of 
things, hardship, trouble, Hes. From 
X-JATJXO.VOS, Dor. djxaxavos, ov, (jM-Tlx ai/ ^) without means 
or resource, at a loss, rivos about one, Od. ; a/i. efo T 
awkward at a thing, Eur. ; Adv., afMixdvcas $x eiv 
b>WXtw*iv> Aesch., Eur. 2. c. inf. at a- loss how to 
do, unable to do, Soph., Dem., etc. II. in pass, 
sense, 1. impracticable, difficult, c. inf., bjuL'hxavds 
focrt iriOecrQat II.; 68b$ A//. efrreAtetv a road hard to enter 
on, Xen.; o/x7]X <w '0V ^o*rt, c. inf. 'tis impossible, Hdt., 
etc. : absol., d J a^x < * >/ impossibilities, Aesch., etc. 2 . 
against whom nothing can be done, irresistible, of 
gods, II. : of things, afj.', fyya. mischief without 
resource or remedy, Ib., Hes., Trag. ; of dreams, inex- 
plicable, Od. 3. extraordinary, immense, Plat. ; 
af J L'f]x av(>J/ Gvo"cufji.ovia$ an extraordinary amount of 
happiness, Id. : often c. ace., d/x-/jx ajl/os T0 fw?y0os, TO 
/caAAoy, TO TrATJOoy, i. e. inconceivable in point of size, 
etc., Id., Xen. : Plat, often adds the relatives olos, 6Vos, 
and &s, as, afji'fixw *' ^ Qv XP oyoi/ au inconceivable 
length of time, djtmxttvwy wy cS extraordinarily well. 
i-jJitavTos, ov, (jUtafvw) undejUed, Theogn. ; Aesch. calls 
the sea simply ^ aptavros. 

' s, es, (piyvvfii) immixed, pure, Arist. 
;, Dor. for aju^eos. 
i, by Ep. metath. for apifljuew, Theocr. 


a-jjUKTOS, ov, unmingled, that will not mingle or blend, 
Aesch. II. unmixed, pit-re, Plat. III. of 

persons, not mingling with others (cf. (juyyvai to have 
intercourse], unsociable, of Centaurs and Cyclopes, 
Soph., Eur, : ct/u Tin having no intercourse with 
others, Id. ; so of laws and customs, #/x. vo/u/xa TOLS 
&X\ois Thuc. 2. of places, inhospitable, Kur. 

ap.iXXa, T)$, ^, (fi/xa) a contest for superiority, a con- 
flict, Hdt., etc. 2. c. gen. rei, Iffx^os a/x. n'a/ 
of strength, Find.; TroSoIv, Acfywv a/x. Eur. ; apT7Jj Plat.; 
c. g"en. objecti, a/u,. Ae/cTpwva contest for marriage, Eur.; 
so with an Adj., a/x. <jf>iA6 / 7rAouTOS i , Tro\fc*KVO$ a striving 
after wealth or children, Id. 

djjuXXdofjiai., f . -^(rojLutt : aor. i ^jaiAA^O^v, later ^/xiA- 
A^cra/x^v : pf. ^/uiAA^/xai : (a/uAAa) : Dep. <? compete, 
vie, contend with another, Lat. aemulart, c. dat. pers., 
Hdt., etc. ; irprfs Ttva Eur. ; c. dat, rei, to contend 
in or 'with a thing-, Hdt. ; irpl TWOS about a thing', 
Luc. 2, in pass, sense, TO Tre^oj/ Trpbs aAA^Aovs o/xiA- 
XyQev being 1 matched one against another, Thuc. II. 
of a single person, fo strive, struggle, ^irl rt to a point, 
Xen. ; irp6s rt to obtain a thing, Plat. Hence 

dp.iXXt]p,a, aros, r6 } a conflict, v. &\*Krpos. 

dfJLLXXirjTiip, irjpos, <5, (a/u,iAAc^o/xat) a competitor in the 
race, v. rp6xo$ B. 

dp.i|jnr)Tc5-pLos, ov, inimitable in one's life, Plut. 

a-jxC|jiT]Tos [*]* ov, (jjufjL&fjLcu) inimitable, Anth. ; Tivf in 
a thing, Plut. : Adv. -TOJS, Id. 

dp,i|ia, Ion. -q, )?, (&P.IKTOS} of persons, w/z/ of inter- 
course, aAATjAwv with one another, Thuc. ; Trp^y Ttva 
Luc. j afjLL^ifj x^^ r(av want of money dealings, Hdt. 

afA-LTTiros, ov, keeping" up 'with horses, i. e. j#?# a5 a 
horse, Soph. II. tifjuirirot, of, infantry mixed 

'with cavalry, Thuc., Xen. 

dfji.Cs, l$of, ?), a chamber-pot, Ar. 

djjLior0t [rj, Adv. of &p,Kr6os } Eur., Dem, ; ^p^/xaTwv a/x. 
without reward of money, Plut. 

a-|xi<r0osj ov, without hire or .^tfy, unhired 9 Aesch. 

a-jJucr0cii>TOs, ov, (jjucr66w} bringing in no rent, Dem. 

d-fxiTpO"xCTWVs> of, epith. of Lycian, 'wearing no girdle 
(/xrpa) with their coat of mail (^iTc5v), II. 

d-fXL)(^0aX($is> coVa, ev, (/x^vujui) epith. of Leninos, MZ- 
ctcccssiblc, inhospitable, IL 

afjtjxa, aTOS, TC(, (^TTTW) anything tied or made to tie, 
and so, 1. <rz ^MO^, Hdt. 2. /rz noose, halter, 
Eur. 3. band, Id.; #. TrapQevlas the maiden girdle, 
Anth. 4. in pi. zf//<? wrestler's arms or /n^g', Plut. 
e, Aeol. for 7]/xas, ace. pi. of 
liberal, dfx-jjLevto, poet 
, Aeol. for ^ucts, norn. pi. o: 

', poet, for &v& /xecrov. 
,, Aeol. and Dor. for Ttyuv, dat, pi. of ^760, 

afx-p-t^a, dp.-p.i'yv'Ufxi, poet, for avc/xi7a, Ava/x^vviti., Ion, ~IYJ, ^, poet, for &/xopa, (&imopos) what is 
not one's fate, bad fortune, Od. 

a|x-p,opos, ov, poet, for $-/xopos, ^-/u.oipos', without share 
of a thing, c. gen., II. , Soph. : -free from, without, 
<y&/vo?j/ Anth. II. absol. unhappy, II. 

of-p-os or apjxos, ^, .$<37M? (v. /xa0os), Plat., etc. II. 

sandy ground, a. racecourse, Xen. 

dp.p.<5-Tpo<f>o$, ov, (rp*<f)w} growing in sand, Anth. 
"*Ap,p.wv, wvos, ^, the Libyan Zeus-Amman, Hdt., Pind., 

etc. : fern. Adj. 5 Ap.(AwvCs, 'A. e'Spa the seat of Amman, 

i.e. Libya, Eur. 
O.-U.VOLJJLCOV, Dor. for a/xi/^/xcoj/. 
afJivds, dSos, T), fern, of cLfj.vds, a la-nil), Thcocr. 
a|Ji.-vacri, afx-vdoreie, Dor. 3 sing, f ut. and aor. i opt. of 

a.fxva<TT^a>, ap.vacrTos, Dor. for -7?o"reco, -Tjcrros 1 . 
dfivcios, a, ov, (djuvJs) ^/" ^ lainb } a/w. %A,a??/a rt lanih- 

skin cloak, Theocr. 

d-jxvT)fji,<SvVTOs> ov, uumcntianed, unheeded, Kur. 
dp.vY]{Jiov^(o, f. ^o*fo : aor. I ^/u.j/Tj/At^jo'a : (J^^tav] :* /o 

6<? unmindful, absol., Aesch., Eur. 2. c. gen. / 

7^<? t> mention of, not speak of, Id., etc. j so, ajttv. 

TI TrepI Tij/os Thuc. 

dfxvTf)fJtoo"uvt], y,forgetf illness, Eur. From 
d-(j.vt]j}xo)V, Dor. dfjtvdjiwv, OK, ^>*cn. o^ 

mindful, forgetful, Soph., Plat.; ruwfe </ a thing, 

Aesch., etc. 2. 1$%.$,$, forgotten, not mciitioiwd, Eur. 
dp.vt]QTT^w, Dor. dfxvaorTcw, d/u/^/xoyew, Soph. :- Pu^s. 

Zto be forgotten, Thuc. Hence 

dfjiv-qo'TCa, ii,forgetf ulness of wrong : an amnesty, Plul. 
d-fi.vTricrTos, ov, (nvdofjuu) unrcmembercd, Thcocr. 
CLJJLVIOV, T<^, i^^ in ivhich the blood of victims ww.v 

caught, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
dfxvis, (5os, ^, ewe-lamb, Theocr. 
djjcvo-Kwv, o, (KQ<a] sheep-minded^ \. e, ct si -m file 011, At, 
"AMNOZ, d, y, a lamb. Soph., Ar. ; d/xwl robs Tpifaavn 

lambs in temper, Id. : for the oblique cuses, cjc/tWy, 

apvi, &pva are used ; v. a/Wy. 
djjt-oY^TC, Adv. without toil or ej]\)rt, II. From 
d-fji<5yr|Tos, ov, (juoy&tf) unwearied, wntiriitg, h. Iloiu. 
d-fjto0C, Adv. (Jrom a pri'vat., ^0os) without qnarrcl t 

Lacon. word in Thuc. 
ajj-oGev, Ion. df*.<S0V, Adv., (a/t^ 1 ) /wu A'awe' /'/wrr r 

other, frwn what source sower, Od. j; a/x<J0cv 7* -TrotJcy 

djJiotpdSio?, a, ov, == d/aoi jBaTos, Anth. 
d(jLOLpa8c, Adv. (d/x,otj87j) /->j/ turns, alternate!}', dft. 

ISiAAo0ev &X\o$ one after another, Theocr. 
dp.oi|3aios, ov and a (77 s i, ov, (&ftoi/3'/j) giving tike for 

like, rctributiiw, Pind., Anth. :* -Adv. -war, aVi wtfttftat, 

Luc. II. interchanged, alternate, Hdt. 5 &/xoi- 

/SaTa, alternating verses, sung by two persons <y/^' / 

answer to the other, Plat.j d/xoi/3a(77 ^(n5^ Thcocr, 
djjLOLJ3dsj ciSoy, fcm. of forcg,, J /*6'/* ^ change of raiment, 

afxotpTQ, ^, (d/xe^a)) a requital, recompense^ compeihstt- 

tion, return, gaymont, Od. ; Iwaro'ft/i^j? y<>r the luicti- 

tomb, Ib. 2. an answer, Hdt. XX. c/mnge, 

exchange, of money, Plut. III. alternation, 

K.&K&V Eur. 
dp.oi(3Y)8C$, Adv. (&/iotj84) alternately * in successwttt 

dfxoip^s, 5, (3t/x(j3(w) MM? TU/ZO exchanges, kiMi&oisMiers 

that relieve others, II. II. as Adj i*t return or 

m exchange for a thing, c. gen., Soph* 
dfxoLp^o), fo &<MM> jzo s/zaw *M a thing, c. gen,> Plut. I'rom 
d-fioipos, ov, (,/x.otpa) without share in a thing, c. gciu> 
^ Aesch., etc. 2. absol. &^opos, unfortunate, Kur. 
d(xoX^atos, a, ov, (d/x/A7ou) of milk, made with milk* or 

ijrom &/jiO\yd$ an old word for &/c/x^), 


a^oX^c-us, <as, <5, (a/t\7) milk-pail, Lat. mulctra, 
Theocr., Anth. 

ap.<$Xyiov, r<, Dim. of a^jLoXy^s , a milk-pail, Theocr. 

aixoX^os, <5, a word of uncertain sense : Horn, always 
joins vvKrbs d/x,oAy$, in the ho^trs before daybreak, or 
the hours after sunset, i.e. generally., at night-time, II. 
(The supposition that a.^o\^6s meant milking-time 
(from d^ueAyw) will not suit the sense. It is said that 
&jjLO\.y<$$ was an old word for d/c/4> so that j/u/crbs d/x. 
means A<? dead of night.} 

o.-jj,<!>fju|)ir)Tos> oy, = dju,/A<jyi)s, Aesch. 

a-pio^4os, OP, (poptffi blameless, Aesch. 

ajj-opytvos, o*/, waste of Amor gian flax, Ar, From 

ajiop-yCs, fl> fine flax from the isle of Amorgos, Ar. 

ajAopia, 3], poet, d^i/iopia, q. v. 

a-p,opos, oy, poet, ^ju/xopos, = apoipoSjC. gen., Eur. II. 
absol. unlucky, wretched, Soph. 

ajiop<j>ia, ^, unshajteliness, unsightliness, Eur. From 

a-}xop<f>os, el/, (fj.ofxp'fi} misshapen, unsightly , Hdt., Eur. : 
Sup. ajJLOptyecrraros (as if from d;uop<ifjs), Hdt. ; but 
regul. form -^repos, ~6rot,ros, Xen.j Plut. 

dp.o's or ajj,6s [aj, 4j, <fy, = fifierepos, <wr, ^wrs, Horn., 
etc. II. Att. == [10$, when a long penult, is required. 

o.|x,<5$ [a], an old word equiv. to efs or rts, only found in 
the Adv. forms dju,ov, fyw), d^oT, djuws, dyurfflei/. 

a p. 05, Dor. for ^pos, as, iuhen, Theocr. 

afjLoros, ov, raging, savage, Theocr. II. in Horn. 

as Adv. afjiOTOv, insatiably, (*. /^ejuacus, striving- inces- 
santly ; i>t. K\al(a I weep continually ; ravtovTO they 
struggled restlessly forwards. (Deriv. unknown.) 
\i, Att. ayuou, Adv. of ajjiSs ( =rb), a^toO y 
<?r other, Lys. : cf. apoOev, a./M) 3 d^tot 

^, wawif of refinement, rudeness, grossness, 
Eur., Plat. II. want of harmony, Eur. From 

o-jxo-ucroq, oi/, (/xoCo'a) without the Muses, without taste, 
unrefined, inelegant, rude, gross, Eur., Ar. : Adv. 
-ffws, Plat. II. unmusical, Eur.; a^oucrjTarai 

* Id. 

or -0C [t], Adv. of fytox^ Aesch, 3 Eur. 
, crasis for & ^ju.<^%67)cra. 
> ov, ^sq. : Adv. -TCOS, Babr. 
v, free from toil and trouble^ Soph, : 
shrinking from toil, Find. 2. wotf tired, Xen. 
a(i.-iraXos, poet, for dj/cfora\o$, Find. II. #jU7r-aA 

oj/, Dor. for kpfyiaXos, Theocr. 

a|*,- < ira-v(ns> ap-Travcrnipiov, ot^-iravw, v. 

Sj should be written &//- TT$IOV (i.e. 

r (i. c. di/ci 7T / Aa705'). 
ajx~ir(p<a, Ep. for foawetpa. 

aiXTreXecoVj cuj/oy, d, poet, for d/iireAwK, Theocr. 
apkircXivos? oy and TJ, ov, (fytirsAos) w/^e f i^, Hdt, II. 
of persons, given to wine, Anth. 
OJXTT^XIOV, rdt, Dim. of &fj.ire\os, Ar. 
oLjxTrcX.Cs, I5os, T), Dim. of ^/cTreAos-, flt nine-plant, Ar. II 

s, <rcra, cv, (^/iTrcAos) rzWi f v/ww, II, etc. 

5* f ^ 3 a vine, Lat. T*^, Od., etc. (Perh. from afiir 

(Aeol. for &/i$Q; ?A-i^, from its clasping tendrils,} 
? vines, Theophr., Luc. 


;, <5, (*p7&>) & vine-dresser, Ar., etc. 
,u.TrXo-<|>vT(op [v], opos, 6, (<piio)} a vine-planter, Anth. 
- -^ -'.^ jj/o$ 3 5, (^iwreAos 1 ) a vineyard, Aeschin., etc. 

r o>, poet, for dvcwrejUTO).<i!>v, Ep. for dj/ct7TiraAc6v, redupl. aor. 2 part. 

L|A->'TrT<xvv'UU.ij ajJ.-treTO|A<xij poSt. for ava.7rTa,wv{j,i, ava- 


LixTTcx^vifij 7), (d/tirex&>) a fine robe ; generally, clothing, 

clothes, Plat., Xen. 

Ljvircxovov, r6, djUTrex^^j Ar., Theocr. 

".(XTT-^YCi) and cuunr-icrxw Ep. impf. &{JUTT%OV : f. ct/x~ 

cf>6ftj : aor. 2 ^/xiricrxo^ : Med. d/XTrexo/xat and ajAiritf- 

Youat, with 3 pi. CLIJHTCL(T")(Q\JVTO,L : impf. ^i/j.Trei'X.oiJ.fjv i 

(ctjuirt Aeol. for &juwj>) : I. ^ surround, cover* 

Lat. cingere, c. ace., Od., Soph., etc. : absol., CTK^TO? 
afjurlcF'x.toi' surrounding darkness, Eur. 2. j?0 em- 
brace, Id. II. f ^ put round, Lat. circumdare, esp. 
topzit on another, c. dupl. ace., Ar., etc. 2. Med. to 
put round oneself, to wear, %\alvas OVK apjrto'xodv'raL 
Id.; djUTricrx^evos with your cloak round you, Id. 

VTTTW, poet, for avaTriirrw. 

djAirXajcciv or (metri grat.) airXo.Ktv [cwrA], inf. of aor. 2 
^uTAaKOp, part. ajjarAaK&y : from the same Root we 
have pf. 7jU7rAc/c7?:a, pass.ff/uirAaK^/icu ; the pres. in use 
is ajAirXctKCcrictt d^apTctxw. I. c. gen. ^<? cow^ 

^orjt o/, Find., Soph. 2, zfo /os-^, 6e bereft of, iratS^y 
Id.; dA<x ou E ur - ^- a ^sol. to sin, err, do 

wrong s Id., etc.; cbs- raS 1 %ur\afcoj' when / committed 
these 5X7Z5-J Aesch. (Deriv. unknown.) Hence 

dfjLTTXaKTj|j.a, aros-, rci, an error, fault, offence y Aesch,* 
etc. : also, metri grat., airXaKirip.a, Id. 

LfjLTrXaKia, TJ, = djU-TrAajcTj/xa, Theogn., etc. 
djjnrXaKtov, T<l, = d/iiTAaK^a, Find. 

v. r 

CLjJL-Trviw, Ep. for dvairyeco. 

et, for cuv far mv pa, 

ajx-irvue, d|X-7rvw0ifi, aji-irvuTO, v. 
djxiTTacra, CLjAipraujv, ap-TTTajxevos, v. sub dyaTrero/iai. 
ilj poet, for dvaTrrvx^. 

ci), (^/-nru!) #tf 5iw^ ^A<? AaV wwfA band, Anth. 
pj T)/>OJ?, 3, (&fjLiru) a horse's head-band, Aesch. 

T& 9 == afj-wKr^p^ Soph. 

UKOS-, ^ or 4> (d/iir^, Aeol. for a^i] a woman's 
head-band, snood, 11., etc. II. anything circular, 

d wheel, Soph. 

ajx-irwrts, gen. ews, Ion. LOS, for dj/dcTrcwrts, ({}- 
a being sitcked back, the ebb-tide, Hdt., etc. 
d|JU>-y8aXivo$, 77, ov, of almonds, Xen. From 
diA-u-ySaXos, ^, almond-tree, Luc. 
ajj/u-yiAa, aroj, r^, (djUtJcra'w) scratching, tearing, 
Soph., Eur. 

an,iry|Ji.<5s, ov, d, = foreg., Aesch. 

apvots [v], = ^a: I. of Time, together, at the 

same time, Od. II. of Place, together, all to- 

gether, II. 

djjtvSpiSs, d, &v, like afjiavpds, indistinct^ dim, ob- 
scure : 1. d/t. 7pdju/iaTO scarce legible letters, 

Thuc. 2. dju. irpbs aXrjQeiav faint in comparison 
with truth, Id.; a^u. tKnis Plut. ^Deriv. uncertain.) 

a-pu-YjTos, ovj (fiveca) uninitiated, Plat., etc. II. in 
Plat. Gorg". as if from jAV&y^ov Juya/teyos /J.VLV } unable 
to keep dose, leaky. 

a-p,v07jTos [v], ov, (p.vQ4oju,ai) unspeakable, unspeakably 
many w great, Deni, 

a-pSiajTos [0], ov, (/iv/raojUcu) where no herds tow, of 
places, Anth. 

"ApvicXaL, tov, cu, a Lacon. city, famous for the worship 
of Apollo, II., etc. : "AfJWicXaLov, r6 9 the temple of 
Aniydaean Apollo, Thuc. Adv. *AjxvicXa0V, from 
Amydae, Find. 

, at, a sort of shoes, made at Amyclae, Theocr. 
<i>, f. era, to speak in the A my clean (i. e. Laco- 
iitan} dialect, Theocr. 

a-pxiXos, ov, (ju^tof) not ground at the will, i.e. ground 
by hand : as Subst. a cake of fine weal, Ar., etc. 

a-puptty [u], ov, gen. ovo$ } (f^w/mos) : blameless, noble, 
excellent* used by Horn, as an honorary epithet, like 
our honourable^ excellency, not implying virtue ; never 
used of gods. II. of things, Horn. 

a|xwa, Ep. aor. I of ajAiivw. 

<L|j,wa0c> [a], ajuvyw : but the forms assigned to it 
belong to an aor. 2 jjfjLitvaQov;, (cf. 5icD/cci0&>,, efcofctV, 
4py<x,6iv, (TX0o>) : the inf. therefore is apwaQew (not 
-afletj/), imper. raed. &fwyajQov (not dQov) :-~~to defend, 
assist t c. dat., Eur.,, Ar. : Med. to ward i*ff front one- 
self) repel) ty6yov Aesch. : to take vengeance on, rivcc,. 

3 Ap.vvtas [v~} } ov, a, (afj.Ti)vu*) masc. pr. n. II. as 

appellat., %v ajuuvfcts was on its guard, Ar. 

ajxiivov, Ep. for JJ/AWOP, impf, of JUUKJ. II. aor. i 


ajAwrifov, verb. Adj. of fyuifo/w, one -must assist 3 c. dat. 
pers., Xen. , so pi. apwrea, Soph. 

ajnjvTt]pi.o$, oy, (a/AiW) defensive, Plat., etc. II. 

as Subst., a.|M>vnjpi.ov, r6, a means of dffcncft Id. 

afJnJvTwp, opoy, d, a defender) helper , Horn. 2. /*;; 

avenger ) icarpds Eur. From 

ajUkwco [u] : Ep. impf. ^,/tuyov : f . ctjuuj/co, lou. ~vi/a? : 
aor. I T/jjAVVa, Ep. ftfjwva. [a] : for aor. 2, v. a/nwdBo) : 
Med.,,Ep. impf. a / uiW / u < j7*/ : f. fafivyovjuat ; aor. I ^)/jt,vvoi- 
Wv. (.From Root MYN with a prefixed, cf. Lafc. munio, 
moenia.} To keep off, ward off, Horn. : 1. c. ace. 
of the person or thing to be kept off } c. dat. of pers, 
for or from -whom the danger is kept ojf, &a.va0L<n,v 
Xoiylv &ftiWi/ to ward off ruin from the Danai, 11. : 
the dat. is often omitted, Xoiyhv a^vei Ib. 2. c. dat. 
pers. <? defend, assist 9 aid, succour, Horn., etc. %. 
c, gen, from whom danger is kept ojf 3 TpQas &HJLVVG vstiv 
he kept the Trojans off from the ships, II., etc. 4. 

absol. to repel assaults, to &id } Ib. j ret b^vovra. moans 
of defence, Hdt. II. rarely c. ace,, like Med. n, 

to requite, repay, Soph. 

B. Med. to ward off from oneself, defend oneself 
against : 1, c, ace., II. 2. c. gen. of that from 
which danger is warded ofF 3 to fight for or in defence 
,of t Ib. : so, djutfi/ecrflcu ?repl irdrpris Ib. 5 virfy rij/os 
Xen. II. absol, to defend oneself, II. III. 

&jj,vve<rQai Tij/a also to avenge oneself on an enemy, to 
requite, repay, punish) Soph., Thuc,, etc. ; also, V^" 
l Ttvd riyos or #7re'/> TWOS to punish /6>r a thing', Id. 

), Att. ~TTO> : ICp. impf. ^vcrcfov : f . |a? : aor. i 

%u;a:~- Med., aor. i part, a^v^d^vos : Pass., aor. i 

part. ap.v%6v. (.From Root MYIC, \vith a prefixed, cf . Lat. 

muc-ro.} To scratck 9 tcar s ivou-Hd? lacerate, mangU\ 

II., Hdt. ; also to prick, sting, Luc,, scratch with both 

hands. II. mctaph., Qvf*bv ^/*. to tear the heart, 

11., Aesch.; $/>V d/xworcrcrai Id. 
a-p-varrC [i], Adv. C/A^W) without closing the wz<mf/r,i.c. 

flj? o/ie draught, Luc. 

a|x-wcrTCt<>, ^ drink deep, pf. ^juiicrri/ca Fur. From 
afxtKrris, tos and iSos^ ?), ^i/*w<rrO /^ujif draught, 

Anacr., Eur., etc. 2. <<?^ drinking, tiplinif+ 

Id. II. large cuj>, used by the Thracians, Ar. 

afivx 1 !? ^) (&]i5<r<ra>) a scratch, skin-wound) Dem. 3 m 

sign of sorrow, a/xuxs K07rTo^ue*>w A^cTXev Plut. 
ap-uxH-os, 6, = djaux^j Theocr. 
afx^-ayaTraEwjOnlyin pros, and impf ., toembraccwwml m v> 

ire^^ kindly, greet warmly t Od,, etc. ; so in Mcd. t IL 
a|A<j>-aYS"7ra<), ^foreg., Hes.; aor. i &ja^>a7<^'m)0'a h. Houu 
ajJi<i>-aYCpojJtaL, Med. jfo gather rownd* Otal 8^ fjnv &ju^c^ 

yepovro (aor. 2) II. : hence pre.s. Aju^ctyepojucti, Theocr. 
ap.-<|>d8ios [a], a, on/, poet, for aj/a<j!>c{5iS' 1 (&va$alva} 

public, yd/Jios Od. II. ace. fern, a/u^a&i??*' as 

Adv. , &fjL<pQfi6v, II . 
dji-<|>a86v, Adv. poet, for ^^a^a8^, (Avcc^afo'w) publicly^ 

openly, 'without disguise, Horn, 
afx*<f>a$o9 oi/., (&va$atv<a} discovered., futwoiiy Od. 
djJL-^aivco, poet, for ava^aW. 
d|x<|>-atcrcrojxo(,L, Pass. ^ r,v/t on from all sides, cfyu^l 5* 

T* a'l'tfo'ovrai IL ; i/A^i 5t ;curc fajiois af<ro*ojt^ro Jlouied 

around his shoulders, Ib. 
a|x<}>-aKY|s [a], es, Dor. for A/A^MT^S. 
ajx-<j>av8dv, Adv., poet, for <3tya^>a*'8^i/, Pind. 
ap.-<j>aviv, poet, for ^va^an/cti/, fut. inf. o Aj^cw^ad'w. 
afji^-apapeoj, f , ^ffco, #t> rattle or //w^* 1 around} U* : so 

a(x<j>apaflC^(i>, lies. 

ap.-<|>a,cri7], -ij, Ep. for a-^acrJta, specch? ess ness t Houu 
djJicly-oLiiTcw, jf. ^<ra), ^; n";/^" around^ 11. 
ajjuj>-a<t>QUi>, Ep. part. St,fj.<pa,^>6o3V 3 * <fa<ra : impf, 

CTKOJ' : Med.j Kp, 3 pi. &ju4>a4><WrOj inf. &^a 

*- ^ touch or yivZ <:?// round, to hci)idlc t Horn,; so in 

Med., Od. 2. /laXoc/ctijrie/w fajufyafydaffQat easier to 
/M, iHaiiirge, II. 

aor. a of d/A^Arp^w. 
, 0^, poet, for A^ttA.-, cvilt*d round, Mvir-. 

|j.<)-XLcrarcu, poet, for ^ju^utA. *, /& 7tvv//> or izviiw round) 

xfyas Eur. : Mod,, Find. 

p.<|>-4Tr<>, poet, for ^(^i4if<o. 

fx<}>-ep&|>(>j ^ co^4r z^, Anth. 

n^-^, l)cp. with aor, 2 kiMfr4\\Ww t to write 

round ant,') surround, Od. 

p.-<|>^p<i>, poet, for <W$p. 

fJKtj-^orTaVjaixifi.eGrTaort^^ pi. aor. ^ and pf.of 

jj.^-^xS'Vov, aor. of &/u^t%ccrKw. 

[6], aor. j pass, of &yu(/)t 
3 sing-. Ep. aor. 2 pass, of 
op.aL, Ep, for d/A^a7po/Aai, Od, 
cs, (^j two-edged, II. Aesch. II. 

mctaph., &/A<J!>. -yAciiTTa a tongue /w w/// r/^ /w//i 

w^ryi', i.e. maintain cither right or wrong 1 , Ar. j of an 

oracle, ambiguous, Luc. 

, aur. 2 of &/u<j>-^xtf/ua. 

>i]|, es, < v 3 pe<jl>&0 covered on both sides, close- 
covered ', epith. of Apollo's quiver, II. 
o.jx4>-T]pT|S, 5, (v. hptis) fitted on both sides, well-fitted) 
djU^Tjpes JMpWj of the double rudder used in Greek ships 
(v. irySdXiov) , Eur. Hence 

a(j.<$>-TipiK<Ss) "ft, 6v, rowed on both sides, worked by 
sculls, of a boat, Thuc. 
d}x<J>-i]pLo-To$5 ov } (/>) contested on both sides, apty-fi- 

picrrov J-ByKev, i. e. made it a * drawn' race, II. 
*AMW, Prep, with gen., dat., and ace. Radic.^sense, on 
both sides (cf. Sfyujw, Lat. ambo), whereas trepl properly 
means all round. 

A, c. GEN. : I. Causal, about, for, for the sake 
of a thing 1 , a/x^l yvvawAs Aesch. 2. about, i.e. 

concerning or <?/" a thing, a/&4>l (/UA^TT/TOS aefSexv to sing 
about or o/love, Od. II. of Place, about, around, 

afjtfyl rris ir&\io$ Hdt. B. c. DAT. : I. of Place, 

on both sides of, about, ap,<j>l &UOLS, (mi?0ecrui Horn. ; 
likewise, ap<pl Trepi ffrJiQeo'ffi Od.: then, just like irpi, 
all round, Kpea a/i^l oJ3eAoi> eiretpav they fixed the meat 
round, i.e. upon, the spits, Id. 2. generally, about, 
near, at, a^l irvX-rjo-i II. II, a#cwj regarding, 

epLs a^l fjLOvcrucr) Hdt. ; /or the sake of, for, ct/wjf)' 'EA/?7 
I., etc, 2, like Lat, prae> a^l rdp&fi, a^l 
<e> pmepavore,for very fear, Aesch., Eur. C. c. 
ACC. : I. of Place, about, around, mostly with a sense 
of motion,<pt JMV <f>apos fid\ov II. 2. about } near, 
anfyl jSecflpa somewhere by the banks, Ib. 3. of per- 
sons who are about one, of an<pl Upla^ov Priam and his 
train, Ib. ; ot a/i<>l 6pea his arm}'', Hdt.; in Att., of 
a(j.({>l Upcarayo'pciv the school of Protagoras or Protagoras 
himself, Plat. 4. K\aUiv hfjifyi riva. to weep about or 
for one, II. 5. elj/ca, Siarpifteiv a/x^f ri to be en- 

gaged about it, Xen. II. as a loose definition of 

Time,, about, Find. ; a^<f>i IIA.emSwj' 5u<nz/ Aesch. : so of 
Number, Lat. circitcr, ajjupl T&S 5ci?6/ca /xvpiaSas about 
120,000;, Xen. 3D, WITHOUT CASE, as Adv., on 

both sides, about, around, 2. = <x/x<|>fs A. n, apart, h. 
Horn. B. IN COMPOS,:* I. afow*, <?re both 

sides* as a^lcrroiJios, =5<rro/xos, 2. #/ round, on 
all sideS) as a^tAa/AjSavw, d^^tAa^s. II. Causal, 

/<?r, /<?r ^A<? ^?^^ <?/, as oL^i^d^ofjiai. 
ct(ji<()ia(t) or afJt^i^Jft), aor. I ^/t<|)(a<rct, (&jU0f) zto clothe, 
rtvci Plut. : metaph. of a grave, ^<rrea ^/x^iaorev Anth. 
ajj.c(C-aXos, oz/, (5lA.s) sea-girt, of islands, Od., Soph. 2 . 
of Corinth, between two sea$ 9 Horace's bimaris, Xen. 
*Apx|>Kxpa<^ ov, Att. *A[x4>iapWS> w, (a choriambus in 
Trag.) Amphiaraiis, the Theban seer, Aesch., etc. 
apL^tacrp-a., aros, r<i, (ct^idfco) a garment, Ctes.> Luc. 
a,iA<() w > f a bird, zJ<? 7?y shrieking about, in irreg. 

part. p. a^iaxma, II. 

djJKfjL-paiKO), f .)3^o"0ju:ai, Jf<?^o about or around, II, 2. 
/tf bestride* Od. : esp. ^o bestride a fallen friend, so tfs 
/t> protect him, II. ; hence of tutelary deities, Jfo prot 
Ib. II. Jfo encompass, 'wrap round, c. ace., vsty 

i)8ej37?/c Od, : also c. dat,, ye>oj a 
VTJWO'^ II. :-- metaph,, ere Wi/oir <t>p4vas a 
Ib., etc. 

.-j3aAw : Med., Ep. fut. &>^>J3aXi)ju 
or put round: of clothes, ft> ^>WJ^ sfA^wt 
a person, Lat. circttnidare, c. dupl. ace. pers. et rei 
butyl 5 jit y\Quva.v fidXey Od. j also c. dat. pers v 


II, : Med. to put round oneself y 
put round one, put on, Od. 2. d/^uaAc*>*/ 8<\a/ioi> 
having thrown a chamber over him, Ib.; fvyfrj' 'EAAaSt 
dju<>. Aesch. : Med., \evKfyv etjU^jBaAAo/^at Tpl^a.1 put 
on, get white hair, Soph, 3, for the Med. the Act.Js 
sometimes used, Kparepbv JAGVOS kfj-fyifiaXdyTss [eauroTsQ 
II. II. to throw the arms round, to embrace, c. 

dat. pers., Od. HI. also, c. ace. pers. to embrace, 

L(j,<})i(3dcri5, etas, y, (a^n^aivta) a going round, cncom- 

ifufufhos, ov, living a double life, i.e. both on land and 
in water, amphibious, Batr., Anth. 
iji,4>pX'HjJia, arcs, r6, (djiuJnjSaAAw) something thrown 
round : I. an endostwe, Eur. II. a gar- 

ment, cloak. Id. 

ip.<|)ipXt|o-Tpov, ro, (afji<pL&d\Xu) anything thrown 
round . I. a casting-net,, Hes., Hdt. : metaph. 

of the garment thrown like a net over Agamemnon, 
Aesch. II. a fetter, bond, Id. Ill, of walls, 

encompassment of city- walls, Eur. 
d|x4>i-pdir]TOS, noised abroad^ Anth. 
? ifji<JHpoXCa, Ion. -IT], 7), the state of being attacked on 
both sides, Hdt. From 

dp.<|>ipoXos, ov, (d/A(Jnj8ciAA) put round, encompassing, 
Eur. II. attacked on both or all sides, Aesch. ; 

a/uxjb. elyctt between tiao fires, Thuc. 2. act. 
hitting at both ends, double-pointed, Anth. III. 

doubtfid, ambiguous, Plat., Xen., etc. ; ro.ya.6k h d^u.- 
<j>ifto\ov eQevro accounted their good fortune as 
ful, Thuc. ; & &iJL<pift6\(p in doubt, Luc. : Adv., OVK 
a/KjtnjS^Aws Aesch, 

dp,<|>tp<io-KopLaL, Dep. to eat all about, Luc. 
\ii4n~povXos, ov, (jSouA^) half-minded to do a thing, c. 
inf., Aesch. 

iia4n-ppoTOS, ^, ov and os, oy, covering the i&hole man, 
of a large shield,, II. 

dfjufu-ppoxos, ov, Ope'x") thoroughly soaked, Anth. 
d[j,<|n~(3<iS[uoS) ov, (fitopds) round the altar, Eur. 

"*]6e<i>, to rejoice aroimd or exceedingly, h. Horn. 
'voeoa : impf. and aor. I with double augmu, T/^- 
ovv, 7}ju.<bGyv6'r}O'Q(> : ( i i yi- r yvcixrK(ti) : to be doubtful 
about a thing, not know or understand, c. ace., Plat. ; 
girt TWOS, irepi rivos Id., etc,; 3)fJL$*yv&ow 8 TI ^Trofouj/ 
^A^y knew not what they were about, Xen. : Pass., 
" ds being unknown, Id. 
S, ov, (yodtii) bewailed all round, Antli. 
LS, d, (yviti) of Hephaestus, he that halts in 
"both feet, the lame one y U. 

du&t-yuoS) ov, pointed at each end, double-pointed, 
Horn, j in Soph,, of persons, armed at all points, prac- 
tised combatants. (The terrain. -7^05, as in inrt-.yvos, 
is of uncertain sense.) 

di^i-Saicd, used in intr, pL and plq.p a/^t5e5i7, -fayj 
to burn or blase around, II. 

dfi^L-SoLKvca, to bite all rozmd : to grip close, Anth. 
diAcju-SaKp-uTos, ov, all-tearful, Eur. 
ajjKJ>-Sa(rug, em, v f fringed all round, of the Aegis, II. 
oLfxtJH-Se'ai., at, (Sea? A) things bound round y bracelets or 
anklets, Hdt. 

jta, pf. of kfajHrpix* * 

;, ov, with two right bands> very dextrous, 

4 8 

Lat. ambidexter) Arist. 2. like C^MJ/CT??, two-edged, 

Eur. 3. metaph. double-meaning^ ambiguous 9 Lat. 

ance.p$, xprjtfTTjpiOj' Hdt. 4. = a^u^repos, &/*$* a/c/tcaV 

with 6<?zf/z. hands, Soph. ; O,/A<J&. TrXevpdv each side, Id. 
ajJKJH-.Se'picofjLat, Dep. /00 round about one, Anth. 
djJ.4>i-8eTos, ovy bound, or sez? a/ round,, Anth. 
afAtfn-SrjplTos, 3i/, (dypiofjiai) disputed, i/itc?} Thuc, 
d)j.<|>L-8iaivco, to moisten all around, Anth, 
djx<{uSiWo[Ji.<u, pf. -SeSfj/^ai, Pass, to be put round, 

fitted closely round, Horn. 
cLfA^H-SoKevtu, to lie in wazY/ox, rti/a Bion. 
oLp-^L-Sovecj, f. -j}(TCD, to agitate violent ly/Thcocr,, Anth. 
d|A<{>iSo|^i) } to b<j doitbtful ; Pass, to be matter for 

doubt, Pint. From 
djju|>{~$of 05, ov 3 (5<fa) with doitbtful mind or of double 

sense, doubtful, Polyb., etc. 
ap4C-8opos, ov, (Sefpcu) quite flayed, Anth. 
ajA<fn-8o;x.[jLos, o^, (JoxM) ^ 5 ^^"^ ^-S" <?^ ^<? grasped, 

\iQos Xcn. ; cf. x^ipOTrX^^-ijS'. 
d|x<f)(-Spo(jLos, oy, (Spa/ue?!/) running round, encompass- 

ing, inclosing, Soph. 
d(x<fit-8p%nrTos, OP, = &fuf>l^pv<j>os 9 Anth. 
a(i<{)i,-8pTj<|)Tj5, 4, (Sp^TTTw) having torn both cheeks, in 
^grief, II. 

afA^iSoTj^oSj oi/, (5pu7TT<w) ifoyw <?7i ^o^ sides, II. 
dp.<j>C-OT5|jLos, oi/, two-fold, dozible, Xt/^-V d^u^. Od. (The 

term. ~$vjj.o$ recurs in 8l-^vfj,oy } rpi-SvfjLos.) 

du,<j>L-8x)co, to pitt on another : -Med. to put on oneself* 
01 y 


ajJL,cj>i-XL(rcra, ^ ^Afoftrw) only in this fern, form, of 
ships, rowed on both sides ; or, rather, swaying to and 
fro, rolling. 

ajJK^i-cvvu^i or -vw : f. ^^i/crw,, Att, &/A0i5 : aor, i 
%<J>e(ra:~~Med., aor. %^t<rafi7jK, Ep. 3 pi. ^^ffavro : 
Pass,, aor. I part. &fj.<j>icr9Gt$ : pf. ^^(ccr^ai : ^<?^j^ 
round or cWj like Lat. circumdare, II. : but mostly, c. 
dupl. ace. pers. et rei, ^ xXctivav a^^ffaa'a Od. : 
Pass. , ^jUc^tecrjaeVos TL clothed in, wearing, Ar. ,, etc. 2 . 
c. dat. rei, &fjuf>. rwd TIVI to clothe one in or with a 
thing, Plat. II. Med. to put round one, put on 

oneself i Horn. 

a^^i-^irw, poet, also &pi<f>-jna : poet. impf. or aor. 2 
a/x^Troi/ and &[*.<$> sirov '.-to go aboiit, be fill round, 
encompass, Horn. II. like SieTrw, to be busy 

aboiity look after) Id. : to do honour or reverence 
to. Find. 2. to tend, Id. j to git-ard, protect, 

Soph., Eur. 3. &/, K^OS to court an alliance, Lat. 
ambire, Id. 4=. absol. in partic. w*VA good heed, 
heedfully, carefully, Horn. III. in Med. to follow 

and crowd round, II. 

ofi<[cr(i,a, <XTO$, r6, (ot/i^ieWujat) a, garment: In pi. 
, Plat. 

orcrav, Ep. 3 pi. aor. i act. of &^i.4vv\)fu : d^i- 
o, 3 pi. aor. i med. 
*v<o, to sit on, settle upon, c. dat., II. 
VKTos, oy, (fafryvvnL) joined from both sides, 

ajA<|>t-0aXa<r<ros, Att. -TTOS, ov, (^cCAatrcra) with sea on 
both sides, sea-girt, Pind., Xen. 

a|i,<(i-eaXt{s, es, (0a'AAa>) blooming- on both sides, of 
children who have both parents alive, II. 2. //- 

abounding, of the gods, Acsch. ? Ar. : metaph. abound- 
ing in, c. dat., Aesch. 

a|A<j}i0aXX<a, pf. a/j,<f)tT(!Qr]ha, to be in full bloom, Anth. 

dji.<j>L.0dXTTw, to warm on both sides or thoroughly, 

dfjitfa-dcarpov, T(f, a double theatre, amphitheatre. 

d(JL<(>t-6Tos, ov, of a cup, either that mil stand on both 
ends, or, 'with handles on both sides, II. 

oL^cjii-Oew, f. ~0ucroficu, jf<? nm round about, c. ace,, Od. 

dp,<(>{-0TjKTos, oi/, sharpened on both sides 9 two-edged t 

^Soph. : so, dji.<()u0tjY > l js, 4, (Qfiyw) Anth. 

djx<|)i-0p7rTos, ov, (rpefyui) clotted round awound) Soph. 

fy^t-QvpQSiOVfWtp^with double ciitrancCfSQph. II. 
as Subst., autylOvpov, r6, a hall, Theocr. 

djji,<|)LKaX'U'irTW, f . i|/co : I, c. ace. to cover all round, 
enwrap, enfold, of garments, II.; of a coffin, Ib. ; A/*^>. 
'{Kirov to receive ivithin the walls, Ocl.; of death, sleep, 
Ib. II. &/j,<p. rl rwt to put a thing round any 

one as a cover or shelter, &fji<p, crdKos Tivt f v<l<po$ nvi 
Ib. III. after Horn., dft^. rwd nvi to surround 

one with a thing, Batr. : -Pass.> ^|U^)/caA,v^r) wpara 
he had his head covered, Kur. 

d{ji4>L-Kcd||(o, to cleave asunder, Kp. aor. i -/cecJo'cra, Od, 

dp,<j>LKi)xaL, Pass. j?o //e round, $ir % ^XX^Xoiorii' &^tK(- 
yuevoi locked in each other's arms, Soph.; ^TT* o\46p^ 
QLfjifyiKelvQQu, $>6vQv that one murder /zVs c/(?w upon 
another, Id. 

dfi<|>L-KeLp<i>, f. -Kepco, j^o 5//,*?r ;// rouiid, Anth. 

CL[J,<|>L-K:LCOV [/ci], ov, ivith pillars all round) Soph. 

afxtju-KXacrTos, ov, (K\dw] broken all round* Anth. 

ot|x<(>C.KXvo-Tos, QV, (K\i><a) washed on both sides by the 
waves, Soph. 

dp-^L-Kopieca, f. 4\<f<a t to t&nd on all sides or carefully, 

oi}x<j>L-Kop.os, oy, (K^fj.'n) with hair all round f Anth. 2, 
thick-leafed, II. 

djj-<))C-Kpavos Ion. -Kpir|vos, ov, (itdpa} two headed, 
Eur. II, surrounding" the head, Anth. 

L, Pass, to hang round) Pind. 
4, (KpfaafAat) hanging round or over, 

dp4>iKpir)p.vos ov, with cliffs all round* Kur. 

dfj.<jH-KpTjvos, ov, Ion. for &/n<f>lKpavosr. 

dfx,<j)i,-Kp-u'irTCi>, f. ^w, to cover or hide on wery sidc t rmov 
v4<pos bjjupi (re /cp^Trret Kur. 

dp^i-KrCovcs, <v 3 of, (,/cr^w) they that dwell round, 

next neighbottrs, Hdt., Find. 

'Ap4iKrtiovc?, wv, ot, the Amfrhictyons, a Council coin- 
posed of deputies chosen by the States of Greece, the 
Awphictyonic League, which met at Delphi and Anthela* 
^ Hdt., etc, (The word was orig. the same as &/*$wHoi/ k ) 
'Ap.tfntcruovla or ~ca, -J, theAmphictyonir Le<t$ttt\ Dem, 
'T-UOVLK^S, 4 <iy, Ampkictyonic, of the Amphk- 
j Dern. 

T-uovCs, (5os, 4, fern, of foreg,; *A/x^, (sc. wrfXw\ 
a state in th e A mph ictyonic League , Acschin . II. 

a name of Demeter at Anthela, a meeting~place of the 

Amphictyonic Council, Hdt. 

^^i-K-uKXcioiJioii, Pass, to encircle, surround, Acsch. 

jA^i-KiiXCvSw, aor. i -/d5xr<ra, to roll around, to be 

pierced by a sword, Find. 

ov, in Horn. i/x.^iK^TrcAAop S/iWj, a 

double cup, i. e. one that forms a cup both at top and 
bottom, II., etc. ; cf . a^lOeros. 

ajx4>L-XaXos, ov, 0f double speech (Greek and Thracian), 

a.|u|>uXcL<|>rj<5 ) &* (\a/Jifidv<i)} taking in on all sides, wide- 
spreading, of large trees, Hdt. 2. generally, abundant, 
excessive, enormous. Id., etc. ; 7^05 ct^</>. a universal 
wail, Aesch. : Adv. -<w$, copiously, Plut. 3. of 
size, bulky, huge, Hdt. 

afAtfH-Xa-xcuvwj only in impf. to dig round, c. ace., Od. 

a|A<j>i-Xey<i> f. &>, dispute about, TL Xen. ; afi<>. 
fjsfl . . , to dispute, question that a thing is, Id. 

ajjuJH-XewiTGS, ov, discussed on all hands^ doubtful, 
Aesch. : so Adv. -rajy, Id. II. act. disputatious, 

Eur. ; a/j,(f>. elvai rivi to quarrel for a thing, Aesch. 

a[x<|>iAoyeo}jLai T Dep. to dispute, irpl rivos Plut. ; and 

o.fjKJH.XoYia, TJ, dispute, debate, Hes., Plut. From 

a,ft<j>i-Xo*yos, ov, disputed, disputable, Xen.; rck a/t<f- 
\oya disputed points, Thuc. ; oL^lXoyov ytyvrral' n 
vpos TWO, a dispute on a point takes place with some 
one, Xen.; neut. pi. a^iXoya as Adv., Eur. II. 

act. disputatious, contentious, Soph., Eur. 

cijju<i>i-Xo<|>og, ov, encompassing the neck, Soph. 

afi<JH-XvKt] [i/], vv%, 77, (v. *X^Aoj) the morning-twilight, 
gray of morning, II. 

*a(j.<j>i.-|Aao|xai., to wipe all round, assumed as pres. of 
an Ep. aor. i afjL<pifji<i<ra<r9, Od. 

ajjutu-|Aa<rxaXo$, ov, round both arms, two-sleeved, Ar. 

afA<j>i-jAa.TOpS, Dor. for a.juupiju.'fjTopfs. 

aiAcfu-p.aX.'nTOs, ov, fought for, Anth. 

ajj.<j>i-fj.axo| [a], Dep., only in pres. and impf., to fight 
round ; 1. c. ace. to besiege, 11. 2. c. gen. to 
fight for, Ib. 

ap.<{H-}Jt.eXas, /xeXouioa, JJL\O.V, black all round : typevfs 
a/i.<jt>i/i,AGUj/ai, prob. referring to the <ppev*s or midriff 
being wrapped in darkness, dark-seated. 

ajj,<f>i-|j,, Pass, to be completely parted, Anth. 

ap,<j>L-|j,ijrops, of, of, (/^Tijp) brothers or sisters by dif- 
ferent mothers, Eur. 

ap.<t>i-p-t}Kdo}, Dep. to bellow around : metaph., ZfctTrc- 
Soi' aju<^i/x/AOK (pf. 2) the floor echoed all round, Od. 

ojj.<f>L-viiaj$, s? ( veiKOs) contested on all sides, eagerly 
wooed, Aesch., Soph. 

a.p.<|>L-vio]Tos, ov, (vented)} = afj.<l>LViK'fis, Soph. 

a|j.4)c-V^o|jLaL, Med., of cattle, to feed around; then, 
of men, to dwell round, c. ace. loci, II. 

afn^i-vcvo), f . ffw, to nod this way and that way, Anth. 

a|x4>i-vo<i>, f . ^o*w, to think both ways, be in doubt, Soph. 

a|j.4>i,-&i>, aor. i a/x<^O'a, to smooth all round with an 
axe or plane, Od. Hence 

ap4>$oos, ov, contr. fo-us, polishing all round, Anth. 

i^C-waX-TOS, ov, (mfoAco) tossed about, ree'choing, Anth. 

ap.(j)L-TrttTacro-o), f . w, to strike on both sides, Anth. 

ajjL^t-TreSos, ov, (ir&ov) surrounded by a plain, Pind. 

a|x<|>i-7r^Xo|xai, Dep. to float around, of music, Od. 

afx^L-Tr, Dep. to be busied about, take charge of, 
c. ace., Horn. ; rbv tctives hfAfawevovTO the dogs made a 
meal of him, II. 

&)A<|>i*7rcpi,-irX^YST)V, Adv. twined round, Anth. 

cLficju-Trepi-trTe'^ojicu, Pass, to be put round as a crown, 

w, to keep turning about all ways, II. 

au.<f>i-'irpi.-TpTjaj, to chirp or twitter round about, Anth. 
jjL^t-Trepi-c^SXvijQw [ij], to decay all round, h. Horn. 
p4>L-iriat>, Dor. for -iriefa, to squeeze all round, hug 
closely, Theocr. 

jJL^L-irtTTTWj f. ~irffov{ji,aL, aor. 2 a^tp-evecrov, to fall 
around, i.e. to embrace, c. ace., Od. j c. dat., a/Li<|H- 
iriirrtov crr6ji4.a.<nv embracing so as to kiss, Soph, 
jjuja-trtrvw (TNT), poet, for foreg., Eur. 

ap.<j>(-TrXeKTos;, ov, intertwined, Soph. ; cf . KX?/ta|. 

ap.<j>t-rrXT]KTos, ov, beaten on both sides. II. act, 

dashing on both sides, Soph. 

oLfJL<j>t,-irXifj, TJJOS, 6, 7], (Tr^artra)) striking with both 
sides, double-edged, Soph. 

a(JL4>i-iroXva>, f . -<rw, (afi^^TroXos) ^ 6? busied about,, 
take care of, c. ace,, Od., Hdt. ; absol., Sovval nvd. nvi 
a.fji(f>nro\veiv to give one over to another, to take care 
of, Od. 

afx^uiroXew, (aptyivoXos) : I. c. ace. to attend con- 
stantly, to attend on, watch, guard, Pind. 2. to 
tend, treat gently, L.&t.fovere, Id. II. c. dat. to 
minister to, Qeats Soph. III. c. gen. rei, to be 
ministers of, Pind. 

a|Ji<|>C.iroXis, poet. ap-^i-iTToXis, b, ^, encompassing a 
city, of a city taken by blockade, Aesch. II. as- 

fem. Subst. a city between two seas or rivers, Thuc. 

afJKJH-iroXos, ov, (woXeV) busied about, busy, epith. of 
Kvirpts, Soph. : as fem. Subst. a handmaid, Od. : 
sometimes joined with another Subst., ju<. refill, a/. 
ypavs the housekeeper, the old woman in waiting, 
Horn. 2. as masc. an attendant, follower, Pind. ; 
also a priest, Plut. II. in pass, sense, as Adj. 

much-frequented, Pind. 

afx4 >l "'n', Dep. (irovew) to attend to a thing, c. 
ace., II. 

an,<j>uiroTaojiat, Dep. to fly round and round, II. 

d(J.<j>i-irp<5crwjros, ov, (irpdcrcoTrov) double-faced, Plufc. 

ajx^uiTToXis, poet, for d^tiroXis. 

ajj.4>i-.7rrux'i ^ a folding round, embrace, Eur. 

a[KJ>LirijXo$, ov, (rvA.^) with two entrances, Eur. 

ajjL^i-irvpos, ov, (wOp) with fire at each end, of the 
thunder-bolt, Eur. ; of Artemis as bearing a torch in 
either hand, Soph. II. with fire all round, Id. 

ot|J,^C-pvTos, 7), ov, (eV) flowed around, sea-girt, of 
islands, Od., Soph. ; so a|i<j>Cppt)TOS s ov, Hes., etc. 

afx<(>Cs, I. as Adv. (ajuft) : 1. on or at both sides, 
II. j OT&& 60A hands at once, Ib. 2. generally, 
around, round about, Ib. II. a^r, asunder, 

ycuav Kal ovpariv fyQls ^iv to keep heaven and earth 
asunder, Od. ; ^>ls ayyvcu to snap iw twain, II. ; 
et/i4>ls <f>pd<r8ai or Qpove'iv to think separately, i. e. to 
#<? divided, take opposite parts, Ib. 

B. as Prep., like a^f, I. c. gen. around, 

cfpjUaroy a^tyis all round his chariot, II. 2. apart 
from, afjityis TWOS ?sff6at Ib, ; a/i<|>ls ^<5ov OM^ of the road, 
Ib. II. c. ace. about, around, always following 

its case, Ib. 

o.jj.cfu-craXevou.aijPass. to toss about, as on the sea, Anth. 
ap.<jn<r-pcuva, 7]s, TJ, (fialvca) a kind of serpent, that can 
go either forwards or backwards, Aesch. 
ap.<fu<rpacrnr], 77, Ion. for ^.^iff^r^ffts, Hdt. 
ap,<j>Lor>-f3r|T&i>, Ion. -paTew, f. TJCTOJ : impf. and aor. i 
(with double augm.) ^fj-^eff^rovv, fyu 

Pass., f. of med. form ~"h< : aor. i ^u<j 
or 7?jU,^>(rj3- : ($a*/o>) : literally, stand apart, and 
so zto disagree 'with an argument, c. dat., Hdt. : c. 
dat. pers. to dispute or argue with, nvi Plat. 2. 
absol. to dispute, wrangle, argue, Id., etc. : ot OyU- 
tyifffiyrovvres the opponents, in a lawsuit, Dem. 3. 
c. gen. rei, to dispute for or about a thing, Id.; also 
wept TWOS Plat. : to lay ^claim to the property of a 
deceased person, rov K^pov Dem. 4, c. ace. rei, 
to dispute a. point, Plat. 5. c. ace. et inf. to argue 
that, Id. II. Pass, to be the subject of dispute, 

Id. j or impers., d/A<f > icrj3i7retTai 7Tp( ri or nvos Id. ; 
at /ir) elvcti rt it is disputed, Id. Hence 
a, a.TOSy r6, a point in dispute, Plat., etc. 
. ". . . ' * disputed, disput- 
able., Plat., etc. ; %<$/>a a,/n.<j>. debatable ground, Xen. ; 
ou/cT* ^v k/j.tyia'fiyTyo'ijMt) no longer zw doubt, Dem. 

ajj,<f>tcr{3if]TTf]<T'i$, O)jr, ^j (ajj.<f>ia'^-nT^(a) a dispute , contro- 
versy, debate, ajuqb. yiyverai (or ^<rri) irfpi TWOS Plat. ; 
' e%ez it admits of question, Arist. 
s, ov, (&.jj.<l>Lffl3'rjTeto) debatable, 777 Thuc. 
i.oi, Med. jfc? fold round oneself, c. ace., 

ctfi^L-orTe^avoofj-aL, Pass, ^c? stand all round like a 
crown, h. Horn. 

djjuf'"urniH' t f. -CTT^CTW, ft? ^/:^ round ; only used in 
Pass, a/i^crra/ictt, with intr. aor. 2 act. ctyu^eor'nyjf, Ep. 
3 pi. apfyeffTCLv ; syncop. 3 pi. pf. a,u<|><rra<n (for -~<rr^- 
Ka<ri) : to stand around, Horn. ; c. dat., Soph. 

aji<j>i-<rTO(jios> oy, (crrd/ua) with double moitth, of a 
tunnel, Hdt. ; Aa/8al a.fjL^la'r 0^.01 handles on both sides 
of the bowl, Soph. 

a|A<f>i-OTpaTao|j,ai, Dep. to beleaguer, besiege, Ep, 3 pi. 
impf . OjU<j!)0'Tpar(J(UFTO ir&Xiv II, 

djx<JH-<rrpc4>ij$, is, (ffrpccfxa) turning all ways, of a 
dragon's heads, II. 

o,p.<pi.-crTpo'YY^X.c*s, ov, quits round, Luc. 

o,|j.<JH-Ta|AVG), Ion. for a^fTe/iva), 

ap$i-Ta.v\)u, to stretch all round, h. Horn. 

afA<j>L-TiO<)is, 6/ ^ (^ei^os) encompassing the walls, Aesch. 

dp,4>i-T^|jLvci>, Ion. -raavw, /<? ^ <?jf on all sides, inter- 
cept, II. 

ajf&<)>i.Ti0T]|xi [r?], imper, autyirldei : aor, i a^edriKa, 
the other moods being supplied by aor. 2 : zto put 
round, Lat. circumdo, fr/nQl Seol KV^-TJU l^/c (in traesi), 
Horn, ; K(Jo*jUoy a/z^). ^P ^ Eur. ; also, (rretyavov ^c/x,</)l 
Kpara Id. : Med. to put round oneself, Od. : Pass. 
to be put on, II. 2. fo w^^^- with a thing, cfya 

ir^Tr\ots Eur. 

a}A4 )IL "' 7 "ft'<i<ra"<>, f, fw, /<? swing round, Anth, 

apj>i-TiTrupt(d, f. (Tw, to twitter or cAz>j6 around, Ar, 

d|x<|>i-T<J}Aos, oy, (T^IVOJ) cutting with both sides, two 

_edged, Aesch., Eur. 

vos, oj/, well-rounded, Eur. 

^.w, ^i> tremble round one, in tmesi, II. 

jC<o,f ,-$pauovfj.aLj tor-unround, surround, Pind, 

,s,^ros, d, rj, (*rpdu) pierced from end to end, 

p [sc. irerpd], i. e. a cave wiYA double entrance, 

>eam aroimd, c. ace., h. Horn, 


ajJL<(H-<j>aXo$, ov, with double crest (v. tyaKos), II. 
ajj,c|>i-<j)avi]s, S, (</>a(vo/xai) visible all round, known to 

all, Eur. ^ 
ajj,<JH<{>o(3O}Jicu, Pass, to tremble all round, a/z<><jf></37j-> 

6sv (Ep. for -^Grjcraf, 3 pi. aor. i) II. 
aja-cjH-^opcTJS, gen. e(as Ep, jjos, 6 : (<p*p&) : # large jar 

with tiao handles, Lat. amphora^ Horn, ; cf. <kj*(t>opv$. 
ap.4u-4>pdofj.a.i, f. -ffoju-ai, Med. to consider on all sides, 

consider "well, II. 
a(jL<JH-)dcrKa>, aor. 2 &/A$- / X&)I/QJ> (no prcs. ct/A^i-^afvctf 

occurs), /0 ,$"^<? round, gape for, c. ace., II. , of a 

child, a/JLcf). ia.<rr6v Aesch. ; of an army surrounding a 

city, Soph. 
aji<^i-^&>,f,-^;ecij, to pour around, to pour oi' spread over 3 

Od. II. Pass, to be poured or shed around, II. ; c. 

ace., Horn. 2. of persons, to embrace, c. ace., ()d% 
a}x<JH-)op-uw, f. ffu, to dance around, Eur,, Anth., Med. to anoint oneself all over, Od, 
ap.<JK-)(pvaros, oy, gilded all over, Kur. 
afK^fyvTos, QV, (&./JL<f>ty(4ci>) poured around; thrown up 
^around, of an earthen wall, II. 
dfji^t-x^QS, oy, lame in both feet, Anth, 
ajx<}>-o8ov, rd, (6$6s) a road round houses, d street, N. T. 
ap.<f>opvs, &$,$: ace. &fjtf>op4a; pL &n<f>op7isi shortened 

for,<pL(f)op*v$, an amphora., jar, urn, Hdt., etc, II. 

a liquid measure, = /xer^r^s- i-J- amphorae, or nearly 

9 gallons, Id, 

Q.|A<popicrKoSj <5, Dim. of &]u,<bQp&$, Dem. 
ap,<j>oTeW Adv. in both ways, Hdt. 
d(x<(>oTpo-TrXoos, oy, contr. rrXovs, ow, sailing both 

is} ays :~*~TQ &ju.<f>oTp6ir\Quv (sc. fttpctoi'), money lent on 

bottomry, when the lender bore the risk both of the out- 
ward and homeward 'voyage, Dem. 
a|A<|)OTpo9, a, op, (tyu^)co) each or both of two, Lat. ttter>- 

gue, Hdt., Aesch., etc. 2. neut. &/i$4rtpoy as Adv., 

CLJJL(p>t)TpQJ/ j8<XCT'tXV5 l T wVttdoS /CpttTCpOS 1 T* Ctlx.WflT'hy 

both good king and stout warrior, II, ; so in neut. pL, 

fajAlpdrepQ, ll&VZLV TreyUTTCtJ/ T Aesch, 3, KftT* ^/A^>^Tfpa 

<m Zy^A sides, utrinque, licit.; ^TT* ^/A^^re^a, ftM vtu/y.v, 
27* utramquepartem. Id. ; &7r* d/x^or (pvnifrv m both sides, 
ex utraquc parte, Id.; h/, Kp. -?; (,se. X'/^O* 
^Od. ; ^TT* a/j.<porp<MV $&aKd)$ (so. TTO<J<W^ Theocr. 
afi<()OT^p<it)0v, Adv. f MM or //. Z>w/'A sides, lUrinque, 11., 
Hdt., etc, 2. jf (&^A <?^A*,, Od. 

t, Adv. <w iw/A sides, Xen. 
><a, Adv. m i^A w^j'A", Flat. 

ajx^-o-uoCs, (oSSay ?) Adv., seems to mean #jf or /><//;/, 

2?A^? ground, Od. 

ap,<|>pa<r<raLTO, 3 sing, poet. aor. x opt. of &?<x4>p<o/<tat, 
ajx<|>, T5, rcC, rci>, dual, also of, at, rC gun, and dat. 

ajAfyo'iv : (a/^^>Q : Lat. ambo, botJi, Horn., etc. 
ap.<{)-wpoXoSj 6, (bfio\6$) tt javelin or sptt with double 

point, Eur. 

af4<j>.(>Tos, ov f (pis) two-eared, favo-handted, Od, 
a-|j.wp.Tf]Tos, oy, ((jL(0jjt.<io/JLQ,t) unblawed, blameless, l\. f 

etc. : Adv. -rcas, Hdt. 

a-^wp,os, t>v 9 without blame, blameless, Hdt, Aesrh, or afxws, Adv. from obsol. ayu^-ris-, only in 

compd. afj.tocr-ye-'Tras, in sotne way or of/ter, Ar., Plat. 
"AN [a], Ep. and Lyr. K or KCV, Dor. Ka (dj, conditional 

"AN ' ANA 7 . 

Particle. In Att, it is not joined with pres. or pf. 
indie., nor with imper. of any tense. 

Three uses of av must be distinguished in practice : 

A. in combination with Conjunctions and Relatives. 

B. in Apodosis. C. in Iterative sentences. 

A. in combinations with Conjunctions and Rela- 
tives : I. such words are regularly foil, by the 
subj., viz. edv ( = e/ av), fy, &v, tTredv ( = eVel av), tirfiv ; 
s av quicunqiie, irplv av, etc. ; eVe^cc^, $rav, 6irdrav : 
the protasis generally has a fut. in apodosis, el 5e tcev 
&$ epi-ys, yvdo"r) if perchance thou do thus, thou shalt 
know^ II. II. in Ep. sometimes with Opt.,, ofo /ce 
Solf} $ K efleAoi that he might give her to whomsoever 
he might please, Od. : in such cases /ce or &v does not 
affect the Verb. ^ III. in Ep., sometimes with ei 
and Indie., ot /ce /* Ti/^croucri II. IV. in late 
Greek, 3dv, etc., take Indie., av offia^ev N. T. 

B. combined IN APODOSIS with the Verb, denoting 
that the assertion is dependent on some condition j %\0Gv 
he came, %\Qev av he woidd have come ; %\&oi -may he 
come, IX.&U av he would come ; I. with Indie. : 1. 
with impf. and aor., the protasis implies non-fulfilment 
of a condition, and the apod, expresses what would be 
or 'mould have been the case if the condition 'mere or had 
been fulfilled. The impf. with av refers to continued 
action in present or past time, the aor. generally to action 
in past time; OVK cV v^ffcav gupdrei, el fjfij vavnttbv 
el^v he would not have been master of islands if he 
had not had a fleet, Thuc.,; ei rabryv e<rxe r^v yv<a^f\v s 
ovS'kv b.v girpa&v if he had come to this opinion, he 
'would have accomplished nothing, Dem. : the protasis 
is often understood, ov yap %v S ri kv ^Troicire for there 
was nothing which you could have done (i. e. if you 
had tried}, Id, : hence the Indie, with av represents a 
potential mood ; if A0e rovro rotivefios ra^ av this re- 
proach might perhaps have come, Soph. 2. in Ep., 
without, indie., so as to modify the simple fut. ; /ecu /ce 
TLS $8' -peei and some one will perchance speak thus, 
II. ^ II. with Subj., in Ep., much like fut. indie., 
fl $ K (j,}j Sriycrw, <fyct> 5e Key avros eAwyuai, i. e. / will 
take her myself, Ib. III. with Opt. : 1. after 
protasis in opt. with i or some relative word, el /xot ri 
iridoio, r6 Kev iro\i) /cepJuoz/ eft? if he should obey me, it 
would be much better, Ib. ;; sometimes with ind, in pro- 
tasis, Ktti vi) KCV IV0* air&\oiro } el ^ v&T\ff* he 'mould 
have perished, had she not perceived, Ib. : sometimes 
the tense in protasis is pres. or fut., and the opt. with 
&v in apodosi fut., <f>po-6piojs ei Troi^croi/Tai, &\d7rToiGV 
&v if they shall build a fort, they might perhaps damage, 
Thue. 2. the protasis is often understood ; -r'bv 6* 
oij KG 8^' favepe 5^Xfo'o'iav two men could not heave the 
stone (i. e. if they should try), II. : hence the opt. with 
&v becomes a potential mood, fiovholpiiv &v I should 
like, Lat. veli-ni (but fiov\6*{ji'rjv f &v / should wish, if It 
were of any avail, velleni}. 3. the opt. with &/ 
comes to have the force of a mild command or entreaty, 
%(ap<ns &jf efcr<o you may go in, Soph. ; KXtois &*> ^807 
hear me now, Id. IV. with inf. and part. : the 
pres, inf. or part, represents impf. ind., <j>ycrlv ntro^s 
faevQ^povs &v cl^at, el rovro %Trpanv he says they vsoozild 
(now) be free, if they had done this, Dem. ; k$vv&rv>v 
&v tivrwv [tfji)v~] iTTt^oTjOeij/ when you would have been 

unable ^to assist, Thuc.; or represents pres. opt., 
<j>r)fflv avTovs e\v6epovs kv elvai, el rovro irpdj-siav he 
says they would (hereafter) be free, if they should do 
this, Xen. ; the aor. inf. or part, represents aor. indie. 
or opt., OVK "av rjyeio'd 3 avrbv /ccV ^riS/ja^ety ; do you 
not think he would even have run thither ? Dem. j ouS* 
kv Kparrjvai avrovs rvjs yys 7]yov/ I think they would 
not even be masters of the land, Thuc. ; otfre ovra ovrs 
^, i.e. things 'which are not and never could 
happen, Id. : so the pf . (or plqpf .) inf. or partic., iravra. 
ra,v&' virb r&v jSopjSapwv kv eaAco/ceVcu [^o"eiei/ &y] he 
would say that all these 'mould have been destroyed by 
the barbarians, Dem. 

C. with impf. and aor. indie, in the ITERATIVE con- 
struction, to express a condition fulfilled whenever an 
opportunity offered ; elra irvp cV ov irapr}v then there 
would be no fire at hand, i.e. there never was, Soph.; 
Sif)p(ar(av cV avrovs ri \eyoisv Plat. 

D. GENERAL REMARKS : I. Position of av, 1. 
&v may be separated from its inf. by such verbs as oio/^ai^ 
So/cew, so j:hat av has the appearance of belonging to 
the pres. indie., Kal vvv jfitws av JU.OL 5o/D Koivtovyaai I 
think that I should, Xen. : in the peculiar case of OVK 
oB s cV el, av belongs not to olSct but to the Verb which 
follows, OVK ol 3 &*/ el ireiffai^i OVK olSa el w*icraitJ.i av y 
Eur. 2. av never begins a sentence. II. Re- 
petition of av : in apodosis av may be repeated with the 
same verb, &ffr* av, el crOevos KdftoiUL, S-^AcocraiX av Soph, 

av [a], Att. Conj., = edv, r\v, often in Plat., etc. ; cf. Kay. 

av, crasis for a av, quaecunque, Soph. 

av, poet, for avd before 5, etc., v. avd A ; cf. a/a, 

av, apocop. for ava y v. avd F. 2. 

av- or ava~, the negat. Prefix (of which a priv. is a 
shortened form) before vowels, av-airios, av-<&8vvo$ (but 
see a-e/cwv, &-\irro$ y d-epyos) : the complete form re- 
mains in avd-$vos, avd-e\irro$. 

'ANA' [ai/d], Prep, governing gen., dat., and ace. Radic. 
sense up, upon, opp. to Kard. 

A. WITH GEN., ava vt}6s on board ship, Od., 
-B. WITH DAT., on, upon, ava ffK^irrpcp upon the 
sceptre, II. j ava fafjicp ^tpon the shoulder, Od. 

C. WITH ACC., the comm. usage, implying motion 
upwards : I. of Place, up to, up along, ava rby 

Trora^ov Hdt. 5 ava SU/JLO, up and do'wn the house, 
throughout it, II. ; so, ava err par 6v, acrrv, fyiXov Horn.; 
ava (rr^fj.0. ^tv to have continually in the mouth, 
Id. II. of Time, througho^t,t 3 ava vvKra II. ; ava 

rbv ir6\ju.ov Hdt. ; ava -%p6vov in course of time, Id. ; 
ava watrav rfyv Tjjiepav Id. ; but, a^a Traffav rj^epav, dis- 
tributively, day by day, Id. III. distributively 

also with Numerals, ava ir4vre ira.pacro.yyas TTJS- f)fj,p<x.s 
[they marched] at the rate of 5 parasangs a day, Xen, ; 
K\.iffia$ ava -K^vr^Kovra companies at the rate of 50 iti 
each, N. T. ; eXaftov ava, Svivdpiov a denarius apiece, 
Ib. IV. ava Kpdros -up to the full strength, with 

all might, ava Kpdros t^evyeiy, a'Troftd^eorflat Xen, ', ava 
\6yov in proportion, Plat. 

3D. WITHOUT CASE as Adv, thereupon, Horn., 
etc. 2. all over, jj.\av*s 8' ava fidrpves fitfav all 
over there were clusters, II. 

E. IN COMPOS., 1. ^lp>!soardS) up, as uvafiatvto, 

2, with a sense of increase or < 

cj2 ava o 

ness, as avanpivda. 3. again, as ava&kacrrdvui, O.VOL- 
ywcafrKto. 4. back, backwards, avaxcapew. 

3P. &va by anastr. for avoLtfryBi, up ! arise I ctAA* foot. 
Horn. 2. &/ apocop. for a.ycrrij, he stood up, II. 

ava [etva], voc. of fl^af, /fo'ng', Zev #j/a Horn. 

avapaS-rjv []3a], Adv. (ava&aivca) going up, mounting: 
in Ar., aloft, upstairs* 

ava-pa(vo>, f . -^tfofiai : (for aor. i v. infr. B) : aor. 2 av- 
e'jEh?*" pf. -pefiyKa: Med., aor. i -cfiqcrd/iirjv, Ep-3 sing. 
-e^cfero, v. infr. B : to go up, mount, to go up to, c. 
acc. loci, Horn.; ^a-m kvOp&icovs avafia-ivei a. report 
goes up among men, Od. ; with a Prep., av. 3s o'ltypov 
II. ; Sat. <lbri otfpea Hdt. : c. dat. to trample on, II. : 
c. acc. cogn., &v. trr^Aov to go up on an expedition, 
Pind. II. Special usages : 1. to mount a ship, 

go on board, embark, Horn. ; is Tpoirfv a.v. to embark 
for Troy, Od., etc. 2. to mount on horseback, av. 
3<p 3 T.ITKOV, t<p (TTTTOV Xen. ; absol., avaf$G&7)Kt&s mounted, 
Id. 3. of land-journeys, to go up from the coast into 
Central Asia, Hdt., Xen.; cf, at.vdfiacris i. 2. 4. of 
rivers, to rise, Hdt. ; av. $ rks apotipas to overflow the 
fields, Id. 5. in Att., ay. 3irl TO ;87)/xa, or 
alone, to mount the tribune, Dem. ; a.v. M or els rb 
irArjOos, TO SiKao'T'kpLOV to come before the people, before 
the court, Plat. III. of things and events, to 

come to an end, turn out, like airofiaiv<a f tHpatvca, Hdt., 
etc. 2. to come to, pass over to, cts rtva Id. 

B. aor. i ave^ffa is used as aor. to avafti.f3>d(a in 
causal sense, to make to go tip, esp. to put on ship- 
board, II., Pind. ; so med. a.vefi'fjvero Od. 

ava-paKxcvci), f. crw, to rouse to Bacchic frenzy, Eur. ; 
cf. sq. II. intr. to break into Bacchic frenssy, Id. 

dva-paKX.oa), = f oreg. , Eur. 

ava-paXXu, f. -jSdAw : aor. 2 aj/~fiaKov : -to throw or 
toss up, Thuc., Xen. II. to put back, put off, Od. ; 

a,v. TWO. to put him tfjjTwith excuses, Dem. : Pass, to 
be adjourned, Thuc. III. to run a risk, tyca fftye 

6<tyo> KCLV&. xivftvvov ^aX<o, = Kal d^ajSaAa), Aesch. 

B. Med. to strike up, begin to play or sing (cf. 
ajoaoA^ n), Od., Ar. II. to put off, delay, II., 

Ar., etc. 2. to throw back or y^?r a thing to another, 
Luc. III. to throw one's cloak back, throw it 

over the shoulder, Ar., Plat. ; wa.$e&\i]fj.evos with one's 
cloak thrown up or back, Dem. ; cf. avafioX-h 1.2. 

ava-pairr <i>, f. a 1 , to dip repeatedly, Plut. 

dvapacris, poet, ap-pacris, ewy, ^, (a,va.ftcdvu>} a going 
up, mounting on horseback, Xen. : Tracra ju#a<m ~ 
ircvry avajBarot, all M,^ horsemen, Soph. 2. a 

expedition up from the coast into Central Asia, as that 
of the younger Cyrus, Xen. II. a way up, ascent 

of a tower or mountain, Hdt., Thuc. 

ava-^acrTa^a), f. tfu, to raise or /yft up, carry, Luc. 

avapaTTjs [j8a], ov, 3, poet.]9, (ivaj8afi/co) on^ 
mounted, of Pentheus in the tree, Eur. : a horseman, 
rider, Xen. 

avapaTiicrfs, ^, Jy, (dvajSaiyw^ skilled in mounting, %vl 
robs '(Kirovs Xen. 

dvapards, Ep., 6v, (ivo^atVw 1 to be mounted 

^or scaled, easy to be scaled, Horn. 

v, pf. with no pres. ava-ftpitfa in use, dva- 
^ ?5cwp the water gushed, or bubbled up, II. 
""w, aor. i -efilftaira : Med., f. Att. - 

Causal of ava&alva>, to make go up, cause to mount* 
<M wvpyov Hdt., Xen. II. Special usages ; 1. 

<w>. r^a ^ '/TTTTOV to mount one on horseback, Id. ; V* 
(ipfia Hdt. 2. ai/. /aui/ to draw a ship /> on land, 

Xen. 3. Med., avafiifidfco'tia.i rivets? ^irl T^,S i/aC$ to 
have them jw <??z board ship, Thuc. -, absol., &vaj8t- 
paffdfJLGJ'oi Id. 4. at Athens, to bring' up to the bat- 
as a witness, Plat., etc. : Med., of a culprit, to bring 
^ip his wife and children to raise compassion, Id. 5. 
Pass., avajSijSafecrflcu els np^v to ascend to honour, 
Plut. 6. av. rovs <f>Q6yyov$, to moderate them, Id. 

avapXpacrr<:ov,verb. Adj. one must cause to mount^ Plat. 

ava-(3L<5<i>, = avafit(acrKO], f . ~j8t(5cro^uat : aor. 2 kvefritov 
or -cfriovv". pf. -&fila)Ka:~to come to life again, re- 
turn to life, Ar., Plat. Hence 

avapicooTLS, <as, % a reviving Plut. 

ava-pt<6<, as Pass. &i/aj8t^, Plat. II. as 

Dep., Causal of hvafitdta, to bring back to life, Id. ; 
aor. i a.vGftLwff&fjwiv Id. 

ava-|3Xacrravw [a], f. - ^X.affr^a'o) : aor. 2 -^K(tffrov :- 
to ^Ao<?^ z^, jgww 2^ again, of Plants, Plat. ; of a 
city, Hdt. ; of misfortunes, to spring iip y be rank, Id. 

ava-pXiro>, f. ~^A. / ^J/(W or ~j8Afyo/xai : aor. i -^A^a : 
to /<?<?A- z^, Ar., Plat., etc.; &>/. Tr/xis 1 rtva to look him /// 
the face, Xen. 2. to /<?0 j!> at f c. acc., Eur,; also 
c. dat., Id. 3. c. acc. cog-n., &v. <j>\6ya to cast up a 
glance of fire, Id. II. to recover one's sighf, Hdt 
Plat. ; ir&\iv ay. Ar. Hence 

ava.pX\{;LS, cuts, 77, a looking- up, Arist. II. m- 

covery of sight, N. T. 

avapXtjais, *ws, tj, (d^a^c^AAw) a putting ojf> delay, II. 

avoupXva>, poet. ajipX-: aor. I iW/SAwu, inf. i^a- 
j8A<;<rai: to spout up, c. acc., Anth, 2. intr. to 
gush forth, Theocr. 

avap6ap.a, poet. api(3-, aroy, r<J, a /wa? cr/, Aesch. Front 

ava-poaco, f . -^crojuat, Dor. -dcrojuat : (Ava^ocia'w is aor. I 
subj.) : aor. i bveftoficra, Ion. <W$<w0"a, part. AjUjS^oras 1 : 
to shout aloud, vttter a loud cry, Hdt., Kur, ; of tf 
war-cry, Xen. ; c. inf. to r// <7z^/ that . , , Id. 2. 
c. acc. rei, to cry out something, Eur. ; also to wait 
alottd over a misfortune, Aesch., Eur. 3. c. acc. 

pers. to call on, Id. 

avapoXas, dSos, 17, v. &/x/8oA<&F. 

avapoXcvs, &ws, 6, (avaftdXXto') a groom who helps ow 
to mount, Plut. 

avapoXij, poet. ap-poX^, ^, (toaftdKKto) : , I, of the 
thing, 1. that which is thrown i(p> a Mau<)irf r 
Xen. 2. that which is thrown back wer the shoulder r 
a mantle, cloak, Plat. : also thf fashion of wearing i/ 
Luc.; cf. dya/3(AAa> B. in. II. as an action, 1, 
a prelude on the lyre, Pind. ; a dithyrambic ode, Ar. ; 
v. avapd.\\.6) B. i. 2. & putting off^ delaying, Hdt. 
Thuc.; oi/c ^5 &(j.fto\ds without delay, Kur*;' v. dm 
CAA B. n. 3. intr. bursting forth, Arist, 

dva-ppacrcro), Att. -pparrw, mostly in pres,, to boil w// r 
seethe, c. acc., Ar. ; absol., bvafipdrrer*, jfoirrart Id. 

dvdppacrTos, o^ (&vafipd<r<r<)) boiled, Ar. 

*dvappdx<>, v. &^^pa%e. 

avapp^lcLC, dvappox^v, v. ^p^w. 

dva-ppvd^<o, f . ^<w, to neigh aloud, of horses, Ar, 

Dep. to roar aloud, Plat. 
-\S> i aor. i -^yyetXa : pf . 
to carry back tidings of, report, Aesch., Eur. ; 

f T^V ^vvQ'fjKTjv Thuc. : Pass., c. part., avyy- 
i r0v<*>$ was reported dead, Plut. 

, w,from 'which no messenger returns, Anth. 

ava--ycXa<> ) f . -dffo^on, to laugh loud, bvayf \dcras Xen. 

ava--ycvvaw, f. ^cr<o, to beget anew, regenerate, N.T., Dor. for dn^co/xcu. 

ava-'yc'uw, f. o"<su, W<? one <z tofe, c. ace. pers., Ar. 

ava-yLYvoicrKw, Ion. and later -yivwcncw : I. Ep. usage, 
esp. in aor. 2 av-eyvw?/, &0-z well, know certainly, 
Horn., Hdt. 2. to know again, r ecognise : to acknow- 
ledge, own, Lat. agnoscere, Horn., Hdt. II. Att. 
usage, f . dj>a7j/c6a'o/xcu : aor. 2 kveyvow : pf . aveyvwKa : 
Pass., f.-yvcaa'Q'ho' : aor, i avsyvdxrQyvi pf. av4yv<aff-, etc. : of written characters, zto /&W07U them again, 
and so &> mzdf, Ar., etc. ; ai/ay^crcrai (sc. 6 ypafjLfj.a- 
reds), avdyvwOi, Dem. : ot avayiyvdoffKovres stiidents, 
Plut. III. Ion. usage, aor. i bveyvwcra, to persuade 
or induce one to do a thing-, c. ace. et inf., Hdt. : the 
inf. is sometimes omitted, <as foeyvucre when he had per- 
suaded him, Id. ; the pres. is once so used, &v(x.yiyv&- 
(TKis ffrparefaorBat &curi\<la. Id. : so in aor. i pass. 
aveyv^cfd-rjy, to be persuaded to do a thing", c. inf., Id. 

avcr/ica^c*, f . -~d<ru> : pf . ijvdyK&Ka : plqpf . -iy : (dv- 
dyntf) : to force, compel, mostly c. ace. pers. et inf., 
o,v. rivk iroiftffQcu n, \iyciv, etc., Hdt., etc. : so Pass., 
fyayKdfovro bftfn><rOat Id. ; without the inf., kvayKa- 
feaBal rt to be forced to do a thing, Plat., etc. : also, 
avayitdfcw TW&, & rt Thuc. 2. c. ace. pers. only, 
to constrain by argument, Plat. : Pass., ^vcryKewrflijv / 
was constrained, tortured, Soph. ; fyayKacru&os, fo~ 
ctyKacrOeis under compulsion, Thuc. 3. c. ace, rei 
only, to carry through by force, Eur. 4. c. ace. rei 
et inf. to prove that a thing- is necessarily so and so, Plat. 

avcr/icafo], 7), Ep. and Ion. for Wi-y/o?, Horn., etc. 

&va-yiccuov, r&, (bvdyKTj) a place of constraint, a prison, 
Xen. : others read *Avcucfiov. 

avctYKCuos, a, ov, and os, ov, (fodyKif) with or by 

force : I. act. constraining, applying- force, II. j 

jjjuap &>/. the day of constraint, i. e. slavery, Ib. ; so, 
bvaytcala T^%TJ the lot of slavery, or a violent death, 
Soph. ; ry rys kpXW ^-vayKcdtf by the compulsory nature 
of our rule, Thuc. ; e bvayKalov under compulsion, 
Id. 2. of arguments, forcible, cogent, Id. II. 

pass, constrained, forced, TroAe/ucrral j/. soldiers per- 
force, whether they will or no, Od. 2. necessary, 
avayKoto'v [^O"TI], like fodyKV) tcrrl, c, inf., it is necessary 
to do a thing, Hdt., etc. j but, %vicu <r*> airoKptffewv 
bvayKcucu voieTcrQai necessarily requiring to be made, 
Plat. 3, rcb kvaryKata, necessary things, needs, as 

food, sleep, Id., Xen, , rk K Beov &v. the appointed 
prder of things, laws of nature. Id. 4. absolutely 
necessary, indispensable, barely sufficient ; &v. rpo^Mj 
=ij <*#* fj^pav, Thuc,; rb hvayKcudrarov frj/os the least 
height that was absolutely necessary, Id. ; ^ avoyKaio- 
rdrT) ir6\is the least that could be called a city, 
Plat. 5. of persons, connected by necessary ties, 
i. e. related by blood, Id., etc. : ot bvayiccuoi, Lat. 
necessarii, kinsfolk, Xen., etc. III. Adv. -ws", 

necessarily, of necessity, perforce, 


must be so, Hdt. ; av. (f>piv to bear as best one can, 
opp. to avtipdcas, Thuc. 2. av. Xiysiv only so far 

as is necessary, Plat. 

av<ryca<rros, a, w, verb. Adj. of dvay/ca^cw, to be com- 
pelled, Plat. II. neut. ~eov one must compel, Id. 

av<ryicacrr<i<5, 4\, 6v, (,<a) forced, constrained, 
Hdt. ", o.v. crrpwreveiv pressed into the service, Thuc. 

avatYKiri, Ion. and Ep. a,va.yK.a,it\, jj, (&yx) force, con- 
straint, necessity, Horn., etc. :; avdyKrj perforce, of 
necessity, or in act. sense, forcibly, by force, Id. ; so, 
VTT avdyKtis, < avdyKys, fo* avdyKijs, irpbs avdyKyv, /car* 
avdyKyv, Att. : avdyKT) fort, c. inf., it is matter of 
necessity to do a thing, Horn., etc. 3 c. dat. pers., dv. 
juoi ff^Q^tv Aesch. : in Trag., voXK'i] y avdyKr), iroXXvi 
Vr* avdyKr) or TroAA^ (JL avdyKy, with which an inf. 
must be supplied. 2. actual force, violence, torture, 
Hdt., etc. , metaph., 5oAo7rotJ>s av,, i. e. the stratagem 
of Nessus, Soph. 3. bodily pain, angitish, dis- 
tress, /car* avdyKriv fpirew painftdly, Id. ; fur &vdyKTi$ 
fioav Id. II. like Lat. necessittido, the tie of 

blood, relationship, kindred, Lys., etc. 

Q.vo.-'yvQ.ysKrto) f . fy<t), to bend back : Pass., i^^ ave- 
yvd^Qr) the spear-point was bent back, II. 2. to 
undo, loose, 2><r/i<fjc Od. 

&,vo.-yvoit\v, aor. 2 opt. of &va.yiyv&a"K.<a, 

av-cvyvos, oy, impure, unclean, unholy, defiled, Aesch., 

aor. 2 inf. of bvayiyvtlxrKa. 
S, 6)$, f), recognition. Plat. ; in a tragedy, 
recognition, Arist. 

', = avayvdpiffis I, Arist. 
eos, ^, recognition, Hdt. 2. reading, 


ava-yvoo<rp.a, a,Tos, T<i, (dj/o7t7/cjflrKcw) a passage read 
aloud, a lecture, Luc. 

avcrYVwcr-nrjs, ov, d, (^vayiyv^frKoi) a reader, a slave 
trained to read, Plut. 

dva"yvc*)O"TiK<5s, ^, <^K, ( sztitable for read- 
ing, opp. to &yuvi<rriK6s, Arist. 

avaYop\)o-t9j ecus, 17, a public proclamation, Decret. ap. 
Dem. From 

av-aYOpevw, impf. rjy^pevov : f . -i5crft> : aor. i -T^y^- 
pevcra: Pass., aor. I -rryopft&riv : pf. "-yydpevfjiai : 
(but fut. and aor. are mostly supplied by frv-fpto, av- 
elirov) : to proclaim publicly, Aeschin. : Pass, to be 
proclaimed, bvayopev^crQco vua)<f>6po$ Plat. 

ivaypairT^ov, verb. Adj. of &v<xypd<p(0, one must register, 
e\)py4ri]v di/. rwd Luc. 

dv<"ypa"irTos,oj/, (&.vaypd<t>w} inscribed, registered,Th\ic+ 

dva*ypa,<tevs, fas, 6, (avaypd<pca) a registrar, Lysias. 

clva-ypa^) 77, (dw7pc(<jf>) a registering, of treaties and 
the like, Arist. II. a register, Plat. 

ava-Ypa<|>a>, f. tycv, to engrave and set up, of treaties, 
laws, etc., to inscribe, register, dy. n & ffr^Ky or Is 
(TT^ATJI/, Thuc., Dem. 2. of persons, to register 

his name, Isocr. : -Pass., &vaypa$riva.i irarptQev to be 
registered with his father's name, Hdt. ; dj/a7f>efy>e<r(9cu 
fbepyerijs to be registered as a benefactor, Id. II. 
to describe mathematically, Plat, (in Med.). III. 

to entitle, Plut. 

vco, only in pres., to keep muttering, Ar. 
wj f. tacru, to strip naked, unveil, Plut. 

av-dy&>, f . -co> : aor. 2'jyajov : I. zto /<?tfrf . from 
a lower place to a higher, Theogn., etc. 2. to lead 

iip to the high sea, to carry by sea, Horn., etc. ; a/. vavv 
to put a ship to sea, Hdt.; absoi. in the same sense, Id.; 
this is more common in Med. 3. to take i(j> from 
the coast into the interior, Od., Hdt. ; esp. from Asia 
Minor into Central Asia, Xen. 4. to bring up from 
the dead, Hes., Aesch, 5. av, ^opov to conduct the 
choir, Hes., Eur., etc. ; also, av. 6pr^]v to celebrate a 
festival, Hdt. 6. to lift zip, raise, /capa, rb fyi/ia 

Soph., etc. 7. af. iratca/a to lift iip the paean, 

Id. 8. in various senses, av. oljua to bring u-p 

blood, Plut. ; av. irora^Av to bring a river ^^.p [over its 
banks], Luc. ; av. tydXaryya, like toambcrcrtw, Plut.; to 
bring- up a prisoner for examination, Xen., etc. II. 

to bring back, Horn., etc. 2. to refer a matter to 

another, Dem. 3. to rebuild, Plut. 4. to reckon 
or calculate, Id. 5. intr. (sub. eavrtv] to draw back, 
withdraw, retreat, Xen.; eVi ir65a. av. to retreat facing 
the enemy. 6. to reduce in amount, contract, Dem. 
B. Med. and Pass, to put otct to sea, set sail, II., 
etc. ; avaxdrjvai. Hdt. ; kvcL^is Aesch. 2. metaph. 
to make ready, prepare oneself, MS <?pajT^<r<w*/ Plat. 

avo.7wyq, 7], (St,vdy(a) a leading ^tp, esp. taking a, ship 
into the high sea, a putting to sea, Thuc. , etc. II. 

a bringing back : restitution by law, Plat. 

OLV-CTYWYOS, ov > (aycayfy ill-trained, of horses, ill-broken, 
unmanageable, Xen., etc. 

av-a,Y<*>VLCTTOS, ov, (ayu>viofj.a,i) without conflict 9 T\\M> : 
never having contended for a prise, Xen. 

ava-Saiojxai, v. avaSareo^tai. 

ava-Saico, poet. av-8aw, only in prcs.,#o light up, Aesch. 

ava-SacracrOtu, aor. I inf. of ai>a5aTQjUou. 

ava-SacrO-fjvaL, aor, I inf. pass, of avaSareonai. 

ava8a<r}x<te, 6, re-distribution or partition of land, 
among" colonists, Hdt., Plat., etc. ; and 

avaSacrTos, ov, divided anew, re-distributed, av. yyv 
Troielv (cf. aj/a5aoOu<ta) Plat. II. av> TTQISLV TL to 

rescind, Luc. From : aor. i av-GSacrd/LLyv : to divide anew, re- 
distribute, Thuc. : Pass. avaSaiofjicu, to be distributed, 
Orac. ap. Hdt. 

atcov, aor. 2 of ava$pKQ/ 
op-a, pf. of avarp^xa. 

a, aros, ro, a mouthpiece used by public criers, 
Anth. From 

ava-ScdcvuiJU and ti5w, f. -Selfa, Ion. Se^w :-to lift 
iip and she < w,Tt'l)\as avaSeucvuvai to display by opening 
the gates, i.e. throw wide the gates, Soph. ; (so in Pass., 
jAvcrrob'dKQS SdfJLQS avaSelKwrai Ar. ) ; ava8ecu atfirlSa to 
hold up a shield as signal, Hdt. ; tfo/e8ee 0-77^ top rois 
aXXois avdyeffBai wade signal for them to put to sea, 
Id. II. to consecrate, Anth. Hence 

avaSajj-is, ews, y, a proclamation of an election, an ap' 
pointment, Lat. designatio, Plut. II. (from Pass.) 
a manifestation, N. T. 

ava-StKop-ai, Ion. for aj/a^exo/xai. 

av-a8eX<j>os, ov, without brother or sister, Eur. 

avaScjxa, poet. avSep-a, aros, rd>, avd^fia, Anth. 

ava-Se^at, Ion. for Ssii-ai, aor. I inf. of ava^elKWfjii. 

ava-SepKOfJLat, Dep. with aor. 2 act. --$<l$pa.KQV, to look 
up, II. 

ava-8^pw, poet, av-8-, f . -5pw : aor. I -cSeipa : to sfrip 
the skin off: metaph. to lay bare, ri Luc. : so in Mod., 
avdb'epGa'QQV Ar. 

avaSccrts, eajs, 117, (aj/a5eco) <7 binding on, (rr^av^v 
Plut. 2. # binding itp, rys /c(^7jy Luc. 

dva-SecrfXT], ^, a band for the hair, a head-hand, II., 
Kur. : so, ava-SeorjAos, <5, (dvaJeco), Anth. 

avaScros, ov, binding up the hair, Kur. 

dva-SciJw, f. cra>, to moisten : metaph. to imhitc, Plut. 

ava-Sexojxat, f . -Se^Ojiicu : aor. I ave^d^v, Kp. aor. 2 
av$yiJ.riv : pf . ai/aS^Seyjucu : Dep. : #o take up, catch, 
receive, II. II. ^ #a^<? 1^071 oneself, submit to, 

mfvv Od. ; ax/, ri ^* eavr^i/ Dem, 2. to "Undertake, 
promise to do, c. fut. inf., Hdt., Xen. : so, av. rovs 
SaveicTTfis to undertake to satisfy them, Plut. : //; be 
surety to one, nvi Thuc. 

ava-Scw, Att. part. avaS&v : f. ~5/j<r<w : aor. I <Wfr?<ra : 
Med. and Pass., Att. contr. avadovvrat, avao6/ji.VQ!r : 
pf. pass. -S^Sc/Aai: ft? /;/';;<:/ or ^'/V, 1 ?r^, Pincl. : Med., 
avaaeecrQai ras KG<f>a\d$ to bind their heads, licit.; 
icp(6pv\ov avao'stcrQaL r>v rpix&v to bind one's hair into 
a knot, Thuc. 2, c. ace. pern, to crown y Piiul., 

Thuc. ; et>a77eXm avaSelv nva to croitm him for g(HKl 
tidings, Ar. : metaph. in Pass., rpoQy &vaovvr<M are 
well furnished with food, Plat, II. avaSvjffai rtyv 

irarpiyv %$ riva to attach one's family to a founder, 
trace it back 3 Hdt. III. Mod., of a ship, avaBov- 

/A<~VQ$ %\Kiv to take in tow, Thuc. IV. metaph, 

in Pass., cu/a5e5V0cu ^/c nvos or <tf$ n to be dependent 
upon, Plut. Hence 

ava8T)p.a, poet, av^rj^a, T^'-araStV/i^, Pind., Kur. 

ava-8lSa<TK<*>, f. -5t5^a>, to teach, otherwise or better, 
Lat. dcdocere, Hdt. : Pass, to be " betfer i nst met Ml> 
change ontfs mind* Id. II. to A'/rfro clearly, 

Thuc. ; to expound, interpret f Acfyia av, rivd to ex- 
pound them to one, Ar. 

ava-SuSojpA, poet. oLv-88o)pi, f. -S^crw, etc., to hold up 
and give, Pind. , Xen. II. to give forth , send up, 

yield, /capTrc^Hdt., etc. : of a river, to yield> wa^tS^at 
aa'<pa\'Tov Id. 2. intr., of springs und llni> to 

burst * forth 9 Id. III. to deal r<nntd s spread* 

Plut. IV. intr. to retrograde, Arist. 

ava-SiKos, oz/, (Sf/CT?) jfr/^rf w/v- again, Andoc,, Plat* 

ava-8nrX<5op.<xi, Pass, to be made double-, Xen. 

avaSocris, <ws, ^, (avaSfSwjat) ft distribution : digt'atiottf 
Polyb. : mcta])h. of knowledge, Pint. 

avaSoros, ov, (a/a5(8a>/i() to be given w/>, Thuc, 

dvaSox^j %, (^vaS^xl J ' ai ) a taking i(/>, undertaking^ 
ir6v(av Soph, 

dvci,~8pa|, aor, 2 inf. of &wrp^x&, 

dva-8t>vca [v], to come to the top of water, Bat,r 

dva-Sij, Kp. 3 sing. &i/8tWca [jj] : f, -8iJ<yo/iat [0 } ; 
aor. i &j/5ucr(i/Lt7y^, Ep. 3 sing, -ewo or TO : I)< k p. with 
aor. 2 act. dv^vv^ 3 sing. subj. difaSi/^ or opt* &va$&7 
[ij], inf. &^a8uvat : pf . &ifa55v/ca ; ^e^ com up^ rise 
from the sea, c. gen., Horn. 5 so c. acc, &y8^0'ar0 K0/*a 
OaX^o'or^s II. II. to <s?faty dac^ y retire, Horn. : 

to shrink back, hesitate, Ar. : of springs, to fail, 
Plut. 2. c. ace. to draw back from, shun, w<Aifu*> 
II Hence 

avdSvcris, e<wy, -ft, # drawing back, retreat, Plat* * a 
holding back from service, Plut, 

*> ' $ 

a.vd-8vos, -J7, (8i>a) without bridal gifts, II. 
av-aeCpco, only in pres. and impf. to lift up, of a wrestler, 

II. ; to carry off, rdXavra Ib. 
ava-cXirros, ov, ( unlocked for, Hes. 
av-aepraco, lengthd. for av-aelp, Anth. 
dva-^dco, inf.-^v, to return to life, be alive again, ,N.T. 
dvaeico, Ep. for avafeca. 
OLva-^cvYWfJLL and -~i5&), f. -euf, to yoke again, ava- 

ewyvi>vai TOV ffrpar6v to move off the army, Hdt. ; av. 

TO o~TpaT6irQ'ov to break uj> the camp, Id. ; ay. TO.S vyas 

to move them back, Id. 2. absol. to break up, shift 

one's quarters, Thuc., Xen. Hence 
avav|is, ecus', ij, a marching off, return home, Plut. 
ava-^ew, f. -4<T(a, to boil up or bubble up, Soph. - 2. 

&va. ev\ds to swarm with worms, a kind of disease, 

Plut. ; also, v\al ava^ovfftv Id. 
ava-t]TG>, f . Tjcrw, to examine into, investigate, rck thrk 

77js Plat. : Pass., Hdt., etc. 
dva-^coYpeco, f. ^<TCD, to recall to life, Anth. 
ava-cvvu|ju or -ua), f. -^cicrw, to gird up : Med., av. 

Tas b<r(f>i>as to gird up one's -loins, N. T. 
dva-coTrup<o, f. ^crco, to rekindle, Eur. : Pass, to gain 

fresh life and courage, Plat., Xen. ; so, intr. in Act., 

, aor. i av-sQiiXa, if<? shoot up again : so in f. 

med., avadaX.'ho'erat Anth. 
ava-Oapo-eco, Att. -0appa>, f. 4](ra>, to regain courage, 

Ar., Thuc. ; nvi at a thing 1 , Thuc. ', irpos ri Plut. ' 
d,va-0apcrw<o [u], Att. Oappww, f. vvS>, to fill with 

fresh courage, Xen. 2. intr. = foreg%, Plut. 
ava0}j.a, poet. av0[Ji,a, arcs, rJ, (fawridty/u) = avdQqfjia, 

Theocr., Anth. 2. esp. anything devoted to evil, an 

accursed thing, N, T. II. a curse, Ib. Hence 

ava0p.aTc>, f . era), to devote, cLva.6efj.aTL av. laurovs 1 to 

bind themselves <&y a czirse,N.T. II. intr.;f<? swear, Ib. 
ava-Oepp-aivw, f . av&, to warm up, heat again, Anth. 
ava0T^ov, verb. Adj. of avartdyfjLi, one mztst attribute, 

rl TIVL Plat. 

ava-0t]X^w, f. ^(Tou, (Qa,K\(a] to sprout afresh, II. 
ava0Y)|JLa, aros", r<J, (ajt/aTftfy/iu) ^ votive offering set up 

in a temple, Hdt., Soph., etc. 2. # delight-, orna- 

ment, Od. 

ava-0X.ipa> [r], f. xf/w, zto ^>r<?s5 hard, Anth. 
av-a0Xos, ov, withoiit contest, not warlike, Luc. 
ava-Oopeiy, aor. 2 inf. of &yaOp<&(TK(o. 
dva-Oop-u^e'co, f. ^crw, to cry out loudly, shout in ap- 
plause, Plat., Xen. II. c. ace. to applaud, Plat. 
dvaOpejJLjxa, aros, r6 f (warptyca) a nursling, Theocr. 
oiv-adplfc), if. 'five*), to look up at, observe closely, Eur., 

Plat. : Pass., ra %pya, 4 T&V xAytov cLvaOpo^p-eya their 

deeds compared with their words, Thuc. 
dva-OpwcTKca, poet, and Ion. &v6p<6crKw : aor. 2 ~0o/w : 

to spring up, bound up, rebound, II., Hdt., etc. ; 

hvaQp&ffKei $irl rbj/ 'tirrrov springs upon it, Hdt. 
dva-0\)|j.Ltxo), f . a<ra> [a], to make to rise in vapour : 

Pass, to rise in vapour, Arist., Luc. 
dvcuSeio, Ep* and Ion. -eCifj, Att. also -eCa : (avails) : 

shamelessness, impudence, effrontery, Horn., Plat., etc. 
&vatScvo{A<u, Dep. to behave impudently, Ar. From 
dv-aiBvjs, es, (ars^s-) shameless, Horn., Soph. 2, c. 

gen., AvaiS^a ^ror^Tos insatiate of strife, II. II. 

of things, Kaas avails the reckless stone, of Sisyphus, 


Od. ; epy* avaitiy Soph.: rb dvouSes, contr. rdvei- 
Ses, s= avcuSeia., Eur. ; CTT! TO dycuSecTTepov TpaireffQai 
Hdt. III. Adv. ~5<s, Soph., etc. 

dv-cuOvcrorw, f. #, szfzV up, rouse, Soph., Eur. 

dv-cuOco, only in pres. and impf., to light up, set on fire, 
Eur. : to inflame to love, Mosch. II; intr. to 

blaze up, Aesch. 

dv-cufJKiKTos, ov, (atfjiao'cru)) unstained with blood, 
Aesch., Eur. 

dv-aifxaros, ov,avaLfj.o$, drained of blood, Aesch. 

av-ai[JLos, ov, (at]ua) without blood, bloodless, Plat., etc. 

dv-aijjLv, ov, = avatfjLos, of the gods, II. 

dv-atjjL<OTt, (at/j.6ca) Adv., without shedding blood, II. 

a.v-cuvo}juu : impf. ^vaLvo^v, Ep. avaiv6fj.^v : aor. i 
iivnvajjufiv, 3 sing. subj. a.v{]VT)Tai, inf. av4}va,ffQai : Dep. : 
-(c/~ privat., afj/os 1 ) : 1. c. ace. zto reject with 

contempt, turn one's back on, spurn, Horn. : also 
simply to refuse, decline, Od., Xen. 2. to renounce^ 
disown, Aesch., Eur. II. c. inf. to refuse, decline 

to do, II.; and with pleon. negat., avaivsro fi^Sej/ eA,ecr0cu 
he said no, he had received nothing, Ib. III. 

absol. to refuse, deny, Horn. 

dv-at|as, aor. i part, of ' aicro'a). 

<xvapcris, eccs, ^, a taking up of dead bodies for 
burial, Eur., Thuc. : so, in a sea-fight, vavaylow av. 
Thuc. II. destruction, Xen., Dem. : abrogation 

of laws,, Plut. From 

av-tupG>, f. -^crco : pf . -r/ptj/ea : aor. 2 av~iXov : to take 
up, raise, Lat. t oiler e* 2. to take up and carry off, 
bear away, II., Hdt. 3. to take up bodies for burial, 
Ar., Xen. ; this is more common in Med. II. to 

make away with, to destroy, kill, Horn., Hdt., etc. 2, 
of things, to abolish, annul, Xen., etc. 3. to de- 

stroy an argument, confute, Plat. III. to appoint, 
order, of an oracle, c. inf., cb/e7A.e wapatiovvai Thuc. ; 
also c. ace. et inf., avetXe JJLIV /SacrtXea clyat Hdt. 2. 
absol. to answer, give a response, Id., Att. 

B. Med. to take up for oneself, take up; and then 
to gain, win, get, achieve, Horn,, etc.; iroiv^v TLVQS av. 
to exact penalty from one, Hdt. 2. to take up and 
carry off, snatch away, Od. 3. to take up dead 

bodies for burial, Hdt., Thuc., etc. 4. to take up 
in one's arms, II. : hence, to take up new-born children, 
own them, Lat. toller e, suscipere, Plut. 5. to con- 
ceive in the womb, like ffvXXa^dvoa, Hdt. II. to 
take upon oneself, undertake, irdvovs Id. ; ir6\fjt.6v 
rtvi war against one, Id. ; av. foj^ufcriov epyov to under- 
take, contract for the execution of a work, Plat. 2. 
to accept as one's own, yv&iwiv Hdt.; av. ^tXo^uxlrjv 
to entertain a love for life, Id. III. to take back 
to oneself, cancel, Dem. 

&v-apw, f . -apS>, to lift up : in Med., Eur. ; in Pass., 
avapQets carried up, Anth. 

avtucr0ticrCa, 7), want of feeling or perception ; insensi* 
bility to pleasure or pain, Arist. ; and 

a.vai<r0irjT&o, f . ^<r, to want perception, Dem. From 

av-aCo-0TjT05, ov, insensate, unfeeling, Xen., etc. : 
Adv., avaio-d-hrus %/ to be indifferent, Isocr. 2. 
senseless, wanting tact, stupid, Thuc., Dem. : rb 
avaicrBrjrov insensibility, Thuc. II. pass, unfelt, 

QdvaTOs Id. 

&v~aurlfj,<$a>, impf, avauripovv : 3 pi. aor. i subj. avai<n- 


/xe6o"o>o"i ; Pass., aor. i &vcu(rtjjL&Q'riv, pf. 

(afcn/xos?) : Ion. Verb = Att. ctvaAkr/cco, to use up, use, 

consume, Hdt. : Pass., c'aio*ijuoJ/cr0cu & Tt to be used 

for a purpose, or spent tipon a thing, Id. ; vov raurcc 
dyca<rt,uo5Tai ; where (i.e. how) have these been dis- 
posed of ? Id. Hence 

dvaior(JLCi>fJ.a, aros, ro, consumption, expenditure, Hdt. 

dv-atoxrw [aj/d~], contr. dv-^tcrorw: f. --ai, < : aor. I 
Hfrla, -f?a : to start up, rise quickly, II. ; of thought, 
Ib. ; of a spring, to gush forth j Ib. 2. c. ace. to 
leap up into, &piict, Ib. 

dvaurxwT<<>, f. ^co, to be sha-meless, behave impu- 
dently ', Thuc. ; irp(5s nva Xen, ; and 

dvaiorxwTia, TJ, shamelessness, Ar., Plat. From 

dv-adcrx.'uvTos, ov, (cu<TtW) shameless, impudent, Eur., 
Ar., etc. : TO avala'^vrov, = avaitr^uj/rfa, Eur. : Adv. 
-ras, Plat. II. of things, abominable, Eur. 

dv-aiTtos, ov and a, ov, of persons, not being the cause 
of a thing, guiltless, Horn., etc. 2. c. gen. rei, 
guiltless of a thing, Hdt., Aesch., etc. : OVK avalrdv 
^O*TI, c. inf. it is blamable to do, Xen. 

dva-KaYX<* w > f o*^* to burst out laughing, Plat. 

dva-KaOcupco, f. -apw, c/<2r completely; Pass., of the 
air, to become quite clear, Plut. II. Med. to clear 
or sweep am ay, Plat. 

<dva-Ko.0T]fxai., Pass, to sit upright, Luc. 

dva-Ka,9 <>, f. Att. tw, to $* up : Med. fo up, 
Plat. II. intr. to sit up, Xen. 

dva-Katvtoj, f. <r, = ayaKaoxfa, Plut. 

dva-Kaiyoup-yfc>> f. 97<rct>, == dvaKaty/^cw, Anth. 

dva-Kcuvo'oj, f. cia'tt, renew, restore ; Pass. fo be re- 
newed, N. T. Hence 

avcLKdCvaxris, <w$, ^, renewal, N. T. 

dva-Kaico, Att. -icda) : aor. i dj/Keu><ra : to light lip, 
Od., Hdt., etc. : Med. to light oneself a fire, Hdt. 2. 
Pass., metaph. to fire up, with anger, Id. 

dva-KaXcco, poet. dy-KaXlw, f. -<r<w : pf. /ce/cATj/ca : to 
c*z/Z w the dead, Aesch. ; so in Med., Eur. II. 

to call again and again : 1. to invoke, appeal to, 
Scots Hdt., etc.; so in Med., Soph., Eur. 2. to 
summon, cite, Hdt. : Med. to call to oneself, send 

for, summon, Id., Thuc. 3. to call by a name, 

av. rcaKofc Eur. ; Aavaods Thuc. : Pass., 'Apytfos 
/coAotfyteyos 1 Soph. 4. to call on, so as to encourage, 
Thuc, ; Med., avaicaXe'io'dcu rets K^vas to cheer on the 
hounds, Xen. III. to call back, recall, mostly in 

Med. 3 Aesch.; esp.from exile, Plat,; &j/a/caAro-0a( rp 
<rd\.iriyyi to sound a retreat, Xen. 

dvaKaXvTTTijpia, rd, presents made by the bridegroom, 
when the bride first took off her 'veil, Lys. From 

dva-KaXvTTw, f . i//, to uncover, &v. Xdyovs to use open 
speech, Eur. : Med. to unveil oneself, unveil, Xen. : 
Pass., of a veil, to be uplifted, N. T. 

dva-KolfjiirTca, f. i^/co, to bend back ; mostly intr. to bend 
one's steps back, return, Hdt, 

dv-ajcav6o$, ov, (&Kav6a) without spine, of certain fish, 

dva-Ka-n-Tw, f. ^a>, to gulp down, Hdt. 
dyaic carat, Ion. for av&Kfivrai, 3 pi. of sq. 
dva-Ketji-at, poet.aY-Kcip,ai,f.-/c(cro/xai, serving as Pass. 

to CLvarleifj/j.L, to be laid up as a votive offering, &? #e 

devoted or dedicated, Hdt., etc. 2. jfc? &<? <? w as 


a statue, Dem., Theocr. 3. to be ascribed or offered, 

rtvL Plut. II. to be referred to a person, depend 

on his will, Hdt.; "jrciyrcav avaKftfjulvci}!' TO?ST *A.Q7}vaioi$ s 

T&$ vavs since they had their whole fortunes dependant 

on their ships, Thuc.; ni crol rd$ TTCIVT' d^a:eirai Ar.j; 

<rol &.vaKifAf<r6ct. Eur. 
*AvaKiov, r^, C'AvaKcs) //.<? temple of the Dioscuri 9 

Andoc., etc. ; cf. avaytccuov, 
dva-KeXaSo?, <5, ^ Z<?z*d! shout or <tfm, Eur. 
dva-Kcpa.vvup.1. and -vw, f. Kfpdffw [a] : ro wztjv* 2^ or 

again, Kp-rjr^pn Od. ; otrov Ar. : Pass., aor. i -GKepd* 

crQ-nv Plat. ; -eKpdOijv [d] Plut. 
"Avaices, cu^/, of, old form of &VOKTGS, the Dioscuri, Castor 

and Pollux, Plut, 
dva-Ke^dXaLOw, f . e5<rca, to sttm up the argument : 

Pass, fo ^^ summed tip, N. T. 
dva-Ki]KLco, only in pres. and impf., to spout up, gush 

forth, ava,K'f)Ki*v oT/xa II. 
dva-KTjpverorWj Att. TTW, f. }(*), to proclaim by voice of 

herald, publish abroad, Soph., Xen. 2. c, ace. pers, 

to proclaim as conqueror, Ar, : Pass., aor. i inf. &*/a* 

KripvxQyvai Hdt. II. to put up to attctiojt, Id. 

dva-Kiv8vvev<i>, f. <rw, to run into danger again, to run 

afresh risk, Hdt. 
dva-K:Iva>, f, ^craj, to sway or swing to and fro, 

Hdt. II. to stir up, awaken, V&&QV Soph. ; iro\~> 

^ov Plut. Hence 
dvaKCvTjcrLs [r], CMS, f], a swinging to and fro : metaph., 

excitement, emotion, Soph. 
dva-Kipvajiat, Dep. to mix -well ; metaph., <f>i\las ^ycc* 

Ktpvct<rQai to join in closest friendship, Kur. 
dva-icXa^oo, f. -K\dy^<a : aor. 2 fotich&yw ; - -to cry 

aloud, scream out, Eur. ; of a dog, to barky buy, 

dva-KXatw, Att. KXdw, f. -/cAaiJcro/Aat, to weep aloud, 

burst into tears, Hdt. 2. c. ace. to -weep for. Id.; 

so in Med., Soph, 
dva-icXdw, f, -KXdtfco [a], to bend back, ti<sprjv Kur. 2. 

to break short off, Thuc. 
dvaKXv](ri'S c<as } rj, (di/a/caA^w) a, calling on, invocation t 

Q*S>v Thuc. II. a recalling: retreat, Plut* 

dvaKXT|TLK(5sj i\, 6v, (Aya/caA^w) fit for exhorting) 

Plut. II. fit for recalling, TO dj/cwcA^ri/coi' craX- 

iri&iv to sound a retreat, Anth. 
ava-KXvto [i], poet. dy-KXCvw, f. -/cAiw, to lean one 

thing upon another, [TC^OJ/] TTOT! yaly &7/cA(xas htnnng 

laid it on the ground, II. '.-Pass, to lean back, to lie 

on one's back, recline, Lat. resupinari^ Od II. to 

push back a trap-door, to open it, Horn,, Hdt. Hence 
dvaicXLTos, ov, leaning back : &v. Opdvos a seat with a 

back, Plut. 
dva-KXw0o>, f. ffta, of the Fates, to undo the thread of 

one's life, to change one's destiny, Luc. 

feit a seal, Ar. 

dva-Koiv<$<o, f. <0-<y, zto communicate a thing 1 to another, 
T nvi Plat. 2. c. dat. pcrs. to communicate with, 
take counsel with, dv. roTy 0coTy tr/?/ r^os Xen. II, 
Med., with pf. pass. dj/owofo/<w/Aai, properly, to cam* 
municate what is one's own to another, A^a/cotwOrat 
r<$ "Icrrpep rb i?5w/) mingles its water with the Inter, 
Hdt. 2. much like Act., either kvaKQivQv<r0at ri rwi 

avaKOipavew ava, 


to impart a thing to one ; or a*/. TIVL to consult one, 
Xen. : absol. to hold communication, Ar. 

ava-Koipav<o 5 f. ^<r, to rule or command in a place, 

dvaico|JuSTJ, f), a carrying away again, recovery, r$>v 
irXoiwv Decret. ap. Dem. From 

xva-KO}Juoj, poet. a-y-icofA-, f. Att. -KOptSt, to carry up, 
Xen, : Pass, to be carried up stream, or up the 
country, Hdt. II. to bring back, recover, Xen, : 

Med. (with pf . pass.) to take back with one, Hdt. : 
Pass, to be brought back, and of persons, to return, 
Id., Thuc. 2. Med. also, to bring to pass. Find. : 
to bring back upon oneself, Eur. 

ctv-acovTi<o, f . o~w, intr. to dart or shoot up, II,, Hdt. 

avcucoTTTJ, f] f a. beating back : the recoil of the waves, 
and the water left after flood-tide, Plut. From 

avorK^-TTTw, f. ijw, to drive back, Od. 2. to beat 

back an assailant, Thuc. II. to stop : Pass, to 

be stopped, stop short, nv6s from, a thing, Luc. 

dva-Koi>4>iw, f. Att. -tea, to lift up, Eur. ; of a ship, kv. 
itdpa Soph. : Pass, to be lifted up or lightened, aor. i 
wKov<j>i(rQTjv Eur. : to rise in spirits, Xen. Hence 

dva.Kov<j>io-is, ecas, 77, relief from a thing, c. gen., Soph. 

dva-Kpa<i>, aor. 2 aveKpayov, to cry out, lift ^tp the 
voice, Od., Att. 

avaKpaoris, <os, 77, (foaKepdvwju) a mixing with others, 

ava-Kp^cofiaL, Med. to tune up, Anth. 

ava-Kp|xavvu|Ji,i poet. ay-Kp- : f. -tcpe/JLavoo, Att. -*/>- 
ju.w : Pass, -jcp^ufyicu : jfo hangup on a thing 1 , c. dat., 
Od. j & . . or irpbs . . , Hdt. : Pass, to be hung %tp, 
Id, II. to make dependent, Plat. 

ava-KpLvco [r], f. ~Kptvu> 3 to examine closely , to question, 
interrogate, rwd Thuc., Plat. 2. to inquire into a 
fact, Antipho : Med., Pind. II. used at Athens in 
technical sense : 1. to examine magistrates as to their 
qualification, Dem. 2. of the magistrates, to examine 
persons concerned in a suit, so as to prepare the matter 
for trial, Id. III. Med., focucpivetrQat Trpfa eaurozSs 

to dispute one with another, Hdt. Hence 

dvaKpio-is, poet. ayKp-, ecus, f), examination of parties 
concerned in a, a preparation of the matter for 
trial, Xen.; /wjS* els fayKpicriv $\0etv, i.e. not even to 
begin proceedings, Aesch. 

ava--cpoT&>, f. Tja'ctf, to lift up and strike together, T& 
XeTpe Ar. :; rks x^P as Aeschin. : absol. to applaud 
vehemently, Ar. 

avaKpovcrts, <u$, fj, a pushing back : of a ship, backing 
water, Thuc. ; and 

avaxpovcr-r^ov, verb. Adj . of foaKpovw, one must check, 
Xen. From 

ava-Kpo-uca, poet. ay-Kp-, f . crew, to push back, stop short, 
check, 'iirirw xaXivtp Xen. II. Med., foaxpotieo'dcx.L 

ir^^vt\v to put one's ship astern, by backing water, Ar. ; 
so &vuKpov<EffQai alone, Thuc. j also, TT\ Trpv/j.vriv &v., 
Hdt. : metaph, to put back, Plat. 2. in Music, to 
strike up, Theocr. 

&ya-KTaop,o.L, f . -^<ro/i<u : pf . &v-^KT^ai : Dep. : to 
regain for oneself, get back again, recover, Hdt., 
Aesch. II. c. ace. pers. to win a person over, 

gain his favour or friendship, Hdt., Xen. 

) management of horses, h. Horn. 

avaKTopios, a, ov, (aj/aTwp) belonging to a lord or 

king, royal, Od. 
avaKTopov, ro, a palace; of gods, a temple, Hdt., Eur. 


avaKTwp, opos, &, = #j/a, Aesch., Eur. 
ava-KVKaco, f. -r^cru, to stir up and mix, mix up, Ar. 
ava-KvicXcco, f . ^<rw, to turn round again, Eur. : metaph. 

to revolve in one's mind, Luc. 
avaicuKX<, Pass, to revolve, Anth. 
ava-Kv|Jif5a)ua, f. <r<w, (/c^/SaXoi/) to fall rattling 

over, of chariots, II. 
dva-Kvirrw, f . -KwJ/ojuai O r -tj/a> : aor. i dve/cu^a : pf . 

avaKKv<j>a : to lift up the head, Hdt. j avotKfKv^s 

with the head high, of a horse, Xen. II. to 

come up out of the water, pop up, Ar., Plat. ; metaph. 

to emerge, Plat. 
dva-KWKvw [u],f. <rca, to 'mail aloud, Aesch.; owa/ccu/evei 

(j>66yyov utters a loud wail, Soph, 

Adv. (&/a| a manager}, carefully, avaK&s fyeiv 
s to look well to a thing, give good heed to it, 
., Thuc. 

Dep. only in pres. to take again, Mosch. 

av-aXaXaco, f. ^<y ; to raise a war-cry, cry aloud, Eur,, 

dva-Xa}Apavw, f . -A^o/xai, to take up, take into one's 
hands, Hdt. : to take on board ship, Id., Thuc. : gene- 
rally, to take with one, Thuc. 2. to take -up, for the 
purpose of examining or considering, Plat. 3. to take 
upon oneself, assume, r^v wpo^evtav Thuc., etc. 4. 
Med. to take upon oneself, undertake, engage in, icLv- 
Svvov, fj.dx'nv Hdt. 5. to learn by rote, Plut. II. 
to get back, regain, recover, rty dpxV Hdt., Xen. 2. 
to retrieve, make good, r^y alrlyr Hdt. ; a/Mapriav 
Soph. 3. to restore, repair, Hdt. ; av. eauriv to 
regain strength, revive, Thuc. 4. to take up 

again, resume, r)>v X&yov Hdt., Plat. : to recollect, 
Plut. III. to pull short up, to check a horse, 

Xen, : av, rets itfoas to call them back, Id, IV, 

to gain quite over, win over, Ar. 

dva-Xanfrw, f . -^/, to flame up, take fire, Xen. II. 

metaph. to break out anew, as war, Plut. 2. to come 
to oneself again, revive, Id. 

av~aX-yijs = fo>aA77rros, painless, Plut. 

avaXyT) aria, jj, want of feeling, insensibility, Dem. From 

dy-<X"yifiTOS, ov, (aA/yew) without pain, and so : I. 
of persons, insensible to pain, Arist. 2. unfeeling, 
hard-hearted, ruthless, Soph, j ava\'yrjT6rfpos ctvai to 
feel less grieved, Thuc. : c. gen., av. elvai nvos to 
be insensible to, Plut. : Adv. -rus, unfeelingly, 
Soph. II. of things, not painful, Id. 2. 

cruel, Ttrddos Eur. 

dv-aXSirjs, is, (otA.5a(v) not thriving, feeble, Ar. 

ava-Xeyw, Ep. impf. &\\yov : f. iura\4u : Ep. aor. I 
inf. oAXe^cu: to pick up, gather up, ooWa II. : Med. 
to pick up for oneself, Hdt. ; &/. irrcwjua to collect one's 
breath, Anth. II. to reckon up, rbv %pfoov Plut. : 

Pass., &j/aA.y<fyij/oj/ being recounted, Xen. 

dva-Xc;)(a>> f > to lick up, rb afjixo Hdt. 

avaXTjxJus, i), (bvahafLpdva) a taking up of a child, to 
acknowledge it, Luc. 2. pass, a being taken up, the 
Ascension, N. T. II. a taking back, a means 

of regaining, Pint. 2. a making 1 good, making 
amends for a fault, Thuc. : a refreshing, Luc. 

av-aXOijs, cs, (a\8alvai) powerless to heal, Bion. 

dv-dXtos, QV, Dor. for diM^Aios 1 . 

av-aXi/iros [aA], ov, Dor. for av-^A.nros'. 

avaXCorica and dvdXow : impf. avfatcrKoi/ and &v&\ovv : 
f . avaX&ffto : aor. i avf}X(ocra and bvahtocra [a] : pf . 
avf}\<tiKa. and oLvdX&Ka [a] : Pass., f. aj/dA<w#i7<ro/xc : 
aor. i avr]\cadriv and avd\(00riv : pf. a.vfi\a) fiat and av<i- 
Awjucu. (The quantity of 2nd syll. and the act. form 
make it doubtful whether this Verb is a compd. of ava, 
aAfoveo/xcu.) 70 wse MJ, to spend, lavish or squander 
money, Thuc. ; efo ri upon a thing, Plat., etc. ; 7rp<ta TJ 
Dem. ; faep TWOS Id. : Pass., ravyXwfjLevct. the monies 
expended, Id. 2. metaph., avd\c<)ffa$ \6yov hast 
'masted words, Soph. ; ay. cr^/uara TroAe^uy Thuc. XX. 
of persons, jf0 kill, destroy, Tragf. : - Mod, to kill one" 
self, Thuc. 

avdXKeia, TJ, "want of strength, feebleness, Ep. dat. pi. 
ava\Klriffi II. ; sing. avaXtcirj [with r] Theogn. From 

av-aXas, tSos., 6, y : ace. -iSa or ~iv : (oA/wfi) -.without 
strength, impotent, feeble, of un warlike persons, Horn., 
Aesch., etc. 

av-aXAofJicu, f. -aAov/xcu, aor. i -rjAc^UTjj', Dcp. to /m/> 
or spring up, Ar., Xen. 

av-aXfxos, oy, (a'A/*??) #/ salted, Xen. 

avaXo-yia, 77, (a,m\oyoi) proportion, Plat., etc. 

ava-XoyitofAcu, f. Att. -hoyiovjuat, Dcp. to reckon up, 
stini up, Plat,, Xen. 2. to calculate, consider, n 

Thuc. 3. foil, by a Conj., avct\. &$, 8rt, to recol- 
lect that, Id., Xen. Hence 

avaXo-yicriJKSs, 6, reconsideration, Thuc, : -a course or 
line of reasoning, Xen. 2. KCIT& r^tv kvaXoyi(rjj,6v 
according 1 to proportionate calculation, ap. Dern. 

ava-Xoyos, ov, proportionate, Plat. : neut. as Adv. in 
proportion, analogously, Arist. 

avaX<$, old form of avaXtffKw. 

av-aXros, ov, (aXQaivw] not to be filled, insatiate, Od. 

avaXvcris, ws, ^, (aj/aA^w) a loosing, releasing, /ca/cj/ 
from evils, Soph. II. (from Pass.) retirement, 

departure, death, N. T. 

o,vaX\i<r7p, ypos, &, a deliverer, Aesch. From 

ava-Xvco, Ep. aX-Xvw : Ep, 3 sing-, impf. aAAtW/ce : Ep. 
part. fern. ctAAuovtra: f. -Aucrcc : to unloose, undo, of 
Penelope's web, Od. 2. to ttnloase, set free, release, 
& Sea-juwy lb. II. after Horn., Ar. o<j)9a\^v, $<av&v, 
i. e. to restore to a dead man the use of his eyes and 
voice, Pind. 2. to analyse, Arist. 3. to put an 
end to a thing, Xen,; >to abolish, cancel, Dem. rMed. 
to cancel faults, Xen., Dem. III. intr. to loose a 

ship from its moorings, 'weigh anchor, depart, Polyb. : 
metaph., of death, N.T. 2. to return, Ib, 

avaXttfj-o,, aros, r6, (avaA<fo>) expenditure, cost, in pi. 
expenses , Thuc., etc, 

ava.Xo)GTLs> ^, (waXdta) outlay > expenditure, Theogn., 

avaXwTijs, ov, 6, (avdA^w) a spender, waster. Plat. 

avaXTtcJs, 4 6v, (avd\6w) expensive, Plat. 

av-aXwros^dA], ov, (aAfovco^uai) wojf /<? ^^ taken, in- 
vincible, impregnable, Hdt. : also, not taken, still 
holding out, Thuc. 2. of persons, kv. 

e, Xen. 

, only in pres. to rage through, c. ace,, II. 

ava-p.avOo.vw, f. /ia^/ro/tat, to inquire closely, Hdt. 

av-ajJtd^WTos, ov, (a/xa|6wa>) impassable forwagons, Hdt. 

av-ap,oLpTYjTOS, ox', (a/j.a,prdy(a) without miss ing, un~ 

failing, unerring 1 , Xen. 2. in moral sense, with-' 

O'ut fault, blameless, Plat., etc. ; cb/. irp6s riva or ra4 
having done no wrong to a person, Hdt. ; &x TWOS 
gztiltless of a thing*, Id. ; r& ^t,vaia.(ipT7jrou innocence > 
Xen. : Adv. -TO?*, without fail, unerringly, Id. 

ava-fjiapvKaofJiai, v. ai/a/rrjp . 

ava-jxacraop.a.1, Dep. ifd? c/zt'W <w<?r again, ruminate, Ar 

ava-^acrora), Att. -TTOJ, f. ^cu, zfo wipe off, %pyov (rr/ 
K<pa\ff &i/ap.d}-i$ a deed which thou wilt wipe off on 
thine own head (as if it were a stain), Od. ; so, TCWTU 
tfjif} K<f>a\7)^a.s Hdt. : -Med., ^a^drTeffOat rep 
irpocrd^TTCf} rov aljj.(x,TO$ to have [some of J the blood 
wiped on one's face, Plut, 

ava,-(Aax o H' <u [&!> f* -/^a^ecro/Aat, Alt. -^ua^ou^uat, Dep. 
to renew the fight, retrieve a defeat, Hdt., Thuc. ; ^v. 
rbv \6yov to fight the argument aver again, Plat. 

av-ajxparos, ov, of a horse, that one cannot mount, Xen. 

ava-fA^XTTw, f. \l/ca, to begin to sing, koifidv Thcocr. 

ava-(Ji(ji,txaTat, Ion. for ^va^fLLy^voi zlffi, 3 pi. pf, of 

ava-fxevw, poet. a(i-|Jiv<), f. -/u,v5}, to wait for, a^wttii, 
c. ace., Od., Hdt., etc. : c. ace. et inf., &j/, nvk itoLetv 
to await one's doing 1 , Hdt, ; 3ij/. n yivecrBat a thing 
happening, Id. : absol. to wait, stay, Soph., etc. 2. 
to await, endure, rt Xen. 3. to put off, delay, Id. 

ava-p,<ros, ov, in the midland or interior, Lat. mcdi- 
tcrraneus, Hdt. 

otva-jAcaTos, ov, filled full, nv&$ of n thing, Dem. 

ava-fAcnr<!$<>, f. dura), to fill up, fill full, Ar., in Pass* 

ava-p.Tpo>, f. ^cra>, ifc; rc-nmo-sure the road one came 
by, retrace one's steps to a place, $<ppa ^va^rp^ffaifjLL 
X&pvfSo'ij/Qd* 2. to recapitulate, Km*. in Mod. II. 
/(f; measzire, otj&r again, to measure carefully, take the 
measure of, rt Hdt. ; kv. lavWy Ar, : Mcd., ^ve^rpfi' 
a'dfMTji/ <ppva$ r&$ <rd$ took the measure of thy mind, 
Kur. 2, &,va,[j.rpLffQai, Sdxpv *%$ riva, to measure 
out (i. e. pay} to him the tribute of a tear, 14. 

avajjL&rpijoas, ewy, ^, (kva^rpita} a measurement, rwt)$ 
wpos TL of one thing by another, Plut. 

ava-fJLrjpuKaojxcu or avapap-, Dep, to chwv tht* cud, Luc. 

avajiiYa, poet, ap-jxiya, Adv., ct^a/x^, ptVMtsctfOUslyf 
Soph., Anth. ; and 

avajjuySa, &vaiJ.i% , Soph. From 

ava-p.CYVTJjJ.1. ari d vw, poet. ^-p.-p.fYV'up.t, C. */A(| : Kp. 
aor. i part. hjufAtyas : cf. hmfJilo''y(a : - /<> ## w/, w/j? 
together, Od., Udt., etc. t-'-Psiss. fo /? Mixed with 
others, Hdt., Att. : &; //aw iitttircoitrsc* Plut. 

ava-fA.Lp,vTJ(rKu) } f. -^a^crw, poet, A/i^u^flrw, //; remind one 
<?/ a thing, c. dupl. ace., raimi ft* Mfwri(rat CM. ; c. 
gen. rei, &y. rt^ riwy Eur. : c. acc pcrs, cfc inf. to 
remind one to do, Pind. 2. c* ace. rei, to refill it* 
memory, make Mention of, Dem, XX. in Past)* 

to remember, rwfo Hdt., etc. ; more rarely T Ar,, 
Plat.; veptrt Plat. 

ava-|j.Lfxvw, poet, for ^va-^vu, II. 

&vctfJtC|, (&va}ji.iyvvfjLi) Adv. promiscuously, Hdt., Thuc. 

&ydfj.iis ws, ^, (&va(jt,tyvvfj!.at) intercourse > Plut. 

poet, and Ion. for family wtM, only in. pros*. 

and imp!.., to mix one thing- with another, ri nvi Od. : 

Pass, to have intercourse, TIVI Hdt. 
dva-jAicrOapvcw, . faca, to serve again for pay, Plut. 
dvajAvirjerfleis, aor. i pass. part, of'Kti) . 
dvcijjiv'noris, ecus, %, (aya/u/u'^ff'Kco) # calling to mind, 

recollection, Plat,, etc. 

dvajAVt] OTTOS, (Ji/, (wajjujuvfifficca) that 'which one can re- 
Collect, Plat. 
dva-jxoXeiVj inf. of dv-jJioXov, aor, 2 of dw/3Ac6crfcco, ^o 

Y? through, c. ace., Eur. 
dva-jJLopfnjpw, to roar loudly, boil up* iracr* avo,fj,op- 

jAiipso-Ke (Ion. impf.) of Charybdis, Od. 
dvo.-|xoxXTj<>5 f . a(a, to raise by a lever, to force open, 

7rv\a,s Eur. 
dv-ajJLTrXaiCYjTOS or dv-airXdiajTos, ov, unerring, un- 

failing t Soph. 2. of a man, without error or crime, 

Aesch., Soph. 
dva-jxv)(0iop.<u, Dep. only in pres. to moan loudly, 


av-ajjL^poXos, ov, unambiguous : Adv. -Aws, Luc. 
dv-ajjL<j>iXKTos, ov, ~sq., Luc. 
Q,v-a^.(j>iXo"yos> or, Tindisputed, undoubted, Xen. Adv. 

7 cos, indisputably, Id. 
dv-a|jL(j)LO"|3i'y]TifjTos, ov,undispiited, indisputable, Thac.*, 

av. x&px a place abottt 'which there is no dispute, i. e. 

well -known f Xen. 
dvavSpia, ^, wdtn <?/ manhood, Eur., Plat., etc. 2. 

wwn^m^'n^s.?, cowardice, Aesch., etc. From 
av-av8pos, or, (oarhp} : I. &J>eu avtipds, husband- 

less, Trag. 2. = iyev avSptov, 'without men, Ib. II. 

'wanting in manhood, unmanly, Hdt., Plat. ; rJ> %ytw* 

H>pQV=-avavo~pta, Thuc. 

dv-dv8pwTos, ov, (avSpoca) widowed, evvai Soph. 
dva-vedci), in pres. to renew one's youth, Ar. 
dva-vcjxw, poet. dv-W|, f. -VGJU.GJ,, to divide anew : 

Med. to count up, Hdt. (in Ion. fut. -ye/xeercu) . 2, 

to rehearse, read, Theocr. 
ava-veop-ai, Dep. only in pres. to mount up, az/j/e?rcu 

(Ep. for aj/<wtrcu) Od. 

dva-veoojjicu, aor. i aj/evetoffdjJLijv, to renew, Thuc., etc. 
dvo-ViJ<i>5 f . --yeiVctytcu or -vf-i/<rca : aor. i aveveva-a. : 

to throw the head back, in token of denial (which \ve 

express by shaking the head}, Horn., Hdt., etc* 2. 

c. ace, rei, to deny, refuse, II. 
dvav&ixyis, w$, TJ, (&j/aj/cJo^cu) a renewal, Thuc. 
dva,-VTfj<J)Oi), only in pres. to return to sobriety of mind, 

N.T. 2. trans, to make sfiber agcdn, Luc. 
dv-avOijs, is, (&i/0os) without bloom, past its bloom, Plat. 
ctvavTa, Adv. of avd.vrt]s, zcp-hilt, 11. 
av-avTaytliviorTos, ov 3 (afyavifojjiat) 'Klitho^tt a rival, 

without a struggle, Thuc. : it-ncontested, unalloyed^ 

Id. : Adv. -rtus. II. irresistible, Plut. 

ttv-<vTY]Sj s, (aj/a, aKTt^w) up-hill, steep, Hdt. 3 Plat., 

Xen. ; irpbs rb favavrts to ^<? highest point, Plat. 
dv-avrCXcicTos, o*', incontestable, Luc. 
avaj [a], ava-KTos, <5 : voc. ^tva : (avdcfcfoo) : a lord, 

master, being applied to the gods, esp. to Apollo and 

Zeus, Horn. ; to the latter in voc., Zcv frva, II. II. 

among the Homeric heroes Ag-amemnon is &vaj- avtipuv; 

but &pa is a title given to all men of rank and note, as to 

TeiresiaSj Od. ; ^atriXc^s &ya^ lord king", Ib. III. 

the master of the house, esg. as denoting; the relation 


of master to slave, Ib. IV. metaph., KK^TTIJS, va&v 

&vaKre$ lords of the oar, of ships, Aesch. ; &v. OTTX.UIV 

dva-cuv(o, f. -j-av<a, to tear open, a wound, Babr. 

\VCL- qpaCvci>j f. avw : aor. i av^Tipdva, Ep. 3 sing. subj. 
aryypdvr) : to dry up things, of the wind, II. ', to dry 
up a stream, Hdt. 
ivajsia, y, (avdarcrca) a command, behest, Pind. 

dv-d|ios, ov and a, ov : I. of persons, unworthy, not 
deemed or held worthy of, c. gen., Hdt. ; wai-iov crov 
too good for thee, Soph, j c. inf., avd^ios ^uffru^lv nn~ 
deserving to suffer, Id. : Adv., avarices scavrcav Hdt. 2. 
absol. unworthy, worthless, Id., Soph. : Adv. i<a$, 
Soph. 3. undeserving of evil, Id., Eur. II. 

of things, undeserved, <Wia Tra0e?i/ Eur., etc. 

dva$i~<{>op[JU'Y, 1770^, 6, f), ruled by the lyre, Pind. 

dvaluptSes, tficov, at, the trousers worn by eastern nations, 
Hdt., Xen. ; by the Scythians, Hdt. (A Persian word.) 

ava-^vco [u], f. i5cra>, to scrape up or off: Pass., ava- 
v(rd$l$ (aor. i part.) having" the surface scraped off, 

dva-oC-ytu, . |<w, Ep. for woiyca, II. 

dva-iraiSsiJw, f. ffto, to educate afresh, Ar. 

dvdirawrTOSj QJ", struck back, rebounding : as Subst. an 
anapaest (i. e. a dactyl reversed), an anapaestic verse, 
Ar. ; avdiraicrra, rd, anapaestics, satire, Plut. From 

dva-iraC<*>, f. <ra>, zfo strike back., Adv. back again, Plat., etc. II. over 

again. Id. III. contrariwise, reversely, Id. 

dva-TrdXXw, poet. d|t-irdXX(i> : Ep. aor. 2 part. aiMreira* 
\&v : to swing to and fro, d/xire7raAcbz> 7x0$ having" 
poised and drawn back the spear before throwing- it, 
II.: to set in motion, urge on, Eur. \ a/iTrccAXew r 
K&\a. Ar. : Pass, to spring up, &s #re aLvaafdX\erat 
iX^s, &s TT\.r)yels aveiraXro (3 sing. Ep. aor. 2) as 
when a fish springs up, so he smitten sprang up, II. 

dva-Trdero-w, f . -Tracrw [a], zf<? sprinkle upon, ri TIVI Pind, 

dvaTravXa, T]S, ^, (ai/aTraiJw) repose, rest, SopH. j /car 1 
draTrauAas 8i?7/>9]<r0ai to be divided into reliefs, of work- 
men, Thuc. 2. c. gen. rei, rest from a thing, Soph., 
Thuc., etc. II. a resting-place, an inn, Lat. 

deversorium, Eur., Ar. 

dva,TTan|j.a, poet. ap.7r-, aros, r<$, (avairata)) a repose, 
rest, fies.j fjLpifj.vtav from cares, Theogn. 2. a 

resting-place, Anth. 

dvdirav<ris, poet, afjtir-, cwy, 77, (avairaveo) repose, rest, 
Find., Xen. : relaxation, recreation, Xen. 2. rest 
from a thing, c. gen., Thuc. 

dvonraDOTTTJpLOs or ira'UTTJpios, Ion., oy, (dva- 
7rat5w) of or /e?r resting, Hdt. II. as Subst. 

cij'aTravcrTTjpiOj/, T<, a time of rest, Xen. 2. & place- 
of rest, Luc. 

dvOi-iraTjoj, poet, and Ion. ajjnr-,f. <rco, to make to cease, 
to stop or hinder from a thing, c. gen., II. ; at>. TWO, 
TWOS to give him rest or relief from a thing, Soph., 
Dem. 2. c. ace. only, to stop, put an end to, fio-tiv 
Soph. : more commonly, to rest, halt, rb o"rpcTei>/u.a, 
robs vavras Xen. 3. rarely intr. in sense of Med. to 
take rest, aya.iradjovT^s Thuc.; cwira,vGv Xen. II. 

Med. and Pass, to desist from a thing, dirb vav- 
jua%(aj Thuc. 2. absol. to take one's rest, sleep, 
Lat. pernoctare, Hdt., Eur., etc. j of the dead, Theocr, : 


3. to regain 

of soldiers, to halt, rest, Xen. 

strength, Id. 

ava-trciOw, f. -wetcrca, to bring over, convince, Xen.: 
Pass,, Thuc. 2. to persuade, move to do a thing-, 
c. ace. pers. et inf., Hdt., Att. ; av. rivd n to persuade^ 
one of a thing 1 , Ar. 3. to seduce, mislead, nvd 
Hdt., etc., Dep. to try or attempt again : as a 
military and naval term, to renew or continue their 
exercises, Hdt., Thuc. 

ava-imp<i>, poet, ajxir-, zfo pierce through, fix on a spit, 
II., Ar. II. to impale, M vAov rw& Hdt. : 

Pass., aTroQaveiv avairapels (aor. 2 part.) Id. 

avairciGmipios, a, oi/, (avaicfiQca) persttasive, Ar. 

ava-frtp.'ird^, Dep. to count again, count over, Plat. 

ava-irc|i.irGi>, poet. a|Air--, f . i|/, zfo send up from below, 
Aesch. : to send forth, Find. : Med. to send up from 
oneself, Xen. 2, &? $* up, from the coast inland, 
esp. into Central Asia, Thuc., Xen. II. to send 

back, Pind. 

cLvaTTCTTTajJi^vos, pf. part. pass, of owcwrcTa^j/v/u, 

avair<riv, aor. 2 inf. of avatrlirrw. 

ava-TreTovvvfJU or -^w, later ava-ircraw : f. ~-ir*rd<r<a 
[a], Att. -7T6TW : poet, ap/ir- : to spread out, tenfold, 
unfurl sails, IL ; av. ^6crrpv^ov to let the hair flow 
loose, Eur. ", tyaos a.fjarerdia'as having shed light abroad, 
Id.; o.v. TCLS irfaas to throw wide the gates, Hdt. : 
Pass., avaTr7rrajijLvos thrown open, II. ; aAt^TnjI ava- 
KirvoL^evt] a fox lying on its back, Pind. : the part, 
pf. pass. ava.', ij, ov, is often a mere Adj. 
open, of the sea, Hdt. ; of eyes, Xen. ; Starr a aj>. life 
in the open air, Plut. 

ava-irTOfiaL, f . --?rnlj<ro / uai : aor. 2 ^-eirr6^nv or &x>~ 
eirrdfAVji', also in act. form av-eirrjiv : ito j/2y up, fly 
away, Hdt., etc. 2. metaph. fo # on the wing, 
avenrdfwv Soph, ; cb/eTrrco' $<!>&(? Id. 

ava-irTJyvujJU., f. --TT^CD, <? transfix, impale, Plut. 

ava-7T7]Sati), poet. ci.jJi.7r-, f. ^ffofjiat, to leap up, start 
^{,p, IL, Hdt., etc. II. zto /<?#/ &&C&, from fear, 

Ar. , avewfiSyffev IT! rV 'Etrriay, for protection, Xen. 

ava-irn]po$, ov, much maimed, crippled, Plat., etc. 

avaiuS-vct, of ground, zfo send forth 'water, Plut. 

a,va-irfjLirXir|[xt, f. -TrX^crw, fo j>?// wj^, Lat. explere, 
Epigr. ap. Luc. 2, metaph., ir6r^,ov ^voLtrX^ffnvr^s 
having filled up the full measure of misery, II. ; so, 
foairXyo-cu cfirov, Hated, &\yca, K^Sea Horn., Hdt., 
etc, II. c. gen. rei, to fill full of a thing, Ar., 

etc. 2. with a notion of defiling, infecting, &>s 
ir\ft<rrovs avairX^o'ai cdrifav Plat. ; so Pass, to be in- 
fected with disease, Thuc., Plat. 

ftva-irirrci>, poet. : f . ~irecroi;/iai : aor. 2 ~TCGQ'QV : 
to fall back, Aesch. 2. to fall back, give ground, 
Thuc. : to flag, lose heart, Lat. concidere animo, 
Dem. 3. of a plan, to be given up, Id. 4. to 
recline at table, like <WKi/icu, N.T. 

eva-ir%TVt)|iL, poet, for ava-irerdvvviu, Pind. 

ay-airXaKt)Tos, ov, = kvajj.irXdKyros, q. v. 

ava-irXacro-w, Att. -TTW, f, -TrXaffto [a], to form anew, 
remodel, Ar. : Med., apatrAaVa<r0at olKLr\v to rebuild 
one's house, Hdt. 2. metaph. to invent, in Med., 
Anth. II. to plaster up : Pass., Kijpbv avom^TrXaff- 
having wax plastered, Ar. 

w, f. , 2J<? enwreath, Pind. : Med. /# braid 
one's hair, Luc. 2. metaph, of writing verses,, 

Anth. 3. Pass., avaweirteypwoi closely engaged, Plut. 

ava-TrXeos, a, oj/, Att. masc. and neut. irXcws, wv, also 
fern. -TrAea: pi., nom. ~7r\<p, neut. -7rAa; ace, masc. 
-rrAews : quite full ofz. thing, c. gen., Hdt., Plat. IL 
infected 'with or by a thing, c. gen., Plat. 

ava-irX^w, Ion. irXww, Ep. irXcCw : f . -7rAc^o*o/xoi :~~ -to 
sail up, to go up stream, c. ace., Od. 2. to put out to 
sea, II., Dem. II. to sail the same way back again 9 
sail back, Hdt., Xen. : of fish, to $ivint back* Hdt. 

ava-irXc<os, v. avairXsos. 

ava-irXiip<5w, f. <6<r<w, tf<? j/KZ wji> a void, Plat, 2. 
make tip, supply, Id. : Med., S^ar" cb/. tfo j^Z/ jf/ir/V 
houses full, Eur. 3. ft? fill -up the numbers of a 
body, 7"V ftovX^y Plut. j &v. rV ffwyyoptav to fill the 
place of advocate, Id, 4. to pay in full, in Med,, 

Dem. II. Pass. jf<? be restored to its former siae, 

of the sun, after an eclipse, Thuc. Hence 

avairXijpaxrLS, o?s, 77, a filling up, Arist., Plut.; and 

avairXYjpwTlov, Verb. Adj. one must fill up, Plut. 

ava-TrXtjorai., aor. I inf. of 7r//A7rA77/u : -TrXiJicrw, fut. 

avairXoos, contr. irXovs, o, (hvwirX4u>) a nailing' ftp- 
stream, Hdt. 2. a putting out to sea, Polyb. 

av-airX<o, f, &&&), to unfold, open, Mosch., Babr. 

avairXaJw, Ion. for avair\4w. 

avaiTyevjxa, poet, ajxtrv-, aroy, TO, (krain/fM) a resting- 
place, Pind. 

avairvi>cri.s, ca>5r, ^, (&^ain/^<w) recovery of breath f re- 
spite f row a thing, c. gen., II. 

ava-irvcvoTTos, ov, 'without breath^ breathless, Hes. 

ava-trv^w, f . -wveticro/jiai. : aor. 1 -^Trycuo'a : besides the 
common tenses (v. TrWw), we have three Homeric forms 
(as if from a/i-m'tfw), aor. 2 imper. ^Tru/Cc, aor. i pass. 
fytTrj/iVflij, and aor. 2 with form of plqpf * ^Tr^yro : -to 
breathe again, take breath, IL, etc. : to recover from 
a thing, c. gen., Ib., Soph., etc. ; so, Ik TWOS Hdt. ; - 
absol. to revive, Xen. ; and in this sense Horn, uses 
&/i7r/uT0, fajjurvvvQirj, II. to draw breath, breathe* 

Pind., Plat. III. to breathe forth, send forth* 

/ca.TrWi' Pind. Hence 

4vairvoi], poet, afj-irv-, -J, recovery of breath, revival, 
Pind., Plat.; /^;0<wj/ ajuirvod rest from toils, Find,, 
Eur. II. a drawing breath, respiration, Ar%> 

Plat.; &,u,7r*/0as #xiy (Su/aTrWcu', ^ breathe, Soph. ; T^J> 
&y. &7roAay8rjy TI^OJ ^ strangle him. III. <x breath- 
ing organ, of tjie mouth, Luc. ; /i air-hole, Plut. 

ava-TfoS^w, f. (o*w, (^TTO^^J jf<^ wake to step bttcft f call 
back, cross-examine, Hdt., Aeschin. ; &y. IwuruV ^ 
correct himself, Hdt* 

dv-atrotvos, o^, (^iroxi/a) without ransom, only in eut* 
iifftTroii/oi' as Adv., IL 

ava-iroXlw, poet. aji-iroX^w, f, ^<rw, properly jfo turn 
%tp the ground again ; hence to go over again, repeat^ 
reconsider, Pind., Soph. 

avairoXt^a), &ji/airoA^to, of a field, Pind. 

ava7rofj.inj, ^, (Avair^Trw) a sending up ; &^, ffya'Wjp&p 
a digging up of treasures, Luc. 

dvaTnSpTTijJLos, oi/, (A^aTr^/M-Trw) w# ^c/^, Luc. 

^vairofxiros, ^, (&j/aW/X7r<w) <?n<? af/urif sends up or a&', 
of Hades, sending up the shade of Darius, Aesch* 
^, (&7raj//fa>) uiiwashen t Ar, 



, Att. -irparTW, f, rrpaa>, to exact, levy 
money or debts, Ar., Thuc.; av. vir6ffx^ LV to exact 
the fulfilment of a. promise, Thuc. 

ava-irp-j0a, f . -TrpTjertw, to blow forth, to let burst forth, 

JiaKpv' wavpfoas with tears bttrsting forth, Horn. 

ava-iTTacrOai or -iTT^cr0ai, aor. 2 inf. of ajfarrero/xcu. 

ava-TTTp<5co, f. d>cra, properly of a bird, to raise its 
feathers : hence, ay. Mfipas Eur. 2. metaph. to set 
on the wing, excite vehemently, Hdt., Eur., etc. : 
Pass, to be in a state of excitement, Aesch., Xen., etc. 

ava-TTToeo), poet. tr-roiea), f . j}<r<a, to scare exceedingly, 
Mosch. : Pass, to be scared, Plut. 

ttva-irrvero-w, f . -TTTV|W, to unfold the rolls on which 
books were written ; and so, to zmrol, open for reading, 
a.v. /3iA.:ov Hdt. : to undo, open, irvXas Eur. ; ava- 
irrv^as x*P as with arms outspread, Id. 2. to zmfold, 
disclose, reveal, Lat. explicare,lLra.g t II, as military 
term, r}\v <pd\ayya cb/cnrr. to fold back the phalanx, i.e. 
deepen it by wheeling 1 men from both flanks to rear, 
French replier, Xen. ; but conversely, rb Kepas avavr. 
to open out the wing-, i. e. extend the line by wheeling 

jnen from rear to front, French delayer, Id. Hence 

avairrvxn> poet. ap,7rTvx'i %> at&pos apirrvxai the ex- 
panse of heaven, Eur.; y\tov avairrvxat the sun's 
expanse, Id. 

ftva-TTTVw, f. vcra> [x5], ^ spit up, sputter, Soph. 

av-a-TTTO), f. -d^ca, to make fast on or to a thing-, ^ 
Iffrov Treipar* avrJTrrov made fast the rope to the mast, 
Od. : Med., <*/c TOV& aya.\l/6fjLff6a KaXav to him will we 
w& /#$ <wr cable, i. e. he shall be our protector, 
Eur. : Pass, to fasten oneself on to, cling to a thing, 
c. gen., Id. , apipt nvi Id. ; wyfyQai n to have a thing 
fastened on one, Id, 2. to hang up in a temple, 
offer up, tiyaXpara Od. 3. metaph. to attach to, 
fL&fj.ojf dvctycu Ib. ; !]ua av. nvi a charge of bloodshed, 
Eur. II. to light lip, light, Xi/xva Hdt.; wvp 

Eur. ; also, irvpl ay. Scf/uous Id. : metaph., vetyos ofyiw- 
7T7S 1 &s Ta%* a^ctyei Id., f . -7retS<ro/xcu : aor. 2 
inquire closely into, ascertain, Hdt. , rov 
Id. 2. /<? learn by inquiry, Id., Xen. Hence 

avotrvcTTos, OP, ascertained, notorious, Od., Hdt. 

av-apa(pT)>ca, Ion. for av-T/pyKa, pf. of foaipw. 

ev-apOpos, oy, (&p6pov] without joints, not articulated, 
Plat,, etc. 2. without strength, nerveless, 

^Soph. II. of sound, inarticulate, Plut. 

av-api.Gjjie'ojjicu, f. ^cro/xat, Med. jf<? enumerate, Dem. 

av-apiOjjLijTOSjO^no^*? be counted, countless, Hdt.^ Att. : 
of time, immeasurable, Soph. 2. unregarded, Eur. 

av-dpi6jxos [a], poet. avT]pX0p,o<;> oj/, without number, 
countless, mimberless, Sappho, Trag. : c. gen., &vd- 
BpTfivwv without measure in lamentations, Soph. ; 
&,^pi6jj.os without count of months, Id. ; ird\.t$ 
irroX'trai aydptOfiot, Id. 

ov, C^PX W ) nQ t governed or subject, Thuc. : 
not submitting to be governed, Aesch. 

av-a.pu.6vos> ov, (bpapiffKc*)) unequipped, Anth. 

avapfxooTT^to, f. <j)<r<a, (&vdpiu.ocrros) not to fit or suit, 
nvi or irp6s ri Plat. 

avapjAoo-Tia, TJ, discord, of musical sounds, Plat. From 

av-dpp,o<rTos, ov, (apfidfto) unsuitable, incongruous, 
disproportionate, Hdt., Xen. : of sound, out of tune, 

Plat. : Adv. -ry, Id. II. of persons, impertinent, 
^absurd, Ar. 2. unfitted, unprepared, irpds TI Thuc. 
avapoipSe'w, poet, for avappoi&Sea. 
avapirayi], j], re-capture, Eur. From 
av-apTrdto, f . dcra and ct^, also in raed. form -d< : 
aor. i --tipiracfa and a : ^ snatch up, II., Xen. II. 
ft? snatch away, carry off, Horn., etc. ; of slave-dealers, 
to kidnap, Od. :- Pass., Soph. : in Prose also, to be 
dragged before a magistrate,^ carried off to prison, 
Lat. rapi in jus, Dem. 2. in good sense, to rescue, 
Plut. III. to take by storm, plunder, Eur. ; of 

persons, avapiraff^vos robs baiKeas to take them by 
storm or at once, Hdt. IV. to carry off, steal, 

Xen., Dem. Hence 

avaptracrT<$$, 6v, and -fj, 6v, snatched up, carried off, 
Eur., Plat. 2. carried up the country, i. e. into 
^Central Asia, Xen. 

avap-prj'yvvp.L or -vw, f . -p^v, to break up the ground, 
II., Hdt % 2. to break through a wall, II., Eur. : Pass., 
TI va.vs avappfiyvvrai r^v irape^eipecriav the ship has its 
bow broken through, Thuc. 3. to tear open a car- 
case, of lions, II. ; of Ajax, 5tx avepp^yyv was cleaving 
them asunder, Soph. II. to make to break forth, 

utter, like Lat. rumpere voces, Ar., Theocr. ; ay. vo\iv 
to make it break out, excite greatly, Plut. : Pass, to 
burst forth/ metaph. of persons, avapp^yvva-eat irpbs 
^opy^y Id. III. intr. to break forth, Soph. 

avappt]0T]vaL, aor. i pass. inf. of kvfnreiv, q.v. 

avappn]|is, ecas, y, (avapp^yvv/jii) breakage, Plut. 

avap-ptjjjd), f. of ct.vapp'fiypvfju. 

avapp^criS) <u$, -fj, a proclamation, Dem. ; cf. dj/eTiroj'. 

avap-piiTTW and -piirWw, f . -ptyto : to throw ^lp, av. 
&\a 7r^5y to throw up the sea with the oar, i. e. row 
with might and main, Od. ; also without -n-TjSy, ot 5* 
SXa irdvres aveppi^av Ib. II. av. KivfovQv, a phrase 
from the game of Sice, to run the hazard of a thing, 
win a risk, Hdt., Thuc.; irepl or farep rivos Plut.; 
also without K.iv$vvov 9 s ftirav ro virdpxov avttppivreiv 
to throw for one's all, stake one's all, Thuc. ; with a 

^ second ace. av. p.dxi)v to hazard a battle, Plut. 

avap-ptxdojAcu, i mp f . avppix<^p.riv, to clamber up- with 
the hands and feet, scramble up, A.r. (Deriv. unknown.) 

avap-potpSew, poet. dvapoipScw, f. ^ffta, to suck down 

^again, of Charybdis, Od. Hence 

avdp-ptJcris, etas, f) } (fto/nai) rescue : name of the second 
day of the festival *&xwrovpia, Ar. 

avap-p<i&vvvjju, aor. i kv-4ppwaa, 3 to strengthen afresh : 
Pass, to regain strength, &vapp(aff6vres Thuc. 2. 
intr. in aor. i act. to recover, Plut. 

dv-apo-tos, ov, and a, ov, not fitting, incongruous : 
hence, I. of persons, hostile, unpropitious, i. i m- 

placable, Horn., Trag. II. of events, untoward^ 

strange, monstrous, Hdt. 

dv-aprdw, f . ^crw : Pass., pf . Av^pr^/tai : to hang to 
or upon, to attach to, make dependent upon, *s Qeobs 
dv. ri to leave it depending upon them, Eur.; kv. 
favrbv tls 5i}juov Dem. II. Pass, to be hung- up, 

Plat. 2. metaph. to hang or depend upon, IK TWO? 
Id., Dem. : a.wiprija'Oou els . , to be referred or refer' 
able to , * , Plat. ; ^vriprti^evoi rats otyeffw irpfc riva 
hanging on one with their eyes, Plut. III. Med. to 
attach to oneself, -make dependent upon one, rivd Xen. 

62, Ion. Verb, only used in pf. pass, cc 
to be ready, prepared to do, c. inf., Hdt. : cf. apreop-ai- 

av-apTios, oj/, uneven, odd, opp. to &pnos (even), Plat. 

dv-apx.cxta>, f . era), (apxa?os) to make old again, Anth. 

avapxia, T\, (fryapxos} lack of a leader, Hdt. II. 

the state of a people without government, anarchy, 
Aesch., Thuc., etc. : at Athens this name was given to 
the year of the thirty tyrants (B. c. 404), when there 
was no archon, Xen. 

otv-apxos, oy, (apx^ without head or chief, II., Eur. : 
rb &yapx^y avapxfa, Aesch. 

ava-craXevca, f . crco, to shake up, stir up, Luc. 

ava-cretpdw, f. yea, (crcipa) to draw back with a rein, 
to hold in check, Anth. II. to draw aside from 

the road, Eur. 

ava-a-eife), poet. avacr-areCw : 3 sing. Ion. impf. ayacr- 
tfelaa'Ke : f. -creicrw : to shake back, swing to and fro, 
move up and down, Hes. : esp. as a signal, Thuc. II. 
to stir up, N. T. 

ava-crc-uofxai, Pass., only in syncop. aor. 2, af]ua avtcrcrvro 
the blood sprang forth, spouted up, II. 

ava-aiXXos or -oiXas, o, bristling hair, Plut. 

ava-aKa-TTTw, f. *J/a>, to dig up, to dig up ground, Plut. 

avacnc8dvvi>|u, f. -cruel) dcrca [a], to scatter abroad, Plut. 

ava-criccva^co, f. -crco : Pass., pf. ayeffK^vacr^ai : to pack 
up the baggage (ra encew?), Lat. vasa colligere : to 
carry away, Xen. : Med. to break up one's camp, 
march away, Thuc., Xen. 2. to disfurnish, dis- 
mantle a place, Thuc. : Med. to dismantle one's house 
or city, Id. 3, to waste, ravage, destroy, Xen. 4, 
Pass, to be bankrupt, break, of bankers, Dem, ; metaph., 
av<r/ceucicrjU0a we are ruined^ Eur. 

a.v-a<rKifjTos, oy, (aor/elw) unpractised, unexercised, Xen. 

ava-aKoXoirtto, f. crco : Pass, with fut. med. cfKoXoTTi- 
oCJjLtat : aor. i effKoXOTrlffBriv : pf. crK0A.cVicrjiuu : to 
fix on a pole or stake, impale, Hdt: 

ava-cTKOTrco), f. -avceij/o/iou, aor. i avGffKefyd/j.7)v: to look 
at narrowly, examine well, Ar., Thuc. 

ava-o-opeco, f. ^crco, to scare and make to start up, to 
rouse, Plat. : Pass., ayacrfffo^fieyos r^v K6fjt,rjy with 
halr-o?! end through fright, Luc. 

ctva-cnrapacrcrca, f. |a>, to tear ^lp, Eur. 

ava<rtracrT($s, 6y, drawn up, Ar. II. dragged up 

the country, of tribes compelled to emigrate into 
Central Asia, Hdt. 2. of a door or gate, drawn 
back, opened, Soph. From 

ava-cnraw, poet, dv-crirolw, f. -ccirifffo [a], to draw up, 
pull up, Solon, Hdt. ; Med., ^/c xpobs y%w ayeo'irdo-aro 
he drew his spear/br;A again, II. 2 . to draw a ship up 
on land, Hdt., Thuc, 3. to draw or suck up greedily, 
af/ia Aesch. : but, tfScop ay, to draw water, Thuc. 4. 
to tear up, Hdt., Att, 5. metaph., hvwircw \6yw$ 
to draw forth words, to utter violent, offensive words, 
Soph. 6. rks typvs ayacrway to draw up the eye- 
brows, and so put on a grave important air, Ar. ; so, 
r& /xeVojTra ay. Id. II. to draw back, r^y %?pa 

Id. III. to carry away from home, Luc. 

avaoxra, %, fern, of &pa, a queen, lady, mistress, ad- 
dressed to goddesses, Od., Aesch. ; also to a mortal, 

Od., Trag. II. generally, like &ya iv, ftyavcra 

opyiay Ar. 
av-acrordTos, Dor. for &.yf)ffar]ros. 

avao-oreiaoTKov, Ion. impf. of aya<re(w. 

avacrcrw, impf. ^vacrcrov, Ep. tzvacrcrov ; f. a^a^w : Ep. aor. i 
&i/aa: to be lord, 'master, owner, to rule, in, a place, 
c. dat., "'Ap'yei, v^croicrt ay. ; or c. gen. to be lord of, 
rule over, Tevefioio, 'Apyetwy Horn. : also, ^e-r* &0avd~ 
roicri ay. to be first among the immortals, II. : Mod., 
rpls <w/aacr0cu yeyea ayfipSiv to haw been king for three 
generations, Od. : Pass, to be ruled, Ib. II. in 

Trag. metaph. of things, KCOTTTJJ hvciffcreLv, etc., Kur., 
cf. &vaj; IV : Pass., Trap 1 frrcp ffK^Trrpov ^yacrcr^raL by 
whom the sceptre is held as lord, Soph. 

av-ijurarw, Att. for cb/afcrcraj. 

avdcrra, for aydffrrjQi, aor. 2 imp. of (McrrTj^iu. 

ava<rTa8<Jv, Adv. (ct^fcrrTf/u) standing up, upright^ II. 

avdcTTacris, gen. <s, Ion. LOS, 17: I. act. ( ^((Tr^i) 
a raising up of the dead, Aesch. 2. a making men 
rise and leave their place, removal, as of suppliants, 
Thuc. ; o.v. rrjs Iwvfasr the removal of all the Greeks 
from Ionia, Hdt. :-~~an overthrow, destruction^ rtiin, 
Aesch., Eur. 3. a setting it p, restoration <> Ti%wM 
Dem. II. (a,vt<rra/jLai) a standing or rising up, 

in token of respect, Plat. 2. a rising and mowing 
off, removal, Thuc. 3. a rising up, 4% tfcrrj/ow 

Soph. 4. a rising again,, the Resurrection, N. T. 

avaonraTirjp and -Ttjs, 6 3 (^j/(<rrr;/At) /?, destroy cr, Acscli. 

avdoTTiaTosji ov, (&j/(<rra/x,ai) made to visa up and depart, 
driven from one's home, Hdt. 2. of cities and 
countries, ruined 9 laid ivastc, Id., Soph., etc. 

avacrraT<!>to, f. 5cra), (ay dcrr euros] to unsettle, it/wt, N.T* 

ava-crra-up^w, f. ciJcrco, to impale, Hdt.;- Pass,, 
Thuc. II. in the Rom. times, to affix ttt a cross, 

crucify, Plut. 2. to crucify ctfrc-shi N.T, 

ava-erTtpw, f. i|/w, strengthd. for orref^co, Anth. 

ava-crr^XXw, f. -crreXS), to raistt up : - Med. to gird up 
one's clothes, Eur., Ar. II, to kw*p back, rejntlse 

an attack, Eur., Thuc. : Pass, to retire, Thuc. 

ava-<TTv<x<>, f, fa, hyaffreyw, Hdt.; roi^S* &y*<r?4va>- 
fes ^%0(J5o7ra such hateful woi'ds didst thoit. gnni it forth, 
Soph. II, c. ace. pers. to gnnui for, lament, 

Aesch., Eur. 

ava-<rTvdxtw, f. <ra>, to groan aloud, II. 

ava-<jTva)(<> [a], c. ace. pers. to groaw aloud oi)er t be- 
moan, c. ace., II.; so in Med., Ib. 

ava-CTTcvw, only in pres. to groan aloud \ Aesch. 
like hvatfTeydxea, c. ace., Eur. 

>w, f . xpo), to crown, wreath , /cpara Eur. : 
Kapa I have my head wreathed \ ItL 
, f. %<a, to net up firmly, Anth. 

a,vaa-ToXij,t], (dfa(rT / XXw) a put ting A^,TT)J 

avacrTojJi<S<o, f. (bcrw, to furnish imkh a month) kv. 
to clear out a trench, Xen. : > ~~"Med, ) (j>d.pvyosf a^acr 
rb xeTXos open the lips viyour gullet wf<JV, Kur. 

ava-crTpt'4)to, poet. 4v-crTpl<|)W f. \|/w, to turn ///xv/W/r 
down, upset, II. , Eur,, etc.; <b>* Kapfti&v to ttfiwt the 
stomach, i, e. cause sickness, Thuc. : I^asK., tfpojf i^- 
ffrpa^yoy %v r$ for^<ri turned up by digging 1 , 
Hdt. II. to turn back, bring back, nyfa 1% ^AtSow 
Soph,; ^M" iv. K^wXy ^ ro// one's eye about, Kur,; ^^ 
ra//y soldiers, Xen. 2. intr. ^ jfwm A//:X\ rHuru, 
retire, Hdt., Att. III. Pass, to ta or dwelt In a 

place, Lat, vcrsari, ^XX-jjj/ youav fay, to jfo to a placo 
, Od. ; by. ^ v Apyt Kur/: to conduct 


oneself , us SecrTr^r^s Xen. 2. to revolve, of the sun, 
Id. 3. of soldiers, to face about, rally. Id. 

av-a<rrpoX<Jyr|Tos, ov, ignorant of astrology, Strab. 

avaanrpo<{y], T), (dya<rrpe<co) a t^lrning upside down, 
insetting, Eur. ; els avacrrpotyfyv 5i5o^at = avacrrpetyeiv, 
Id. 2. a turning back, return, Soph. : a wheeling 
about, of soldiers, whether to flee or rally, Xen. ; of a 
ship, Thuc. II. (from Pass.) a dwelling in a place, 
Plut. : a mode of life, conversation, N. T. 2. the 
place where one tarries, an abode, haunt, Aesch. 

dvacrTpa><|><xci>, only in pres., Frequentat. of avacrrp<t>e0 
(intr,), to keep tzirning about, Od. 

dva-orvpojxai [u], to pull up one's clothes, Hdt. ; pf . 
part. ava<fecrvpiMvos obscene, Theophr. 

ava-oxjxxXXto, f. <r<aAw, intr. to rise from a fall or 
illness, to recover, Babr. 

dva-<rx0iv, contr. -0av, poet. aor. 2 inf. of <Wx<w. 

ava-crx^v, -crx&*"0cu, aor. 2 inf. act. and med. of dve'x. 

otvaorx^oris, ea?s, TJ, (dvexoftcu) <z taking on oneself, en- 
durance, rcav Sen/a?*/ Plut. 

ava<rxT<5s > Ep. avcrxT<J$, <fy, (dWxo/xai) <? borne, 
suffer able, endurable, Theogn., Soph.,- mostly with 
negat., OVK a.vo"XGra, insufferable, Od. ; irrc&/*aT* OVK 
avaarx^rd Aesch. : OVK avuffxcrfo [^orrt], c. inf., Hdt., 

dva-crx<>> f- Wj to rip tip, rfyv yacrrepa Hdt. : to 
rend, Theocr. 

ava-cro&ta), f. era?, to recover what is lost, rescue, Soph. : 
Med., avaff^CfffBal riva <$>6$ov to recover one from fear, 
Id. : Med. in proper sense, dv. rfyv apxfo t recover 
the government for oneself, Hdt. : Pass, to ret^irn 
safe, of exiles, Xen. 2. in Med. also to preserve in 
mind, remember, Hdt. 

ava-TapaCT-o-tt, Att. ~TT, f. fco, to disturb greatly, 
rouse to frenzy, confound, Soph., Plat. : Pass., cb/a- 
rerapay^eVoy in disorder, Xen. 

dvaTf at, pf. pass, of dj/aTp<a>. 

avdrcL, v. avarl, 

ava-reCvo), poet. av-Tiv<*>, f . -revw, to stretch ^t,p, hold 
up, x W a >v - to lift U P t ne hand in adjuration or in 
prayer, Pind. ,- or as token of ascent in voting, Xen. 2. 
to stretch forth, rfyv /Acc%cupajf bvarsrafJifvos with his 
sword stretched out, Id. ; oi>5v kvaTetvaffQcu <po$po'v 
to hold out no alarming threat, Dem. 3. to hold up 

' as a prize, Pind. 4. to lift up, exalt, Id. II. 

to stretch out, extend, e. g. a line of battle, Xen. ; 
dcrta cLi/aTsrafjL&os a spread eagle, Id. III. intr. to 
reach zip, Tre'SiAa Is y6i'v avareivovra Hdt. : to extend 
oii>t, ofipos cw. s T^IV Oiri]v Id. 

*** f* Att. -iu>, to rebuild, Xen. Hence 
-^S> <5, a rebuilding of the walls, Xen. 
w, poet. av-T^XXto : aor. i -eretXa : to make 
to rise up or to groin up, II. :- Pass., <p\b dvareXXo- 
pern a flame mounting up, Pind. 2. to give birth to, 
bring to light, Id. : of events, Soph. II. intr. to 

rise, of the sun and moon, Hdt., Soph., etc. 2. of a 
river, to take its rise, Hdt. 3. to grow, of hair, Aesch. 

ava-rlp-vci), f.'-T/i, to cut open, Hdt., Luc. 

dvar [r], Adv. of tvaros, without harm, with im- 
punity, Trag. : also written dj/ar/. 

oLva-rCOTiiu, f. ~0^<ra>, lay upon (as a burden), II., 
Ar. 2. to r^fer, attribute, ascribe a thing to a per- 

son, Hdt., etc. ', 011 ycip &y of trvpaja-i^a dj/eSeo'av TTOI^- 
a'ao~6ai would not have attributed to him the erection of 
the pyramid, Id.; e/tai avaQJiffGr* will give me A<? credit 
of it, Thuc. : also, dv. riyl vpay^ara to lay them 2t^<w 
him, entrust them to him, Ar., Thuc. II. to s<? 

<Z5 ^z votive gift, dedicate, ri nvi Hes.^ Hdt., etc. ; 
hence /^<? votive gift itself was dvafl^a : Pass., aor. i 
inf. drare^j/cu Ar. ; but dra/cet/xcu is more freq. as the 
Pass. 2. metaph., ay. rt Xiipa, to commit a song to 
the lyre, Pind. 3. to set up and leave in a place, 

Ar. XII. to put back, remove, Trpoffdeicfa KavaBetcra 
TOV j Kardavftv by adding or putting off somewhat of 
the necessity of death, Soph. 

B. Med. to put upon for oneself, rd enceu?] M rd 
virofvyia, Xen. 2. to impart something of one's 

own, ri ru/i N. T. II. to place differently, change 
about, Orac. ap. Hdt., Plat. 2. metaph. to retract 
one's opinion, Xen. 

dva-Tijidoj, f. 'ficra, to raise in price, Hdt. 

ava-Tivdcrorw, f. a>, to shake up and down, brandish, 
Eur. ; of the wind shaking about a sail, Id. 

dva-TXtjvat, inf. of a.V'4r\riv, part. ava,TX&$, aor. 2 with 
no pres. in use : f. dj/arA^cro/^cu : to bear up against, 
enditre, Od., Att. ; (pdpfjutK dyerATj resisted the strength 
of the magic drink, Od. 

dvaToXij, poet. avroXi], (dj/areXAw) a rising, rise, of 
the sun, often in pL, Od. ; of the stars, Aesch. 2. 
the quarter of sunrise, East, Lat. Oriens, Hdt. 

dva-ToXpLao), f. ^(T<w, to regain courage, Plut. 

av-aros, ov, (^TT?) unharmed, Aesch. ; c. gen., KaK&v 
&yaros harmed by no ills, Soph. 

dvaTpiTTov, verb. Adj., one must overthrow, Luc. ', and 

dvaTpermiciSs, 77, <fv, Izi^Zy to $* a thing, c. gen., 
Plat. From 

dva-Tpiirw, poet. av-Tprrco, f . -rpefyci) : pf. -rerpo^a : 
aor. 2 med. averpaTrero in pass, sense : to turn up or 
over, overturn, upset, Archil., etc. : Pass., d^erpaTrero 
far LOS erretrej/, II. ; of ships, Plat., etc. 2. to over- 
throw, Lat. evert ere, Hdt., Att. 3. to jte0 in argu- 
ment, refute, Ar. : Pass, to fo w#*, disheartened, 
dvT/?ci7reTO <{>p4va Ar^Trfls Theocr. II. &? 5/fr /./>, 

awaken, Soph. 

cLva-Tpec^co, f. -Bpfyu, to feed up; nurse ^tp ) educate, 
Aesch,, Ar., Xen. 

ava-Tpx w i f -0pe0^ai and -5pa/iov/xat, to rww back, 
II. 2. c. ace. to retrace, Lat. repetere, Pind. H. 
to jump up and run, start up, of men, Hdt., 
Thuc. 2. of things, fytctyaXos d^eSpa/xe l WTCIAT^ 
the brains spurted up from the wound, II. ; cr/^Sryycs 
wedpajmov weals started up under the blow, Ib. _ 3. 
to run up, shoot up, of plants, Ib. j then of cities and 
peoples, to shoot up, rise quickly, Hdt. 4. d^5e- 

5po/x TTcrpTj the rock r<m -sAtftfr w^, Od. 

avaTp-qari-s, ecos, f), (di/a, rerpatvtoj a trepanning, Plut. 

ava-TpCpw [*], f. ^w, to rub well, rub clean, K.VVO.S 
Xen. 2. Pass, to be worn away, Hdt. 

avarpoirij, 77, (d^arpeVw) an- upsetting, overthrow* 
Aesch., Plat. 

ava-TvXCo-crw, Att. -TTw,.f . ca, to unroll, )8ij8Aia Luc. 

ava-Tvir<$o>, f. ^<ra>, to impress again, Luc. 

ava-Tuppat<o, f. <ra>, to stir up, confound, Ar. 
oy, (ai7^) rayless, sunless, Aesch. 


av-.-u8t)Tos, Dor. -cLros, ov, (auS<) not to be spoken, 

unutterable, ineffable, Lat. infandus, Aesch. , Eur. 2 . 
unspoken, impossible, Soph. II. speechless, Id. 

av-a-vSos, OK, (afr?^) speechless, silent, Od., Aesch., 
etc. 2. preventing speech, silencing, Aesch. II. 
like cWi^Tos', unutterable. Soph. 

ioLv-avXos, oj/, without the flute, i.e. Joyless, melancholy, 
Eur. : neut. pi. &mvAa as Adv., Babr, II. un- 

skilled in flute-playing, Luc, 

"Avavpos, <5, a river in Thessaly, Hes. It. as 

appellat. ^vovpos, &, a torrent, Mosch. 

a-vavs, gen, #>dos, 6, ^, without ships, vaes &vaS ships 
A# are ships no more, Aesch, 

av-av<i>j, Ep. aor. I av-aOtra, (atfw) r# cry aloud, Theocr. 

ava-^aivaj, poet, afx-^aivw : f, -<^>a^5, but -$&& in 
Eur, : aor. i avetyyva. or -fy&va, : to wa&<? to give 
light f make to blase ii-p, |v\a Od. 2. to "bring to 
light, shew forth, display, Horn., Att.; av. /ieAeW 
vfyovs Ar. 3. #o proclaim, declare, )8a<nAea &p. TIJWC 
Find. ; av. tr^Atj/ r<? proclaim it victor in the games, 
Id. : c. inf., avafyavSt <re r6$ oyo^afeiv 1 proclaim 
that they call thee by this name, i. e. order that thou 
be so named, Eur. 4. of thing's, to appoint, vdpovs 
Ar. 5. avatpcivajfrfs r^v K^npov having opened, 

come in sight of, Cyprus, N.T. II. Pass., with 

f . med. a,va<f>avricro/u,at or -fya.vov}jt.a.i : pf., 
or in med. form -Trtfyijva,: to be shewn forth, come to 
light or into sight, appear plainly, Horn., etc. 2. 
to reappear, Hdt. 3. aj/a^xmjj'ai ]u.ovvapxo$ to be 
declared king*, Id. ; o,va.<pcdvf(f6a,i ffff<affi^vos to be 
plainly in safety, Xen, 

ava-cj>a\avTias, OD, 6, (fydXav&os) bald in front, Luc. 

ava4>avSd, Adv. (aj/a^afyojuat) visibly, openly, Od. 

ava4av56v, Adv.^foreg., II., Hdt., etc. 

dva-^epu, poet. ajA-^pw ! r * w-otw ' a O r - * ^v-^y^Ka, 
Ion. ar^ci/co, also &/<pcra : I. to bring or j5*ry ^, 
Od., etc. ; av. Ty^ fh ^OKv^irov Xen. : to carry up 
the country, esp. into Central Asia, Hdt. : Med. to 
carry up to a place of safety, take 'with one, Id. 2. 
to bring up, pour forth, tears, Aesch. : Med., bvevsi- 
Kcurfat, absol. to fetch up a deep-drawn breath, heave 
a deep sigh, II., Hdt. : c. ace. rei, to utter, avwelicaro 
ipCDj/dp, nvQov Theocr. 3. to uphold, take upon one, 
&X0os Aesch. j KwStvovs Thuc. 4. to offer, contribute, 
els ri KQIVQV Dem. : to offer in sacrifice, N.T. 5. 
intr. to lead -up, of a road, Xen. II. to bring or 

carry back, Eur., etc. ; &v. TOIF K&iras to recover the 
oars, at the end of the stroke, Thuc. 2. to bring 
back tidings, report, Hdt., etc. 3. to bring back 
from exile, Thuc, 4. to carry back, trace np one's 
family to an ancestor, Plat. 5. to refer a matter to 
another, Hdt., etc. : to ascribe, Eur., etc. : without 
ace., kv. fs rwa, to appeal to another, make reference 
to him, Hdt., Plat, : of things, av. elk n to have refer- 
ence to a thing-, Plat* 6. to bring back, restore, 
recover, Thuc. : Pass, to recover oneself, come to one" 
self, Hdt. : so also intr. in Act, to come to oneself, 
recover, Id., etc. 7. to return, yield, as revenue, 
Xen. 8. to recall a likeness, Plut. 

ava-4>Tjyw, f . -<t5f0yUcu, to flee up, Xen. 2. to escape, 
Id. 3. of a report, to disappear gradually , Plut. 

av-a<f>Vjs, 5-, (a<j(>^) not to be touched, impalpable, Plat. 

ava-4>6Y"Yr uu ^ -i-o^M, Dep. to call otit aloud, Plut. 
ava-4)6Lpo}JLau, aor. 2 ~e<jt>0ap7jj/ [a], Pass, to be undone, 

Kara. r( Sevo* ave^Bdp-rjs ; by what ill luck came you 

hither? Ar. 

. -avw, to inflame and swell up, Plut. 
w, to light up, rekindle, Kur. : mctaph., Av. 

epwra Plut. : Pass, to beinflamed, excited, Anth. Hence 
av<x<(>XitSi <ws, ^, a> lighting up, Plut. 
aya-4>XoYi&6>> == a^a^Aeyw, Anth. 
ava-<j>X-uw, only in impf. to bubble or boil up, II. 
iva-<j>op^w, f. V^j to frighten away, Ar. 
ava<J>opa, as, ^, (aj/a<j!>epto) a carrying back, reference, 

Theophr., Plut. 2. recourse to another [in difficulty], 

Dem. 3, & means of repairing a fault or loss, a 

means of recovery, Eur., Plut. 
ava-4>ope<o, Frequent, of ava^'pcw I, Hdt., Thuc. 
ava<f)0poy, W, # ^<?/<? or jyo^ for carrying" thing's, Ar. 
ava-4>p<, Ep. aor. i f<pptt l <r crafty v 3 Med. to be ware 

of a thing 1 , perceive, Od. 
av-a4p<SSiT0s, ov, ("A^poSrn?) 'without the favour of 

Venus, Plut., Luc. 2. Lat, invenustus, without 

charms, Plut. 

ava-<j>povew,, f . "f{cf<t} f to coine back to one's senses, Xen. 
ava-f>poVT^<i>, f. Att, iw, c. inf., to meditate /tow to do 

a thing, Pind. 
ava4iuY7 ^, ( avafadya)) escape from a thing, c. gen., 

Aesch. II. a retreat, Plut. 

ava-<j>vpw [i], f. -~<^por&j ; jf<? 77ifjV ?<./>, confound . - Pass., 

^j/ ifavroL ai/aTrc^u/o/x^a Hdt. 2!. ^ defile, at/iarc 

bva'n'efpvpfj.GVQS Id. 
a,va-<j>vcraci, f. ^<r6?, /<? ^J/<?7^ w^ or forth, eject, of vol- 

canoes, Plat. II. metapbu in Pass. ^; k" puffed r up f 

ava-4>vort<i<0j Ep. part. ~$iHrd<av t to blow uptuctrds, of a 

dolphin, Hes. 
dva-tjjtjw, f. -^y<r<M [v], to produce again t to lei 

ir&yv>va. Theocr. II. Pass., with aor. 2 act. 

pf. *-TT(}>i>Ka, to grow up, Hdt., ebc. S. r^ 

again, of the hair, Id. 
ava-^covcw, f, ^crw, jfo cW aloud, declaim, Plut. 

to proclaim, Id. Hence 

ava4)u>vT]p.a, aroy, rd, a proclamation, Plut.; and 
avcKJbwvirjcris, <>y, ^7, ^fw outcry, ejaculation, Pint. 
ava-)(d^a), #<? make to recoil, force back, only 3 pi. poet. 

aor. i A^x aorora ^ Pind. II. Med. &vax-tofjuu, 

Ep. aor. i ayx<rcrcfyi7/j/ :&? rfr<77y /;:r/(-, retire , Horn. ; 

^Tri 7rJ5a &vax<{<r^at ^ retire slowly, of soldiers,, Xen, 

(who also uses Act. in same sense)* 

ava-xaCvw, v. &y %<(<<. 

ava-xaiTltwi . ^<> (x a ^) ^ a norsc, 3f<? ttr^w back the 
mane, rear up, Eur.; raetaph. of men, to become rr$tiw* t 
Plut. 2. c. ace. to rear up and throw the rider, 
Eur, : metaph. to upset, Id., Dem, 3. c. {fen., A^ 
rwy vpayjudrtay to shake off the yoke ^business, Plut. 

ava-xo-o-Kto, only in pres. and impf, the other tenses 
being formed from *&/a^a(i/w, jf. <~>x$.v<n}fA.OLi : aor. 2 (W* 
%&voj/ : pf . -jc^xftya : if<? o^<?n Me mouth, gape wrfe, 
Ar., Luc. 

ava-x&o, f. -x^S, to pour forth,, Pass, to get the first down (x^ 

avo.-xp "" w > f. ffta r to b^in a choral dancf, &v* 
Eur. 2. to celebrate in the chorus, BaK%io^ Id. 3. 


, Ar. 

OVK &v /x dvx<fyW 'EptytJcrt would not scare me away ' 

&y # band of Furies, Id. II. intr. fc> dance for 

joy, Id. 

dvdxvcris, eu>$, y, (dva%eo?) effusion : metaph. excess, 
N.T., f. &<}, to fuse again, Strab. 

dva-xwvvvjj., f . ~x<&o'(a, zf<? ^flj w/> z'wfo # mound, Anth. 

dva-xp<>, f. 7](ru>, to go back, Horn. : esp. to retire or 
withdraw from battle, Horn., Hdt., Att. 2. &? r<?- 
tirefrom a place, c. gen., Od. II. to come back or 
revert to the rightful owner, es rbv TrcuSa Hdt. III. 
to withdraw from the world, Ar., Plat. Hence 

dvaxwptjcris, es, Ion. LOS, f), a drawing back, retiring, 
retreating, Hdt., Thuc. II. a means or place of 

retreat, refuge, Thuc. ; and 

dvaxwpiQTov, verb. Adj. one mttst withdraw, retreat, 

dva-.x w P^ w > ^ ff<a ) to make to go back or retire, Xen. 

dva-ij/db), f . "fjcrca, to wipe up : Med. to wipe up for 
oneself, Plut. 

dva-\|/Y)4>ia>, f . Att. LW, to put to the vote again, Thuc. 

dva'vl/TJx'Hj y> & cooling, refreshing : relief, recovery, 
respite, Plat. : from a thing, c. gen., Eur. From 

dvet-i|/'ux <l) [y] 9 f. -x//u|a>, to cool, to revive by fresh air, 
to refresh, Horn., Eur. : Pass, to be revived, refreshed, 
II. 2. vows av. to let the ships rest and get dry, 
relieve them, Hdt., Xen. ; so, av. rbv tSp&ra to let it 
dry off, Plut. 3. metaph. c. gen., av. ir6v(}v TWO, to 
give him relief from toil, Eur. II. intr. in Act. 

to recover oneself, revive, Anth., Babr. 

dv-Saio>, poet, for ava-Saica. 

dvSdvco [a], impf. if)V$avov, Ep. e'fjvdavov, Ion. edvdavov : 
f . aS^cnw, pf . cLSyKa or ^dSa : aor. 2 e'a&ojf, Ep. stfafiov 
and &8ov [a] . (From Root AA, whence also f)$i>s, ytiovfi, 
&(Tfji.vos.} To please, delight, gratify, c. dat. pers., 
Horn., etc. : absol., edScfra jmvQov a pleasing speech, 
Id. II. avSdvei, Lat. placet, expressing opinion, 

otf fffyi tfvSave ravra Hdt.; c. inf., roicrt ^v Ia5e fioyOGeiv 
it was their pleasure to assist, Id. : impers., -ire vv 
TOL /a8ev ovrtas (sc. irotiv) Horn. 

av-8ep.a, dv-Sew, av-8ir)|JLa, poet, for avd-$jj.a f etc. 

ittv8K]pov, r6, a raised border, flower-bed, Theocr., 
Anth. : any raised bank, a dyke, Mosch. (Perh. akin 
to &v6o$,} 

dv-8i8<o}ju, poet, for &z/a$(8w/^i. 

, Adv. (a,vd, Sfya) Bunder, in twain, II. 

va brave deeds, Plut. 
avSpa-ydOTipia, arcs', r<$, a brave deed, Plut. ; and 
dvBpa-yoLOia, Ion, it], TI, (avfip, aya.Q6$) bravery 9 manly 

virtue, the character of a brave honest man, Hdt., Ar. 
dv8pcrya0io|J.ou, (avfjp, ayaBds) Dep. to act bravely, 

honestly, play the honest man, Thuc. 
dvSp-aYpta, cav, T&, (hvhp, &yp<%) the spoils of a slain 

enemy, II. 

dvSpaKols, Adv. (dy^p) man by man, = /car* avSpa,, Od. 
avSpairoStcrcri, Ep. dat. pi. of dj/Spc^TroSoj/. 
dvSpairoSt^ca, f . Att. f< : aor. I fjj/Spa7r<J5to"a ; Ion. f . 

med. dv5pa7ro5ii?/iai in pass, sense, Att. : aor. I pass. ^v5pa7roS(cr^v : pf . 

(cLvSpdirotiov) : to reduce to slavery, enslave, esp. to 

sell the free menoi a conquered place into slavery, Hdt., 


Thuc., etc. : Pass, to be sold into slavery, Hdt., Xen., 
etc. : the Med. was also used in act. sense, Hdt. Hence 
ySpa-TroSious, ecus, ^, = sq,, Xen. ; and 

dv8pa.7roSio-u.os, <5, a selling free men into slavery, en' 
slaving, Thuc., etc. ; and 

dvSpairoSicrnfe, ou, 6, a slave-dealer, kidnapper, Ar., 
Plat.; avSp. eavrov one who sells his own independence, 

av8pairo8o-Kci/rrir)Xo$, 6, a slave-dealer, Luc. 

avSpairoSov [Spa], r6, Ep. dat. pL wSpaTrfosffffi, one 
taken in war and sold as a slave, a captive, II., Hdt., 
Att. II. generally, a slave, a slavish low fellow, 

Plat., Xen. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

dv8pa7ro8-(o8i]s, e$, (eT5os) slavish, servile, abject, Plat., 

^Xen.^ Adv. -5ws, Plat. 

avSpdpLov, r6, Dim. of o-v^p, a -manikin, Ar. 

dv8p-ax0'is j 5, (avfip, ax^os) loading a man, as much 
as a man can carry, Od. 

avSpeta, Ion. -iritirj, y, (avdpla is a doubtful form), man** 
liness, manhood, manly spirit, Lat. virtus, Trag., etc. 

dvSp-LKeXov, r6, (av^p, ef/ceAos) an image of a man, 
Plat. II. a flesh-coloured pigment, Id. 

avSp-eticcXos, ov, (aj/ljp, efaeXos) like a man, Plut. 

avSpetos, a, ov, Ion. -ijVos, "n, ov, Comp. and Sup. cb>- 
5pt drepos, -draros, even in Hdt. : (ctvfjp') : of or for a 
man, Aesch., etc. ', for av\ol wfipeLOt, v. auA^s-. II. 
manly, masculine, Hdt., Att.; in bad sense, stubborn, 
Luc. : neut. rb fofipGLOv, by crasis ravo'pe'iov, = cb/- 
5pe(a, Eur., Thuc. 2. of things, strong, vigorous, 
Ar. III. av8pia, rd, the public meals of the 

Cretans, also the older name for the Spartan ^eiSirta y 
Alcinan, Plut. 
vSpeioTTjs, VJTOS, v), = avSpefa, Xen. 

av8pi-<j>ovTirj$, ov, 6, (avfap, *<pGisu) man-slaying, II. 

avSpeioiv, 6, poet, for avSpc&v, avSpcav. 

avSpeo-cri., Ep. dat. pi. of avfip. 

otv8pv|jivos, if], ov, Ion. for an/SpQiS/xeyos, part. pass, of 

avSpecov, av8pT|ti], avSp-]jl*os, Ion. for avSpdy, avSpeia* 

. -f)crca, to banish from house and home y 
Aesch., Soph. From 

av8p-T]XaTt|s [a], ov, 6, (av/ip, ^Aaww) he that drives 
one from home, the avenger of blood, Aesch. 

, o, Dim. of kvtipids, a puppet, Plut. 
oj, . ^o*<u, to make statues, Xen. j and 
av8pLavroiroita, f), the sculptor's art, statuary, Plat.* 

Xen. From 
dv8ptavTO-TTOL<$s, ov, 6, (ai/Spias, Troiew) a statue-maker, 

statuary, sculptor, Pind., Plat. 
dvSpias, 6, gen. dvros, (a^p) the image of a man, a 

statue, Hdt., Att. 
av8pt<o,f .(crw, (ay^p) to make a man of: Pass, or Med. to 

come to manhood, behave like a man, play the man, Plat. 
dvSpLKos, "fj, 6v, (a^p) of or for a man, masculine, 

manly, Lat. virilis, Plat.; a*/5p. fopofo the sweat of 

manly toil, Ar.: Adv. -KOJST, likeaman, Comp.-^repov, 

Sup. -cSrara, Id. II. composed of men, %op6s Xen. 
dvSpiov, r6, Dim. of ai/^p, a manikin, Ar., Theocr. 
avSpta-T^ov, verb. Adj. of &?Spfbjuat, one must play the- 

man, Plat. 



avSpwrrC [I], Adv. (cadip) like a man, like men, Ar., 
Theocn. . 

av8po-pJpos,ov,(a^p 3i-#p<cTKw) man-devouring ykmh. 

av8p<S~|3ovXos, ov, (av^jp, jSouA.^) of manly counsel, man- 
minded, Aesch. 

avSpo-pp9, airos, 6% ^, (arfip, fappdfficv) -man-eating, 

a.vSpo-Y<vos, oy, : av4?p, yl-' begetting males, Hes. 
av8p<5-Yvvos, <5, (a^P* 7^) a man-woman, hermaphro- 

dite, Plat. 2. a womanish man, effeminate person, 

Hdt. II. as Adj. common to men and women, 

* Anth. 

^vSpo-SdtKTOs, QV, (otJ%, &af< man-slaying, Aesch. 
avSpo-Sa^as [a], ayros, 6, y, (av^jp, &<tyta<co) w- 

taming, Find. 

av8po-6ea, ?), &<? man-goddess, \, e. Athena, Anth. 
CLvSp<6cv > Adv. (a*^p) /row a man or wiew, Anth. 
civ8po-6vris, TJTOS, 6", ^, (,Wp> Qvfi<ricw) murderous, Aesch, 
&v8po-Kp,-rjs, TJTOS, 5, ^, (aH)/>, Kcfyu/w) man-wearying, 

Aesch. : manslaying, Id. 

evSpcS-KfniTos, o^, (R&(w<d) wrought by men's hands, II. 
Lv8po-KTa<rCa, ^ 3 (a*^p, rW) slaughter of men in 

battle, II., Aesch. 

AvSpoKTovlw, S/&J/ MiW, Aesch. From 
Lv8po-KT<!>vos, ov, (o,vf\p> Kreficw) man-slaying, mur- 

dering, Hdt,, Eur. 

dvSp-oXtTtpa, 77, < v a^p, oAAu/u) a murderess, Aesch. 
avSpoX^ia, ?h and -X^xfnov, W, (*^p, Aa^*w) 

seizure of men g-uilty o murdering a citizen abroad, 

Lex. ap. Dem. 

men, Anth. ; fern. cU'Spo/Aclx*) Id. 
av8pou,os, a, ov, (avtip) of man or wen, human, Kpea 

Horn. ; ty(ap.ol aj'Sip. goblets of man's flesh, Od. 
avSpo-tvqKYis, e$, (o,vf)p, fJt-wos) of a man's height, Xen. 
avSpoWats, caSos, <5, (oV^p) a. man-boy, i. e. a youth 

near manhood, Aesch. 
ev8po-irXq0ia, ^, (<5w^p, 7rA?|0os) multitude of men, 

eLv8p^-rtvis, i5os, 6, ^, (fcvfjp, ortj/o/iat) hurtful to tnen> 


ovSpO"Or<|>oLYiov, T<^, (awfip, cr<pcx.fa) t slaught&7'~hou>$6 
.of men, Aesch. 
av8p<5-cr<jiYJ tyyos, 4, (a^p) ^ man-sphinx, sphinx 

with the bust of a man, not (as usually) of a woman, Hdt. 

S, IJTOST, ^, = foSpfia. : cf . aSpor'fjs, 
O"T^y^fi^, y, (aj^p, Tvyx '*' lJ ) ^ttln^ & husbctndf 
p. |3 fores wedded life, Aesch. 
av8po<|>aY^ci>, f. ^tfw, ifo ^iJ men, Hdt. From 
av8po-<j>aY$ oy, (<f>o,y<itv) eating men, Od., Hdt. 
av8po-<j>0opos> ov,(<f>6tip<o) man-destroy ing i murderous, 

Soph. II. proparox., &v$p6<(>QopQv aljua the blood 

of a slain man. Id. 

avSf>o<{>ovia, ^, slaughter of -men, Arist., Plut. From 
av8po-<f><5vos, QV, (avijp, *<|>6j(/w) man"Slaying', II. 2. of 
. women, murdering husbands , Pind. II. as law-term, 

<? convicted of manslaughter, a. homicide, Plat., Dem. 

dv&po'to, f. cio"6j, (3i^p) zf<? rear up into manhood } Anth, : 
Pass, ft? become a man, reach manhood, Hdt., 
Eur. II. in Pass, also of a woman, to be of 

marriageable age, Eur. 

av8p-<68i]S, es, (tofy, elSos) /z^ a man, manly t Isocr. 

Adv., -8&$, Sup. -Secrrara, Xen. 
avSpoSv, taws, &, (av^p) //ze 1 men's apartment in a house, 

jf/i<? banqueting hall, etc., Hdt,, Aesch., etc. ; Ion. 

av8pwv, Hdt.; Ep. -uSv, Anth. : also ovSpwvlTis, 

iSos, ^, Xen., poet, for ai/a-Svo/xat. 
av-8oo-LV, poet, for avao'dxreij', fut. inf. of iya-Stew/u. 

v-^P^v aor. 2 of aj/aj8aivoj. 

v-^paxc (*/3pdxw) 3 sing. aor. 2, with no pros, in 

use, clashed or rwn^ loudly, of armour, II. ; creaked 

or grated loudly, of a door, Od. 

v-^poxra, Ion. for <fo'ej3<fycra, aor. I of foafioda. 

v-^YYxios, oy, (^TX^Tl) "^^ accredited, Plat* ; o a 

woman, unweddcd, Plut. 

v-eyeipo), f . pw, ^o -au^c up, rouse, <? iJTri/ov, ^K Ac- 

Xcur Horn. : Pass., Eur., Xen. 2. metaph. / watk? 

up, raise, Pind. 3. metaph. also to roitsr, en- 

courage, Od. II. of buildings, to raise, Auth. 

LV-CY^PP-WV, ov, (ajf^yetpca) wakeful, Anth. 

x-^yKX^TOS, or, (<?y/caAeV) ?/?^ accused, without re- 

proach, void of offence, Xen.,, etc. : Adv. -ry, Dem. 
, aor, i pass, of 

av->Qtyp.Qa, Ep. aor. 2 of 

av-eSetia, aor. i of &.va$*iKV\>}j.i. 

av^Stjv, Adv. (JwiiipL) let loose, freely, without restraint, 
Plat., Dem. : remissly, carelessly, Soph. II. 

without more ado, absolutely, Plat. 

av-4Spa|xov, aor. 2 of ajsarp^xw. 

av-^pY w inipf. ^tv^pY ov > ld KI> forms of ^F-e(p7(>, 

dv-^Tjcra, aor. I of &*>afa. 

dv-0XtjTos, ov,(^^Aw) unwished for, uiiwlcwnc, Hell. 

ttv-40t|KOL, 6,v-^0Tjv, aor. i and 2 of Ayar^/w. 

av-cdrjv, aor. 2 opt. of &c%a. 

av-iXe0wta 9 ^, without the aid of Eilcithyia, Eur. 

av-iX4(, f. 'fjffca, to roll up together:}?^, to crowd 
or throng together, Thuc. 

av-eCX-]<|)a, -eCXififXfial, pf. act. and pass, of hva-Xapfiavw, 

av-i.X(rorw, poet, for bv-eXlffffw. 

av-clXov, aor. 2 of 0V-atp!a>. 

av-c(Xca, = ^vtA^cu : Pass, to shrink up or back, Plat. 

av-Lp,vos, )?, ov, part. pf. pass, of &n/-f^/u, used as Adj. 
let go free, released from, labour, of animals dedicated 
to the gods, Soph. : metaph., kv. %$ ri dwotcd to a 
thing*, licit. II. remiss, alack, nnconstrttinctJ,, 

Thuc. j <:V T favGi^vq) rys yv&jj*t)$ when their minds 
are itnstrung, Id. : Adv. &v<-ifj.6vws ) at ett$v f care- 
lessly, 'without restraint, Thuc., Xen. 

av-Ljju, (?/xi t'3a) in Att. serving as f. U> MpxojAtu, 
impf. bv-tfewj Ep. and Ion. iv^i'oV : /o ^ />, Horn., 
etc. ; ^/x" ^eAiy fat-fort at $un^/w, 11. 2, /*; ,wi7 i//, 
i. e, out to sea, Od. 3. to go up inlattd, csp. into 
Central Asia, Plat. II. to approach, e.sp, as a up- 
pliant, II. III. to go back, go home, return, Od., 
Hdt,, etc. 

av-L|ia>v, ov, (eT/xa) without clothing f unclad, Od, 

Av-ei/irciv, aor. a with no pres, in use, <b/70p$&3 being 
used instead : aor. i pass. Avapp^^F (as* if from *1amp* 
peu) : to say aloud, announce, proclaim, Pind., Xen, *. 
c. ace. et inf. to make proclamation that . . , Ar.> 
Thuc. ; -in the Athen. asseinblies, A^?T^ 4 /c^pw^ Thuc> 


etc. : Pass, to be proclaimed, ayappijfleVros- rou <rre4>c- 

vov when the crown was proclaimed, Dem. II. to 

call upon, invoke, Plut. 
d,y-ipY<i> Ep. impf. cWepyov : to /&^ back, restrain, 

Horn,, Xen. 

dy-ipo(, Ep. for av-epo^ai. 
av-cipTJo), poet, and Ion. for ai/-6pt5co. 
dy-cipa>, aor. i avipct, to fasten on or to, to string, 

Hdt. ; av . <rT<f>dvovs to twine or wreathe them, Ar. 
OLV-<ELS, aor. 2 part, of av-ini/M. 
dy-curoSos, ov, without entrance or access, Plut. 
dy-cur4opia, 7), exemption from the iV(J>opa, Plut. From 
dy-icr<j>opos, ov, exempt from the elcrtyopd, Plut. 
avcKaOev, (aj/e/cas) Adv. of Place, />w. above, Hdt., 

Aesch. II. of Time, from the first, by origin, 

Hdt. ; so with Art., TO aveKaQev Id. 
av-CKa;> Adv. upwards, Lat. sursum, Pind., Att. 
dy-eicBaTos, ov, (&/3af?a>) without outlet, Thuc. 
dv-eicSiijYT 1 " ?? ov, (^/cJJiT^eo/Acu) ineffable, N. T. 
ay-K8oTos, ov, not given in marriage, Dem., etc. 
dv-i<Spop,os, ov, inevitable, Anth. 
ay-KXaXifjTos, ov, (&cAaAe) unspeakable, N.T. 
dy-KXi6t|y p],-4KXiva, aor. i pass, and act. of\iv(. 
dv-Kiri|XTrXtjjAi, f. eKirX.'fjo-ta, to fill up or again, Xen. 
dv-CKirXiriicTOS, ov, (^/cTrA^crcrw) undaunted, intrepid, 

Plat. : TO av4K.Tr\i)K.rov intrepidity, Xen. 

aycKT^os, ov, verb. Adj. of avexopat, to be borne, Soph. 
dvcKTos, ov, verb. Adj. of &, bear able, suffer able, 
tolerable, mostly with a negat., II., Att. 2. without a 
negat. that can be endured, Od., Thuc. II. Adv. -TQJS, 
Horn. , ou/c aj/e/crws %ei it is not to be borne, Xen. 
d-y-^XeYKTos, <?^, (\7x aj ) w0 ^ cross-questioned, safe 
from being questioned, Thuc. : ttnconvicted, Id. 2. 
w0 refuted, irrefiitdble , Plat. : Adv. -TWS-, without 
refutation, Plut. 

dv-cXeiy, -eX^crOai, aor, 2 inf. act. and med. of favcupcca. 
, f . 7|w, to convince or convict utterly, Eur. 
v, oy, oj/os, merciless, without mercy, N. T. 
o^, itnmerciful, N. T. 
dveXeu0pta, 17, illiberality, Plat. From 

Arist. 2. illiberal, servile, Plat., etc. 3. in 

money matters, niggardly, stingy, Ar. II. Adv. 

-po?y, meanly, Xen. 

dv-cX-i<(>6T(|v, aor. I pass, of aj/a-Aaft/3aj'w. 

dveXtYH-^r aToy, r6, anything rolled up, a ringlet, 
Anth. ; and 

dv^Xt|is, ecos, 7), an unfolding, Plut. From 

dy-cXcr<r<o, Att. ~TTW, f. |w, Ep. and Ion. cc^-etA-: to 
unroll a book written on a roll, i. e. to unfold, read, 
interpret, Xen. ; &y. /3(ov to pass one's whole life, 
Plut. 2. to cause to move backward, 7r<faEur. II. 
to cause to revolve .--Pass, to revolve, move glibly, Ar. 

dy-4XKO>, f . Att. -cAK^to, aor. I -efAKi'O'a : pf . pass. -elA- 
KVfffjLai, Ion. -^A/cvor/uai : to dVaw MJ^, raAaj/ra &v4\Kt 
holds them w^ (in weighing), II. ; dvcA/cutfai i/aus to /mwZ 
them MTphigh and dry > Hdt., Thuc. 2. to drag up, 
drag into open court or into the 'witness-box, Ar. : 
Med,, &v\Kf<r$ai rptyas to tear one's own hair, II. II. 
todraw a bow, in act to shoot, Horn. ; Med., $yx os ^^ ^- 
KOHSVQS drawing back his spear [out of the corpse], Od. 


) i$o$, 6, y, without hope, hopeless, Eur. 
roSj ov, (^Airt^w) unhoped for, unlooked for, 
,, etc. ; TO avf\7riffTov TOV fiefiaiov the hopelessness 
of security, Thuc. II. act., 1, of persons, 

having no hope, hopeless, Theocr. ; c. inf. having no 
hope or not expecting that . . , Thuc. 2. of things 
or conditions, leaving no hope, hopeless, desperate, 
Soph., Thuc. ; T)) ave\iricrTov despair, Thuc. : Comp. 
-OTpos more desperate. Id. 

av-p,(3aTos, ov, (e/xjSaiveo) inaccessible, Babr., Plut. 2. 
act. not going to or visiting, Anth. 

a-vp,crif)TOS, ov, free from blame, without offence, 

-vcjjttjTOS, ov, (j/e'ju.<) not distributed, Dem. 2. act. 
having no share, Plut. 

ay|uojjiai, (^/uoy) Pass, to be driven with the wind, 

aor. i pass, 

av[j.o-8po(Aog, ov, running voith the wind, Luc. 

avep,<Sis, Dor. for Tjve^eis^ 

avejAos [a], o, (Root AN, cf. &7/u) mind, Horn., etc. ; 
avffjLOv K<x,Ti6vTOS a squall having come on, Thuc. ; &/. 
KO.T& fiopeav kffrviKds the wind being settled in the 
north, Id. j avf/JLOiS <j>4p<r6a,i irapaSovval TI to cast a 
thing to the winds, Lat. ventis trader e, Eur. : Horn. 
and Hes. mention only four winds, Boreas, Eurus, 
Notus (or Argestes), Zephyrusj Arist. gives twelve, 
which served as points of the compass. 

cvcjj.o-ericc'TrTJs, 4s, (cnteirri) sheltering from the 'wind, IL 

avfi.o-<r4>apaYos, ov, echoing to the wind, Pind. 

avcp.o-rpcj)7]9, 4s, (rp<pt*)) fed by the 'mind, of a wave, 
II, ; 7X* di/6/t. a spear/row a tree reared, by the wind, 
i. e. made ^igh by battling 'with the wind, Ib. 

av[xd>oi>, f. &(r<a, (&V}JLOS) to expose to the ^ind : Pass., 
of the- sea, to be raised by the wind, Anth. 

av-ejx.irXirjKTos, ov, intrepid : in Adv. ~T<as, Plut. 

av-jxTr48nrTOSji ov, (e^xoiSffco) unembarrassed, Arist. 

ayefA-ajK^s, *s, (UK^S) swift as the wind, Eur., Ar. 

dvt|J.u)Xuos, ov, (&VZJJ.QS) -windy : metaph., cti/e^ucijAta @d- 
feiv to talk words of wind, Horn. ; 01 5 3 a5r' avefA&Kioi 
are like the winds, \. e. good for naught, II. -, r/ vv 
T<fojf %x LS foty&faw ; why bear thy bow in vain? 
Ib. ," av<e/ji6\ios empty fool ! Anth. 

7), (fa^oi) the <wind~flo<wer, anemone, Bion. 

j es, in want of naught, Anth. 

Os, ov, (^j/$e%o/tt) impossible, N.T. 

av-evSoCacrros, ov, (tv8oidC<a) indubitable, Luc. 

a.v-Viica, ~veticd(jLtjv, ~ve(x^ T l v > I n " aor - x act *' med. 
and pass, of &va~<j>pfio. 

av-evijvoOe, v. HvftvoOe. 

ttv-e^ftXeitrTos, oy 3 (l|a\^) indelible, Isocr., Plut. 

av-cicXcYicTos, oy, (|\e7x w ) unquestioned, impossible 
to be questioned or refuted, of statements or argu- 
ments, Thuc. ; av. l% t T ^ avSpeToi/ leaves their courage 
'without proof, Id. 2. of persons, not to be con- 
victed, irreproachable, Xen., etc. 

av-eiep-yao-TOS, ov> (ip7a{b/xcu) unfinished, Luc. 

av-|ra<rros, ov, (lcTafa>) wost inquired into or *?#- 
amined, Dem, II. uninquiring, Plat. 

&y.ce'Upro$, oy, (^up07c) wi>^ to be found out, Thuc, 

avcjLicaicos, oy, (tofyofuu, K&KOV) enduring evil, for- 
bearing, long-suffering, N.T., Luc. 

F 2 

68 ' ave 

dv-|txvia.crTOs, ov, (^K, fyviov) not to be traced, un- 
searchable, inscrutable) N.T. 

dv-J-oSos, ov, with no outlet, allowing no return, Lat 
irremeabilis, Theocr. 

avcoj. or dveoi, v. faveas. 

dv-^opTos> OV) (soprfy without festival, c. gen., av. fcpab 
without share in festal rites, Eur. 

dv-eiraio-OTjTOs, ov, (tiratcrOdvo/Mai) unperceived, imper- 
ceptible, Plut., Luc. 

dv-CTratcrxwTos, ov, (7rai<r%iyp'o/Aat) having no cause 

for shame, N.T. 

dv-iraX.To, 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 pass, of avair<L\\ca. 

dv-eira<j>o$, ov, (^-ira^) %mtouched, a,v. itap4~%* LV Tt y # w 
integram praestare, Dern. 

dv-ira<|>p<$>8ZTO$, ov, = ava<pp6$LTO$, Xen. 

dv-eirax0il5 *s, not burdensome, without offence, Plut., 
Luc. : Adv. -Bcas, Thuc. 

dv-7ripo"u\ > UTos, ov, (^iriftovXeiboi) without plots, TO 
cb>67rij8ot5\ei>TOj/ z%<? absence of intrigue, Thuc. 

dv-iri-Yptt<J>as, ov, (eVtypa^co) without title or inscrip- 
tion : metaph. without noticeable features, Luc. 

dv-cmSiKos, ov, (<brf, O^/CTJ) not disputed by legal pro- 
cess, Ttndisputed, Dem. 

dvc-rruiiceia, 7), ttnfairness, unkindness, Dem. From 
:i]S, s, unreasonable, unfair, Thuc. 

ov, (^TriKaXecy) unaccused, unblatned, 
Xen. II. without preferring any charge : Adv. 

-rcas, Thuc. 

dv~irtXir|7rTos, ov, not open to attack, not censztred, 
blameless, Eur., Thuc. : Adv. -rus, Xen. 

dv-trfyuKTQ, ov, (&irti*.tywfjLi) not mixing with others, 
unsocial, Plut. 

dv-7rC|crTos. ov, Uirt. t(a) not polished or finished, 

Hes S 

dv-eiriTrXeiCTOS, ov, (^ir(, 7rXea>) without connexion 'with 

others, isolated, Strab. 

dv-irCppKTos, ov, (<j-7n0pef) not dedicated. 

dv-irCcncirros, ov, (&riaW7rrojucu) inattentive, incon- 
siderate : Adv. -rcas, Hdt. II. pass, not examined, 
unregarded, Xen. 

dveTrnTTTjfioo-uviri, %, want of knowledge, ignorance, 
unskilf ulness, Thuc. From 

av-eiricTTTJjjLwv, ov, gen. ovos, not knowing, ignorant, 
unskilful, Hdt., Thuc. ; VQOJS avvn-ia'T'fjiu.oves ships with 
unskilful crews, Thuc. ; c. gen. rei, unskilled in a 
thing, Plat.j c. inf. not knowing how to do a thing, 
Xen. II. without knowledge, unintelligent : 

Comp. &VTtcrT7)/Aoi/e<rr0os less intelligent, Hdt. 
, ov, subject to no control, Thuc. 
S, ov, Ion. -in,Tij8o$, 77, ov, unservice- 
able,unfit, Xen., Plat,, etc. : mischiev tms, prejudicial, 
hurtful, Hdt., Thuc. 2. unkind, unfriendly, 

Thuc., Xen. 

dv-enriTijScvros, ov, (l-rrmySeita) made without care or 
design, simple, artless, Luc. II. unpractised, 

untried, Plut. 
dv-7rtrip.ifjTos [rt], ov, (<?7riTi/xc&>) 7*0zf to be censured, 

jivosfor a thing, Dem. 

dv-iru{>0ovos, ov, without reproach, Soph. ; &v. &rn 

traffiv 'tis no reproach to any one, Thuc. ; avfirt^Qov^" 

rarov least inmdious, Dem. Adv. ~vco$ so as not to 

create odium, Thuc. 


dv-epajicu or dv-cpaofiai : aor. i 
to lo've again, love anew, c. gen., Andoc., Xen. 

dv-^pacrros, ov, not loved, Luc. II. act. not loving^ 

dv-ep-yacrros, ov, (3pydofjiai) unwrought, unfilled, Luc. 

av-ep'vosj ov, (^epyco) not done, Eur. 

dv-ep-yta, old poet, form of avelpyca. 

ay-ep0i^w, f. iffc*, to stir iip, excite, Plut. : Pass. t& 
be in a state of excitement, Thuc., Xen. 

*dvpCtro|iai > Dep., only used in aor, i, to snatch up 
and carry off, bvypcfyavro Horn. *, av^p^o.^vrj HCK. 

dv-pwdw, f . ir?(r<w, to examine closely, investigate, Plat, 

dv-pTJv)Tos, ov, (^peuvdcu) not investigated, Plat. 2. 
that cannot be found out, inscrutable, Eur. 

av-tpo^aL, Ep. -epo/Acu : aor. 2 -^P^/ATJV, inf. -epccr^ai : 
f, efyfjo'o/ : 1. c. ace. pers, to entire of, yue$~ 
tion, Od., Soph. 2. c. ace. rei, to ask about, Od. ? 
Plat. 3. c. dupl. ace. to ask a person about a thing, 
II., Soph. 

dv-^piro), with aor. i favflpirvcra, to creep up or upwards, 
Ar., Luc. 

dv-ppco, to go quite away : &veppG away with you, Lat. 
abi in malam rem, Eur. 

dv-pv0pidw, f . ct<ro> [d], to begin to blush, blush up, Xen, 

dv-epva>, Ion. and Dor. dv-etpvo) : f . v<roj [ij'j :- -/^; draw 
up, haul up sails, Od. : fo /tax^ ships up on land, I Idt. : 
-Med. to deliver, Anth. 

dv-ep)(o|JLcu (cf . &>et/-u) : aor. 2 -7)A.v6W or -^X0ov : ^tt 
go up, Od., Att. : absol. to mount the tribune, Plut. : 
to go up from the coast inland, Od. : -jfo come up from 
the netherworld, Theogn., Soph. 2. of trees, to grow 
up, shoot up, Od. : of the sun, to rise, Acsch. : me- 
taph., o\ftos &v. Eur, II, to go or conic back, gtt 
or come home again, return, Horn. 2. to come back 
to a point, recur, Eur., Plat, 3, VO^QS ets #** &,v\$(&v 
a law brought home or having relation to you, Kur. 

dv-po>Ta.&), f . -^0*6), like kv^ooftctt : 1, c. ace. pers. 

jfo a-sr^ or inquire of, question, Od., Plat. 2. c. ace. 
rei, jf<? ask about, inquire into, Plat, ; so, &v, tr^pt rtvas 
Hdt. 8. c. dupl. ace. to question a person about a 
thing, ask it of him, Eur., Ar. 

dv<crai|j.i, Ep, aor. I of &yfo7/U} avccrotv, 3 pi. j; dv^oraSj 

dvo"is gen. <~ca$, Ion. zo?, ^, (&pfr?/u) ^ loosening, re- 
laxing of strings, Plat,, etc. 2, metaph. remissum, 
abatement, Kaxoov Hdt. j ^v, <j)6pix>v, rit-X&v remission of 
tribute, taxes, Plut, 3. relaxation, recreation, Hat* 
Arist. II. a letting loose, indulgence, licenm^ 

Plat,, Arist. 

dv-^crcniTo, 3 sing, Ep, aor. 2 pass, of kvatfftw* 
dv-^oTTios, ov, (%(rrla) without huarth and home, home* 

less, II., Ar. 

dv-^o*x0ov poet, for &v(T^ov^ aor. 2 of &/^w, 
>, f. <rct>, ^; examine closely, N.T. 
verb. Adj. of^i, on& must dismiss^ Plat* 

ivTos ov, (&,vtr)ij.t) relaxed f slack > loose > Luc. 

tveu, (&/-) Prep, c, gen. without, ofttf ^v 9<oVt Lat, 

wow sw# DiiSf not without divine aid, ()<l, ; &vw l^t/0v 

without my knowledge, II, ; ^vu woXtrtav withtntt then- 
consent, Aesch. II. away from, far from, &vev tivftvv 

l\. III. in Prose, except, besides, like; %wplf, Xen. 

Hvcvde, before a vowel -0v, (iiwu) ; 1, Prc:p, c. gen.? 

without, Horn. 2. away from, 11. II. Adv. far 
away, distant) Horn. 

av-i50Tos, ov, inconvenient^ N. T. 

av-cv0wo, ov y (s&Bvvat) not having to render an ac- 
count, irresponsible, Hdt.,, Thuc. 2. guiltless, 
because such a one is not liable to trial, Luc. ; c. gen. 
guiltless of . . , Id. 

av-VKTos, ov, not wishing, not praying, Anth. 

avetJpecris, eus, -f], a discovery, Eur., Plut. From 

av-i-upio-Kw, f. -evpfav, aor. 2 -eupor : Pass., aor. i 
fvpf&riv : to find out, make out, discover, Hdt., Att. : 
Pass, to be found out or discovered, Thuc. ; c. part. 
to be discovered to be . . 3 Hdfc. 

av-eu^TjfjLew, f. ^<r<u, to shout evty'fi/j.ei or eix^Tj/a^rre : as 
this was mainly done on sorrowful occasions, to cry 
aloud, shriek, Eur., etc. - } cW^Tj/r/jcrej/ oif/x^r} Soph. 

a-v'4>\os, ov, (j/e<^A7j) unclouded, cloudless, Od. : 
metaph. wctf to be veiled or concealed, Soph. 

av-x^Yyvos, ov, not giving surety or confidence, Thuc. 

av-^x* * Ep. 3 sing. subj. ave'x]?^ : impf. a.v^t%ov: also 
avi<rx<i), impf , dj^trxoy : f , aj/ecy or ava<rx^or<w : aor. 2 
avfd'xov, poet. ave&xeQov, Ep. inf. avcr-^Befiv : pf . 
aj/eVx^Ka : Med., avx/ tai : inipf. ^V^LX^^V (with 
double augm,): f, *b> or ct^atrx^o^uai : Ep. inf. 
ch/o'x^crea'tfcu : aor. 2 aj/eo'x^m*', with double augm. 
$)V<Tx6jjLr)v, sync, ^ivy^^v, poet, imper. &/<rxeo. 

A. trans, ft? A0/<tf M one's hands in fight, Od. ; 
also in token of defeat, Theocr. : to Zz/Tf up the hands 
m prayer, II., etc. 2. ay. ^Acfya to hold up a torch 
at weddings, Eur. , hence &vex*> Trdpex* ( sc - T ^ ^*f)> 
i. e. Ma<e ready, go on, Id. ; also, av. $s ffwhpiov to 
hold up a signal fire, Thuc. 3. to lift up, exalt, 
rtvd Pind. 4. metaph. to uphold, maintain, Od., 
Thuc. ; aj/exwv Ac/crpa remaining constant to the bed, 
Eur. ; so, a*/. Kitfffov Soph. 5. to put forth, irrdp- 
6ovs Eur. II. to hold back, II. ; av. ^iKeXiav juty 
ifar6 nva, ftvai to keep it from being subject, Thuc. 

B. intr. to rise up, rise, emerge from water, Od., 
Hdt. : esp. in form avtcfx^y of the sun, Hdt., Xen, 2. 
of events, to arise, happen, Hdt. 3. to appear, shew 
oneself, Soph. &. to project, II, 5 of a headland, 
to jut out, Hdt., Thuc. 5. to hold on, keep doing, 
c. part,, Thuc. ; ffrep^as ajce'x t ^ s constant in his 
love, Soph. ; c. ace. et inf. to aver constantly that . . , 
Id. 6. to hold up, cease, Theogn. : generally, to 
'wait, delay, Thuc. 7. c. gen, to cease from suffer- 
ing, get rest f row. pain, Soph. 

C. Med. to hold up what is one's own, 
XcTpas II. ; hence ai/aorx^jueyos absol. (sub. %yx 

Ib. II. to hold oneself up, bear -up, hold out, 

II. ; aor. 2 imper. &vdcrx*o> Ep. JW^o, ^ f S 00 ^ 
courage, Ib. : in part., bvGxfrp.Gvoi 'with patience, 
Hdt. 2. c. ace. to bear up against, IL, Hdt., Att. : 
so, c. gen., Od., Plat. 3. the dependent clause is 
added in part., o& <re fo'^-o/uu ftJVye* %x VTa I ^^ n t 
suffer thee to have . . , II. , etc. ; ou erTy" &/6Xi (sc. 
&v) ; Soph. 4. c. inf. to suffer, Aesch. 

iav\|ntx, Ss, y, fern, of bvefyds, Xen. 

av\jna8oi>s, ov, ^, a first-cousin* $ son, or second cousin y 

cLve\|/ios, 6, a first-cousin, cousin, II., Hdt., Att. 2. a 
nephew, Hdt. [When the ult, is long, Horn, lengthens 

6 9 

also the penult., foeifaov Kra/xeVoio.] (From a euphon. 

or copul,, and NEH, whence also Lat. nepos, neptis^j 

avcijruxBcv, Ep. for -yffay, 3 pi. aor. i pass, of ava^/i/xw. 

av-w, (av-priv., c$<a to cry) without a sound, in silence* 

in Od. certainly an Adv. ; in other places it may be nom, 

pi. &v(p, from &v-ecas &V'avo$. 

av-eto-yov, Att. pf. and impf. of av-oiyvvju. 

h 3 pi. pf. pass, of ayfojjiu, as if from 

av-e'wija, aor. I of 

av-^>x 1 l v > aor. i pass, of av-oi'yvvfj.i. 

^ V1 1> "h) (ij'w) fulfilment, Aesch. 

av-t] Paa>, f . ^crw, to grow young again, Theogn., Eur., etc. 

av-tipiri'njpLos, a, o>/, (aya, yftdcc) returning as inyouth 9 

av-t)pos, oi/, (T}^) not yet come to man's estate, beard- 
less, Plat., Theocr. 

av-Tr)Yp,(5vVTos, ov, Q7juoi/^w) without leader, Luc. 

av-TjYlojAcu, f. -fiffo^m, Dep. to ^e/ 05 JM a narrative^ 
relate, recount, Pind., Hdt. 2. intr. to advance, Pind, 

avifa, Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 subj. of cb/oj/u. 

av-ij8vvTos, ov, wo^ sweetened or seasoned, Arist. : w- 
pleasant, Plut. 

avTJOivos, ij, ojf, Qiy^&oy) made of anise or dz'//, Theocr. 

avif|0ov or avvrjOov, T(J, anise, dill, AT., Theocr. ; Ion. 
avvtjcrov or OLVIQCTOV, Hdt. ; Aeol. avvirjTov or a,vr\rov t 
Sappho. (Deriv. unknown.) 

dv-fldov, impf. of &,v-a.iQu. 

av-iji|a, aor. i of av-ai<rcr<a. 

av-i^Vov, Ep, and Ion. impf. of #v*i/xi (etjui). 

av-ijcOTTos> ov, (a,KOjj,aij not to be healed, incurable, 
irreparable, fatal, II. , Hdt., Att. ; a,vf)K(rra. TroieTv riva 
to do one irreparable injuries, Xen. ; avf)Keffra ir<Lcrx*w 
Thuc. 2. of persons, implacable, Xen. II. act. 
damaging beyond remedy, deadly, Soph. : Adv., av>7- 
K<rrc0s SiarifleVai to treat with barbarous cruelty, Hdt. 

dv~TJKoo$, ov, (ct/co 1 ^) without hearing, of the dead, 
Mosch. 2. c. gen. not hearing a thing, never having 
heard it, ignorant of it, Xen., etc. : absol., critaibs Kal 
&v. ignorant, Dem. 

avtjKovcTTlo), f. ^ffo), to be unwilling to hear, to disobey, 

^c. ^en. ,11,, Aesch., Th uc, ; c. dat.,Hdt; absol., Id. From 

CLV-I]KOV OTTOS, ov, (&Kotfco) unheard of, Lat, inauditus, 
tfKovcr* &irf)Kovffra Soph. II. act. not willing to 

hear : rb frvfiKovcrrov disobedience, Xen. 

otv-i^Kw, f. fa, to have come up to a point, reach up to, 
of persons, cu < / u0'*V o-v^KOnffav wSpl 4s r^v o^a-K&v a 
wall reaching up to a man's middle, Hdt. ; ay. 3s rat, 
^4yi(fra to reach up to the highest point, Id. - 2. of 
things, rovro ^s ovti^v av. amounts to nothing, Id, j 
at TroAAal [f^ju-iat] 4s rbj' a.v. have gone as far as 
death, Thuc. ; &v. es ore exetv it has come to you to have, 
has become yours to have, Hdt. II. to appertain, be 
fit or proper, N.T.; ri> <K,vr\K.ov "what is fit and proper, Ib. 

av-TjKa|jnr)V [a], aor. I of &j/id(A.Ao/xat. 

av-TjXeijs, es, (^Aeos) without pity, unmerciful ; Adv. 
-eSis, Andoc. 

av-KjX^TjTos, ov, = foreg., Aeschin. 

av-tjXios, Dor, -aXios, ov, without sun, sunless, Trag. 

av-ijXtiros, Dor. av-<X-, ov, (i|Xi^ a kind of shoe) un- 
shod, barefoot, Theocr. 
a, aor. i of 

dv-TJp.XKTo$, ov, (&/JLs\j(a) unmilked, Od. 
fliv--rj|jupos, QV, not tame, wild, savage, of persons and 

countries,, Aesch. 

cLVTJvao-Ocu, aor. i inf. of o^a^o/xai : avfjv^rat 3 sing. subj. 
avt|V|ita, TJ, = j^w/ifa, Anth, From 
av-iqv{j.os, oy, (&ve[jLQs) without winds an^/xoy xj/u5- 
ycoj/ without the blast of storms, Soph. 

avijvo9e, Ep. pf. with aor. sigfnf., aT^ua arfivoOw ^ uret- 
XTJS blood gushed forth from the wound, II. ; winy 
avfiyoOev the savour mounted up, Od. (Formed as if 

from *avfO<o (a.v<) to rise up; cf. h/^vo0.) 

av-iivvcrros, ov, (ayvw) ineffectual, Od. 

OLV-IJVUTOS, o^ = av^worroj, Soph., Plat. 2. endless, 

a.v-"qv<op, opoy, 6, (w-fip} 'icnmanly., Od., Hes. 

av-^irraL, 3 sing", pf, pass, of w-dTro). 

&y-i)-3rfa>, f. <rco, cry aZ0z^, rofly, Mosch. [v. fin-da.] 

O.VTJP (Root ANEP), av/pos, <5, Att. aj/fyxfc, wtpl, foSpa, 
voc. ftpep: pi. Mpcs, -tipw, -Spdcri [a], -5py : [a: 
but in Ep. avepos, ct,v*pt, ayepes, &] : a man, Lat. liir 
(not homo) : I. rt 7/z?Zj opp. to # woman, Horn., 
etc. II. a man, opp. to a god, -n-ctr^p wdp&v TC 

0e<5*/ re Id. HI. a man, opp. to a youth, a man 

in the prime of life, Id.j etc- ; els Mpa.$ gyypa.' 
<f>e<r6a,t to be enrolled among the men, Dem. IV. a 
man emphatically, a man indeed, avspes <=<rre, ^>/Xoi II. ; 
iro\\ol ^y &v9pvTroi, b\tfoi 8^ &>fy>S many human 
being's, but few men t Hdt. V. a man, opp. to his 
wife, a husband, Hom.^ etc. ; cdy&v &vep, Virgil's vir 
gregis, Theocr. 

avijp [a"], Att. crasis for 6 &^4p. 

av-t]pt,6|j,os, poet, for &>/-api8/xoy. 

av.-npoTos, o^, (apcJw) unploughed, unfilled, Od,, Aesch. 

av-T]p'r]|*cH, pf. pass, of w-aprdtt). 

avrjcrov or avvtjorov, v, $.vi}Qov. 

av-ijcrcrtiTos, Dor. -aroSj ov, = a.^cfa"r]'Tos. t Theocr. 

av-i]<|>ai-crTos, ov, without real fire, rvp kv-fityaiffroVt 
i.e. the fire of discord, Eur. 

av--5<j>6irjv, aor. I pass, of SJ/CXTTTCU. 

av-^4* ? 3 sing. pf. pass, imper. of avairrta. 

av0-atpop.cLt, f . ^(fojuaL : aor. 2 -ei\6jj.^v : Dep. : to 
choose one person or thing 1 instead of another, rivet (or 
ri) TWOS Eur.; to prefer f choose rather, Id. II. to 
dispute, lay claim to, n Id. 

avft-aXoUv, 3 pi. aor. 2 opt. of avB-aXlfficopau. 

avd-aXuncofjiai, f. -aA^cro/uatj Pass, to be captured in 
turn,, aKdvres oS^is* ajcflaAoIe*' &v Aesch. 

av9-c.jjLLXXaofJuai, f. -'jjo'o/xai, Dep. to vie one with an- 
other,, to race one another, Xen. 

av0-a(juXXo$ [a], op 7 (fyuAX.a) vying with,rwatling f Eur. 

dv9-cirTO|Jiai, Ion. O-VT-, f. ^ojuat^Dep, to lay hold of in 
turn, c. gen. 7 Hdt., Eur. II. simply to levy hold of f 
grapple with? engage in, c- g > en.,Hdt.,Tt.uc.: generally, 
to reach, attain, repjadvaw Eur. 2. to lay hold of, 
attack, Tr\ev(jitn>av, ^>peva>^, Soph., Eur. 

(DLvQciovj r6, (&v6o$) a flower, blossom, Ar. 

av0-jcre'ov, verb. Adj. of <W-exa>,, one must cleave to, 
c. g^en., Plat. ; so in pi. fodettreay Thuc. 

ttv0-Xtca>, f. -eA^w or ~e\Kv<ru [ij], to draw or pull 
against f Thuc. j av&. ctAX^Xais to pull against one 
another, Plat. 

, or os, rd, poet, 

6, = ^j/0oy, avQe/j.tQV (rriyf*.evos tattooed w;7/r 

flowers, Xen., f5o^, -^,-Woy, Anth. 

vOcp.o'eis, e(T<ra, ey and -ets, *v, flowery, of meadows, 
II. II. of works in metal, bright , burnished, or 

wrought with flowers, Horn. ; of tapestry, 
Anth. From 

av0(Jiov, rJ, (ch/0ew) = &v9os t Sappho, Ar. ; 
<rou, i.e. the costliest gold, Pind. 

avOcjJuip-p'UTos, ov, (j5^w) flowing from flowers, of honey, 

av0}A-ovp75s, <Jv, (*^P7) working in flowers, of bees, 

o.v0p,-w8^s, ^s-j (?5os) flowery, blooming* Aesch., Mur, 

av-0eo, Ep. aor. 2 med. imper, of ^vcL-rtdrj^i. 

oLvdepcwv, wvos, 6, (^y^cw) jf/fip /m& or ^>r/ ^7? VV/H'C/T 
the beard gr&m, Lat. wientum, II. 

oivOepLKT] pj, ri^wdtpiZ, Anth. 

av0lpi|, tKoy, a, (a^flos) = &0^p, ^<? ^';W of an ear of 
corn, the ear itself, Lat. spica, IL IX~t/ie stalk of 
asphodel, Hdt., Theocr. 

o-v-fleo-av, Ep. for <b/-e / 0cra*', 3 pi aor. 2 of &vartQri}J.i. 

s Av0<rn3pia, wr, rd, (Ai/0of) ^<: J Feast of Flowers, i.e. 
the three days' festival of Dionysus at Athens, in the 
month Anthesterion. 

'Av0<rTTipi<i!)i/ way, 6, the month Anthesterion 9 eighth 
of the Attic year, answering to the end of February and 
the beginning 1 of March. 

av0-<rriao>, f. dcru {_&"], (a.vrl } Hfrridai) to entertain lit 
return or mutually, Plat. 

av0cr-<|><5pos, ov, (frvBos, ^>pft) bearing flowers^ flower- 
ing, Kur. 

av-0CTO, Kp. for SLV-^OSTO, 3 sing*, aor. 2 mod* of awrfthj^i. 

avG^co, f. ^jcrtt, (JivOos) jfo blossom, blown, of the youthful 
beard, Od. ; of flowers and plants, lies., etc, II. 

metaph., 1. to be bright with colour, kvQe'iv <<wi- 
fcfcrt Xen. 2. to &? z?* bloom, Pind. ; ^ ^p^c> ^* ^p^t 
hvQeiv to be in the bloom of youth, Plat. 3. ft> 

flourish in wealth and prosperity, HCK. Hdt., Att. ; c, 
dat., avfl. ^j/5p({(rt ^<? abound in men, Hdt, 4. /V />< 
jf ifAi? height or pitch, Aesch., Sopl). 

avO^, ^ 3 (fo9os) full bloom, Plat. 

av0iip<5s, d s 6v, (Me(a) flowering, blooming, Ar. II. 
metaph. blooming, fresh, Kur., Xen, 2, bt/Oypbr 
jcteVos rage btirsting into ftawtir, i. e. ^ //A* height* 
Soph. 3- bright~colourcdt bright) Kur, ; rf) ivtf, 
brightness, Luc. 

av0-irjcro"aojxoLL, Pass, to give wrtry /// fi/rn, Ttvt Thuc. 

avfiCJw, f. (rw 3 (j&vQos) to strew or C^T^ w*V/j flw$er$i 
Kur. 2. ^ rfj;<? W2'M bright colwtr ; Pa^K,, Hdt,; 
metaph., ^j/0itfju.^/o$ rfjyrrf, disguised, Soph. 

av0iv<Js, ^ 3 <fv, (fcvOos) like flowery blootningifreshi &v< 
divov etSap, of the lotus, Od. II. drig/it-eo/ottrt'tt* 
Lat. floridus, of women's dress, Pint, 

av0-iirn"<l<rC<ji., ^j, a sham-fight of horse, Xen. 

avO-iirTrciiu, f. o*w, to rwJ<? against* ^XX^Xots Xen. 

&v0-(crri]|JU, f. &vrt-o'r^o'<y, jf<? rtf against, Ar,, Thuc, : 
w/> zn opposition, Tltuc. 2* jfa wtifrft wif/i t 
compare, Pint. II, Pass., with intr. aor. 2 act, &J^T- 
<rri]K, pf. 3w/0crr77K<t, Att. contr. part. W<TT^ : fut. 
med. &n/rt<rr^cro/4,at, aor. i &vrffriio'afA'riv and pas, &KT* 
crrc{^^ [&] : --^ stand against, esp. in battle, fo w?Y/i- 

stand, oppose, nvi II., Hdt., Att.; also, irpts rivaThuc., 
etc. : rarely c. gen., typtvwv wQitfrarai (al. avedirrfrai) 

^ Aesch. 2. absol. to make a stand, II., Hdt. 

avOopoXeco, f. face, to bestrew 'with flowers, Anth. : 
Pass, to have flowers showered upon one, Plut. From 

av0<5-(3oXos, ov, (#CAA) garlanded with flowers, Anth. 

dv0o-8iaiTOs> ov, (5/cura) living on flowers, Anth. 

av0o-8oco$, ov, (Sexo^ucu) holding flowers, Mosch. 

avOoKOjj.ea), f. iljcreo, to produce flowers, Anth. From 

avOo-KOfJLos, ov, (/CO^CT?) decked with flowers, flowery, Anth. 

av0o-KpaTe, f . ^a"w, govern flowers, Luc. 

av0o~icpoKOS, ov, (/cpe/cw) worked with flowers or bright- 
coloured, Eur. 

avdoXidj, 77, (av0e\Kto) a pulling in the contrary direc- 
tion, resistance, Plut. 

av0oXoYia, T), # flower-gathering, Luc. : *A.v9o\,oyiai 
were collections of small Greek poems and epigrams by 
several authors, which the editor made up into a posy 
or nosegay. 

dv0o-X<$Yo$, ov, (\4yto) flower-gathering, Anth.,* c. gen. 
culling the flower of . . , Id. 

o.vfl-oji.oXoYeojAai, f. faonai, Med. to make a mtttual 
agreement, trp6$ TWO, Dem. II. to confess freely 

^and openly, Plut. III. to return thanks, N. T. 

dv0-oTrXCG>, f. tcroo, to arm against : Pass, to be arrayed 
against 9 nvi Eur. : Med. to arm oneself, Xen. 

dv-0opeiv for ava-Oopeiv, aor. 2 inf. of ava0pct>o7co>. 

av0-op|Aa>, f. 4jo-co, to lie at anchor opposite to, nvi 

Thuc. ; TrpoV riva Id. 

*AN00I, eoy, r6: gen. pi. av0W even in Att. : a 
blossom, flower, Horn.., etc. 2. generally, anything 
thrown out upon the surface, froth, scum. II. 

metaph. the bloom or flower of life, fifths Mos II. ; 
&pa$ &vQo$ Xen. ; XP OL ^ S foQos the bloom of complexion, 
Aesch. -.also, the flower of an army and the like, Aesch., 
Thuc. ; TO crbv v6os thy pride or honour, Aesch, 2. 
the height or highest pitch of anything, bad as well as 
good, fyuros Id.; pavta,* Soph. III. brightness, 

brilliancy, Theogn. ; in pi. bright colours, Plat. ; a\os 
&vdea, i. e, purple, Anth. 

av0-ocrfiCas, ov, 6, (&vQos, oa>?9 redolent of flowers 9 of 
wine, olvos av0, with aflne ( bouquet,* Ar,; so wOofffAias 
alone, Xen., Luc. 

avOoGT-uv-n, ^, (&v9os) bloom, luxuriant growth, Anth. 

av0o<{)op^w, f. ^cr&j, to bear flowers, Anth. From 

avOo-cf>6pos, ov, (<pp<a) bearing flowers, flowery, Ar., 

av0o-<(>in]s, $, (<^u^j) party-coloured, Anth. 

av0paKia, as, Ep. ~ti], rj$, r\, (&y6po^) a heap of charcoal, 
hot embers, II. ; avOpaKias &TTO hot from the embers, 
Eur. 2. #ads 5<?<?zfy ashes, Anth. 

avOpatctas, ou, ^, (v9pa) a man black as a collier, Luc. 

av0pa.K<>, f . f<ra>, (&*>0pa) /? wa^^ charcoal of, to roast 
or toast, Ar., pf . j)v6pdKQ), Pass. (Wpa^) #<? 5wrw^ 
2f<9 cinders, Aesch. 

"AN0PAE, a/cos, 6, charcoal, coal, Ar., Thuc. 

avOp-nvTj, 17, a hornet, wasp, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.) 

av0pi(]viov, r<f, (kvOp-fivrf) a wasp's nest, Ar. 

ay0p<d<ir~ap<rKos, ou, & 3 a man-pleaser, N.T. 

av0p<oTrdpLov, r6, Dim. of ^0/>coTros, a manikin, Ar. 

av0parrreq, contr, -ITTI (sub. 5opc{), ^, a man's skin, Hdt. 

av0p<irios, , ov, Ion. -ijtos, TJ, ov, of or belonging to 
man, human, Hdt., etc. 5 ai/flpctnrcia Tr^cara sw<?& as 
maTZ iss^ibject to, Aesch.; avdpeairfi'ta vp^y^aTa human 
affairs, man's estate, Hdt. ; rb avOp^TTfiov either man- 
kind or human nature,Thuc. 2. human, of which man 
is capable, Hdt., Plat. 3. human, as opp. to mythical, 
Hdt. II. Adv. -ws, humanly,, in all human proba-* 

^7%, Thuc.; w6p.<f>pdfav to speak as i<?^te ^ man, Ar. 

av0pwiriijonai, Dep. ^ be or <zc ^ a human being, Arist. 

av0pco7r^os, 77, ov, Ion. for avOpdircios. 

av0pwirCw, f . {(rw, ^o 6^ or aaf /^^ a w^w, Luc. 

avOpwinicd's, ^, (^v, (^pwiros) of or for a man, hitman, 
Plat. Adv. -AcSs, Luc. 

av0pwinvos, t], ov, and os, ov, (vQptaTros) of, from, or 
belonging to man, human, Hdt., etc. ; airccv ro av0p<- 
TTIVOV all mankind, Id. ; rJ> av^p. 7cVo5 Plat. ; ra av6p. 
irp&yiJLcvTa. or ravQpcairiva human affairs, man's estate, 
Id. ^2. human, suited to man, Id., Arist. II. 

Adv., wdpairivcas a/j.aprdvetv to commit human, i.e. 
venial, errors, Thuc. 2. humanely, gently, Dem. 

avOpw-rrtov, TO*, Dim. of foOpviros, a manikin, Lat. ho- 

^nuncio, Eur., Xen. : a paltry fellow, Xen. 

av0pwiro-Kos, o, avOp&Triov, Eur,, Plat. 

av0pWiro-8a(p,wv, ovos, <5, ^, a man-god, i. e. a rfeyforf 
mw, Eur. 

avOpwTro-etSi]?, e$, (eUos) /z^^ a man, in human form, 

av0pa>iro-0WioL, 77, ^ human sacrifice, Strab. 

av0pwrro-K:Tovos, ov, (/crc/vcy) murdering 'men, a homi" 
cide, Eur. II. proparox. furnished by slaughtered 
men, Id. 

av0pa)7ro-X<5yos, ov, (Aeya;) speaking of man, Arist. 

a.v0p<oTTO'7roua, ^, <z making of man or men, Luc. From 

av0pco'7ro.Troios, oV, (-TTOICW) making men, Luc. 

av0p-oonros, <5, (prob. from iv^p, <Sty, man-faced} ; w7z, 
Lat. Am0 (not yfr), opp. to gods, aQavdrtov re Qeoiv, 
Xctytal p%o/ivwv T* hvQp&rw II. 2. with or with- 
out the Art. to denote w#w generally, Plat., etc. 3. 
in pi. mankind, avQp&Trcav, avSpwv r/Se yuvcu/cwv II. ; 
6 ^picrros ^v avQpc&Trois $prv the best quail in the world* 
Plat. ; /Acfo.i<rra, Tj/citfra avtipcbirtw most, least of <z//, 
Hdt., etc. 4;. with another Subst., to give it a con- 
temptuous sense, &v0p. viroypaj^jj-areiis, ffvKOtpdvrys, 
Oratt. ; so homo histrio Cic. : so, Mpwiros or 6 #v- 
Qpviros was used alone, the man, the fellow, Plat. : 
also in vocat. it was addressed contemptuously to 
slaves, Mpwire or $ ^vfy&we, sirrah ! you sir ! Hdt.,, 
Plat. II. fern, (as homo also is fern.), a woman, 

Hdt., etc. ; with a sense of pity, Dem. 

av0pa>iros> crasis for 6 WpcoTroy. 

av0pwiro-<r<|>a'YOi>, (o"<|>aTr) to slay men, Ei,ir. 

av0pa>7ro4>cr/<Ea>., f , ^<reo, 2to ^^ men or man's flesh, Hdt. 

av0p<i>iro<j>ayia, T), a?z eating of men, Arist. From 

av0pa)iro-<j>a-yos, ov, (^ayeTv) man-eating, Arist. 

av0pajiro-<j)tJtj<t > es, (<j>vfj) of man's nature, Hdt. 

av-OpcacTKWj poet, for ava-0pcu<rw. 

avB-uppi^tu, f , <reo, to abuse one another, abuse in turn, 
Eur., Plut. 

avG-inrcLYw [a], f . |a>, ^<? bring to trial in turn, Thuc, 

av0xnra.T'u, to be proconsul, Plut.; and 

dv0inraTtKJs, 4j, Av, proconsular. From 

av0-viraTos,oi/, a proconsul , H& consule, Polyb.,etc- 

dv0--uiriKw, f . <w, to yield in turn, nvt Plut. From 
ov0vTTiiis, etas, TJ, a mutual yielding, Plut. 
dv0-inrT}peT6>, f. TJcra), to serve in turn, rtvl Arist. 

dvO-viroKpCvojxai [r], Ion. dvruir--,, Med. to answer in 

return, Hdt. II. to put on in turn, bpy^v Luc. 

dv6-a7r<$|AVV|Jiai, Med. to -make a counter-affidavit, Dem. 

ovO-viroirTevci), f. ffw, to suspect mutually: Pass., av6- 
viroTrreverai he is met by the suspicion that . . , Thuc. 

dvO-v-TTovpY&o, f. if] <rca, to return a kindness, nvt n 
Hdt., Eur. 

dv0-v<|>rTa|Aai, Pass., with aor. 2 act. &v9vTTO'TTjv : 
avOviroffrTJvai. (sc. xop^bs yevecrQai) to undertake to 
serve as choragus instead of another, Dem. 

dvia, Ion. dvCti, Aeol. 6vCa, TJ, grief, sorrow, distress, 
trouble, Od., Hes., etc. 2, actively, Scurbs avlfj the 
lane of our feast, Od. [In Horn, and Soph. I: in 
other Poets f.] (Deriv. uncertain.) 

avid, Dor. for yvia, a rein. 

dvida> [f] : aor, i Tjvfacra, to grieve, distress, c. ace. 
pers., Horn. II. intr. to be grieved or distressed, 

feel grief, Id. ; c. dat. at or for a thing", II,, Dep. to cure again, repair, Hdt. 

dvLapo$, 6, 6v, Ion. dvnr]p<5s $, 6v, (avidta) grievous, 
troublesome, annoying, of persons, Od.; *x&poi$ &vtapot 
Ar.., of animals, Hdt. : Adv. bvtapcas Soph. 2. of 
things, painful, grievous, distressing, Theogn.,^etc. ; 
irreg. Comp. avLypecrrep&s Od. II. pass, grieved, 

distressed, Xen. : Adv. -peas wretchedly, Id. [In 
Horn, and Soph, always avi-, in other Poets ai/I-.] 

dv-aTos, Ion. -I^TOS, or, (av~ pri<v., Ia,r6$) incurable, 
Plat., etc. 2. of persons, incorrigible, Id.; bvukrots 
!%eu/ to be incurable, Id. 

dv-idx<> [a], to cry aloud : c. ace. to praise loudly, Anth. 

avLato : 3 sing. impf. fyvia, : f. <fo>icfc<reu [d], Ep. bvi'fjo'a) : 
aor. i Jiviacrci, Dor. &t><x<ra : Pass., aj/iw/m, Ion. 3 pi. 
opt. avuparo : 3 pi. impf. TJVI&VTO : f. in med. form 
avid<, Ep. 2 sing, ^vi^ffeai : aor. I ijvidQnv, Ion. 
-4}Bijv : pf . 3)vlr]/jiai : (ctyfa) : [t in Horn, and Soph. ; 
* in other Poets]. Like aviafa, ^ grieve, distress, c. 
ace., Od., etc. ; c. dupl. ace., 6 8p>v a ? aviq ras- <ppva$ 
Soph. : Pass, to be grieved, distressed, Od., etc.; with 
neut. Adj., rovr 3 & I am vexed at this, Soph. ; 
aor. i part, as Adj., a sorrowful man, Horn. 

dv-tSelv, aor. 2 inf. of avopdw, to look up, Aesch. 


av-iSponrt, Adv. (iSpoca) without sweat: metaph. 'without 
toil, II. : lazily, slowly, Xen. 

avi-8pwTos, ov, (?<5p^w) without having sweated or exer- 
cised oneself, Xen. 

av-Lts, -icX, 2 and 3 sing, of &v^ij: dv-Ccis, ai'-iei, 
2 and 3 sing. impf. (as if from &i/i4w) . 

dv-tepos, ov, unholy, unhallowed, Aesch. ; &vUpQS &^i5- 
rtav vexfotov unhallowed because of unoffered sacrifices, 
Eur. II. unconsecrated, Plat. 

dv-ipo<o, f. c^orco, to dedicate, devote, rl nvi Plut. 

dv-icvvrat, Ion. 3 pi. of bv-idoftat. 

a,v-ii]y,i, tis, 77 (also dw?s, -t as if from &j/i<fw), 
impf. kvlyv, 2 and 3 sing, cts, ei. Ion. 3 sing, 
also ^if/et : f. hi/faci) : pf. &V?K<X. : aor. i fofTj/ca, Ion. 
avfrjKa : Horn, also has a 3 sing. fut. bv^o'ei, 3 pi, aor. 
&ve<rav, opt, avtlo'aifjt.i, part, avfoavres (as if from 
(a) : 3 pi. aor. 2 cw/e?(raj/, imper. foes, Ep. 3 sing. 

subj. a^r] ; inf. avewat ; part, aveis: Pass., av(- 
ejuai : pf . di/e^uai, Ion. 3 pi. pf. aveWrcu (as if from 
cb/-(ta): aor. i part. aveQels; f. ^e^tfofiai. [&)ff~ 
Ep., A^r- Att. ; but Horn, has fotei, kvltiLWos.'] To 

send up or forth, Horn., etc. ; of the earth, to make 

spring up, h. Horn. ; of females, to produce, Soph, : 
Pass, to be sent up, produced, Aesch., etc. ; to send up 
from the grave or nether world, Id., etc. II. 

to send back, put back, open, Horn., Eur. III. to 
let go, leave, Horn., etc. ; c. gen. rei, Seo-jUtSy <xi/ei 
loosed them from bonds, Od. : to let go unpunished, 
Xen. 2. av, nvl to let loose at one, av. Kfcas, Lat. 
canes immittere, Xen. ; hence, &<f>pom rovrov hvivrss 
II. : c. inf. to set on or urge to do a thing, Horn. 3, 
w. nvk vp6s n to let go for any purpose, Hdt, ; &v. 
nvk p,avlas to set free from madness, Eur. 4. to 
let, allow one to do a thing, c. ace. et inf., Hdt., etc* : 
so, av. K.6^f\v to let it hang, loosen, Eur. 5. Meet., 
c. ace., K.6\irov &a6/z&>77 baring her breast, II. ; cfiyas 
cW/iwn flaying goats, Od. 6. to let go free, leave 
unfilled, of ground dedicated to a god, Thuc. : -Pass. 
to devote oneself, give oneself up, Hdt. ; of animate 
dedicated to a god, which are let range at large. Id. ; 
esp. in pf. pass. part. &vifjivos, Soph., etc. 7. to 
slacken, relax, let down, unstring, Hdt., Plat. : -then, 
to remit, neglect, give up, Soph., Thuc., etc. : Pass. 
to be treated remissly, Thuc. 8. so intr. in Act. to 
slacken, abate, of the wind, Soph., etc, ; ovS^v &jfi4yai 
not to give way at all, Xen. : c. part, to give up or 
cease doing, tfcav OVK &vlt [6 #<</] Hdt. : c. gen. to 
cease from a thing, Eur., Thuc. 

ay IT] p 09, ^, 6v, Ion. for &vi,ap6s. 

dv^Ka [i], Dor. for fivtKa. 

dv-ticavos [f], OV) insufficient, incapable* Babr. 

dv-XK^revTos, ov, (tfcercjJw) without prayer, not antreat- 
ing, Eur. 

d-vCKTjTos [r], Dor. -Eros, ov, (vtKdw) uncoitgucrcd, un- 
conquerable, Hes., etc. 

av-tXecos [i], <av, unmerciful, N.T. 

av-tfjiaco, f. ^crco, (&v&, t/nds) only in prc. and impf,, to 
draw up water, by means of leather straps : generally, 
to draw out or vip, Xen. : also Med. dw/ioJ^uat, Luc., 
etc, II. intr. (sub. lavr<fo>), /# mount ujf>, Xen. 

avtos, ov, (&vta) == faviap^s, Aesch. 

dvt<$x<>s, Dor. for TJVI^XOS. 

av-tiriros;, ov, 'without horse, not sewing on horseback ^ 
Hdt., Soph. : without a horse to ride on, Ar. 2. of 
countries, unsuitcdfor horses, Hdt. 

dvC7TTa|Jtai, Dep* = djyaWro^aai. 

dvLirT<5-irovs, o, y, gen. TT^SOS, with unw ash fin feet, 11. 

a-viTTTos, ov, (yt(a) unw ashen ,11. 2. not to be titctshcd 
out, Aesch. 

avis, Megarean for &vev } Ar. 

dv-tcros, ov, (l<rojr) unequal, nnc r vf>n, Plat., etc, : -Adv., 
kvitftos, unfairly, Dern. Hence 

dvIcr<5Tt|S, Tyros-, }), (foiffoi) incqiiality^ Plat,, etc'. 

dv-tcr<$, f. <&&<*), (bvd, J<r<w) to make equal, equalise, 
Xen. : Pass, to be made cqual^ Hdt, 

dv-C<rrir|fu, A. Causal in pres., impf, &vt(rr f r}v, L &v& 
crr^trw, poet. &vffr < f)a'(a f aor. i hvi&rjitfa,, Ep, ^wr^a'a ; also 
in aor, i med. Avecmja'a/w)*' ; I. to make to stand 

up, raise up, X i P^ s by his hand, IK :-fo raise from 


sleep, "make up, II. : metaph., av. voctov Soph. : to raise 
from the dead, II ., Aesch.,; from misery,, Soph. 2. of 
things-, to set up, build, Hdt, etc.; so, ay. rivh %aA- 
KQVV to set up a bronze statue of him, Plut. ; aor. I 
med., aj/a.<T'r'f)<Ta<j6ai TTO'AIV to build oneself a city, 
Hdt. 3. to build up again, restore, Eur., Dem. 4. 
to put up for sale, Hdt. II. to rouse to action, 
stir up, II. : to rouse to arms, raise troops, Thuc. ; av. 
TrdXc/x-ov GTci rtva Plut. III. to -make people rise, 

break up an assembly, II., Xen. 2. to make people 
rise from their home, make them emigrate, transplant, 
Od., Hdt., etc. 3. to make suppliants rise and leave 
sanctiiary, Hdt., Thuc. 4. of sportsmen, to put up 
game, spring it, Xen. 

B. Intr. in pres. and irnpf. a.vl<rTa/, -^v, in f. 
ava.ffT'fjcrojjLa.i, in aor, 2 ar/e'cmjv, pf. avetfTTj/ea, Att. 
plqpf . avea'T'fjKy ; also in aor. i pass. avfcfrdB^y [a] : <? 
rf#<f z^, rise, to speak, Horn., etc. : to rise from one's 
seat as a mark of respect, Lat. assurgere, II. : fo rwtf 
/raw 5^, Ib., etc, : - to rise from the dead, Ib. \-~to 
rise from an illness, recover, Hdt. 2. to rise as a 
champion, II., Soph.: c. dat. to stand up to fight against, 
Tivill,; 7fa<nv $>$ cLveffrr) 0oTs Aesch. 3. of buildings 
and statues, to be set up, to rise up, rear itself, Eur., 
Plut., etc. 4. of a river, to rise, Plut. II. to 

rise to go, set out, go away, Eur., Thuc., etc. 2. 
to be compelled to migrate, Thuc. ; of a country, to be 
depopulated, Hdt,, Eur. ; ov/ceri avLffrafM^vfj no longer 
subject to migration, Thuc. 3. of a law-court, to 
rise, Dem. 4. of game, to be put up, Xen. 

av-Lcrrop&o, f. ^<rw, jfo make inquiry into, ask about, 
Soph. : c. ace. pers. et rei, to ask a person about a 
thing, Aesch., Soph. ; so, av. nva. ircpt rivos Eur. 

dv-tcrr<pir|Tos, ov, (ay- priv,, iVropeV) ignorant of 
history : Adv., avio'Top^Tcos %xt lv Tiv6s to be ^in^n- 
formed about a thing, Plut. 

, contr. from av-lo-rao, imper. pass, of 
, v 


avCo*(i>cris [*], ccos 1 , T/, (avicro'w) equalisation, Thuc. 
av-tx^cvci), f . ffto, (aW, Ixveuw) to trace back, as a hound, 

11. : generally, to trace out, Plut. 
av-i(|aTo, Ion. 3 pi. opt. of aj/icio/tai. 
av-veijAcu, poet, for am-vet/Acu, aor. 1 inf. of 
av-vctrai, Ep. for a^a-mrat, 3 sing, of kva 
av-v44>\os, Ep. for &-ve<p\os. 
*Avvip^<>> f a", (*Ajfj/(/8as) ^o 5iW<5 -zoz^A Hannibal, Plut. 
av-oo-q-Y^w, f . ofw, to guide back, Babr. 
av-oSog, av, (OLV- priii., 68ds) having no road, impass- 

able, Eur., Xen. 
av-oBos, 7} } (hvoL, 6$6$) a 'may up, as to the Acropolis, 

Hdt. : -a jozirney inland, esp. into Central Asia,Id., Xen. 
av-o8x!po[j.aL [o], f. -vpovfjiai, Dep. to set up a wailing, 


a-voVjfjKdV, ov, (jWaj) without understanding, Od. 
O-VOTJTOS, ov, not thought on, unheard of, h. Horn. 2. 

not within- the province of thought, unintelligent, 

Plat. II. act. not understanding, unintelligent, 

Lat. ineptus, Hdt., Att.; favdyre ok you fool, Ar. ', otv^ra 

follies, Id. : Adv. -rews, Plat., etc. 
ay OLD., old Att. avoia, Ep. avofoj, 77, (&voo$) 'want of 

itnder -standing, folly, Hdt., etc. ', inr &vo(a$ Aesch. ; 
i Thuc. 

viJfXt and av-o(vw Ep. avcuofy&> II. : impf. ai/- 
, Ep. also av-$yov, rarely ^oiyoi/, Ion. and Ep. 
ov ; f . av-of|w : aor. i cw-ey^a. or ^i/oi|a, Ion. 
poet, ca^a : pf. cuv-ey^a. or -eyya : Pass. 
iJiai, f* af-e^o^at : pf . kv-eqryfjiai, -{pypai : 3 
sing, plqpf. av-|5/cTo: aor. i fo-efaQyv, subj. 'dj/-otx^, 
opt. av-OJxfle.fyy, av-otxBeis : aor. 2 vivo'iyyv : in late 
Gr., irreg. forms occur, i\v*y&, 3\v4yy (***> ty*$-x&t\v : 
to open doors, etc., a.vao(ye<rKov K\rfa they tried to put 
back the bolt so as to open the door, II. ; irv\a.s y Qvpw 
av., Aesch., Ar. 2. to undo, open, TroJ/t* avecpye 

took off the cover and opened it, II. ; metaph., avot^ayrt 
:X7)5a ^>pKWf Eur. ; av. dlvov to tap it, Theocr. 3. 

to lay open, unfold, disclose, Soph. 4. as nautical 
term, absol. to get into the open sea, get clear of land, 
Xen. II. Pass, to be open, stand open, of doors, 

Hdt., Plat. ; K<!>\.irot 8' aAA^Aoj*/ ai/oiy^/xej/ot opening 

^one into another, Plut. 

aK-oi8, f . i\<fa> : aor. i oj^fojtra : ^ s-zrf w^, of a 

^wave, Eur. 2. metaph. of passion, Hdt. 

av-oita<>5 f. Att. tw, to remove up the country : Pass, 
and Med. to shift one's dwelling up the country, to 
migrate inland, Ar. ; and of cities, to be built up the 
country, away from the coast, Thuc. : generally, to 
migrate, %*vp av&iKLo-Bels Ar., Thuc. II. to re- 

^settle: Pass, to be re-peopled, Plut. 

av-oiKo8o(Xcu, f. -fja-ca, to build up, Hdt. 2. to -wall 
up, Ar. II. to build again, rebuild, Thuc., Xen, 

av-oiKos, ov, = &~OIKO$, houseless, homeless, Hdt. 

avoiKT^ov, verb. Adj. of hvoiyco, one must open, Eur. 

av-oiKTip(i.a>v, or, pitiless, merciless, Soph., Anth. 

av-oiKTio-TOs, ov, unpitied, unmourned, Anth. 

avoncrds, ^, 6jf, (woiyvvjuLi) opened, Babr., Luc. 

av-oifcros, ov, pitiless^ ruthless, Eur.: Adv. rs,w*VA- 
out pity, without being pitied, Soph., Eur. 

O.V-OLJXCO&CO, f ut. <yicu, to wail aloud, Aesch., Thuc. 

av-oijJitoicTos, ov, (av- priv,, c^^fco) unlamented, 
Aesch. : Adv. avoijxcaicTt [t], without need to wail 
with impunity, Soph. 

avoids, ewy, ^, (a.voiyvvp.1) an opening, TTUA.W Thuc. 

avoKTT^ov,verb. Adj. of ava^epca, one must report, Soph., 

JEur. : one must refer, rt irpos n Plut. 

ovourros,, Ion. avcSXcTTos, t\, ov, (avatyepca, f. &voi<rta) 
referred, %s nva to some one for decision, Hdt. 

av-onrrp&tf, f. ^<rw, to goad to madness, Eur. 

avoLO"0), f. of ava<j)4p<i>, 

avotro, 3 sing. opt. pass, of &>&;. 

avoKO>)(e-uw, f. crw, 2*0 hold back, av. rns vias to keep 
them at anchor, Hdt. : of a chariot, to hold it in, &<?/> it 
back. Soph. 2. av. T&V r6vov T&V ftir\<av to keep up 
the tension of the ropes, keep them aw, Hdt. II* 
intr. to keep back, keep still, Id. From 

av-oK<i>)(T], fi, formed by redupl. from av-ox^ (cf. #/c<wxa 
pf . of <5X w )j fl stay, cessation, tcatcwv Thuc. : absoL a 
cessation of arms, truce, 5t* avoKta^s ylyvecrQcd nvi to 
be at truce with one, Id. 2. a hindrance, Id. 

(The forms cu/a/co)^? avaKcox^ca are late and corrupt.) 

avoXpCo,, T), (&vo\j3os) misery, Hes. [i]. 

av^Xpios, ov, =sq., Hdt. 

av-oXpos, ov, unblest, wretched, lucklesSfTlneogn 

av-dXeOpos, Ep. for avcJ5A0pos. 

avoXicij, ?}, (av^\w) hauling up, A.(0v Thuc. 


av-oXoXvJw, f. vty, to cry aloud, shout (with joy), 
Trag, 2. c. ace. to bewail loudly, Soph. II. in 
a causal sense, to excite by Bacchic cries, Eur. 

ttV-oXo4> [5], Dep. to break into loud wailing, 
Thuc., Xen. 

avouai, v. foot. , 

ay-opaXittt, f . fa, to restore to equality, equalise, I pf. 
pass. inf. &vw/zoAf<r0ai Arist. 

av-opippos^ov, without rain, of countries, Hdt. ; &/. /5oat 

streams not fed by showers, Eur. 
avofxco), f. ^<r<, (vo;*os) to ac lawlessly, w*pl TI Hdt. 
avofjiia, Ion. -C-q, ^, (&/o/toi) lawlessness, Hdt., Eur., 

av-ojiCX^Tos [f], ov, having no communion 'with others,, 

unsociable, Plat. 2. c. gen., &vo^. ircuSetas - 

acquainted with education, Luc. 
av-6|jLfJLaTOS, ov, (tf/i/ta) eyeless, sightless., Soph. 
av-op.oto-6i.8Tis, es, (T5os) o/ ww/zte H<2, 

geneous, Arist. 
av-<Juoios, ov and o, ov, unlike, dissimilar, Find., Plat. ; 

av. TU/I unlike it, Plat. : Adv. -cos, Thuc. ; av, ex^tv 

to be unlike, Xen. Hence 

avofxoiOT-qs, T7Toy, ^, (avdpaioi) dissimilarity, Plat- j and 
avop.oioco, f . cStrw, fo ia^ unlike or dissimilar. Plat. : 
Pass, fo fo or become so, Id. 

? ^OM a thing, come to an understanding, "irepi 

TWOS Plat.; -irp6s TWO. with one, Id. 2. sum up 

one's conclusions, TOI eip'^eva Id. II. pf, m pass. 

sense, civw^oX^Tj/iat irp^rreiv / am allowed to be doing, 

Dem. Hence 

avopoXoyrjTeov, verb. Adj. one must admit, Plat. 
avopnAo^Ca, y, disagreement, Plut. From 
av-ofi^XoYoSj ov, not agreeing* 
av-ofxoXoYO-vp.vos, i) ? ov, not agreeing, inconsistent, 

a-vojji.os, ov, without law, lawless, Hdt., Trag., etc. :- 

Adv. -pus, Eur., etc.; Comp, -<!>rpov f Plat. II. 

(v^os li) musical., Aesch. 
av-dvt]Tos> Dor. -aros, ov, (ovfvTjfAt) unprofitable, useless, 

Soph., Eur., etc.; neut. pi. avovyra as Adv. m rt/7r, 

Eur. II. c. gen . making no profit from a thing, Dem . 
a-voog, w f contr. a-vous, ouv, "without understanding, 

foolish, silly, II., Soph. 3 etc. : Comp. ctvo \iffr epos, Aesch. 
avoiraia, Adv., either (from fo-friu., *^wro/*ai) she flew 

away unseen; or=^vw, wj> 7iifo ^<? flzV/ or av 1 oTraTa 

(=av&o7r^v) w^ 6y #Ai? smoke-vent, Od. : -others write 

dv^Traia, ^, a kind of eagle, 
ov-oirXos, ov y without the 3ir\ov or large shield, Hdt., 


av-<$pY<xvos, OK, (o^/yyavov) 'without instruments) Plut. 
avopea., ^ 7 Dor. for fyvopeij. 
avopOoo, f. e7(T6) : aor. i 6ve)p6w(ra : -#<? s^f wp a^ain^ 

restore, rebuild, Hdt., Thuc. 2, to resfor* jt 7zm^& 

or well-being* TtoKtv Soph. 3. to $? straight again, 

set right f correct , Tiva Eur. 
av-opji,os, ov, without harbour : metaph., v^vaiov ifcy. 

i<r7rA6?v to sail into a marriage that was no haven for 

thee y Soph. 
oLV-^pvCjxt, f. opffta,, to rouse, stir up, Pind. : Pass., 

Ep. aor. 2 dvcSpro, to start up, Horn. 

6;vopoi3w, Ep. aor. i Wpovtfa, to start up, leap tip, 
Horn. ; of the sun, av6pavffv oupavbi/ $ went swiftly 
up the sky, Od.; avopoixrcus (Dor. part. aor. i) Pind. 

av-<5po<(>os, ov, roofless, Eur. 

dv-opraXtfw, f. l<ru, (opraxts) to clap the wings and 
crow, like a cockrel, Ar. ^ 

dv-opiJo-o-w, Att. -TTW: f. ^:^pi pass. avopajpuY^at ; 
to dig up what has been buried, Hdt., Ar. 2. &*/, 
rcfytov s% it up 9 break open, Hdt. 

o.v-opxOH" al > f .-4o"o/*ai, Dep. ^ /^ up and dance, Kur. 

av-5o-Los, ov and a, ov, unholy, profane, Lat. prof anus, 
of persons and things, Hdt., Att.; W<nos P&DJ a corpse 
wzVA // zf/z^ nVes unpaid, Soph.: Adv. -fe>s, ZM unholy 
wise, Id. : without funeral rites, Kur. Hence 

avocrt^Ttis, T^TOS, ^, (&v6ffios) profane ness, Plat.^ 

a-vo<ros, Ion. and Ep. oUvoucros, oj/, without sickness, 
healthy, sound, Od., Hdt., Att. 2. c. en., tfixxror 
/caKcov untouched by ill, Ear. 3. of a season, /m 
/ww sickness, Thuc. II. of things, w<tf cmtstnjr 
disease, harmless, Eur. 

dv-(J<rTos, ov, (tJcrrcoj/) boneless, of the polypus, lies. 

ot-v6cTTT]Tos 0y, (i/o<TT<w) whence non c return, Anth. 

o.-v<5<rTijutos, ovj no/ returning, K&VQV &V- Zdyitw cut olf 
his return, Od. 2. not to be retraced, Kur. 

CL-VOO-TOS, ov, unreturning, without return* Od,; Sup. 
7}/37j woa-rQrdry never, never to return, Anth. 

OLV-OTOTUU>, f. &, to break out into wailing, AcKch., Kur. 

cLV-o-oaros, ov,(o3y) without ear; witJwitthaiidlc^\\MM* 

avovs, ou?/, contr. for &voos. 

a-voixros, ov, Ion, for ^-votros. 

CLV-O-UTOLTOS, ov, (ouTciw) wmawided by sword, 11. 

av-o-uTt]Ti [r], Adv. (odrctw) without wound, II. 

avox^, ^ (&v^x w ) * holding hack, stopping, osp. of 
hostilities : pi., like Lat, induciac, an armistice, ft-nce, 
Xen. II. (ikvfyQjJML) forbearance, N. T. 

av-oxH-o-^w, f. c<rco, A> 7?o/s?, /;/# ?(/> Anth. 

av-o-ra, Ep. for <W-o-Ta, -CTTQJ$I, aor, 2 imp. of &v((r 
T7j//t : <ttva.-crTtts> l>*Lrt. 

av-o-Tiip,cvai, Ep. for Ava-a'T^vat, aor, 2 inf. of avi<m^u. 
Ep. for -CO-T^T^V, 3 dual aor. a of avtffr^u. 
v, poet, for ^va-tfrp^/eiav. 
, I ( 'p. for &va-<rx0ti"> aor. 2 of Av*x w : ^ v- 
for ava-a'xoi), irnperat. 
v. Ava-crx^T^. 
c u> Kp. for faHXr<rxf\tf*<r9at f 
Adv. w^r against* face ^ /^v, ^vr jt4- 
to fight ww tf^ ?w ; ^vra ZSci^ to look before 
one; Qfois &vra ttficei wan like the pjotls ^ //w^ /, I lom. ; 
&vrarir6(TKffQai, to aim straight at them, O<1. IX. as 
Prep, with gen., owr against ^ Mom. ; ^ti/ra way) ctaaj*/ A<- 
/m* her checks ; ^vr* <!!}>& a\p,<n'tv ( )tL ; ^vra <rt.Qtv before 
thee, Ib. 2. in hostile senst% against > Atos Syra II. 
vT-a.Yop<x w > f, <rw, /o fizy TO///* money received in p<{v~ 
went for something else, Xcn.t-Pa.s55,, aor. i part. Avr- 
o,yopo,ffQe(s Dem. 

,vT-aYop-uw, f . o'co, ^ A'^m^ against t reply, Pind, : /w 
gainsay, contradict, rwi Ar. 

LVT-aYwvCto(juat, f . Att. -Tofytw : as Dep. fo struggle 
against, prove a match for , -rtv^ Hdt,, Thuc. : gener- 
ally, jftf struggle or dispute with, nvi Thuc. ; of (bra- 
Tl the parties in a lawsuit^ Xen. 
, f. ^crw, #<? oppose, be a rival, Arist* Front 


is, ov, <5, (a.vray(avlo(jLa.L) an opponent., com- 
petitor, rival,"X.QTi.,ekc.; avr. epcaros a rival in love, Eur. 
VT-aetpw, = avr-afpo) : Med., avrastpecrQcu xeTpas nvi 
to raise one's hands against one, Hdt. 
vrdcis, Dor. for dvr^eis. 

.vT-a0Xos, ov, contending' against, rivalling, TWOS Anth. 
.vT-aiScojxai, Med. to respect in return, Xen. 
ivratos, a, ov, (&vra) set over against, right opposite, 
avrata, ir\fiyi\ a wound in front, Soph., Eur. 2. opposed 
to, hostile, hateful, Eur.; nvi to one, Aesch. ; ravroua 
Bscav their hostile purposes, Id. 

iVT-cupw, f . -apca, aor. i JJpa : to raise against, %eT/3as 
nvL Anth. ; so in Med., Thuc. II. intr. to rise up 
against, nvi Plat., Dem.; 7rp(foTiorTiya,Dem., etc. 2. 
of a cliff, to rise opposite to, irpbs r^v A.L/Biir)v Plut. 

avT-aiTCt>, f. 'fjo'ca, to demand in return, Thuc. 

avTaiccuos, o, a sort of sturgeon, Hdt. (Deriv. unknown.) 

avT-oLico'uw, f. -owcrojucu, to hear in turn, ri avri TWOS 
Soph.: absol. to hear in return, Aesch., Xen. 

avT-aXaXato, f. <w, to return a shout, Aesch. aras, ro, (avra\\d<r <?(*>) that which is given 
or taken in exchange, <f)t\ov for a friend, Eur. ; TTJS 
\J/i%77$ for one's soul, N. T. 

evraXXaKT^ov, verb. Adj. one must give in exchange, 
r iv 6s for a thing 1 , Dem. From 

avT-aXXacrcrw, Att. -TT&>, f . , to exchange one thing 
with another, ri nvi Eur. ; rfyv k^iooffiv r$>v oj/o/xarcoi/ 
avr. to change the signification of the names, Thuc. II. 
Med. to take in exchange, rt TWOS one thing" for 
another, Eur., Dem. ; ri a,vrl rwos Dem. ; av- 
TaA.A.aeTcu shall receive death in exchange, i.e. as a 
punishment, Eur.: Pass., avryXXay/Aevos rov GKarepav 
rpdwov having made an interchange of each other's 
custom, i. e. having each adopted the other's way, Thuc. 

avT-a}jt.eL(Bo}, f. -I^Q/ACII, Med. to exchange one thing 
with another, ri rtvi Archil. II. c. ace. pers, to 

repay, requite, punish, Id., Aesch., etc. III. to 

answer again, Hdt. ; cti/r. rt irp6s riva. Soph. 

avT.apXvo}Ji,ai [o], f, -vvov^at, Med. to defend oneself 
against, resist, Thuc. II. to requite, nv& Kattots 


avT-avafJXpao>, f . -jSi/Bw, to make go up in turn, Xen. 

avT-ava-yw, f . a>, to lead up against, &vr, veas to put 
ships to sea against, Hdt. ; but also, avr. vavcrl with 
ships, Thuc. ; so, favTavdyeiv or foravdyecrQai alone, 
Id., Xen. II. to bring %ip or out instead, Anth. 

&vT-avaipd<), f. ^crco, to take aivay from the opposite 
sides of an account, to cancel, Dem. 

avT-avaX<rKw, f. ~a\(&a'a> ) to destroy in return, Eur. 

avT-avajA<!v(">, f . -/xevco, to wait instead of taking active 
measures, Thuc. 

avT-ava7rfAirXiri|JU, f. -TrX-fjcrca, to fill up in return, Xen. 

avT-avaTrXcKw, f. |cy, to plait in rivalry with , nvi Anth. 

avT-avairXTfjp^w, f, cJjo*co, to supply as a substitute or 
balance, rivk TT^OS riva, Dem. 

avr-avSpos, ov,(kvrip) instead of a man, as a substitute y 

L, (Tjut ibo) to rise so as to balance, rtvl Thuc. 
i, f -trr^erw, to set tip against, ri nvi 
Plut. II. Pass., with aor, 2 act., to rise up against, 
nvi Soph. 

a, ov, -worth just as much as, c. gen., II., 

7 5 

Hdt., Att. 2. absol. worth as much, worth no less, 
II. Hence 

avTai.<$<i>, f . (*xra), to demand as equivalent, or in turn, 

avT-airatTeo), f. TJCTOJ, to demand in return, Thuc. : 
Pass, to be called on for a thing in turn, ri Plut., f. tyo/mat, Med. to obey in turn, nvi 

avT-aircp-uKW [o], f. w, to keep off in turn, Anth. 

avT-airo8iKvt)p.t or uw, f. -Se^w, to prove in return 
or answer, Xen. 

avT-airo88co|ju, f. -5c<jcrco, to gii)e back, repay, tender in 
repayment or requital, Batr., Hdt., Att. : absol. to 
make a. return, Thuc. II. to make correspondent, 
Plat. 2. intr. to answer to, correspond with, rols 
erepois Id. 3, to give back words, answer, 

rtvi Id. III. to deliver in titrn, rb <n5v07j/xa 

Xen. IV. to give back a sound, Plut. 

avTair<$8ofJLa, aros, r6, (avra-rroSiSwfJLi} repayment, re- 
quital, N. T. 

aVTair^Socris, ecas, rj, (avraTrofiiStofjLL) a giving back in 
tiirn, Thuc. : a. rendering, requiting, repayment, re- 
ward, N. T. 

avT-airoKpivofiat [f], Med. to answer again, N.T. : to 
argue against, rtvi Ib. 

avT-airoKTeiva), f. KrevS), to kill in return, Hdt., Att. 

avT-airoXap-pavw, f. ~A^o/iou, to receive or accept in 
return, Plat., Dem. 

avT-aTToXX-vfii, f. avoX^ffoj, to destroy in return, Eur., 
Plat. II. Pass, and Med., with pf. 2 act.\a, 
to perish in turn, Eur. ; for^p avdpbs l/cacrrou Se/ca avra- 
iro'XXvffdaL that ten be p^tt to death in revenge for each 
man, Hdt. 

avT-airoTico, f. ricrta [t], to requite, repay, Anth. 

avT-a'iro4>aCvto,f.-<ob'ci),zf0 shew on the other hand,Thuc, 

avT-airTop-ai, Ion. for oj'fl-aTrrOjuai. 

avT-apK<(c>, f. ~<ra>, to hold out against, nvi Thuc. ; 
irp6s rt Plut. II. absol. to hold out, persist, Ar. 

avT-a0-irao|, f. dffojjiai, Dep. to welcome or greet in 
turn, Xen. ; to receive kindly, Id. 

avTavycCa, ^ reflexion of light, Xen. From 

avT-a-uY&o, f, ^<ra>, (avyfj) to reflect light, tydcryavov 
avravje'i <j>6"vov flashes back murder, Eur. 

avr-av8a<), f. ^(Tca, to speak against, answer, riva Soph. 

avT-a-uw, f . crta : Dor. aor, i -avcra [C], to sound in turn, 
answer, nvi Pind. 

avT-a4>(ir||U, f. -a^<ra>, to let go or let fall in turn, Eur. 

avTaw, poet. 3 sing. opt. hvrtpT] : Ion. impf. ^vrsov : L 
a,vr^]ff(a: Dor, aor. I &vrdo'ai pf. ^vrT]Ka: (&vra): I. 
c. dat, pers. to come opposite to, meet face to face, meet 
with, II., Trag. II. c. gen., either 1. gen. pers. 
to meet in battle, Horn. ; or 2. gen. rei, to take 
part in, partake in or of, Id. ; ft-iras fyvrya'as OTTW- 
-H-TJS how thou hast sped in getting sight of him, Od.; 
so, OCJ/T. fcivltov Hdt. ; KOLK&V Soph. ; so^ &vra.<re *Epex- 
QsiSuv partook of their blood, Id, 
aor. i of <Wtj3o/N.ew. 

^3 t insert one name instead of 
another, Dern. 

avT-e-yKaX^w, f . ra>, to accuse in turn, Dem. 

avT-ei.KQLa> f . dffo/ : aor, i -j/Kacra : to compare in 
return, rtvd rivi Ar. ; absol., Plat. 

7 6 

av-reCvw, poet, for ava-rttvu. 

avT-t7rov, aor. 2 with no pres. (avr-ayopeixo being used 
instead, cf. ctj/r-epw) : tfo s/te against or zn answer, 
gainsay, c. dat., otiSey avr.nvi Aesch., etc.: absol. 
^fljfe m answer, Thuc., etc. ; dvr. CTTOS to utter a word 
0/ 1 contradiction, Eur. 2. a*/r. nyf n^to set one 
thing- against another, Plat. 3. KaKcas avr. nvd to 
speak ill*of him in turn, Soph. 

avT-etpoucu, Ion. for avr-epo/j.aL. 

dvT-L(ra-ya>, f. |a>, to introduce instead, siibstitute, 
Dem. II. to bring into office in turn, Plut. 

avT-KicXirT<), f . ij/w, to steal away in return, Ar. 

avT-eKK^TTTw, . tj/a), to knock out in retitrn, Dem. 

avT-CKTrejAiTG), f. tj/co, zto send out in return, Xen.,f . -TrAeiJcro/icu, saz7 0w against >nv( Thuc. 

avT-KTivco, f. -revto, to stretch out in opposition, a.v. 
a&rdv nvi to match oneself 'with another, Ar. 

avT-eKTi0Tr]jxtf.-^a'w i zfo set forth or state instead, Plut. 

.vTKTpX<>> f. -5/>a/AOv/xcu, s#/y cm against, Xen. 

avT-eXatJva), f. ~eA<2, intr. /<? s#z7 against, Plut. 

.VT-\.irie I >, f. croo, to hope instead or , turn, Thuc. 

,VT-ep.|3dXX&>, f.-jSaAto, intr. make an inroad in turn, 
Xen. : ifo attack in turn, Plut. 

avr<-jApL{3d<o, . -jSijScD, />w board instead, Thuc. 

avT-ejjtiriJYVujxai, aor. -eveTrdyyv [a], Pass, stick right 
in, rtvt Ar. 

avT~p,ir(irXifj|JLi, f. -vK^cfw, to fill in turn, Xen. : to fill 
in return, by way of compensation, rl TWOS Id. 

avTCfXTriirpTjjutL, f. -vpiicroc, to set on fire in return, Hdt. 

avT-}JL<|>acn.s> ews, y f (fytyatvca) difference of appearance, 

avT-|d"y<o, f. a>, to export in turn or instead, Xen. 
avT-|aiT&0, f. ^(tttf, to demand in return, Plut. 
avT-lfeitu, (cljai 100) to go out against,, Xen. 
avT-efeXa-uvw, f . -cAw., ^o drive, ride, sail o%tt against, 


avr-ef, = drr^ei/ii, Xen. 
ciVT-e|T(xa), f. cio'co,, fo #ry one by the standard of an- 

other, Aeschin. ; ri npos n Plut. : Med, to measure 

oneself against another, nvi Luc. : to dispute with 

him at law, Id. 

avT-elnrTreTjft), f. ffca, to ride out against, Plut. 
ovT-|<$p(XTjcri,s, eu$, T\ 9 (^-op/^cw) a sailing against, 

Thuc. : a mode of attack, Plut. 
avT-eircLYw, f . , to lead against : intr. to advance 

against, Thuc. 
avT-eiraivlw, f. <r(6 3 to praise in return, Xen. II. 

Pass., &vr. nvi to be extolled in comparison with, Luc. 
avT-eiravd-Yoixai, Pass, to put to sea against, TTO^S rti/a 


avT-ira<|ni!)|xi [r],f . -a^o-co, to let slip against, npi Luc. 
&vr-ircLju, (efjui ibo} to rush upon, meet an advancing 
^ enemy, c. dat. or absol., Thuc. 
avT-cireld-yw, f . %&, intr., to go out against, Thuc. 
avT-7r^ip,i, (eljtu ibo] to march out to meei an enemy, 

irp6s rtva Thuc. ', absol., Xen. 

w, f. -\w, foreg-., Thuc. 

j f. ifjo'tw, to clamour against one, Luc. 

. <r, to form counter-designs, Thuc. 
j f. ^cy, jf<? write something- instead, Dem. 

fAi, f. -5*^0?, ^ exhibit in turn, Xen,; 
so Med., Plut. 

avT-7n.0t>(j^<o, f . TJCTOJ, to desire a thing m rivalry imtk 
another, c. gen. rei, Andoc. : Pass., avreirtOvjj.e'icrOcit rys 
t-vvovcrias to have one's company desired in turn, Xen, 

avT-cTTiKovp^w, f. ^(Tw, to help in return, nvi Xen. 

dvT-eiri|xX^ojj,at or -jx^Xajxai, Dep. to attend or give 
heed in turn, nv&$ to one, Xen. 

avT-TnarT^XXc), f . a'TcXa), to write an ansiver, Luc. 

oLVT-eiriorTpaTe-uo), f. crw, to take the field against, Xen. 

aVT-emT<xcr<r<>,f . ^co, to order in turn, nvi TTOL^V rtThuc* 

avT-iriTeixCo|jLai-, f. Att. ~ioO/iai, Dep. with pf. pass. 
#M27<s? a fort in retaliation, Thuc. 

avT-TriTi6Tjjj,t, f. -Q^cra, to entrust a letter 1*71 answer, 
irpos rut/a Thuc, 

avTCirtx^ip^Wj f. ^creo, to attack in turn, nvi Plut. 

avT-^pajiai, aor. i -"ypdcrdyv : Dep. to rival another In 
love for a person, nvi nvos Luc. 

avT-paviw, to contribute in turn ; Pass, to be repaid , 

avT-epacTT-qs, ov, o, a rival in love, rwds for another* 
Ar. : a rival, Plat. 

avT-cpdw, to love in return, Acsch. ; kvrepciv nv$ 
Luc. II. avr. nvi nvos to rival one in love for an- 
other, Eur. : absol., rb forspav jealous love, Plut. 

avT-cpcCSw, f. <ro), to set firmly against, ri rivt luir. ; 
OLVT. |iJXa [r<j3 Tr^-yy] #o i^*/' wooden props against it, 
Xen.; CC^T. &d(TLV to plant it J?rw/, Soph. II, intr* 
to stand firm 3 resist pressure, Xen. From 
, ews, ^, resistance, Plut. 

Ion. -clpo/, aor. 12 - IJ/M^WJI^ Dep. /<; a&'Jfe 
m /z*!r;z, Hdt., Xen. 
vr-cpvoixav, aor. I inf. *pi)ffaQ'Qa,t [vl Dep. /<> tnakff 
equal in weight with, to value equally with, c. 14'eru, 

vT-epw, f . with no pres. in use : pf . avreipwiccx. (cf . &vr- 
fiirov) i~to speak against, gainsay, Soph. ; rt ttp&'s 
nva Ar, ; c. inf. to rcfztse, Aesch. :- Pass., ovS^v avrct- 
t no denial shall be given. Soph. 
, car os, 6, return-love, Plat. 

avT-epwrdw, f. ^<ro>, ^ guest ion in turn, Ipwrd^vos 
bvrepwrav Plat. 

avr-evpYT^w, f . ^erco, ^ return a kindness,, Xen. 

&vr-ivo0>, f. ^o"cy, to wish ivell in return , rif/ Xen. 

dvT-^x w l)r o-VT-tcrx<> : f. kv&-^}-(t> : aor. 2 &vr~^(r%ov :- 
/o jWtf? against, c. ace. et gen., xcTpa &VT. Kpards to 
hold one's hand against one's head, so as to shade the 
eyes, Soph, ; c. dat., o^aori 8* ^vriff^i.s rdv$* a/yAai/ 
may* si thou keep this sunlight u^tw his eyes (al. ojf 
his eyes), Id. II. to hold out against^ withstand, 
c. dat., Hdt., Thuc.; Tr/^rivaThue.," c. ace. toettdun^ 
Anth, 2, absol, tf<? hold out, stand onc*s grtntnd, 
Hdt., Att. : to hold out, endure, last, Hdt,, etc. ; of the 
rivers drunk by the Persian army, hold out, sitjficf, 
Id. III. Med. to hold before one against something 1 , 
c. ace. et gen.j Od. 2, c. gen. to hold on fy t ding 
to, Hdt., Att. : metaph,, &>>r. r&v $p(0w' to cling to 
the banks, keep close to them, Hdt, ; <W, tywys, rw 
TroX^fjLov Id.; rv}$ 6aXdcra"iris Thuc, 3, ajb-sol. to hold 
out, Soph. 4. c. dupl. gen. pers. et rei, &?0l(rf 
crov rwy %p?//x,c{Twy wi7/ /<2y claim to the property from 
you, dispute it with you, Ar. 

tmfjcLs, Dor. -dcis, ecro-a, ex, (avra) hostile, Find. 
vr-i]Xio5 (not avd-'f}\ios) , ov, opposite the sun, i. e. 
facing east, Soph.; Sal/Jioves OLVT^KLOL statues of gods 
which stood in the sun before the door, Aesch. II. 
like the sun, formed like avriQeos, Eur. 
,VTTJV, (avrC) Adv. against, over against, avryv CTT^- 
erojucu I will confront him, II. ; d/jLOicaB-fifjievai avri\v to 
match himself against me, Horn. ; &vrf\v px<-(r6ai to go 
straight forwards, II. ; avryv jSa/NAeorflcu to be struck in 
front, Ib. ; avrrjv eicrifreei*/ to look him in the face, Ib. ; 
&VT7)v \6scrQai to bathe before all, Od. ; 0e$ evaXlyftios 
frvrtiv like a god aw presence, Ib. 

ivr-iqvcop, opoy, <5, ^, (a^f) instead of a man, a"tro$bs 
avr. dust for men, Aesch. 

J,VT-iripTTfjs, ov, 6, (fyenjs) properly, one who rows 
against another : generally an adversary, Aesch. 

ivT-ijpiris, $, (avri, v. -'fjpys) set over against, opposite, 
face to face, Eur. : c. gen, over against, facing, Id. ; 
avr-f)pts (Trtpvcav trK'riyot.s aimed straight at the breast, 
Soph. : c. dat., avr. nvi opposite to a thing, Eur. 

o,VT-ir]pts, iSos, -ft, (avrl, ty*t$ta) a prop, stay, support, 
Eur., Xen. ; in Thuc., avryplSss are stay-beams, fixed 
so as to strengthen the timbers of the bow. 

avTirjcrTts, ecos, 77, (avrato) a meeting, Od. 

avT-Tjx^, Dor. -ax&u, f. 1^0*0?, to sound or sing 1 in 
answer, Eur. II. of a musical string, to sound re- 
sponsively, Plut,, Luc. 

*AN"TT, Prep. c. gen.: orig. sense over against, oppo- 

A. Usage, 1. of Place, instead, in the place of, 
Horn., etc. 2. as good as, equal to, ai/rl iroAAco? 
Xawv ffriv he is as good as many men, II. ; avrl Kacriy- 
vftrov Od. 3. at the price of, for, avrl %p*\V'& T<x>v 

for money paid, Hdt., etc. 4. for the sake of, 
Soph. 5. to mark comparison, ev av6* ev6$ one set 
against the other, compared with it, Plat. : so, after 
Comparatives, TrAeoj/ burl cfov Soph.; also (esp. after a 
negative), a\\o$ avr' <?/ioi) Aesch. 

B. Position: <W rarely follows its case, and then 
does not suffer anastrophe. 

C. IN COMPOS., 1. over against, opposite, as 
avrlvropos. 2. against, in opposition to, as avri" 
\y(0. 3. in return, as avrLpotiQea). 4. instead, 
as kj'r'fjvtop. 5. equal to, like, as a-vriQeos. 6. 
counter, as favrtrviros. 

&vrCa. y as Adv., v. bvrios n. 

aVTia^w, impf. jjvria^ov, Ion. wria^ov : f. ayrido~ci}, 
Dor. -dt^co : aor. i yvrloLffa: (avr(os) : to meet face to 
face, I. c. ace, pers. to encounter, whether as friend 
or foe, Hdt., Aesch. : absol. to meet, answer, Pind. 2. 
to approach as suppliants, to entreat, supplicate, Hdt., 
Soph. II. c. dat. pers. to meet in fight, Pind. 

aVTi-dvcipa, ^, (kvri, avfjp) fern. Adj., a match for men, 
of the Amazons, II. II. vrdcns avridveipa faction 

wherein man is set against man, Pind. 

&vriac>, used by Horn, in Kp. forms write*), inf. &vridav, 
3 pi. imp. ^vTio^yrcov, part, favridtav, d&ocra, dcavres : 
f. fortdcrw [a]; aor. I tyvriacra : Mod., Ep. 2 pi. 
ayndor&e : (kvrios) : I. to go for the purpose of 

meeting : 1. c. gen. rei, to go in quest of, Horn. ; of 
an arrow, to hit, II. ; of the gods, io come (as it were) to 
meet an offering, to accept it, or to partake of it, Horn. ; 


then, generally, to partake of, enjoy, obtain, Od., 
Soph. ; so in Med., II. 2. c. gen. pers. to match or 
measure oneself with, Ib., Theogn. II. c. dat. pers. 
to meet with, encounter, Horn. III. c. ace. rei, to 
come to, visit, share, ^^bv \4x os o-vr^wcra, II. 
iVTupaCvw, f. -ft'fjffouat, to go against, withstand, re- 
sist, c. dat., Hdt., Aesch. ; irKevpaTcriv avr ifiaffa having 
set her foot against, Eur.; also absol., Hdt., etc.; avrt- 
&d$ reluctant, Soph. ; but, avnftas e\av to pull stoutly 
against the oar, going well back, Ar. 
LVTi-pdXXw, f. -fia\j, to throw against or in tzirn, 
return the shots, Thuc. II. to put one against the 
other, \6yovs avr. irpbs aAA^A.ous to exchange words in 
conversation, N. T. 

, (avnfiatvto) resistance, Plut. 
i, 6v, (ctjmjScuVw) contrary, opposite, Plut. 
, Dep. to use force against, Anth. 
', Adv. (&ia) against, face to face, II. 

dvTi-pios, a, ov and as, ov, (jQ(a) opposing force to force, 
avrifiiois ^nreecrcn with wrangling words, Horn. : neut. 
as Adv. = avrifiliiv, II. 

LvTi-pX^hro), f. -Aetyco or -o/ua, to look straight at, 
lookjn the face, c. dat. pers., Xen. Hence 

v, verb. Adj. one must look in the face, Luc. 
ecos, T], a looking in the face, a look, Xen. 
Itt, f, ^ffo/Liai, to return a cry, Bion. 

dvTi-poTj0l, f . 7^<rco, to help in t^c.rn f rtvi Thuc., Xen. 

dvTtpoXco) : impf. 3}vrift6Xovv : f. -T^crw : aor. i avrefid- 
\7j(Ta, with double augm. Jivrefifarjo-a : (avrt-^d\\ca) : 
to meet by chance, esp. in battle, c. dat. pers. or 
absol., Horn. 2. c. dat. rei, to be present at, (f>6v(p 
avSpuv, rdtytp av$pu>v Od. 3. c. gen. rei, to par- 
take of, have one's share of, II. ; rdfyov Od. 4. 
to fall to one's lot, c. gen. pers., ydjjios ch/Ti/3oAirj<m 
i/j.eOev Ib. 5. c. ace, pers. to meet as a suppliant, 
entreat, supplicate, Ar.; c. ace. et inf.. Id.: absol. 
to supplicate, entreat, Id. Hence 

dvrip(iXir]cris, ecas, ^, avrL^oXta, Plat. 

dvripoXCa, 77, (avri^oXito) entreaty, prayer, Thuc. 

aVTippovrdw, f . -^crco, to rival in thundering, nvl Luc. 

aVTi-Y^Y <l)va > pk i n pres. sense, to retzirn a cry^ Anth. 

avri,-Y V1l l^ o "Y* w > I n - form, to rival in pedigree, Hdt. 

avTi-Y vw H <o v&U| f. TjcToj, (yvt&u&v) to be of a different 
opinion ; avr. ri pfy OVK etvai to think that a thing is 
otherwise : , Xen. 

o.VTt-YpoifJi'H.a., aros, r6, = avrtypa<f)0v y Luc. 

dvTi-Ypo.<|> 1l ''^> caf t &, a check-clerk, controller, Aeschin.; 
avr. r&v elffevtyKovraiv one who keeps a check upon 
their accounts, Dem. 

dvTL-Ypttc|>i], 77, a reply in writing, such as Caesar's 
Anticato in reply to Cicero's Cato, Plut. II. as 

law-term, a plea, indictment, Plat'., Dem. 

ou"r-Ypa4>os, ov, copied, Dern. : as Subst., avriypaipov, 
r6, a transcript, copy, counterpart, Id. From 

dvTt-Ypd<j)ai [a], f . *j/a>, to write against or in answer, 
write back, Thuc., Plut. II. Med., with pf. pass., 
as law-term, to put in as a plea, to plead against, Dem. 

oLVTi-Sdicvft), f. -S^^o/uat, to bite in turn, Hdt. 

avTi-Sciirvos, ov, (JSeiTrvov) taking another's place at- 
dinner, Luc. 

fjiai, Dep. to salute in return, riva Xen. 
., f . o'G', Dep. to entreat in return, Plat. 

, Dep. cu/Ti^Ae'Trw, c. ace,, Eur. 
a.vTi-8exojAcu, f. -5e0/ieu, Dep. to receive or accept in 

return, Aesch., Eur. 

avTi-STjjfca-yoryiEO), f . ^<rw, to rival as a demagogite, Plut. 

avTi-Siapatva), . -^ffo^ai) to cross over in turn, Xen. 
- avTi-SiapaXXo, . ~j3a\w, to attack in ret^lrn > Arist. 

avTi-StatrXeicca, f. |eo, to retort, Aeschin. 

avTt-SiaTiecfxai, Med. to offer resistance, rovs C.VTI- 
^Laride^evovs opponents, N.T. 

avTL-SiSda-icw, f. fa, to teach in turn or on the other 
side, Anth. : of poets, to contend for the prise 3 Ar. 

avTi-8i8|u, f. -Scotrw, to give in return, repay, rl TLVL 
Hdt.j Att. 2. to give for or instead of, rl TWOS 
Eur. ', n tori rti/oy Ar. IX. at Athens, &vr. [rfyv 

Qvartav"] to offer to change fortunes with one (cf . wrl- 
Socris), Dem., etc. 

cLVTi-SilleijJLi, to go through in turn, Aeschin. 

avriSXK&o, f . ^<rco : impf . fyvriSiKovv, or with double 
augm. fyvrelSiKOvv ; aor. i 7)jt"rt5//o7<ra : (ayrl^mos) -to 
dispute, go to law, irepi TWOS Xen. ; ot avn^iKovyres 
the parties to a suit, Plat, j absol. o the defendant, Ar.j 
a*"r. Trp6s TI or itp6$ TWO,, to urge one's Mitt against . . , 
Dem. From 

AvTi-Sucos, ov, (5/7j) an opponent in a suit, defendant 
or plaintiff, Plat., etc. : generally an opponent, Aesch. 

avri-8oos, ov, (W|a) of a different opinion or sect, Luc. 

avTi-Sopos, ov, (JSopd) clothed with something- instead 
of a skin, Anth. 

avTtSocris, (*>$, ?}, (ajmS&cojUi) a giving in return, ex- 
change, Arist., Luc. II. at Athens, a form by which 
a citizen charged with a XeiTOv/ryla or public charge 
might call upon any other citizen, whom he thought 
richer than himself, either to exchange properties, or to 
take the charge upon himself, Xen., Dem,, etc. 

avTiSoros, QV, (aj"ri$l;5eo/Ai) given in lieu of, irvpos 
Anth. II. given as a remedy for, KaK&v Id. : as 
Subst., wridoros, y, an antidote. Id. 

avTi-SovXevo), f . crw, to serve in place of, rw&s Eur, 

avTi-8ov\os> ov, treated as ct slave* Aesch. 

avTi-Soviros, ov, re-echoing, Aesch. ; forlSowird TIVL Id. 

avn-Spaw, f. "-8pc<no, to act against, retaliate, Soph., 
Eur. II. c. ace. pers. to repay, requite, Soph., Eur, 

avri-Swp^ofiai, f. ^tro/iai, Dep. to present in return, 
Tivd, TWL one ivith a thingf, Hdt., Plat., etc.; also, CLVT, 
rivl n to present a thing- in turn to one, Eur. 

w, f. ^orcu, to seek one 'who is seeking us, Xen, 
&>j f. 'fjcrco, to save alive in turn, Babr. 
w, f . al/co, to bury opposite ; Pass., aor. 2 hvre- 
[a], Anth. 
cos, TJ, ov, equal to the gods, godlike, Horn, 

avTt-0epaTT'vw, . era, to take care of in return, Xen. 

avTidccris, ecus, f), '(&j/Tn-(07j/u) opposition, resistance, 

^ Plat., Anth. 2. antithesis, Isocr, 

avTi-6^0), f . -6e^cro/Aai, to run against another, compete 
in a race, Hdt. II. to run contrary ways, Anth. 

avTi-0iJY>, f. 0?, to nohet against another, b$6vra.$ irt 
TWO, Luc. 

dvT^-Opoos, ov, echoing, Anth. 

avri-Ovpos, ov, (9i>pa) opposite the door : as neut. Subst., 
&vri6vpov, r6, the part facing the door, the vestibule, 
Od., Soph. 2. the side of a room facing the door, 




again or instead, 

aVTi-Ka0Tf](Aat, Ion. av-rt-KaT-, pf. of aj/ri/ca0/(b/xai, used 
as pres., to be set otter against / of armies or fleets, to 
lie over against, so as to watch each other, I kit., Thuc. 

avTi-Ka0o|xou, Ion. avTL-icaT-, f. --/caflsSou/xat, aor. 2 
-Kadef^/ii'rjv : Mcd. to sit or lie over against, of 
armies or fleets watching one another, Hdt., Thuc. 

avTi-Ka0{crrT]p.L, Ion. aVTi-Ka,T ; f. -Karaffr^crw : "to 
lay down or establish instead, nubstitittc, replace, 
Hdt., Thuc. 2. to set against, oppose, nva irpds TWO, 
Thuc. ; rivd TIVI Plat. 3. to bring back again, 
restore, Thuc. II. Pass., with aor. 2 and pi", act,, 
and aor. i pass. KarefrrdBTfjv [aj, to be put in another's 
place, reign in his stead, Hdt., Xen. 2. to stand 
against, resist, nvi Xen.; absol. , Thuc, 

avri-icaKo-vpY&o, f. Tjmo, to damage in //'//-, rivd Plat. 

avTi-icaX&i), f. ecr&j, to invite in turn, Xen. 

avTi-KaraOvqcricw, f. -~0&vovfji.a,i : aor. a -"$Qa,v0v ; j*y 
die or be slain in turn, Aesch. 

avTi-jcaraXciirw, f. \\i<a, to Ica^o in one's stead, Plat. 

avTi-KaTo.XX<x<rorop,ai, Att. -TTQ|A<U, f , -aAXa^Oyuat : 
Med. : to exchange one thing for another : 1. to 
give one thing for another, ri nvos Dem. 5 rt avri or 
uTTcp TWOS Oratt. 25. to receiva one thing- in ex- 
change for another, ri avrl TWOS Isocr. 

avTi-KaTarcCvo), f, ~TJ/W, to stretch out or set directly 
in contrast, n irapd ri Plat. 

avTt-KaTTjyopew, f. ^<r, to accuse in itt-ni, recriin-utttte 
upon, nv6s Aeschin. 

avTt-KaTTr||JLai, - KaTi^Ojj.aL, -KaTCcrnr|fii,i Ion. for tort- 

avTi-KaTwv [a], wos, ^, Aitticwto, name of a book 

written by Caesar in reply to the Cffto of Cicero, Plut. 
avTL->, f. -KicrofJi,at, used as Pass, of dj/Ttrf^/u, 

to be set over against, He f>ppe)site y Plat. ; Adv. part, 

&vTiK.u}A.w<it$, by wary of opposition, Arist. 
ivn-KeXc-ww, f. <rw, to command in turn, Thuc. : 

Pass, to be bidden to do a thing in turn, Id. 
avrC-Kcvrpov, r<, something acting as n i?oad t Aesch. 
avTi-icTj8e'u<D f. (Tco, to tend instead of another, rwfa Km. 
avTi-KiqpTjcrarw, f. w, to proclaim in answer, Kur. 
avTi-KXa^w, f . K\dyfa, to sound against,, to he echoed 

by a thing, Eur, : &JT. AXA^Xaw /tcAyy to sing against 

one another, Id. 
avTt-KXatw, Att. - icXaa>, f. -/cAawefyjUat, to t^eejt iu 

return, Hdt. 
avTUKvijjiuov, r<f, the part of the leg opposite the W/J/AT?, 

the shin, Ar. 

avTL-x:oXcx^o|j,au > Pass, to be punished in return ^ Lue 
oLVTL-KoXaK-vio), f. <rw, to flatter in turn, Plut. 
avTi-KO|jiico, f, ff(a, to brijitf back as an answer, Plut. 
^a), f, ac^w, to botist hi opposition, rtvt Plut. 
, f , tj/w, to beat back, resist, oppose ^ Xen. 2, 

impers., JJv ri <b/ri/c<ty]7 if them be any hindrance) Id. 
i, Mod. to take arms again at, *rwi Anth. 
, f. ^crw, to hold instead of another, Anth. 
s w$, ^, a striking against > hindrance i a, 

repartee , Aeschin. From 
avTL-Kpox!w, f, o"<w, to strike against t to be a hindrance^ 

counteract f rwi Thuc, " f wptfo n Plut.; absol. Dem. 
, over ag<tin$t 9 right opposite^ c. 


Kpv Ib. II. = &vrltcpv$, straight on, right on, Horn, ; 
followed by a Prep., avrutpii av o$ovTa.s, avrmpv Si 
&/JLOV Id.; avrutpb /caret jUeVtrov right in the middle, 
II. 2. outright) utterly, avriKph 5' CCTT^TJJU.! Ib. 

avrtjcpvs, Adv. straight on, right on, Thuc., etc. 2. 
outright, openly , "without disguise, Aesch.., Thuc., etc.; 
a"r. SovAefa downright slavery, Thuc. ; OVK &vriKpvs 
not ##//, Ar. II. later, = avrlKp-t), opposite, Arist.,Plut. 

,VTL-tcT6Vos, ov, (Krclvu) in requital for tnurder, Aesch. 

o.VTt-KiTTj'jrew, f. TJCTW, rm^, c7<2sA against, nvl Anth. 

o-VTiKvpw [0], aor. i avreKvpcra, to hit upon, meet, rtvi 
Find., Soph. 

cLVTi-KtuLKoScto, . TjcTw, fo ridicule in turn, Plut. 

AvTiXapTJ, ^, (a,vri\a]LL&dvo) <cz thing to hold by, a 
handle, Lat. ansa, Thuc. : metaph., TroAAcfcsr . . l^ei 
avTi\aftds gives many handles against one, points of 
attack, Plat. 

LVTi-XaYX<iv<o, f . -A^ : pf . -efATjxa : as law-term, 
CCJ/T. Slatrav to have a new arbitration granted, i. e. to 
get the old one set aside, Dem.,- for. prj/j.ov (sc. rfyv 
Si/ojv) to get it s<? aside by default, Id. 

.vri-Xaofi,ai,, -ufxcu, Dep. 2*0 foz^tf A<?/d? of, hold by, c. 
gen., Eur. : to partake in, irovcw Id. 2. c. ace. to 
receive in turn, Id. 

avTi-XaicTta>, f . <r, &> &V against, rtvl Ar. 

avTL-Xap,pavw, f . -\fjtyouat : aor. 2 -eAaoj/: pf.~/A7?0a: 
receive instead of, rl rivos Eur. : to receive in turn 
or as a return, rt Id., etc. II. Med., with pf. pass. 
-c/A^jU/im, like avrcxopai, c. gen. to lay hold of, 
Theogn., etc.; x^P as ^ VT - to gain or reach it, Thuc. 2. 
to help, take part with, assist, Eur.; c. gen. rei, to help 
towards a thing, Thuc. ; c. gen. pers., N. T. 3. 
to lay claim to, rov 6p6vov Ar. 4. to take part, 
or share in a thing, take in hand, Lat. capessere, 
T&V 7rpay/n,dra>y Xen., etc. 5. to take hold of for 
the purpose of finding fault, to reprehend, yjjiQv 
Plat. 6, to take fast hold of, to captivate, o \6yos 
avriXa/Mfidiverat /LLOV Id. III. in Med, also, to hold 

against, holdback, 'linrov Xen. 

AvTi-XajjLirw, f . ij/00, to kindle a light in turn, Aesch . II. 
intr. to reflect light, shine, Xen. 2. to shine oppo- 
site to or in the face of, 6 tf\ios &J/T. nvi Plut. 

avri-X^yw, f. ~Ae'ft?, but the common fut. is avrepca : 
aor. i -eAe^a (but the aor. commonly used is avre'iiroy) : 
so the pf. is &vTtpTjKa, the fut. pass. &VTei/>4jcro/ica : 
to speak against, gainsay, contradict, nv( Thuc., etc.; 
nvl TTpi rivos Xen. ; virep TWOS Id. ; irpds n Ar. : 
.for. &$ . . to declare in opposition or answer that . . , 
Hdt., etc.; c. inf. to reply that . . , Thuc.; a/r. p^ irately 
.to speak against doing, Id. 2. c. ace. rei, to allege 
in answer, Soph,, Thuc.: -Pass, to be disputed, Xen. ; 
of a place, to be counter-claimed, Id. 3. absol. to 
speak one against the other, speak in opposition, Hdt., 
etc. ; of OLvriXiyovrss Thuc. Hence 

ov, verb. Adj. one mitst gainsay, Eur, 
sj ov, (&vrt\ya)) disputably, Thuc. 
v, 6, lion-like, formed like fortBeos, Ar. 

<w, 77, (&yTiAay;xcj/a>) a motion for a new 
arbitration, Dem. 

.tvTiXr|irT^ov, verb. Adj. of &mAa/x#c(j>a>,, one tmist take 
part in a matter, Ar.; ruv irparyfjidrwy abroTs &^r. Dem. 

avTiXirj\(/LS, ews, TJ, (ayri\afj.^dvci) a receiving in turn or 

exchange, Thuc. : a counter-claim, Xen. II. (from 

Med.), a hold, support, defence, succour, Id. 2. 

a claim to a thing, Id. 3. an objection, Plat. III. 

(from Pass.) a being seised, a seizure, attack of sick- 
ness, Thuc. 

dyriXo-yeft), f. ^ff(i>, = avriXjw, to deny, Soph. 2.= 
^vr\4y<a 3, Ar. 
avTtXo"yia, ^, (apTiAoyecw) contradiction, controversy, 

disputation, Hdt., Thuc. ; in pi. opposing arguments, 

answering speeches, Ar., Thuc. 
avTi-XoYto|Acu, f. Att. -ioDftcu, Dep. to count up or 

calculate on the other hand, Xen. 
avriXo-yi-KOSj "h, &v, (ai/rtAe^co) given to contradiction, 

contradictory, disputatious, Ar., etc. : % -K.TI (sc. 

T6%x/7j) the art of contradiction or of arguing from 

contradictories, Plat. 

avrtXoYosj ov, (a^riAeycw) contradictory, reverse, Eur. 
avTi-XoiSop^o), to rail at or abuse in turn, N. T.; Med., 

c. ace. rei, Luc. 

avTi-XvTreo), f. 'fjerca, to vex in return, Plut. 
avTi-Xvpos, ov, (\vpa) responsive to the lyre, Soph. 
avTrC-Xinrpov, ov } r6, a ransom., N. T. 
avTt.-)j.aivop,ai, pf. -/tc/w^a, Pass, to rage or bluster 

against, nv( Anttv" 

avTi-jxav0avw, f. *-/id0^(ro/, to learn instead, Ar. 
avTi-jxaprvpea>, f. ^<ra>, to appear as witness against, 

to contradict solemnly, rivi Plut. 
avTi-jxapTvpofxat [ij], f, -tipovpat, Dep. to protest on 

the other hand, Luc., f. -^ua%^o'o/Aai, Dep. to fight against one, 


avri-jJLcO^Xicw, f. |<y, to drag different ways } Anth. 
avTi-ixcOiorT^p-t, f. -crr^trw ; to move from one side to 

the other, to revolutionise, Ar. II. Pass., with aor. 

2 and pf. act., to pass over to the other side, Luc. 
avTL-jJLeipaKLi.e-uojj.aL, Dep. to behave petulantly in re- 

turn, TTpos rwa. Plut. 
avTL-jxeXXto, f. -^eAA^crw, to wait and watch against 

one, aor. I inf. ecjnri/xAA75<rai, Thuc. 
avn-LLqA^op-ai, f. t|/o/xat, Dep. to blame in turn, Hdt. 
avTL-p,pCo}Acu, Dep. to impart in turn, Anth. 
avTi-|xri(xt, to compete : ot &vTiuri6 t vr(-s competitors, 

avri-|Ji.Tp^&>, f , 'f)tT(a, to measure out in turn, to give in 

compensation,L\ic. : Pass, to be measured in turn,N.T. 
d>Ti-fJtri>tros, ov, (/cenuTroi/) front to front, Xen. 
avTH-jj-irjxttvdojxai, f. -^tro/im, Dep. to contrive against 

or in opposition, Hdt., Thuc. 
avTi-jiifXTfjaris [/a], ecus, 97, close imitation of a person 

in a thing, c. dupl. gen., Thuc. 

avTi|ucrOCa, i), a requital, recompense, N. T. From 
, ov, as a reward, Aesch. 
, (^toTpa) Adv. by way of compensation, Dem. 
, oj/,(/AA7rcc) so%mding instead of, differing 

in sound from, c. gen., Eur. ; VTTVOV avTipoXirov &KOS 

song, sleep's substitute, Aesch. 

, ov f corresponding to, nvi Luc. 
w, f. ^o", to build ships against, Thuc. 
, f , '/jorw, ifo conquer in turn, Aesch. 
i), (VQ/J.OS) ambiguity in the law, v & 
be in a strait between two laws, Plut. 


avTi|ow, f. ^<ro>, to set oneself against, Pind. From 

OLVT(-|OOS, ov, contr. ~|ov$, ovv, (eoo ?) opposed, adverse, 
Hdt. : rb avrl^oov opposition, Id. 

O,VTOV, as Adv. = SvT7?v, v. avrios. 

avTiooptat, f . cocro^aai : aor. I ^VT\.^t\v, Ion. avr- : Dep. : 
(&Z/TIOS) : #0 resist, oppose, rivi Hdt., Aesch. : of &v~ 
Tiou^uevoi = ol evavriot, Hdt. : c. ace., once in Hdt. 

avrtos, la, iov, (avri) set against, and so I. in local 
sense, face to face, opposite, esp. in battle, Horn., etc. ; 
avrios ^\0 went to meet him, II.; c. gen., ' 'AT apt pvo- 
vos avrios Ib.; usually c. dat., Od., Hdt., Att. 2. 
opposite, contrary, Aesch., Eur. : ol avrlot ot tvavrioi, 
Find., Hdt. : l/c vys avrlris contrariwise, Hdt. II. 
as Adv. in neut. avrta and avrlov, against, straight at, 
right against, avriov Tfev Od., etc. ; c. gen., avri* ^yueTo 
II. ; so, frvrta creu in thy presence, Hdt.; avrta rys tmrov 
opposite it, Id. 2. against, avriov nvos flveiy Od. ; 
c. dat., avria ToTs riepcr^a 1 ! Hdt. 3. rbv 5* avrtov 
Tj^Sa^T/jUcijSero, answered, Od., Att. 

avTio-cnroLT&o, f . ^}<ru, = avQlcrrajJiai, to be contrary, of a 
wind, Soph. 

cLvTi-ox^vojJiaL, Pass, to drive against, Anth. 

o.VTi,<!)to, avridicov, dvTi<5a)cra, Ep. forms : v. avridca. 

aVTi-traO-qs, ey, (TTC^SOS) zn return for suffering, Aesch. : 

felt mutually, Luc. II. as Sujbst., a.vrnraQ4$, rd, 

a remedy for suffering, Plut. 

ct,VTi-iraC<i>, f . -Traf^OyUai, ifo pl&y one with another, Xen. 

avTi-Trais, 6, y, like a boy or child, Aesch., Eur. 

avrt-iraXos, ov, (TTCIAT/) properly wrestling against: 
then, generally, struggling against, antagonistic, rival, 
Aesch. ; c. dat. rivalling, a match for another, Eur. ; c. 
gen., i>iiva.i<av y6os avrlTra\os Id.: -as Subst., hvriTra- 
Xos, 6, an antagonist, rival, adversary, mostly in pi., 
Hdt., Att. ; rk forliraXw the rival party, Thuc. 2. 
of things, like la6iraXos, nearly balanced, Id.; &VT. 
rpffipijs equally large-, Id. ; ch>r. $eos fear equal on 
doth sides, mutual fear, Id. ; ^Qea. cWftraAa [T wJAei] 
habits corresponding to the constitution, Id. : ro 
WTiiraXov TT)S vavfjiaxtas the equal balance, undecided 

state of the action, Id. : Adv. -Aeos, and in neut. pi. 

cLvritr a\a, Id. II. TOV a/jJ)v avr. him who fights for 

me, my champion, Aesch. 

OLVTi-irapapaXXw, f . -jSaXaJ, to hold side by side, to com- 
pare or contrast, rt irpAs ri or irapd ri Plat., etc. Hence 
avTurapapoXii], ^, close comparison or contrast, Arist. 
avTi-TTapa-yyeXta, f}, competition for a public qffice,Pl\it. 
avTi-irapa-yyeXXci), f. eA.<, to command in turn or 

also, Xen. II. to compete for a public office? Ttvi 

'with one, Plut. 
av"Ti-irapa < Y < "> f. , intr. (sub. (frpar^v] to lead the 

army against, advance to 'meet the enemy, Xen. 
avrt-irapaOe'w, f. -Oeiitfo/iai, to outflank, Xen. 
avTt-TrapaicaX^o), f. ecro), to summon in turn or con- 

trariwise, Thuc., etc. 
avTi-irapaKeXctJofxai, f. cro/ica, Dep. to exhort in turn 

or contrariwise, Thuc., etc. 

avTi-TrapaXvTrca), f . Tjtrw, to annoy in turn, Thuc. 
avTi-TrapairX^w, f. ~7rA.eucro/,tcu, to sail along on the 

other side, Thuc. 
avTi-Trapa<rKva0fjicu, Med. to prepare oneself in 

turn, arm on both sides, Thuc.; &vr, ^AA-^Aots &s 3s 

, mutual preparation, Thuc. 
avTi-iraparacrcrofxai, Att. -TTojxai, f. <xoftcu, Med. and 

Pass, to stand in array against, nvi Thuc. ; irpds TI 

Aeschin. : absol. to stand in hostile array, Thuc. ; 

owrb rov avrLiraparaxdevros in hostile array* Id. 
avTi-irapareivw, f . -TCJ/W, to stretch side by side, so as 

to compare, TI irp6s n Plat. 
avTL-irapaTi0tjp,L, f. O^crw, to contrast and compare, 

TLV'I TI Plat. 
avTi-irapcip.!, (^1/u ibo), to march so as to meet, of 

armies on opposite sides of a river or the like, Xen. 
avTi-irap|aY<u, f. |<w, to lead on against, Plut, II. 

(sub. crrpardv) to march against , Philipp. ap. Dem. 2. 

to march parallel with, rtvi Plut. 
avTi-7Tap^px,o(, aor. 2 -"jrapviXOov, Dep. to pass by on 

the opposite side, N. T. 
dvTi-'nrape'xo), f . -|w, to supply in turn, Thuc. : Med. 

Xen. ; ayr.TrpdyiJi.ara to caztst* trouble in return* Dem. 
aVTi-iracrxto, f. -TT^lcrojuLai : aor. 2 etraQov : to suffer 

in turn, avriirdcrxto) xp^crra / receive jyood for f^ood 

done, Soph.; dj/r. avri rivos Thuc. : absol. to suffer 
for one's acts, Xen. 2. absol. , T?; avnTreirovOds re- 

ciprocity, Arist. 
dvTt-Tr5.Ta7<), f. Tjerco, to clatter so as to drown other 

sounds, Thuc. 
avTi-TrejAirco, f, ij^ to send back an ttnsiver, Hdt, 2. 

to send in repayment, Soph. II. to send against f 

ffrpartdv nvi Thuc. III. to send in the placet of 

another, crrparyyovs Id. 

avTi-TrcvOtjs, 4s t (ir&9o$) causing grief in turn, Aesch. 
avTi-tr^pa, Ep. -Trep??, the opposite roast* Mosch. 
avri-TT^patos, a, ov, lying over against : avrtw^pata the 

lands just opposite, II. 

avTt-ir^pav, Ion. -TJV, Adv., -at/rnr^pa^, Xen. 
avTt-ir^pas, Adv. over against* on. the other side* c, 

gen., Thuc. ; absol., ^ avr. /xj/n? Id. 
a.vTL-ir^p>]0v, Adv. from the opposite side* c. pfon., Anth. 

, f. -7rXct}<ro/x,at, ^> sail round on the 
other side, Strab. 

vTL-ireptxwp^w, f . 'tiffta, to move round in turn or in 
opposition, Plut. 

dvTiirTpos, ov, like stone, rocky, Soph. 
vT^irnJ, ??7os, f), (ir^yvvfjn) a kind of cradle for infants, 
on wheels, Eur. 

o), f .-7Tcroi)/uai, to fall against, resist ,rivl N .T* 
Xetfrro/xcu, to sail agtrhis/: an onomy/rhuc. 
, d, f), beaten by the opposing 7trt w,s% Soph. 
dvTu-7rXi(]p<5<i), f. (^<rcw, to man ships against tht? enemy, 
Thuc. II. to Jill up by new members, Xen. 
VTi-irXTJororcD, f. &, /^ strike in turn, Arist. 
vTt-'Trv^co, f. -"irveiffo^ai, of winds, to be contrary* Plut., 
Luc. Hence 

avrf/rrvoos, QV, contr. -irvo-ws, ovv, caused by (ift'wme 
winds, Aesch. : adverse, hostile, Id. 
vTL-7To0^w, f. ^(rco, to long 1 for in turn* n, Xen, 
vTt-iroi^w, f. ritfta, to do in return t TI Plat, : absol, to 
retaliate, Xen. II. Mod, to exert oneself about a 
thing, seek after, lay claim to, c. #en., Thuc,, Plat,, 
etc. ; c. inf., &vr. ^irtcrracrQal n to lay clahn to know- 
ing, Plat. 2. to contend with <mufor a thin^ ^vr 
Xen. ; nvi vcepl rivos Id. 

dvTt-TToiva, TO, (TTOIVT]} req^dtal- ) retribution, avriiroiva 

riviv avri-riveiv, to atone for, c. ace., Aesch.; avri- 

iroivd rivos irpdarcreiv to exact retribution for a thing, 

Id. ; avriiroiv* /JLOV TraOeiv to suffer retribution for the 

wrong done me, Soph. 
dvTL-TroX(j,w, f. T\<r(a, to urge war against others, 

Thuc., etc. ; c. dat., Xen. 
dvTt-TroXjJi.ios, ov, warring against, ot a.vrnro\]u.toi 

enemies, Thuc. 

dvTi-iroXejjtos, ov, = foreg., Hdt. 
dvTi-iroXiopKo), f . 7]0"o, to besiege in turn, Thuc. 
dvTt-TroXts, ecas, T], a rival city, rivi Strab. 
avTi-TroXiTevofxai, f. crojuai, Dep. to be a. political op- 
ponent, Arist. ; avr. rivi to oppose his policy, Plut. 
avTi-iropeiv, aor. 2 with no pres. in use, to give instead, 

dvTi-TTopevofxai, f. evcro^ai, aor. i eiropeitOTjv, Pass, to 

march to meet another, Xen. 
dvTi-TropOlw, f. 77o", to ravage in return, Eur. 
dvTi-iropfifxos, ov, over the straits, on the opposite side 

'of the straits, Aesch., Eur. 
dvTi-TTopos, ov, on the opposite coast, Aesch. ; ^A-pre/jLiv 

XaAK&os avrliropov, i. e. her temple at Aulis over against 

Chalcis, Id.: simply, over against, opposite to, rivi Xen. 
avTiirpaijis, ews, TJ, counteraction, resistance, Plut. 

OLVTi-irpoLcrorw, Att. -TTW, Ion. -irpifjcra'co : f. cu : to act 

against, seek to counteract, rivi Xen. : absol. to act 

in opposition, Hdt., etc. ; so in Med., Xen. 
a.vTi-irpcrpi5ojj,aL, f. cro/zat, Med. to send counter-can- 

bassadors, Thuc. 
avTi-TTpcJcifxi, (elfjii ibo) to come forward against or to 

meet, rivi Thuc. 

avTC-irpouca, Adv. for next to nothing, cheap, Xen. 
dvTi-TrpofcaXeop-aL, f. ecrojuat, Med. to retort a legal 

challenge (rrpoK\'rj<ns) , Dem. 

avTi-Trpo<ra"YP '''' < * > > f ff(a > to salute in turn, Plut. 
o.vTt-7rp<5ortfxi, (eljut ibo) to go against, Xen. 
avTiTrpoorciirov, serving as aor. 2 to cb 

Theophr. : aor. i pass. avri-irpocrepp'^OTiv, Xen. 
dvTiirpoorKaX^ojJLai,f . ecfo^ai, to summon in ^nz,Dem. 
dvTi-Trpocr<|>4p<i), to bring near in turn, ri rivi Xen. 
avTi-irpcSorwrros, ov, (vpotf^irov} with the face towards, 

facing, rivi Xen. : face to face, Id. 
dvTL-irpoTtvw, f . rvu>, to offer in turn, rfy fiei-iciv Xen. 
dvT-7rpti>pos, ov, (irpeppct) with the prow towards, Hdt., 

Thuc. : prow to prow, Thuc. 2. like avriirpdcravros, 

face to face, Soph. 
dvTC-irvXosj ov, (iriiAij) with tfates opposite, aAATjApcrt 


dvTi-irvp^os, ov, like a tower, Eur. 

avTi-irup-y<5<o, f , tocrw, to build a tower over against, TTO'- 

Xiv rfyl? bvreTrtfyywffav reared tip this rival city, Aesch. 

dvTi,p~pir<>, f . xj/cu, to counterpoise, balance, Aesch. Hence 

avTippoirog, ov, counterpoising, compensating f or, rivds 
Dem.; AihrTjs avr, &xQos the counterpoisi ng weight of 

sorrow, Soph.; Adv., kvrippoirws irpdrreiv rivi so as 
to balance his power, Xen. 

a,VTiorfi.vwo}JLcu [u], f, -iij/ou/xat, Med. to meet pride 
with pride, Arist. 

avTi-<yTjK<Jw, f. <t)<r<a, to counterbalance, compensate for < 
c. dat., Aesch. ; c. gen., Eur. Hence 


s, ews, Ion. 10$, w. equipoise, compensation 

avTi-crxvao}ji,ai, f. -dffofJLai, Med. to furnish for one- 

self in turn, Xen. 

vTi-orKco-TTTw, f. tyofjuu, to mock in return, Plut. 

vT-ior<5ofAaL (t<r^a),Pass. to oppose on equal terms,Thuc. 
dvTtcnra<rTos, ov, drawn in the contrary direction : 

spasmodic, convulsive, Soph. From 
avTi-cnraw, f . dcr& [a], to draw the contrary way, hold 

back, Aesch., Ar. : Pass, to suffer a check, Arist. 2. 

to draw to itself, Xen. 
avTC-crra0|io$, ov, (ffrdOfutj) counterpoising; in com- 

pensation for, c. gen., Soph. 
aVTi-cnrao"ia.w, f. era), to form a party against, rivi 

Xen.; ot aj/Titfratna^bj/Tes = ot a l vrta"raa'i>Tai ) Id. 
avTi-tTTaortSj ecus, y, an opposite party, Plat. II, a 

standing against, resistance, Plut. 
avTi-o-TacnoSTiris, ov, <5, one of the opposite faction or 

party, Hdt., Xen. 
dvTLo-TaTca), f. 7\ffco, to resist, oppose, rivi Plat. ; absol., 

Hdt. From 
oLVTLorTaTirjs [a], ov, o, (d^tcrra/iat) an opponent, ad- 

versary, Aesch. 
avT-icmrj|u, Ion. for avB-iffr^iJH, 

ew, f . TJCTO), to stand opposite in rows or pairs, 
Xen. : to stand vis-a-vis in a dance, Id. From 
xos, ov, ranged opposite in rows or pairs, 

Arist. : standing over against, Eur. 
avTi-cTTpaTe-uofjiai, f . -(To^at, Dep. to make war against, 

TIVI Xen. 

avTiorTpa,Tir|Y^w> f. TJCTCO, to be Propraetor, Plut. From 
otvTicrTpaTiTYOs, 6, the enemy's general, Thuc. II. 

the Propraetor or Pro-consul, Polyb. 
avTicrrpaToareSeCa, T), an encamping opposite, Polyb. 

avTi-o'TpaTaareSevai, f. era;, to encamp ower against, rivi 

Isocr., Polyb. ; mostly in Med. with pf. pass., Hdt., Att. 
oLVTi-cnrp^w, f . tj/cw : pf . -e<rrpo^>a :/<? turn to the oppo- 

site side : intr. to wheel about, face about, Xen. Hence 
avTiarrpoc))'*], y, a turning abottt : the antistrophe or re- 

turning of the chorus, answering to a previous ffrpoQ'n, 

except that they now moved from left to right instead 

of from right to left. 
avTicrTpocf>os, ov, (avriffrpeQca) turned so as to face one- 

another : correlative, coordinate, counterpart, TLVL to 

a thing, Plat, : also ctvTlcrrpopts TWOS, as if avr> were 

a Subst., the correlative or counterpart of, Id. ; Adv. 

-<j>s, coordinately , rivi Id. 
dvTt-crv'yKX'rjTOS, ^, a counter -senate, Plut. 
dvTi-cruAXo-yCofJ,cu, f. Att. -iov[juu, Dep. to answer by 

syllogism, Arist. 

avTi-cruvavTaw, f. ^o'<w, to meet face to face, Anth. 
dvri.-cr<j>ctipLo>, f . <rw, to play at ball against, ot O.VTL- 
es the parlies in a game at ball, Xen. 
, ~0rxe<r0ai/aor. 2 act. and med. inf. of avr- 

dvT-io*x<), collat. form of avre^a), Soph., etc. 
^,vrtr<i.y[i.a, 9 aros,r6,(avrir^ara'ca) an opposing force,P\ui, 
avTi-TaXavTCTJO), f . era), = avrt<rir]K6<a, Anth. 
dvTiTa|ts, cws, ^, (avrir6ff(T<a) counter-array, Thuc. 
dvTi-rdo-o'Ci), Att. -raTTW, f. -ra|a>, to set opposite to\ 
range in battle against, rivd rivi Hdt., Aesch., etc. ; n 


TrpJs rt Aeschin. : so in Med., Thuc. II. Med. also 
to set oneself against, meet face to face ', meet in battle, 
Eur., etc. ; TLVI Dem. : Pass, to be drawn out against, 
nvi Hdt.;, Xen.; -npds rwa Hdt., Xen.; /caret nva Xen. 

avTt-Ttvw, f T -rcyfi : to stretch out in -return, to offer 
in return, to 'repay, n avri TWOS Eur. II. intr. to 
strive against, counteract, resist, nvi, or absol., Hdt., 
Att. 2. of places, to lie over against, rivl Pint, 

aVTt-Tixt.crp,a, arcs, r6, a counter-fortification) Thuc, 

ivTt-WjfcVw, f. ~TJUW : aor. 2 -=TJU,OK : to cut against > 
i. e. to -provide a remedy or antidote, Eur. 

avri"Tcxyao|jk<uDep. to contrive in oppositioii 9 CQiinter- 
plan, c. ace., Hdt. Hence 

in an art or craft, 


avr-Txvos, or, (?*x* f ' f i) 
Ar., Plat. 5 c. dat., Plat. 

avTi-Ti0t|jti, , -^(r, to sfftf against 3 oppose , c. dat., 
Simon. : to contrast, compare, ri rtvt Hdt., Eur. ; also 
rl TtyoSj Thuc. ; T* Trp6s TL Dem. 2. CW/T. rivd run to 
wafoA one against the other * battle, Lat. committere, 
*C(rovs fooicri wriQeis Eur, : Pass, to be matched one 
against another, Hdt. 3. to retort, rejoin., Eur,, 
Thuc. II. to deposit in return, Eur.., Xen. : -to 

give in return or as a recompense, rt TLVQS one thing 
for another, Eur, 

avri->Ti|i, f, 4\<r<a, to honour in return, rtvd Xen. : 
f. med. in pass, sense, Id. II. Med. as law-term, to 
fix a counter-estimate of damages, c. gen. pretii* Plat. 

avTL-Tijicupeofiai, f. ^tro/iai, Dep. to avenge oneself on, 
TIVO, Eur., Thuc. j absol. to take vengeance, Ar. 

OVTI-TIVW [jQ, f. -"riffta \l\, to pay ov suffer punishment: 
for a thing, TI Theogn. ; absol., Soph. II. Med. to 
exact or inflict in turn, rt rivos one thing for another, 
Aesch., Eur. 2. to avenge, punish, <fbv $>&VQV Eur. 

arri-ToXn<itt, f . ^(T, to dare to stand against another, 
irpds TWO. Thuc. 

avri-roXu-os, ov, (rJA,jua) boldly attacking, Aesch. 

avTiToji.os, ov, (dj/TiTejura?) cut as ct, remedy for an evil : 
avrirotLov, W, & remedy, antidote, Horn, j rivosfor 
a thing, Pind. 

avTtfovosi ov, (kvnTeijxa) strained against, resisting : 
as Subst., a.vrirQva. s rd, cords for a ballista) Plut. 

avTi-rolcvw, f. era?, to 5^002? arrows in turn, Xen. 

avTi-Topew, f. 7Jcr<y, to 50W n'g'/^ through, c. g"en., II. j 
c. ace. to ^mz/^ ^(e-72, Ib * 

av-rtros, oy, poet, for dva-TtTOS, paid back* requited, 
avenged ; &vnra %pya the work of revenge or retribu- 
tion > Od. ; iraiHos for her son^ II. 

avrt-Tpecfiu, f. -Op/^w, to maintain in turn^ Xen, 

avn.- < nryx<* v< ' ) s aor - 2 -4r^x^> to meet with in return, 
Tiv6s Theogn., Thuc. 

avTi-riiiros, ov> rarely TJ, ov, (nJirrcw) repelled by a hard 
body, rtnros &VT. blow and counter-blow, of hammer 
and anvil, Orac. ap. Hdt. : of Sound, echoed, echoing, 
&r6vo$ Soph. ; ytarck -rb kvr t by repercussion, of an echo, 
Luc. 2. corresponding, as the stamp to the die, 
ayr. rwv k\t\Q\.v&v figuring or representing the true, 
N. T. II. act., of a hard body, repellent, rigid, 

Xen . ; of hard gro u n d, kvnrfaq fal 79 tr cr* Soph . 2 . 
metaph. of men, stubborn, obstinate, Xen. 3. opposed 
to, nv6s Aesch. : adverse, of events, Xen. 

, f- <a(f<a, to express as by ajigure, Anth. 

f. ^a>, to beat in turn, Ar., Plat, 
, f, rw, (&VTi<|>epw) to wtf oneself against, 

measure oneself with, nvi II., Ar. ; irapd rtva. Find. 
dvTi-4>cpvos, ov, (fapyf) instead of a dower, Aesch. 
avTi-cj)pa>, to sat against, rt Ziri nvt Anth. : Mcd. or 

Pass, to ^ oneself against, fight against, Horn. 

^oinaif to go info exile in turn, Kur. 
,f.-^<r'X), to speak against, to contradict 9 Plat. 
-|M at > t) c P* &> return a sound, echo, 

Pind., Eur. II. to A^ai' against^ Luc Hence 
avTC^So-yyos, ov 3 of answering sound, imitative} Anth, 
dvTi-<{iiiX^ f. ^w, to love in return t Plat., Xen. Hence 
ovTt<(CXT|<ris, w$, ^, return of affection, 
o,vTt-4>tXocro4>^<a, f. ^<rw, to AcW contrary tenets, Luc. 
otvu-<JrtXoTi}i,&, Pass, to be wwcd by jealousy 

against, Trp^s rt Plut, 
otvTi-4>iXo4pov^o|xai., Dep. to rmw /&/>W^K //* //^//, 

o.vTi-<f>ovos o^j w return for slaughter, in vtwentfe. for 

blood, Aesch., Soph. IX. Oduarot dyr. deaths /y/ 

mutual sla%tghter 3 Aesch. 
oivTt-4opTCJop.tti, f. Att. lov/Aai, Med. to takti in a 

return cargo, Dem. II. to i<wtpor in vxchnnge 

for exports, Xen. : also as Pas.s,, / In* received hi 

exchange for the cargo, Id. 
oLVT.-<|pacrcrw, Att. -~$p&rrto f f. |w, to barricade, block 

up, Xen. 

ttVTi-<JniXciKirj, 17, ^z watching ono against another, Thuc. 
o.vTL-<|>vXa LU]J <J, one frosted to watch another, Luc* 
avTt-cjjvXelGrcriu, Att. -TTW, . ^w, to watch in tttnx., 

Plat. ; -Med. to be on one's guard against^ nvd Xen, 
avTv-4>wv0), . ^<ro> to ww?*^ fw answer^ reftly , Trag. 2 . 

c. ace. rei, to t^tor m reply t Soph. :-c. act. pers* to 

rejfr/y to, attswer, Id. 
&VTC-<|>wvos> o^ (^<w^) sounding in <tnswer 9 wmfanswc 

to, c. gen., Eur. 
avri.-xa.ipw, to rejoice in answer to, rty( Soph, (in aor. jt 

pass. part, fyrtxifytts). 
dvTi-xa-pCofjiat, f. med. -ioD/tou, Dep. to j?/ww kitutHt'tis 

in turn, TW( Hdt., Xen. 
dvTi-x^poTov&tf, f. ^crcu, jfo wtfto against doinjjf a thing*, 

&IAT, JJL^J waf>x* tv Ar. ; absol., Thuc. 
av ( f%x o P'*lY<** f. 'ffo'taj to bo ti rim ill choragMSi nvt v 

another, Dem. From 

OLVTI-X^PTJ-YOS, $, 'ritjat chortigus t Dent,, etc. 
avTi-xp^ w > (Xf ) ^ <itf B") to 6<J sufficient^ like &irxM w >' <}|1 ^y 

in aor* i, <W<fxy>ij<r Hdt. 
oivTi-xpio'Tos, ^, Antichnst f N.T, 
avTi-\j;aXXw, to plqy a lyre in ctccowjxinlmettt fa, nvi 

Ar. Hence 

a.vrt*|mXfjio$, 0y, responsive) harmonious, Kur. 
avTi-^Ti^C^ofxaL, f, Att. -lov/iat, Dep to w/f (*#&inst t 

TFpts Tl Plut. 

&VTX<, f. ^^> (ib'rXo*) to bale out bUgc-wa^r^ bttte 
the ship) Theogfn., Kur, 2, generally, iff draw w&tw f 
Hdt. II, metaph. of toil or suffering*, to txhau&t) 
come to the end of > like Lat, ttxanttartt or exftaurire 
Jabares, Aesch., Eur. 2. to squander, Soph, Hence 
avTX-rjfia, ar0.F, T^ a bucket; for drawing W6tffr t N. T* 
avrXa, ft, M^rXos 1 , jfA^ //<y/J </ 4 M//>, Soplu, Ar. S 
bilge-water, filth, Ar. 

avrXos, d, (perh. for cb/d-rAos, the Root of -rXos being 
TAE, rAaa;) : the hold of a ship, where the bilge- 
water settles, Lat. sentina, Od. 2. the bilge-water 
in the hold, Eur. ; &vr\oi> od/c ^e^aro let in no bilge- 
water, metaph. for 'let no enemy come in,' Aesch.; is 
&vr\ov fufSaiveiv W5a, metaph. for getting into a diffi- 
culty, Eur. 

avT-oiiereipw, f . cp, to pity in return, rivet, Eur. 

avT-oiKTt&>, = foreg., Thuc. 

dv-ToXi], 7), poet, for cw/a-roAt}. 

av-roXi-q, 77, poet, form of cb/ToA.^, an/otToA^, Anth. 

avrojxat, Dep. only in pres. and impf., (oc^rf) = aj/raty, to 
meet, in battle, c. dat., II. : absol., 3nr\6os fyrero 
0cjp77| the breastplate doubled (by the belt) met or 
stopped (the dart), Ib. II. = i. 2, c. ace. 

pers. to approach with prayers, entreat, Soph., Eur. 

avT-^jjtvvjjiL, f . -ofjiov^ai, to swear in turn, c. f ut . inf ., Xen. 

avr-ovo|xaw, f. crw, to name instead, call by a new 
name, Thuc. 

avr-o4iXw, f. -^<rw, to owe one a good turn, Thuc. 

avT-o<j>0aXjfJi<i>, f. fata, (o<ft0a\u^y) to meet face to face, 
to face, nvi Polyb., N.T. 

avT-ox^of-ot'-j Pass, to drive or ride against, Mosch. 

av-Tpirci>, poet, for wa-Tpeira. 

avrpias, dtios, TJ, fern. Adj. of a grotto, Anth. 

avTpov,T(f, La.t.antrum, a cave, grot, cavern, Od.,Trag. 

avTp-8ir|S, $, (el$o$}full of caves, Xen. 

avrv|, ijyosy TJ, like frvf, the edge or rim of anything 
round or curved ; 1. the rim of the round shield, 
II. 2. the rail round the front of the chariot, the 
chariot-rail, Ib. ; sometimes double, and therefore &v~ 
rvyes in pi., Ib., Soph. II. post-Horn., 1. in pi. 
the chariot itself, Soph., Eur. 2. the frame of the 
lyre, Eur. 3. the orbit of a planet, h. Horn. ; the 
disk of the moon, Mosch, 

otVT-'U', o,VT-virovp i Yw> Ion. for &v0-V7r~. 

4xvT-a>8<te, 6v, ($5<w) singing in answer, responsive, Ar., 

<ayTa>{j.ocricfc, 77, (<W-(fyu/i//a) an oath or affidavit 'made 
one against the other, i. e. by plaintiff and defendant, 
Plat., etc. 

40.vT-<i>vlo)Jkai., impf. -twirotpriv, Dep. #wy instead, 
Xen. 2, /<? foW against, &\\^\OLS Lys. 5 5 ai/T<w>ov- 
/ii/0s # rival bidder, Dem. 

avT-wir^s, <fy, (45t|/) w/ifA ^A<? eyes opposite, facing, 
fronting, Luc., Anth. 

avT-co4>tX^<>, f. ^(Tft), 2fo assist or benefit in turn, rwii 
Xen. : Pass, to derive profit in turn, Id. 

iv-x>ppLcrTos ? o/, (v@pi(a) not insulted, Plut. II. 

act. ?i<?jf insolent, decoroits, Id. 

iv-v8pos y oi/, (05wp) wanting water, waterless, of arid 
countries, Hdt. : of a corpse, deprived of funeral 
lustrations, Eur. 

4xv-vfi'vcuos, ov, without the nuptial song, unwedded, 
Soph., Eur. : neut. pi. as Adv., Soph., Eur. 

<tvup,c$, Dor. for &v^ofiV, i pi. of &fv. 

ay-'ujj.Wu, f . 'ficrta, to praise in song, c. ace., Eur. 

A-vu(jt4>*"WTos, ov, (vvf*.<l>f6<a) ttnwedded, Soph.; &v. yowh 
birth from an ill-starred marriage, Id. 

<a-yv(x4>os, ov, (y6}ntyrf) not bridal, uniioedded, Soph.; 
vvfjLtyv) &vvfji(f>os a bride that is no bride, unhappy bride, 
Eur. II.* without bride or mistress, 

a.v--uTre'ppXiriTos, ov, (7rpj8aAAa>) not to be surpassed or 
outdone, Xen., etc. : Adv. -rcos, Arist. 

av-vrrevOtJvos, OK, (eu0i/yai) <?^ liable to give account, 
irresponsible, Ar., Plat. 

avv-rroSijo-ia, ^, a ^2^ barefoot, Plat., Xen. ; and 

avviro8tjTw, f. ^(rw, /<? P-O barefoot, Luc. From 

av-\JTT(58ir]TOs, ov, (v7ro$<u) tinshod, barefoot, Plat. 

av-vtr^SiKos, oy, *z<9^ liable to action, Plut. 

av-vtr^KptroSj o^, (^Tro/cpiVo/xai) withoitt dissimulation, 
N. T. 

a,v-vtrov<JT|Tos, 01^, (uTroiWw) imszispected, Dem. 

av-viroTTTOs, or, without suspicion, unsuspected, Thuc., 
Xen. : Adv. ray, unsitspectedly, Thuc. 

av-vir<i<rraTos, ov, (v^io'T'rjui) not to be withstood, irre- 
sistible, Xen., etc. 

av-VTT^TaKTOS, ov, (vtrordcra'ai) not made subject, TLVL 
N. T. II. 2inruly t refractory, of persons, Ib. 

avvcrucp-yds, 6v, (fyyov} finishing work, industrious, 
Theocr. [a metri grat.]. 

avvcn-fios [i5], ov, (oi/tJw) efficacious, effectual, els n 
Xen. : Adv. -pas, Sup. -cfiTara, Plat. 

oviJoris, CODS, y, (a.vv(o) accomplishment, Horn. 

avticrros, 6v, (di/tifo) 2^0 be accomplished, practicable, 
Eur. ; eta avvfrrdv, like ccy Suvar^v, c^yf? <&y a* 7 - 3-S 
silently as possible, Xen. 

avvTiKos, ^, ^, = avvvriKo's, Xen. 

avi/To, Dor. for tfvvro -ijyvero, 3 sing. impf. pass, of ayi/. 

dvuTW or avurw, Att. form of cb'tfctj. 

av-v<|)atvaj, f. a^a;, to weave anew, renew. Plat. 

dv-v|/<$tt, f. c<r, jfo /^/^ up, exalt, Anth., in Med. 

aviSw, Att. avvrw, or avvrw : impf. tfvvoy : f . avucra? 
[ai/v~] : aor. i tfvv<ra, Ep. Swcr<ra : pf. tfvvKa : Pass., 
pf . JJj' : aor. i vjvva-Qfjv. (From the Verb #vo>) : 
to effect, achieve, accomplish, complete, Lat. con- 

ficere, c. ace. rei, Horn., etc. , absol. , ouS^v ^i/ue A<? rfjW 
no good, Hdt. ; c. ace. et inf. to bring to pass that 
. . , Soph.: Med. to accomplish for one's own advan- 
tage, Od., Plat., etc. 2. to make an end of, destroy, 
Horn., etc. 3. to finish a journey, tiffffov vyvs 
tfyvorev much as a ship can do, Od. ; so, av. 6aXoia'cnf}s 
v&wp to make its way over the sea water, Ib. 4. 
in Att. absol. to make one j s way, vpbs v6\iy Soph. ; &ri 
&KTCII/ Eur. ; also, 6dAajj.ov Mreiv to reach the bridal 
chamber, Soph, j with inf., ^v<re irpav succeeded in 
crossing, Aesch. j and with an Adj., flvai being omitted, 
ebSaiuuv ^tJcrct will come to be happy, Soph. 5. 
Pass, of Time, to come to an end, Theocr. 6. in 
Pass, also of persons, to grow up, Aesch. 7. to get, 
procure, tyopfidv Soph., etc. II. with a partic., OVK 
kvvu) fyQovGovffa I gain nothing by grudging, 11. III. 
to do' quickly, make haste, Ar. 3 then, like <p6dvu 3 &VVG 
irpdrruv make haste about it, Id.; &vv<rov inrotiiio'cifJLevos 
make haste and get your shoes on, Id. ', also dj/iStras' with 
an irnper., Ai/oiy*, &v(ny wtiffas make haste and open 
the door, Id. ; avtiffas rp%6, Ae'y* bvixras Id., etc. 

^ANQ. [d generally], inf. &VGLV, part. &V<DV, irnpf. fyov\ 
radic. form of &j/uco, to accomplish, achieve, finish, Mv 
Od. ; obfev %vov Eur. II. Pass., of the close of a 

period of time, >!> &VGTCU night is drawing to a close, 
II. ; %ro$ fodpevov the waning- year, Hdt, : generally 
to be finished, II. ; tfvero rb %pyov Hdt. 

avw, Adv. : (to) : I. implying Motion, up, it-pwards, 

G 2 

3 4 

Horn., etc.; &v<a Idvri going u]> the coiiJitry,(j.. inland}, 
Hdt. II. implying Rest, up, aloft, on high, Soph., 
Plat,, etc. 2. on earth, as opp. to the world below, 
Soph. ; 01 &vo) the living, opp. to ol Kar<a the dead, 
Id. 3. in heaven, as opp. to earth, ol avco Qeoi 

the gods above, Lat. superi, Id. 4. generally of 

position, fo<u /ccc07?<r0cu to sit //; the upper quarter of the 
city, i. e. the Pnyx, Dem. ; TJ &*>w /3oyA^, i. e. the Areo- 
pagus, Plut. 5. geographically, on the north, north- 
ward, Hdt. 6. inward from the coast, Id., Xen.; 
6 &vw ftacritefa the king of Persia, Hdt. 7. of Time, 
formerly^ of old, Plat., etc. 8. above, like Lat. supra, 
in referring to a passage, Id. 9. of tones in the voice, 
Plut. III. &v jcal Karoo, up and down, to and fro, 

Eur., Ar., etc. 2. upside down, topsy-turvy, Lat. 
siisque deque, ra /j.\v avco ncira) O^ffca, rh e /carco &v<a 
Hdt. ; vco T Kal tcdrw (rrpttyuv Aesch., etc. 

B. as Prep, with gen. above, Hdt. 

C. Comp. avoarepto, absol. higher, Aesch. ; further, 
Hdt. 2. c. gen. above, beyond. Id. II. Sup. 
avwrctTcw highest, Id., etc. 

dv-<3 [a], aor. 2 subj. of aa/htmi. 

avcoya, pf. with pres. sense, i pi. #varyyuev : imper. 
or vu>xQi 3 3 sing, ava>yero) or Jw<&xQ&t 2 pi. 
or ar/a>x0 ; 3 sing. subj. avdyy ', inf. avwye/jLcv : plqpf. 
with impf. sense, fyvtbyeiv and without augm. avtibyciv, 
Ion. Tjvc&yca : but the form avc&yei in most places of 
Horn, is present, from avory<>, from which also come 2 
dual avdayerov, also impf. tfvtoyoj/ or &vcoyov, fut. dv<si!;cu, 
aor. i Vjvtoj-a,, subj. av^o/iev, Ep. for-cu/iev : lastly the 
impf. 7)vo(ryov implies another pres. cwcayeu. To com- 
mand, order, also to advise, desire, wrgv:~~~c. ace. pery. 
et inf., ffiairav Aaov avc&yei bade the people keep silence, 
II. ; also c. dat. pers.,Od.; c. ace. pers., without inf., Ovfj&s 
&va>ye /x my spirit bids me, Horn. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

avw--ycuov or avcS.-Yewv, rd, (j&v<o 9 yata) anything raised 
from the ground ; the upper floor of a house, used as a 
granary, Xen.; as a dining-room, Lat. coenticitlitni, 

ev, 3 sing. impf. of avoiyvv^i; but it, av<ayev, 
of avd>y(a. 

avoryjjicv, I pi. of &vcaya. 

dv(6"yw, v. ^ftjya. 

av-o>8vvos, o^, (otivvri) free from pain. Soph. II. 

^act. allaying pain, Anth. 

avwOev, -8e, (Svaj) Adv. of Place, from above, from on 
high, Hdt., Trag,, etc.; tfd*Q,ros wcaQf-v yevofAevov, i. e. 
rain, Thuc. : from the upper country, from inland, 
Id. 2. = #ya>, above, on high, Trag. ; of $v, the 
living, opp. to ot Kdru, Aesch. : c. gen., Hdt. II. 
of Time, from the beginning, Plat., Dem.: by descent, 
Theocr. ; T^ &v. first principles, Plat. 2. over again, 
cmew, N.T. 

dv-o)0o>, f . CIJCTW, ^o jz!>w5/i ^, push off from shore, Od. 2 . 

^Med. to push back from oneself, to repel, repulse, Hdt. 

av-oio-Ti [f], Adv. of sq., imlookedfor, Od. 

dv-wito-Tos, ov, (ofo^uai) unlocked for> unexpected, II., 

or, Ion. for &v-oi<rr6$ } referred to a person, 
/a Hdt. 

, oz/, (oAe^poy) indestructible, Plat. ; Kp. 
a.v-6\e9pos having escaped n/hi, II, 

dv<op.aXta, ?;, itiie < vcwie.s$ t Plat., etc. 2. of persons, 

irregularity, Aeschin. From 
dv-wfJLaXos, ov, (<5/xaAcfc) unweii, irregular, Plat. : r& 

av. ^^le < ven7Jess of ground, Thuc. 2. of fortune, Id. 
dvwjjioTi, Adv. without oath, Hdt. From 
dv-<op,oTos, ov, (6'jUi/iy/ii) unsworn > not bound by oath^ 

Kur. ; flewi/- avcajULoros without swearing by the gods, 

Id. II. '/*# sworn to, elp^vt) Dem, 

av-tovojAcurros, oi/, (oj/o/xccfw) iiawclt'tisif intfescribab/v, 

ineffable, Kur., Ar. 
oLV-oavvjjio^ ov, (fovju-a, Acol. for oVo^a) without name, 

nameless, Qd,, Hdt., etc. II. iuiitieless 9 iiiglorioits:* 

Pind., Eur., Plat. 
av-aJ|a, aor. I of wQiyvvfju. 
dvo>|ai, aor. i inf. of *avcayo) : v. fyvtoyu, 
OLVOJ^OJ, f, of av&yu : v. ^VW7a. 
dviupia, Ion. -ITJ, 7;, untimeliiiess, &v. rov %TO$ the bad 

season of the year, Hdt. From 
av-o)pos, ov,, = &capQS, Hdt. 
av-wp-uojxau [i5], Dep. fa ho'wl aloud, Anth* 
dv-wcra, aor. i of avw^ew. 
dvwcrai, Ion. for avoicrai avevey/ca^ aor. t inf. of &va- 


dvwTaTos, 17, ov, Sup. Adj. Conned from &!/<*>, topmost > 

Hdt. : -Adv. avtoTotTO), v, ^,f<w. 
dvwTepLc<5s, ^?, <iv, upper, inland, N.T. From 
dvarrepos, a, ov, Comp. Adj. formed from &j/a>, high??) 

Arist. : --Adv. dvwre'pw, v, ^vw. 
dv-w<|)Xt]s s y (&>^)A/w) unprofitable, useless^ Aesch., 

Soph., etc. 2. hurtful, prejudicial > Thuc. ; Tivt to> 

one, Plat. : Adv. -Awsr, Arist. 
dv-w<j>^XTfiTOs, ov, (<i(/)eA(w) nu profitable^ nsetcss, Soph.; 

rtvt to one, Aesch. 
avwxOt, dvcaxOw> 2 and 3 sing, huper, of ^vwya : - 

ava>)(^, 2 pi. 

dv-ix5P os ^ (&X v pfa) not fortified, Ken. 
a|ai > agctorOai, aor. i inf. act. and mid. of ^tyw/At. 
r. i part, of &i'ff(ra}, 
, ov, Ion. for &-fevw. 
df^fjicvai, Kp. fut. inf. of &y. 
a-fevos, Ion. and poet. a-eivos ov, inhospitM?, of 
persons, Hes., Plat.; of places, Soph., Kur.: Comp, and 
Sup, -corepos, -<&raro$, Kur. II. ''A Jc.vo or^A Jivos 
(sc. v6vroi) f the Axinc, afterwards called the Kuxine 
J^Euxeimts qiu mine Axeutis iltefttit Ov.), PiiuL, Kur. 
a-.|c0-Tos ov, ({<&>) wihewiif nniwoiig/it, Soph., Anth. 
d|ia, Ion. -ir| ^, (&to?) M<* ?e^//// or wi///^ ol" a thing, 
c. gen,, Hdt, Kur.; monty^altte,prict\ amount \ Hdt.; 
TT)S &$(ay ri/ia(T$ai to estimate the penalty <*tf Mr ;v/ 
amount, Plat.; /car* a|(av TJs oWas Ken* 2 t of 
persons, worth, reputation, rank, Thuc,, etc. 3, 
generally, a man's rfwe, his deserts^ r^v d^av \aft&<ivwf, 
TT)S ^(as TU7X<xviv to get 0w\v dc-serts, Hclt., Ar. ; 
/car* &liav according to rfesert, ditfy* Kur,, Plat. ; Trapi 
T^/V &av, ou rcar* d^(av Thuc., Dem. 
d|i-a-yacrTos> ov, 7^r/// adwiring, admirable, Xcn, 
, ov, 70<-;rM hearing, Xon. 
ov, (htcpodQ/jiat) worth listening to, Xcin. 
, Ion. d-iL-ainj-y", ov (^jeo^at) worth 
felling, Hdt. 

dli-tliraivos, ov, praiseworthy, Xen. 
d|t-^paarTos ov, worthy of love, Xen, 

aijivTj [f], f}, an axe-head,, II. : battle-axe, Ib.: generally, 
an axe, Xen., N. T. (Deriv. unknown.) 

ai.o~f3ia)Tos, ov, worth living for, Xen. 

afJLo-cp-yos, <y ? (epyov) capable of work, Xen. 

aio-f;i]A<i>Tos, ov, enviable, Plut. 

aio-6aijjjLacrTos, oy, wonder-worthy ', Xen. 

aio-0ea,Tos, Ion. -TITOS, OP, w<?// worth seeing, Hdt., Xen. 

af;i<$-0pY|vos, 0y, worthy of lamentation, Eur. 

afio-KoivaVT)TOS, o;/, (Koivtav4(a) 'worthy of one's society, 

a|to-KTK|TOS, oy, (KTao/xcu) 'worth getting, Xen. 

afuf-Xtryos, oy, (Ae'7co) worthy of mention, noteworthy, 
Hdt., Plat., etc.; tr6\fj.os aioAo7c6raros Thuc. : 
Adv. -7&>s, Xen. 2. of persons, o/ 0fe, important, 

aJio-n-aicdpicrTOS [a], oi/, worthy to be deemed happy, 

ai<$-p,axos, 0y, (jtdxonai) a match for another /M foftte 
or war, TW Hdt., Thuc, ; irp6$ nva Plut. : absol., 
Hdt., etc. 2. c. inf. sufficient in strength or number 
to do a thing-, Id. Adv. -%ws 3 Plut. 

a|io-n.vir]|i.ovVTo$, ov, (ju^/toi/evw) worthy of mention, 
Plat., Xen. ; shapely, beautiful, Manetho. 

d|i<5-viKos, ov, (vtiaf) worthy of victory, Xen.; c. inf., 
aioviK<$rpo$ e%iv rovro TO Kpdros more worthy to 
hold this power, Hdt. 

a|io-irv0ijs, &, (v4y0of) lamentable, Eur. 

dli^-irtcrTos, o^, trustworthy, Plat., Dem. ; e& TI in a 
thing-, Xen. 

alLO-irpc-mjIs, es, (vp&rto) becoming, goodly, Xen. 

d|i-<Jpa.Tos, oy, worth seeing, Luc. 

cUjios, /a, io*/,(&yw iv, and so properly) weighing as much, 
of tike value, 'worth as much as, c. gen'., Il.,*"Hdt.; ov5* 
%vb$ &iot iy / "EKTO^QS we are not 'worth one Hector, 
II. ,* ira.vT(av &tov tf^ap, Lat. instar omnium, Ib. ; 
TroAAov fio$- worth much, Xen. ; v\elffrov &J-LQV, quan- 
tivis pretii, Thuc. ; so, tra.vr6s, rov Travrbs &iov Plat, ; 
\6yov &^LOS,-a^Lo\oyos > Hdt., etc. :- opp. to these are 
obtifros if. Thcogn. ; oAfyou, ff/ALKpov ^f. Plat., etc. 2. 
c. dat. pers., crol 5* &i-ifo ^<TTLV Ajuoi^s 'tis worth a return 
to thce, i.e. will bring thee a return, Od.; TroAAou or 
irXetcfrov &J-LQV etval nyi Xen., etc. 3. absol. worthy, 
goodly, of persons and things, Od., etc.; in Att. it some- 
times has an opposite sense, of a proper 'vahte, cheap, 
Ar. b. of things, deserved, meet, due, Slmi Soph. ; 
Xfyis Xen. 4. sufficient for, c, gen., Dem. II. 

worthy of , deserving, meet for, c. gen. rei, ^vyijj, 7^- 
Atoros Eur. ; c. gen. pers., TroteiV &ia ot/re v/xw?/ o^re 
TrareptovThuc. : --c. gen. rei et dat. pers., rjfjuv 5 s 'Ax*A- 
A^ ^|ios TI/XT}S 25 worthy 0f honour <7jf our hands, Kur. ; 
TroAAwi/ dya^w?/ ^fios v/tti/ Ar. 2. c. inf., TretydtrQai 
&ios worthy to be killed, II. ; fytfo dpi 7r\>ny&$ \a0e7v 
I deserve a flogging, Ar. 3. &tfo [^crri] 'tis w^, 

fit, due, II., Hdt. ; c. dat. pers. et inf., rfj TrcfAei ^fioi/ 
fvAAaj3?v rJ>j/ #y$pa 'tis ?;/.^ for the city, is her d^jfy, 
to arrest the man, Ar. : the inf. is sometimes omitted, 
&LOV ydp *EAAe{5i 'tis meet in the eyes of Hellas [so to 
do], Id. III. Adv. &f(eo$, c. gen., worthily of, 

Hdt. : absol., Soph. 

af i<$-oricirTos, ov, (cr/ccVro^at) 7^r/A considering, Xen. 

aio-crrro-u8a<rTos, ov ? (tf7rovSd(o/ worthy of aealous 
endeavours, Xen. 

, . . . -. ov > worthy of being general, Xen. 

afio-TK|xapTos, ov, (re/c^uou/jo^ca) 'worthy of being 
Bought in evidence, credible, Xen. 

[I], ov, (<j)i\4ta) 'worth loving, Xen. 
<av, gen. w: Ion.><xp5> ^ neut. pi. 
._,?: (xpos) -.'worthy of a thing, and so, I. 
absol., like afi<^Ao7o$, note-worthy, considerable, nota- 
ble, Hdt ., Thuc. 2 . serviceable, sufficient, air it] Hdt.; 
<77wjTa trustworthy, substantial, Plat. II. 

c. inf. able, sufficient to do, Hdt., Eur., etc. III. 
^c. gen. rei, worthy, deserving of, Hdt., Dem. 

duJw, f. cSo-a)^ pf, ^WKCX,: Pass., f. aff04]<rojucu and 
in med. form afieocrOjUcu : aor. i ^L^Brjv: pf. Tjficy/mt : 
(fios) : to think or *fem worthy of a thing, whether of 
reward, Eur., Xen. ; or of punishment, Hdt., Plat. : - 
Pass, fo <? thought worthy, nv6s Hdt., Eur., etc. 2. 
c. ace. pers. to esteem., honour, Trag. II. c. ace, pers. 
et inf. to think onewo^Ay2fodoorbe,Eur., etc.: Pass., 
Aesch., etc. 2. to think fit, expect, require, demand 
that, Lat. postulare, d|. riva. 4A0tV Hdt., etc. III. 
c. inf. only, af . /co/xf feo-0cu, rvyx^iv to think one has a 
right to receive, expect to receive, Thuc. : Pass, to be 
required to do, Dem. 2. to think fit, expect, consent, 
resolve, afi Oaveiv Soph. ; ef ns a]- to? fj-aJdetv if he 
deigns to learn, Aesch.: so in Med., atowr0at /M&eiv to 
deign to care for, Id., etc.; also as a real Med., OVK 
aUi$/iej/o$ not deeming himself worthy, Hdt. IV. to 
claim, vLKav 3)%(ovv claimed the victory, Thuc. : absol. 
to make a claim,, Id. V. to hold an opinion, Dem.; 
cv rq> rotySe aj-iovvn in such a state of opinion, Thuc. 

a|(toji,a, aros, TQ, (a.i6ca) that of which one is thoztght 
'worthy, an honour, Eur. ; ydjuLtov af . honour of marriage, 
Id. 2. honour., reputation, Lat. dignitas, Eur., 
Thuc. 3. rank, position, Thuc.: of things, worth, 
quality, Id. II. that which is thought fit, a decision, 
purpose, Soph., Dem. 2. in Mathematics, a self- 
evident theorem, an axiom, Arist. 

a|i(i><riS) gen. ews, Ion. tos, $], (ai(ta) a thinking worthy, 
Hdt. . 2. a being thought worthy, reputation, 
Thuc. II. a demand or claim, Id. III. a 

thinking fit, an opinion, principle, maxim, Id. IV. 

^a|. r&v OVOIJ.&T&V the meaning of words, Id. 

a-i;<iavos, ov, (6a,vov} without carved images, Luc. 

ai<$vios, a, ov, (tifyav) belonging to the axle, Anth. 

a-|-o"y K: P^ T1 Tros > ov, (ffvyKporeta) not welded together by 
the hammer ; -metaph. of rowers, not trained to keep 
time, Thuc. 

a-lvXos, ov, (fvAov) with no timber, timberless, &vAos 
^AT? a coppice, brushwood, II. : others take it to be a 
wood from which no timber has been cut, a thick 
wood. II. without wood, Hdt. 

ov, v. a~c 

icdv, ovos, o, (^,700) an axle, Lat, axis, II. , etc. II. 

ot &oj/s, /* wooden tablets of Solon's laws, made to 

turn upon an axis, Plut. 
ao^os, 6, a servant, attendant, Aesch. (Perh." from a 

coptiL f 686$; cf. a-K<fAov0os.) 
0,0181), Att. contr. "Sij, y, (aefSw) song, a singing, 

whether the art of song, Horn. ; or the act of singing, 

song, II. 2. the thing sung) a song, Horn., etc." 3. 

the subject of song, Od. 


aotSiouo, = aeiScc, to sing, Od. 

(1018141,05, w y (ctoiS-rj) sung of, famous in song, Hdt. : in 

bad sense, notorious, infamous, II. 
doc8o-8rr}$, ov, 6, (r/077/u) a lyric poet, Anth. 
doioVudxos [d], ov } (^x ^ fighting with 'verses, 


cLotSos, 6, (aei&k?) a singer* minstrel, bard, Lat. 

Horn., Hdt. ; c. gen., xpriarpuv kottids Eur. ; of the cock, 

Theocr. 2. as fern, songstress, of the nightingale, 

Hes. ; of the Sphinx, Soph, 3. an enchanter, Lat. 

incantator, Id. H. as Adj. tuneful, musical 3 

fipvis &0i5oTaT<x Eur. 

doiSo-rojcos, Qv f (VifCTcw) inspiring song, Anth. 
a-ouorjTOS, oy, (oifccV) uninhabited, Hdt. II. house- 
less, Dem. 
a-oi.Kos, QVfhouseless, homeless, Hes., Soph., etc. H. 

&OLKOS elcrolictitfis a homeless, i. e. miserable, home, 

a-oivo,oy, without wine, &otvoi xoaf,such as were offered 

to the Erinyes, Aesch. ; hence Soph, calls the Erinyes 

Aowoi ; koivois tyftareis 6vju.(t>jLLa,(nv frantic with sober, 

deliberate rage, Soph . 2 . of men, drill king no wine, 

sober t Xen. , of a place, having none, Id. 
&-OKVOS, ov, without hesitation, untiring, Hes., Soph., 

a-oXXijs, 4s, (a copul., *fA, cf. a\-f)s) all together, in 

throngs, shoals or crowds, Horn., Soph., etc. 
aoXXClX f. <r&>: Ep. aor. i &rfXXr<ra:-~Pass., Ep. aor. 

i inf. doXXto-fl^/uvcu : (aoXX^fa) : to gather together, 

II. : Pass. #<? c0w<? together, assemble, Ib. II. of 

things, gather together, heap up, Anth. 
a-oirXos, ov, without shields (SirXa), without heavy 

armour, Thuc., etc. : generally, unarmed, Plat, 5 apjua 

#07rA. a chariot without scythes, Xen. 
aop, &>p0$, r<f, (kelpta) a sivord hung in a belt (cf. &o/>- 

Hip), a hanger, sword, Horn. : he also uses a masc. ace. 

pi., #opocs. [a in op', but in trisyll. cases also d,] 
a-opdros, ov, unseen-) not to be seen, invisible, Plat., 

etc. II. act. without sight, Luc. 

aopyqarfa, i), a defect in the passion of anger > 'lack of 

gall,' Arist. From 

a-<5p*YY|Tos ov, (opyfj) incapable of anger, Arist. 
a-opi.<rTos, ov, (<fyna>) without boundaries, Thuc. II. 

undefined, indefinite, Dem., etc. 
oUopvo$,ov, (fpvis^ wifthoirf birds} Soph. II. ^Mpvos, 

6, lake Aver mis, Strab. 
aopreo), lengthd, form of aetpcu, only in aor. i pass, part. 

aoprnOtts, suspended, Anth. 
aopTijp, ypos, 6, (iefjOw) a $tra to hang anything to, a 

sword-belt, Horn. : a knapsack-strap, Od. 
aopTO, Ion. for tfopro, 3 sing", plqpf. pass, of keipea. 
aocrcrew, aor . i inf. ^(xrff^ffOL^ (&ojbs) to help,n 


dotrcrTjTTJp, ^pos, 6, an assistant, helper, aider, Horn. 
a-ovroq, ov y (ovrddi) unbounded, unhurt, U, 
a-5xXT)TOs, ov, (oxXew) undisturbed, calm, Luc. 
airayyeXjCa, ^ t a report, as of an ambassador, Dem. 2. 

narrative, recital, Thuc., Plat. From 
air-aYY^XXw, f. -a-yyeAcS,, Ion. W : aor. I -^-yyeiXa : ~~ - 

Pass., pf. -^7yeX/tat : aor. i -TiyyeXftyv, later - 

XTJV : 1. of a messenger, j?o ^n^ tidings, report, an- 
nounce, rl TIVI II., Hdt., etc. j rt irpds rtvo, Aesch., etc. ; 
aTr. rt ofaaS* ^ ^arrj/ r^<?r^ home, Plat. : absol, 
vdAw air. to bring back tidings, report in answer, 
Qd, . pass., ^ wv airriyy\\ero as /u> w6- reported, 
Dem. ; c. part., canrYyc\Oii ^/cK;X/XjU,eVos wrtJf reported 
to have been stolen away, Hdt. 2. of a speaker or 
writer, to relate, narrate, Id., Att. Hence 

air<ryYXTrjp, ypos, <5, a messenger, Anth. 

air<ivy, Adv. (prop, imper. of aTraryw, in intr. sense j 7tvn'/ 
begone! hands of! Lat. apage ! Kur., Ar. 

d-ira-yij , (irfiyjfVfAt) not firm w stiff, of Persian caps, 

dir-ayivew, Ion. for andya, only in pros, and impf., o.sp, 
of paying tribute, Hdt. 

dira"ydtptj<m ews-, $, failure of strength, exhaustion* 
Plut, Luc. : and 

aira"yopVT&>v, verb. Adj. one must give up, Luc. From 

air-cryopeva), mostly in prea. and impf., (<x7rp<3 is used as 
fut., airGLirov as aor., &irGtpr}Ka as pf., and aTropprjd'fjo'o- 
fjicu, aTreppJiOyv, fareipiifji,M as pass, fut., aor. and pf.) : 
to forbid, ^TT. Tivk ^ mnIV n lidt., Att. ; Tim 
Xen. 2. to dissuade, Hdt. II. intr. to hid fare- 
well to, c. dat., d7ra7, r$ TroA^ to give up, renounce 
war, Plat, j c. part, to #/w j!> doing, Xen^: absol. 
to ^/Vtf i^, /fl/V, "/&, Id. ; of thing's, ra &7rayapw- 
ovra wowi <?w^ and useless, Id. 

dir-aypL^ofAat, pf. -Q77p(aj/xai, Pass, /o become wild or 
savage, Soph, 

otTr-a'YX ov ^ w i f- V&3 C^TX^ 7 ?) ^ strangle, Anth. 

air-aYX w ^ ^yfw, /< strangle, throttle, Od,, Ar. ; to 
choke with anger, Ar. ; -Med. and Pass. /> Af///j^ w- 
s^//, #o 6^ hanged, Hdt., Att. : to ^' ready to choke, Ar. 

onr-<ryto, f. c{<w, ^o /i'ocf awa.x, carry off, OJ., Trag. ; 
Med. to to&? away for or w/^/t oneself, Hdt.,Trag. : 
Pass., ^s o|i> kirriy^vos brought to a point, tapering 
off, Hdt. 2. intr. (sub. 4wr<h>) /<> retire, withdraw, 
march away, Id., Xen. j cf. &7ra7. II. 2*0 bring 

hack, bring home, Hom,, Att. III. to return what 
one owes, .render, pay, T&J/ tydpov Ar.> Thuc. IV, fa 
arrest and carry off t Trap& nva. Hdt. : esp, as Att. law- 
term, to bring before a magistrate and accuse, Dem, ; 
then, to carry off to prison, Plat., etc. V. to lead 
away from the subject, Id,, etc, Hence 

airaYcuY^jr ^> # leading <7w/y, Xen. II. payment of 
tribute, Hdt. III. as Att. law-term, process oy 

which a person caught in the act (lit* avrQtyt&fxp) might 
be arrested and brought before the Magistrates, Oratt. ; 
*the written complaint laid before Mr Court, Lysias, 

air-a8"Ev, Ion, ~^tv, aor. 2 inf. of &<p-av$dy(a f 

air-^8w, f. -dffo/Acu, to sing out of tune, be out of tune, 
Plat. II. mctaph, to dissent, ATT* iXA^Xwi/ Id. 2. 
to wander away, <br) row IpwT^/xaros 1 Id. 

dir-deipw, aor. i -faipok) puCit* for ^Tra^ptw, to depart ^ 
Eur. {-Med. to depart from, c. gen,, II. 

aTr-d0dvdTi^(jj ? f. or<w, /a rt/*?w aif immortality. Plat., Arist, 

onraOcia, ^, want of sensation, insensibility, Arist. 

a-ira8ifc, c'j, (ircJ^os) ?z>jf suffering or hewing suffered, 
without experience of a thing 1 , c. gn., Theogft., Hdt., 
Att. : absol,, Ib. II. without fasswn w feeling i 
- -Adv., iiraQ&s %x LV ^ ^ e without feeling, Plut. 

airat, poet, for airo, Hes. ! 

aTr-cuyfip^ofAcu, Pass, to be changed into a poplar, Strab. 
air<xioa < Y7T|Tos, ov, without teacher or guide, Arist. : 

uneducated, untaught, nvos in a thing 1 , Id. 
airaiSeuoiCa,, 77, want of education, Thuc., Plat. 2. 
ignorance, boorishness, coarseness, Plat., etc. II. 
c. gen., aTrcuSevcrlq opjTJs from want of control over 
passion, Thuc. From 

d-iraiSevTos, ov, (-rrazSeiW) uneducated, Eur., Plat. : 
c. gen. uninstructed in a thing-, Xen. 2. ignorant, 
boorish, coarse, Eur., Plat. II. Adv., a.irct.iSevrws 

X LV to be withoztt education, Eur. 
diraiSia, 77, (&TTCUS) childlessness, Hdt., Soph. 
air-a.L0piaa), f. cfco, (aWpla) to clear away clouds from 

the sky, Ar. 

air-aivupai and airo-aivvjjwu, Dep. to take away, with- 
draw, ri nvos Od. : to pluck off, Mosch. 
a-rrcuoXaw, f . jjcra), to perplex, confound, Eur. From 
q, 17, (cutJAos) cheating, fraud, personified in Ar, 
p.a, aros, r6,foreg., Aesch., Ar, 
dir-aip0^a>, Ion. for aQ-cupe&fij, aor. I pass. subj. of 

a<t>aLp4(a : dir-ap<upt]|jUvo$, Ion. pf. part. 
air-cupoo, Ion. irnpf. a.ira.ip*ffKov : f. aTrapaJ : aor. I atrjjpa: 
pf . airypKa : to lift off, carry off, take away, to re- 
move from, ri nvos Eur.: absol., Hdt. II. to lead 
away a sea or land force, Id.:- intr. (sub. vows, <rrp<x- 
rov, etc.), to sail or march away, depart, Id., Att. ; 
c. gen., hiraipeiv yBovos to depart from the land, Eur. : 
c. ace. cog-n., ATT. irpecrfieiav to set out on an embassy, 

a-Trais, vato'os, 0, 77, childless, Hdt.; ray &7rcu5as ovffias 
her childless estate, Soph. : c. gen., &V. fycrevos yovov 
without male heirs, Hdt.j re/cvwv ^TratSa Eur.; etc. II. 
"Nvtcrbs wail) fs S-TratSey children of Night, yet children 
none, Aesch. 

air-atircra>, Att. ~q!crcrw, f. |aj, to spring from a height, 
c. gen., II. II. to dart away, Soph. [aTra- Horn.] [v], f. vvovjjt-at, Dep. to refuse through 
shame, Plat. 

air-air&a, f . 4\<t<a, to demand back, demand, Hdt. : cbr, 
ri nva to demand something of one, Id., Att. ; fair. 
StrAa rov irarrpos Soph. ; also, x^P lv a7r< riva Plat. 
Pass., of things, to be demanded inpayment, Hdt. 2. 
of persons, to have demanded of one, aTrcureTcrflai euep- 
7<ricw Xen. Hence 
dira,CTTfio*ts, eouy, 77, a demanding back, Hdt, ; aTr. 

crOat to make & formal demand, Dem. 
a/irai/rt^o), only in pres part., = aTtairew, to demand back, 

XpT^ttara Od. 

dir-atwp^, Pass, to hang down from above, hang 
suspended, hover about, Hes. 
a-rr-aKpIpoop-aL, Pass, to be finished off, highly finished, 
Plat:, Isocr. II. as Med. to finish off, Anth., Luc. 
d-TraXaicrTpos,o>/,(7r&Aacrrpa) not trained in the palaes- 
tra, unskilled in wrestling, Anth. : awkward, Cic. 
dir-aXaXicc, 3 sing 1 , aor, 2 opt. aTraAoJA/cot, (with no pres, 
in use, v. JlAoAW) : to ward off something from one ; 
ri nvos Horn. ; Ep. inf. ^iraXoXK^ev, Theocr. 
d-iraXap.vos t ov, poet, for a-TretAa/Aoy, without hands 
helpless f good for naught, II. II. impracticable 

reckless, lawless, eptieiv fp7* aird\a/, Solon. ; 
vov ri 7rcirYiv Eur. 

, ov, (ira\a/x7]) like airaka/j.vos, helpless, Hes., 
Pind. [air- metri grat.] 

i7r-o,Xdo)xai,, Pass, to go astray, wander, Hes. 

iTr-aX*y&i>, f. -^crw, to feel no more pain at a thing-, n 
Thuc. ; aTT. ri) irevQos to put away sorrow, Plut. 

air-ciXci<j><i>, f. tyca : pf. ~aA7)A.)ty>a : to wipe off, expunge 
from a register, Dem. ; ebr. ri jf<? cancel it, Aeschin. 

onr-aXcfw, f. -aAe^cra?, to ward something- off from a 
person, ri rtvos II. 2. reversely /<? /?^> a person/ro/;/ 
suffering" something, rivd. rwos Od. II. Med. to 

defend oneself, cbraA6acr0ai [ri] Soph. 

air-aXif|0-uca, /o speak the whole truth, Xen., in Med. 

oLTr-aXOaivop-aL, f. -^o-o/xai, Dep. to heal thoroughly, \\. 
, (a-TraAXcf (rcrw I deliverance, release, relief 
from a thing-, riddance of it, ir^vcov, ^vjju^opas Aesch. t 
Soph., etc. 2. absol. a divorce, Eur. II. (from 
Pass.) a going away, a vieans of getting away, an 
escape, departure, Hdt. ; ^ car. aAA^Acoj/ separation 
from one another, of combatants, Thuc. 2. owr. rou 
jSfov departure from life, Xen. ; $vx*l s ^^ <ro6juaros 

Ltro-XXaKT^ov, verb. Adj. of airaK\d(f<r(i), one must re- 
lease, from, nv& nvos Plut. II. (from Pass.) one 

m.ust withdraw from, get rid of, rtv6$ Plat. 
LiraXXagcuo, Desiderat. of aTraAAaortro/xai, to wish to be 
delivered from OY get rid of, riv6s Thuc. 

airaXXa|t,s } ecus, 77, = aTroAAay^, Hdt. From 

onr-aXXacrarw, Att. -TTW : f . feu : pf . dir^AAax : aor. r 
a7nf]AAo|a: Pass., pf. &7r^AA7yUat, Ion. a 
aor. i otTr^AAax^*'* Ion. cbraAA- : aor. 2 
[a] : f. i aTraAAax^ff'o^ai, f, 2 aTraAAa77j(To/xai : 
Med., fut. (in pass, sense) aTraAAt(|o/xai : aor. I 

A. Act. to set f fee, release, deliver a person from a 
thing, rw/<x rwos Hdt., Att. 2. to put away or remove 
a thing from a person, r nvos Eur., etc. 3. c. ace. 
only, to put away, remove, dismiss, n or riva Id,, 
Thuc., etc. : to destroy, kavr6v Plut. II. intr. to 
get off, come off, end so and so, oO/c ws jftteAc Hdt* ; 
^Ka.K<a$ ^TT. Plat. ; xa^CDi/ Hdt. : c. gen. #<7 depart from, 
j8(oi> Eur. 

B. Pass, and Med. to be set free or released from a 
thing, ? r/^ of it, c. g-en., Hdt., Att. 2. &? ^ <T^*, 
KaAwsr Eur. ; afypios Ar. 3. absol. jfo 5^ acquitted, 
Dem. II. /o remove, depart from, &c x^/"? s Hdt., 
etc. ; y7?s Eur. 2. ct7raAAt<r(feo'(9ai rov /9(oi/ jfo <fi?- 
^r^ from life, Id.; and without rov fiiov, to depart, 
die, Id., Thuc., etc. 3. for. Ac'xous ^ be divorced, 
Eur. 4. air. rov &8acncaAou /0 ^AV school, Plat. 5. 
own $K irafouv to become a man, Aeschin. ^6. 
TroAAbf &irri\.\ay]Uivos rivos far inferior to him, 
Hdt. III. to leave off or cease from, r&v /Acwpwi/ 
\6jtav Soph. ; tfKtofjLfjLdruv Ar. : absol. Aaw<? ^<?^z^, 
^/7'e oi;*??', cease, Soph., Plat. : c. part., dirtlov airaAA<(- 
77761 speak and be done with it, Plat. ; also in part, with 
a Verb, OVKQVV ^TroAAax^e^ ^* ; have done and be- 
gone, Soph. 2. to depart from enmity, i.e. be 
reconciled, Plat. 

o/rr-aXAoTpLow, f. <<r<w : pf. -v)X\orpid)Ka, : ft> estrange, 
alienate, Aeschin., Arist. Hence 
airaXXorpCucris, eats, y, alienation, Arist. 
a-rr-aXoaa), poet, -otaw, f . ^<rcw, fo Mr^ ^#, (tiros airrj- 


Xo^^vos (pf. pass, part.) Dem. :-- metaph. to bruise, 

crush, 11. 

,iraX6-0pi|, rptyos, 6, f}, soft-haired, Eur, 
a-iraXos, -f), 6v, Aeol. air-, soft to the touch, tender, of 

the body, Horn., Soph. ; of fresh fruit, Hdt. ; of tender 

meat, Xen. II. metaph. soft, gentle, aira\bv ye\a- 

rrcu to laugh gently, Od. ; air. Stair a soft, delicate, 

Plat. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence 
airaXortjs, r)ros, f], softness, tenderness, Xen., etc. 
a7raXo-Tp<|>i]s, e$, (rpfyv) well-fed, plump, II. 
onraXo-^pwv, ov, (tppviv) soft-hearted, Anth. 
awaXo-xpoos, ov, contr. -XP " 05 ' XP 0vv > 

gen. anaXdxpoos, dat. -XP 0t "? acc - ~XP oa: 

skinned, h. Horn., Hes., etc. 
onrotXvvto, f. iJ^S, (cmaXos) to soften, Xen. 2. to 7/m/fee 

tender, rovs W5as Id. 
air-ap.aX8vv&), to bring to naught, Anth. 

Ot7T~OLU,Cl(t>* f. TJCTW, to CZ/i^ Off, Od., oOph, I CLTTO, H.0m., 

v " O 1- I 

aTra- ooph.J 
aTT-a}xpXCorKft>, f. ~-a^uj3X(<)(rco : aor. i -^/x^A.wo'a: to 

ma0 abortive, Plut. II. intr. to miscarry, Id. 

air-au,pX"uv<>, f. Ova?, to blunt the edge of a sword : 

metaph., T^Qn]yfji4vov Tot /x 5 ou/c airafJifShvvfii? Xoyp 

Aesch. : Pass, to 6<? blunted, lose its edge, Id., 


6,ir-ajxppOTiv, Ep. aor, 2 inf. of a<-a/x<xpToVoo. 
oLir-aixeipofxaL, f. \|/o/iat : aor. i a/jn]]u,l<p6if)v : 3 sing. 

plqpf. cbrci/teiTrro : Dep. : to r^/j/, answer, Horn. 
onr-ajxeLpa), to deprive one of share in a thing :~~ Pass. 

to &? bereft, nv6$ of a thing, Hes. 
aTr-a^Xe'ofAai, (afieAeco) Pass. 2^0 ^^ neglected utterly, 

pf. part. a7r>7jueA.'rjjU,j>0s Hdt., Soph. 
a.7T-ap.|JLevos, Ion. for d^-^/x/xeVos, part. pf. pass, of 

eiv, inf. (with no pres. in use), = 
(aor. 2 of a/jLaprdvw} , to fail zitterly, Soph. 

onr- a|u5 vw, f . iJvto, #<? tej <?jf, < zwfl;?'<5? <?Jf, ri! TIVL something 
for (i. e. froni) another, II. ; rt rwos Luc. : c. acc. to 
ward off, Katcd, Hdt. ; air. ri>y pApfiapov to repulse him, 
Id, II. Med. to keep off from oneself, to drive 

back, repel, nvd Od., Hdt* 2. absol. to defend or 
protect oneself, Horn., aor. I -^v^v^tiv ', Dor. -OW/CI/ATI*/: Dep.: 
^ disown, reject, Horn., Aesch. 

a.Tr-avatcrx'vvT^w, f. -ffcrco, (&.va,lcrx' u v' ro $) to have the 
effrontery to do or say a thing, Plat. II. to deny 

shamelessly f Dem. 

oLTr-ava,XCcrK<>,f. -cwaXcio-w : pf. &7raj/cAa>/ca : Pass., aor. 
i ~cu>a\e60'7J' : to use quite up, utterly consume, Thuc. 

air-avSpoopai, Pass, to become manly, come to maturity, 
Eur., Luc. 

chr-avv6 and ~0ev, Adv. afar off, far away, II. II. 
Prep. c. gen. far away from, aloof from, rwv &\\o)v 
0&v Ib.; air. Be<av 'without their knowledge, Ib. 2. 
Q'ut from, issuing from, Ib. 

aTr-avGeco, f. ^<r<w, to leave off blooming) fade, wither, 
Plat., Luc. 

air-av0C&>, f. (crw, to pluck off flowers, Lat. decerpere : 
metaph., juaraiav y\j<r<rav faravQicrai to cull the flowers 
of idle talk, i. e. talk at random, Aesch, : Med. to 

gather honey from flowers, to cull the best of, Luc. 

Lir-av0paKL^(o, f. crw, to broil on the coals, Ar. 

air-avOpaKoco, f. cocrcw, to burn to a cinder, Luc. 

air-avOpwtros, ov, far from man: I. of places, desert, 
desolate, Aesch. II. of men, inhuman, Plut. 

a-Tr-avicrrrijJU, f . -crr^crcu : aor. i -eVr^tra : -~fr> ;//$<* 
?/? /// ^w? depart, send away, r^v a-Tparir)v Hdt., 
Thuc. II. Pass., with aor. 2 and pf. act., and 
fut. mcd., to arise and go away, depart, leave one's 
country, emigrate, Hdt., Thuc. 

aTravTax^j Adv. (cams) everywhere, Eur, : aira,VTax<5- 
0ev,/row all sides, Luc.: airavrax<$0<> - airavraxou, 
Id. : onravTax^ "** Jf<? ewr^ place, Plut. :- aTravra- 
XOTJ, everywhere, Eur. 

air-avrao) : impf. birfivrvv, Dor. 3 sing. ATTCII/TTJ : f . a-n-- 
avr^](fO}jt.a.i : aor. i ^ir^r'ifjtfa : pf . aTnfjVT^/ca. : I. /o 
move from a place ><?<? a person ; then, generally, / 
meet, encounter, TLVI Hdt., Thuc., etc. : absol., o del 
aTravrwj/ anyone that meets you, any chance person, 
Plat. : often with a Prep., cwr. rw eis r6trov to come w 
go to a place to meet him, *w<?<tf him at a place, Hdt, : 
without a dat. pers., to present oneself at a place, 
Xen. 2. often in hostile sense, to meet in battle, Kur. ; 
cbr. y A.6rjvalois ts Tdpavra Thuc. : to oppose in any way, 
Plat, : absol. to present oneself in arms, Kur. 3. 
as a law term, zf<? meet in open court, Plat,, Dem. : 
absol. 20 appear in court, Dem. 4. <br. els or 7rp<fa 
TI jfo <?n/?^ z^&?z a thing, attempt or approach it, Plat., 
Aeschin. ; jf<? A^ifi? recourse to . . , Dem. II. of 

things, to come upon one, happen to onc,Kur., Plat., elr. 

airavTi), Adv. (ccTras) everywhere, Horn. 

ditavTtjfxa, euros, r6 } (airavrdca) a meeting, Kur. 

aTravTiKptJ, Adv., strengthd. for ttvrtKpv, right opposite, 
Xen. , c. gen., Dem. 

air-avriov, Adv., right opposite, Is r^\v fax. &T^>/ Udt. 

a-nr-avrX^w, f. #</&>, to draw off wafer from a sftfp'tt 
hold ; metaph., &TT. 0^pt<r/^a xQovds Kur, : c. a<v. 
only, to draw off, Aesch. : to lighten, lessen, v6vovs 
Id. ; ftdpos \f/vx^sr Eur. 

air-avTojAat, ~ &7raj/rc{co, Kur. 

air-avvo), f . ticra [i)J, jf finish entirely, vy^s faxiiyuff&v 
(sc. <5S<J^) the ships performed the voyage, Od. 

a-iraf, Adv. (a copul., and Root flAT, v^yyvfjLi, cf, Lat. 
sim-plex) once, once only, once fur all, like Lat, seme(, 
Od., Hdt., Att. 2. c. gen., oV, TOW ^iat/rov <*<" in 
the year, Hdt. II, without any notion of number, 
after cfor^p, */lv, ^7re(, &$, %rav, like Lat. itt setnel, <tf'rr$p 
3a"jrlff(a j &Tra% if once you have made a treaty, Ar, ; 
wy a7ra ^p^aro once he bad begun, Xen. 

aira|-dirds, a<ra, &^, ^// <^jf once, mostly in pi,, Ar. 

aira|-a,irXw$, Adv. in general, Luc. 

air-aj;i<i>ci>, f. (fxrat, to disclaim as unworthy, disown, n 
or riva Thuc. II. &v. rt rwos to deetti a 

unworthy of one, Luc. :- Med. ^; banish from 
house, Aesch. 

air air at, otwtt'WTra'ircu, -- ^TTiraTrat, Soph., Ar, 

a-irairiros, oi/, with no grandfather : metaph. un- 
fathered by a thing, Aesch. 

air-dirrw, Ion. for &^>-<{7rrw. 

ot-irapdplaTOS, ov, (irapa&aiv(*>) not passing over to an- 
other, not passing away, unchangeable, N, T. 

, Ion. for ^-ppT/jtt^os 1 , part. pf. pans, of 

, ov, (trapaireui) : I, of persons, >/<^ /^ 

be moved by prayer, inexorable, Plat., etc. : Adv. 
-rtas, Thuc. II. of punishments, not to he averted 
by prayers, inevitable, unvierciful, Dinarch. 

a-trapaKaXvirros, ov, (irapaKa^irrw) itncovered : Adv. 
-rajy, itndisguisedly , Plat. 

a-TrapoLKXTjTos, ov, unsummoned, volunteering, Thuc. 

a-irapaXXaKTos, ov, (TrapaXXacrcrco) unchanged, un- 
changeable, Plut. 

a-irapap,\0T|Tos, ov, (7rapa/xy0eo/xaO not to be persuaded, 
inconsolable, a6v/j,ia. Pint. 

a-irapajxv0os, ov, =foreg., inexorable, Aesch. 

a-irap<uric < uacrTos, ov, (TrapacTKeua^o) = sq., N.T. 

a-irapacrKC'uo<s, ov, (Trapacr/ccuTj) without preparation, 
unprepared, Thuc., Xen. 

air-apaorarw, Att. ~TT<O, f. , to strike off, cut off, II., 
Hdt. : to sweep off from the deck of a ship, airb TT/S 
VTJOS Hdt. ', airb rov Ka.ra.ffrpdoiJ.aros Thuc. 

airapY|J.a, aros, r6, = dirapx^j mostly in pi., Ar. 

oLTT-apeo-Kto, f. ~ap<rca : Ep. aor. I inf. med. a-Trapeo'o'acr- 
6at : zfo <? disagreeable to, nvi Thuc. II. Med. 

to shew displeasure, II. 

a-iraptj^PTros, ov,(irapf]yope(a) inconsolable, Plut. II. 
<?f to ^<? advised or controlled, Id. 

a-arapOeVc-uTos, ov, (7rap0j/ti) unmaidenly, unfitting 
a maiden, Eur., in neut. pi. as Adv. 

a-Trap0vos, ov, no more a maid, Theocr. ; 
vvfji<f)ov iroLpQivov r 1 airdpQevov * virgin wife and 
maid, 3 Eur. 

a/ir-apiO^xe'co, f. ^ffw, to count over, reckon up, Xen. II. 
to reckon or pay back, repay, Id. Hence 

airapi0|j.Y|criS) ecos, ^, a counting over, recott,nting,Thuc. 

air-apKeco, f . ccrw, to suffice, be sufficient, Trag. II. 
to 6e contented, acquiesce, Aesch. 

air-apve'o^cu, f. ^cro/Aat : aor. i med. -fjpvriffd^'rjv, pass. 
-f\pvi]Qr]V: Dep.: to deny utterly, deny, Hdt. ; followed 
by fjcfi and inf., Eur., etc. : a,Trapvri67ivQ,i vi to -refuse, 
reject, Thuc. II. f. a'jrapvirjQ^o'eTaL in pass, sense, 

jshall be denied or refused, Soph., N. T. 

air-apvos, ov, (fywcojiiai) denying utterly, &irapv6s !<rri 
juiTf) voff4eiv he denies that he is ill, Hdt. : c, gen., &rap- 
vos ov$v6$ denying nothing, Soph. 

a-TTappTjcrtaorTOS, ov, (irapptjcria^b/xai) not speaking 
freely, Luc. 

onr-apTaw, f . -^<rw, to hang up from, &TT. ^pt]vto strangle, 
Eur. : -Pass, to hang loose, Xen. 2. metaph. to 
make dependent upon, <? ectvrov Luc. II. to detach, 
separate, ri rtvos Dem. : Pass., ^Tt^prri^voi detached, 
disunited, Id. III. intr. in Act. to remove one- 

self, go aivay, Thuc. 

air-aprC [f), Adv. completely, of numbers, exactly, just, 
Hdt. II. of Time,/^w now, from this time, hence- 
forth, Ar., N.T. 2. ytff <?w, <w^w wow, N, T. 

air-apTt^w, f, io"(a, to make even, move regularly, 
Aesch. II. to get ready, complete, Arist. 2. 

intr. to &? ew or exact, Id. 

d-TrapTi-Xo'yta, Ion. -I'Hj %}, (\6yoi) an even number or 
sum, Hdt. 

dirapTiov, TO, a sale of goods by auction, Plut. 

a,irapTicr}j,<$$ o, (^TrapT^to) completion, N. T, 

airapv<a or apiuTW [6], f. ^cr&>, to draw off, skim off' 
cream, Hdt. : metaph. to fl?rw o^ the force <?/a thing, 
in verb. Adj. &7rapu<rT&>j', Ar. 

8 9 

?X*l> ^j mostly in pi. airapxai, the beginning of a 
sacrifice, the primal offering (of hairs cut from the fore- 
head), Eur. 2. the first I ings for sacn&c^first-fruits, 
^Hdt., Att. : metaph., cbrapx^ TTJS ffopias Plat. From 
air-apxopai,, f . |otai, Dep. to make a beginning, esp. in 
sacrifice, rpf%as airdpxecrdai to begin the sacrifice with 
the hair, i.e. by cutting off the hair from the forehead 
and throwing it into the fire, II. : to begin the sacrificial 
rites, Od. II. c, gen. to cut off part of a thing, to 

offer it, to offer part of a thing, Hdt., Eur. III. 

to offer the firstlings or first-fruits, Hdt., Ar. 2. 
metaph, to ta<? as the first-fruits, as the choice or 
#esf, Theocr. 

airapxos, o, eTrap^os, Aesch. 

a-rr-apxco, f. |a>, to <? thejirst, be leader, dance, Anth. 
o-iras, a-7rd<ra, a-ira*/, (a cc#W., was) gmte all, the 
whole^and in pi. all together, Horn., etc. 2. with 
an Adj., apyvpsos carets all silver, i. e. of massive silver, 
Od. -, avav KO.K<!>V altogether evil, Ar. II. in sing., 
like Tray, everyone, Lat. tinusquisque , irav everything, 
umimquodque , Hdt., Att. 

air-acnrcupa), to gasp away life, Eur. 

airao-Tia, TJ, an abstaining from food, a fast, Ar. From 

cL-iraorTOs, ov, (TraTcOjUcu) not having eaten, fasting, II. : 
c. gen., ft.Traa'Tos &5i]Ti>os f)5^ TTOTTJTOS" without having 
tasted meat or drink, Od. 

aTr-ao-TpairTW, f. xj/a>, to flash forth, Luc. 

air-acrxoXew, f. ^crta, (&<r^(o\os) to leave one no leisure, 
LMC. : Pass, to be 'wholly occupied, Id. Hence 

o/iracrxoXia, 3), detention by business, Strab. 

airardo, Ion. - 6> : impf. yirdreav : f . j'joreo : aor. I rjird- 
TTjcra, Ep. ctTr : pf . fjiraTTj/ca : Pass., f . cbraT7]07jo'Quai 
and in med, form. cbraT^Ojuai; : aor. i ^Tcar-fiOijv ; pf . 
TjiraTTj^tu : (atror^) : to cheat, trick, outwit, beguile, 
Horn., etc.: Pass, to &<? deceived, Soph.; aTraracrdcu, 
cos . . , to <? deceived into thinking that . . , Plat. 

air-a.Tp0 and -0v, Adv. apart, aloof, II. II. 

^Prep. c. g&n.far away from, <5/JAov Ib. 

airarewv, &vo$, 6, a cheat, rogue, quack, Plat., Xen. 

airoLTtj [cfora--], 7), (prob. from aTr-TOftm, cf. airafylffKot) 
a trick, fraud, deceit, II. : a stratagem, Thuc. : in pi. 
wiles, Horn. 2. guile, fraud, deceit, treachery, 

^Hdt, Att. Hence 

aira/njXios, ov, guileful, wily, ebraT^Xia eltids skilled in 
wiles, Od. ; a-TT. ftdfew Ib. 

<airarrjX<te, TJ, ^ or os, o*', =foreg., II., Plat. 

airaTiriTiK^s, ^, ov, (airardca) fraudulent, Xen. 

a-TraTif]Tos, o^, (irarea?) ^lntroddcn, Anth. 

air-aTl}j.a^oj, = sq.: part. pf. pass. a7r7}Tijua0"juei/os, Aesch., aor. I -rirlfjifja'tt, to dishonour greatly, II. 

'Airarovpia, w/, ra, ^At> Apattiria, a festival at Athens 
in the month Pyanepsion, at which the grown-up youths 
(Kovpoi} were enrolled in the <f>parplai, Oratt, (Prob. 
from Trarpia, = <f>parpla, with a euphon.} 

a-irotTwpj opos, 6, ^, (Tra-r^p) without father, fatherless, 
Soph., Eur. : c. gen., car. ZJULQV not having me for a 
father, Soph. 

a/rr-atJYa{> f. era, to beam forth, Call, (in Med.) Hence 

airatJ-ya-crfxa, arcs, r<f, efflux of light, effulgence, N. T 

onr-aTjSaw, f . ^<rw, to forbid, Soph. ; &TT. ju^ c. inf. to, 
prohibit from doing a thing, Id., Eur. II. to de* 


dine, shun, trdvovs Eur. : to deny, renounce, vettcos 
Theocr. III. to be wanting towards, fail, </>(Aoi<n 
Eur. ; cbr, #7rb Xtpov Luc. 

aTr-a-u0aSLo|, f. lov/uat, Dep. to speak or act boldly, 
speak out, Plat. 

a,-rr-a'udT)|xcpi<i>, f. <r<a 3 (avd'fj/j.epos) to return the same 
day, Xen. 

air-avpaco, only used in impf. a.irijdpav, as, a, with a part, 
of aor. form airovpas (as if from airovp'niu.i), and aor. i 
med. part. aTrovpcL/Mfvos : (the simple Verb A'YPA'0, 
which is not in use, meant to take) : to take aivay or 
wrest from, rob of, c. dupl. ace. pers. et rei, &(*$< Ov/uibf 
airijvpa II.; TOWS p^v rcv^e* ownjvpa Ib. 2. c. gen. 
pers., Kofyriv "A^iArjos atrovpas Ib. 3. c. dat. pers., 

fyvx&s having lost their lives, Hes. II. to receive 

good or ill, to enjoy or siiffer, Id., Eur. Cf. ^Tf-ttvpicr- 


a-ircuicrros, ov, (ira^o^ai) unceasing, never-ending, 
Aesch., Soph. 2. not to be stopped or assuaged, 
insatiable, Sfya Thuc. II. c. gen. never ceasing 

from, yAtav Eur. 

air-a-uTOfj.oX&o, f. ^ff(a y to go of one's own accord, desert, 

palpare, a<jf>??) : like cwraraa), to cheat, beguile, Od. 
airav6o|j,ai, Dep. to be grieiious, rtvi Sappho. 

air-cdijSoKa, pf. of a7r-<r0a>. 

oL-irc8lXos, ov, (TrcSiAoy) itnshod, Aesch., f. of aTr-ecr^ia). 

air8os 9 ov, (a copul, 9 ircSov) even, level, flat, Hdt., 
Thuc,, etc. : &irf$ov, r6, a plain, flat surface, Hdt. 

air-^o-iv, Ep. for for-p, 3 sing. pres. subj, of &WIIIJM 
(el]j.i sum). 

air-^iirov, Ep. for &rr-roi/. 

d^r-cep-yov, Ep. for arr-etpyov, impf. of airefp'yw. 

otir-^Oavov, aor. 2 of kiro-Bv^ffKui . 

air-c6ib>, f. (o*w, to disaccustom, air. riva ja^ Troieri/ 
Aeschin.; part. pf. fartiQiK&s, Plut. 

obr-eLSov, inf. -tiScrK, aor. 2 with no pres. in use, atyopdca 
being used instead : to look away from other things at 
a thing, and so simply to look at, %s or irp6s ri Thuc. 

ATrciOeia, fa (airfiB^s) disobedience, Xen., N. T. 

a.7ri6eo>, f. -^orw, to be disobedient, refuse compliance, 
Aesch.; c. dat. to disobey, Eur., Plat. 

o.TC-e.iQ'nv, Ion. for A^-eftfajv, aor. I pass, of a^/'fyui. 

a-7ri6T)s } es, (vfidofAai) disobedient, rots V&IJLQIS Plat.; 
of ships, rots Kvfrepvfirats &rt0eo*rpai less obedient to 
them, Thuc. II, act. not persuasive, incredible, 


air-ciKa^u, f. ao"0juai : Pass., aor. i wirGiK&tfQyv or 
a.TrrjK~: pf. aTrelKaff^aL or faryK.- : -to form from a 
model, to express, copy, of painters, Xen., etc. : Pass. 
to become like, resemble, birfiKacrQels QeQ in a god's like- 
ness, Eur. 2. to express by a comparison, Plat. : 
Pass, to be copied or expressed by likeness, Id. 3. to 
liken, compare with, ri nvi Eur., Plat. II. &s cbrci- 

^Kacrai as one may guess, to conjecture, Soph. Hence 

aTreiKacrrc'oy, verb. Adj. one must represent, Xen. 

air-ciKovij>, f . i<r<a,(lK<*)v} to represent in a statite,A.nil\ t 

air-iKa>?, -CIKOTWS, v. aTr-eoiKevs, 

air-eiX^a), f. r]ffu, to force back, mostly in Pass., ?s 
a.iropii]v airL\rnjiVo$ forced into great difficulties, Hdt. 

a.iri\<i), f . rjo'w : (ccTretA^i) : to hold out either in the 
way of promise or threat: I. in gfood sense, to 

promise, r]irt\ria'w &VO.KTI fiei-civ ^Kar^^v II. ; ^irel- 
\7)ffas eZ*/cu aplffrovs didst profess that they were best, 
Od. II. commonly in bad sense, to threaten, Lat. 
minari, absol. or c. dat. pers., Horn., etc. ; c. ace. cogn. t 
^irtiKtlffw ivQov spake a threatening speech, II. :- also 
in Med., N. T. 2. c. ace. of the thing" threatened, Odva- 
rov cor. nvt Hdt. 3. dependent clauses added in inf. 
fut., yepas a^aipTj<T0"0ai aTrciAeTy II., etc. ; Att. also in 
inf. aor. : also &TT. &Vi . , , &s . . , Att. III. Pass. 
aTmAov/xou, of persons, to be terrified by threats, Xen. 

aTTCiX.1], rj, mostly in pi., boastful promises, boasts, 
II. II. in bad sense, threats, Horn., etc. :- in sing. 
a threat of punishment, Soph., Thuc. (I)criv. uncertain.'; 
Cs 9 aor. i pass. part, of <br-HAe'a> : but iir- 
, of ^TreiAeco. 

aros, r6,-~^K^L\^], in pi., Soph. 
o9, pf. pass. part, of ^TretAcw ; but aiwAT?- 
of cbrciAc'to. 

, pf. pass, of &irQ\a/jift<ivc), 
, Ep. for -^TT-, 3 dual impf, of <bwAw, 
, ijpos, 6, (&7retA^co) threatcner* boaster, II. 
, a, oi/, (aTretAew) ^ or /or threatening, 
\6yoL Hdt. 

a7r-iXirj<j>a, pf. of <i7roAa/xj8ai/w. 

air-cCXXw or -iXa>, = &.7Tt A^OJ, /? /Mr the way, Lys. 

air-ctp.1. (el^a^ sum?) : impf. <brJj/, 2 sing'. <br$itr$a ; Kp 
&Trtiiv, 3 pi. #7re<rav : f . &7r^<ro/xai, Ep, faK^fffrojAai., 
3 sing. <5wro-crZrcu :- -^t> /' fl:7W(fry or far from, rwoa ()d. 
etc. ; (W rtvos Thuc. : c. dat. fr> i man tin/*, (f)l\oi,a"iv 
Eur., etc. 2. absoL ifo be away or absent ^ and of 
things, jf<? ^<? wanting, Soph., etc*; of the dead, Eur. 

air-dp.!, (elfjLi ibo), serving as fut. of Air^x /* 01 : m * 
binevcu, poet, airivai. ; fr> ^ fl"zyar, depart, Od., etc. ; 
ou/c ^Tret; ~#7n0t, /;<p gone. Soph, ; ATT, Trc^Aiif /w return^ 
Xen.; fan-ire Us f>fjt.4rpa return to your homes, Hdt.; 
&Trifj.GV ofaaSe Ar. ; &rr* oT/cou Thuc, : of the Nile* tn 
recede, Hdt. ; CCTT. dirf TI /<; go in quest of a thing*, Xen, 

air-eiTTOv, inf. -etTreZV, Ep. <ibr$-et7re?*', &ir8~*tir4fJi<!V) part. 
&7ro-i7rc;j/ (for ?7roj/ orig. had a dig'amtna j-etirov*) ; aor, i 
Hirenra, med. &wtirdjA i r)V : fut. in use is <3r-/w f pf. cbr 
etprjKa,} and in Pass., pf . cbrc^/wj/xcu, f , ^.iroppn^ffoin.iit; aor. 
i &7Tpp'f)d'r)V :- pres. and impf, arc supplied by <brau$<!a>, 
air6<priij.t, ^.Trayop^oD : to speak out, tell out, dcctaw, 
fjLvQov, etc., Horn. ; ffiffw Hdfc. XI, to deny* refuse, 
II. , Plat. III. to forbid, &w, rti/t ^ vottTv to forbid 
one to *&>, &?// him w^ fo e/, Hdt., Att.: Pass., ^7r(- 
rtvt iroie'iv ri it is forbidden him to do, Hdt. ; r& 
a forbidden thing, Id. IV. to renounce, 
disown, give ^tp, /JLTJVUS II. ; r^v ffv^axtt]^ Hdt. ; Aw. 
T^V ffrparyylav to resign it, Xen. : Pass,, a! o'Troi/^al 
oi)/c farftprii/r0 had not i?w renounced, Thuc* : so in 
Med., &velva(r6aL ft-fyiv to avert a vision (by sacrifice)* 
Hdt. 2. intr. to give up, to be ivorn onfpftnlj, & f ink 

from exhaustion. Soph., etc.; farcnrfy Quins the word 

failed, ivas unfulfilled, Aesch.: c. dat. pers, to fail or 
be 'wanting to one, ofr/c ^-jretpTfjK^y <^(Aotsr Eur, : - -c, dat* 
rei, aTTGLpyKdrcDV %p^/xao'i, i.e. ivhm they iwre bankrupt* 
Dem. j also, ATT. /cawoTs, ^Ay( ftf ^*m 7t ( aj' /{> sink 

' Avetpaloy 

9 l 

under them, Eur.; Qepovres a,Trpov<nv they "Kill be 

tired of paying, Thuc., Plat. 
"ATreipaios, a, ov, Apiraean, and 'AireCptjOcv, Adv./ww 

Apeire, Od. (Apeire = Limitless-land (from #-7reipos- 

B), an imaginary place.) 
a-Wpcurros, oj>, (7TtpfiiC w ) incapable of being tempted 

by a thing-, c. gen., N. T. 
a-irfipaTOS, ov, Dor. and Att. for a.-n-etpriTOS. 
dir-eip^fltfov, Ep. etoWpyaflov, Ep. aor. 2 of a,ireipyw, 

'to keep away, keep off from, rtvd TWOS II. ; ^a/cea airo- 
epyafle ov\iis pushed back the rags from the scar, Od. ; 
fjrf\ ere T7}<r5e 777* cbrcipyccflf? Soph. 

cnr-etp^w, Ion. air-^pvo), in Horn, also aTro-epyw : f. 
a7rp|eo: aor. I cbreZpa Soph.; cf. foreg.:- to ^?/> 
away from, debar from,, nvd nvos Horn., Att. ; TW& aW 
Tiros Hdt. 2. zfo keep from doing, prevent, hinder, 
c. ace. et inf., cwr. nvh iroie'tv or ^ irotetv n Soph., 
Eur. 3. c. ace. to keep back, keep off, ward off, Od., 
Soph., etc. ; absol., dAA' aTre/pyoi 0<fc heaven for/end ! 
Soph. : vopos ouSeU a-rr. no law debars, Thuc. : of the 
Nile, cmpyijt.vo$ barred or sAz* off from its old channel, 
Hdt. II. to part, divide, separate, tfA^fr ctoWpyei 
aux*Va T o-Tij0<fc re II. : and so to bound, Hdt. 2. 
of persons travelling, & &/M<rrep5 airepyav "Potrctov 
keeping Rhoeteium on the left, Id. III. to shut 

up, confine, Id. 

a/rrcip&rios, a, ov, lengthd, form of frireipos (B), bound- 
less, immense, countless, Horn., Od. 


, i,, pf. act. and pass, of aTrel-nw. 

-s, Dor. and Att. -arcs, ov, (Treipao/iai) : I. 
act. without making trial of a thing, without making 
an attempt upon, c. gen., II. 2. without trial or 
experience of a thing-, h. Horn., Find. : absol. inex- 
perienced, Od. II. pass, untried, unattempted, 

II., Hdt., Dem. 
iimpCa, ^, (faeipos A) rauw o/ s&/7/, inexperience, 

Plat. ; Tiy^s ^ or in a thing, Eur. 
aimpCa (ftirtipos B), ^, infinity, Plat. 
d-TreipiTos, or, aTreipeVioy, Od., Hes. 
a.TTLp6-8pocros, ov, iimised to dew, unbedewed, Eur. 
aireiprf-Kaicos, oi/, (/ca/c^) without experience of^ evil, 
unused to evil, Eur. : TO owr, ignorance of evil, Thuc 
airctpoicaXCoL, ^, ignorance of the beautiful, want oj 

taste, Plat. : in pi. vulgarities, Xen. From 
aireupi-KoLXos, ov, (/caAoV) ignorant of the beaut if id 
without taste, tasteless, vulgar, Plat. : TO atr., airetpo 
Ka\ia, Xen. Adv. -Aw^ Plat. 

aircip<J-'rrXQ'us,0i' / ,( 7r ^o' os ) ignorant of navigation, Luc 
airciposj Dor. for ^Treipos. 

aircipos (A), ov, (weLpa) without trial or experience oj 
a thing, unused to, unacqitainted with, Lat. expers 
c. gen., 0\' Theogn. j TDO^VV^V Hdt., etc. 2 
absol. inexperienced, ignorant, Pind,, Aesch., etc. II 
Adv., bireiptos %)(*& rivos to be ignorant of a thing, Hdt 
aireipos (B), ov, (Vefya*, irtpas) boundless* infinite 
countless, irXijflos Hdt., Plat. 2. in Trag,, of gat 
ments, endless, i. e, without end or outlet, inextricabl 
Aesch., Eur. 

airetpoa-vvT|, i?, ~ fareipia, inexperience, Eur. 
4trip5-Toicos, ov, (riKru) not having brought fort/ 
virgin, Anth. 

v, (iretpa) = frireipos A, without experience, 
ignorant, Soph. 

irip<i>y, ov, (Trelpos, Trcpas) &rreipos B, boundless, 
endless, countless, Horn. 2. = &reipos B. 2, without 
end, inextricable, Secryxot Od. 

Ion. for afi-eis, aor. 2 part, of a^i^f^t. 
Prep, with gen v <7W#y <^if 0^ h. Horn. 

^xofxcu, f. - Sl^o/xai, Dep. to expect anxiously, to 

look for, aivait, N.T. 
/rrcK-Sww, to strip off from, ri rtvos Babe., f. ~8ucro/uu [v] : aor, I -eSwayUT/v : to 
strip off oneself, to put off, as in preparing for single 
combat, N.T. II. to strip off for oneself, to 

despoil, riva Ib. Hence 

;, $, i), a putting off (like clothes;, N. T. 
\\ sub */c(/co>. 

)jiat, Med. to forget entirely, c. gen., only 

in imperat. of Ep. aor. 2 owreKAeAciflecrfle, Od. 
d-irKT?)TOS, ov, (-TreKTe'co) uncombed, =*sq., Anth. 
air-eXavva) (also ctTr-eAtioc, in imper. a7r\a) : f. -eAa<r, 
Att.-eAw: pf. -eATjAcuca: Pass., aor. I -TjAafl^v [a] : 
fa drive avvay, expel from a place, Ttvcfc <5^/icov, Tr^Aew^, 
Eur., etc. ; anro TC^TTOU Xen. : a?r. Ttva jfo <??/ wa>', 
banish, expel, Soph., Xen. 2. air. o-rpan^v fo lead 
away an army, Hdt. : then absol. to march or go away, 
depart, Id. ; (sub. '/TTTTOV) to ride away, Xen. II. 

Pass, to be driven away, Hdt., Att. : to &P excluded 
from a thing, Hdt., etc. 

direXV|A<Ss ^> refutation : disrepute,N.*Y* From 
xir-cXtYX w > ^ I W J t re f u ^ e thoroughly, Antipho. 
\-TT^Xc0pos, ov, (TreAe^pov) immeasurable, Horn. : neut. 
as Adv. immeasurably far, II. ^ ^ 

d7r-X^<r0ai, Ion. for <-, aor. 2 inf. med. of afyaipeu. 
'iir-Xt)0pia, T], the enfranchisement of a slave, Aeschin. 
i'7reXc-u0cpLK^s> ^, ov, in the condition of afreedman, 
Plut. From 

dir-Xe-o0pos, <$, an emancipated slave, a freedman, 
Lat. liberttts, Plat., Xen. Hence 
i.TTX-u0cp<5o), f . <aff<a, to emancipate a slave, Plat. Hence 
iireXexiGt'pwcris, eus, y, emancipation, Dem. 
dir-X0tv, aor. 2 inf. of a7r-p%o/*at. 
, Ion. for a^eA^ca>. 

, Lacon. for ^KK^o'idfca, Plut. 

-c,v,, , b , f. rcrw, Att. & : pf. -^Airt/ca : to ^'w ^ z 
dtf^iMV, to despair, N. T. ; (others to hope to receive 
from another) ; to drive to despair, rtvd. Anth. 
dTT-fjt^w, f . eVw, to spit zip, vomit forth, Lat. evomere, II. 
air-euiroXcicu, f . ^o"<y : impf . aTr^^nroAwv : stfZ, Eur. ; 
a-n-. ri nvos or &VT( Ttvoy to sell for a thing, Xen., Eur. ; 
ax. Tiva %0ov<k to smuggle one ^w-f of the country, 

j? ur> . Pass., aTTfJLTro\(afjievoi f bought and sold,' Ar. ^ 

otir-^vavTi, Adv. (ei/avTi) opposite, against, c. gen., N.T. 
dir-cvavTiov, Adv. = foreg., ^ air. (_sc. X^P") ^^ opposite 
shore, Hdt. -, t ., 

dir-vapio>, f. (|w, (Ivapa) /<; ,vfr/> one of arms, despoil 
one fl/a thing, c. dupl. ace., 11. % 

air-V*ao-craTO, Ep. 3 sing. aor. i med. of wrovttto. y 

,, Ion. for aT~^vy:a, aor. t of &Tro<ppo> : air- 

dir-V&rw, v. sub 

d-ircveiis, es, (w&Bos) free from grief, Aesch. 
d-irlv0i]TOS, ov, (7TV0eV) foreg., Aesch. 

C)2 a l 7TViaVT(jO 

air-cvia'UTiIca or -, f. Att. iw, (eymuro's) to go into 
banishment for a year, Xen. 

air-evveirw, rarely air-evc'ira), to forbid, Aesch. ; cbr. ri /> 
forbid it, Soph. ; c. ace. et inf., for. rivk ITOKE'IV or idj 
TTQie'iv n Eur. : cwr, TWO. 8a\d/J.wv to order him from 

the chamber, Id. II. to deprecate, ri Aesch. 

air-eij, = aTrew, before a vowel. 

o,Tre-aipo>, f. -fiffoo, to take out, remove, ri rtvos Eur. 
air-oiK<os, Att. aTr-ciKws, vta, 6s, part, of aveoiKa, used 

as Adj., unreasonable, Antipho : Adv. cbr-eoi/e^rcws 1 or 

-etKOTcos, -unreasonably, Thuc. 

a-irciravTOs, ov, (TreTrcuW) not ripened, unripe, Anth. 
a-irc'impos, ov, unripe, untimely. 
a-ireirXos, ov, unrobed, clad in the tunic only, Find. : 

Aeu/cwj/ <>apW aTreirAos not clad in white robes, i. e. in 

black, Eur. 

air-eTTvevaci, aor. i of cbro-Tn/ew. 
oLTr-TTTa|JLTjv [a], aor. 2 of aT07T6To/xai : also aTr-irrv)v, 

in act. form. 
a-ircp, neut. pi. of #<r-xep, used as Adv., = #cr7Tp, as, so 

as, Att. 

aTrrepavToXoyia, ^, = aireipoXoyicty Luc. From 
G-TrepavTO-Xo-yos, ov, (\4yca) talking without end. 
a-ire'pavTOs, ov, (irepa,ivu>) boundless, infinite, of space, 

Find., Eur., etc. : of Time, endless, Ar.; of Number, 

countless, Plat. ; generally of events, airepavrov -fly there 

was no end to it, Thuc. II. allowing no escape, 


f. aoro/iou : aor. i -eipyacrdj^riv : pf. 
: (which is sometimes act., sometimes pass,, 

aor. i ipyd.o > 6i)v always pass.) : to finish off,, turn 

out complete, Ar., Plat. 2. of a painter, to fill up 

with colour, express perfectly, Plat. 3. to finish a 

contract, Xen. II. c. dupl. ace. to make so and so, 

ayaObv air. nva Id. : so pf. in pass, sense, foreipyacr- 

fj.evo$ ritpavvos & finished tyrant, Plat. Hence 
aircp-yaom, %, a finishing' off, completing, of painters, 

Plat. II. a making, prod^lcing, Id. III. a 

business, trade, Id. 
airep-yaCT-TUKOs, 77, 6v, (&wpyctb/icu) fit for finishing, 

causing, c. gen., Plat. 

,7T-p7p.vos, Ion. pf. pass. part.Mof cbr-eipyw. 
onr-cpyw, Ion. for aTretpyta. 
atr-epSb), f. o>, to bring to an end, finish, Hdt. 
airep-eC, Adv., (tiirtp, t) = &<r7repe/, Soph. 
air-epcCSo)) f. <fu, to rest, fix, settle, r^v ttipiv irpos ti 

Luc. 2. intr. Pass, to rest upon, Id. II. mostly 

as Pass., with fut. and aor. i med., to support oneself 
jtpon, rest upon a thing, c. dat., Xen., etc. ; *ts n Plat. 
a/rrpLcrio$, ov, another Ep. form of cbreipeVtos, in Horn. 

always cwrepeiiori* ^TTOII/CI countless ransom. 
a-ircpiXo-XTiTos, ov, (TrcptAoA^w) not to be out-talked, Ar. 
a-irepiXTjTTTos, ov^TrepiAa^dvdi) uncircumscribedfPlut. 
d-ircpifxepLfJivos, ov, (/tept/ij/a) free from care :- Adv. 

~v<as, unthinkingly, Ar. 
a-7TpioiTTos, ov, (Trptfyo(j.cti, f. of TTcptopciw) unregard- 

ing, reckless of, irdvrcDV Thuc. 
a-TrepiarKeiTTos, ov, (7rpi<rK7rTo/x,at) inconsiderate, 

thoughtless, Thuc. Adv. -rajs; Comp. -Arepov, Id. 
d-irpiT(XTjTos, ov, (Trepir^vw*) uncirctwncised, N.T. 
a-ircpiTpoitos, ov, (TrepLrpfirw) not returning or taking 

heed, Soph. 

onr-eppo), f. 

cz7w<rrv, begone, Lat. 5i i' nialani rem, Ar. 
air-ep'uflpiato, f. acrw [dcrw], ifo />/# away blushes t to be 

past blushing, Ar. 
air-cp-oKw [^3, i'. co, zfy ^tv_/> off or awaj>, c. ace., Mom. ; 

c. ace. et g-en. to keep away from, Theogn. ; c. ace. et 

inf. to prevent one from doing", ofcrre <re Kcapoifeu' airep^- 

KOJJ.GV Id.; also, air. nvi keep off from, Hdt. ; TI 

cm6 TWOS Xen. : Med., airepvKov (sc. ffxav^js^ abstain 

from speech, Soph. 
aTr-cpvw, f. ~/)i5<rw [i], to tear off from, fnvbv otTr" OCTTS- 

^iv Ipucrai Od. :- Med., Anth. 
aTr-epxojxai, f. -eAe^tro/xax (but the Att. fut. is ^iri/xi) : 

pf. -eA^AuOa : aor. ~7?A0oj/ : Dep. : jto^o avoay, depart 

from, c. gen.j Horn., Att. ; aW or K T^TTOV Thuc. 2. 

when used with sis, departure from one place and 

arrival at another is implied, air. Us 2,dp8ts Hdt., 

etc. 3. absol. to depart, Id., Thuc,, etc. : to 

depart from life, Anth. 

air-p6>, Ion. -~p&n>, fut. with no pres. in use : v* ktrtSirov. 
airp<o"us, ccos", d, thwarter, II. From 
a7T-po>co,f.^<roc, jfo retire or withdraw from, TroACjaou II. 
OLTT-^POTOS, ov, (%p<os} loveless, unloving, %p<as ^7repwro,\% 

like ya,p,os ^ya/xos, Aesch. 
air-es, Ion. for <x<jd>-es-, aor. 2 impcr. of ft^fwu. 
air-ecrOioj, f. cLTr-tSoftai : pf. a7r-5^5oKa: ^ m# or 

gnaw off, Ar., Dem. 
aTr-ea"K^8a<ra, aor. i of airo-o'/ceScCvj/u/Ai, 
aTT-ecrKXtjica, onr-ccrKXTjicoTtos, v. airo-ffichT/jvat. 
air-ecro-eiTat, Ep. for ^Tr-eVercu, 3 sing. fut. of &rr-a/Ai 

(cift( sum). 
air-dcrcrova, /?<? -/A* gone off, Lacon. for &7r-0"flr < ^ or (3s7r- 

f<fff^Qj}, 3 sing, aor. t pass, of a7ro-<riJw, Xen. 
a7r<r<rvp.0a, -CTVTO, i pi. and 3 sing, of Kp. aor, 2 pass, 

of a7ro-<re&*). 

aTr-^o-TTjv, aor. 2 o ^-(orr'Jj/xt. 
oiirO"T(6, ouy, ^, (^iret/ii, cf. ^eflfr<iij) ^ being" awtiy, 

absence, Hdt. 

oL-ir(lTifjXos ) ov, (7TT7jAov) leafless, Anth. 
air-^rpaTrov, aor. 2 of &,iro-rpir<a. 
a-trcvOtis, es, (TrvvddvojjLaL) not inquired into, nnknoiuu, 

Od. II. act. -;zc>^ inquiring, ignorant, Ib. 

ot7r-v0vv<*> [0], f. ~i)/ci), zfo wmlv.' straight again, Plat, ; 

X^pas <T/AO'L$ OTT. zf/; 6//zc/ his arms straight * i. e, behind 

him, Soph. 2. i? guide aright, to direct, gwent, 

Id.; if> correct, chastise, Eur.: c. inf. to direct one to 

do a thing, Aesch. 

air-VKT<Js ^j oV, fo be deprecated t abominable, Aesch. 
atr-ewaS^j f- ^^j ^ //^ to sleep, Soph. 
air-cvxcTOs, ov, * ctTrcu/cr^y, Aesch. 
air-cvxojxai,, f . |oyai, L)ep. ^c; tvtVx a thing // 7tn7.v, w/Vz it 

7My not happen, deprecate, c. ace. rei, Kur., Dom. ; c. 

inf., &TT, n yeveffQtu or /x-Jj 7V<r0ai /o />^/y ///^r/ 1 it; may 

not happen, Dem. II. to reject, desj>isn* t ri Aes<:h. 
air-f^OXOcv, for -Tjcrav, i pL Kp, aor, i of bwofyOivv. 
a7T-4>0tTo, 3 sing. Ep. aor. 2 pass, of &vo-^0tv(o, 
air-40os, ov, softened form of &-<E<]{>00$, (A0-^) btrilwl 

down, aw. xpvo*6$ refined gold, Hdt., Thuc. 
^ 7r " X a ^P w f- -ap<w : aor. i ^ir^BTjpa ---to hate utterly, 

detest, Twd II. II. to make utterly hateful, ri Od, 
impf . &,Trr)^(Oa.v6/j,Tfjv : f . <for%6^cro/x,flU ; pf. 
suhj. &W% W 

6d)^at, inf. a-jrcxflecrflcu : Pass. : to be hated, incur \ 
hatred, be roused to hatred, Od. ; c. dat. pers. to be or 
become hateful to one, II., Hdt. ; air. vp6s nva to be 
hateful in his eyes, Eur. : c. dat. rei, to be hated for a 
thing-, Plat. II. Dep., in causal sense, \6yot a7T%- 
6av6fjLVOL language that caztses hatred, Xen. 

airlxOcio? 77, (nvex^s) hatred, 1. felt towards an- 
other, irp6s nva. Eur., etc. 2. felt by others towards 
one, enmity, odium., opp. to x**P LS (popularity), and in 
pi. enmities., Plat., Dem. j 5i' cbrex^as Ttyi eA.06?v to 
be hated by him, Aesch. 

airexO'njACLj arcs, T<, (airex 0aVo/xai) tf7i object of hate,, Eur. 

aTr-ex^s, eV, (ex^os) hateful, hostile, Soph., Theocr., 
etc. : Adv., a.irxQ&s 6XW nvi to be at enmity with 
him, Dem. 

dir-ex^ofxai, later form of av^d^vofJiaL, Theocr., etc. : 
the inf. faetyQecrQcu. in Horn., etc. is now written a7re%- 
BecfOai, inf. of aTrr/x^/*'?*'? aor. 2 of aTrex^aVo/^flu. 

air-ex ** f- &^| and airoo'X'flffco aor. 2 ave^ov : /# 
&<?<?/> 0jf or rtwffy from, rivd or r rti/oy II. : absol. zfo 
<?$ 0/7? Eur. 2. #'<?/> apart, part, /cA/rjISes aTr* 
&/x,a>*/ aux<=V $x ov(rLV * ne collar-bones ./wz 1 the neck 
from the shoulders, II. II. Med., obr^ %etpas execr- 
<?a rivos (in tmesi) to hold one's hands off or away 
from, Od. : also, cbrex<r0a TIWS #0 /20/rf oneself off a 
thing 1 , abstain or desist from it, Horn., Hdt., etc. 2, 
c. inf., cbrex(T0cu Troieiv or ^ Troietv TI /a abstain from 
doing- a thing, Thuc., etc. III. intr. in Act. to be 

away or far from, c. gen. loci, Id. ; also, CCTT. cbr^ Ba- 
jSvXwvoy, etc., Hdt, : absol. to be distant, Xen. 2. 
of actions, to be far from, a7retx oj/ T ^? ^svpeffios were 
far from the discovery, Hdt,.; TTXeTcrrov owr. rou iroLeiv 
to be as far as possible from doing, Xen. I"V. to 

have or receive in full, rbv pKrQ&v N. T., Pint. "V". 
impers., ctTrex^i ^ sufficeth, it is enough, N. T. 

air-^xJKo, Ion. for a<>-ei|/w. 

a-TT-ecDcra, aor. i of cbrcofleV 

air-riY^op-ai, aTr-Tjyyjfi.a, a < 7r-i| - Y' y lo rL S Ion. for a^>. 

a7r-t]0^w, f. -^crw, ^<? strain off, filter, Ar, 

a.7r-T|XcY^<>s Adv. formed from an Adj\ ^a-Tr-TjXcY^s 
(bird, &A<y<w) withottt caring for anything^ reckless 
of consequences, bluntly, fj.vOov ^TOjAe'/eW airoeureiv 

air-tiXtacrTTJs, ov t 6, one who keeps away from the 
'HAiaa, i, e. an enemy to law, with a play on $?UQS> 
not fond of basking in the sun, Ar. 

air-^XtJ, Ion. for a<-7}Ai. 

&Tr-n]Xi<i!)Tir|s > ou, <5, (TJXios 1 ) the wind that comes from the 
rising sun, the east wind, Lat. subsolantts, Hdt., Thuc. 

a-Trtip,avTos;> ov, (inrifjictlvta) unharmed, unhurt, Od, : 
3f(rT 5* fart\na.vrov be misery far away, Aesch. 

aTT-T^jAppoTov, Ep. aor. 2 of ^tp^a/JLaprdvo). 

a,irTjfi,o<ruvT|, ^, (farfifuov) freedom from harm, Theogn. 

i7r-^p.'TrXaK, 3 sing. aor. 2 ; v. a7r-ct/x7rXa/ceu/. 

a-iriijjxwv, ov, gen. ovos, (inj/xa) unharmed, unhurt, of 
persons, Horn. ; ^crros ^ir, <7 safe, prosperous return, 
Od. : c. gen., (br^uwv oifflos free from distress, 
Aesch. II. act. doing no harm, harmless, and so 
kindly, propitious, of a fair wind, of sleep, Horn. , c. 
gen., vetav far* free from harm to them, Eur. 

tirjvT|, 77, a four-wheeled wagon, Horn. : any car or 
chariot, Aesch., Soph. : -metaph., wfa owr, a ship, Eur, j 


v,TCT}vr], of the Trojan horse, Id. 2. metaph. 
also, like fcvyos, a pair, e. g. of brothers, Id. (Deriv. 

air-Tr]VTfjs, es, ungentle, harsh, rough, hard, of persons, 
Horn. (Deriv. of -771/175, as in TrpcKT-Tj^s, uncertain.) 

onr-'fjvOov, Dor. for air-yhOov,, aor. 2 of cbr-epxo/xai. 

air-'YJopos, Dor. a-rr-aopos, ov, (aeipac) hanging on high, 
high in air : also airirjopios, Anth. : cf. aTr-Tjcopos. 

a-arr]pos, ov, unmanned, Hdt. 

onr-if)'up<)V as, a, impf. of ttTr-avpaco. 

aTf-ifjx'>'is, es, (T^XOS) discordant, ill-sounding, Luc. 

air-TJx0To, 3 sing. aor. 2 of aTr-exfloVo/xai. 

air-i]a>pos, ov, = Gwr-Tjopos, higli in- air, Od. 

Airia 777, v. aVios. 

a-jr-taXXw, Laconic word for oTroW^UTrco, Thuc. 

a-iriOavos, or, of things, 7W^ winning belief , incredible, 
unlikely, improbable, Plat. ; of arguments, not per- 
suasive, unconvincing, Id. 2. of persons, not to be 
trusted, Aeschin. II. not having confidence to do 
a thing, c. inf., Plut. Hence 

, TJTOS, 77, improbability, Aeschin. 
Ep. form of aTreifo'cu, only in aor. i, c. dat., OVK 
cfor077<re fnvOcp he disobeyed not the words, II. 

oL-iriO-ns, es, Ep. for cwreiOifc, Anth. 

a-TT-idww, airevQvvto, Anth. 

a-Trivuer<rw, (a privat., Trivvros] only in pres. to lack 
understanding, be senseless, Horn. 

airi|is, eats, 77, Ion. for &<f>ii-is. 

airiov, r6, (&TTLOS) a pear, Lat. pirum, Plat. 

atrios [a], 77, a pear -tree, Lat, pirus, Arist, 

airios, 17, ov, (a.TrS) far away, far off, distant, aTr^y 
70(775 Horn. II. v A7riosr, a, ov, Apian, i. e. Pelopon- 
ncsian (said to be derived from T A?m, a king of Argos), 
'Airfa 717, *A7ra x ( * >v > 01 " 'Airia alone, the Peloponnese, 
esp. Argolis, Aesch., Soph. ; so *Airs, iSos, 77, Theocr. 
[The former sense has a, the latter d.] 

air-aTrrfto, f. c^crw, to press the juice/w;w anything, Hdt. 

''A'Tris, iSos, etas, and Ion. tos, o, Apis, a bull worshipped 
in Egypt, Hdt. II. *A7ri$,"A7riayvi, cf. &TTIOS II. 

air-icrcJwj f. (hcrta, to make equal, nva. nvi Plut. : Pass. 
to be made equal, nvi to a thing, Hdt. 

ainorT^w, f. TJcfw : pf , 7^7r&rrt7/ca : Pass., f . wrrta'T'tj&'fio'O*' 
IA.CLL, and in med. form &iri.ffT'fi(ro/jLaL : to be farttfros, and 
so, I. to disbelieve, distrust, 'mistrust, c. ace., Od,, 
Eur. : -Pass, to be distrusted, Thuc., Xen. 2. c. 
dat. pers., Hdt., Att. - 3 ax. nvi n to disbelieve one in 
a thing, Hdt. ', nvi irspt n Id. : absol. to be distrust- 
ful, incredulo'us, Id. 3. c. inf. to doitbt that . . , 
Soph. ; cbr. /^ yfVGffQai. n to doubt that it could be, 
Thuc. II. a7Tt0e&j, to disobey, nvi Hdt., Att. : 

-absol. to be disobedient, refuse to comply, Soph., 
Eur. III. T& crwju,' OVK. a7no'r^0'a> x 01 *^ i.e./ 'will 

not hesitate to commit it to the earth, Eur. 

aTiwrCa, Ion. -Cij, r?, (aviffreai) disbelief, distntst, mis- 
trust, Hes., Hdt., etc. ; virb atna'ri'rjs ^ ysvscrQai n 
from disbelief th&t it had happened, Hdt.j aTncrriavex^iv 
wept rtvos to be in doubt, Plat. 2, of things, ^s 
fariffrlyv aTrTx^ai to have become discredited, Hdfc.; 
TroXXas a7ritrT(as ^x ei ^ Admits of many doubts, Plat. ; 
els aTT. KaraTrfTrreiJ' Id. II. want of faith, faith- 

lessness, unbelief, Soph, : treachery, Xen. 
a-trtcrros, ov, I. pass, not to be trusted, and so, 1. 


of persons and their acts, not trusty, distrusted, 

faithless, II. , etc.; dpdffos far. groundless confidence, 

Thuc, 2. of reports and the like, incredible, Hdt., 

Aesch. j T> eXiriSvv fatiffvov what one cannot believe 

even in hope, Soph. II. act. not believing or 

trusting, mistrustful) incredulous, suspicious, Od. ; 
aTTKTT^Tfpos less credulous, Hdt. ; airio"ros irpbs $/Anr- 
irov distrustful towards him, Dem. ; &TTLcrros (ravrc? not 
believing what you say yourself, Plat.j TO ax. owncr-T^a, 
Thuc. : in N. T., unbelieving, an unbeliever* 2. 
not obeying, disobeying, c. gen., Aesch. III. Adv. 
cbrifrrctfs, 1. pass, beyond belief, Thuc. 2. act. 
distrustfully, suspiciously, Id, 

atrLCTTocrovq, rf, = airiffria, Eur. 

air-icrx.'wpo|jLai, f. Att. -WV/ACM, Dep. to set oneself to 
oppose firmly, give a. fiat denial., np6s TWO, Thuc. 

air-io'^w, ^=a7rx&>, to keep off, hold off, Od. 

airtrcov, verb. Adj. of &vL/j.t fetfu ibo\ one must go 
away, Xen. 

a/rrXatc^a), atrXaKia, v. d/LtTrAattccu, a/wrAa/cia, 

a-irXavijs, es, not wandering, steady, fixed, Plat. ; of 
stars, fixed) opp. to TAcu/rjrcu, Id., Anth. II. of a 
line, straight, Anth. 

tt-irX<xvi)ToSj ov, that cannot go astray, Babr. 

tt-7rXa<rTo, ov, not moulded.,, i.e. in ITS natural state, 
natural, unaffected, Plut. 

a-TrX&TOS, Dor. and Att. for Ep. a-TrXiyros, ov, (-TrcAc^w) 
for a-TTcAaros, unapproachable, terrible, Hes., Trag. 

tt-nrXK;Tos ov, (ir\Kca) unplaited, x " 7 " 7 ? Anth* 

tt-irXcTOS, ov, boundless, immense, Hdt., Att. (Prob. 
from F1AE, 7r^7rAn/Ai, not to be filled, beyond measure.} 

tt-irXcixrrosi ov } (irAcfe) not navigated : rb StTrA. a part 
of the sea not yet navigated, Xen. 

a-irXrjicTos, ov, (TrA^ffW) unstricken, of a horse needing 
no 'whip or spur, Plat. : unbounded, Eur. 

d-irXijpTo$, or, insatiable, Luc., Anth, 

airXtjcrria, )?, insatiate desire, greediness. Plat. ; rii/o's 
of or for a thing, Eur., Plat. From 

a-irXtj OTTOS, ov, (ir/jUTrATj/iu) not to be filled, insaiiate, 
Soph., etc. 2. c. gen., &ir\, ^fi^rtcv insatiate of 
money, Hdt., etc. II. Adv., forA^crrcwy x ij/ to be 
insatiate, Plat. ; o-n-A. JiatfcTcr^ai or ^x* 1 ' 1 ' */> T* Xen. 

airXoia, poet. &irXott), ^7, (^TrAous) impossibility of sail- 
ing, detention in port, esp. from stress of weather, 
Aesch., Thuc. j fox " " T ^ &rAomt Hdt. 

a7rXoto]Aai, Dep. (drAow) 2fo deal openly or frankly, 
irpbs TOVS- ^/Aovf Xen. 

airXots, (8oy, TJ, (a7rA((os) simple, single, of a cloak, 

a-TrXoKotfios, ov, with imbraided hair, Anth. 

*AirXo-ic-uv, 6, nickname of a Cynic 'who wore his coat 
single instead of double, Plut. 

a?rX<$os, f\, ov, contr. airXovs, 77, ovv (from #jua, as 
Lat. simplex from simul, opp. to SiTrAo'os, duplex, two- 
fold}. I. single, Soph., Thuc. II. simple, 
natural, plain, sincere sfrankyT rag., Plat., etc. : in bad 
sense, simple, Isocr. III. simple, opp. to compound, 
Plat.; cwrAJJ Hy/jLOKparia sheer democracy, Id. 2, 
simple, absolutely true, Id. IV. Adv. cwrAws, v. sub 
voc. V. Comp. and Sup. cwrAovcrTepoj?, aTrAoiWaros, 


a-irAoos, o/, contr.' a-irXovs, ouj/ : (7rA?) : I. act., 


of ships, not sailing, unfit for sea, not sea-worthy, 
Thuc. : -Comp., a.Tr\0(arpca vavs tess Jit for sea, 
Id. II. pass., of the sea, not navigable, Dem. 

airX<$rv|S, TjToy, f), (airAo'oy) singleness : simplicity, 

frankness, Xen., etc, ^ II. liberality, N. T. 

a/irXoius, T), oiV, contr. for atr\^os } q. v. 

a-irXotiSj ov*/, contr. for &-TT\OQ$, q. v. 

airXoi5orTpos, -TO.TOS, v. anXAos signf. v. 

a-7rXovTos, ov, 'without riches, Soph., Plut. 

airXott;, f. tiiffw, (aTrXovs) to make single, to unfold, 
stretch out, Batr., Anth. : Pass., vjirXdidiri [the fish] 
lay stretched out, Babr. 

a-TrXowrcpos, Comp, of &.-tr\OOSr. 

airXvtria, y, filthiness, filth, Anth. From 

a-irXv-ros, ov, (ir\vvca) un'washen, unwashed, Ar. 

airXus, Adv. of wreXovs, Lat. simpliciter, singly, in one 
way, Plat. II. simply, plainly, openly, frankly, 

Aesch., etc. 2. simply, absolutely, cnrXcas ^SiWroj/ 
Thuc. ; ovScjMla a,ir\js none at all, Id. ; &V &wi/ 
oirAojs simply all there are, Ar. 3. m wo/</, Lat. 
denique, Eur., Xen. 

airvcucrri. Adv. of foryei/crros, air. #x t>/ ^ r; hold one's; 
breath, Plat. ; without drawing breath, Dem. 

a-irveixrros;, ov, (nt/soi) breathless, Od. 

a-irvoos, of f contr. a-irvovs, ovv, (iiWw) without breathy 
lifeless, Anth. 

'ArKX, poet. aira, Prep. c. gen. = Lat, ab 9 from. 

I. OF PLACE : 1. of Motion, from, away from 9 
Horn., etc. ; of warriors fighting/w chariots, Horn. 2, 
of Position, away from, far from, apart from, &nro ?s 
ctA^x 010 II. ; &tr* otyQaXfJL&v far from sight; Ib,; <bro 
QaXa<fa"n$ Thuc., etc. 3. of the mind, <for& 0uyuoii 
away from, i. e. a/z'i/z from, my heart, II. ; OUK &TTO 
rp&irov not mthoitt reason, Plat. ', oi &7r2> irpdyjuaros 
Dem. 4. in partitive sense, alcr* forb Xyitios a part 

/r^w the booty, a share 0/it, Od. II. OF TIME, 

from, after , &irb SelTr^ov /if<?r supper, II. j M> Sttirvw 
yevfo&at to have done supper, Hdt., etc. ; &<^* o$ (sc. 
Xp<Wv), Lat. <?^ r/z^o, Id,, etc. III. OF ORIGIN, 

CAUSE, etc. : 1. of that from which one is born, om 
atrb fyvb$ oi5* M TT/TJDTJS not sprung from oak or rock, 
Od. ; rpiros &7rJ> Aitfe- third in descent from Zeus, Plat. ; 
of &7n!> 27r(pr7}y the men from Sparta, Hdt, : * metaph. 
of things, KaAAos- &JT& Xaptruv beauty horn of the 
Graces, such as they give, Od. ; yd\a kirk fiafa Acsch. : 
of connexion with the leader of a sect, ol &?r?> TtK&rta- 
voSy Plato's disciples ; ot &irb r^y *Aicab'ri/ l Lta$ f ktrb T^S" 
ZSToay, the Academics, the Stoics, Plut., etc, 2. of the 
Mate rial from or of which a thing- is made, &TT& t5Aou 
Hdt.; avb ^Kiros Theocr. 3. of the Instrument 
from or by which a thing is done, <2br* kpyvp^ow fittHO by 
[arrow shot from"] silver bow, II. 4s, of the Person 
from whom an act comes, i. e. by whom it is done, Mlv 
/*4ya fyyov &TT* abrov ^y^ero Hdt. j ^irp^x^'n ^ <*^TOW 
oi>8& Thuc, ;so that M came to be used like M } but 
implying a less direct agency. 5. of the Source from 
which life or power is sustained, $iv &7rJ> IftQtitav Hdt. ; 
rp^ii/ rb 1/ctWTi/cbi/ hirb rwi/ ^crwv Ken. 0. of the 
Cause, Means, or Occasion from, by, or because of which 
a thing is done, &irb foKoucxn^s by reason of justice, 
Hdt*; farb rwv abrwv \7ifAjj,dr<M moved by, for the same 
profits, Dem. :- hence in many adverbial usages, &vb 

<7vov$r)S in earnest, eagerly ', II.; airb rov icrov, airb rys 
t^ys, or OTT* fays, equally, Thuc., etc. ,* fork y\&ffffy$ by 
word of mouth) Hdt. ; a^)* favrov from or ^ oneself, 

B. AS ADVERB, /#r away, Horn., Hdt. 

C. IN COMPOS. : 1. from, asunder., as in cbro- 
T/XJ/<W : away, off, as in airofiaiva. 2. finishing 1 off, 
completing, as in a,Trpydo/ji.a,t f 3, ceasing from, 
leaving off, as in aitaXyeta, cwroAo</>tfpojuQU. 4, 0ac& 
again, as in airoS&w/u, ctTroAajUjScCj/co : also, zw //2, or 
wAa? zs <w<? 7 $ 02m, as a7re%&>. 5. _y way of abuse, 
as in cbro/caAeeo. 6. almost = a jr iv. ; sometimes with 
Verbs, as cbrau5c(a>, airctyoptiHa ; with Adjectives, as 
ajroxp^^ctfos, airdffiros. 

D. itTro, by anastrophe for TT^, when it follows its 
Noun, as b^drwv &TTO Soph. 

d-Tro-aivvfJiai, Ep. for aTrcuVi/yucu. 

airo-<up&>|xa,L, Ep. for d4>cup0ju,ou. 

ainS-pa, = ctoro-j87}fli, aor. 2 imp. of aTrojSaiVcw. 

d-rro-pdOpa, Ion. -pd6pi],^, a ladder for disembarking, 

^a gangway, Hdt., Thuc. 

airo-pafvu, f. -/S^o-o/iax, 3 sing. Ep. aor. i -f^crero: 
aor. 2 a7r-6)8i7*>: pf. &7ro-/3j87jKa : $2^ off from a 
place, fc> alight or disembark from a ship, Horn., etc. ; 
absol. disembark, Hdt., Thuc., etc. : dismount 
from a chariot, 'linrcov or ^ '/irTnw II. %. to go away, 
depart, Ib., Att.,* c. gen., <br. ir5W Eur.; of hopes, /0 
0w# naught, Id. II. of events, /0 mz^<? or result 
from, rh ^ueAAc ^.vo^ffeffQaL cwro rrjs ftdxris Hdt. ; T& 
airo/Saivoy, contr. rcmofiouvov, the issue, event, and ra 
airoftati/ovra, ret &rroj8dWa J?& results, Id., Thuc. ; ra 
aTro^orJ/zeva the probable results, Thuc. 25. ft? ^en/. 
01^ so and so, Trapa S^ajc Hdt. ; roiMe Eur. ; <J>y 7rpo<T- 
5exro Thuc.: absol. zfwrw 02^ well, succeed, Id. 3. 
of persons, 2^0 end by being, air. Kotvoi to prove impartial, 
Id. ", so, $ &\aOwbv #j>fy>* air. Theocr. ; direjSij ^s juow- 
apxtyv things ended in a monarchy, Hdt. 

B. Causal in aor. i owrc/STjcra, jf0 make to dismount , 
disembark s land, (in which sense &irof3ifidw serves as 
pres.), &TT. crrpan^p Hdt. 

aTro-pciXXa), f. -/JaAcJj, Jf0 throw off, II. ; c. gen. #0 
throw off from, cW. d/u,fj.dra>y tiirvov Eur. 2. &? throw 
away, r^v &<rw/5a Ar. ; T^K li^/ja Air. #0 reject him, 
Eur. : Med. to cast from one, reject, Theocr. 3. 
to lose, ret Trarpya, riv ffrpaTfo Hdt. ; T^V overlay Ar. j 
7roXXoi>5 Ttoy ffrpaTtwr&v Thuc* 

aTTo-pdirTto, f. tyu, to dip quite or entirely, IcwuroV 
Hdt. ; Ti tfs TL Id. 

airo-pds> aor. 2 part, of <Wo-/JaW. 

aTropdcris, wy, ^f, (&7roj3atj/w) a stepping' off, disembark- 
ing, &7rb TWV j/i> Thuc. ; ^ vavriKfy frr* isAXovs fardfta- 
cris landing from ships in the face of an enemy, Id. ; 
absoL, iroteiffOcu farAfiaa-iv to disembark, land> Id. 2. 
a landing, landing-place, OVK %X l far6&<*><rw does not 
admit of landing, or has no landing-place , Id. $ pi., 
Id. II. a way off, escape, Plut. 

diropdr^s [&], ou, d, (farofiaivw) one who rode several 
horses leaping from one to the other, Lat.cfesw/zto^Plut. 

diro-pid^ojjLai, f . dcfo^ai, Dep. ^0 force <aw*zy:~- Pass. 
^0 be forced away or 0a<:/&, Xen. II. absol. to use 
force, Id; 

, Causal of ^iroj8(vw, ^0 m/^<? to get off, esp. 

from a ship, ^0 disembark, put on shore, Hdt., Thuc., 
etc. : Med., a.iro&if3d<rao'Qat rtvas to cause them to be 
put on shore, Hdt. 

airo-pAdirrw, f. t|/<y, fr> ruin utterly : Pass., cbro#Aa<|)- 
6r)vcti <pt\ov to be robbed of a. friend, Soph. 

onro-pXacrravw, aor. 2 -/3Aa0*T0j/, to shoot forth from, 
spring from, c. gen., Soph. Hence 

airo-pXdcrTTjjta, aros, *r6, a shoot, scion, Plat. 

air^pXe-rrTos, ov, gassed on by all, admired, Eur. From 

airo-pX^irw, f. -^Aetyo/x-ou : to look away from all other 
objects at one, to look or gaze steadfastly, %$ riva, or TI 
Hdt., Eur. ; -jrp6$ nva or n Hdt., Plat. 2. to look 
to, pay attention or regard, esr TI Eur., etc. ; TT^^JT rt 
Plat. 3. #0 /00 upon with love or admiration, Lat. 
obscrva^, suspicere, c. ace., Soph. ; with a Prep., & or 
7Tp<fo Tivcc Eur., Xen. 

aTropXif|Tcos, a.) ov, verb. Adj. of a7ro/8eiAAa), zJ0 be thrown 
away, rejected, Plat. 

dirdpXirjTos, ov, verb. Adj. of &7roj8cUAco, ^0 0^ thrown 
away as worthless, II. 

diro-pXiTTw, f. -j8Ai<rw [t], jfo a^jf 0z^jf the comb from 
the hive : hence to steal, Ar. 

dtro-pXv^ca, f. <r<a, to spirt out, c. gen. partit., &TT. ofoou 
jf0 ^iV^ 0^^ 50me wine, II. 

diropoXi], ^s 1 , ^, (diro^ciAAci)) ^c throwing away, Plat. 2, 
& losing, loss, Lat. jactura, Id. 

d-rropoAifjicuos, o*', (farofid\\ui) apt to throw away a 
thing, c, gen., Ar. 

diro-pdorKo^ai, Dep. to feed upon, tcapirdv Ar. 

diro-povKoiMco, f . -fjaru, to let cattle stray : to lose (as a 
bad shepherd does his sheep), et TTJ Qvyarpl rby Trat^a 
diroj3oi;KoA^<raiyat i/ J 7U^r<? zJa /0^e my daughter her son, 
Xen. : Pass, to lose one's way, Luc. 

diro-ppi<i>, f. |eo, to go off to sleep, go sound asleep, Od. 
(j3p<ix os ) t strangle, Anth. 
s) far from an altar, godless f TLur, 
OK, (777) from land : faroyeiov or 
h'jr'yaiQv, T&, a morning cable, Luc. 

d<7ro-*yio-<$<>>, f . ^<rw, to make to jut out like a cornice 
(ytfcrov), o<f>pt<ri air, rk dirty rfi>v bjjLfjAray Xen. 

diro-'ycvai, f . <r<a, to give one a taste of a thing, c. gen., 
Anth. : Med. to take a taste ofa. thing, c. gen., Plat., 

diro-'Yc<|>vpo(a, f. ><ra>, to bank off, fence with dykes, 
TV WlfaJHv Hdt, 

diro-yir|paarici), f. -"yxipdffojjiai [a], to grow old, Theogn. 

diro-'yC'YVO^ai,, Ion. and late Att. -yivop,&i : f. -yev^ffo- 
/: -/0 <? away from, have no part in a thing, c. gen., 
Hdt., Thuc. II. absol, to be taken away, opp. to 

TTpooryiyvojAdt, Thuc. : generally, to be away, absent, 
Plat., etc. 2. of death, <br. tit. rS>v oliciQv to depart 
from the house, die out of it, Hdt. ; ajroywea-Qai alone, 
to be dead, ot avoyev^^evot the dead, Thuc. ; 6 ^(rrarov 
aid. ATT. he who died last, Hdt. ; 6 faroyivoiAevos one who 
is dying, Id., Thuc. 3. to be lost, owr, ovti^v rov 
ffrpctTov Thuc. 

diro-^i'yvciScrKw, Ion. and late Att. -yivwcrtcw, f . -yvd<ro- 
pai : to departjrom a judgment, give up a design or 
intention of doing, Air. rb p.dx*09ai Xen. ; &r. pd] J8o>j(- 
Qeiv to resolve not to help, Dem. II. c. gen. rei, to 
despair of a thing, c. gen., Lys. : absoU to despair, 
Dem. 2. c. ace. to give up as hopeless, Id. : Pass. 

96 airoyvoia 

to be so given up } Dem. III. as law-term, to refit st 
to receive an accusation, reject, Id.: air. twos (sc. $1/07* 
vel ypa^v) to reject the charge brought against a maa 
i. e. acqiiit him, opp. to Karrafyiyv&crK.GW rivds, Id. : also, 
C&TT. rit/d (sc. vys 5/7?s vel ypcupys) to judge one fret 
from the accusation, to him, Id. Hence 

airrf-yvoia, ?), despair of & thing, c. gen., Thuc. 

atrd'Yovos, OK, ^airo'yfyj/o/ucu) ##;'/;? or descended from, 
Lat. oriundus, Hdt. : in pi. descendants. Id., Thuc. ; 
cbn^yoj/oi rccci thy offspring, Soph. 

airo"ypa<f>ij, TJ, -writing off : a register ? list, of lands 
or property. Plat., etc. : a register of persons liable t( 
taxation) Lat. censiis, N. T. II. as Att. law-term, 
the copy of a ypoKpfi, a deposition, Oratt. From 

0/iro-'ypd<|>a> [a], f. i|/<o, to write off, copy : to enter in a 
list, register, Hdt.,, Plat.: Med. to have names regis- 
feredby others, or to register for one's own use, Hdt., 
Plat. 2. Med. also to give in one^s name, register, 
or enlist oneself, Xen. II. as Att. law-term, 1. 

aTroypatyeiv rwa to enter a person's name as accused, 
give in a copy of the charge against him, to inform 
against, denounce, Id. 2. to give in a list of 

property alleged to belong to the state, but held by a 
private person, Oratt. : also,, Gwreypa^ej' ravra e^ 
avr6v gave a written acknowledgment that he was in 
possession of this property, Dem. 

airo-"Yin<5a, f. cacra, to deprive one of the use of his 
limbs, to enfeeble, /*$ JJL a.Troyvt<*>o"r)s II. 

aTro--yt;jjivaa>, f. ao*iw, to bring into hard exercise 9 to 

ply hard, Aesch. 

airo-yujAV^Wj f. djcrw, to strip quite bare of arms : Pass. 
to be so stripped, Od. : Med. to strip oneself, Xen. 

airoSaKvo), f . -frf)gojucu, to bite off a piece of a thing, c. 
gen. : Pass., ju,7}\a ^TroSeS^/xeVa with pieces bitten 
out, Luc. 2. absol. to bite hard, gnaw, Xen. 

cLiro-SaKpx/w [u], f, -&&, to weep much for, lament 
loTidly, TWO, Plat. 2. cbr. yvc&fjiTjv is to weep away 
one's judgment, Ar. 

diro-Sapdavw, aor. 2 -eSapdov, to sleep a little, Plut. 

airoSao-fuos, w, parted from the rest, Hdt. From 

aTroSacrp-os, 6, a division, part of a whole, Thuc. From 
airo-SaT^ojJiaij f. -Sacro/tat, Ep. -Sao'cr'o/icu : to Portion 

out to others, to apportion, rl TLVL II. II. to part 

^off, separate, Hdt. 

a/rroSlSeYfAO.!., pf. of a.iroSe^ofj.a.t. II. Ion. for avoSe- 

Sery/xcu, pf. pass, of aTroSiiicw/Ai. 
airo-ScYJs, ts, (Sew) wanting- much, not fully manned, 

cnro-SeiSicrcrofJLai, Ep. 3 sing. impf. - $i5(<r(r*To, Oep. 

to frighten aivay, II. 
airo-8iKVup.i and -ijw : f . -Se^w, Ion. -Sc^w : Pass., pf. 

-SeSeiyftai, Ion. -Sc'Scy/icu : to point away from other 

objects at one, and so, I. to point out, shew forth, 

exhibit, make known, by deed or word, rf TWL Hdt. j n 

Aesch. 2. to bring forward,' shew, produce, Lat. 

praestare, juapri/pia rovrecav Hdt. ; TrcuSay Soph. ; tiyUa 

nvk &Wa dtir. to produce him safe and sound, Hdt. 3. 

to produce or deliver in accounts, \6yov Id., Thuc. 4. 

to publish a law, Lat . pro m ulgare, Xen . 5 . to appoint, 

assign, r4p.*vQ$, ftcajjLbv cbr. nvi Hdt.: -Pass., xP 0$ 

&Tro$0*eyfj.*vo$ an appointed place, Id. 6. to shew by 

argument, prove, demonstrate,^., Plat., etc. 3 owr. riva. \ 

ov$*v \tyovra to make it evident that be says nothing, 
Hdt. II. to appoint, name., create, air. riva $a,<ri\*a 
Id., Xen. 2. to make, render, air. nvk /uox^pjj/ to 
make him a rascal, Ar. ; air. TLVOL icpdritfrov Xen. 3, 
to represent as, cur. vcuSa Hdt. : -Pass., ovtc v roicn 
deo'icri cbroSeSe'xaTcu (Ion. 3 pi. pf.) have not been con- 
sidered, admitted among, Id. 

B. Med. to shew forth, exhibit something of one's 
own, a-TroSQacrOai rfyv yvta^v to del her ont^s opinion, 
Hdt. ; jjLvr)jji6cfvva. air. memorials of oneself , Id. : "Pass., 
%pya jLicyaXa cbroSex^eWcc Id. 2. just like Act., 

cbro$. on . . , to declare that . . , Xen. Hence 
airoSeiKTcov, verb. Adj. one must prtrve, Plat. 2. c. 
dupl. ace. one must wake one so and so, Luc. 
>_s-.\ /- ftj ^ ^^ great cowardice, Plut. ; and 

f , verb. Adj. one must flinch, Plat. From 
d<o, f. dro) [d], to play the coward, to flinch 
from danger or toil, Xen., Plat. 

onr68ii;is, Ion. -ScijLs, ecojf, ^, (^TroS^/cw^Ui) shewing 
forth* exhibit ing 9 Eur. 2. , setting forth, exposition, 
pitbli cation, Hdt., Thuc. 3, shewing, proving 
proof, Hdt., Att.; pi. proofs, arguments in proof of, 
TWOS Dem. II. (from Med.) &?r. $p*yo>j/ fAeyd\<ay a 

display, performance of mighty works, Hdt. 
oLiro-SetTTvtSiosj OJA, (SerTrj/ov) of ot from supper, Anth. 
airo-SLpoTO}o,ew, f. -/;crw, to slaughter by cutting off tin* 
head or cutting the throat, Horn. 

a7ro8eKaT<5ct>, f. cJcrw, /r> lithe, Pay tithes of, Troiyra, 

^N. T. ; air. TITO 2*0 jf^v? //V//r of him, Ib. 

airo~8KO|j.aL > Ion. for a7ro-5ex<>/xat. 

aTroSeKT^ov, verb. Adj. of &7ro8Fx<tyioM, w//<' WHS? receive 
from others f TL Xen. 2. one must accept f alltm, ad- 
mit, n Plat.; c.gen.pers. et part., cbr. nvbs X^yovros Id. 

airo8cKTijp, -JJpos, ^i, (d7ro-S^x<>AiaO receiver, Xen. 

WoS&cnjs, ov, d, a receiver, name of a magistrate at 
Athens who paid the dicasts, Dem. 

a7ro-8cv8p^op,ai, (5eV8pov) Pass, to be turned into a 

tree, Luc. 

Tro.S^acrBat, aor. i inf. of ^TroSc'xoyuau II, I<ni. 

for &7ro5e(a(r0ai, aor. i of 

7r<i8|iis, ecws, -^, Ion. for 
a.7ro8epp.cL, aros, T(^, (&7ro5<:pa>) cr ///V/f stripped off* Ildt. 

TTo-S^pa), Ion. -Sctpw, f. ~5epw /'r-' y?</)' or A^/// CUM* 
pletely, T^ ^8oD^ Hdt. ; &TT, T?> K^>aK^"v to lake off the 
scalp, Id, : ---Pass,,, irpofrara &irodap4vra. Xcn * II. 
TT. rV Sop^i/ fa ^r/^> (j^thc skin, Hdt. 
o.Tr<5-Scrp,os, a, a hreasiluind, girdle t Luc, II. a 

bundle, b^mch ) Plut. 
iro8)(0s, Ion. for 3i7roiX^ et/y * 

iro-S^x !* 011 * Ion, S^ofJtat : f, -S^o/Aeu, aor. i -tS|d- 
^v : pf. -S^eyfitu :-to accept from another, to accept, 
II, Att. 2. to accept as a teachor,/>j//0w, Xen. 8. 
admit to one's presence, Plat. 4. /# receive favour* 
ably, approve, allow, accept, admit, Thuc., etc. ; O&K &w. 
not to accept, reject, Hdt.;' -the person from 'whom one 
accepts in gen,, &ir. rl nvos Thuc., etc. ; but ace, being- 
omitted, gen. pers. becomes dependent on the Verb, with 
a partic. added, for. ri^<i$ \4ywr&$ to accept [a state- 
ment] /h?w him, i. e. to accept his statements* Plat. ; 

--absol, to accept a statement * be satisfied > Dem. 6. 

to take aching in a certain way, with an Adv., Xen. ; 
vir6irr<*>s air. TL Thuc. ; Suo^peus Plat. II. to re- 

ceive back, recover, Hdt., Thuc. 

airo-Sew, f. -foj<r, to bind fast, Plat. 

ttiro-S^w, f . -5^o"w, to # aw mw of, lack, rpiaKofftcav 
a.Troo'eoj'ra pvpia 10,000 lacking 300, Thuc. : to /a// 
s 1 //^ 4/j ^ inferior to, rw6s Luc. 

/ww home, be abroad or on one's travels, Hdt., Att. 2. 
jfo go abroad, air. irapd nva, to visit him, Hdt. ; for. Us 
Alyivav /caret T: to go abroad to Aegina to fetch a thing, 
Id. Hence 

airoStjfurjTifej ov, 6, one who goes abroad, Thuc. ; and 

o,Tro8if)jjLif)Tuc<5s, ^, 6v, fond of travelling : vapdo'ra.a'is 

^air. banishment to foreign parts, i. e. ostracism, Arist. 

diroSTjpua, Ion. ~t), 77, a being from home, a going or 
being abroad, Hdt., Att. ; Trepl rrjs car. TTJJ ^/ce?as to my 
life in that foreign land, I e. beyond the grave, Plat. 

o.ird-8T)|i,oS) Dor. -8a|Aos, ov, away from one's country, 

from home, abroad, Pind., Plut. 

diro-8i<UTd<o, f . V, to decide for one in an arbitra- 
tion, opp. to /cara&cuTcfa) (to decide against), Dem. 

aTro-Starptpo) [t] } f. ^/aj, to 7^<?ar quite away, to waste 
utterly, Aeschin. 

* C*C ' 1 S f / 

aTTo-otopaerKw, Ion. ^-oioprjcrKOJ: f. Spa<r0|ttai, 
frozen : aor. 2 &ir-4Spny, Ion. ~4^pf]v, imperat. 

inf. foroSpavcu, Ion. -5p^vaz, part. foroSpas : to 

away or <?jf, wca^^, or flee from, esp. .y stealth, Od., 
Hdt., Att. j of runaway slaves, Xen.; of soldiers, to 

^<?r. Id. 2. c. ace. to ./??, sAww, Hdt., Thuc. 

o-TTo-SiOcopa \J] f f. -Scocrco, to ^21;^ w^ or back, restore, 
return, ri rwi Horn., Att. : esp. to render what is due, 
to pay, as debts, penalties, submission, II. ; &TT. nvl Xco- 
ftvivtogiveKiYn back his insult, i. e. make atonement for 
it, Ib. ; for. ^OL^V TIVL Theogn., etc. 2. to return, 
render, yield, of land, M foTjrc&ria foro&ovrcu (sc. Kp- 
n-^) to yield fruit two hundred-fold, Hdt. 3. c. inf. 
to suffer or allow a person to do a thing, for. rioi auro- 
i/Q/A?cr0ou Thuc., etc. : so in Pass., 6 \6yos fore5<J0?j 
avro'is right of speech was allowed them, Aeschin. 4. to 
render so and so, for. T^J/ r4ptyw fiGfiaiorspav Isocr. 5. 
to deliver over, give -up, as a slave, Eur. ; for. tiricrroXfy 
to deliver a letter, Thuc. 6. A<yov for. to render or 
^-zw zw an account, Lat. rationes referre, Dem. : to 
|iw an account of a thing, Eur. 7. obr. #poi/, v. 
#pfcos. II. intr. to increase, much like <?7n5(5o>/-u m, 

Hdt.; unless here it means the contrary, if the land in- 
crease in height and decrease in productiveness. III. 
Med. to give away of one's own will, to sell, Hdt,, Att.; 
dr. ri s 'E\\di$a to take to Greece and sell it there, 
Hdt. ; for. TOW efyiffKOvros to sell for what it will fetch, 

^Aeschin.^: at Athens, to farm out the public taxes, Dem. 

diro-SiKetv, inf . of for-e'Si/coj/, aor. 2 with no pres. in use, 
to throw off or away, Aesch., Eur. 

airo-SWu, (Mien) to defend oneself on trial, Xen. 

airo-8iv<o, f. ^(ra>, to thresh corn (v. Stvoj n), Hdt. 

airo-Sop,cu, Dep.fe=d7ro5i^icw, only in pres., II. 

aTro-SkofrofXir^oi&cu* f . ^<ro/iat, Dep. (for<J, Ai6s, TTO/ITT^) 
jftf avert threatened evils by offerings to Zeus, to con- 
jure away, Plat. 


diro~8i,opi!X f. Att, i<, to mark off by dividing, to 

owro-SuoKw, f. -56o/xat, to chase away, Thuc.; ou* 

^ a7ro&i<ei ffa,vr6v; i. e. jfa&<? yourself off, Ar. 

diro-8oKi, impers. (Soice'to) V s^ws .gwd to do a 
thing, c. inf., aTredoj-e ff(pi irparreiv or ju.)) irparreiv Hdt., 
Xen. ; sometimes with the inf. omitted, &s <r$i fore5o 

^when they resolved not (to go on), Hdt. 

a.Tro-Soiei|j,da>, f . c<ra>, to reject on scrutiny, to reject for 
want of qualification, Hdt., Att. : generally, to reject 
as unworthy or ^tnfit, Plat., Xen. Hence 

diro8oKi.jj,acrTcov, verb. Adj . one must reject, Xen. II. 
-*- 4a, 4ov, to be rejected, Arist., Luc. 
KifJLau, = foroOKi/iaco, to reject, Hdt. 
>S ^, Ion. for ^-oSos. 

dmSSocris, cws, ^, (foro&'S&yu) a giving back, restitution, 
return, TWOS of a thing, Hdt., Att. 2. payment, 
rov (jucrBov Thuc. 

ttiro8oT&>v, verb. Adj. of foroS&ayu, one must give back, 
refer, assign, ri rim Plat. 2. one must describe, Id. 

airo-Sovvai, aor. 2 inf. of for085/u. 

a,iro8ox il j> V> (foroSexoyucu) a receiving back, having re* 
stored to one, Thuc. 

a,iro8pa0tv, aor. 2 inf. i 

a/Tro-opds, aor . 2 part, c , 

d-rnJSpacris, Ion. -Sptjo-is, <s, ^, (foro5i$p<<r/c<w) a run- 
ning away, escape, Hdt. : c. gen. escape from, <rrpa- 
relas Dem, 

s f. ij/o/iai, Dep., = sq., Anth. 

a/rro-8pira>, f . *Jw, to pluck off, Find. ; fo 
$6rpvs pluck and take them home, Hes. 

airo-SpTJvai, Ion. for -5paj/cu, aor. 2 inf. of a7ro5i5pd<nccu. 

air<$8pTi<ris, Ion. for fortJSpdtm. 

airo-opvirrw, f . i^aj, aor. I fore'SpvtJ/a : aor. 2 fore'Spityo;/ : 
to tor 0$=" the skin, lacerate, Horn. : Pass., of the 

^skin, to be torn off, Od. 

airo-8tfv<o [c], foroStfaj, to s/n fljfc floe^y Od. 

air-o8tf pofiai [u],f .-upoS/iai, to lament bitterly, ,Hdt.,Att. 

aito-8-us, aor. 2 part, of cbroSiSw. 

ditoSvT^ov, verb. Adj. of 7ro5iJ<y, one must strip, rtvd 
Luc. II. from Pass., ATT. TCUS yvvcul-iv they must 

^strip off their clothes, Plat. 

airoSvTTJpiov,^, an undressing room, Plat., Xen. From 

airo8u6>, f. -b'to'ea, aor. I -efcwra : to ^z> 0jf clothes or 
armour,!!.: Pass., L-tivQfaofAai: aor. i -ew0j?? [#]: pf. 
-tieSvpat. 2. to s/nj* a person of clothes, aTre'Sixrc 
r^s- 7t/var/cas Hdt., etc. : Pass, to be stripped of one's 
clothes, Ar. II. Med., f . -Sr5(ro/*ai [u] : aor. i -5u- 

<r4ojj> ; also intr. aor. 2 act. aW&w, pf . aTroSeSiJKa : to 
strip off oneself, take off, cfyiara Od. : absol., aTroSuorcx- 
fjiwos having stripped', Ib. ; airoS^vres stripped naked, 
Thuc. ', aTo5uecr9at Ty or Trp6$ n to strip for gymnastic 
exercises, Plut. : metaph., a?ro5^/Te5 ^vicDfiev let us. 
strip and attack, Ar. 

airo-cCicb), f. <w, to withdraw from the path, c. gen., IK 

ttiro-airctv, Ep. inf. of ATT-CWTO)/. 

a-rro-qr/aOov, airo-lpyu, Ep. for fat-*(pyo&ov, mr-elpyv. 

ttTT<S-porc, old Ep. aor. i only found in 3 pers. &7r<$epere, 
5w^ away, subi. foroepc% opt. &Toep<rei, all in II. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

o,7ro-I[du), f. -(jjcrto, to live off, %tfov &jroi)v enough to 
live off, Thuc. II. to T*w poorly, Luc. 


-, aor. i -efe^x^ ' aor> 2 -e&yw : 

Pass. : to be parted from, yvyaifcds Eur. ; el yduvv 

aTr^tyriv if 7 w<?r<? /ra? from wedlock, Id. ; fae&yviv 

irfaas / started on foot, Aesch. 
air-4J>, f . ~o$j<r, ft? sw*// ^ something, T^OS Ibyc. : 

impers., cwnffei TTJS *Apa&ir)s there comes an odour from 

Arabia, Hdt. 

airo0aXXa>, f. -0aA&, to lose the bloom, Anth. 
cLTTo-Oappeto and -Oapcr^w, &? have full confidence, Xen. 
&iro-0avp.<a>, Ion. -da>v|x,<i* or -0wjj,a|, f. (Tcu, zto 

marvel much at a thing, c. ace., Od.: absol. to Bonder 

much, Hdt., Aesch. 

, Ep. for -0&>/te, aor. 2 subj. med. of owro- 

r, Thuc. , Xen . II. afar 
; Pass., Ep. aor. i part. aTro- 

poet, for 
airo0v, Adv. (&r<0 /y 

off, Thuc., Xen. 
airo-0<$o>, f. c6<r, 

0ei&>0fc Anth. 
airo-Oepaircva, 7), regular worship, Qs&v Arist. 
a,iro-0pia>, poet. aor. i far-c9pf<ra, to cwtf off, K^ftas 

a/7ro0ecris, ews, 7], (<&nro-rt6ijni) a laying up in store, 

Plat. II. a putting aside, getting rid of a thing, 

c. gen., N. T. III. = a.tcotivT'hpiQV , Luc. 

air<J-0crro$, ov, (0ecr<ra<r0at) despised, Od. 
a-iro0TttL, coy, at, (oarorldiifu) a place in Lacedaemon, 

into which misshapen children were thrown, Plut. 
a7ro0Tos, ov, (farort&n/ii) laid by, stored up 9 Plut., 

Luc. 2. hidden, secret, -mysterious., %irrj Plat. 3. 

reserved for occasions, special, Dem. 
aTTo-Geco, f. -Oefoofjiai, to run away, Hdt., Xen. 
aTro-0ewpT]crLs, ccos, 77, serious contemplation, Plut. 
aTToOecocris, ews, 77, (ctor00<ta) deification, Strab. 
airo0iJK7i, 77, (a7ro-r(0T7jUi) any ^fac* wherein to lay up a 

thing, # 5am, magazine, storehouse, Thuc. II. 

anything laid by, a store, faroQj}K.iiv 7roier<r0u Is rtz/a 

to lay up store of favour with him, Hdt. 
a7ro-0TjXww [u], f. Cyw, to make effeminate, enervate, 


airo-0T)crai;pia>9 f. <fca, to store, hoard up, Luc. 
airo-0Apa> [r], f , ^aj, to press upon, press, squeeze out, 

Eur. II. of a crowd, N. T. Hence 
cnr<J0\iiJus, ()s, rj, a squeezing out of one 1 s place, Luc. 
o,iro-0vijo"K:<>, f. ~6avovfj.a.L, Ion. -Oaj/eoftai or -ci/yuaf : 

aor. 2 -*Qa.vov : pf . -reOvrjKa, Ep. part. -r*6vn&s \ jf<? 

rffe off, die, Horn., Att: to be ready to die of laughter, 

Ar. II. serving as Pass, of astro icrelvo), to be put to 

death, to be slain, fnr6 TWOS Hdt., Plat. 
a.Tro-Oopc'iv, aor. 2 inf. of &iro0p<ja7cw. 
a7ro-0pacr i uvofjiai [i)], f. vvovfj-ai, Dep. to be <v&ry bold, 

dare all things, Dem. 
aTTo-Opatla), f. ffoi, to break off, Aesch. : Pass, to be 

broken off: metaph., aTro6pav(r67)i'ai vys ei>K\eia$ to be 

broken off from one's fair fame, make shipwreck of it, Ar. 
airo-0pif)vea>, f. 'fjffca, to lament much, Babr., Plut, 
a-jro-0pli{;<i>, (Bptov) properly, to cut off fig-leaves : to 

cut off, czirtail, Ar. 
airo-0p'U7rT<i>, f. \|/a), to crush in pieces: metaph. in 

Pass., airoTeQpvujjLeyos broken, enervated, Plat. 
airo-0pw<rico>, f . -Oopov/JLCti : aor. 2 airedopov : to leap 

off from, vnos II, ; acp* 'tirirov, &TTO vcos Hdt. II. to 

leap up from, rise from, Kairriv airodpcAcfKOVTa 
Od. : absol. to rise sheer up, of rocks, Hes. 

airo-0i5|xios [u], ov, (Bvpos) not according to the mind, 
unpleasant, hateful, airoOvfj.ta !p5ei)f rivi to do one a 
disfavour, II. ; &7ro0tfyxi&/ ri iroLTJcrai. Hdt. 

airo-0ijc, f. -0u<rw [o], to offer as a votive sacrifice, Xen. 

air-ot8t]oris, ews, TJ, abatement of a swelling; Strab. 

a-iroiY)Tos> ov, not done, undone, Pind. : not to be done, 
impossible, Plut. 

CLTT-OLKCO), f. ^<Tto, to go a<way from home, to settle in a 

foreign country, emigrate, <$ Qovptovs Plat. II. to 
dwell afar off, to live or be far away, Eur., Thuc. : 
Pass., T) KdpwOos Q fyov paKpav kTryKt'irQ Corinth was 
inhabited far away from me, i. e. I settle^ far from 
Corinth, Soph. 

airoiK^a, Ion. -Ct), TJ, (&TTOIKOS) a settlement far from 
home, a colony, settlement, Hdt., etc. ; ds &ir. <rre\Aij/ 
to send away so as to form a settlement. Id. ; &rr. ^/c- 
TrefjLireiv Thuc. 

aTr-oiKigw, f . Att, M :to send away from home, Od., 
Soph., etc. : Pass, to be settled in afar land, to emi- 
grate, Plat. II. to colonise a place, send a colony 
to it, c. ace., Hdt., Thuc. 

airoiicfe, &os, ^, fern, of faoiKos, &ir. wdXis a colony, 

airoiKicrp.o$j <5, the settlement of a colony, Arist. 

aTr-oLKo8o}ito, f. face, to cut off by building, 'wall up, 
barricade, r&s Q-bpas, r&$ fitiofe Thuc. 

aTT-otKog, ov, away from home, ATT. W/wri*' Tivk yys 
to send away front' one's country, Soph. II. as 
Subst., 1. a settler, colonist, Hdt., Thuc., etc. 2. 
&irouco$ (sub. Wxts), 7), a colony, Xen. 

oLTr-oLKTi^oiAat, f. Att. tou/xat, Dep. to complain loudly 
of a thing, c. ace., Hdt. 

a-iroCn-avfos, ov, (TroijuaW) unfed, untended, Anth. 

dir-oi,|i<6Sa>, f. |o/xat, to bewail loudly, c. ace., Tra#. 

a-iroLva, <av, ra, (a copuL or euphon., iwivK) ' I 
ransom or price paid, whether to recover freedom or to 
save one's life or to redeem the corpse of & friend, II. ; 
c. gen., &irowa Kovpys, vtos ransom for 'thcm Ib. II. 
generally, compensation, requital, recompense for a 
thing, c. gen., Aesch., Eur. Hence 

aTroLvdoj, f. 'ffffca, to demand the fine due from the mur- 
derer, Lex ap. Dem. : Med. to hold to ransom, Kur. 

airoiv<$-8tico$ ov, exacting penalty, Eur. 

air-oicTTi5<>, f. era, to kill with arrows, Anth. 

air-oCorw, fut. of &7ro^6pa). 

A'7r-ox<>H' at > impf. "-"^x^f JL1/ J v : & ^OLx^ffOfiaL : Dep. : ^ 
be gone away, to be far from, c. gen. IU, Att. 2. 
absol. to be gone, to have departed, to be absent, Od. : 
hence, to be gone, to have perished, <br0(%rau x&pts 
Eur. : of persons, to be dead and gone. Find,, Ar. 

airo-KaOcupa), f, -K,a,Q&p&, to cleanse or clean quite, ATT, 
rfyv %GLpa *i$ rh x^p^atcrpa upon the towels, Xen. 2. 
to refine from dross, Strab. : metaph. in Pass., ibrottejca* 
0ap0eu r^v ty<inv4\v to b@ pure in dialect, Luc. XX. to 
clear away, ras rpairefas Ar. : Med., 
TWOS to rid oneself of a thing, Xen. Hence 

airo KaGapcris, eoas, ^, a clearin 
lustration, Plut, 

^,7ro-K(0Y), Pass, to sit apart, 
(Ion. for -tcddrivrai) Hdt. 

i, f . -Karao'r^o'a} : aor. i K 
to re-establish) restore, reinstate, Xen. 

aTro-Kaivuf&ai, Pass. surpass or vanquish, c. ace., Od. 

Q/nro-Kaipf.o$, ov, = &Katpos, -unseasonable. Soph. 

aTTo-Kaico, Att. -Kaw, f, -Kavcrco : aor. i dwre/oja and 
-eKavcra : &? wrn o^ of cautery, Xen. : of intense 
cold (like Virgil' sfrigus adurif), to shrivel up, Id.: 
Pass., asKSKaiovro at fnvS their noses were frozen off, Id. 

a-n-o-KaXeo), f. e<ru>, to call back, recall, from exile, Hdt, 
Xen. 2. to call away or aside, Xen. II. to 

call by a name, esp. by way of disparagement, to 
stigmatise as, rbv roiJ fjiavevros j-dvaL/JLov atroKaXovvTes 
Soph. ; ffofyiff'T^v cwr. TWO, Xen. 

airo-KaXviTTw, f. T//W, zto ^mco r oer, rfyv K^oX^v Hdt., 
etc. 2. &? disclose, reveal, Plat.: Med. zto reveal 
one's whole mind, Plut., N. T. : Pass, to be disclosed, 
made known, N. T. Hence 

airoKaXvi(/is, sus, 97, an uncovering, a revelation, N. T. : 
the Apocalypse, Ib. 

a-rro-Kajxvco, f . -/ca/xoiJ^cu, to grow quite weary, fail or 
flag utterly, Soph., Plat.; c. part., CCTT. frruv to be quite 
weary of seeking, Plat. 2. c. inf. to cease to do, Eur., 
Plat. 3. c. ace., <for. ir6vov to flinch from toil, Xen. 

airo-KajxirTO), f. tyw, intr. to turn off or aside, Xen. 

a/rrox:afi\{;Ls, co$, 77, & turning off the road, Theophr. 

airo-Ka-Truw, to breathe away, facb $1- tJ/vxV ^Kdwo-crev 
(Ep. aor. i in tmesi) she gasped forth her life, II. 

aTTo-KapdSoKLa, f[ 3 (/capa5oKa>) earnest expectation,^ .T. 

airo-KapTepea>, f. ^orcu, /# kill oneself by abstinence ,Plut. 

aTro-KaraXXao-crto, f. a>, #0 reconcile again, N. T. 

awo-KaTTjfJicu, Ion. for &rro-fca0?7juc. 

airo-Ka-uXiO, f. Att. fto, (/cauAtk) to break off by the 
stalk : to break short off, Eur., Thuc. Hence 

onroKavXioris, ecos, rj, a breaking short off, snapping, 

a/rro-Kaco, Att. for &7ro-/caa>. 

aTrd-jccifiai, f. -Ki<ro/, used as Pass, of airorlQrifjLi, to 
be laid away, absol. to be laid up in store, Soph., Xen, ; 
TroAita <roi [yeAtoir] forlv faroKGi/nevos you have great 
store of laughter in reserve, Xen. 

aTro-KLpw, f. ~/cepa), Ep. ~K^pffu> : aor. i -fKCLpa, Ep. 
-e/cepcra: Pass., aor. 2 -eKdptjv [a], pf. -Ke'iax/tyuu :- 
#o di2& or * <3^hair, mostly in Med., bireKetparo x^r-riv 
cut off his hair, II. ; &iroKelpao'6at rets K<j>a\ds to have 
their hair shorn close, Hdt. ,* and absol., faroKeipaffBai to 
cut off one's hair, Ar. : Pass., pf . part, faroitmap^vos 
with one's hair cut short, Id. 2. metaph. to cheat, 
robs ira%T? Luc. II. generally, to cztt throitgh, 

sever, II. III. to cut off, slay, Aesch. 

a.tro-KpSatv<i>, f . -Kepd^crta or -/cepSdw : aor. -e/c^pZtyera 
or -eK^pSava: to have benefit, enjoyment from or of 
a thing, c. gen., Eur. ; absol., Luc. 

a-7ToKp|jiaTCfa), f. Att. tw, to change for small coin : 
rnetaph., ^TT. rbv $tov to dissipate one's substance, Anth. 

airo-K-nSc-uw, f. crw, to cease to wwirnfor, rivd Hdt. 
, f . j)G<a, to put away care, be careless, II. 
s, ov, disinherited, Luc. : and 
<wy, ^, public renunciation of a son, <s?w- 
inheriting, Plut., Luc. From 

a-rro-KTjpvcrcrco, Att. -TTW, f. |<, jf<? 5r// by auction, 
Hdt. II. fo renounce publicly, to disinherit, 


Plat. III. to forbid by proclamation : impers. in 

^pf. pass., &jroKKTipvKTai ^ crTparevav Xen. 

airoKtvSx vev j-Ls,wy,^,a venturous attempt, Thuc. From 

a?roiav8wvco, f. <rco, to make a bold attempt or venture, 
try^ a forlorn hope, irpts nva against another, Thuc. ; 
c. inf., airoKiv$vvTL>Tov crofyfo TI \4yeiv Ar. : Pass., 
to be put to the uttermost hazard, Thuc. 

otTro-Ktv^w, f . ^<ro? : 3 sing. Ion. aor. i airoKivfjcracrfcev : 

9 to remove or put away from, c. gen., Horn. 

o/mJ-idvos, 6, (/cij/eco) a comic dance: metaph., cbnf- 
KLVOV eijp4 find some way to dance off, Ar. 

a,Tro-icXa{X f. - K \ay^(a, to ring or shout forth, Aesch. 

airo-KXaCw, Att. -icXac> [a] : f . -KAa^o/xai :to weep 
aloud, Hdt. ; c. ace. cogn., for. <rr&vov Soph. 2. OTT. 
nva or ri to bewail -much, mourn deeply for, Aesch., 
Plat. ', so in Med., airoKXalecrBai KCLKOL Soph. ; T\\V itevtav 

^Ar. ^ II. Med., also, to cease to wail, Luc. 

OLTTO-KX^ICO, Dor. for airo-KXeicru, fut. of cwro/cAeuo : 
ctiro-icA^ijQVj for airo-KKcLffov, aor. i imper. 

airOKAcLpos, ov, Dor. for cbrrf/cA'jjpos. 

diro-icXaw, f. -/cAccr [a], to break off: Med., Anth. : 
Pass., aor. i part. airoKXaffQevra Theocr. 

a-n-o-icXaWy Att. for airo-K\ai(a. 

airoKAeicris or -KX^criSj ecwy, rj, (^TroarAe/co) a shutting 
up, aW/eA. ^.ou rwj' irvXQv a shutting the gates against 
me, Thuc. II. <3 shutting out, kiroKXtfo'eis yiy~ 

vecrOat (sc. jueAAo?>) there would be a complete stoppage 
to their works, Id. 

diro-icXeid), f. -KXetcra : Ion. aTro-KXtjta), fut. ~ArA??'/'o"<y : 
Att. airoKXifto, f. -/cAj/<ra>: Dor. f. -/cAa^cw,* aor. i 
imper. -K\.$]-OV : to shut off from or 0w of, debar, 
TW& 7rv\ewv Hdt. ', Sca/AciTwv Aesch. ; d,7r. nva, to shut 
him out, Ar. : Med., &TT. nva rqs SLafidcreus to get 
him debarred from passing, Thuc. 2. to shut 

out or exclude from a thing, rw/tJs Hdt., etc. ; &v6 
nvos Ar. II. to shut ^t,p a gate and the like, to bar, 
close, Hdt. : Pass, to be closed, Id. III. to shut 

up one in prison, Soph., Ar., etc. IV. to shut out, 
intercept, bar, Hdt., Ar.: Pass., for. virb T^S'/TTTTOV Hdt. 

aTr<-icX7]pos, Dor. -KXapos, ov, without lot or share of 
a thing, c. gen., Pind. 

airo-cXir)p<$i>, f . ccflrcD, to choose by lot from a number, 
Hdt., Thuc, : to choose or elect by lot, Thuc. 2. to 
allot, assign by lot, x&pav rtvl Plut. Hence 

d-Tro-icXCvw [f], f. tyc5: Pass., aor. i -K\lBt]v [I] or 
~<-K\tj>Qr)v : to hirn off or aside, n Od. : to turn back, 
h. Horn. : Pass., of the day, to decline, get towards 
evening, Hdt. II. Pass, to be upset, Dem. III. 
intr. in Act. to turn aside or off the road, Xen. ; trpbs 
T$iv 3)5) fojTQK\ivovTi as one turns to go Eastward, 
Hdt. 2. often in bad sense, to fall away, decline, 

degenerate, Soph. ; M rb fiq6v(jL"iv Dem. : and with- 
out bad sense, to ha've a leaning, be favourably dis- 
posed, irp6s nva Id. Hence 

enT<5KXXorts, ews, -rj, a turning off, declension, sinking, 

aTro-tcX-u^w, f. -bo 1 , to wash away : metaph. in Med. 
to purge, Plat. : to avert by purifications, Ar. 

airo-Kvato), Att. -Kvao>, inf. -Kvav : aor. i ~&)feu<ra : 
to wear one out, worry to death, Plat., etc. : Pass, to 
be worn out, Id., Xen. 




air-oscvcwjf. if]<r<w, to shrink from danger, c. ace., Thuc.: 
c. inf. to shrink from doing-, Id., Plat. 2. absol. 
to shrink back, hesitate, Thuc., Plat., etc. Hence 

onr^Kvricrts, ecos, i], a shrinking from, c. gen., Thuc. 

aTTOKVT|TOV, verb. Adj. of ctTr-o/cyeco, Plat. 

airo-Kvtw, f . icrw, to nip off. Hence 

o.TroKVLtrp.a, arcs, rd, that wJiich is nipt off, a lit die 
bit, Ar. 

aTro-Koifxaofxai, Pass, with f . med. factual, to sleep away 
from home, Plat. II. to get a little sleep, Hdt., Ar. 

cbroKoiTCWjf. TJCTCO,, to sleep away from one's post, Decret. 
ap. Dem. From 

ouro-icoiTos, ov, (KOTIJ) sleeping" away from others, c. 
gen., Aeschin. 

airo-KoX.'up.plao), f. 'fjcrcc, to dive and swim away, Thuc. 

airoKO|xXSi], 77, (cbro/co juffo/icu) a getting aivay, getting 
back, Thuc. 

aTro-KOfxiw, f, Att. iw, to carry away, escort, Xen. : to 
carry away captive, Thuc. : Pass, to take oneself off, 
get aivay , Id. : to return, Hdt. 

aTTOKOjJLfia, aros, r, (cwro/c&rrw) a splinter, chip, shred, 
Theocr., Luc. 

aTro-Kop7ra<i>,of lyre strings, break with a snap, Anth. 

aTrroJcoTTTrj, 77, (cbro/c<forr&>) a cutting off, Aesch.; &7r. 
XpecSi', = the Rom. tabulae novae, a cancelling of all 
debts, Plat. II. in Gramm. apocope, the cutting 

off letters from a word. 

atro-K^TTTto), f . ifoj, to cut off, hew off, of men's limbs, II., 
Hdt. ; also, aireKo^e Trapfiopov he cut loose the trace- 
horse, II. : Pass., dTro/cOTrfjj/cu rfyv x W a to have it cut 
off, Hdt. II. air. T/cfe otarb r6irov to beat off from 

a strong- place, Xen. III. Med. to smite the breast 
in mourning: c. ace. to mourn for, veKp6v Eur. 

airo-Kop-u4>6o>, f. e<J<ra>, to bring to a point : metaph., 
aTTCKopTLxpov crfyi TaSe gave them this short answer, Hdt, 

airo-KocrfAeoo, f , 'fjffw, to restore order by clearing away, 
to clear away, Od. 

airo-K0TTapito, f. Att. i>, to dash out the last drops of 
imne, as in playing at the cottabus, Xen. 

airo-KoiKJ>ito, f. Att. lea, to lighten, set free from, re- 
lieve, nvh, KOK&V Eur. 

oLTro-KpaSto?, ov, (/cpcfaty) plucked from the Jig-tree ',Anth. 

airo-KpaiiraXau, . faa), to sleep off a debauch, Plut. 

airo-tcpa.v<i>, (Kpaviov) to strike off from the head, Anth. 

awQ-Kp&rttorf.^a'tofto exceed all otherSyL&t.superarCjHdt. 

a7ro-Kpu,dvvx)[Ai, L-Kpf/j.dcfa), Att.-/cpe/uai: Pass. aor. I 
-Kpeju,cfc<r<?7)' : to let hang down, II. -, %op5^ ir\yKrpov 
a-7TJcpejua<r the plectrum broke the string so that it hu ng 
down, Anth. II. to hang up, suspend, Hdt. 

dird-KpT]|JLvos, ov, broken sheer off, precipitous, Hdt., 
Thuc., etc. : metaph. full of difficulties, Dem. 

afro* pip. a, aros, r6, a judicial sentence, N.T. From 

airo-Kpivw [i], f . -Kpwu, to separate, set apart, Plat. : 
Pass. , airoKpi vQevre parted fro m the throng, of two heroes 
coming 1 forward as champions, II. ; atroK^KpiffBai els v 
ovofjio. to be separated and brought under one name, 
Thuc. 2. to mark by a distinctive form, distin' 

guish, Hdt.; pf. pass. part. dTroKe/cpi/xeVos distinct, 
Plat. II. to choose out, choose, Hdt., Plat. III. 

Med. airoKplvofjiai, f. -KpivovfjLou. i pf. -K/c/>fytcu both in 

med. and pass, sense : to gi've answer to, 'reply, Eur., 

etc, ; kit. irp6s nva, or irp$ rt to reply to a questioner 

or question, Thuc., etc. : c. ace., a.wQKpii/cr&<xt rb t 5 po!- 
rt]&v to answer the question, Id. : so in Pass., rouro 
fjioi airoKKpi<rQ6> let this be my answer, Plat. 2. to 
answer charges, defend oneself, Ar. 3. aor. r pass. 
aireKptd'Yi,~airfKplvaTo, he answered, first in N. T. 

air^Kpioris, ecas, y, (cbroKpu/co) a separating. II. 

(from Med.) an answer, Thuc., Xen. 

oLiroicptTlov, verb. Adj. of a.7ro/c/>j><w, one must reject, 
Plat. II. one must answer, Id. 

dir<5-KpOTOs, ov, (fcporew) beaten or trodden hard, of 
ground, Thuc. 

airo-Kpovw, f. <r<w, to beat off from a place, Xen. : Med. 
to beat off from oneself, beat off an attack, Hdt., Thuc. : 
Pass, to be beaten off, Thuc., Xen., etc. II. Pass., 

KOTV\i(fKlOV T^ X^OS cmQKICpOVfAVQV a CUp TOlY/l thl> 

lip knocked off, Ar. 

d'jro-Kpi(JTrT<), 3 sing. Ep. impf . ^TroKp^rrra^Ke : f . fyca : 
Pass., aor. 2 -cKpvfiyv [iJ] :--to hide from, keep hidden 
from, c. ace. et gen., tfcwatoio &TT. rtj^a II. ; c. dupl. 
ace., like Lat. celare aliquetn aliqitid, to keep back from 
one^ Hdt. ; so in Med., <foro/cpt!m-r6<r0a[ rivd rt. Xen., 
etc. 2. to hide 'from sight, keep hidden, conceal, 
Od., Att.: Med., a,iroKp{rrrrffQai ^ Tromv rt to conceal 
one's doing, Thuc. 3. to obscure, throw into the 
shade, Plat. II. for. yyv to lose from sight, of 

ships running out to sea, like Virgil's Phaeaciun- ah- 
scondimus arces, Id., Luc. 

airdiKp'v^os, ov, (airoKpirirT(a) hidden, concealed, Eur. ; 
%v aTTOKpiKptp in secret, Hdt. 2. c. gen. concealed 
from, unknown to one, Xen. II. obscure, hard to 
understand. Id. 

awo-icTcCva), f. -Krevca, Ion. ~ /cre^ea : aor. T kireKreiva. 
II.: pf. hiretcrova; 3 pi. plqpf- -rr<Jj/(ra^, Ion. 3 sing. 
~K.r6v : aor+ 2 "~fKT&vov, Ep. i pi. a.ireicrafji.ev, int. 
aTro/crayuevai, -Krdfj.ev : Pass, rare (^TTO^^O-KW bein^ 
used as Pass.) : med. forms (in pass, sense) 3 wing. Rp, 
aor. 2 fair^KTaro j part. ^TTOKT^CI/OS ; cf . &7r0/crj.'- 
vvfj.i : to Mil, slay, Horn., Ildt., Att. 2, of judges, 
to condemn to death, Plat., Xen., etc. 3. metaph., 
like Lat. enecare, to weary to death, Eur. 
aTTo-KT^vvw, late form for <kiroKr*iv(}, Anth. 
airo-KrCvvxifxt, = &7roKT^co, Plat., Xen, 
airo-Kv^w, f. ^<r<w, to bear young, bring forth, c. ace., 
Plut., Luc. :- -metaph., 7) a/xaprta ATT. N.T, 

o, f. (<rw [r], to roll away, N. T. : Pass,, Luc. 
uw, f . {xfca [u], /y mourn loudly twer, nva, Aesch, 

s, wy, ^, ! hindrance, X<*n. From 
aTTo-KcoXxio), f . ^orw [u], #o hinder or prevent from a thing, 
rw/c( Ttj^os Xen. ; c. inL, &TT. rtvA Troter^ jfw prevent front 
doing, forbid to clo, ^ wouitv rt Kur., Xen, II. 

c. ace. only, to keep off, hinder, Orac. ap. Hdt> Thuc. ; 
absol. to stop the way, Thuc. :- -impcrs., obtikv <bro- 
/ccoA-tJei there is no hindrance, Plat, 
ottro-Xayx^vw, f. -A^lo/nai, /V; obtain a portion of& thing 
&j/ /o^ TWI/ K.rit)fji,a,T<*)v T ^pos far, Hdt, ; generally /P 
obtain, Eur. II. to fait in drawing t@t$> Plut. : 

generally &? i(? /^/? destitute, Eur., poet, for irroXa^ciifw, only in pres, and 
impf., Eur. 

Ti^o), f. Att. l&, to kick off or aw<ry, shake off, 
Aesch. 2. /<? spurn, Id. 

f, /j<rw, ^<? ^>^A <?wf Am//m'/y, Luc. 

vo>, f. -A-^o/icu, Ion. Aa^/o^ea : pf. Att. 
aor. 2 aTr-eAa^oj/ : Pass., pf. -/A7?,u/zcu, 
Ion. -X^XajjL/jLai : aor. i -eX^Bi^v, Jon. -\d^<p6fiv -. 
<rr/('<? or receive from another, Trapa TWOS Thuc. : 
f<? receive what is one's due, ju.ive6v Hdt., Xen. ; air. 
ttpKovs to accept oaths tendered, Dem. 2. c. gen. 
to take of, take part of a thing, Thuc. 3. to hear or 
learn, Lat. accipio, Plat. II. take back, get back, 
regain, recover, rfy TvpavvtSa Hdt. 2. to have an 
account rendered one, air. \6yov Aeschin. III. 

to take apart or aside, cm. nv& /LLOVVOV Hdt. ; a,7ro\aficbv 
crK^TTfi consider it separately, Plat. IV. to cut off, 
intercept) arrest, Hdt. ; air. reixfi to intercept by a 
wall, Thuc. : Pass, to be arrested or stopped by con- 
trary winds, Hdt. 

onro-XajJLirp-uvw [y], f. uj/c, zto make famous: Pass, to 
become so, Hdt. 

cwro-XajATrw, f. i^cu, to shine or beam from a thing", of 
light, II. ' } so in Med., x^/ 31 * 1 cwf^d/uurero grace beamed 
from her, Horn. 

a-iroXcnrTO), f. *J/a?, tfo lap up like a dog, swallow greedily, 

o/rnSXavQ-is, ea>$, ^, (hiroXaiHo) enjoyment, fruition, 
Thuc., Arist. 2. c. gen. advantage got from a 
thing, Xen. j aWAaixny eltcovs (ace. absol.) 6* reward 
for your resemblance, Em*. 

aTToXavo-^a, aroy, r<$, enjoyment, Aeschin. ; and 

airoX<tv<rTiK<$s, ^, bv, devoted to enjoyment, Arist. ; pro- 
ducing enjoyment, Id. : Adv., aTroAautrTt/cws ^v to 
live a life of pleasure, Id. ; and 

aTToXavoTT^s, <$y, enjoyed, enjoyable, Plut. From 

airoXatJa), f . foroAautro/iai : aor. i ~4\av<ra : pf . ~A- 
ActvKa. (The simple Aava? is not found, but prob. it 
was = Aa&) or Actfw, to enjoy.) To have enjoyment of 
a thing, to have the benefit of it, to enjoy, c. gen., Hdt., 
Att, : with ace. added, cwroAatai;/ ri rwos to enjoy an 
advantage from some source, Ar., Thuc. 2. Iron- 
ically, to have the benefit of, r&v QiMirov KO.K.&V Eur. : 
absol. to have a benefit, co nie finely off, Ar. 

airo-Xfi-xeiv, aor. 2 inf. of &rroAa7Xaj><o. 

airo-XI'yw, f. fa, to pick out from a number, to pick out, 
choose, Hdt.: Med. to pick out for oneself, Id., 
Thuc. ; ct,Tr<j\\jfjL4vot 3 Att. -ciAey/xcVoi, picked men, 
Hdt., Xen. II. like favayopedca, to decline, refuse : 
Med. to decline something offered to one, renounce, 
Plut. : -absol. to give in, Id. 

&iro~Xi(3&>, f. tyw, to let drop off, to pour a libation, 
Hes. : Pass, to drop or run dononfrom, riv6$ Od. 

airo-Xe(irw, f. *J/&> : aor. 2 aTTftfirov : to leave over or 
behind, of meats not wholly eaten, Od. : Med. to leave 
behind one, after death, Hdt. 2, to leave hold of, 
lose, $iov Soph. ; also, fiioros kiroXelirei rivd Id. 3. to 
leave behind, as in the race, to distance, and generally 
to surpass, Xen.; v. infr. II. to leave quite, forsake, 
abandon, of places one ought to defend, II., Hdt., etc. : 
to leave one in the lurch, Hdt., Ar. 2. of things, to 
leave alone, leave undone or unsaid, Hdt., Att. III. 
to leave open } leave a space, Hdt., Xen. IV. intr. 
to fail, to be TW anting, Od.; of rivers, to fall, sink, Hdt.; 
of flowers, to begin to wither, Xen.; also, like b'jrenre'iv, 
to fail, flag, lose heart, Hdt., Xen . Si. to be wanting 
of or in a thing, c. gen., Thuc. ; of measures, &irb T<r<r- 


ptv Trnx*o>v 7r. Tpets SaKTvXovs wanting 3 ringers of 
4 cubits, Hdt. : c. inf., oXiyov fareXL-jrov aTri/ce'trflcu 
wanted but little of coming, Id. 3. c. part, to leave 
off doing, Plat. 4. to depart from, en r&v 2vpa- 
ttovcrSjv Thuc., Plat. 

B. Pass, to be left behind, stay behind, Thuc.., 
Xen. 2. to be distanced by, inferior to, TLVQS 

Dem. II. to be parted from, be absent or far 

from, c. gen., Hdt. : to be deprived of, rd<f>ov Soph. ; 
(frpejstot/ Eur. 2. to be wanting in, fall short of , TTCU- 
Setas Dem. ; airoXeupQels r)/u.jv without our cognisance, 
Id. ; owr. typcv&v to be bereft of, Eur. 

onro-XcLX^j f. w, to lick clean, N.T. 

ow<JXcu|/is, <as, y, (a-rroAe^Tnw) a forsaking, abandon- 
ment, of a thing, Thuc. : desertion of a husband by his 
wife, Dem. ; of their post by soldiers, Xen. 5 etc. II. 
intr. a falling short, deficiency, Thuc. 

ainSXcKTos, ov, (obroAey^) chosen out,picked,Thuc., Xen. 

a-7T<5XcfAo$, Ep. d-TTT^Xejxos, ov, unwarlike, u,nfit for 
ivar, II., Eur. 2. peaceful, Eur. II. not to be 

warred on, invincible, Aesch. III. v^Xe^os 0^6- 

Xefj-os a war that is no war, a hopeless struggle,Id., Eur. 

diro-Xeiro), f . tyu>, to peel off, flay, Eur., Ar. 

onr-oXcorOcu, aor. 2 med. inf. of &TroXXvfjLi. II. O.TTO- 
X&TKCTO, Ep. for awtibXero, 3 sing. ind. 

a-TroXiJY^ Ep. airoX-XiJY> f. , to leave off, desist 
from a thing, c. gen., II., Plat. 2. c. part, to leave 
off doing, Horn. : absol. to cease, desist, Id. 

airo-Xirjp&>, f . 'fjcrca, to chatter at random, Dem. 

a,7r<iXY]\}ns> ea>$, ij, (aTroAajU/Savcy iv) an intercepting, 
cutting off, Thuc. 

a,iro-Xtpa<o, f . |co, to drop off, vanish, Ar. 

airo-XiYtttvw [i], only in pres. to scream aloud, be ob- 
streperous, Ar. 

d/rroXt0<$o|xai, (\i6os) Pass, to become stone, Strab. 

aTroXifjLTravw, late form of amoXeiiro), Plut., Luc. 

a-iroXiS9 neut. t ; gen. L$Q$ or seas, Ion. LOS : Ion. dat, 
&WAt: one without city, state or country, an outlaw, 
Hdt., Soph., etc. II. ir6xis fcrcoXis a city th at is 

no city, a ruined city, Aesch. 

ctir-oXurOava), f . ~oAt(r07j(rftj : aor. 2 ~<&\iffQov : to slip 
off" or away, Thuc. 2. c. gen. zto slip away from, 

aTro-XtrapY^w, f. Att. ?&, to pack oneself off , Ar. 

d-7roXiTVTos, ov, (TroAfretJai) taking no part in public 
matters, living' as a private person, Plut. 

airo-Xi.X}J'ao|xcu, Dep. to lick off, cJ)ua II. 

onr-<5XXij|JU or -iJai, impf. aTrecAAw or airi^AAuoj/ : f . airo- 
AVw, Ep. cl7roAeo p a'a3 > Att. ^.TroAco, Ion, cbroAew : aor. i 
a,Trd)\ffa,, Ep. ^Tr^Acff'ora : pf. airoAcoAejca : to destroy 
utterly, kill, slay, and of things, to destroy, demolish, 
'waste, Horn., Att.; in pregnant sense, yas &c varptas 
&TT. to drive me ruined from my fatherland, Eur.; Affyois 
cur. Ti/ct Soph.: to Z& or Z>^r<? one to death, Ar. II. 
to /tfstf utterly, -nrarepa, V^CTTI^QV jfjuap Horn. 

B. Med. &7r<iAAv/xai, f. -oAou/xat, Ion. -oi 
with part. etoroAciJ/icvos : aor. 2 -uXdjjiTiv : pf . -<f 
plqpf. &7roAc6Ai*> : to perish utterly, die, II. ; c. ace. 
cogn., ATT. /cawbj/ pApov, afabv ^Ae(9poj/ Od. ; to be un- 
done, Ib.; air6\<aXas you are done for, lost, ruined, Ar.; 
as an imprecation, ndta-trr* a'ToXolfj.rjjf Id. ; in fut. part., 
5> KC&/CKTT* &7roAo^/iV 9^. destined to a miserable end ! 


i. e. oh villain, scoundrel i Ar. II. to be lost, slip 
away, vanish, of the water eluding Tantalus, Od. ; of 
sleep, II. 

*A7r6XXwv, 6, gen. caves, ace. 'ATr^AAcwj/a,, apoc. ATT<>AA&>, 
voc/ATroAAov [first syll. long in Horn., metri grat.J : 
Apollo, son of Zeus and Latona, brother of Artemis, 
Horn., etc. : in Horn, men who die suddenly are said to 
be slain by his foywb jSeAea; cf. "Aprefius. Hence 

'AiroXXwvtos, a, ov t of or belonging to Apollo, 
Pind. II. 'AiroXXwviov, r6 3 the temple of Apollo, 
Thuc. " 

airoXovcoiJiai, f. : aor. i med. -eXoyvjcratMiv, and 
pass. ~eKoyT\Qf]v : pf. -AeA'^juou : (aW, \6yos) : Dep. : 
to speak in defence, defend oneself, irepl rtyos about 
a thing, irp6s rt or nva in answer to . . , Thuc., Plat. ; 
aTr.imfy TLVOS to speak in another's behalf, Hdt.: absol., 
Id.; <5 diroAo70tJ/iei/os the defendant, Ar. 2. c. 
ace. criminis, to defend oneself against a thing, explain, 
excuse, Thuc., Aeschin. 3. air. rt *$ n to allege in 
one's defence against a charge, Thuc., Plat. 4. air. 
SiKijv Bavdrov to speak against sentence of death being 
passed on one, Thiic. Hence 

airoXoYtlfJia, aros, rd, a plea alleged in defence, Plut. ; 

aTroXoynTtov, verb. Adj. one must defend, Plat.; and 

airoXoYia, ^> a- speech in defence, defence, Thuc. 

airo-XoYitofAcu, f, Att. iovuai: aor. -eXoyiffaiMiv : pf. 
AeAJ-yto'jUcu : Dep. : to reckon up,giv in an account, 
Lat. rationes redder e, Xen. : c. ace. rei, to give in an 
account of the receipts, Aeschin, II. to reckon on 
a thing, calculate that it will be, c. ace. et inf., Dem. 

airoXoYtcrjxcJs, 6, a giving account, statement, Ae- 
schin. 2. an account kept, record^ Luc. 

air^-XoYOS, 6, a story, tale, fable, apologue, Plat. ^ 

air-oXeir0aL, fut. rned. inf. of air-tfAAvjtu : air-oXoaTO, 
Ion. f or -6\oivTO, 3 pi. aor. 2 med. opt.: aTr-oX<$p,evos, 

onro-XovcrojJi.ctt, Ion. for w^iou, pres. med. subj. of sq. 

airo-Xovo), poet. 3 sing. impf. atreAou : f . -Aoi5o"w : aor, i 
-eAoi/ora : I. c. ace. rei, to wash off dirt, II. : Med. 
oL^.fjiT]v &IAQLV a,Tro^.o{icrOai to wash the brine from off -my 
shoulders, Od. 2. c. ace. pers. to 'wash clean, Ar. : 
Med. to 'wash oneself,, II. 3. c. ace. pers. et rei, nc- 
Tpo/cAoi/ Aoucrai &TTO $p6rov to wash the gore off him, Ib. 

aTr-oXoc(>upo( [c], f. ~tipov(, Dep. to bewail loudly, 
Xen. 2. in past tenses, to leave off ivailing, Thuc. 

a,'7ro-Xt3jXttCvo|*.ai,, Med. (Av^aa) to wash dirt off oneself , 
cleanse oneself by bathing, II. 

airo-XiJfxav'rqp, 6, Qdfjiii) a destroyer; fiair&v a^roA, one 
'who destroys the pleasure of dinner, a kill-joy, or, ace. 
to others, a devourer of feasts, lick-plate 3 Od. 

air^Xverts, ecas, 77, (airoAtJco) release, deliverance from a 
thing, c. gen., Plut. ; /carcfc T$V &ir6\v<nv rov Qai/drov so 
far as acquittal from a capital charge went, Hdt. 

airoXvTticife, -3(7, 6v 9 (^TroAtJw^ disposed to acquit; Adv., 
airo\vruc>s %%iv rw&$ to be minded to acquit one, 

airo-XvTp<J<u, f . &&<#, to release on payment of ransom, 
c. gen. pretii, Phi Up p. ap. Dem. Hence 

airoXTjrpojcrLs, eus, i), a ransoming, Plut. : redemption 
by payment of ransom, N. T. 


airo-Xvw, f. -Ai5o-a> [u], etc. : fut, 3 pass. a7roAeAv<ro,ucu : 
to loose from, ri nvos Od. : to undo, Ib, 2. to set 
free from, release or relieve fyotn, rii/a rfjs (ppovpys, 
rys I'Ki^Xei&.s Hdt., Xen. ; T* OTT^ rwos Plat. :~Pass. 
zfo be set free from, Thuc. 3. in legal sense, &TT. 
rfis alriys to acquit pf the charge, Hdt., Xen. :~-~e. 
inf., aw. TLvh ^ cp&pa sly at to acquit one of being a thief, 
Hdt. : then absol. to acquit 9 Ar. II. to let go free on 
receipt of ransom, hold to ransom, II. : Med. to ran- 
som, redeem, xputfou by payment of gold, Ib. III. 
to discharge or disband an army, Xen. : -generally, to 
dismiss, Ar. 2, &> divorce a wife, N. T. 

B. Med. to redeem, v. supr. n. II. rftf fm<7y 
with charges against one, Lat. dilucrc, Thuc., JPlat. : 
absol., airohvo'/j.Gvos in defence, Hdt. III. like Pass, 
(c. 11), to depart. Soph. 

C. Pass, to be released, let off, rys ffrparviirjs from 
military service, Hdt. ; rys apxys faro\v6yvat to be freed 

from their rule, Thuc. : absol. to be acquitted, dis- 
charged, Id., Plat. II. of combatants, to be 
separated, part, Thuc. 2. to depart, Soph. ^ 

airoXttpaofiou, Pass, to be grievously insulted t Soph. 

aTT-6X<)Xa pf. med. of &7r<$AAy/u. 

,iro-X<>T(i>, f. <r<a, to pluck off flowers: generally, to 
pluck off, cut off, Eur. 

aTTOjAcryoaXCa or -la, -ft, (fairojjL&ffffto) the crumb or inside 
of the loaf, on which the Greeks wiped their hands at 
dinner, and then threw it to tbe dogs, dog's meat, Ar. 

onrop.otCvo|jLaL, Pass, to rave, rage to the itttcrmost, Luc. 

a,ir<5(jL<iLKTpov, T<, (a < rro- (( uacrcr'6j) a strickle, Ar. 

a7ro-(xaXaico(JLcu, Pass, to skew weahu'ss, Plut. 

o.7ro-ji,aX0aic<5ofjtaL, Pass. , forego, Plut. 

aTTo-jjiav8av<i), f . -^aB^tfo^ai, to unlearn, Lat. dediscore, 
Plat., Xen. 

o,7ro-|jLavTi}o|ji,at, Dep. to announce as a prophet, rk 
/ %fav Plat. 

is, ecus, fj, (&7ra/ACccrorw) imping off, Plut. 
patyofJiGu, Pass. ft> waste or wittier away, die 
away, of a tranquil death, Xen. 

otiro-iAaoro-w, Att. ~TTW, f. a>, ^ wi^c c/t'rtw, Dem. :- 
Med./AxiAAefotJV &TTO /jidrrei you wipe your hands on thu 
finest bread, Ar. II. to wipe off or level corn with 
a strickle (birdftcMrpov) : %oivLica &TT. to give scant 
measure, as was done in giving slaves their allowance, 
Luc.; /ceveai/ airo^ai (so. %o^t/ca) to level an empty 
measure, i. c. to labour in vain, Thcocr. III. to 

take an impression : metaph. to take imprc$sfan t Ar. 

&iro-fJia.arTLYC$o), f. daffca., to scotwge swewly, Hdt. 

airo-parafttt,!,, itf^to behavcin unseemly ftishimi t ll&t, 

aTro-}xcxxo(xai. [a], f. ~(jL&xfoofjL(ti t contr. - /xaxoCjiuu, ^ 
fight from the walls, Thuc. ; Te(x f<v^ &7ro/A<x<s0"# at 
high enough tojfightfrvni,'yiisn. : absol. to fijfht desper- 
ately, Id. II. &w. n to Jight ^a thing, decline it, 
Hdt. ; absol., Id. III. &?r, Ttwi ift> drive him ojfin 
bat tie > Xen. 

cLTr<5-}xaxos, of, (u^X 7 ?) past fighting, past nerviM^ Xen. 

a/rro-fxLpofAcu, Dep. ^ distribute,, Hes. 2, Pass. ^/ 
be parted from, Id. 

o.Tro-|jiptcu, f. Att. tw, ,j!>ar# or distinguish from a 
number, Plat. 2. Air. wp6s or ^?r( TA if<? detach on 
some service, Polyb. : to impart. Id. 

o.TTo-}Jip}j.irjpia>, f, (era), if<? Wf^ off care, Ar. 

a.Tro-}, Pass, to be filled, to the brim, Plat. 

aTTo-p.Tpco, f. ^a-ca, tfo measure out, Luc.: Med., 

aTro-LLTjicuyci) [u], f. i)y<2, prolong) draw out, \6yov 
Plat. : absol. <? fo prolix, Id. : Pass, fo be extended, 

aTro-fXTjKici) [r], f. (Tew, &? $ wry wroth, to persevere in 
wrath, Horn. 

airo-fi.ifi^, f. ', Dep. &> express by imitating 
or copying; represent faithfully , Xen. 

a7ro-j4.LjjLVTqcrKoiJ.aL, , ^uj/^tro^wcu, aor. i " -efj.vvjo'd^'rjv : 
Dep. : zfo remember fully, x&piv dm. to recognise, re- 
pay a favour, /<?<?/ gratitude, II., Thuc. 

air&-Lucr9o$, ov> away from (i. e. without) pay, unpaid, 
ill-paid, Xen., Dem. II. ^azW off, Dem. 

airo-LucrOo'to, f . f6<r&>, to let out for hire, Thuc,; c. inf., 
dtr. 7roi?y rt zfo contract for the doing of a thing. Lex 
ap. Dem. 

a.7rofJiv7]|jiovv(Aa, aros 1 , r6, a memorial, Plut. : in pi. 
memoirs, Lat. com-mentarii, as those of Socrates by 
Xen. From 

a.Tfo-fj.vTjp.oveiJto, f . fa, to relate from memory, relate, 
recount, Plat. 2. to remember, call to mind, Id. ; 
(jpojucc aTrejuj/Tfjutfj/evcre rqS Trcu&l 0ecr0<u gave his son the 
name m -memory of a thing-, Hdt. 3. ATT. T TIVI to 
bear something 1 in 'mind against another, Xen. 

airo-fAVifjcroLLat, f. of airo/u/^ijcr/co/ica. 

a/rro-LLvrja-LKaKao, f. tfjcrcy, to bear a grudge against, 
nvt Hdt. 

air-<5fjL.vv|u or -vai, 3 sing-, impf . faca/jLvv : f. -o/ioiJftai : 
to take an oath away from a thing", i. e. swear that 
one will not do it, Od. 2. to swear one has not done 
or that it is not so, to deny on oath, Hdt., Att. ; with 
pf) added; cwr, rj JJL^JV /xoj ciSeVou Xen. ; dor. /wjS^ a$oX6v 
(sc. ^x eiv ) ^. ^- c - acc - ^ disown on oath : Med., 
d,ir<ajj.6cfaro rfyv dpxV renounced it, Plut. II. &? 

take a solemn oath, $ p^v . . Thuc. 

aTroLLOipia, r<x, (jjioipd) a portion, Anth. 

airo-L5.ovoop.aL, (/t<Wco) Pass, to be excluded from a 
thing, c. gen., Thuc. 2. ft? fo /^/if alone, Plut. 

air-ojx^pYVtipLi, f. -o^p|a : zto toz^ /?j^ or away from, 
ri TWOS II. : Med. &? wz^ off" from oneself, Ib. ; &TTO- 
lM6paro Sa/cpi; imped away his tears, Od.,- absol. in 
same sense, hirop,6p^acrQa.i Ar. ; and in Pass., 
airofjiopxBels having my anger wiped off, Id. 2, 
wi^ff the face clean, II. ; Med., ^.Tro^p^a 
she wiped her cheeks, Od. 

aTr-oLLocrai, aor. i inf. of aTr^i/UjUt. 

airjS-}i,ov<Tos> ox, away from the Muses, unaccomplished, 
rude, Eur. : Adv., cbro^uot5crcu<? unfavourably, Aesch. 

airo-}J.'vdo|, f. Tfjcra/xat, Dep. tfo dissuade, II. 

airo-jx-uKaofxaL, f. ^croyucu, Dep. 3?^) bellow loudly, Anth. 

airoju/KTCov, verb, Adj. ^7^ wwstf wz^e- ^^^ M<?^<?, Eur. 

airo-{Jiwr<>, Att. -TTW > f. #, to wipe the nose, Anth. : 
Med. to blow one's nose, Ar,, Xen. II. metaph. to 
make him sharp, sharpen his wits, Plat. ; cf . Horace's 
i)ir enmnctae naris. 

air-(5vaLO, 2 sing. opt. of fcffQvlv&u,au, : air-ovo,CaTo, 3 pi. 

airo-vaCc>>, Ep. aor. i dTreVacrora : ^o remove, to send 
away^ II.: Med. to wend one's way back, 
Horn. II. aor. i med. in trans, sense, 


iraiSa sent away her child, Eur. ; also, d-7roi>a<r075vcu, to 
be taken away, depart from a place, c. gen., Id. 

atro-vapic6*o|jiai, ( Pass, to become qiiite torpid, 
insensible, Plat. 

ttTrov[jn]Teov, verb. Adj. one must assign, Arist. From 

cnro-veLiO), f . j/e/ia>, jfo portion out, impart, assign, ri 
rivt Hdt., Att.: Med. to assign or &z&? to oneself, 
Plat. ; aTTovefjLGcrQai ri to feed on, Ar. : c. gen. partit. 
to help oneself to a share of a. thing, Plat. 

airovcvo-qjievcos, Adv. part. pf. pass, of cmovoto/jLai, des- 
perately, Xen. 

oLTro-v^, Dep. to go away, depart, Horn, [a metri 

, f. ff<a, to bend away from other objects to- 
wards one, turn towards, irp&s ri Plat. 

airo-vlw, f. -vr\ffto, to unload .* Med. to throw off a 
load from, crrepvcaif amovfiffa^v'r] Eur. 

onr-ovijjAVo, aor. 2 part, of cbroj/tVa/icu. 

(a priv., iro^ew) Adv. without fatigue , Hdt. 
Ion. for &ire&j/nrOj 3 sing. aor. 2 of aTroviva^at. 
, ox, (Troyeu) without toil: Adv. Sup. amovn- 
rdrara with least trouble, Hdt. 1. without $^lffer- 
ing, Soph. 

airo-v'rjxop'tt*'* f ^ojjt,at, Dep. ^> escape by swimming , to 
swim away, Luc. 

aTTOvta, ^, (^7roj/oy) non-exertion, lasiness, Xen. : ^A?- 
emptionfrom toil, Plut. 

airo~vci), later -vCirro) : f , -vfyw : aor. i -evifya : #<9 
w^5/i <?j7j avovtyavres flpdrov } wTetAcci/ Od. : Med. 
jf<7 TO&S& <9jf J^^w oneself, ISpu &irvtovTQ OaXoiffcrr} 
II. II. zf<9 wotfA clean, properly of the hands and 
feet, airovl(ov(ra as I was washing his feet, Od. ; ftrav 
OLirovifyi Kal re!? WS 3 dAe^T? Ar. : Med. to wash one y s 
hands and feet, xeTpcfo re Tr^Sas re Od. : absol. wash 
one's hands, Ar. ; pf . pass. aTroj/ej/fyt/ueGa Id. Hence 

aTr^vijifJia,, aroy, r<J, airAviirrpov, Plut. 

air-oviva}, Med. (opivr)fjn), f . cwro-j/7j<rojuai : Ep. 3 sing, 
aor. 2 dir^To | 2 sing. opt. &, 3 pi. knovaiaro ; 
part. &TTovf)[jLvos : /wz>e ^/z^ w^ or enjoyment of a 
thing, c. gen., Horn., Soph. ', but the gen. is often 
omitted, ^76 n&v ovS* air^yriro married her but had no 
joy [of it], Od. ; ou/c to^ro (sc. TTJS 7rJXtuy) Hdt. 

air6viTerpov, TO, (cmovifu) water in which the hands 
have been washed, dirty water, Ar. From 

dirovCiTTW, later form of omovifa. 

cnro-vLo-orojjiaL, Dep. to go away, Theogn. : Ep. aor. i 
part. farovi<r<r<ifj.vo$, Anth. 

duo-vo^oLLaL, f. fao/jicu : aor. i -evo'fjQriy : pi. -Vv6y(j.<x,i : 
Dep. : (jt/oeoj) : to have lost all sense, 1. of fear, 
to be desperate, Xen. ; foBpcavcoL d7roi/ei/or]ju,i/oi desper- 
ate men, Lat. perditi, Thuc. 2. of shame, ajrovevoj]- 
jMevos an abandoned fellow, Theophr. Hence 

d/nroVoia, -yj, loss of all sense, 1. of fear, desper- 
ation, els &TT. Karacrrri<ra.l nva to make one desperate, 
Thuc. 2. of right perception, madness, Lat. de- 
mentia, Dem. 

a-irovos, w, without toil or trouble, untroubled, quiet, 
Aesch., etc. 2. of persons, not toiling, lassy, Xen. II. 
Adv. ~vu>s, without trouble, Hdt., Xen. III. irreg. 
Comp. aTrovea"Tpos, Pind., but -dtrspos, Thuc. 

diro-voo-Teco, f . ^o"ty, to return, come home, 
r-f}(fas II. ; dir. oiriffw Hdt, 


a7ro-v6cr<)>L, before a vowel -<(>i.v, Adv. far apart or aloof, 

Horn. II. Prep, with gen. far away from, Id. 

&Tro.vo<re|Ct<>> * Att. 7, #0 >w* asunder, keep aloof 

from, rivd rivos h. Horn. 2. bereave or r0 0/, 

forAwi/ rtj/cc Soph. :- Pass, to be robbed of, <?<w&r]V h. 

Horn. II. c. ace. loci, to flee from, shun, Soph. 

a/rro-vuKTepevw, to pass a night away from, rw6s Plut. 

a-rr-ovuvi^w, f . Att. i, to fare the nails : Pass, to 

have them pared, Babr. 2. metaph. to pare down, 

retrench, r& ffirla Ar. II. = oVvxff ill, to try by 

the nail, aKpificos aaraivv^LCffJi-evos, Horace's ad unguent 
factus, Theophr. 
<xiro-v<i>Tia>, f. <r<0, to make one turn his back and flee, 

rivd Eur, 
a,Tro-|vos, ov, alien to guests, inhospitable, Soph. : c. 

gen. lod, far from a country, Aesch. \ ireSov banished 
from, Id. Hence 
airo|vo<i), f. tier, to drive from house and home, 

banish, Plut. : Pass., 777$ a,iro<-vov(rda.i Eur. Hence 
airof^voxm, ews, T], a living abroad, Plut. 
airo-Jew, f. ~<-Va>, to shave off, to cut off, cwrb 5* e(r<: 

%e?pa II. 2. metaph. zfo 5jfnj> off, Luc. 

, f. aj/, to dry ^lp a river, Hdt. : Pass. 
up, run dry, of rivers, Id. 2. generally 
ompletely, rks vavs Thuc. 
a, f . Cj/55 : aor. i inf. -oj-pvai : to bring to a 

point, make taper, Od. II. to make sharp and 

piercing, rfyv ^xav^v Plut. 
airo-vpd<i> or -a>, f. ^crw, to shave clean, c. dupl. ace., 

rbv Sovhov aTTO^vp^ffas r^v /ce^aA^v Hdt. 
air6-|vpos> ov, (vp6v) cut sharp off, abrupt, Luc. 
airo-ivpw [iJ'J, = airo|upci< : Med. to have oneself clean 

shaved, Plut. 
airo-lvo) [u], f. -|iJcrw : aor, i inf. ~Dercu : to strip off 

as it were a skin, II. 

airo-waXXo), &wy/, Luc. : Pass, to rebound, Plut. 
atto-irairratvo), to look about one, as if to flee, Ion. 

3 pi. fut. awoiraTrraveovcriv II. 
airoiraTew, f. ^<r0jucu : aor. I subj. -TTOT^O-W : to retire 

from the way, to go aside to ease oneself, Ar. From 
a/Tro-ir&Tos, $, also y, a place out of the way : a privy, 

aTro-wavw, f. <r&>, to stop or hinder from, make to cease 

from a thing, c. gen., TroXejuov II. ; irwQsos Hdt., etc. : 

c. inf. to hinder from doing, Od. : Med. and Pass, to 

leave off or cease from, c. gen., Horn. ; &c Ka,fjidr<av 

Soph. : absol. to leave off } Theogn. 2. c. ace. only, 

to stop, check, II., Eur. 
ai7<-7ripa, y } a trial, essay, Hdt., Thuc. 
<xiro-7rLpaop.aij f . dtfopcu [a] ; aor. i pass. aTrcimpc&tyi' 

[a], Ion. -4\$f)v : Dep. : to make trial, essay, or proof 

of a. thing or person, c. gen., Hdt., Att. : so also in 

Act., a7ro7rei/ra<rai rov Hetpaicas to make an attempt on 

the Peiraeeus, Thuc. 

aTTo-TreXeKciitt, f. ^j<r<y, to hew or trim with an axe, Ar. 
airo-W[A7r<>, f. ^/a>, to send off or away, to dismiss, 

Horn., Hdt., etc. : Med. to send away from oneself, 

Hdt. ; aTr. T^J/ yvvcuKa to put away, divorce her, Id. : 

air. &$(ap to get rid of it, Id. II. to send back, 

Od. 2. to dispatch, Hdt., Ar. 
airoTr^jxiji i$ ecus-, f), a sending off, dispatching, Hdt. 2. 

a divorcing, Dem. 

airo-irv6&>, f, fierce, to mourn for, nvat, Plut. 
a/7roirpaa, f. a<rco, Ion. ^o-w, 2f<? rarry owr, Plut. 
atro-ir^pSofJiaL, f. -vap^<ro^oLL : Dep., with aor. 2 act. 

-e-jrapSov : to break 'mind, Lat. pedo, Ar. 

t, Ep. 3 sing. aor. 2 subj. of b-rroTrlirrtu. 

ai, f . -Trcr^tro/xeu : aor. 2 -eirrdfj.^, part. 

: (cf. TrcrOyaat) : J?y <?j7 : or tfwcy, Horn., 

airoir<(>aorp.^v<i)s, Adv. pf. pass, part, of aTro^a.'yw,, 

openly, plainly, Dem. 
airo-injyvviu, f. -wf)& 3 to make to freeze, to /WJEV, 

A r< : Pass., f. -7ra7^cr<>M at > ^ ^ frossen, Xen. : of 

blood, to curdle, Id. 
airo-TTtiSdw, f. -ityS'ho', to leap off from, "/TTTTOI/ 

Plut. 2. to start off from, turn away from, rivvs 

Xen. 3. absol. to leap off, start off, Plat. 
atro-irifxirXTUJLi., poet. -irCirXir||Ai, -TA^(ra>, to fill up a 

number, Hdt. II. to satisfy, fulfil, xpyjcc^ Id. 2. 

zfo satisfy, appease, Ov^v, IviBv^iav Id., Plat. 
aTTo-irivw [r], f. -TT/ojuai : aor. 2 ~n-tojf *. -2^0 drink up, 

drink off, Hdt. 

airo-iriTrTd), f . -TrecroujUcu : aor. 2 -zirGffov '.to fall off 
frotn, fa or cwrJ TIJ/OS Od., Hdt. *, nv&s Hdt. ; absol. to 
fall off, II. 

diro-iria-TCtSw, f. <rco, jf<? trustfully, rely on, nvi Polyb. 
onro-irXato), f. -TrA^w, to lead astray from, rw6$ Ap. 

Rh. : Pass., aor. i -ir\ciyx () W y > t stray away from, 

a-TJs 7rarp(5oy, TpoiyOev Od. ; &7r^> QtapyKOS &TroTr\ayxQ<:i$ 

having glanced off from the breastplate, of an arrow, 

Ib.; absol. rpv(j)dh.La &TTOTr\(x. f YX^ ^ ff " a a helm str-Hcfe off 

or falling from the head, Ib. 
airo-irXavclw, f. faca, -foreg., to lead astray, Aeschin. ; 

metaph. to seduce, beguile, rivd. N. T. Hence 
airoirXavCas, ou, 6, a wanderer, fugitive, Anth. 
airo-irX&a, Ep. -irXeCw, Ion. -irXww : f. -TrAc^o'o/xat or 

-TrAevcroujuai, Ion. -7rX,e)(ro/xai ; zto 5ax/ away, 4>az7 off, 

II, Hdt., etc. 
airoirXTf|KTos, ov, (&7ro7rX^a'<rw) disabled by a stroke, 1. 

in mind, struck dumb, astounded, senseless, stupid, 

Hdt., Dem. 2. in body, crippled, palsied, I'-at. 

siderattiS, Hdt. ; &TT, T&S' yvdQovs struck duttio 9 Ar. 
airo-7rXir]p6o) } f. oi5(r<w, == (tmovl^trK^i, to fill up, satisfy* 

Lat. explere, T^S $7nQvfjLla.$ Plat. ; TOWT^ /JLOI &iro7rA^/- 

pwcrov make this complete for me, satisfy me in this, 

Id. Hence 

a-TroirXVjpwcris, cos, T), a filling up, satisfying) Plut. 
atro-irXijorcrw, Att. -TTW, f. , 2fw strike to earth, dis- 
able in body or mind : Pass, to lose one's senses, 

become distssy or astounded, Soph. 
airo-irXCo"cro|, Dep, to trot off, Ar. ; v. irKiffa 'o/xai. 
&ir<$-irXoos, contr. rrXovs, 3, (AtroTrA^) <7 sailing 

away, Hdt. 2. *z voyage home or /;#f> Xen. 
aTTo-trX-ovw [w], f. i/vw : Ion. impf. -7rAiW<r/coy : - //' 

iv ash aixay, Od. 
cLTro-irXtoto, Ion. for <3bro-7rAew. 
airo-irv^w, Ep.-irveCca : f. -7r^t5o'o/xai s aor. i "^7r 

jfo breathe forth fire, etc., Horn,; 0u/i&v &TT. 

2ij6 the ghost, II. ; &TT, T^ 8u(T^i/iay / ^vtf r/V^ <;?/" it, 

Plut. II. to blow from a particular quarter, of 

winds, Hdt. III. to smell of a thing, c. gen., Plut. 
a.irO'itvCy<a [t], f . -7ryf0/icu : aor. i -^Tri/t^a :~~ -to chokc, 

throttle, Hdt.; Sorfaviyov Ar,; of plants, N.T.: Pass., 

f. -Ttviy r}ff o (Aai : aor. 2 -eirviyyv [!'] ; pf. part. TreTH'ry- 
/xeVos : jto be choked, suffocated, drowned, Dem. : 
metaph. to be choked with rage, Id. 

airo-iroXcfJi^ci), f. 'fjcfco, to fight off from, TOV ovov from 
ass-back , Plat. 

aircJ-iroXis, poet, airo-inroXts, i : gen. L$O$ and ews : 
far from the city, banished, Aesch., Soph. 

airoiroji/mi, y f (aTroTre/nrco) a sending away : getting rid 
of an illness, Luc. 

a,tro-iropTJojJL<u, f. oro/mi, Pass, to depart, go away, Xen. 

aTro-Trpaww [0], f. vvS>, to soften -matters down, PI tit. 

airoirpiao-Ocu, aor. 2 inf. with no pres. in use, to buy 
off or 2^>, An 

airo-irpiljci), aor. airGirpitra, late form for Trpiw, Anth. 

aTro-irpCto, contr. for airoTrplacro, v. aTroTrpiaarQai. 

aTTo-irpfo) [r], f. /crew, fa saw off, Hdt. 

a-TTO-Trpo, Adv. far away, afar off, II, 2. Prep. c. 
gen. /#? away from, lb., Eur. 

aTTo-irpoaipeWj f . ^a*aj, aor. 2 -TroostKov : to take away 
from, crirov airoTrpof\d>v having taken some of the 
bread, Od. 

airrfirpoOc, before vowels -0v, Adv. (awn-pd) from afar, 
afar off, far away, Horn. 

ttTr^irpoOi, Adv. (airoirpo'} far away, Horn. 

aTro-Trpotr||Ju, f. -irpo^crco : Ep. aor, i -trposyRO. : ~ t o 
send away forward, send on, Od. : to send forth, 
shoot forth, Ib. : to let fall, Ib. 

airo-irpOTejJU'w, f. -rejuw : aor. 2 -Trpoerajuoj/ : to cut 
Jf 'front, v&rov airoTrpora^v after he had cut a slice 
from, the chine, Od. 

airo-7rpo<J>ij'y<ji>, f. -<p^ofJLat, to flee away from, Anth. 

airo-TTTaficvos, aor. 2 part, of &7ro7rTo/ic. 

s, poet, for wir6iro\is. 

s, ov, (fortty/o/icu, f. of a^opow) out of sight of, 
far away from, c. gen., Soph. : absol. out of sight, 
Id. ; ^| aTTOTTTov from a distance. Id. 

aTrrfirrucrros, ov, spat out : hence loathed, abominated, 
Trag. From 

aTro-irrvto [0], f . 6<rw : aor. i -eVriVa : to spit out, 
II. ; air. &xvr)v to vomit forth foam, Ib. ; absol. to spit, 
Xen. 2. to abominate, loathe, spurn, Aesch., Eur. : 
aor. i &irTrrv(ra, = Lat. omen absit, Eur. 

a-Tro-TrvvOayofxai, f. -?riJ<ro/zat, Dep. to inquire or as/fc 
^/", CITT. [a^rou] / . . asked of him whether . . , Hdt, 

dir-opau), Ion. for kty-opdu. 

-pfy&y to snore to the end, Anth. 
, f. x|/a>, 2f<? s/iwjfe <?70y, Anth. 
ov, not to be travelled, Plut. 

air-op&i>, Ion, for a<p-opd(a. 

atropeoj, f , ^oroo : impf , fyiropovv : (Jtnropos) : to be with- 
out mtans or resource ; and so, 1. to be at a loss, 
be in doubt, be pusssiled, mostly followed by a relative 
clause, &TT. $Kto$ Sia/Mjofcrai to be at a loss how he shall 
cross, Hdt. ; air. n xpfy vote'iv Xen. ; with an ace. added, 
&TT. rfyv %\affij/ #KS $iKTTpf to be at a loss about his 
march, how he shall cross, Hdt. ; and with an ace. only, 
to be at a loss about it, Id, ,* c. inf. to be at a loss how 
to do, Ar., Plat. ; &ir. irepi TWOS Plat. : also absol., od/c 
kwopjitfas without hesitation, Hdt., etc. : Med. in 
same sense, Id., Plat. 2. in Pass., of things, to 
If left wanting, left unprovided for, Xen. II. 

c. gen. rei, to be at a loss for, in want of, Soph., Thuc., 


etc. III. air. TLVL to be at a loss by reason of, by 

means of something, Xen. IV. absol. to be in 

want, be poor, Plat. Hence 

airopif)Ti.K<5s, 4\, ov, inclined to doubt, Plat. 

a-irop0t)TOs, ov, rarely 17, ov, (iropdw) not sacked, un- 
javaged, II., Hdt., Att. 

cnr-opOoco, f . (Joffco, to make straight, guide aright, Soph. 

awopCa, Ion. -irj, vj, (&-iropos) of places, difficulty of 
passing^ Xen. II. of things, difficulty, straits, & 
aTroptnv airiy/jievos, cbrciAT^Vosr, v airopirj or & airopirjcrt 
%e&&cti, a,Troplyo"iv vy( i Q'6(x,L Hdt. ; air, TOV u^ TjffvYa,- 
(etv impossibility of keeping quiet, Thuc. III. of 
persons, difficulty of dealing- with, Tiv6s Hdt. 2. 
want of means or resource, embarrassment, difficulty, 
hesitation, perplexity, Plat., etc. 3. air. TLI-O*S want 
of a person or thing, Ar., etc. 4. absol. poverty, 

air-cipvujxat, Pass, to start from a place, A.vKlrj0v II. 

a-iropos, ov, without passage, and so: I. of places, 
impassable, pathless, trackless, Xen., etc. II. of 

circumstances, hard to see one*s way through, imprac- 
ticable, 'very difficult, Hdt., Att. : &iropa, ret, straits, 
difficulties, Hdt., Xen. ; so, els faropov fy/Keiv, iriirTsLv 
Eur., Ar. ; v airdptp elvai at a loss, Thuc. : Comp., 
owro/xJJTepos more difficult, Id. 2. hard to get, scarce, 
Plat. III. of persons, hard to deal with, imprac- 
ticable, unmanageable, Hdt., Plat. : c. inf., for. Tcpo<r- 
plffyeLv, TTpo<r<}>p(rOa.t impossible to have any dealings 
with, Hdt. : so, absol., frvefios fair. Id. 2. without 
means or resottrces, at a loss, helpless, Soph., etc. ; 
faopos tirl (j>povLfia, <?TT' oy^eV Id. ; of soldiers, ol airopdi- 
TaTot the most helpless, worst equipt, Thuc. 3. 
poor, needy, Lat. inops, Id., Plat. IV. Adv. air6- 

pcas, air. e%< U.OL I am at a loss, Eur. : Cornp. -ciJre/oov, 

Jhuc. f 

aTr-opovw, Ep. aor. i opovva, to dart away, Horn. 

diropp-, p is regularly doubled in all compds. after air6$ 
but in Poets it sometimes remains single. 

cwrop-p<j0TJfA&>, f . ficrw, to neglect a thing from faint- 
heartedness or laziness, c. gen., Xen,; absol., Plat. 

airop-pcuvu, f . -pavaj, to spirt out, shed about, Hdt. 

airop-paico, f. cra>, to bereave one of a thing, c. dupl. 
ace., Od. Hence 

a-TroppavTtjpiov, T&, (kiroppatvca) a vessel for sprinkling 
with holy water, Eur. 

a-rrop-paiTTw, f. ifw, to sew up again, Hdt., Aeschin. 

a7rop~pcuj/a>8'o>, f. jo'to, to speak in fragments of Epic 
poetry, Xen. 

airop-p'w, f. -pel-w, to offer some of a thing, c. gen. 
partit., Theocr. 

OLTrop-peo) : fut. and aor. 2 in pass, forms cLiropp^a'o^a.i, 
aircpptyv, part, biroppvels : to flow or run off, stream 

forth, Hdt., Aesch.; av6 TIVOS Hdt.; &c nvos Plat. II. 
to fall off, as fruit, feathers, leaves, etc., Hdt., Att. 2. 
to die away, fade from remembrance, Soph. 

airoppTjyfia, UTOS, TO, a fragment, Plut. From 

airop-pTi-yvvfu or ~-v<>, f. -p^u, to break off, snap 
asunder, Horn., etc. ; Trvevf* &Tropprji-ai ftiov to snap 
the thread of life, Aesch. ; cVr. &lov Eur. II. Pass., 
aor. 2. &,vppdytjy [a], to be broken off, severed, Hdt., 
Thuc. ; &JTO TLVOS Hdt. III. intr. in pf . &irfppa>ya, 
to be broken, Archil. 


OL'rrop-p < q6 < yjvai, aor. i pass. inf. of cor-epS, cf. airtlTrov. 
diroppTjcris, cws, 17, (ciwrepco) # forbidding, prohibition, 

Plat. II. a giving up a point, refusal, Id. 

airoppiiTos, ov, (aTrepw) forbidden,^ a^opp-nrov ir6\ei 
tho^lgh it was forbidden to the citizens, Soph. ; T& 
a7r<$pp77Ta prohibited exports, contraband articles, 
Ar. II. w# to &? spoken, that should not be spoken, 
Lat. tacendus, air. icoiiffQc<.i to keep secret, Hdt. , /ci> 
pjos- /<:} firjT&v KO! cvrropp'fiTfaj', of Philip, like dicenda 

tacenda, Dem. : MppriTOv, r6, a state-secret, Ar. 2. 
of sacred things, ineffable, Eur. 3. unfit to be 
spoken, abominable, Plat. 

c.Trop-pi'Y^Wj f . 'fto'o) '. pf * 2 omeppiyct, : to shrink shiver- 
ing from a thing, shrink from doing it, c. inf., Od. 
dirop-pivcito, f. yffu, to file off, Strab. 
dirop-piTTTw, poet. onTo-piiTTW, f . -phf/a) : aor. i -ppuj/a: 

Pass., f . O7r0ppi<j!>0$0*o/icu : aor. I -epp^^v : pf . 
cppt/iyucu : to throw away, put away, II. II. to 

cast forth from one's country, Aesch., Soph, j cbreppijU- 

^e^oi outcasts, Dem. 2. to disown, renounce, 

Soph. 3. to throw aside, set at naught, Aesch.: 

Pass., aTeppnrrcu %s rb /i^SeV Hdt. III. of words, 

to shoot forth bold, keen words, es r/a at one, Id. : 

also, orr. %Tros to let fall a word, Id. 
diroppoii and a-Troppota, ^, (aTrop-pecy) ^z flowing off, 

stream, Eur., Xen. II. aw efflux, emanation, Plat. 
ttirop-poiSS^o), f. "ffcfco., to shriek forth, jBoas Soph. 
o.TTOp-po<feco or -aw, f. -^crw, to swallow some of & thing, 

c. gen. partit., Xen. 
aTrop-pvirro), f. \^cy, zf^? cleanse thoroughly, Luc. : Med. 

to cleanse oneself, Plut. 
o/rroppxiTos, oi/, (aTrop-p^w) running, Hes. : ar. oYafyta 

stables w^/i drains, Xen. 
diroppioi, 60705, ^, ^, (airopp'f)yvvfJLi) broken off, abrupt, 

sheer, precipitous, Lat. praemptus, Od., Xen. II. 

as fern. Subst. # ^z>^ broken off, 'S.rvy'os cmoppdog a 

branch or off-stream of the Styx, II. 2, &rr. vwrapos 

an efflux, distillation of nectar, Od. 
c.7r-op<J>avLo[xcLL, Pass, to ^<? orphaned or bereaved, 

Aesch. j oar 6 TWOS air. to be torn away from one, N.T. 
d-irop^vpos, ov, (TTOptyvpa) without purple border, Plut. 
dir-opx^ofjiai., f- ^ffo/jLai, Dep. to dance a thing awdty, 

i. e. lose by dancing, rbv yd/*ov Hdt. 
dirocraXcvw, f . era, to lie in the open sea, to ride at 

anchor, Thuc., Dern. 

airo-<ra4><:<>, f. 770*0?, (cra<f>'fis) to make clear, Plat. 
d'rro-o r P^vvvp,L or ~vd>, f . -crfiea'a), to put out, extinguish, 

quench, Ar., Plat., etc. II. Pass., with fut. med. 

-~<rj3^<ro,uat, aor. 2 and pf . act. intr., farecrftTiv, &7reav3">?/ca, 

and aor. i pass. owrecrjSeo'ftyv : to be extinguished) go 

out, cease to exist, Eur., Xen. 
diro-crcCtt, f. ff<a, to shake off: Med. to shake off from 

oneself, Theogn. ; of a horse, to throw his rider, Hdt., 

Xen. ; metaph., &nro<reecr0cu Aifonjv Ar. 
diro-orcp-vuva) [y], f. iJj/5, to wfl&? august, glorify, 

Plat. II. Pass., with fut. med., to #> oneself airs, 

Ar. ,- rt about a thing, Id. 
diro-crevw, to ^A^rw <ajw^>', Anth.: Pass., with 3 sing. Ep. 

aor. 2 cbreVcrvro, aor. i an-ccrcn^-tyi/ [ti], to <^arjf away, II. 
aTro-onrjjjiatv^f . aj/<S, to give notice by signs, give notice, 

Trept nvos Hdt. : absoL to give a sign, Plat. 2. c. 

ace. to indicate by signs, betoken, Plut.: Med. to .s7z0w 

by signs or proofs, Hdt. II. CCTT. ft rii/a to allude 
to him, Thuc. HI. Med. to seal up as confiscated, 
to confiscate, Xen. : of persons, to proscribe, Id, 
-ffO-o-iJTroiAcu, Pass., f . -<ra7T7]<r0/xcu, aor. 2 -e<r(x.Tnt]v [d], 
with intr. pf. act. trecr^Tra : to lose by mortification, 
or frost-bite , robs 8aftrv\ov$ Xen. 

airo-crip-da), f. docrca, to make flat-nosed : Pass., cbrooretn-- 
jucaueda r^v fiva we have snub noses, Luc. II. ctTnxn- 
JLLOVV rhs vavs to turn the ships aside, make a sideward 
movement, so as to avoid the direct shock, Thuc. 
air-ocri<$o(xcu, Ion. for &4>-0(n<fojUcu. 
air<$-crlTos> ov, abstaining from food, Luc. 
ofTTo-iTLwirao), f. ', to cease speaking, maintain, 
silence, Isocr., Plut. II. trans, to keep secret, Luc. 

airocriwirticris, ews, ^, a becoming silent, Plut. 2. <r- 
rhetorical figure, when the sentence is broken off, as 
in II. i. 342, Virg. Aen, i. 135. 
aTro-crKatrTa>, f. i//<w, to intercept by trenches, Xen. 
atro-o'KcSavviijJ.L or HJW : f . -ffKeSdcro), contr. -o'iceSco - 
to scatter abroad, disperse, Horn., Soph. : Pass, hi 
straggle from the ranks, of soldiers, Xen. 
airoorKCirTov, verb. Adj. one must look steadily, Arist. 
airo-o r K'ua<a, f. d<r<v, to pull off: ~Med. to pack up 
and carry off, to make away with, Luc. 
airo-o'Kftj/ojJLai, f. of a,7ro-(TK07r4w . 
airoorKTjv^aj, f . -^cro), to encamp apart from, rw6$ Xen. 

air^-crKirjVos, ov, (ffK'fivif) encamping apart, messing 

alone, Xen. Hence 
airocrK^v6<o, f. <<roo, to keep apart from, Plut, II. 

a,iroffK7)v<a, Id. 

diro-cTK^iTTw, f. t|/ew, to hurl from above, <br. ^S^Xea Is rt 
zto Awr^ thunderbolts upon, Hdt. II. intr. to fall 
suddenly, like a thunderbolt, & rtva Kur., Aoschin* ; 
aTT. & <pXavpov to come to a sorry ending, Hdt. 
airo-<rtaaa>, f. acrtw, if<? ^a^jf a shadow, Plat. Hence 
onrocrKiacr^s, d, the casting a shadow, ATT, yvtofAdvuv 
measures of time by the shadow on the sun-dial, Hut. 
diro-orK(Svajxai, Pass, to be dispersed, II. ; of soldiers, 

&TT, %$ TI to disperse for a purpose, Hdt. 
diro-crKX.'ifjvcu, aor. 2 inf., as if from *&W0f:A,77/u (cf. 
oWA/Vcy), to be dried tip, to wither, Ar. j so pf. dir^- 
tfK\r)Ka Luc. ; f. &jroffif^ff(a Anth. 
dTro-o-KOirew, f. -cr/ce^o/uai, 2f/; /^a/& away from, other 
objects at one, to look steadily, Trpcfo r/jw or r* Soph., 
Plat.; efe ri Soph. 2. c. ace. to look to, regard t 
Eur. ,- so in Med., Plut. 

airo-crtc^-Trios, ov, ((TKOTT^S} far from the mark, Anth. 
aTro-crictiOCfJto, f. tffu, to strip off the scalp in S(yhi&n 
fashion ; metaph. in Pass, to be shaved bare, /cpar" 
V'y} Eur. 

vft), to carry off as spoil from, ri riv tTheocr. 
), f . o*/cc6x|/o/uat, to banter, rally, rwd Plat. ; 
&TT. eYs rivet to jeer at one, Luc. 

oLTro-crjxdw, to wipB off dirt, Luc, : Pass.' to be tuipt'rf 
clean, Id, 

aTro-orjjL^x 6 ** f- fai ** &ffoa>uf, Luc. 
aTTo-crfxLKpiJvw [o], ^<? diminish, Luc. 
iiro-ap(j,i5xoH' a 'i' [w] aor. 2 -eff^ynv [i>], Pass. / ^" 
consumed by a slow fire, to pine away, Luc. 

f. ^<ra>, ^o 5car^ away, as one docs birds or 

d. II. intr. 
; I. e. be off! Id. 
ojf or away, 

flies,Ar.; meta.p}i.,a,7rofTofi7}<rair 

to <&<? off in a hitrry, ovtc a.-rcocrofr'tiffe 
airocnrrdSios [a], 77, ov, (ctTrocrTra&j) 

aTrooWSioj/, T(f, = aWcrTraa-jUa, Anth. 
airocnrapaYp.a, aros, r(f, = aWcTTracr/ta, Anth. From 
dtro-cnrapdcrcrco, f . a>, zte^r 0$> Eur. 
a/rroorrrd$, a&os, 77, # slip torn from a tree, a vine- 

branch or bunch of grapes, Anth. : and 
air<$cp7ra<rjJia, arcs, TO, that 'which is torn off, a piece, 

rag, shred, Plat. From 
ctTTO-or'Trdft), f. (T7ra<Tco [a], to tear or drag" away from, 

riv6s Soph., Plat., etc. ; air. TWO, airb JVVOLLK^S Hdt. ; 

rb rtKvov K x P v Eur. j also c. dupl. ace. to tear a 

thing- from one, Soph. : cor. riva, to tear him away, 

Hdt. : Med. to drag away for oneself, Plut,: Pass. 

to be dragged away, detached, separated from, riv6$ 

Pind., Eur. ; < tpov Hdt. ; airb r&v tep&v Thuc. 2. 

ctTr. TnSXas- to tear off the gates, Hdt. 3. owr. rb err par 6- 

TreS ov to draw off the army, Xen. ; absol., airocrrrdaras 

having drawn off, Id. : Pass., of troops, to be sepa- 

rated or broken^ Thuc. 
airo-crirevSca, f . -crTre&ny, to pour out wine as a drink- 

offering, Od., Eur. 
d-nro-cnre'uSto, f. -(Tireixrct), to be zealous in preventing a 

thing-, Hdt. ; c. ace. et inf., air. Be/>ea crrpar\><rQai Id. 
diro-cnroSlo), f . 77<r<w, to wear quite off, fair, rovs 6Vi/%as 

to walk one's toes off, Ar. 
amro(r-Gri5ti>, Ep. for friro-ffevca. 
aird-crra, for a,7r^-<rrr}&t, SLOT, 2 imper. of a.^lcrrtj^.t. 
diroorTaSdv and airocrraSd, Adv. (atylffryfjit) standing 

aloof, Horn. 
atro-crrdSto, f. co, to let fall drop by drop, distil, 

Theocr. II. intr. to fall in drops, distil. Soph. 

a-TrocrraXdo), = a.iro<rrda> l, Anth. 

airocrTacria, 7), late form of air6<rra(ns, defection, Plut. 
a-trocrTacrCo'u Slier), 7;, an action against a freedman for 

having forsaken or slighted his 'rpocrrdrrjs, Dern. : ^TTO- 

ffracriov fti@\lov, r6, a writing 1 or bill of divorce, N. T. 
dirdcTTacris, <ws", 77, (a<<rra/icu) a standing away from, 

and so, 1. a defection, revolt, aW rivos or rtws 

Hdt., Thuc. ; Trp^s riva Thuc, 2. departure from, 

j8(ou Eur. 3. distance, interval, Plat. 
diroo"TaTov, verb. Adj. of htytarra/jMi, one vmst stand 

off from or give up a thing 1 , c. g'en.j, Thuc., Dem. 
otirocTTaT^co, f. "fjcrco, (^Icrra^ai) to stand aloof from, 

depart from, be far from, c. gen., Aesch., Soph.; <br. 

<pl?<.eau to fall off from one's friends, Ar. II, absol. 

to stand aloof or afar off, Aesch. 
dirocrTaTifj p, 6, (a<picrrr}fj(.i) one who has power to dissolve 

an assembly, Lycurg". ap. Plut. 
dirocrTotTiqis, ou, <5, (a^ia'ra.jj.a.i) a runaway slave ; a 

deserter, rebel, Plut. Hence 
airooTaTiic<$<s, ^J, 6v, of or for rebels, Plut. : Adv., &7ro- 

ffrarM<as X lv t ^ e ready for revolt, Id. 
dira-orTavp^w, f . (bora, to fence off with a palisade, Thuc. 
dS<>, f . area, to uncover : to take off& roo,N.T. 
!<"> "to keep out water : metaph. to keep 

out or off, &x^ ov ndpyos &iro<rr4yi Aesch. II. to 

keep in water, confine it, check its outflow, Plat. 
onrocrTCiv^cn), poet, for faroffrcvditi), 
onro~crrex a <>r. 2 ~o'rlx<>v, to go away, to go home, 

Od., Hdt.; imper. farfonxe II., Hdt. 

atro-<rTeXXw,f.~(rreAaj: aor. i-eVreiAa: pf.-ecrraA/ca: 
to send off or away from, yr)$, xQwo's Soph,, Eur, ; e^w 
XQovo 1 * Eur. ; JK TTJS vr^Aecos Plat. : absol, to send away } 
banish, Soph., Eur.: Pass, to go away, depart, set out, 
Soph., Eur. II. to send off, despatch, on some service, 
Soph.; of troops and ships, Hdt., Thuc. III. intr. 
to go back, retire, of the sea, Thuc. ; of seamen, Dem. 

diro-crTv<5w, poet. - trreiv^ca, to straiten, block up ; 

^Pass., 3 sing, plqpf. pass. aTreo-reivcaro Theocr. 

a,7ro.GrT^pY<u, f. o>, to love no more, Theocr.: hence to 
put away from one, reject, Lat. abominari, Aesch. 

aTTo-crTp<>, f. ^o-ca : Pass., f. -<rTp7j0^<ro/xai, also in 
med. forms -trrep^o-o/xai and -crrepotJ/Acu : to rob, de- 
spoil, bereave or defraud one of a thing 1 , c. ace. pers. 
et gen. rei, Hdt,, Ar.; also, c. ace. pers. et rei, /d? p avo- 
o-rtp-jivys ytiov&v Soph., etc. : absol. to defraud, cheat, 
Ar. : Pass, to be robbed or deprived of, c. gen., 'EAAa- 
dos aTreffTepr]jnj/os Hdt., Att. ; also c. ace., '/Wow aTre- 
ffrepyvrai Xen. 2. air. eavrdv TWOS to detach, with- 
draw oneself from . . , Soph., Thuc. 3. c. ace. pers. 
to deprive, rob, Hdt., Att.; rb orates- ft* cwroo-Tepei 
certainty fails me, Eur. 4. c. ace. rei only, to filch 

^away, withhold, Aesch., etc. Hence 

airooPT^pijaris, ecas, 77, deprivation, rvjs aKoys Thuc. ,* and 

airocTTpYjT < yjs, ov, o, a deprives, robber, Plat.; and 

airocrTpTjTiK^s, 7^, 6v, of or for cheating, yv6^ cm. 
r6icov a device for cheating one of his interest, Ar. ; so 
fem. oLirocrrcpTiTpts, I5o$, Id. 

diro-o'TCpCo'ico), = &iro<rrp&, Soph. 

oLTrdo-Trjjjia, aro^, r6, (a^>f(rra/xat) distance, interval, rots 
air. Trpbs robs -yo^eTs in point of intervals, in relation 
to one's parents, Arist. 

airo-<rr)pofjiai, Med. to fix firmly, Anth. 

diro-rriX.p6, to make to shine, Anth. 

aTro-crTiXpo), f . ty(a, to be bright from or with oil, c. 
gen,, cwr. aXsifyaros Od. 

airo-<rrXYY''S<>> f &&> (crrXeyyis) to scrape with a stri- 
gil : Med. to scrape oneself clean, Xen.; pf. pass, 
part. aTe<rrA77icr,ue / j/oi, scraped clean, fresh from the 
bath, Ar. 

onrocrroXciJS, ews, 6, (aTrocrreAAco) at Athens, a magis- 
trate 'who had to fit out a squadron for service, Dem., 

dirocrroXij, %, (^TrocrreAAtw) a sending off or away, 
despatching, Eur., Thuc. II. (from Pass.) a going 
away, an expedition, Thuc. 2. the office of an 
apostle, apostleship, N. T. 

dirrfcrroXos, 6, (aTocrreAAw) a messenger, ambassador, 
envoy, Hdt. 2. a sacred messenger, an Apostle, 
N. T. II. = <rr6\o$, a naval squadron or expedition, 
Dem., etc. 

airo-(rrop,a.T(<i>, f . <rco, (<rr<fyia) to dictate by word of 
mouth, teach by dictation, 'ypd.jj./Jiara Plat. 2. to 
question sharply or to provoke one to speak, N. T. 3. 
to recite, repeat by heart, Plut. 

airo-<rrpaTirjYOS, <5 9 a retired general, Dem. 

airo-crrpaToire8cvofxcLi t f . -<ro/icu, Dep. to encamp away 
from,rwds Xen.; cbr.Trp&rw to encamp at a distance ,ld* 

airo-crTpa<tw aor. 2 pass. subj. of sq. 

diro-o-Tpe^o), f . \|/A> : 3 sing. Ion. aor. I h'jroo'rpfyaa'Ke : 
Pass, and Med., f.-<rrpi//o/xai : aor. 2 -(TT/>a^j/ [a] : 
pf . -etfrpa/AyUcu, Ion. 3 pi. plqpf. ~(frpd^>aro : to turn 

IO8 ttTTOCTT pO<prj 

one back, i. e. either to turn to flight, put to flight, 
Horn. ^ or to turn him back from flight, Xen.; TrdSas 
KOL\ ^elpas to twist back the hands and feet so as to bind 
them, Od, ; so rbv avxeva Hdt, : to turn back, avert 
one's face, Od., Eur. : to bring back, recall, Xen. 2. 
to turn away, to divert the course of a river, Hdt. : to 
avert a danger, Aesch., Thuc. II. intr. (sub. kavrtiv, 
'{Kirov, vavv, etc.), to turn back, Hdt., Soph. 

33. Pass., a7r<rr/><x<f>0cu robs fyfifaovs, of ships, to 
have their beaks bent back, Hdt. j airoffTpaffivai rcb 
irdS* to have one's feet twisted, Ar. II. to turn away 
from, in abhorrence, Lat. aversari, c. ace., Soph., Eur,; 
absol. A ^.TrecrrpafjLfj.cvoL \6yoi hostile words, Hdt. 2. 
to turn oneself about* turn back, Xen. j to turn and 
flee, Id. 3. airoffrpa^uat rtvos to fall off from 
one, desert him, Id. 

d/iroorpo^, y, (faroffrpcQofjLai) a turning back, Xen. ; 
aTTGcrrpo^V KafA&a.viv to have one's course turned, 
Plut. II. a turning away from, an escape from a 
thing, c. gen., Aesch., Eur. 2. a resort, resource, 
Hdt.: c. gen. objecti, tiSaros air. a resource or means 
for getting water, Id. ; crwryplas air. Thuc. 

airocrrpo4>os, o*>, (d7ro-<rrpe<>o/au) turned away, Soph. 

airo-errvY^w, f. errt/^w : aor, i effrvy^cra. : aor. 2 
ctTreVrtryof : pf. -earrvyyKa : to hate violently, abhor, 
loathe, Hdt., Soph. ; c. inf. to be disgusted that . . , Hdt. 

a ( iro-orTtJ4Xa>, f. <w, to drive away by force from, 
rivoi TWOS II. 

oLTro-oTTv^co [u], f. fy(0, to draw up, contract, of astrin- 
gents, to dull the sense of taste, Anth. 

o/rvo-crvKa^a), f. 0-w, to squeeze flgs, to try whether they 
are ripe, Ar. 

GL7ro-<ri>Xa<i>, f. 7j<r, to strip off spoils from a person, to 
rob or defraud one of a thing, nva. TWOS Soph. ; rivd, 
n Eur., Xen. : Pass., ajro<n/Xa<r0a( TL to be robbed of 
a thing, Aesch. 

ewo-crvvcryttYos, ov, (a-vvaytoyf)) put out of the syna- 
gogue, N. T. 

airo-<rvp(JX f, w, to whistle aloud for want of thought, 
h. Horn. : Pass, to sound like whistling, Luc. 

a7To-<rvpa> [#], f . --<rty)o3 : afo jf^a/ away, Thuc. II. 
to lay bare, Theocr. 

c,-rra-<r<|aw, Att. -cr<jaTTW, f. -<r^>^a) : Pass., aor. 2 
~O"<f)dyr]v [a] : f. cr(pay'fiff'ojj,cu i~to cut the throat of 
a person, Lat. jugulo, a7ro<r<5f. rivet ^y &yyo$, so that 
the blood runs into a pail, Hdt. : generally, to slay, 

^ Ar., Thuc., etc. : Med. to cut one's own throat, Xen. 

airo-<r<(>aKXi<i>, f. <rco, to have the limbs frost-bitten, 
Hdt. II. to fall into convulsions, Plut. 

a7ro-<rcf)dXXo), f. ~<r<f>aXa) : aor. i -^er^Xa : to lead 
astray, drive away, Od. ; for. rtj/a w6voio to baulk them 
of the fruits of toil, II. II. Pass., aor. 2 cwrecr^XTjj/ 
[a], jf<? 5^ baulked or disappointed of a thing, c. gen., 
Hdt. : to be deprived of, Aesch. : to fail in reaching, 
*lra\ias Plut. : absol, to be missing or lost, Dem. 

aTro-cr<|>aTT, Att. for a,7ro<r4>daj. 

airo-cr^ijXcic, 3 sing. aor. i opt. of aTrocr^xiXXw 

<r<f>TJX, subj. 

, f . 7<w, /<? compress, Luc. : Pass., 7 
? close-packed style, Id, 
w, Ion. -cr^ptiY^w ' f Att. tw : to 
p, Plut. : -so in Med., Eur. 

, arcs, T<^, (<rxaXi5cta) a forked piece of 
ivoodfor propping hunting-nets, Xen. 

v, -crx.cr0at, aor. 2 inf. act. and tned. of ctTre'xcu. 

^Wj f. ^w, /o split or cleave off, Od., Kur. 2. 
Stf-z/^ or detach from, TII/& a7r({ Ti/os Hdt. : Pass., 
wirocr^LffGyivaL nvos to be separated from . . > Id. ; of 
a river, o> parted from the main stream, Id. ; of a 
tribe, to be detached from its parent stock, Id. 3. 
metaph., cbr. rwo, rov \6yov to cut him off from his 
speech, -interrupt him in it, Ar. 

oLTTO-crxotvC^w, f. crco, 2?(? separate by a cord : generally, 
to separate, Dem. 

aTTO-orw^ca, f. 0"w, to preserve from, heal from- or of a 
thing, Tiv6$ Soph. ; ctTr. of/ca5e to bring safe home, 
Xen. : Pass., aTrocro^j/cu Us or M r6voi/ to get safe 
to a place, Hdt., Xen. : absol. to get off safe, Hdt. 

OLTTOTOIKTOS, ov, or airoTaKT<5s, 6v, (farQr&ffffu)} set apart 
for a special use, Hdt. 

airoTajxvw, Ion. for aTrore/xvaj. 

aTTO-Taorcro), Att. -TTW, f. |a>, to set apart, assign. 
specially, "x&pav nvi Plat. : Pass., ^TrcT^ra/cro trpbs ri 
Set-idi/ had his appointed post on the right, Xen. II. 
Med., airordcrffecrQal rivi to bid farewell to a person or 
thing, N. T., Pass, to be like a bull ; Sfpy/Aa aTrorau- 
po vcrdcu to cast savage glances at . . , Kur. 

oLiro-Ta<|)pe'uci>, f. crca, to fence off with a d itchy Xen. 

airo-WOvacrav, Ep. 3 pi. plqpf. of aTro^avcco, 

airo-T0vio)s Ep. for -redvetibs, -reQ^Kus, pf. part, of 

, f. rej/w : pf. -rera/ca : 3 pi. pf. pass. ^TTOT*- 
ravrai : to stretch out, extend . Pass., Xc k n. 2. 
to lengthen, extend, prolong, of the line of an army, 
Id. i of speeches, <for. rbv \6yov Plat. 
&iro-Ti,x<> > f - Att. ioi, zft> 'mall off, 1. so as to fortify, 
T^V lo-fytcfa/ Hdt. 2. so as to blockade, vivas Ar,, 
Thuc., etc. Hence 
diroTcfytcris, ecus-, 77, 2?/z<? 'mailing off a to'wn, blockading, 

Thuc. ; and 

o.irori^io'\Ji l o, > aros, r6, a wall built to blockade, lines 
of blockade, Thuc., Xen. 

s, o, ss &7rorexi(m, Plut. 

tw, f. 7]<r, intr. to end, cfs n in a tiling, 

rfA4o*cti } Att. -TAw, /c; bring quite fa tin 
end, complete a work, Hdt., Xen,, etc.: PasK., pf. part. 
a7roTTXO r /xii/os, perfect, Xcn. 2. to ptjy or perform 
what one is bound to pay or perform, as vows to a 
god, Hdt., Xen. : generally, to accomplish, perform^ 
Xen. 3, to render or make of a certain kind, r^y 
Wxt*' <br. eitSatjuLova to make the state <////7<? happy, 
Plat, j and Med., &jjLjjarrov <pt\ov <3woreXVa<r(?ai in 
make him without blame towards himself, Xen. 
OLTTO-T^VW, Ion. -T<|IV<> ; f. T/u.o3 : aor. 2 T*/X<JV, 
-frafjiov :to cut off, sever, II, Hdt., Att.: -Pass*, 
rtyi/ 7XcoTrew &7ror/A9]6>c(s having his tong*ue CM^ /, 
Aeschin. 2. ta ^-z/^r, divide, in a geographical sense, 
Hdt. : Pass., of troops, #o #<? cwjf off from the main 
body, Xen. II. Med. to cut of for oneself, II. ; r, 
gen. to cut off a bit of a thing-, Hdt. 25, j*<? rut off, 
HO as ftp appropriate, fiov$ h. Horn,, Hdt. ; ^ot^^s &TT. 

to have a slice or portion of Phoenicia, Theocr. ; air. 
<r<av 'AflTjifaW to cut off power from the Athenians, 

oLTr^Teu^u?, coos', TJ, (a7ro-rv7Xc(vw) a failure, Plut. 

ttiro-TTjX*, Adv . far from, c. g~en., Anth. 

airo-TirjXov, Adv. /ar flisya)/, Od. 

cb-iroTipaTos, Dor. for a-irp6(r{3ttTO$. > Soph. 

ttTro-Ti0T|}u, f . -O'ho'w, to put away, stow away, 11. II. 
Med. to put away from oneself, lay aside, of arms and 
clothes, Ib., Hdt. ; cbr. rbv vb^v to put aside, i. e. dis- 
regard, the law, Thuc. 2. zto avoid, escape,, of some- 
thing- odious, 11. 3. to put by for oneself, stow away, 
Ar,, Xen. 4, a7TOTc0e<r0ai els a.$6i$ to put off, defer,, 
Eur., Xen., etc. 

itro-TiXXw, f . n\a> : aor. i -erZAo : to pluck or pull 
out, raf rpfxas 1 Hdt. ; ouScy oTrort\a.s without pulling 
off any of the fur, Id. Hence 

a'tt'<$TLXjxa, aros, r6, a piece plucked off, Theocr. 

aTTo-Tljxaw, f. T?crcw, to put away from honour, to dis- 
honour, slight f h. Horn. II* Med. to fix a price 
by 'valuation, titjivews a,ir(rrtfMj<r&fitvot hawing fixed their 
price at two minae a head, Hdt. III. as Att. law- 
term, Act, to borrow money on mortgage; Med, to lend 
on mortgage ; Pass, of the property, to be mortgaged, 
Dem. Hence 

, O.TOS, r6, a mortgage, security, Dem. ; and 
s, cws, TJ, a mortgaging, Dem. II. the 

Rom. census y Plut. 

air4-Tlj.os> ov, (ri/tflj) put away from honour, dis~ 
honoured, Hdt., Soph. 

airo-rXvacrorw, f . , to shake off, Eur. 

airo-TCviJjxai, poet, for &TTOT[ VOJJ.O.L ', v. aTroTtj/aj n. 

airo-TCvai [t Ep., i Att.], Ep. inf. -rivipev : f. -riffa 
[f\ : j#y &ac, repay, return, ri TIVI IL 2, to 
pay for a thing 4 , ri Horn., Aesch., etc. : absol. to -make 
atonement, l\. 3. to pay in full, Hdt., Att. II. 
Med. &ir<myoju,cu and (WoTfj/ujuai : f . -T^crojuai t o jgv 
paid one, to exact or require a penalty _/>0w a man, 
TTOIV^J/ II. j 5(K7j^ Eur. 2. c. ace. pers., &vori<faa'6at 
Tiva to avenge oneself on another, punish him, Od. ? 
Xen. 3. c. ace. rei, to take vengeance for a thing-, 
punish it, Od.; so, c. gen. rei, Hdt. : absol. to take 
vengeance, Theogn. Hence 

airoTicTT^ov, verb. Adj. one must -pay, Xen. 

airo-TpiTJ*Yw, f. , Ep. for atro-T^ui/aj, to cut ojf' from, 
nv& rivos II. 2. to cut off> sever, Ib.; K\irv$ ATT. 
? ctt# up or plough the hill-sides, Ib. 

v, verb. Adj. of &rrore//cw, o<? wzwi^ a^ ^jf, 
portion of it, Plat. 

Sf o/, unhappy, ill-starred, Hom., Aesch., Eur. : 
Gomp. 6rpos j Sup. ~-6rafTo$, Od. 

airo-ToXjxa.6), f. ^<rw, to wa/^/? <i ^o/<i venture, rivi upon 
one, Thuc. : C. inf., Aeschin. : Pass., T^ cbroTCToA/xTj- 
jj.eva 'what has been hazarded. Plat. 

airoTo|, ^, (faQrefjivca) d cutting 1 off, Xen. 

air5To^os, ov, ((bror^vco) ^w^ ^jf, abrupt, precipitous, 
Hdt. ; dir^To/xov tipovcrev els &vdyKav t metaph. from one 
who comes suddenly to the edge of a clif, Soph. 2. 
wietaph. severe, relentless, Eur. 

.iro-ro|ciuci>, f. <rta, to shoot ojff arrows, l-uc. II* to 
-shoot a person, nvd TIVI. Id. 

a-iroTos, ov, wo# drinkable, Hdt. II. act. HMW 


drinking, Id., Plat. : not drinking, without drink , 
Soph., Xen. 

airo-Tpa^ttv, aor. 2 inf. of ourorptayto. 

OTTo-Tpeir*), f . i|/o>, to zim one aivayfrom a thing", c. g~en., 
II. i "to turn away, deter or dissuade from, Thuc. ; 
also, c. inf., cbr. rivh TTQLSLV n Aesch., Dem. 2. c. ace. 
pers. only, to turn away, turn back, II. 3. c. ace. 
rei, to turn aside, avert, prevent, Hdt., Plat,; cf. airorpti- 
Trcuojsr, aTT^rpoTTos. 4. to turn from others against one, 
TI tirl TLVI Soph.: Med., faroTpmrdncvos irp&s n turn- 
ing away from other objects to this one, Pint. II. 
Med. and Pass, to turn from, to desist from doing 1 a 
thing, c. part., II., c. inf., Eur., etc. : absol. to stop, 
desist, Thuc. 2. to turn away, turn a deaf ea.Y> 
II. 3. c. ace. rei, to turn away from, like Lat. aver- 
sari, Aesch., Eur. 4. to turn back, r<?zr;z,Thuc.,Xen, 

oLiro-Tp)(w f ~QpJ-o/jiai and -~$pajj.ovjjL<u : aor. 3 ~Spa- 
fjiov : to run 0j$for away, Hdt., Att, II. to run 

hard, of one training for a race, Ar. 

airo-Tp(j3o> [f], f, ij/cu, to ivcar oiit, Od. II* to rub 

clean, to rub down a horse, Xen. III. to rub ojf, 
Theocr. : Med. to get rid of y Dem., Aeschin. : to 
decline, reject, rty iretpav Plut. 

o/irorp^iraios, ov, (&7rorp^7rw) averting evil, of Apollo, 
Lat. averruncus, Ar., etc. II. pass, that ought to 
be averted, ill-omened, Luc. 

ttiroTpoirrj, jj, (&7roT/>e'7ro>) a turning away, averting, 
KO.KWV Aesch., Eur. 2. a hindering, prevention, 
Thuc. II. (from Med.) desertion of one 1 s party, Id. 

otirdTpoiros, ov, (dirorpeTra/) t^trned away, banished, 
Od. 2. from 'which one turns away, direful, grim, 
Aesch,, Soph. II. act. turning away, averting, a 
thing, c. gen., Aesch., Eur. 

a/rr6-Tpo<j>os, ov, (rp4<fxo) reared away from home, Hdt. 

airo-Tpv^w [_v"\, f. , = sq., Plut. 

airo-Tpvw \Jj}, f. tJcraj, to rub away, wear out, Soph. :-- 
Med., yfiv a,Trorpl><r6ai to vex constantly the earth, by 
working" it, Soph. 

airo-Tpco'yca, f. -rp^o/xai : aor. 2 frpayov : to bite or 
nibble off, Ar. 2. c. gen. to nibble at, ras afaatcos 
QVK. farorpcbyeis, i. e. you don't get on with your swathe, 
in reaping 1 , Theocr. 

ebro-Tpwiraw, Frequentat. of foroTpeVa, only in pres., 

&7ro-TVYX&v<i>, i.-r^OfAa,i,tofailin hitting- w gaining , 
to miss, lose, c. gen., Xen., etc. 2, Pass., ra a-rro- 
Tereiry^te'a things not cotne to pass, Luc. II. 

absol. to miss one's object, to be ^t,nlucky t fail f Xen. -. 
tfo miss the truth, err, 3d. : c. inf. to fail to do, Id. 

ttiro-Tiijx'rravCtw, f. Att. to), to cudgel to death, basti- 
nado, Dem, 

oLiro-Tij'ir6o|iiai) Med. to stamp an impression as on 
wax, *s rt Plat. H. Act. air. crtypafy'iSa. to impress 
a seal, Luc. 

fl.iro-TviTTop.eLi, Med, to cease to beat one-self, to cease 
mourning, Hdt. 

oLir-ovpas, ovpa.ji.evos, aor. x part. act. and med. of 

a-Tt-ovpt^ca, Ep. for &^>-^i{iw : Ep. fut., ^AA.oi ol airovpfo- 
ffovffiv apovpas others will mark off, i. e. contract, the 
boundaries of his fields, II. : others read &w-ovp'f}a'ovfft, 
(from aTT-af/jaw) will take away. 


air-ovpos, ov, (fyoos, Ion. o^pos) far from the boundaries 
/ one's country, c. gen., Soph. 

cU-wous, 6, 7), -now, T&, without foot or feet, Plat. 2. 
'without the use of one's feet, halt, lame, Soph. 

aTTo-ucria, -??, (friretfAi abs^ln^) a being away, absence, 
Aesch., Eur., etc. 

diro-cpccyciv, aor. 2 inf. of awecrOlo), to eat off, eat up, Ar. 

cnro-<f)ai8p-uvco [o], f. \>v>, to cleanse off: Med., Anth. 

airo-cJKUvw, f . ~<pa,v> : to shew forth, display, produce, 
Hdt., Ar. II. to make known, declare, Hdt. : to give 
evidence of& thing, Id. 2, to shew by reasoning, sheiv, 
represent as doing or being, c. part., Id. ; and with 
part, omitted, cur. Iwvrbj/ aftnov (sc. ftvra) Id. ; so, cwr. 
nva exQpov Dem. 3. c. ace. et inf. to represent that, 
Plat.j so, a-jr. is . . , 6rt . . , Hdt., Thuc. III. to 
give an account of, rtyv ovffiav Dem. : to pay in money 
to the treasury, Id. IV. to render or make so and 
so, Ar. 2. to appoint to an office, Plat. 

B. Med. to display something of one* sown, Aesch., 
Plat. : absol. to make a display of oneself, shew off, 
Xen. 2. to produce evidence, Hdt. 3. airotyai- 
vecrdcu yv&iJtfiv to declare one's opinion, Id., Att. : 
absol. to give an opinion, Hdt., Att. Hence II. 
used like Act., Plat., Xen. 

c.7ro<f>avcns, etas, %, a declaration, statement, Arist. 

airo<j>acm (A), ewy, rj, (airxj^/u) a denial, negation, 
opp. to Kard^acris, Plat. 

d7ro<|)acrLs (B), ewsr, rj, (airotyalvcu) a sentence, decision 
of a court, Dem. II. a list, inventory, Id. 

diro-<f>dcrKw, = for^Tj/u, only in pres. and impf., to deny, 
X -*$T SOROVVT* oftr* <5wro<pc<r/covT* neither in assent nor 
denial. Soph. 

aTro-<|>ppo(xa.Lj Dep. to feed on, TI Eur. 

a,7ro-<j^p(i>, f. a7r-o(<rcw, Dor. ourS: aor. i -'hwyKa, 
Ion. factual aor. 2 fiweyvtov : pf. -e^vox<x:~ to carry 
off or away, Lat. auferre, Horn., etc. : Pass, to be 
carried from one's course, Hdt., Thuc. II, to 

carry or bring back, II., Att. : Pass., of persons, to 
return, Hdt., Thuc. 2. to pay back, return, Hdt. : 
hence to pay what is due, Id. III. as Att. law- 

term, to give in an accusation, accounts, etc., Dem., 
etc. IV. intr. to be off, &7r<fy>e/>* s Kopatcas Ar. 

B. Med. to take away with one, Hdt., etc. : to 
carry off a prize, Theocr. 2. to take for oneself, 
gain, obtain, Eur. II. to bring back for oneself, 

^Hdt.; for. filov wrpt, i. e. to return to her alive, Eur. 

diro-<|>ij < Y<i> } f . -<l>i>l*ofAOU and -ov/icu : pf . 7re<jt>vya : 
to flee from, escape, c. ace., Hdt., etc. : absol. to get 
safe away, escape, Id. II. as law-term, to escape 

from, robs Huaicovras Id., Att. j also, air.Sliuriv Ar., Dem.: 
absol. to get clear off, be acquitted, Hdt. Hence 

dTro4>UKTiK6s, ^ <fo/, useful in escaping : ret &TT. means 
of acquittal, Xen. ; and 

<xiro4>i>i<; or din<frt>f is, eeos, y, an escaping, means of 

getting off, cor. tittcrjs acquittal, Ar. 

a.iro-q>T][ji,L, f. -"(pricfb) : aor. I <pi? era t aor. 2 *~</)7jv : 
to speak out, declare flatly or plainly, II. ; so in Med., 
Ib. II. to say No, Soph. 2. c. ace. to refuse, 

deny, Xen., Plat. 

o/fra-4>0yyofxai, f. ~<0yo/-uu, Dep. to speak one's 

^pinion plainly, Luc. : metaph. to ring, Id. 
os, ov, H-QQeyfcros, Eur. 

arcs, T<, (o.iro^Qi'yyo^ai) a terse pointed 
saying, an apophthegm, Xen. Hence 

diro<j)0Yfi.aTLiccis, ^, w f dealing in apophthegms, sen- 
tentious, Plut. 

aTro-<j>0Lpto, f . -<j)dp<a, to destroy tttterly, ruin, Aesch., 
Eur. II. Pass., with fut. med., to be lost, perish, 

Eur., Thuc. : esp. as intcrrog. used in an imperat. 
sense, ov yr)s rrja 1 ^ airotyOaprjcrGTai ; i. e. let him begone 
with a plague to him, Eur. ; so, OVK els KdpaKas ctTro- 
(pQispe'i; Lat. pasce corvos, Ar. 

diro-<j>0tvi30<i) [i3], only in pres. to perish, II. II. 

trans, to lose, Ib. 

a7ro-<f>0ivco [t] : I. intr, in pres. to perish utterly, die 
away, Aesch., Soph. II. Causal in f. -<0i<, aor. i 
-<j>6icra [i Ep., tTrag.] to wake to perish, waste away, 
destroy, Hes., Soph. : to lose, filov Aesch. 2. Pass., 
Act. intr., to perish, die, esp. in Ep. aor. 2 -e^Oiro 
[t], imperat. ~<j>6tcr6(a, -(pOlfjt.'nv [t], part. -~<pOt(ji,VQS [i], 
also in 3 pi. Ep. aor. i kictydWev. 

o.iro4>6opd, y, (diro-^^efpa)) titter destruction, Aesch. 

ct/rrocpXaDpi^w, f. Icrcv and ^co, to treat slightingly, make 
no account of, n Hdt. 

o/rro-cpXoioofiai, Med. ((j>Xoi6$) to strip off oneself ', Anth. 

oLTTo-^oLTaco, f. {\ffoo, to cease to go to school. Plat. 

dirc>-4>ovos, ov, (*<|l>i/a)) <p6vos &TT. unnatural murder,Eur. 

d.7ro(|>opd, T}, (d7TO<|>^pco) payment of what is due, tax, 
tribute, Hdt., Att. 2. also, return for money spent, 
profit, Xen., etc. 

daro<fkpd'YV'v|JU or i5a, to fence off, block up, Thuc. : 
metaph., Soph. Hence 

a/7r6<f> pct^is, 6COS, 7), (&7ro<pp<<rcrw) a, blocking up, Xen. 

a.7ro-cj)pds, dfios, TJ, (<ppd(ai) not to be mentioned ; d?ro- 
<ppdb*$ ^/x,^pai, Lat. dies nefasti, days on which no 
business was done, Plat. 

diTo-<|>pdcror(t>, Att. TTW, f, |0, fairQfypdyvvjM, Plat., 
Dem. : Med., &7ro<ppaa<r0cu auroiis 1 to bar their pas- 
sage, Thuc. 

= cbro^eiryeo, Dem. 
', aor* 2 inf. of kiroipevycio. Hence 
', an escape or place of refuge, $ 
iv Thuc. ; &TT. KaK&v escape from ills, Plat. 

d/Tro<jn5craw, f. -jfjoreo, to blow away, Ar. II. to breathe 

out life, Luc. 
airo-<|><>Xios> ov, empty, vain, idle, useless, f nut lens t 

Lat. irritus, Od. (Deriv. unknown.) 
diro-x^^ofjiaL, Dep., only in pres., to withdraw from a 
place, c. gen., Od. 

.d<o, f. dffca [a], to slack away a rope : metaph., 
' <t>povrt8a Ar. 

', f. ci(Ta), to unbridle, Xen. 
uw, f. <r<u, to forge of copper, Xen. 
^w, to strip of brass f i.e. monty, Anth. 

diro-x^Lpo-pCcoros, ov 3 (x^pt j8*^w) living by the work 
of one's hands, Hdt., Xen. 

diro-x^i-poTov^w, f . ^oroi, to vote ct charge away front one, 
acquit him, c. gen., Dem. II. c, ace., &TT, nva rys 
&PXfis to depose him from the command, Plut. 2, of 
things, to vote against, reject, annul, Ar., Dem, XXI, 

^TT. n jufy efvai to vote that a thing is not, Dem, Hence 

diroxi.pOTov(a, rj, rejection by show of hands, Dem. 

%ew : aor. -ex^a, Ep. -excva : pour out 
or 0jf, sA^, let fall, Od.: poet. Med. aTro-xeifo/xcu, Eur. 
airoxl ^, (a7rex<u) abstinence, Plut. II. receipt, 
quittance } Anth. 

|xai, Pass. ft? # bereft of, nvos Ar. 
o), jfo soften away the colour, shade off, Plat. 
i), Ion. -XP^* * i n ^ "XP^y I n * "~XP^ ' part. 
~Xp&v, -xpcocra : impf. cbre'xpi?? Ion. -expa : f. -xP^' a} ' 
aor. i -e'xp^cra : <? suffice, be sufficient, be enough : 
absol., in persons other than 3 sing-., 5# wnoyjp'hvQvffiv 
fj.6vca Ar. ; c. inf., faroxpeovcrt i/carbf yees X L P^~ 
<racr0cu are sufficient to subdue, Hdt. II. mostly 

in 3 sing. : 1. to suffice, irorafjibs OVK ctarexpTJtfe rf? 
crrpcmf? irivd/Jicvos was not enough to supply the army 
with drink, Id. ; ravra, ch"oxp<? POL Id., Att. 2. 

impers., c. inf., airoxp*? A"> 1 woteTv 'Hs sufficient for me 
to do, Hdt.; c. part., ^epos xt"P a^XP 7 ? A"" '^ 
sufficient for me to have a part, Aesch.; and without 
inf., cnroxfW r ^L it is enough for him, Dern. III. 

Pass, to be contented with a thing, c. dat., Hdt. 2. 
impers., OVK btrexpaTo Id. , aTrexpeero, c. inf., Id. 

B. Dep. ctoroxpao/Acu, Ion. -xpsofAcu, to use to the 
full, c. dat. rei or absol., Thuc. 2. to abuse, mis- 
use, Lat. abttti, c. dat., Dem. II. c. ace. to ^lse 

up, destroy, Thuc. 

airoxpTllAaTos, ov, = axp-fi/J-aros, (y^ta cwroxp. a penalty 
but not of money, Aesch. 

airoxp^vTws, Adv. part. pres. of cbroxpaw, enough, suf- 
ficiently, Thuc. 

air-ox^prfw, f . dScrw, to secure by fortifications : metaph. 
in pf . pass, part., ^ircoxvpu/uLevos Tpds TL secure against 
a thing, Plat. 

atro-xwXevco, f. crca, to make quite lame, Xen. 
airo-xw^o^a-i* Pass, to be made quite lame, Thuc. 
airo-x<vvv|ju, f. -x^ "^ t bank up the mouth of a 

river, Xen. 

&iro-x<>p^<>, f T?O"W and ^ffo^ai : to go from or away 
from a place, c. gen., Ar. 2. absol. to go away, 
depart, Eur. : to retire, retreat, Thuc., Xen. : for. ets 
TI to have recourse to a thing, Dem. 3. cor. &c . . , 
to withdraw from a thing, i. e. give it up, Xen. II. 
to pass off from the bowels, Id. : also, rh &.7rox<povvra 
excrements, Id. Hence 

airox^piicns, ews, TJ, a going off, retreat, Hdt., Thuc. : 
a place or means of safety, Hdt. 
cnro-x^p^to, f . Att. uo, to part or separate from, n 

&.ir6 nvos Plat. 
airdx^^ 1 ?* ecas, T\, (o.irox^vvv^L) the damming up of a 

river, Plut. 

aTTo-xj/dco, f . ^ffu : impf . &7reiJ/?7j/ : aor. I cbretj/'tycr'a : I. 
c. ace. rei, to wipe off, Eur. : Med. to wipe or rub off 
from oneself, Ar. II. c. ace. pers. to wipe clean : 
Med. to wipe oneself, wipe one's nose, Id. ,* also, 

airo-x|/Tj8op.aL, Pass, to be quite cheated of a thing, c. 
gen., Plut. 

cnro-\|/T]<j)i^o}jLaL, f . Att. tovyuai : Dep. : to vote away 
from, 66.vo.rov bir. rw6s to vote death away from him 
refuse to condemn him to death, opp. to Karafyr) 
(plfeffQai, Lycurg. : hence obr. nv6s to vote a charge 
away from one, i. e. to acquit him, Dem., etc. : absol. 
to vote an acquittal, Plat. 2. to vote the franchise 


away from one, i.e. to disfranchise by vote, Dem. : 
Pass, to be disfranchised, Id. II. c. ace. rei, of 

judges, GOT. ypa^v to vote against receiving the in- 
dictment, Aeschin. III. air. ^ iroieiv n to vote 
against doing, Xen. 
airo-\|uX<$<i>, f. dSorcw, to strip bare, Hdt. II. c. gen. 

to strip bare of a thing, c. gen., Aesch. 
airo\|/is, ws, 77, (a7r<ty/o/Aeu, f. of a^opaco) an outlook, 
view, prospect, Hdt. 2. a lofty spot or tower which 
commands a view, Plut. 

tiro-xl/TJxw [t>], f . &> : Pass., aor. i and 2 aire^'uxQ'nv 
and cwretj/^x 7 ?*' [y\ to leave off breathing, to faint, 
swoon, Od., N. T. 2. c. ace., cbrof/u^ej/ fiiov breathed 
oztt life, Soph. : absol., like avowta), Lat. exspiro, to 
expire, die, Thuc. II. to cool ; Pass., tSpw a?re- 

tyi>Xovro x iT( ^ V(a]/ they got the sweat dried off their 
tunics, II. ; tSpw ct7rotj/vx^ e ^ s Ik. y metaph., a,ir^vyp,voL 
cold, indifferent, Arist. 2. impers., cbrot^x i it 
grows cool, the air cools, Plat. 
iTriraTroE, an exclamation, Ar. : cf . cbrcnrcu, arrarat. 
onr-<jr^u|fi, Ep. contr. for a-Tro-Tre^ei. 
- =--'- ^ (jrpdcrcrta) idleness, want of energy, Plut. 
, 77, freedom from politics and business 
a), love of a quiet life, love of ease, supine- 
ness, Lat. otium, Ar., Xen. ; of states that keep clear 
of foreign politics, Thuc. From 

a-irpd-yjJLwv, ov, free from business (irpdyjjiarct) , keeping 
clear of politics, a good easy quiet man, opp. to TroAv- 
TTpdyfj-cov (a restless meddlesome man), Ar., Thuc., 
etc. ; ir6\i$ &irp. a country that keeps clear of foreign 
politics, Thuc.; rb forpayjuoj^Lat. otium,, Id.; T^TTOS- 
cbrp. a place free from, law and strife, Ar. II. of 

things, not troublesome or painful, Xen.; so Adv. 
-jjitvoas, without trouble, Thuc. 

atrpaKT&o, f , ^or<w, to do nothing, Arist. II. to gain 
nothing, -rrapa TWOS Xen. From 

a-irpaicTos, Ion. a-TrpTrjicTOS, ov : I. act. doing no- 
thing, ineffectual, unprofitable, II., Dem. 2. of 
persons, without success, unsuccessful, farpfiKros v4~ 
e<r0cu, Lat. re infecta, II. ; and in Prose, &nrp. cwrieVcu, 
omeXBGLV, airoxtDpGLV Thuc. ; &irp. yiyveffQai to gain 
nothing, Id. ; &irpaKrov airoTrfyireiv nvoi. Id. : Adv. 
-TWS, imsuccessfully , Id. II. pass, against which 
nothing can be done, impracticable, Od. 2. not 
to be done, impossible, Theogn. 3. not done, left 
undone, Xen. 4. c. gen., fiavriKTjs HvpaKros vjuv 
unassailed by your divining arts, Soph. Hence 
airp<xia, f), a not acting, inaction, Eur., Plat. 2. 
rest from business, in pi. holidays, Plut. II. want 
of success, Aeschin. 

airpdo-La, 7), want of purchasers, no sale, Dem. From 
a-irpaTos, ov, (TriTrpcfarKw) unsold, unsaleable, Dem. 
air prria,7), unseemly conduct, indecency, impropriety, 
Plat. From 

a-TrpTrijs, es, (Trpeirw) unseemly, unbecoming, indecent, 
indecorous, Thuc., etc. ; T& cbrpeTres = aTrpeTreia, Id. : 
Adv. -7rws, poet. -TTa)s, h. Horn., Plat. II. of 

persons, disreputable, Theocr. 
airpTrCr|, 77, poet, for aTrpeireia, ugliness, Anth. 
a-irpiitivTOs, ov, Att. airpd-, (Trpai^w) implacable, Anth. 
a-irpLar-qv \_a],(irplao'dai) Adv . without purchase-money 
or ransom, Horn. (In form like i 



a-mrpivSa, = &7rpf, Aesch, 

airpiic84-irX-qCTos, ov, struck unceasingly, Aesch. 

ouirp, Adv. (a copulat., irpita) 'with closed teeth, Lat. 

mordicus: hence fast, tight, kxpl o"vA\a/3cZv Soph. 
a-irpoaipeTos, ov, without set p^irpose, not deliberate) 
of actions, Arist. 

a irpoSovXevTos, ov, (Trpo/BoyAetfw) not planned before- 
hand, unpremeditated, Arist. 2. o* submitted to 
the tfouA-rj, Dem. H. act. wtf&w* forethought, 

Arist. : Adv, -rcws, Plat. 

a-irp<$fJouXos, ov, -without premeditation .Adv. -Xa$, 
recklessly, Aesch. 

a-irpo*9vu.os, ov, not eager or raw^ unready, back- 
ward, Hdt., Thuc. 

a-irpoiSijs, '*, (rpoffieiV) unforeseen, Anth. 

a-irpoticos, ov, (jrpoft;) without portion or tfowry, forpoi- 
KOV T^JV a5e\</>V SiSoVcu to give her in marriage without 
dowry, Isae. 

4-Trpo^tj9cia, 17, uaw^ of forethought, Plat, from 

a-TTpo}wj0i]S, es, without f or ethoitght. ^ ^ 

e-irpovotiros, ov, (Trpovoco/tat) -unpremeditated, awpocria 
Arist. II. act. improvident, Xen. : Adv. ~rws, Id. 

&-trpooi|i.ia<rTOS, ov, (vpooifuov) without preface, Luc. 

d-irpooirTos, ov, (irpofyoput, L of irpoop<xa>) unforeseen^ 

a-xp6o-paTos, Dor. a-iroTipo-Tos, ov, unapproachable, 


eUirp0o-Se>j$, &, without want of more, Luc. 
cL-irpoo-Si.o'vuo-os, ov, uncongenial to Bacchus : hence, 

720^ to ^ point, out of place, Cic., Luc. 
a-irpoo-S^K-nTos, ov, unexpected, unlooked for, Aesch., 

etc. ; ^ curpofftioKJirov, Lat. necopinato, Hdt. ; so Adv. 

-TO*, Thuc. II. act. not expecting, unaware, Id. 
a-irpo<rt|^op(a, ^, -sya^^ of intercourse by speech, Arist. 
a-rrpo<n7"Yopos, ov, ncif to be accosted, savage, Soph. 
a-irpo<mcTo$, ov, not to be attained, Pind. 
a-irp<i<rtTos, ov, itnapproacKable, Plut. 
a-irp<JcrK'TrTo, o v, (-rpo-cr/coTrew) unforeseen, Xen . II 

act. improvident, Dem. 
a-7rpo<rKXr]Tos, ov, (irpocr/caAew) of a trial in support of 

which no summons has been issued, Dem.^ 
a-irpoVKoiros, ov, (irpoo'KGir'rca) not stumbling, void oj 

offence, N. T, II. giving no offence, Ib. 

a-irpo-crico'Tros, ov, == aTrp^cr/ccTrros 1 , Aesch. 
a-Trp<<rp.axos, ov, (Trpocr/iaxo^ai) irresistible, Soph. 
a-irp<5<rfHKTos, ov, (^ocr/x^vv/zi) holding no comimmioi 

with others, c. dat., Hdt. 

withstood, irresistible, Aesch. 
cUirpocr-d'iuXos, ov, iwsociable, Soph. 
a-irpo<T7rlXa<rros, ov, (Trpoo-Tre^fw) unapproachable 

Strab., Plut. 
a-irpo<rTo.crCot) y/>a<j>^, ^, (irpoo' f rdiT'f)$) at Athens, amn 

diet-went of a utroiKosfor not hawing chosen a pairo? 

from among the citizens, Dem* 
a-<rrp$<r<|opo$, ov, unsuitable, dangerous, Eur. 
o-irpoorwtrcSXtjirros, ov, (irpoo-amoX^TrT-qs) no^ respecting 

persons. Adv. -T<WS, without respect of persons, N. T 
a-irp$<rwiros, ov, (irpdo-wTov) without a face, \. e. w/M 

<?M^ beauty of face, Plat. 
a-irpoTi*a<rro5, ov, Dor. for 3t-irp<io" / itao/TOS > , (irpoo"/ia<r'tfa> 

untouched, undefiled, II. 

- [a], ov, (irpoQcuri&nai) offering no 

excuse, unhesitating, Thuc., Xen, Adv. -ra>y, initkottt 
disguise, 'without evasion, honestly, Thuc. 
-irpo<|>i5XaKTos, ov, (vpoQfatoffofJMt) not guarded 
against, unforeseen, Thuc. 

i-irraia-TOS, ov, (irrafo) o* stumbling, airrce-io-r^repos 
less apt to stumble, Xen. 

a-7TTpos, ov, (irrepoV) without wings, it twinged, in 
phrase TT) 5* &7TTpos &rXTo ftu^os-, the speech was to her 
without 'wings, i.e. did not fly away, sank into her heart, 
Od.; ^Trrepa ircar^ara wingless flight, Aesch. II. 
unf Gathered, of the Harpies, Id. ; of arrows, Hdt. 2. 
of young birds, unfledged, callow, Eur. : metaph., 
^ns ^TTT. an -unfledged, i. e. unconfirmed, report, 

-Trrijv', ^vos, d, ^, (irrnrfs) unfledged, callow, of young- 
birds, II. II. uniuinged, Ar. 

i-TTTo-eTnjs, ey, (a j^nv,, TTTOW, &FTOJ) undaunted in 
speech, II. 

.-TTT<JX^os, ov, poet, for ^WAe/uos-. 
Wr<5s, 4, <Jv, subject to the sense of touch, Plat. From 
irro> (Root AH and A4>) : f. &fw : aor. i Ma: Pass., pf. 
^/Ajaai, Ion. $JUAU (v. 4a<^^) : -Med., f. tyofuu, with pf. 
pass, ^/x/iai ; to fasten, bind fast, Od., Kur. : Mod. to 
fasten for oneself, Od,,Eur, 2, to join, xoptv Aesch,; 
X<\TJV Tii'l STTTCIV to fasten a contest in wrestling o one, 
engage with one, Id. II. Med. to fasten oneself to, 
ding to, hang on by, lay hold of, grasp, touch, c. gen., 
&|/<wrflai 70^/wv, as a suppliant, Od. ; so, ^. yewiw 
Ib. j &wv<f6ai vn&v II., etc. : absol. to rwr/z //^ w^, 
Ib. 2. to engage in, take fart in, c. gen,, ^ovTuv/wrwv 
Soph, j ro\4(Mtv Thuc. } ^/A/A^VOS- 4>oVoo engaged in . . 
Plat. ; but, ^irr<r0ai TW X^wv to /ay //o/rf fl/", dispute 
the argument of another, Id. ; TOUTO>J> ij^aro touched on 
these points, Thuc. 3. to s** wj^w/, a^a^, assail, 
Hdt., Aesch., etc. 4. to towcA, a/erf, ^705 ov^ev 
&rrerai ve/cpwv Aesch., etc. 5. to grasp with the 
senses^ a.$$rehend> perceive, Soph., Plat. 6. to comt* 
up to, reach, gain, Plat., Xen. 

B. Act., also, to Undle, sat on fire, Hdt., Thuc. :- 
Pass., with fut. raed. to be set on fire, catch fire, Od., 
Hdt. 2. ftrreiv irCp to Ugkt a fire, Eur.: --Pass., 
JHLJJ.&OI red-hot embers, Thuc. 

, , , 

, ov, (irCA.rfw) wo^ secured by gates, Xen* 
-s, ov, ^irupyow) not girt with toiwrs, Od. 

a-irvpos, o ', (iri/p) without jire, of pans and tripods, Ma/ 
Aa^ not yet been on the fire, fire-wm 9 br ami-new, II, : 
without fire, i. e, oM, cheerless, ol/coy Hos, : -Air. 
Xpvffiov unsmelted, Hdt. ;-~&7rupa fcpi sacrifices / 
w/w'c-A no fire was used, Pind, j but in Aesch. sacrifices 
without fire, i.e. that mil not burn, or unoffcred* 
-neglected : &r. tfpfas an arrow-point o^ forged in 
fire, i. e. the sting of the gad-fly, Aesch. 

i-TTvpwros, o^> (wfcpdV) not y&t exposed to Jin* , II. 

a-iru<rros ov, (iruv(?(ivojuat) wo^ /zetfyrf 0/ Oc3. : ^7rt/<rra 
<|>6ivwv speaking ty^a^ 7zowe caw At'flr, Soph. II, act. 
without hearing or learning 1 a thingv Od. ; c, gtsn. Ib, 

airva), Dor. for ^TrtJw, 

iircjjiJs, i5oy, 6, a term of endearment used by children to 
their father, papa, Theocr, 

onr-a>S6<j, 6v, (y8^) out of tuni\ Eur., Luc. 

ehrrwOev, Adv. from afar, Soph., Eur. 2. c, gen. far 

from, Eur., Time. 
cLTr-coOeco, f. -&&& : aor. I -ecocra : &? thrust away , push 

back, II. ; zfo ^>wsA <3j7"? Thuc. : Med. ft? ^ws& away from 

oneself, Horn. : c. gen. 2fo <^r^ away from a place; 

and in Med. ta drive away from oneself, to expel, 

banish, Horn., Hdt., etc. 2. of the wind, to beat 

from one's course, Od. -, so in Med., Ib. 3. in Med., 

also, to reject, decline, refuse to accept, Hdt., Att. ', 

CCTT. SouAocruj/Tjy to shake off slavery, Hdt. 
o/irwXcta, T), (owrJAAvyiu) destruction, N.T. 
cL-irw(ji,acrTos, ov, (iruact) 'without a lid, Babr. 
d7ra>|xoTt>s, ov, (a7ro/xj/u/xi) abjured, declared impossible 

on oath, $poroLcn.v ouSeV ^CTT" airdfjioroy Soph. II. 

of persons, under oath not to do a thing, Id. 
air-wcrcH, aor. i inf. of aTrwflew. 
air-toons, ecoy, ^, (cbr0<=V) driving away, Thuc. 
airaxrreov, verb. Adj. of d7rw0<w, ora*? rawstf reject, Eur. 
airworr^s, ^/, <*/, (ctTTw^ew) thrust or driven away from 

a place, c. gen., Hdt., Soph. II. tf/mtf z?z *? driven 

away, Hdt. 
OLirwraTW, Sup. Adv. of aVwfoj', furthest from, TWO'S 

ttira>T^pa>, Comp. Adv. of fairwOev, further off, Soph., 

etc. : proverb,, cwr. fy y6vv KV^O, Theocr. 
V APA W , Ep. pa (enclitic) and before a consonant ap : 

Inferential Particle : 

A. EPIC USAGE : I. then, straightway, at once, 
&s </>ITO, $77 5* &p* ftveipos II. : next in order, ol 5* &p' 
*A6rivas el^ov Ib. 2. where attention is called to 
something startling, rbv rpets fj&v faipp'fio'o'fcrKOV r&v 
#AAcoj/, 'AxtAevy 8* &p' <-7npp^<reo7ce Kal o?os three men 
of the common sort were required to do it, but Achilles, 
mark ye I did it single-handed, Ib. 3. in explanation 
of a thing going before, i ^ tireptylaXov tiros e/cjSaAe, 
</>?7 />* ae/c7]ri 0ecDj/ <pvy*iv had he not let fall an impious 
word, /or he said . . , Ib. : so, &pa makes relat. Pron. 
more precise, d/c 5' 0ope tempos, V ap* ^0eAov cwroijust 
the one, the wry one which . . , Ib. 

B. ATTIC USAGE, much like o$v, then, therefore ; 
less strongly, fjLdrvjv &p* T^KO/MV so then we have come 
in vain, Soph.; elK^rws &pa ovtt ^yiyvero Xen. : in 
questions, to express the anxiety of the questioner, as 
rts &pa focreroLi; oh 1 who is there to save ? Aesch. 

C. POSITION : &pa never begins a sentence., cf . o&/, 
Lat. igitur. 

apa ; interrog. Particle, in accent and sense a stronger 
form of pa: 1, when it stands alone it usually 
expects a negative answer, like Lat. num ? Att. ; so Spa 
l*d\; num vero ? Aesch.: for an affirmative answer, Sp" 
oi>; Sp" ou%(; nonnevero? is used, Soph., etc. 2. 
in prose, Spa almost always stands first in the sentence. 

*APA', Ion. dpTJ, ?), a prayer, II., Hdt. II. esp. a 

prayer for evil, a curse, imprecation, mostly in pi., II., 
Trag. 2. the effect of the curse, bane, ruin, dpV 
ical Xotybv a/uJj/at II. III. 'ApcC personified as the 

goddess of destruction and revenge, Lat. Dira, Soph. 
\_ap~ mostly in Ep. : in Att. always ftp-.] 

apapeco, f. ^<rai, (apa^os) to rattle, ring, clash, of 

^ armour, II. ; of the teeth, to gnash, Theocr. 

Apa(3ia, y, Arabia, Hdt., poet. *Appa|3Ca Theocr. : 

"Apapvos, a, ov, Arabian, Hdt. ; also-uc<$s, 4 6v, Plut, 

apafJos, 6, a gnashing or chattering of teeth, IU 
(Formed from the sound.) 

apa-y^a, aros, r6, (<T<rca) sq., rvjuiraj/wy 8cp. Eur. 

dpaYp,<5s, 6, (dpcio-crco) a clashing, clattering, rattling, 
Aesch. ', ap. Trerp&v a crashing shower of stones, Eur. ; 

^crTep?/<wj/ dp. beating of the breast, l&i. plane tus, Soph. 

iapat, aor. i inf. of a?pco. 

apathy, aor. i med. opt. of afyo>. 

apaios, a, ov and oy, ov, (dpfi) : I. pass, prayed to- 

or entreated, Zeus apcuos, = IKGO-LOS^ Soph. 2 . prayed 
against, accursed, laden with a curse or curses, 
Aesch.; /^ apcuov eAogSes you adjured me under a 
curse, Soph. II. act. cursing, bringing mischief 

upon a house or person, c. dat., Aesch., Soph. 

dpaios, a, 6v, thin, narrow, slight, slender, Lat. tenuis, 
Horn. (Deriv. unknown.) 

dpaipt]Ka, redupL form of ?7jp7j/ca, pf. of alpeca : dpatptj-, pass. : dpaipTjTo, 3 sing, plqpf. pass. 

dpdp,vos, aor. i med. part, of afyw. 

dpa|-xipos, ov, (dpdVo'to) beaten with the hand, rt5/t- 
7rai/a Anth. 

dpaop-at, Ion. dp^ofxat : f. dpatro^uat [a], Ion. apjiffopai : 
aor. i T)p7](r<ijjL7jv : Dep. : (dpci) : to pray to a god, c. 
dat., II. : c. ace. to invoke, Od. 2. c. ace. et inf. to 
pray that, II. , Hdt., Soph. : c. inf. only, to pray to 
be so and so, Od. 3. to pray something for one, ri 
nvi ; sometimes in good sense, dp. TIVL ayaQd Hdt. ; 
but usually in bad, to imprecate upon one, dpdar dp. 
TLVI Soph., etc. ; without an ace., apacrdal nvi to curse 
one, Eur. 4. c. inf. fut. to vow that one will or 
"would, yp'fia'aTO /6<Eeij> II. 

apape, 3 sing. intr. pf, of apapltfKta. 

apapc, 3 sing. poet. aor. 2 of apapiVKcu. 

apapLCTKto, (redupl. form of *%)&>), impf. apdpiffKOV : 
the other tenses are formed from apw, viz., 

A. TRANS. : aor. i %pffa, Ep. #p<ra : aor. z tfpapov, 
Ion. &papov, inf. apdpe?i/, part, apapc&v : Pass., aor. i 
ypOyv, Ep. 3 pi. &P&GV : to join, join together, fasten, 
II. ; fayyecriv &pffov &iravra pack up everything in the 
vessels, Od. II. to fit together, construct, roixw 
apapety \l6otcrLv II. 2. to prepare, contrive? ^VTJ- 
ffrTJpcftv Q&varov ctpapfores Od. III. to jit, eq^tip, 

furnish with a thing, vya &p<ras tperriffLv Ib. 2, to 
please f gratify, favour, Pind., Soph. IV. to -make 
fitting or pleasing, II. 

B. INTR. : pf. &pdpa, in pres. sense, Ion. &prjpa, f 
Ep. part. dp7?po?,y, with fern, dp^pv^a and (metri grat,) 
dpapvla : Ep. plqpf. dp-^pctr, fyp'fipeiv, with impf. sense : 
of the Pass, we only find Ep. aor. 2 part, tipftevos, 77, 
ov : to be joined closely together, to be in close order, 
close-Packed, Horn. 2. to be fixed, of oaths and faith, 
Trag. : absol., pape 'tis fixed, Eur. II. to fit well 
or closely, Horn. : to fit or befitted to a thing, c. dat., 
Id. III. to he fitted, furnished -with a thing, c. dat.,Ii; 
/ccUAei apapds endowed with beauty, Eur. IV. to befit- 
ting, meet QI suit able, agreeable QI pleasing f \^ apeffKca,, 
Od., Hes.: so in Ep. aor. 2 pass. part. &PJJLGVOS, i), ov, 
fitting, fitted or suited to, c.dat., Od.; absol. meet, con- 
venient, Lat. habilis, II. 2. prepared, ready, Hes. 3. 
agreeable, welcome, &pfjLi/a irpdfcats = et5 irpdl-as, Pind. 

dpap<$rci>g, Adv. of dpapcfo, pf. part, of dpapfcr/coj, com- 
pactly, closely, strongly, Aesch., Eur. 

1 14 apatrcrw 

apdoxra, Att. ~TT : poet, impf . apdtftffffKOv : f . ap<{a>, 
Dor. apa : aor. i fy>aa, Ep. #paa : Pass., aor. i 
fydxQ'nV) Ep. apax^v: (a euphon., ftdcrcru, akin to 
f^jercrcD) : to strike hard, smite, (Horn, only has it in 
the compds. d-Tr-, aw-ap&r(rco) ; of horses, 6ir\cus ap. 
xQdva Find. 5 Bitpas ap. to knock furiously at the door, 
Eur. ; apdcrtfeiv ffrepva, Kpwra to beat the breasts, the 
head, in mourning, Lat. J>lang-ere, Aesch., Eur.; 
&patr<r fj.a\Xov strike harder, Aesch. ; &p. ftj/eis 1 , $\4<pap<x. 
Soph. 2. c. dat. modi, &pda"ffiv oyefSecri KOKO^S to 

throw with reproaches or threats, i. e. jfc'ng' them wildly 
about, Id. II. Pass, to be dashed against, Trpbs 

TCIS ircTpas Hdt. ; rrerpais Aesch. 

apa/ros, Ion. apTjT<$s, ^, 6v t (ctpdoftai) accursed, unbtest, 
IL, Soph. II. prayed for : hence "ApijTOS, 'Ap^r^, 
(with changed accent), as prop, n., the Prayed-for, like 
the Hebrew Samuel, Horn, [dp- Ep., dp- Att.] 

apo-xvatos, a, ov, tf/or belonging to a spider, Anth. From 

o-paxvT], rj, fern. of apd^^ns, Lat. aranea, Aesch., 
Anth. II. a spider's -web, Id. 

ipaxvrjs, , a spider, Lat. araneus, Hes. (Deriv. un- 
certain.) Hence 

apaxviov, rJ, # spider's <web, Lat, aranea, Od., Att. 

dpcuo A, apdouai, only in Ep. inf. ap-^uevcu, zfo j^#y> 

cLpaa) B, f. ^(ra>, an old Verb, = j3Aa7rr&>, to damage, 
apdcrovn, Dor. for ap^croutn, Inscr. : pf. pass. part. apT;- 
^voy, /3e$Aa/*jueVo$, distressed, afflicted, Horn. 

apjJvXi] [tj], 17, a strong shoe or half-boot, used by 
country-people, hunters, travellers, Aesch., Eur. (Deriv, 

opf&XCs, l$os, T), foreg., Theocr., Anth. 

3 Apya8ts, of, (*py) name of one of the four old Attic 
tribes, the Workmen, Labourers, Eur. 

cipyacis, ecrcra, cv, Dor. for &pyf?i$. 

apyaX^os, a, oj/, (^Ayos, as if kKyaKsas} painful, troublous ', 
grievous, Lat, gratis, IL, Ar. : fyyoAcoi/ Icrrf, c. dat. 
et inf., 'tis difficult to do a thing-, Horn. ; rarely c, ace. 
et inf., IL 2. of persons, troublesome, Theogpn., Ar. 

apyqis, contr. from kpydeur. 

Apycios, a, ov, ^J/ 7 or from Argos, Argive : 'Apyeioi in 
Horn., like *Axai<?/, for /&<? Greeks in general : ^ 'Apyeta 
(sc. 7^), Argolis, Thuc. 

*ApYt-4><5KTT|s, ow, ^, ("Apyos, *0i/w) slayer of Argus, 
i.e. Hermes, Horn. 

dpye'XcxfxH, a?)/, oi, the feet of a sheep-skin, and so, gen- 
erally, <?jf^, Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

apYW<5s ^, ^, Aeol. for dpy^y, wAtY^, of sheep, II: ; of 
woollen cloths, Ib,, Anth. 

apY orT1 i 5 > &> (&py6s] of the South wind, clearing, bright" 
ening, like Horace's detergens nubila cado, IL II. 
pos (parox.), the North-west wind, Hes. 
, Ep. for dp-yijTi, ^ipy^ra, dat. and ace. of 

f. ^ff(a, (bpyds = fapyo's) to lie idle, be unem- 
ployed, do nothing, Eur,, Xen. ; 77? ^pyoi/cro land lying 
fallow, Id. ; ^p7? rb gpyaa'T'fipioy the shop is out of 
work, Dem. II. Pass, to be left undone ; to be 

fruitless, Xen. 

apYTJcis, ecrcra, ev, Dor. apyaeis, contr. &py$s, (&py4s] 
Chining, white, Find., Aesch. 

, ^ros, d, ^ ; Ep. dat. and ace. ipyeVi, Apy^ra: (Ap- 

y(Js) : bright, glancing, of <zuW^ %htning, Horn. 2. 

shining, white, of fat, II. ; of a robe, Ib. 
apyiqcnnfe, oG, 5, = &pyfc, Aesch. 
dp-yia, ^, = pya, idleness, laziness, Eur., Dem. 2. 

in good sense, rest, leisure, Ipycov from work, Plat. 
apYi-K^P<vo$, <$ wietder of bright lightning, II. 
apyiXXa or apY^Xa, -^, a underground dwelling, 

Ephorus ap. Strab. : perh. from 
apY^XXos or &pyl\os, y, (bpy6$) white clay, pottrr's 

earth, Arist. Hence 
apYtXX-w8irjs or apY^"^ 1 !^ y > ( T8$) like day^ 

clayey, Hdt. 
apytv^ets, <r<ra, ev, Ep. form of &/>y^, white, cpith. of 

Rhodian cities, from their chalky hills, IL 
apyi-^Sovsy ti&ovros, 6, 7), 'white-toothed, whitc*tuskcd 


apyi-ir<$8t]s, ov, 6, =sq., %(/iapos Anth. 
apyt-irovs, <5, ^, irovv, rJ (bpyfc) swift-footed, IL, 


s 1 , r(i, (iipx w ^ only in pi. itpy/xara, --- &7rcipy- 
xa^, the firstlings at a sacrifice, Od. 
, Adv. from Argos, Soph., Eur. 
*ApyoX^(i>, f. Att. ioi, to take part with theArgiiies, Xen. 
'ApyoXCs (sub. 7^), ^Soy, ^, fli district in Peloponnesus, 

Hdt., etc. 2. as Adj., o f T), <?/ Argolis, Argolic, 

Aesch. ; also *ApyoXttc<$s, ^, 6v, Plut. 
ipyo-7roi.<Ss, Av, (TTOI^OJ) making idle, Plut. 
"Apyos, os, T<i, name of several Greek cities, of which 

the Peloponnesian is the best known, called by Horn, 

'A. *AX^K^, to distinguish it from *A. n^XaffytK^y. 

The former name comprehends all Arg-olis ; the latter, 

all Thessalv. 
*APrO', ii 3 6v, shining, bright, glistening, Lat, 

nitidus, II. : 'white, Arist. (Hence come &pyt/pos p 

HpylXos.) II. ir^Say &p7<rf, as epith. of hounds^ 

swift-footed, because all swift motion causes a kind of 

glancing or flickering light, Horn. 
apy6*s, 6v, (contr. from d.-cpy^s) not working the ground* 

living without labour, Hdt.; then, generally, inactive, 

slothful, idle, lassy, Soph., etc, : c. gen. rci, idle at a 

thing-, free from it, Eur., Plat. ; also, &/>7<frpai fa nib 

Spav Thuc. 2. of land, lying fallow or unfilled, 

Xen; of money, unemployed, yielding no return* 

Dem. Adv. &py&s Xen. II. pass, not don? t l#ft 

undone ) Lat. infect 'tis ', Soph., Kur. ; oft/c %v &pyoli$ not 

among- things neglected, Soph. 
apytJp-ayxifi, ^, (tipyvpos, &yx^) sihcj^qumsfy^ which 

Demosthenes was said to have, when he abstained from 

speaking- on the plea of quinsy, but really (it was 

alleged) because he was bribed, Plut. 
ApyvpajAoipucfo, #, 6v t of or for a noney-changer, 

money-changing, Luc. :- Adv. -/ew*, Id. From 
apyvp-ajiocpds, <j, (&fjLt$ta} a money-changer^ hanker + 

Lat, argentarius^ Plat., Theocr v etc, 

mines, Thuc. ; or rk Apyt^peia alone, Xen. 
dpyvpcos, a, oi/, contr, apyvpov$ a, ovv, 
silver, of silver , Lat. argenteui:,, Horn., etc. 
vpcijw, f. <rw, ^o dig for sifotr, Strab. 

Tos, o>/, (^Xa^i/w) of wrought sifa&r, Kur. 
fpr],r4 = Ap^tJpiov'Jn contemptuous sense, Ar, 
4. ^> (fyyvpos) of, for or ;w 7wr, Pint. 


v [i)], r6, a piece of silver, a silver coin, Ar., 
etc. 2. collectively, money, a sum of money, cash, 
as we also say 'silver,' Id., Thuc. IX.^&pyvpos, 

silver, Id., Plat. 

dpYvpirts, iSos, 7), (apyvpos*) silver-ore, Xen. 

apYvpo-vvbJfiwy, ovos, b, ^, an assayer of silver, Plat. 

dpY'upo-SivTjs [r], ov, o, (Sivrj) silver-eddying, of rivers, 

dpYvpo-eiS-rjs, 4s 3 (elfios) like silver, silvery, Eur. 
dpYtJp<J-T|Xos, ov, silver-studded, Horn. 

" cr], 77, a money-chest, Theophr. 

rros, o, (/coVrcu) a silver-smith, N. T. 

o>, f. fata, to levy money, Xen. 2. c. 

ace. pers. to levy money upon, lay under contribtttion, 

Thuc.; and 

dpYvpoXoYia, 77, a levying of money, Xen. From 
dpYvpo-X<$YOs, ov > (^yca] levying money, Ar., Thuc. 
dpYvpo-irc^a, 77, silver-footed, Homeric epith. of Thetis. 
apyupo-TTOLOs, o, (iroieta) a worker in silver, Anth. 
dpYvp<5-irovs, 6, T), with silver feet or legs, Xen. 
dpYvpop-pi5TT|s [i)], ov, o, (^cco) silver-flowing, Eur. 
apY^pos, o, (apy6s white') white metal, i.e. silver, Horn., 

etc. II. silver-money, money, like apyvpiov, Soph. 
dpYvpo-o"Tpi]js, 4s, (<rrp<) robbing of silver, &los dpy. 

a robber's life, Aesch. 

dpY^po-Toixos, ov, with silver sides, Aesch. 
dpYxp<S-To|os, ov, (ro^ov] with silver bow, Horn. 
dpYvpo~<|>YY 1 is> &t (<j>*yyos} silver-shining, Anth. 
dpYvp-w&Kjs, $ f (eT^oy) rich in silver, Xen. 
dpYvp-(6v7)Tos, ov, (uvoaat) uoitght with silver, Hdt., 


dpY^4>eos [i>], 77, ov, (pyvpo$') silver-white, Horn, 
ap-vv<j>og, ov,~a.pyv<$>eos, Horn. 
*ApY<i <4os", contr. ofo, i^, (a.py6$ swift] the Argo or 

Swift, the ship in which Jason sailed to Colchis, Od. : 

Adj. *ApY<j>o$, a, ov, of the Argo, Eur. 
dpSeCa, 77, (#p6*w) a watering of fields, Strab. From 
dpSexjco, f. era), a* &p8(o, to water, Lat. irrigate, Aesch, 
ap8ir]v, Adv. contr. for a.po"r)v (as a^pw for de^pw) lifted 

up, on high. Soph., Eur. II. taken away utterly, 

wholly, Lat. raptim, Aesch., Eur., etc. 
apSis, 77, ace. &pfiw, Ion. pi, &p$ts [A], gen. dpScW : A# 

point of an arrow, Hdt., Aesch. 
d.p8jj.os, 6, <x watering-place, Horn. From 
APAQ,, impf. T^pSoi/, Ion. 3 sing. #p50vce : aor. i 75po*a : 

to water, and so, 1. of men, to water cattle, h, Horn., 

Hdt. : Pass, to drink, dpo^/Aem h. Horn, 2. of 

rivers, to water land, Lat. irrigare, Hdt., Aesch. : 

Pass, to <? watered, of countries or crops, Hdt. II. 

metaph. to refresh, cherish, Lat. fovere, Ar., Xen. 
"Ap^flovo-a, ^, (&p8a> ?) name of several fountains, the 

earliest known in Ithaca, Od. : the most famous at 

Syracuse, Strab. 
dpcid [ap], Ion. dpcit], 77, (dpc) collective noun, menaces, 

threats, II. 

*Apcif&avijjs, 4s, ( full of warlike frenzy, Anth. 
'"Apei.os [a], ov and a, oy, Ion. *Api]TCos, 77, oy, (?$] 

devoted to Ares, warlike, martial, Lat. Mavortius, II., 

Az7, over against the west side of the Acropolis at 
Athens, *Aptjtoy v, Hdt.; also^Apeoy irdyos (where "Apso? 
is gen. of v Ap7?j), Soph., Eur. On it was held the highest 


judicial court, which took cognisance of murder and other 
capital crimes, Dem. 

dpci^repos, a, ov, = apetuv, Theogn. 

^pei-roXjjios, ov, (r6\fjia) warlike, bold, Anth. 

'ApcL<j>aTos [p.]> Ep . "ApifU<}>aT05> ov, (*^>evec) slain by 

^Ares, i.e. slain in war, II., Eur. II. = v Apeios, Aesch. 

dpeioiv [a], b, 77, -ov, TO', gen. ovos, as Comp. to a.ya66$, 
cf. &piffros: (*^pw): better, stouter, stronger, braver, 

jtiore excellent, Horn., Aesch. 

a-pKTos, ov, Ep. for ^ppe/n-os. 

dp0{xai, Ion. for apcio/xai. 

Apo-'7raYiTT|S, ov, o, ^Apeios, irdyos} a member of the 
Areopagus, Aeschin. 

dpecrai, dp^cracrdai., aor. i inf. act. and med. of ape'<r/ca>. 

dpccriccia, r\, the character of an &po~KOs 3 complaisance, 
obsequiousness, Arist. 

dpca*KV|i.a ) aros, r6, an act of obsequiousness, Plut. 

dpecnc<5vT(os, Adv. part. pres. act. of ccpeV/ccw, agreeably, 

JEur., Plat. 

apecricos, 77, ov, pleasing, but mostly in bad sense, obse- 
quious, cringing, Arist., Theophr. From 

dpccTKco [a], impf. tfpeffKov : f . dpecrco : aor. i t^pecra : 
Med., f. dpeVojuai, Ep. dpeWo/xai : aor. i ^peffdfjLfjv, Ep. 
part. ap<ro"cfy(,j'os : aor. i pass, in med. sense fyp^o-Qyv: 
(*&pca} : I. to -make good, make up, &^ dpecrai to make 
amends, II. : Med., raura apeo'o'o'/ieda this will we 
make up among- otirselves, Horn. 2. Med. to appease > 
conciliate, avrbv apo*crocr0w %v4<r<riv Od. 3. after 
Horn., c. dat. pers. to please, satisfy, flatter, Hdt., Att.; 
raura dpeaTcci /xot Hdt.; so, in Med., Id. II. in 

Att. also c. ace. pers., ov ydp /*,* dpecr/m y\G>o"(ra. <rov 
Soph.; rovrifM OVK dp. Ar. : hence,in Pass., to be pleased, 
satisfied with a thing, c. dat. rei, Hdt., Thuc. Ill, 
apeV/cei is used, like Lat. placet, to express the resolution 
of a public body, ravra tfp<re crtyt ttoieeiv Hdt. : so in 
Med., Thuc. IV. part. dpeV/cv, oucra, ov, grateful, 
acceptable, Soph., Thuc. 

dp<rr<$s, 47, ov, verb. Adj. of apV/c<, acceptable, pleas- 
ing, Hdt., Soph. Adv., ewury tupea'rws quite to his own 
satisfaction, Hdt. 

dpcraca, f. ^<r<w, to befit or proper, to thrive, prosper, Od. 

dpTTJ| [a], 77, ("ApTjy) goodness, excellence, of any kind, 
esp. of manly qualities, manhood, valo%(.r^ prowess, 
Horn., Hdt. (like Lat. vir-tus, from vir). 2. rank, 
nobility, Theogn., Eur. 3. in Prose, generally, good- 
ness, excellence in any art, Plat., etc.; of animals 
or things, Hdt., Att. 4, in moral sense, goodness, 
virtue, Plat., etc. : also character for virtue, merit, 
Eur,, etc, 5. dp. efr riva. service done him, Thuc.; 

dp. trepi rivoi Xen. 

o.pTiq [a], crasis for T) aptr^. 

<xpir]cu, Ep. for #p??, 2 sing. aor. 2 med. subj. of ctfpou. 

dptjYocrvvY), T), help, aid, Anth. From 

dpi]Y<* []> f- w ;> (akin to dpKeco) to A<?/j, axe?, succour, 
esp. in battle, c. dat., IL, Hdt. 2. Impers., c. inf., like 
Lsit.juvat, it is good or fit, tfiyav dp^yei Aesch. II. 
c. ace. rei, to ward off, prevent, TI Aesch. ; also, dp. ri 
nvi to ward off from one, Eur. Hence 

dpT)Y<*>v> ovos, &, r?, a helper, II. 

*Apijt-0oos [a], ov, swift as Ares, swift in battle, II. 

*Aptji-KTajxvos [dp-], 77, ov, (Krsivto} slain by Ares or 
in battle, II. 

1 1 6 ' 

"Ap-q'Cos [a], 7], ov, also os, ov, Ion, for^Apem. 

*ApTf)t<(>aTOS [a], ov, Ion. for 'Ape^aroy. 

*Apt]t-<}>XXos [a], TJ, oy, cfoar to Ares, favoured of the 
god of war, II. 

apt](jLvaL, Ep. inf. of apda) A. 

apTqjJicvos, ??, ov, Ep. part. pass, of apot,a> B. 

ttpi(]|ts, coo s, y, (apTry&O help, succour, TWOS from a per- 
son, Aesch., Soph. II. c. gen. rei, help against a 
thing", means of averting it, Soph. 

apiqpa, pf. med. of apap(<r/cco : apiijpi,v, plqpf. 

Sy ??, ov, Ion. for ypcafAGVos, pf. pass. part, of 

"APH1, 5 : gen. "Apecos, poet. "Apeos : dat. v Apei', contr. 
"Apei : ace. "Apea, contr. "Ap^: voc. "Apes, Ep.'* Apes: 
Ion, and Ep. declens.^Apiris, TJOS, Tjl*, ya : Ares, called 
by the Latins Mars, son of Zeus and Hera, god of 
war and slaughter, also of strife and pestilence, Horn., 
Trag. II. in Poets, as appellat., war, battle, discord, 
slaughter, ^wctyw/xej/ ^ApTja II.; v Ap7?$- 3fjL<pvXi.o$, *A. 
TiOaff^s civil war, Aesch. 2. warlike spirit, Trag. 
(The Root AP appears also in aperT?, the first notion of 
goodness (vir-tus) being that of manhood, bravery in 
war.} [a in Horn., except in voc. ^Apes- : in Aesch. long 
or short.] 

ap7]TT)p [a], Tjpos, 7], (apao/uu) one that prays, a priest, II. 

apirjTrjpiov [a], r6, (apdofj.aL] a place for prayer, Plut. 

aptiT<$$, T], 6v, Ion. for apdr6s. 

ttpOcv, Ep. for Tjp&fiffav, 3 pi. aor. I of apaplffKca, 

apOp-eco, f. rio-d), intr. to be united, II. ; and 

ap6p.ios, a, ov, united, fjfuv tipOfuoi friends with us, in 
lea^te with us, Od. , &pQju.ia, rd, peaceful relations, 
friendship, Hdt. From 

apOn^s,' 6, (*#p) a bond, league, friendship, Horn., 

apOpov, T&, (*#pw) a joint, Soph. : esp. the socket of the 
ankle-joint, Hdt., Soph.: in pi. joined with some other 
word, apdpa. woScitv the ankles, Id. ; #p0pwj/ tyXvffis the 
legs, Eur.j #p0pa rS>v KVK\cav the eyes, Soph. 5 #p0pa 
<rr6fj,a.ros the mouth, Eur. 

ap0po-ir!Sif], T], a band for the li?nbs, fetter, Anth. 

apflpow, f. c^cro), (&p0poy) to fasten by a joint: of words, 
77 y\$)(r<ra apQpoT rrjv <$tovr\v the tongue produces articu- 
late sounds, Xen.; but, apdpovv y\(aa"0"f]v Kal v6ov to 
nerve the tongue and mind, Theogn. 

dp0p-oS8-rjs, ss, (e?5oy) well-jointed, 'well-knit, Xen. 

apt- [a], insep. Prefix, like pt-~, strengthening the notion 
conveyed by its compel. : of same Root with/Ap^s, aper^. 

apt-'yvGTos [a], ov, or 17, ov, easy to be known, Horn. : 
well-known, far-famed, Id. ; and in bad sense, in- 
famous, Lat. nimium notus, Od. 

api-Saicpt/s, v, gen. vos, (Scforpt;) muck weeping, very 
tearful, Aesch. 

api-oaXos, ov, Dor. for apf-STjXos, 

api-SciKcros, ov, (SelKvvfj.1) muck shewn^ence like Lat. 
digit o monstratus, Od. j as Sup. c. gen., fyu&efaecros 
avtip&v most renowned of men, II. 

apt-8irj\o<j, Dor. -SaXos, ov, very distinct, far seen, 
Simon. II. quite clear, manifest, Hdt. 

a.pi^T|\os, ov and y, ov, Ep. for aplSyXos (v. Z (. Ii), con- 
spicuozts, very distinct, of a star, II.; of a voice, Ib.,- of 
persons, conspicuous, remarkable, Ib.: Adv., 
jieva a plain tale, Od. 

, ov, much to be envied, Ar. 

apL0jxa.T6s, Dor. for apilfy7T<fo. 

apL0jJL(o, Ep. Impf. TjplQpeov as trisyll., f. 7)cr&, etc. : 
Pass., f. med. in pass, sense aptd^aro/uLai : Ep. aor. i inf. 
apLdfJLTf)0-f)fjivaL (for -irjva.L} : (apLd^6s) : to number, 
count or reckon up, Od., etc. : -Med., ^piOfMovvro they 
got them counted, Thuc. 2. to count out, to pay, 
Xen,, Dem. 3. to reckon, count as, 3v ev^pj^crlas 
(j.pi Id. : Pass, to be reckoned, %v ricrt Eur. ipt0, 
fieicrQai r>v <pi\raT6)v to be counted as one of one's 
dearest friends, Id. Hence 

api6fxir]fj,a, aros, r6, a reckoning, number t Aesch. ; and 

dpiO}j.T]o-Ls, <as, 77, a counting, reckoning ttp t Hdt.; and 

api0p,ir]TiK^s } 4, <$v, of or for reckoning, arithmetical, 
Plat. : T\ apiQfj.'riTLK'fi (sc. T X X^) arithmetic, Id. 

dpi0jJi,T)T<5$, T], 6v, Dor. ~fi.T<Js, (a.piQ^(a} easily numbered, 
few in member, Theocr. : OVK kpiOfMyrds held iti no ac- 
count, mtllo numero habitus, Id. 

apLOp,os [a], o, (*&p<u) number, Lat. nitmerits, Od., 
etc. ; a,pi6fji6v in number, Hdt., Att. ; hpiOjjtiv tf Hdt. ; 
^s 1 rov dp. rptcr^l\ia Id.; also, %v &ptO/x.y Id.; so in 
Att. 2. amount, sum, extent, iro\.b$ &p. xpdvov 
Aeschin.; ap. apyvplou a sum of money, Xen. 3. 
as a mark of station, worth, rank, /XT* &v$puv hpiO/jLcp 
among men, Od. ; OVK ^ovoriv ^ptQ^v have no ac- 
count made of them, Eur. ; ou8* %ls kptQfjibv V)K*i$ 
\6ytav you come not into my account, Id. 4, mere 
number, quantity, opp. to quality, worth, apLQjuby 
\6ycav a mere set of words, Soph. ; so of men, OVK &p. 
JtAAcws' not a mere tot, Eur. ; so dpi^rfs alone, like 
Horace's nos numerits sum its, Ar. II. tr tiuntbe)"" 
ing, counting, bpiQubv iroi^crOai, TTJS (rrpaTt^y to hold 
a muster of the army, Hdt. ; TraptVcu els rhv dp, 
Xen. III. the science of numbers) numeration, 

arithmetic, Aesch., Plat. 

''Apioi, 01*, theArians or Aryans, old name of the Mnies, 
Hdt. II. "Apios, a, ov, as Adj. Mcdittn> Aesch. 

apt.irpinTJs, 4s, (TTP^TTW) 'very distinguished, stntHy^ 
Horn. 2. of things, 'very bright 1 ,, splendid, Id. 

apCs, itios, 77, a carpenters tool, an auger or drill, Anth. 

apC-crrifxo$> Dor. crajxos, o^, (ff'rjfjLa,} very notable) h, 
Horn., Tyrtae. II. very plain, 'visible, Theoer* 

apcmr-a0Xos, ov, victorious in the, contest, Anth. 

apCorT-apxosj <$, (^px<w) best-riding, cpith. of Zeus, 

api-orTa<|niXos ov, (crra^vX'fi} rich in grapes ^ Anth. 

aptcTTdcoi [ap-J, f. <{]ff(a : aor. I -fyp^rr^cra : pf. fyptffryKQL, 
pass. i)pi(rrrjiJLa.t:-to take breakfast or tnnchcoiii Lat. 
prandere, Ar,, Xen. :- pf. pass, impcrs., ^ptffr^r&,t T* 
j-l-apKotivrtos: Ar. 

aptcTTcCa, t}, excellence, prowew, Soph, : II, 5, in which 
the prowess of Diomcde is described, is called Aio/*^5ouy 

apt<rTia Ion. *jia, rc, tkeprisse of the best and bravest t 
the meed of valour, Hdt., Soph., Plat. : rarttly .so in 
sing., Hdt. 2. in sing, a monument ofvaltntr, w~ 
mortal 9 Dem. 

apitrrepfo, &, 6v, left, on the left, Lat. sinister, ITT* Apirr- 
Tpf towards, i. e. on, the left, II. ; ^TT* kpiwr^k x^ s 
on the /^# hand, Od, ; l| ^piffr^prls xipfo <> //'<' /'/^ 
Hdt. ; or simply, ^ hpicrrt-pas Soph, ; 4? &pt<rrfp^ 
apiorrepy Hdt. 2, mctaph. boding ill, ominmts^ be- 

api<TTpo<piv < 

cause to a Greek augur, looking- northward, the unlucky 
signs came from the left, Od. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

apicrrep<f<|>iv, Ep. gen. of aptffrepts, II. 

apicrrcus, eus, 6, dual apicrreoiv, (&purros) the best man : 
used by Horn, mostly in Ep. pi. aptffrrjes, the best or 
noblest, chiefs, princes ; so Hdt., etc. Hence 

dpiorrcvw, f. era?, to be best or bravest, Horn. : to gain 
the prize for valour, gain the highest distinction, 
Hdt. 2. c. gen., apKrretW/ce TpciW he 'was the 
best of the Trojans, II. ; fiov\rj apia-reveo-Ktv airdvTwv 
Ib. ; c. inf., apiorrc^ecrtf e f^dx^orOaL was best at fighting, 
Ib. ; ap. n to be best in a thing, Theocr. 

aptcrnfCa, Ion. for apiffreta. 

apurria> [ap-], f- f<r, (&piffTOv} to give one breakfast, 
c. ace. pers., Ar. 

apio-T^-povXos, 77, ov, ()3ouA^) best-advising, Plut. 

api<TTo-Yev6Xas,oy,(7J'e0Aoy)^r0^Mzw^ A<? <?$, Anth. 

api<TTo--y<Svos, o^, (yovft} bearing the best children, Find. 

aptcrro-KpaT^ojJiai, (Kparew) Pass, tfo 5<? governed by 
the best-born, to live under an aristocratical form of 
government, Ar., Plat. Hence 

apto-TOKparCa, rj, the rule of the best, an aristocracy, 
Thuc,, Plat., etc. ; and 

apicrroKpaTiKcfc, 'fj, 6v, aristocratical, Plat. 

apicpr<5-jiavTis, eus, 6, best of prophets, Soph. 

apiorTO-jJiaxeios, ov, =sq., Anth. 

apicmS-jAaxos, ov, (/j.dxopaL) best at fighting, Pind. 

apicrrov [a Ep., a Att.], r6, the morning meal, break- 
fast, taken at sunrise, Horn., Hdt. ; &p terra, Setirva, 
Sdpira 6* atpciffOai rpirov Aesch. : later, pi<rrov was 
the mid-day meal, Roman prandium, Thuc. (Perh. 
akin to %pi 9 early.} 

api<rr<5-voos, ov, of the best disposition, Anth. 

ttptcTTo-iroi^w, f. ^}ff(a, to prepare breakfast, TO. apicrro- 
iroiOTLifAeva things prepared for breakfast, Xen. : mostly 
in Med. to get one's breakfast, Thuc., Xen. 

apui-TOs, 77, ov, ( y Ap77y) best in its kind, serving as Sup. 
to a.ya66$ (cf . ape W) : I. best, noblest, bravest, II. ; 
0ovA?7, Zyxeffiv ftpicrros Horn. ; elSos Hpicrros II. : c. 
inf., &piffroL juc^xeo'flcu Xen.; p. StajSoA&s ^vSc'/cccrflcu 
readiest to give ear to calumnies, Hdt. ; &p. crara<r0ai 
best, i. e. easiest, to cheat, Thuc. 2. best, most vir- 
tuous, Eur. II. of animals and things, best, finest, 
Horn. III. neut. pi. as Adv. &pio*ra, best, most ex- 
cellently, Id., Hdt. 

pi<rro-T<$icos, ov, (T(KTW) bearing the best children : 
fern. aptoroTdtceia, Theocr. II. pass. a,purr6roKOs 
(proparox.), ov, born of the best parents, Eur. 

apicrr^-Yctp, 6, ^, won by the stoutest hand, ay&v Soph. 

dpicrr-ojSZv, ivos, 6, y, bearing the best children, Anth. 

api-<r<f>a\i]$, 4s, (o"^>aA.Xo>) very slippery or treacher- 
ous, Od. 

apL-4>paStjs, 4s, (<fy>e((b/Acu) easy to be known, very 
distinct, -manifest, II. : poet. Adv. -Sews, plainly, 
Theocr. II. very thoughtful, wise, Soph. 

apice<5vra>s, Att. contr. otpicovvTws, Adv. part. pres. of 
apKo>, enottgh, abundantly, apKodvras %et 'tis enough, 
Aesch., Thuc. 

&pKCGri$, (as, ft, (&pK(w) help, aid, service, Soph. 

apKcros, 4, 6v, sufficient, N. T., Anth. 

apKe'o), 3 sing. impf. tfpKti; f. dp/c^era) : aor. I tfpKctra: 
(akin to hp-fat*) : #^) ware? off, keep off, a thing from a 

person, rt TIJ/I II. ; apKit> TO ^ ov Bctvelv to keep off 
death, Soph. 2. c. dat. only, to defend, assist, suc- 
cour, Horn., Soph. II. to be strong enough, to be 
sufficient, to stiffice, c. inf., Aesch., Soph.; c. part.,, 
ap/cecrco Ovfjcricovcra my death will siiffice, Id. ; OVK 
rjpKovv iarpol Bepcmetiovrfs Thuc. 2. c. dat. to 
suffice, be enough for, satisfy, nvi Hdt., Soph. : to be a 
match for, irp^s TIVCL Thuc. 3. absol. to be enough, 
be strong enough, avail, hold out, Aesch., etc. : part., 
apKcov, owcra, ovv, sufficient, enough, Hdt., Att. 4. 
impers., ap/ccz poi 'tis enough for me, I am content, c. 
inf., Soph., etc. : absol., ou/ceV ap/ce? there is no help, 
Id. , ap/ceu/ Sonet IJ,OL it seems enough, seems good, 
Id. III. in Pass, to be satisfied with, c. dat. rei, 

<^77 OVKTL apK<rdai TQVTOifft Hdt. 

apKuos, a, ov and os, ov, (apfcew) sufficient, sure, certain, 
vvv &PKIOV f) airoXecrdai rje (rawB^vai one of these is cer- 
tain, either to perish or be saved, II. ; (juffObs p/ao$- a 
sure reward, Horn. ', &pKiov evpeiv to have enough, 
Theocr. ; fftytffiv &ptcios a match for them, Id. 

apicotWws, contr. for apKf6vrcas. 

apKT^ov, verb. Adj., I. of apx^jn-ai, one must begin, 
Soph. II. of fcpx* one must govern ; and in pass, 
sense, one must be ruled, i. e. obey, Id. 
"APKTOI, r?, a bear, Od., etc. II. &PKTOS, f], the 

constellation Ursa Major, also called ttyiaa, the Wain, 
(the star just behind Is called 'ApKrovpos the Bear- 
ward, or ftocbrys- the Wagoner], Horn., etc. 2. the 
region of the bear, the North, sing., Hdt., Eur. 

*ApKT-otipoSj 5, (oSpoy, guard}, Arcturus (v. &pKros n), 
Hes. II. the time of his rising, the middle of Sep- 
tember, Soph. 

apKT<j>os, a, ov, (&PKTOS II) northern, Luc. 
"APKYT, foy, % : pi., nom. and ace. &PKVGS, -vas, Att. 
contr. &ptcvs : a net, hunter's net, Lat. cassis, Aesch. ; 
oft. in pi., Id., Eur. : metaph., #p/cue$- l<j>ov$ the toils., 
i. e. perils, of the sword, Eur. 

apieu-<rTa.<ria 77, or -o-racrtov, r6, a line of nets, Xen. 

apK-u-oTTOiTOs, 7], ov, ('/cTTTj/xt) beset with nets, &pKv<rrd- 
ra fjLijxavd the hunter's toils, Eur. II. apKva"Ta,ra, 

rd, a place beset 'with nets, a snare, Aesch., Soph. 

apKu-cop<$s, o, (oftpos} a watcher of nets, Xen. 

appa, aros, r6, (*^p<w) a chariot, esp. a war-chariot, 
with two wheels, Horn. ; often in pi. for sing., II., 
Trag. 2. chariot and horses, the yoked chariot, 
Ib. : also the team, the horses, Eur., Ar. 

app-aXCa, 77, (*&p<*i) fitting sustenance, allowance, food, 
Hes., Theocr. 

apfi-a|xa|a, r?s, r?, a covered carriage, borrowed from the 
Persians, Hdt., Ar. j used by women, Xen. 

, ov, (ap/xa) of or belonging to a chariot, Xen. ; 
apjj.. a kind of dirge, Eur. 
-uw, f. (Tco, (ap/xa) f<? ^yj-y^ or go in a chariot, Eur. 

apjj.anr)XacrCa, 77, chariot-driving, Xen. j and 

apjjLaTTjXaTea), f . ^<rw, 2^0 ^o in a chariot, drive it, Hdt., 
Xen. From 

aTYjSi ov, $, (^Xau?/a>) a charioteer, Soph., Xen. 
ov, (^AatJj/w) driven roiind by a wheel, 
of Ixion, Eur. 

ap(j,a,To-8po|xCa, 77, (Sp^os") a chariot race, Strab. 

app-ar^-KTviros tirofios, the rattling din o/ chariots, 

1 1 8 

apfLaTo-TTTj-y^Sj <5>, (irfryw/u) building chariots : ap^u. 
aj^rjp a wheelwright, chariot-maker, II. 

ap[iaTo-Tpa<j>ew, f. 4?<ra>, tfo &<?^ chariot-horses , esp. for 
racing, Xen. Hence 

appLaTQTpocJHCL, ?j, a keeping of chariot-horses, Xen. 

apjA.aTO-Tpox | nij ?)> (Tpo%<ta) & wheel-track of a chariot, 
Luc. : Horn- uses poet, form apjxaTpoxii], 11. 

apjxarwXta, ^, = ap^ar^Xaffia, Ar. 

apfxeva, rc, z$<? tackling or rigging of a ship, Has., 
Theocr. 2. like #7r\a, any 00/5, Anth. (Properly 
neut. of apuevos, v. apapfcr/cw B. iv.) 

apfxdSios, a, o^, (app6fa) fitting together, .Theogn. II, 
well-fitting, accordant) agreeable, Id.: Adv. ~<w, 

apfj,42>, Att. (except in Trag.) dpji<$TTo>, Dor, apjx<$<r8c) : 
impf . %PIJ,Q(OV, Dor. apja- : f . app6cru : aor. I 
Dor. apjLioi-a : pf. typ/taica : Med., Ep. imper. 
aor. i rjpfj.oa-d./j.'riv, Dor. ap^ofcfyajy : Pass., pf. 
yuai, Ion. ap/jLoarfiat : aor. I TipiL&ffQyv, Dor. 
f. appQ<r6 i fio-ojjLaLi (*&ptu) : j5f together, join, esp. of 
joiner's work, Od. ; so in Med. to join for oneself, put 
together, Ib. 2. generally, ./ztf, adapt, prepare, 
make ready, Soph. : Med. jfo s# oneself, irp6s nva. 
Luc. 3. of marriage, ap^fety rivl rifjv Qvyarepa to 
betroth one's daughter to any one, Hdt.,; also, apt*.. 
y&fiovs Eur. : Med. to betroth to oneself, take to 
wife, T^V fliryarepa rtv6s Hdt. ; (so in Med., N. T,) : 
Pass., f]pjj.6cr6ai Ovyarcpa rivos JVVCUKO, to have her 
'betrothed or married to one, Hdt. 4, to set in 
order, regulate t govern, Eur. : Pass., Soph, ; KovStJ- 
Xois 7)pjuoTTOjUTjv I w5 ruled or drilled with cuffs, 
Ar. : among the Lacedaemonians, to act as harmostes, 
ev rats tr6\criv Xen. 5. to arrange according to 

the laws of harmony, to tune instruments, Plat.: 
Pass., f}pfJLO<T}iV05 in tune, Id. II. intr. to fit, fit 
welly of clothes or armour, c. dat. pers., II. 2. to fit, 
suit, be adapted, fit for, nvi Soph. 3. impers. ap- 
/AtJfsi, it is fitting^ Lat. decet, c. ace. et inf., Id. 4. 
part., ap/z^rrcwi/, ovffa, ov, fitting, suitable. Plat.; 
irp6$ ri Xen. 

<xpp.<ri, Adv. &pn, aprtcas, just, newly, lately) Acsch., 

^Theocr. (In fact, an old dat. of apju<foj cf. oficoi, vr&Qt.) 

apfto-Xoy^ft), f . ^<rw, (A.67&j) to join, pile together t Anth. 

apjiavia, 17, (a/>fi^<w) a fastening to keep ship-planks 
together, a clamfi, Od. 2. a joining, joint, between 
a ship's planks, ras apft. tirdKratcrav TT? j8u^A.^j caulked 
the joints with byblus, Hdt. 3. a frame : metaph., 

Eur. II. a covenant, agreement, in pi., II.:- settled 
government, order, Aesch. III. harmony, as a con- 
cord of sounds, first as a mythical personage, Harmonia, 
Music, companion of Hebe", the Graces and the Hours ; 
child of the Muses, h. Horn., Eur. 2. metaph., har- 
mony, concord,, Plat. 

ap|xovii<Ss, J)> t>v 3 (apfjiovta) skilled in music. Plat, : T& 
apfJiovLKci, music, Id. 

apjxfe, <5, (*^pw) in pi. the fastenings of a door, Eur. ; x^f j - ar y A.i0o<rira5^s a fissure in the tomb made 

^by tearing away the stones at their joinings, Soph. 

apfAoo-Tffp, 77poy, <5, sq., Xen. 

apjxocnnjs, ov, 6, (ap/j.6fa} one 'who arranges or governs, 
esp. harmost w governor of the islands and towns of 

Asia Minor, sent out by the Lacedaemonians during 
their supremacy, Thuc., Xen. 

apjji<$<rrwp, opos, 6, (a/>/u<[a>) a commander, Aesch. 

apjJuSTTG), Att. for ap/io'Coo. 

apva, v. apv^s. 

apvaKis, f5oy, ^, (apj/^y) a sheep's skin, Ar., Plat, 

apvcLSj apvacri., apve, v. apv6s. 

apveios, a, ov, (<tpy6s) of a lamb or shcep y Kpea. Orac. ap. 
Hdt. ; a. 4>dVos slaughtered sheep. Soph. 

dpveLos, 5, (apif<k) <i young ram or wether, just full 
grown, II. ; bpveibs tis joined, like */pi7 KipKos t Od. 

apvco-.OoCvr|s, ov, <5, (6oiv&u>} feasting on lambs, Anth. 

dpvo[*,ai f. ^troftat : aor. i med. jjpyncrd^v and pass. 
ijpvfjQTjv : pf. tfpvnfiai : Dep. : opp. to <|>7?/x( Z?a deny* 
disown, Horn., etc. 2, opp. to 5(Sa)/i[, if decline to 
give, refuse, Od., etc. 3. absol. to say No, decline > 
refuse, II. 4, dependent clauses are put in inf., with or 
without fifi, to deny that, Hdt., Att. (Dcriv. unknown.) 

apves, v. apj/^s. 

apveimjp, fjpay, 6, (&px/cuw) diver, tumbler '> Horn. 
xla), (a,pv6s} to butt like a ram, to dine, Lycophr. 
osj or, (ctyWo/xcu) to be denied, Soph. 
, ccs, rj } (api/^o/xai) denial, Acsch., Soph, ; foil. 
by rb frf c. inf., Dem. 

apvC, v. apvds. 

dpviov, TO, (&pv6$] a sheep-skin, Luc. 

apv<5s> TOU, TT)S, gen. without any nom. In use, o-p-vo? 
being used instead : dat. and ace. &py, %n/a: dual Spve: 
pi. &pv*s, gen. api/Sv; dat. tfpyain, Ep. tipvetfffi; ace, 
Jtp>/as : & lamb, Lat, agnus, agna, II, II. a sheep, 
whether raw or C"zu<?, Horn. (Prob. akin to #p-to*>, clp-os, 

apv\, Dep., used only in pres. and impf., leng-thd. 
form of afpojucu, to receive for oneself, reap, to in, gain, 
earn, esp. of honour or reward, Horn,, Att. : rarely in 
bad sense, ^.pv^fievos \&$a,v, perh. taking vengeance for 
my injuries, Eur. 

oLpfjevp-aL, Dor. for Sp^ojaot, f. of 

apov, aor. i imper. of atpw. 

dp6cTL^.os, ov, (&p<f) ,arable> fruitful; metaph. j 
engendering children, Soph., in poet, form fyx/ios 1 . 

apocrts, 6)y, ^, (ipo'w) arable land, corn-land, Lat. 
arvum, Horn. 

dpoTTJp, ^poy, <5, (&p6(a) a ploughrr, husbandman, II,, 
Eur.; Sfcv^at ipoT?JpS, opp. to vofid$*$, Hdt. : -Adj., 
jSoiJy ap^Tftp a steer for ploughing, Hcs. II. metaph. 
a father, Eur. 

d.p6*rt|s, ov, #,=5foreg',, Hdt,, Pind. 

aporos, <5, (dp<^w) a corn-field, Od. 2. a crop, fruit 
of the field, Soph. ; metaph., r^kvoav Aporos- Eur, 3* 
tillage, ploughing, Hes. ; (^ (Stir* &p<Jrov to live by 
husbandry, Hdt. II. <f/*e season of tillage 9 seed- 
time j Hes. : hence a season, y car * Soph* 

, QV, (ftporpoj') of command, rustic, Anth. 
y, ^J, (Aporpoi/) a ploughman, ^sq., Theocr. 
6,=&por^p, Anth. 

dporpKjrijs,0v,<5, (Uporpov) bdongingto the plough, Anth. 

apoTptaw, f . <i(rw [d], s &p<5w, Babr. 

dpoTpo-SiatXos, d, a ploughor, who goes backwards and 
forwards like a runner in the StavXoy, Anth. 

aporpov, r6, (Ap<Jco) a plough, Lafc. aratrum, Horn,, etc. 

dpoTpo-ir!>Kos ov, working with the filough, Anth. 


apoTpo-4>opW, f. faca, (#/>orpov) to draw the plough, 

apodal [a], f. med. of aeipu : dpovjj,cu [a] of aipw. 
apo-upa, ^, (apo'a?) tilled or arable land, seed-land, corn- 
land, Lat. arvum, and in pi. corn-lands, fields, II. : 
then, generally, fowrf, *ar*&, Ib. ; irarpls tipovpa father- 
land, Od. 2. metaph, of a woman as bearing chil- 
dren, Aesch., Soph. II. a measure of land in 
Egypt, nearly = the Roman jugerum, Hdt. Hence ^ 
apoupatos, a, ov, of or from the country, rural, rustic, 
p.v$ ap. a. field-mouse, Hdt. ; & TTCU TT)S apovpcdos Qeov, 
of Euripides as the reputed son of a herb-seller, Ar. -, ap. 
Qiv6jj.aos, of Aeschines who played the part of Oenomaus 
in the country, Dem. 
apovpiTTf|s (or-Tir]s), 5., = forego Babr. 
apcrupiov, TO', Dim. of fapovpa., Anth. 
apovpo-7r<!>vos, ov, working in the field, Anth. 
ap<<a, Ep. inf. pres. ap6fjL/Jt.vat : f. apoVw, Ep. oVa"<0 : 
aor. i tfpo(ra : Pass., aor. i r/po'flrjv : Ion. part, pf . apTj- 
pdfLcvos : to plough, Lat. arare, otfrc Qvredovffiv, otfr 
apdwcriv (Ep. for apovffi) Od. : Pass., irdvras fypddt) Sopl 
Aesch. II. to sow, apovv els KJJTTOVS Plat. 2. 
metaph. of the husband, Theogn., Soph. : Pass., of the 
child, to be begotten, Id. (The Root is APOf, cf. 
&pov-pa., Lat. arv-um.} 

apirayrj, 77, (apTrafw) seizure, rapine, robbery, rape, 
Solon, Hdt., Att. 2. the thing seized, booty, prey, 
Aesch., Eur. , apTray^v iroii(rdai TL to make booty of 
a thing-, Thuc.; cf. Xela. II. greediness, ra- 

pacity , Xen. 

apirdyyj [a], 77, (apWfw) a rake, Lat. harpago, Eur. 
apTTiryLiAos, 17, ov, (apvdfo) ravished, stolen, Anth. 
apira-y|x<fe, <5, (ap7rcco) a seizing, booty, a prize, N.T. 
apirafw, f . ~<w, Att. -(T<w and (in med, form) apTrdcrofMai : 
aor. i ^pira^a, Att. tfpTracra, ; pf . fypTrcuta ; Pass., pf . 
%pira<r/JLa.i, later tfpirayfJLai : aor. i rjpTrdffdriv and -%0ip : 
zfo snatch away, carry off, Horn., Hdt., etc. : absol. 
to steal, be a thief, Ar. 2. to seize hastily, snatch 
up, Xaav II. ; tiopv Aesch. ; apv. rivet, peffov to seize 
him by the waist, Hdt. ; c. gen. part., apir. rivk iro$6s 
by the foot, Eur. 3. to seize, overpower, Aesch. : 
also to seize a post, Xen. II. to plunder, irdteis 

Thuc., etc. (From Root APR come also pnri 3 t 'A.pTrviat 3 
cf. Lat. rap-io.} 

apirdicrcipa, 77, fem. of sq., Anth. 
airaK/n, 6, (apirdfa) a robber, II. 

^s, 1\, 6v, (apiroi&) rapacious, Luc. 
, ^, 6v, (a/wrc^fw) gotten by rapine, stolen, 
Hes. 2. to be caught, i.e. to be got by chance, 
hazardous, Id. 

apiraX^os, a, ov, (apirdfa} greedy: Adv. apiraXews, 
greedily, eagerly, Od., Theogn. II. attractive, 

alluring, Od., Pind. 

apiraX^w, f - ^, (apTrcCfce) #<? ffa/cA tip, be eager to re- 
ceive, rivb KVKvro"i$ Aesch. 2. to exact greedily, Id. 
apiraf, ayos, 6, y r (apTrcCfw) rapacious, Lat. rapax, Ar., 
Xen. II. as Subst., 1. 3fwro|, ^, rapine, 

Hes, 2. Sp7ra|, ^, a robber, plunderer, Ar. 
apTrdJ-civSpos, a, ov, (Wp) snatching away men, 

apircurfta, aros, r(f, robbery, Plat. 
ttpiraor<s, ^?, <^y, (apTrtifw) carried away, Anth. 

^, for binding or for snaring game, 
Xen. : a bowstring, Anth. (Deriv. unknown.) 

apiri], y, (v. apirdfa) a bird of prey, a kite, II. II. a 
sickle, = Sptiravov, Hes. 

Ap'wvtat, at, (apTrcifa)) ^A^ Snatchers, a personification 
of whirlwinds or hurricanes, Od. The Harpies, as 
described by Virgil, belong to later mythology. 
ppdjSojy, 3j>oy, 5, earnest-money, caution-money, de- 
posited by the purchaser and forfeited if the purchase is 
not completed, ' Lat. arrhabo, arrha, Isae., N. T. (A 
Hebr. word.) 

oLp-paros, ov, (ficuco ?) j'zrw, /i^rdf, solid, Plat. 

ap-pa<t>oS) ov, (^TTTOJ) without seam, N.T. 

ap-pKTos, ov, (efa>) undone, poet. Spe/cToy, II. 

appeviK(5s, -^, o'v, (^cpp^v) male, Luc. 

appevd-irais, 7rat5oy, d, ^, of male children, Anth. 

appevonrCa, ^, a manly look, manliness, Plat. From 
ppev-wTr^s, Jv and ^, oV, (&4 1 ) masculine-looking, mas* 
culine, manly, Plat., Luc. 

ap-pT|KTos, ov, (fay vv fit.) unbroken, not to be broken, 
Horn., Hdt., Aesch., etc. : unwearied, II. 

apptjv, later Att. for pa"nv. 

apptjvijs, 4s, fierce, savage, Theocr. (Deriv. unknown.) 

ap-p-r|To$5 ov and 77, ov, unspoken, unsaid, Lat. indictus, 
Od., etc. ; OVK. &r j appfirois Xoyois not without warning 
spoken, Soph. II. not to be spoken, not to be 
divulged, of sacred mysteries, Hdt., Eur., etc. , 8t8a/mt 
TC &ppt]rd r\ i.e. things profane and sacred, Soph. 2. 
unutterable, inexpressible, horrible, Lat. nefandus, 
Id., Eur.; %nrr' ctpp^Tcov 'deeds withoirf a name,' 
Soph. 3. shameful to be spoken, Id.j ^t]rk Kal 
&ppyTa, { dicenda tacenda, 3 Dem. III. in Mathem., 
&pp7)ra, irrational quantities, surds, Plat. 

*Appt}-|><$poi, at, (4>pw) at Athens tf-zwo maidens of noble 
birth, chosen in their seventh year, who carried the 
peplos and other holy things of Athena Polias ,* hence 
appYj^ope'w, to serve as*Appri(f)6po$, Ar. ; the procession 
being called app-q^opCa, rj, Lysias; the festival "Appir]- 
<f>^pta, TC. (The meaning of 'AppTj- is uncertain.) 

ap-pfyriTos, ov, (/iPy^w) wotf shivering, daring, Anth. 

ap-pis, fvos, d, ^, without power of scenting, Xen. 
, ^ or b, a wicker basket, Ar., Anth. 
w, f . ^<ra>, w^?2f to be in rhythm with, Plat. ; and 
vOjjiCa, ^, w<w o/ 7 rhythm or proportion, Plat. From 

ap-pv0fu>s, ov, of sounds, wo w rhythm or &Vz<?, - 
rhythmical, opp. to efyvfl/tcs, Pkt. :-r-metaph. w w?- 
<# measure, Eur. : ill-proportioned, Xen. 
wTOS, ov, (^VT/^) unwrinkled,^ Anth. 
, appwSCtj, Ion. for oppwSew, oppwSfa. 
cayo5, ^, ^ (Myw^> eppwya) without cleft or 
breach, unbroken, 717 Soph. 

appwarcw, f. ^o-w, (^ppwcrros) ^ fo w^a^ fl^ sickly, 
Xen., Dem. Hence 

apptoo-T-rifxa, aros, r<J, an illness, a sickness, Dem, 2. 
a moral infirmity, Plut. 
appaxrrCa, ^, weakness, sickness, Thuc., etc. ; typ. rov 

crrparetJ(v inability to serve, Id. From 
ap-pcrros ov, (<vvvjt") wea^, c^/y : Adv., fypdffrcas 
^%tv to be ill, Aeschin. 2. in moral sense, weak, 
feeble, rtytyvxfa Xen. : remiss^ etsn in a thing, Thuc. 
apcrat, aor. i inf. of apaptancw. II. also, v. fy>5o>. 
Kolrrj) lying with men, N.T. 



APIHN, <5, ^, tipcrev, r6, gen. fyxrcvos; older form of 
Uppfiv : Ion. cpanqv : male, Lat. mas, II., etc. ; ^T?^, 
^, or #ppev, rA, A* male, Aesch. ; of fyxreves the male 
sex, Thuc. 2. masculine, strong, Eur. : metaph. 
mighty, KTVTTOS &po"ifiv TroWou Soph. 3. of the gender 
of nouns, -masculine, ov<fycara Ar. 

o.p<rt-irot;s, 6, y, contr. for aepffiirovs, raising the foot, 
active, h. Horn., Anth. 

apcris, ecas, 7}, (afyco) a raising of the foot in walking, 
Arist. II. in Prosody, arsis, opp. to thesis. 

a per o>, f. of #/>5w. II. Aeol. for ap&, f. of afyw. 

aprapt} [a], ^, a Persian measure, artdba, = i medimnus 
+ 3 choenices, Hdt. 

apTo.[jL<o, f. ^o*6i>, to cut in pieces, rend asunder, Eur. 

apTa(i,os d, a butcher, cook, Xen. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

apTavtj [a], 77, (aprdu) that by which something is hung 
up, a rope, noose, halter, Aesch., Soph. 

apraco, f . ^cr ; aor. 2 yprycra : Pass., pf . $/mj/x<u, Ion. 
3 pi. aprearai: (*&pca); to fasten to or hang one thing 
upon another, ri a.ir6 TWOS Thuc. : to fasten in a noose, 
rV tepijv Eur. : Med., ^p^ous aprcajj.vy fastening 
halters to one's neck, Id. II. Pass, to be hung 

upon, hang upon, ^pr^(r6a.i e/c TWOS Id. : hence to de- 
pend upon, Lat. pendere ad aliquo, Hdt. Cf. dpreojucu. 
s, cs, (&pnos) safe and soitnd, Horn. Hence 
, j), soundness, recovery, Anth. 
s, T] : gen. 180$ : ace. if or xSa : -Artemis, the 
Roman Diana, goddess of the chase, daughter of Zeus 
and Latona, sister of Apollo : in Horn., women who die 
suddenly are said to be slain by her hyavb /JcXea: cf. 
'ATrd'AAwv. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence 

'ApTtjxicriov, r6, a temple of Artemis, Hdt. 

oLpT}icov, ovos, 6, (&/)Tcw) prob. a foresail, N. T. 

apTcojAcu, Ion. Verb, I. as Pass, to be prepared, 

get ready, make ready, c. inf., troXefietv apTcovro, &p- 
TCCTO & v6\fj,ov Hdt. -, also, II. as Med., c. ace., 
va,vi*.a-)(ly v fy>To-0ou to prepare a sea-fight, Id. (Akin 
to apTvoi, not to a/orcta.) 

apTTjfAa, aros, r6, (cLproio}) a hanging ornament, earring, 
Hdt.; cf. XiQwos. II. any hanging weight, Plut. 

apTY)pux, ?), Ion. -ITJ, the wind-pipe or trachea, Plat., 
etc. ; TrvfvfjLOvos oLprvipiai the vessels of the lungs, 
Sophl II. an artery, only in late writers. (Deriv. 

apri. p], (*#p<u) Adv. just, exactly, 1. of the present, 
just now, even now, with pres. and pf., Theogn., 
Aesch., etc. 2. of the past,/z^zJ now, just, with 
impf. and aor., Eur., etc. 3. in late writers of the 
future, just now, presently, Luc., etc. 

apTid<i>, f . <iff(D, (fymos) to play at odd and even, Lat. 
par impar ludere, Ar. II. to count, Anth. Hence 

&priacrfx<fc, 4, the game of odd and even, Arist. 

'apTt-Ppexijs, e$, (j8/J%a?) just steeped, Anth. 

apr~ya)J.os, ov, just married, Anth. 

apTi-Y^Vios, ov, (yeveiov) 'with beard just sprouting, 

s, ov, just born, Luc. 
s, es, (7Xt57rTw) n^w/y carved, Theocr, 
'apTC-yovos, oy, /z^^ 6<?r, Anth. 

&pTi-oaij$, ear, (Ja^/ti) /MS^ taught, Anth. 

aprt-Sakp-us, u, (Sdicpv) just ineeping,ready to weep, Eur. 


apri-Sopos, ov, (&<?(/>) y^s# 5jfn^>zf <?jf or peeled, Anth. 

ap"K-8poiro, ov, (&PTIOS, Spevca) ready for plucking, of 
tender age, Aesch. : others aprC-Tpoiros, ov, (pn t 
Tp^Trosr) just of age, 'marriageable. 

apTieima, ^, pecul. fern, of sq., Hes. 

apTt-einjs, &, (tiprtos, ?roy) rffflrfj/ ^?/ speech, glib or 

1 ready of tongue, II., Pind. 

apTi^vYia-, ^, ({iry^s 1 ) <x recent union, favfiptov ^tpr., i. e. 
newly-married husbands, Aesch. 

apTL^co, f. iff (a (*^pw) to get ready, prepare, Anth. : so 
in Med,, Theocr. 

, es, (6d\\<a) just bttdding or blooming, Anth. 
, es, (0H](r/cw) ys^ ^^<^, Eur. 

, ov, (/c^AAa) close-glued, clinging close to, 
cLprlKO\\os &crr* rzKrovos Xir&v ~ &pri<a$ tco\\.7i6els coy 
{mil reKTOvos, Soph. II. metaph. fitting well 

together, apr. ffv/jL&atvet, turns out exactly right, Aesch.; 
&prlKO\\6v TL padeiv to hear it in the nick of time, op~ 
portunely, Id. 

apTi-X<$x*^Tos, ov, (\oxe6ea) jttst born, Anth. 

apTL-fjLcl0Tijs, es, (/ia0*v) having just learnt a thing, c. 
gen., Eur. 

apTL.fieXi]s, $, (/i^Xos) sound of limb, Plat. 

apTLos, a, ov, (pri) complete, perfect of its: kind, suit- 
able, exactly fitted ; &pria, fid&iv to speak t& the 
purpose (cf. &prt7rf)$) 3 Horn.; Hpna, $877 thought things 
agreeable, was of the same mind, Id. : - meet) right, 
proper, Solon, Theogn. 2. c- inf. prepared, ready, 
to do a thing, Hdt. II. of numbers, perfect, i. e. 

even, opp. to irepio'a'ds (odd), Plat., etc. III. Adv. 
a,prlu>s,jttst, now first, like &pri, used by Soph, both of 
present time with pres. and pf.; and of past with impf. 
and aor. 

apTfrraYVfo &, (tr^jw/jLi) jitst put together or made, 
Theocr., Anth. II. freshly coagulated, Id. 

aprC-TrKovTOs, ov, newly gotten, ^p^/xaTa Kur. 

&pTC-7rovs, 6, T), gen. TToSos; Ep. nom. apTCiros : i%>- 
rws, TTQVS) sound of foot, Od., Hdt. : - generally, strong 
or swift of foot, II. II. (&pn t wovs) coming just 

in time, Soph. 

aprXous, eooy, ^, (bprtfa] equipment, Hdt. 

aprC-cncaTrros, ov, (crKdtrrto) just dug, Anth. 

apTC-crTO|xos, ov, (ffrd/JLo) speaking in good idtotn, or 
with precision, Plut. 

apTi-TeXijs, $, (reAos) neivly initiated, Plat* 

aprC-TOKos, ov, (rf/crw) new-born, Anth., Luc. II. 

paroxyt. bprirdKos, ov, having jitst given birth, Anth. 

apTt-Tp4 l1| ls> ^ s > ( T f^ c ') ywA'jf nursed, <kp'rtTp<G<pei 
&\axal the wailings of young children , Aesch. 

apTC-4>p<av, ov, gen. ovos, (&pfio$ f <l>p^v} sound of mind, 
sensible, Od., Eur. : c. gen., ydpuv fully cunMwua of a 
thing, Aesch. 

apri-^vjs, ^ and apr-.<|>x5ro$> ov, (^o/ica) y/wjf ^r/i, 
esh , Anth. 

, ^s, (%d(<rjc<k>) jw^iJ opening, Anth. 

> OUI/ j ^ u * ou > ^*^ the first bloom on, Anth. 

! ov, fresh-spread, $a/tyta/c0v Soph. 
, Adv., v. &prto$ 111. 

, 5, ^, a baker, Hdt., Xen. (Prob. for 

, from TT^TT-TW, cf . Lat. coq-uus.} 

os, ^, with bread and bottle in it, w'fjpa Anth. 

apToiroita, ^f, # baking, Xen. From 


Sj <5, (7roicw) & bre 'ad-maker : , baker, Xen. 

aproTToiXtov, r<, # baker* s shop, bakery, Ar. From 

apTO-ira>Xi,s, i5ojr, ^, (irajXeo/taO <z bread-woman, Ar. 

apros, <5, # r#-<? or /<?a/ ^ wheat-bread (barley-bread is 
fj,a(a\ mostly in pi., Od. ; &pros ofihos soft bread, Ib. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

apTO-crtT<, f . jjcrca, (crireofjiai) to eat wheaten bread, Xen. 

apro<j>ayc(i), f. T)cru>, to eat bread, Hdt. From 

apTO-^cryos, ov, ((fraye'iv} a bread-eater, Batr. 

aprtifxa, 76, (aprucc) seasoning, sauce, spice, Batr. 

aprijvas [v], 6, a magistrate at Argos and Epidaurus, 
Thuc.; c. apfj.o<rr-f]S. From 

apTww [u], f. vvu, Ion. iij/e : aor. i act. tfprvva,, pass. 
bvQriv : (*poo) : Ep. form of aprtiw, to arrange, pre- 
pare, devise, \6xov apritveiv, Lat. insidias struere, 
Od. ; fj.vrjffrripa'LV Qdvarov apr. Ib. : Med. to prepare 
for oneself, Ib. 

aprvw, impf . tfprijov : f . aprvcrw j^u] : aor. i tfprvo'a. : 
pf . yprvKa : Pass., pf . tfprvfAat : (*#pw) :- like aprtW, 
to arrange, devise, prepare, 56\ov, 8\eQpov, ydpov 

^Hpm. ; so Hdt., Att. 

apvpaXXos [y~], o, a bag or purse, Stesich. II. a 

bucket shaped like a purse, i. e. narrow at top, Ar. 
(Deriv. unknown.) 

apvorcrop-au, (aptfec) Med. to draw for oneself, Hdt. 

apucrnTJp, rjpos, 6, (dpvcu) a ctip or ladle, Hdt. 

apvo-Tix5s &> Dim. of ^pvcrr^p, Ar. 

ap-ocrTpCs> &o$, 7], = apvratva, Anth. 

ap-uTcuva [i)], f\s, if), (aptJco) a small pail, Ar. 

apvTVjori|jLos, ov, (bpto)} Jit to drink, Anth. 

ap-uoo, Att. dpVTW [u], irnpf, tfpvov : aor. i ^puora : 
Med., f. apucro/Acu [v] : aor. i ^pvcrd/jiTjy, Ep. part, dpi/or- 
ffdjjLevos : Pass., aor. i JiptOyv [ii] : zf<? ^fraw water or 
any liquor for others, Hes., Xen. :- Med. to draw 
water for oneself, apvcrcrdfjLfvos irorap.cav faro having 
drawn 'water from the rivers, Hes. ; dpi$ora<r0cu airb 
TOV TTora/xoO Xen, ; c. ace., &pu<racr6lai irSifjia Eur. ; c. 
gen. partit., dpi5T6<r0at Ne^Aou fiSdrcav to draw of the 
waters of the Nile, Ar.; s rbv K.6Xirov rpls apvcrd/JLevos 
TOV -}]\lov having (as it were) drawn the rays of the 
sun into his bosom, Hdt. 

pX-<*YY ^ s > OV J an Archangel, N. T. 

* L PX - *Y^ T1 15 apx-aY<5s Dor. and Att. for dpx-7/y-. 

apxa.iK($s, ^, &v, (apxcuos] old-fashioned, antiquated, 
primitive, frpxafab Qpoveiv Ar. 

apxa-i^-yovos, or, of ancient race, of old descent, 

apXttioXo^c*, f. ^erw, to discuss antiquities or things 
out of date, Thuc. From 

Si o, (Aeyeo) an antiquary. 
-ort8<i)VO-<}>piivtx-'7pS-Tos, ov, fj.4Xrj &{>X' 
v, $pvvixa$ } tyards) dear honey-sweet old 
songs from Phrynichtis* Phoenissae, Ar. 

a.px a ^ o v, r6, v. ap^atos 1 IV. 

apxa-i<57rXo\)Tos, ov, rich front olden time, of old here- 
ditary wealth, Aesch., Soph. 

apxaio-irp7njs, 4s, (irpeTrcw) distinguished from olden 
time, time-honoured, Aesch. 

apxoLtos, a, ov, (ap^ l)from the beginning : I. of 
things, ancient, primeval, olden, Hdt., Att. 2. like 
cLpXcuK^s, old-fashion&d, antiquated, primitive, Aesch., 
Ar. 3. ancient, former, rb ip%. pteQpojr Hdt., 

I 2 1 

etc. ^ ^ II. of persons, ancient, old, Aesch., Thuc., 
etc. : ot apxcuot, the Ancients, the old Fathers, Pro- 
phets, N. T. III. Adv. apxaitos, anciently, Dem. ; 
so, r& apxcuov, Ion. contr. rcapxaiov Hdt., Att. rapxaiov 
Aesch. 2. in olden style, Plat., Aeschin. IV. 
as Subst., rb apxcuov, the original sum, the principal, 
Lat. sors, Ar., Oratt. 

apxaiorpoTTia, TJ, old fashions or customs, Plut. From 

apxai6-TpOTros, ov, old-fashioned, ,Thuc. 

apx-cupcria, rj, (atpecrts} an election of magistrates, 
Hdt.; mostly in pi., Xen., etc. Hence 

apxupecrtato, f. crw, to hold the assembly for the 
election of magistrates, Plut. : to elect, Id. 2. to 
canvass for election, Id. 

*PX ~j insep. Prefix (from &px}, implying- superiority. 

apxetov, Ion. apxipov, T<$, (apxt II) the senate-house, 
town-hall, residence of the chief magistrates, Lat. 
curia, Hdt., Xen. II. the magistracy, Arist. 

apx^-K&Kos, ov, (KCLK^V) beginning mischief, II. 

apx&-Xaos> ov, leading the people, a chief, Aesch. ; 
contr. apx^Xas Ar. 

apxe'-irXo-UTOs, ov, = ^px aL ^' jr ^ ovros y Soph. 

Xis, i, gen. ecas, rttling a city, Find. 
, d, Dor. for apxer^y, a leader, prince, Eur. : 
as Adj., ctpx- Qpdvos a princely throne, Id. 
pxe-TTJirov, r6, an archetype, pattern, -model, Anth. : 
the figure on a seal, Luc. 

only in pres. (^px^) to command, c. dat., II. 
j ov, leading the chorus or dance, Eur. 

) a beginning, origin, first cause, Horn., 
etc. : with Preps. i cLpxns^apx^^v, from the be- 
ginning, from of old, Od., Att. ; <l apxys irdx.iv anew, 
afresh, Ar. : so, air' apx^s Hdt., Trag. : /car" apxds 
in the beginning, at first, Hdt. : absol. in ace. apx'hv, 
to begin with, first, Id.; apx^v ov absolutely not, not 
at all, Lat. omnino non, Id., Att.; with numerals, 
&PXV 7rra in all, Hdt. 2. #A<? <?nd!, corner, 

of a bandage, rope, sheet, Id., Eur., N.T. II. 

the first place or power, sovereignty, dominion, com- 
mand, Hdt., Att. ; c. gen. rei, apx'fy T&V ve&v, r^s 
daKd(Tff"rjs Thuc., etc. 2. a sovereignty, empire, 
realm, Hdt., Thuc. 3. in Prose, a magistracy, 
office, Hdt., Att. : also a term, of office, T^V tviavcrtav 
dpx^y Thuc. : these offices were commonly obtained 
in two ways, x et P OT * t wr'fl by election, fcA^pan-^ by lot, 
Aeschin. 4. in pL, at &px (as we say) * the au- 
thorities,* i.e. the magistrates, Thuc., etc. 
pxTj-VCV^s, 4s, (ytyvoftai) causing the first beginning 
ofz. thing, c. gen., Aesch. 

v<), f . <r<y, to be chief leader, r&v Karoo Hdt. 
^ ^^^j to make a beginning, Soph. 
, ov, 6, fem. apx-'*lY^ TI 'S &osi Dor. apx- 
: (fyyeop.0,1} : a _/5r^f leader, the founder of a, 
city or family, Hdt., etc. 2. generally, a leader, 
Prince, chief, Aesch., Soph. 3. a first cause, author, 
ovs Eur. 

Dor. apx-S-y^s, <f)f, (^yco/tai^l beginning, 
originating a thing, c. gen., Eur. II. as Subst., 
like (*.px'*i'y&'i"ns> founder, of a tutelary hero, Soph. 2. 
& prince, chief, Aesch,, Simon., Thuc. 3. a first 
cause, originator, rov irpdy^aros Xen. 

, Dor. -a0cv, (&px^) Adv. from. the beginning. 



w 0/ old, from olden time, Hdt. : with a neg., 

, Ion. for apx^ioif, 
, Adv., v. apx^ I. 
~, msep, Prefix, like 

' > > 

4 Dim. of apx^l (n. s)> ^^ office, petty 
officer, Ar., Dem. 

tt pxipaTiK<$s, ^?, ^,. ^/ ^^ high-priest, N. T. Frorn^ 
6.pX-Lep-us, e'fios, <5 : Ion. dpx^pews, ew, ace. , pi. apx^pea^ 
(from d/JX^ctk): <^^ arch-priest, chief-priest , Hdt.: 
at Rome, the Pontifex Maximtis, Plut. : at Jerusalem, 

dpx-iepcixruvt), ^ the high-priesthood, Plut. 

ip-^t.0dXa<roros, QV, (0aA.crcra) wiling the sea, Anth. 

apxidewp&i), ^<rw, to be dpxtQewpos, Dern. From 

apXt-Oecopos, 6, (0<op<k) &<? <?/w>f of a 8e<0pla or sacred 
embassy, Andoc., Arist. 

apx^KiSs, 4 3 Av, (dpX^) f or /^ ru l e > -royal, Aesch., 
Thuc. 2. of persons, fit for rule, skilled in go- 

vernment or command, Xen., Plat. : c. gen. having 
command of, Arist. 

dpxi-K^P^pvVJTi]*;, ov, 6, a chief pilot, Plut. 

dpxi-p.lp.os, o, # chief comedian, Plut. 

apxi-TretpoLT^s* ov, <5, a pirate-chief , Plut. 

dpxi-irXavoS) 5, & Nomad chieftain, Luc. 

dpxL-TrotiXYiv, <5, a chief shepherd, N.T. 

dpx-ipciJS, <5, Ion. for ap^iepcvs. 

apxi-crtva-Yw-yos, <J, (o'vyajMyfi) the ruler of a syna- 
gogue, N.T. 

tB.pxiTKi*oW, f. ^<r<u, to be the architect, Plut. 2. 
generally, #0 construct, contrive, Ar. From 

apXL-T^KTv, oj/os, 3, a chief -artificer, master-builder, 
director of works, architect, engineer, Hdt. 2. 
generally, a constructor, author, Eur., Dem. II. at 
Athens, the manager of the state theatre and of the 
Dionysia, Id. 

dpxi-reXcSvTjs, ov, 5, a chief toll-collector, chief- folk- 
lican, N. T. 

dpxt-TpfaXtvos, 6, the president of a banquet (tricli- 
nium] , N. T. 

dpxt-viraorTricmjs, 9, ft, chief of the men at arms, Plut. 

" IKOS, ^, <fy, (&p)((av) of an archon, Anth, 

6, a leader, chief, commander, II. 
Ep. inf. dpxeju^ft* : impf. %pxv> D r> ^PX *' : 
f. #pa> : aor. i ifplo : pf . 3)px<* " Med., f . #pojucu ; 
Dor. dpvjucu : Pass., pf . iflpy/xai (only in med. sense) : 

in pass, sense : to be first, I. of Time, to begin, 

make a beginning, both in Act. and Med. : I.e. gen. 
to make a beginning of, TroXefuuo, /Adyris, etc., Horn. ; 
so Hdt. and Att,: Med. also in a re%ious sense, 
KI,. -a.-.^^^A/j^ apx^/ xevoy /A\ewv beginning the set" 

orifice with the limbs, Od.; fy>X l) " f'JrovSaJvThuc. 2, 
c. gen. also to begin from or iviih, i-v <ro\ fjikv KJ\fa ff^o 
8* &p%p] II. ; so, ^px (r ^ at ^ rivo$ Od. ; inp^fievoi fork 
7rai5r<wi/ even from boyhood, Hdt. 3. c. gen. rei et 
dat. pers., ^px* foots 1 ScuroV /0 -make preparations for a 
banquet to the gods, II. ; ToTcri 8^ n&Qvv ?px ^>-> 
etc. 4. c. ace., fyxuv ffitv rivt, like Lat. praeire 
viam alicui, to shew him tbe way, Od, ; absol. (sub. 
"* ' ), to lead the way, Horn. ; then generally &px* lv Ti 

Aesch., Soph. 5. c. inf. to begin to do a thing-, 
Horn., etc. ; c. part, of continued action or condition, 
%PX OV X a ^- Ta ^ CtJI/ ^* ' ^P%- ^iSacriceoy Xen. 6. absol., 
&PX begin ! Horn.; &px ei *l ^^x^p^ Thuc. ; S/xa i^pi 
apxo/teV^), Qspovs apxofjt-vov Id. II. of Authority, 

teflrfj rule, govern, only in Act. : 1, c. gen. to 
rule, be leader <?/.., r two's Horn., Att, 2. c. dat. 
to ride over, Horn., Aesch. 3. absol. rate, 

govern, Id. : esp. jfo hold ft subordinate office, dicolov 
cfoj &px e w f^T^ 7"b jBacri\Gveiv Hdt. :- at Athens, to 6? 
archon, Dem.; cf. ^px w ^- "** Pass, to be ruled, 
governed, Hdt., Att. ; ot ctpx^j/oi subjects, Xen. 

dpX-wSos, (5, a precentor, Byz. 

apx^Vj o^Tos 1 , ^, (part, of #PX W ) ^ rider, commander, 
chief, captain, Hdt., Aesch., etc. 2. "ApxovTcs-, ot, 
^^ cAz>/ magistrates at Athens, nine in number, the 
first being" <5 ^Apx^ or ^Apx*^ ^irdSi/u/xos, the second 5 
Bct<nA.eitf, the third <$ IIo\/4apX ^ ^ nc remaining 1 six o 
ecffjioBfrcu. 3. title of f/w? c/zzYy magistrates in 
other places, as tbe Ephors at Sparta, Hdt. 

*"APQ, radical form of dpap^cr/cw, whence come &pQpov, 
ap/xJ^io, ^pTi, fapnos, dpTtJcw, etc. 

dpu [a], f. of ct(p(W : but II. dpw [a], of ctfpco. 

dpajv^, ^, (dp^?7co) help, aid, succour, protection, Sfyvta 
aptayfi aid given by Zeus, II. j ^TT* dpcwyp in anyone's 
favour, Ib. ; dp. v6tfov, help against . . , Plat, II. 
of persons, an aid, succour, Aesch., Soph. 

dpryo- va 'u' n is OL S ^> helper of sailors, Anth. 

dpwY<$s, (J^, (dpTj-yco) aiding, succouring, propitious, 
serviceable, rtj/i Aesch. ; absol., Id., Soph. 2, c, 
gen. serviceable towards a thing 1 , Aesch., Soph. ; wp6$ 
TL Thuc. II. as Subst. a helper, aid, esp. in 

battle, II. : a defender before a tribunal, advocate, Ib. 

apcup-a, aros, r<(, wy ^iV or sweet herb, Xen. 

apwp.a, arras, r<5, (&p^cw) arable land, corn-land, Lat. 
arvum, Ar. 

dpcSfjicvat, Ep. for dpouj", inf. of dptfw. 

dpcapatos, Dor, for dpoupa?os-. 

dpcocrtjjioS) ov, poet, for &p6ffi[Jios. 

apaxTTos, oj/3 poet, for ^ppcixrros 1 , Anth. 

as, also as and as, Aeol. and Dor. Cor ews. II. &s, 
Dor. for ^y, ^Gn. fcm. of 3y, $ S. 

5. era i, contr. for ad<rai, aor. x inf. of dcw, jf<? hurt, 

acrat, aor. i inf. of &, ifa satiate;* a<ratp,i, opt. 

acrcxL, aor. i inf. of <jtw. 

oraKTos, ov, (ffwrru} not trodden down, Xen. 

d*araXa)j.Cvios [/*r], oy, not having bet? it at 

a-crdXetnros, ov, (o*^\i5(k) no^ agitated, tranquil, of 
the sea : metaph. of tbe mind, Kur. 

acrap.v 9 i pi. aor. i of <5tw, ifo sleep* 

acrajAuvOos, -J, bathing-tub, Od. (Dcriv. unknown.) 

a-ora}xos, Dor. for it-(n7juoy. 

a-cravSaXos, ov, (a i {{j/5aA.03f) unsandatlcd^ unshod, Bton* 

a-cro.vTos, ojc, (VaiW) 7?ai #o hesoothed, ungentle > Aesch. 

atraojAcu, Pass, imper, ^w, p % art, fatft&fjLevos : aor. x 
^0"^67jv: (^CTTJ) : -to feel loatkintf or nausea > to he dis- 
gusted or vexed at a thingf, c. dat., Theog'n. ; v^v 
ij/uxV A^flrfya* Hdt. ; bff&i&Gv&s $v typefft Thcocr* 

a-crapK^s, 4*, (o^pf) not fleshly ^ i.e. spiritual, Anth. 

a-crapicos, oy, (ffdp) without flesh t l&an* Xen* 

atracrOat, aor. i med. inf. of &<w, to satiate. 


&crci/ro, contr. for adcraro, 3 sing. aor. I med. of adca, to 

acra4>ia, 7}, indistinctness, obscurity. Plat. From 

a-cra<(>7)$, is, indistinct to the senses, dim, faint, Thuc.; 
or to the mind, <&'w, obscure, Soph., Thuc. ; vv do"a- 
Qfffrepa fffrlv by night one sees less distinctly, Xen. : 
Adv. -<2><2s, obscurely, affcup&s irorcpcav ap&vrcav 
'without knowing 1 which began, Thuc. 

a craw, only in Pass. : v. ourdo/x,ai. 

a-crpccrros, ov and 77, op, unquenchable, inextinguish- 
able, of fire, II. ; of laughter, etc., Horn. ; &rj3. ir6pos 
&Kavov ocean's ceaseless flow, Aesch. II. as Subst., 
licrpfcrros (sc. rlravos), 77, unslaked lime, Plut. 

olo-c, contr. for &affe, 3 sing. aor. I of ad<a, to hurt. 

acrepeicL, 77, ungodliness, impiety, profaneness, Eur., 
Xen., etc. ; and 

acrcfScca, f. 'fjffta, to be impious, to act profanely, sin 
against the gods; efs riva or ri Hdt., Eur. ; vepl riva 
or ri Hdt., Xen. 2. c. ace. pers. to sin against him, 
Aesch. ; hence in Pass., Tjcre/S^Tcu ovftev no sin has 
been committed, Andoc. ; and 

aorepY](j,a, aros, r6, an impious or profane act, Thuc., 
Dem. From 

flUarcpijs, $> (0"e'a>) ungodly, godless, unholy, profane, 
Soph. : rb a<re/3es aa-6)8e*a, Xen. 

a-crctpojTos, ov, (crftpd) not drawn by traces (but by 
the yoke), Eur. 

aa-eXyaivw, impf . 7)cf\yatvov : f . av8> : pf. pass. jjcreX.- : to behave licentiously, Plat. : Pass., of acts, 
rcfc ^(T\y7jfji,va outrageous acts, Dern. ; and 

aoreXyeia, 77, licentiousness, Plat., Dem. From 

a-creX-yi}?, *s, licentious, wanton, brutal, Dem.: Adv., 
kffeXy&s irioves extravagantly fat, Ar. ; ao*. (yv Dem. 
(The origin of -ffeXyfjs is uncertain.) 

&-<reXi]vos, ov, (ffeX^VT)) moonless, j/i5 Thuc. 

ao"TrT^w, = ao*j8a), Soph. From 

a-crirTos ov, (crejSco) unholy, Soph., Eur. 

acreo-0, 2 pi. f . med. of &&, to satiate. 

aorevftat, Dor. for dfcro/xat, f. of <jt'5a). 

acrtj [a], ^, (&<a to satiate) nausea, distress, vexation, 
Hdt., Eur. 

aanqOfjvcu, aor. i inf. of acrdoju-ai. 

a-<n]jji,avTos > ov, (ffTjfjLaivu) without leader or shepherd, 

II. II. unsealed, unmarked, Hdt. 
a-cn] JJLOS, Dor. a-oraji-os, oy, (<n)/xa) without mark or w^w, 
jSto*. xpv<r6$ uncoined gold, Hdt. ; S(r. bpytpiov Thuc. ; 
Her. otrXa arms without device, Eur. II. of sacri- 

fices or oracles, giving no sign, unintelligible, Hdt., 
Trag. III. leaving no mark, indistinct, Soph. ; 

of sounds, inarticulate, unintelligible, Hdt. j licrirjfj.a 
pays = &a"t\}JLO$ J3otj, Soph. : generally, unperceived, un- 
noticed, Aesch., Soph. IV. of persons, cities, 
etc., of no mark, unknown, obscure, Eur. 
a-on^jx<ov, ov, gen. ovos, =* jiffy pos ill, Soph. 
otcrd^vcia, gen. as, Ion. 775, T% raawjf of strength, weakness, 
feebleness, sickliness, Hdt., Thuc., etc. ; aor0j/ta fitov 
poverty, Hdt. 2. sickness, a disease, Thuc.; and 
acrOeveco, f. ^<ro>, 2^0 5< weak, feeble, sickly, Eur., Thuc., 
etc. ; ^ffQevytfe he fell sick, Dem. From 
oL-crOev-qs, es, (ffQevos) without strength, weak, feeble, 
weakly, Hdt., etc. ; &,<rQv<rrpo$ wovov SveyKfiv too 
weak to bear labour, Dem.: ro bcrOeris 

ao-KV*j$. x 2 3 

Thuc. 2. of property, weak, poor, Hdt., Eur. ; of 



the weaker sort, i. e. the poor, Xen. 
insignificant, OVK aarQeveffraros CTO^IO'TTJS Hdt. ; 
streams, petty, small, Id. II. Adv. affBev&s, 

feebly, slightly, Plat. : Comp. -eoTepov or -eVre/xx 
Id., Thuc. Hence 

acrOevoo), f. (acrca, to weaken, Xen. 

ao-Op-a, aros, r6, (&>, ^ W<ny) $&0r breath, panting, 
from toil, II., Aesch. II. generally, a breath, breath- 
ing, Mosch. : a blast, Anth. 

dcrOp-aivco, (5<r0/xa) #0 breathe hard, gasp for breath, 
of one out of breath or dying, mostly in pres. part., 

*Acria [a], Ion. ~ii\, fj, Asia, Hdt., Att. : Adj. 'Acriavoq, 
!}, 6v, Asiatic, Thuc., etc. ; fern. 'Atrids, cxSos, 'Acris, 
Itios [the latter with d], Aesch., Eur.; *A<nas (sc. Kiflapa) 
the lyre as improved in Lesbos: also 'Aoiarqs, fern, 
-axis, Ion. -T^TTJS, -TJTIS, Aesch., Eur. 

*Ao i i-apx'ns> ov, o, (^p^aj) an Asiarch, the highest re- 
ligious official under the Romans in the province of 
Asia, N.T. 

*Acuds, *A<ridTtis, v. 3 A<rta. *AoriaTO-Yvijs, es, (ylyvo- of Asian birth, Aesch. 

a-crCSt]pos [I], ov, not of iron, Eur. : not made by iron, 
Anth. II. without sword, unarmed, Eur. 

^atTJTis, Ion. for 'Afftans, v. *A<ra. 

a-criKxos, ov, not nice as to food, Plut. (Deriv. un- 

a-crXvris, er, (ffivo^ai) unhurt, unharmed, of persons, 
Od., Hdt. : secure, happy of life and fortune, Aesch. 2. 
of things, undamaged, Hdt. II. act. not harming, 
Id. : harmless, Xen. 2. protecting from harm, 

Aesch. III. Adv. ctcrtj/Ss, innocently, Sup. ca'rara 

*Acrtos [a], a, oy, Asian, II. 

*AXI5! [a], <ws, 77, slime, mud, such as a river brings- 
down, II. 

'AtrCs [d], v. 'Atrfa. 

dcrlT^w, f. tjo-w, to abstain from food, fast, Eur.,, 
Plat.; and 

otcrtrCa, Ion. tr\ y 77, want of food, Hdt., Eur. From 

a-crlros, ov, without food, fasting, Od., Att. 

aarKaXaf3!>TY]S, ov, 6, the spotted lizard, Lat, stellio, 
Ar. (Deriv. unknown.) 

a-crKaXos, ov, (<rK&X\c0) unhoed, Theocr. 

a.crKavTt|s, ov, <5, a poor bed, pallet, Ar. II. a bier, 
Anth. (Deriv. unknown.) 

aorKapSapjKTL, Adv., without winking, with unchanged 
look, Xen. From 

a-crKapSajj/uKTos, ov, (ffKapo'afjLvo'a'w) not blinking or 
winking, Ar. 

acnccOtjs, 4s, Ep. for a,a"KifjB'f]s, Od. 

a-<TKX^9, es, (a euphon., <fK\\<xi} dried up, withered, 
Od. 2. neut. ounceAe's as Adv. toughly, obstinately, 
stubbornly, affKG\^s alei Ib. ; so, acnceAeojj aie( II. 

a-cnc&rrapvo^ ov, (ffKswapvov) without the axe, un- 
hewn, Soph. 

a-cnceirToSj ov, (CTKOTCW) inconsiderate, unreflecting, 
Plat. : Adv. -TWS, inconsiderately, Thuc., etc, II. 
unconsidered, unobserved, Xen. 

a-crK\jijs, 4s, (cfKevfi) without the implements of his 
art, Hdt. 


a-<rKeuo$, ov, (or/feu^) unfurnished, unprepared, Soph. : 
c. gen. unfurnished with a thing, Id. 

'AIKE'Q, f . ^o*w : aor. i ^or/c7j<ra : pf . tfffKrjKa ito work 
curiously , form by art, fashion, Horn,; a&K'fjcras with 
skilful art, Id. 2. of adornment, to dress out, trick 
cut, decorate, adorn, deck, Hdt.: Pass., irenXoicri 
Tlepffucois T)ffKT}iJi4vn Aesch.: Med.,_ <r/*' ^(TK^ffaro 
adorned his own person, Eur. II. in Prose, to prac- 
tise, exercise, train, Lat. e seer cere, properly of athletic 
exercise : 1. of the person trained, Ar. ; cuTKeiv rb 
<royta efr or irp6$ TI for an object or purpose, Xen., 
etc. 2. of the thing practised, a<r/c. rexwjvHdt. ; 
metaph., a<r/c. rfyv toJiQcuxr Id. ; KaKo'rTrra ^ Aesch. ; 
curcjSeiaK Eur. 3. c. inf., tfcnm Toiaiurfj psvetv en- 
deavour to remain such, Soph. ; OUTK. asyafa TTQI&V to 
make a practice of doing good, Xen. 4. absol. to 
practise, go into training, of aoTcovrrcs- those who 
practise gymnastics, Id. 

&-<ncY]6i]s es, unhurt, unharmed, unscathed, Horn. 
(Deriv. uncertain.) 

cwrienp.a, O.TOS, W, (4<rie&0 an exercise, practice, Xen. 

cUcricqvos, ov, (tr/c^vr?) without tents, Plut. 

urKY|arLs, eats, TJ, (aa/ceco) exercise, practice, training, 
Thuc., Xen., etc. j in pi. exercises, Plat, : c. gen., 
&ffK. TIVQS practice of or in a thing, Id. II. gener- 
ally, a mode of life, profession, art, Luc. 

io-K-qr^os, a, ov, verb. Adj. of atrice'co, ta #<? practised, 
Xen. II. acftajreoy, one must practise, ffofytav Plat, 

ttcrKijTTJs, oy, <5, (dtr/ccw) <?^ wAo practises any art or 
trade, a<r/c, TWP TroX.^iKS>v Xen. : esp. aw athlete, one 
trained for the arena, Ar., Plat. 

acTKT|T6$,^,oV,(acrK:c<>) curiously wr ought, Od. : adorned, 
7r?r\p with a robe, Theocr. 2. 5* acquired by 
practice, Plat., Xen. II. of persons, practised in a 
thing, c. dat, Plut. 

a-amos, oj/, (erKi<) unshaded, Find. 

*AcncXt)iri<J$, &,Asclepius, Lat. ,4tf$W/jfo'.s,aThessaHan 
prince, famous as a physician, II. : later, son of Apollo, 
tutelary god of medicine : 'Ao"fc\7]7nci5ai or -l$cu y of, a 
name for physicians, Theogn., Soph. : ^wKXnirteiov, 
r6, the temple of Asclepius, Luc.: 'AtrKX-qTrCciosj > 
ov f of, belonging to Asclepius, *A.ffK\i)'trUia, (sc. lepdi) 
his festival, Plat. 

a-CTKOTTos, ov, (<r/co7rew) inconsiderate, heedless, 11. : 
unregardful of a. thing, c. gen., Aesch. II. pass. 

unseen, invisible, Soph. 2. not to be seen, unin- 
telligible, obscure y Aesch., Soph. : inconceivable? incal- 
culable, Id. 

a-cncoiros, ov, (cricoircfe) aimless, random^ Luc. 

S AXK,0'2, 6, a. leathern-bag 1 , a 'mine-skin , Horn. ; &<f/cbs 
fiods the bag of ox-skin in which Aeolus bottled up the 
winds, Od. ; aavcbs Map<rW<w a bag made of the skin of 
Marsyas, Hdt. : a bladder, Eur. 2. proverb, usage, 
acricbv Seipew rwd to flay one alive, maltreat wantonly, 
Ar. ; ctcricbs $$cfy>0cu Solon. 

'AcncwXia, rd, (&arK;<Js-) the 2nd day of the rural Dionysia, 
when they danced upon greased wine-skins, e unctos 
saluere per vires.* Hence 

acncoLXia<o, f . croc, to dance as at the > Aa'K(a\ia,, Ar. 

a<ricci>p.a, aros, r6, (acr/coY) the leather padding of the 
hole which served for the row-lock, put there to make 
the oar move easily, Ar. 

aros, r6 y (a5w) a song, a lyric ode or lay, Plat, 

j<rp,aTo-icap.'irTir)s, ou, <5, (:c(/x7rrw) twister of song, Ar* 

a<r/xv^ti), f. <ra>, to be 'well-pleased, Polyb. From 

a<rp.vo, 77, ov : (^5o/xai, the pf. part, of which would be 
yvpevos} : well-pleased, glad, always with a Verb, <v- 
yev &V}J.GVQ5 he escaped gladly or he was glad to have 
escaped, Horn., etc. ; ^ol Se Key fo/j.&<ptfii glad would 
it make me! II. 5 acrpevtp 5e ffoi v\} airoKpv^i $dos 
glad wilt thou be when night shuts out the light, Aesch.: 
Adv. ^(T/xeVws-, gladly, readily. Id., Eur. : Sup. 
aarp.evalra.'rcL, -eVrara, Plat. 

acrofAou, f. of <w. 

dcroc^Ca, TJ, unwisdom, stupidity, Plut., Luc. From 

a-<ro<|>0s, ov, unwise, foolish, silly, Theogn. 

'AXflA'ZOMAI, f. dcrofjMi: Dep. ito welcome kindly, 
bid welcome, greet, Lat. salutare, rwa. Horn., etc. 5 as 
the common form on meeting, &Gr < nrcifQ / ua <r or &<rir<i- 
(O/JLO.L alone, Ar. ; irpticrcadGV a&rty &ffrr. I salute her at 
a respectful distance, i.e. keep away from her, Kur. : - 
also to take leave of, Id., Xen. 2, to embrace;, 

kiss, caress, Ar. ; of dogs, Lat. blandiri, Xen. 3, 
of things, to follow eagerly, cleave to, Lat. amplector, 
acrTr. rbv olvov Plat. 4. ^tftr. %n to be glad that, Ar, 

a-onrcupo), (a euphon., ffiratpa)} to pant, gasp, struggle 
convulsively, of the dying, Horn., Hdt. ; but, /xoJJm 
^crTraipe he was the only one who still made a struggle ^ 

acnraXa0os 5 or vj, aspalathus, a prickly shrub, yielding 
a fragrant oil, Theogn. ; used as an instrument of tor- 
ture, Plat. (Deriv. unknown.) 

o-crirapTos, ov, (ffiretpto] of land, unsown, unfilled, 
Od. 2. of plants, not sown, growing imld, Ib. 

ao^racrios, a, ov, and os, ov, (&<rir<Cju<u) welcomes t gladly 
welcomed, Horn. II. WGll-plt*a$ed f glad, Id.: - 

Adv. -ttos, gladly, Id., Hdt. 

acrnracrjxa, O.TQS, r&, (^cnrdfofjini) a greeting, esp. in pi. 
embraces, Eur. 

a<T7racr|Ji.<$s, ^S, (3t(r7ro({bjaai) <a greeting, embrace,, saluta- 
tion, Theogn. , N. T. 

aonracTT<5s, ^, <iv, = kwiriiffios, welcome, Od, Hdt. Adv. 
-rais, Id. 

a-cr-irewrros, oy, (crTr^Jw) to be appeased by no libations, 
implacable, Dem, 

oUonrepfj.os, oy, (aW//za) without seed or posterity, 11* 

a-cnrpx^s ( euphon., CTTT^XW) a ncut. form used as 
Adv. hastily, hotly, vehemently t Horn. 

a-onrrcTos, ov, (elrreiv} unspeakable , unutterable ^ w- 
speakably great , Horn. : -neut. as Adv. unspeakably, IL 

aoprrtS-airopXijs, rj, (&Tro0dX,\to) one that throws away 
his shield, a runaway, Ar. 

ctonrX8Ti-<|><ipos> ov, (<pp<w) shield-dear in^, Acsch,, Kur, 
& f (&<T7r(y) shield-bearing ^ a warrior > 11. 
iros, ov, clattering" with shields^ Find. 

, r6, (ir^yvu^L} the workshop of a shield* 
maker, Dem. 

AcnrXB-ovvos, d, (^X w ) a shield-hearer, Kur. 

aor7rt8o-|>cpp,<DV y oy, (<f>fyfica) living by ike shield ^ 5. e. 
iy w^rr, Eur. 

a-crirtXos, ov, (<rir(Xoy) without spot, spotless, Antb. N.T. 

'AXni'X, 5os, ^, a rowwrf shield, Lat. cliptus, of bull's 
hide, overlaid with metal plates, with a boss (j 
in the middle, and fringed with tassels (iu 

different from the oblong' shield (%TT\OV, Lat. scuttim) 
used by the <57rA.tTcu. 2, in Prose, used for a body 
of soldiers, oKTaKicrxiXivj atfTrts 8,000 men-at-arms, 
Hdt. 3. military phrases : CTT* acrirlo'as irevre Kal 
cftoxn rd%a<r6ai to be drawn up 25 deep, Thuc. ; so, 
err* a.a"Tri$<av o\iy(av Tera%5at Id. ; ^TT* ucnriSa, Trap* 
affiriSa (opp. to evl $6pv} on the left, towards or to the 
left, because the shield was on the left arm, Xen.; 
irap* acnrr. O"TT?VOU to stand in battle-array, Eur. II. 

an asp, an Egyptian snake, Hdt. Hence 

acnrLo-T^p, ypos, 6, = sq., Soph., Eur. ; and 

dcrirtoTTTJs, ov, 6, one armed with a shield, a 'warrior, 
gen. pi. acfTTicrrdcav, II. : as Adj., acrincrra.1 ^xdoirev* 
Xyj/, i. e. the shield of Achilles, Eur. ; and 

atriricTTcop, opos, <5, =foreg., K\6voi a.ffiria'ropcs turmoil 
of shielded 'warriors, Aesch. 

a-<r7rX.a < Yx v s> ov, (ffirXdyxvov) 'without bowels : metaph. 
heartless, spiritless, Soph. 

a-onrrov8osj ov, (O'TTOVO^) without drink-offering, of a 
god, to whom no drink-offering is poured, &o"rc. deds 
i.e. death, Eur. II. without a regular truce 

(which was ratified by <riro?$aQ, Thuc. ; aarirdvo'ovs robs 
veKpovs aveXeffQai to take up their dead without leave 
asked, Id. ; T& ftcrvovo'ov a keeping out of treaty or 
covenant with others, neutrality, Id. 2. admitting 
of no truce, implacable, deadly, Lat. inter necinus, 
of war, Aesch., Dem. 

a-trrropos, ov, (a"ir<sipca} = &o"jrapros, Dem. 

a.-crirov8acrTOs, ov, (a"irov$dca} not to be zealously pur- 
sued, not worth pursuing, Eur. 

a-<rirov8 [t] or -eC, (o-Trov&rj) Adv. without zeal, with- 
out a strziggle, ignobly, II. 

acrora, Ion. for ariva, neut. pi. of ftffns, which, which- 
soever, what, whatever, II., Hdt. II. acrcra, Ion. for 
Tivd, some, OTnroT &<rcra what sort ? Od.; iroV &rra; Ar. 

acrcrapiov, r6, Dim. of Lat. as, a farthing, N.T., Plut. 

Soxrov, Adv. Cornp. of &yx^ nearer > very near, Horn. : 
c. gen., Scrcroj/ ^/xe?o nearer to me, II. ; with a double 
Comp., fj.aX\ov &<rffov Soph. : hence, as a new Comp., 
acrcrorepw, with or without gen., Od. ; Sup. acrcrordra, 
Anth. ; whence Adj. aoWraros Id. 

"Acrtrvptoi [ij], o/f, the Assyrians, Hdt. : *A<rcrupa, 
Ion. -it] (sc. 7^), 7), their country, Id. 

acrcrw, Att. contr. for a'fcrcra?. 

a-cTTaOi/js, $, (^[ffrafjLai) unsteady, unstable, Anth. 

a-o"Ta6(jiT|Tos, ov, ( unsteady, unstable, atrrs- 
pes Xen. ; 6 Sfjfjios acrra^^r^raTOv irpcey^.0, Dem. : un- 
certain of life, Eur.; TO acrrdd/jiriTov uncertainty 9 Thuc. 

acrraKTCj Adv. not in drops, i. e. in floods, Soph., Plat. 

a-anraKTOs, ov, (crrdfa} not in drops, gushing, Eur. 

a-cnraXaKTos> ov, (ffraXdcfcfw} not dripping, Plut. 

aorTav8T|s, 6, a courier, Persian word, Plut. 

a-arTa<racrTOS, ov, (a"Tacricco) not disturbed by faction, 
Thuc. : of persons, free from party-spirit, not fac- 
tious, Plat. 

aorTaT&w, f. 'fiffca, to be ztnstable, N. T. From 
a-cnra/ros, ov, (*/<rra/icu) it-nstable, Plut. 

acTTa4>iSCTirjs [t], ou, d, fern. -ITIS> tSoy, of raisins, 


a-crrac|>ts, iSos, y, (a euphon., tfratyls) as collect, noun, 
' dried grapes, raisins, Lat, uva passa, Hdt. 


acrro?. 125 

a-crrax'uSj vos, 6, (a euphon., o*raYus) an ear of corn. 

B IL, Hdt. 

d-cTTe-yacTTOs, ov, (crreyafco) uncovered : 5ta rb doW- 
yacrrov from their having no shelter, Thuc., Dep. to talk cleverly, Plut. From 

da-Tetos, a, ov, (&O-TU) 0/ A<? fcw : hence, like Lat. 
urbanus, town-bred, polite, courteous, opp. to &ypot- 
KOS, Plat. : refined, elegant, pretty, witty, clever, 
Ar., Plat. : ironically, do"r. Ksptios a pretty piece of 
luck, Ar. 

d-o-T{Jt<j>i]s> es, (o"TjUj3oj) unmoved, unshaken, II. ; 
exeovce [rb ovojTrrpov] he held it sftQf* Ib. : 
renews x*f JLej ' to hold /$, Od. : also neut. 
, as Adv. stiff 9 stark, Mosch. 2. of persons, 
stiff 9 unflinching, Theocr. 

d-o"T^vaKTOS, ov, (ffrevdfa*) without sigh or groan, 
Soph., Eur. 

tyoreov, verb. Adj. of $5w, one must sing, Ar., Plat. 

a-orTe'n"ros ov, (CTT^O)) uncrowned, Eur. 

d-crTCpY-dvcop [dv], opbs, <5, ^, (crrepyco, ccv^p) without 
love of man, shunning wedlock, Aesch. 

d-crrcpYirjs, cs, ((Trpy<a) without love, implacable, hate- 
ful, Soph. 

dcTTp<5is, e^ro'a, ev, (acrr^p) starred, starry, II. II. 
/";& a ^ifar,, glittering, Ib. 

d-OTepoinj, ^, (a. euphon., ffrepoir'f)) lightning, II. Hence 

dcrTepOTrqTTJs, ou, <5, A<? lightener, of Zeus, II. 

dcrTp-a)Tr^s ^v, (dcrr^p, d5^) star-faced, bright-shining, 
Eur. II. starry, Id. 

d-crTe<|)olvoS} ov, without crown, ungarlanded, Eur. 

d-<rT<jdv<Tos, ov, (crre^avo'cy) uncrowned, not to be 
crowned, Plat., etc. 

dcrnj, ^, fem. of avros, Hdt., etc. 

a-crTif)Xos, ov, (o*T7}A.77) without tombstone, Anth. 

doTTiip, 6, gen. epos, dat. pi. 2to*T0ao"i (not acrrpdcri], a, 
star, II. , etc.; cf. &rrpov. 2. aflame, light, fire, 
Eur. (The Root is 5TEP, a being euphon., cf. Lat. 
stella, i. e. ster-ula.} 

d-crr*ipiKTOs 9 ov, (ffTyplCw) not steady, unstable, Anth., 

d-crTLpi]js, 6$, (crTel&cu) untrodden, Aesch. : desert, path- 
less, Soph. 2. not to be trodden, holy, Id. 

a-onrXpos, ov,==foreg., Anth. 

dcrTLKo's, "fi, ov, (ftcrrv) of a city or town, opp. to country, 
Aesch. ; rck &o r/ n/c& Aiovtcria (also called rk /car' &rri% 
Thuc. II. like &o*Teros-, polite, neat, nice, acrri/ca 

(as Adv.) Theocr. 

o-crriKTOs, ov, (ffrifca) not marked with crriy/j.ara, not 
tattooed, Hdt. 

d-crrX^YV-o-Tosj ov, (crrXeyyts} not scraped clean, Anth. 

a-<rroXos> ov > (o'TAAa>) ttnequipped, of Charon's boat, 
used in the same way as ydpos &ya t u.os, Aesch. 

a-<rro|Aosj ov, (ffro'fj.a) withoztt mouth : of horses, hard- 
mouthed, restive, Soph. II. of dogs, soft-mouthed, 
unable to hold with the teeth, Xen. III. of metal, 
soft, incapable of a fine edge, Plut. 

d-<rrovd)(^Tos9 ov, (Vrovax ecy ) without sighs, Anth. 

a-crrop'yosj ov, (ffropyf)} without natural affection, 
Aeschin. -, fatfropyos (i. e. &o"r.) the heartless one, 

d<rr!>s o, (^icrrv} a townsman, citizen, Horn., Att. 
<cnros Att. contr. for faiffros. 

126 ao"T< 

acrrox^Wj f . "fiffoi, to miss the -mark, to miss, fail, TWOS 
or Trepj TWOS Polyb. ; -rrepl TI N. T. From 

a-orTOxos> ov, missing the mark, aiming badly at, 
nvos Plat., Anth. 

donrpctpi], ^, a m^lle ) s saddle, an easy padded saddle, 
Dem. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

S, cs, = o,-ffrpa<f>'f)s, not twisted, straight, Plat. 
, f. <r<y, (acrrpayaAos) to play with acfrptx,- 
jaXot, Plat. Hence 

dflrrpa-yaXwris, ews-, -rj, a playing with acrrpayaAo*, Arist. 

dcrTperya-Xos {VpaJ, <5, e>w<? 0^ the neck -'vertebrae, 
Horn. II. /2 ball of the ankle joint, Lat. talus, 
Hdt., Theocr. III. pi. dcrrpayaAoi, dice or game 
flayed with dice, II., Hdt. : they were at first made of 
knuckle-bones, and never had more than four flat sides, 
whereas the itt&oi had six. They played with four : the 
best throw (&6\<>$), when each die came differently, was 
called 'A'ppoo'lTi), Lat. jactu$ Veneris ; the worst, when 
all came alike, jctW, Lat. canis. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

dcrrpairi) [a], 07, = acrrcpoTHj, ffrepoir^i, a flash of light- 
ning, lightning, Hdt., Att. ; in pi. lightnings, Aesch., 
Soph. 2. any bright light, N. T. 

dcrrpainq^opea*, f . ^cra, to carry lightnings, Ar. From 

dcrTpairtj-^oposs ov, (<ep<w) lightning-bearing, flash* 
ing, Eur. 

(a euphon., <rrpdirra>, cf. a-crrfpoTr^), impf. 
/, Ion. a&rp&TTTGa'KQv : aor. I tfcrrpatya : to 
lighten, hurl lightnings, of omens sent by Zeus, II., 
Ar. 2. impers., fatrrpcnrTei it lightens, tfcrTpafye it 
lightened, Att. II. to flash like lightning, Soph., 
Eur., etc. : c. ace. cogn., l| bfjifjidrcov 8* ^(rrpcmre </eAay 
(sc. Tv<J>6j>) he flashed flame from his eyes, Aesch. 

ctcTTpacri., (not affTpoLffi) dat. of ^.(fr^p, 

d-crTpareCa, ^, exemption from service, Ar. 2. a 
shunning of service, which at Athens was a heavy 
offence, Qeiryeiv ypatyfyv affrpcvreias to be accused of it, 
Id, ; ctcrrparela? a\uvat, 3<Ae2V to be convicted of it, 

a-cTTpaTCVTOs [cf|, ov, (ffrparevta) without service, never 
having seen service, Ar. 

d-<jrTpa<|l>ijs, es, (ffrp<pa} ^sq,, Soph. 

a-crrpeTTTos, ov, &crrp<xpos, Theocr. : Adv. -rd f 
Anth. 2. zinbending, inflexible, Id. 

acrrpo-'y^Twv, o^, gen. oyos 1 , w^<a;^ the stars, Aesch. 

oLcrrp<5-0Tos, ov, astronomical, Anth. 

dcrrpoXo'Y^a, ^, astronomy, Xen. From 

donrpo-X^yos, ov, (A7<w) ciffrpovofios, Xen. 

acrrpov, TO, mostly in pi. the stars, Horn., Att. 
mostly of Sirius, Xen., etc. ; cf. ba'T'fip. 

acrrpovojA'u>, f . i\ff(a, to study astronomy, Ar. ; and 

dcrrpovojj,a, ^, astronomy, Ar., Plat., etc, ; and 

dcTTpovofALJcos, ^, 6v 9 skilled in astronomy, pertaining 
to astronomy, Plat. From 

a<rrpo-v<J|A,os, o, ( an astronomer, Plat., etc. 

a-<rrpo<f>os, ov, ((rrpe^w) without turning away, ttn- 
turning, Lat. irretortus, fi^ara Aesch. ; 
atrrp. to go away without turning back, Soph. 

ourrpwos, a, or, ('^O'T/JOJ') starry, Anth. ', affirp. 
the law of the stars, Id. 

a-<rrpTos, oj>, withotit bed or bedding, Plat. : rnetaph, 
unsmoothed, rugged, Eur. 

in sing., 

"A2TY, r^ ; Ep. gen. eos, Att. eojy : Att, pi. 

city 9 town, Horn., etc. ; ^ovo-wj/ &. the town of Susa, 

Aesch. ; &, ^^s Soph. II. the Athenians called 

Athens *Aerrv, as the Romans called Rome Urbs f mostly 

without the Art. (as we speak of 'being in town, 3 *goino- 

to town '), Ar. 
dcTTv-oivaJ, aKros, d, lord of the city, epith. of certain 

gods, Aesch. : in Horn, only as prop. n. 
do"Tw-j3o&>*n|$ > ov, 6, (/3ocw) crying through the city of 

a herald, II. 
dcrTv-YcCTwv, ov, gen. ovos, near or bordering on a city, 

Hdt., Aesch. 2. as Subst. a ncighboiir to the city, 

a borderer, Hdt., Thuc. 

aoTTv-Se, Adv. into, to, or towards the city, Horn. 
acTTv-SpofJuofj-cu, Pass, to have the streets filled with 

fiigitives, Aesch. 

a-crriJXos, ov, without pillar or prop, Anth. 
dcmru-viKos 7r6ki$, (viitri) 77, Athens the victorious city, 


cw, f. 4iff(*>, to be affrvv^os, Dem. 
7), the office of o.a'rvv^jjios, Arist. 
s> "*!, &v, of or for an &<f f rvv<!>v*Q$ or his office. 

Plat. ' 
dorriJ-v^jJLOs, 6, (veftca} protecting the city, 0eo( Aesch. ; 

opyal affr. the feelings of social life, Soph. II. as 

Subst. a magistrate at Athens, who had the care of 

the police, streets, and public b-iuldings, five for the 

city and five for Peira^eus, Plat., etc. 
do*Tv-oxos ov, (!%) protecting tJie city, Anth. 
d-orTv4>^XtKTOs oy, (ffrv<p\i&) unshaken, undisturbed, 


d-<rrv<|Xo$, >?, ov, and os, ov, not rugged, Theogn,, Anth. 
d-crvYY v< *P >wv > QV J %K' ovos, not pardoning, relentless, 


d~<rvY tc ^P aorT S ov, (tfvyKGpdvvvfAL) unmixed, Anth. 
d-cruYK<$fx,icrTos, ov, (eruyKo/xC^iw) not gathered in, Xen, 
d-crvy K: P'fo"os > ov, (tfvyKptvv} not to be compared, unlike, 

a-cri5Ko<{>avnrjTosj ov, (o*u/co^>a>'Tw) not pld^ucd by in- 
formers, not calumniated, Acschin., Luc. 

dcrvXaios, a, ov, (&-<rv\o$) of an asylum, Plut. 

d-cnJXrjToSj ov, (<rt/Acw) not inviolate, Eur. 

acruXta, j), (^ervAojr) inviolability, of suppliants, Aesch. 

d-oruXX^Yt'CrTos, ov, (ofuAAoy^foyaat) not reasoning justly ; 
- Adv., -rcas, frffuXXoylffruis %XGW rivos to be "unable to 

j&ason about a thing, Plut. 

a-crtiXosj, ov, {tf&Kvj} safe from violence, inviolate , c>f 
persons seeking protection, Eur. ;~c. gen., yd^wv 
&ffv\os safe from marriage, Id. II. of places, yyv 

&crvXov Trapacrxew to make the land a refuge, Id. 

coming to terms, Thuc. : Adv., -rcas if%w to be irre~ 

concilable, Plut. 
d-crvjxpX'qTOS, old Att. d-lvjJtpXiriTOS, QV 3 ((fu/AjSc^AXw) 

not to be guessed, unintelligible, Soph. 
a-on3fAJ3oXo5, ov, not paying onc^s scot or share (crv/x- 

^SoAat), Lat. immunis, Senrveiv &,<filf(A$oXv AcKchin. 

Lcrujxfxcrpta, ^, want of proportion or harmony s Plat. 

d-<n5(xp.cTpos, old Att. d{vp.|jirpo$, ov, hewing no 

common measure, rivt with a thing, Plat. ; irpds n 

Plut. II. unsymmetrical, disproportionate, Xen. 

d-<ru|J,ira'yi i ilj es, (ffVfJLir^yvvfjii} not compact, Luc. 

a-<rujxira0ijs, es, without sympathy with, TLVL Plut. 

d-crup.<|>opos, old Att. d-|vp.<j>opos, ov, inconvenient, in- 
expedient, useless, Hes. : c. dat. inexpedient for, 
prejudicial to, Eur., Thuc. ; also es or irp6$ ri Id. : 
Adv. peas, Xen. 

d-<FU|A<|>ci>yos, old Att. a-|vfjt4><>vos, ov, not agreeing- in 
sound, Plat. : metaph. discordant, at variance, TLVI 
'with another, Id. ; trpds TWO. N. T. 

a-crujjL\|/Tj<|)O9, ov, not agreeing 'with, TWOS Plut. 

d-<rvv8Tos, ov, unconnected, Xen. 

a-o~uv8irjXos, ov, not -manifest, Plut. 

acrx)V<ria, old Att. dijwecrta, rj, want of understanding, 
stupidity, Eur., Thuc. From 

d-cruvTos, old Att. d-fvvTOs, ov, 'void of under- 
standing, stupid, Hdt., Att.; not to be understood, 
unintelligible, Eur. 

acruvi]0ia, T), want of experience in a thing-, c. gen., 
Arist. From 

a-cruvij0fis, es, gen. cos, unaccustomed, inexperienced, 
unacquainted with others, Arist. 

a-orwqjJLwv, old Att. d-|wi]}xc(>v > ov, = a,ff&VGTO$, Aesch. 

d-crw9TOS, old Att. d-vv0To, or, (<n/vrf07?/u) - 
compounded, Plat. II. (owrfttejucu) bound by no 

covenant, faithless, Dem., N. T. 

a-oruvoiTTos, ov, not easily perceived, Aeschin. 

d-cruvTaiCTOs, old Att. a-wTaicTOS, ov, not ranged 
together ; of soldiers, not in battle-order, Xen. 2. 
undisciplined, disorderly, Thuc., Xen. 3. not 

combined in society, Id. 4. not put on the tax- 
roll, free from, public burdens, Dem. 

a-cn5vTovos, ov, not strained, slack : Adv. -vws, 
lazily, Sup. -(brara, Xen. 

d-cruaxevacrros, ov, not arranged, not ready, Xen. 

d-cruo-TaTos, old Att. d-lvcrraTos, ov, (tfvviffr 0,^0.1} 
having no cohesion or consistency, Plat. 2. metaph. 
incoherent, irregular, Lat. dispar sibi, Ar. ; &. &\jos 
fitful, ever-recurring pain, Aesch. 

acrucfjTjXos [v], ov, insolent, degrading, II. (Deriv. 

ao~u)((a, acruxos* Dor. for 77<n>%a, Tjcfu^oy. 

d-<r<j>d8aarTos [&8], o^> (cr<J>a8^iw) without convulsion 
or struggle, of one dying, Aesch., Soph. 

a-oxfxxKTos, ov, ((T^xifw) unslaughtered, Eur. 

dcrcfxiXaj;, a/cos, 3, (a euphon., a"rrd\ai-) a mole, Babr. 

dcnfmXcia, gen. as, Ion. ys, TJ, (do^aA^y) security 
against stumbling or falling, a<r<jt>. ar/obs rbv wr)\6v 
Thuc. : stability, Soph. 2, assurance from danger, 
personal safety, security, Hdt., Thuc., etc. ; a<r<j!>. 
5i5<fo/tu, irapexetv Xen. 3. assurance, certainty, 
a<r<p. fjd\ &v faOe'iv avrots certainty that they would not 
come, Thuc. ; ao~<p<ix.ia. \oyov the certainty of an ar- 
gument, Xen., N. T. 

"AcrcjmXeios, ov, of Poseidon, the Securer, Ar. From 

d"Cr<j>aXi|S,&r, (a^aAXo/xaO not liable tofall,immoveable, 
steadfast, firm, 6ewv I5os Od., etc. 2. of friends 
and the like, unfailing, trusty, Soph., etc. : c. inf., 
<}>povLv *ykp ot ra%e?s ou/c acnpaXsts the hasty in council 
are not safe, Id. : so of things, sure, certain, Thuc., 
etc. 3. assured from danger, safe, secure, Soph., 
etc.; <-v a<r<(>a\i in safety, Thuc.; rS cur<J>aA& = &<r<t>d- 
Xcia, Id. ; a<r<i>a\4s [tart], c, inf., it is safe to . . , 


Ar. 4. ao-<p. firjroop a convincing speaker, Id. II. 
Ep. Adv. aff<pa\ecDS ex*w or jueveiv to be, remain fast, 
firm, steady, Horn. ; so neut. dcr^aXes- as Adv., Id. ; 
a.ff<p. ayopeitei without faltering, Od. ; Cjtnre&oy a<r- 
(f)a\Q}$ without fail for ever, Horn. ; still further 
strengthd., fy'rreo'ov do^aXfs ael II. III. Att. 

Adv. dcr^aXais in all senses of the Adj., in safety, 
with certainty, Soph. : Comp. -ecrrepov, Hdt., Plat. ; 
Sup. ecrrara, Id. 

dcr<|>, Med., f. Att. tovpat : to make safe, se- 

j:ure, N. T. 

acr<|>aXTos, r), asphalt, bitttmen, forming in lumps, 
(0/></ij3<n) on the surface of the river Is near Babylon 
and at Ardericca near Susa, Hdt. (Seems to be a 
foreign word.) 

d~o*4>apcL-y&o, f. i f\ff(a, (a euphon., cr^apayew) to resound, 
clang, of armed men, Theocr. 

dcnjxiaa-vos [$&} 3 o,~<}>dpvy, the throat, gullet, II. 

d-crcfrnpayos, 6, (a euphon., ffirapydta) asparagus, Anth. 

acr<J>o8eXLvos, t], ov, of asphodel, Luc. From 

acr(j>o8eX6g, o, asphodel, king's-spear, a plant of the 
lily kind, Hes., Theocr. II. oxyt., as Adj., acr^o- 

5*X&s \tfj.6v the asphodel mead, which the shades of 
heroes haunted, Od. (Deriv. unknown.) 

a-a"4vKTos ov, (<r<j!>i$i) without pulse, lifeless, Anth. 

dcrxaXdo), used by Horn, in Ep. forms, 3 sing. dc^xaXaa, 
3 pi. a<rxaX<facri, inf. d<rx<*X<{av, part. d<rxaX<W : to be 
distressed, grieved, Horn. : to be vexed at a thing, c, 
gen., Od. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

da"xdXX<o, f . aXcc, = dcr%aXci, Od., Hdt.; nvi at a thing, 
Aesch., Eur. ; n Id. 

a-crx^Tos, Ep. also dd-crxTOS, ov, (crxeu/) not to be held 
in or checked, irrepressible, ungovernable, Horn. 

d-crxn/AdTicrroSj ov, (0*X 7 ?A ta ' r *C w ) without form or figure, 

dcrx^H-ovew, f . 'fjcrea, to behave unseemly, disgrace one- 
self, to be put to shame, Eur., Plat. ; and 

d<r)(,TIH LOO ~^ v '*l> %> want of form, tingracefulness, Plat. : 
in moral sense, indecorum, Id. From 

d-crjc'ifAwv, ov, gen. ovos, (crx^/^) misshapen, itnseemly, 
shameful, Lat. titrpis, Eur. 2. of persons, &crv 
yeveo-dat to be indecorous, Hdt. 

dcrxoX&i), f. ^(Tw, to engage, occupy, rtvd Luc. 

dcrxoXia, ^, an occupation, business, want of leisure, 
Thuc. ; dcrx. %X L1/ ^>tXocro<^(as irepi to have no leisttre 
for pursuing it. Plat.; &<TX- yew to be engaged or 
occupied, Id. ; o-ffx- irapfX lJ/ riv ^ t cause one trouble, 

a-<rx,oXos, ov, (yxM) of persons, without leisure, en- 
gaged, occupied, busy, Plat., Dem. ; &crx & TI with no 
leisure for a thing, Hdt. ; #<TX. tfepl rt busy about . . 
Plut.": Adv., ct(TX<fXa>s ^X lv ^ ^ 65y, Eur. II. 

of actions, allowing no leisure, Id. 

aor > x'"> T<, the inspissated juice of a Scythian tree, Hdt. 

d-<r<ojxaTos, ov, (crwjua) unembodied, incorporeal, Plat. 

do-toTcvojiai, Dep. to lead a profligate, wasteful life, 
Arist. : and 

dcrwTia, ^, prodigality, wastefulness, Plat. From 

a-crwTos, ov, (o'(a(co') having no hope of safety, aban- 
doned, profligate, Lat. perditus, Soph., Arist. II. 
act., fto-uros yevft bringing ruin on the race, fatal to 
it, Aesch, 


draicrcw, f . ^<rw, of a soldier, to be undisciplined, dis- 
orderly, Xen. , Dem. 2. generally, to lead a dis- 
orderly life, Xen. From 

&-TaKTos, ov, not in battle-order, of troops, Hdt., Thuc., 
etc. 2. undisciplined, disorderly, irregular, law- 

less, Id., etc. II. Adv. -rcas, in an irregular, 

disorderly manner, of troops, Id. : Comp. dra/crJ- 
T$pov, Id. 

a-raXouirtopos, ov, without pains or patience, indiffer- 
ent, careless, Thuc. 

d-raXavros, ov, (a copul., raAcw/ro*/) equal in 'weight, 
equivalent or equal to, rtvi Horn. 

draXd-c^pcov, ov, gen. ovos, (<t>p'f)v) tender-minded, of a 
child, II. 

droLXXw [a], only in pres. and impf. to skip in childish 
glee, gambol, II. II. Act. to bring up a child, rear, 
foster, like drirdiAAw, Soph. : Pass, to grow up, wax, 
h. Horn. ; the Act. is so used by Hes. From 

dr<xX<s [&ra], T?, 6v, (akin to a,ira\6$} tender, delicate, 
of young creatures, Horn.; draXd <ppovovr5 of young, 
gay spirit, II. 

dTaX<5-x|ru)os, ov, ($>w)(4}} soft-hearted, Anth. 

aTafia, Ion. -it\, y, (frraicros} want of discipline, dis- 
orderliness, properly among soldiers, Hdt., Thuc., 
etc. 2. generally disorder, irregularity, Plat., etc. 

cLTaoficu [drj, Pass. (&rr)} to stiff er greatly, be in dire 
distress, arta/uievos Soph., Eur. 

'ATA'P, Ep. avTctp, Conjunct, but, yet, Lat. at, to 
introduce an objection or correction, II., Att. j it always 
begins a sentence or clause, but is placed after the voc., 
tf E/crop, drcp TTOV <~<f>rjs still thou didst say, II. : -drctp 
sometimes answers to jue>, more emphatic than 8e, 
Horn., Att. 2. in Att. to mark a rapid transition to 
another thought, Aesch., etc. ; so drdp 5^ Eur. 

d-TapaicTos, ov, (rapdcrcrca} not distttrbed, without con- 
fusion, steady, of soldiers, Xen. 
v, dr Sparer os, Arist. 

.s> &f (rdpfios} unf 'earing, fearless, II,; dr. vys 
Qeas having no fear about the sight, Soph. 2. 

causing no fear, Aesch. ? 

d-Tapp-rjTos, ov, (rap $&>) fearless, undaunted, Soph. 

d-TdpjjiiKTos, ov, un'wincing, unflinching, Pind. (Deriv. 

drapirtr^Sj drapTr<$s, Ion. for arpcwiro's, arpcmds. 

drapTTjprfs, 6v, Ep. for arrtpds, mischievous, baneful, 

dracrSiaXCa, Ion. ir\ y f] } (a,rda"da\os} presumptuous sin, 
recklessness, arrogance, Horn, always in pi. ; in sing., 
Hes., Hdt. 

dTcwrfldXXto, only in pres. part, acting presumptiiously, 
in arrogance, Od. From 

dratrOa-Xos [ar], ov, (&ry y though a does not agree In 
quantity) ^presumptuous, reckless, arrogant, Horn,, Hdt. 

- '-WTOS, ov, (ravp6o(j.(x.i) unwedded, virgin, Aesch. 
i, 7), want of b^t,rial, Luc. From 
s, ov, unburied, Hdt., Att. 

dracu, v. ardofiai.- 

are, properly ace. pi. neut. of ^crre, used as Adv., just 
as, so as, II., Hdt., Soph. II. in causal sense, in- 

asmuch as, seeing that, Lat. quippe, with part., $re 
%%(av Hdt., Thuc., etc. ; with gen. absol., $r T&V 6$&v 
v quippe mae custodirentur , Hdt, ; with 


the part, omitted, Sfarua 5oi/s [aury], Sre Oypewry [$vri\ 

a-re'yicros, ov, (reyyw) not to be wetted ~. metaph, not 
to be softenedy relentless, Soph., Eur. 

d~TeipT]Sj ey, (reipo)) not to be worn aivay, indestruc- 
tible, of iron, Horn. : metaph. stubborn, unyielding, II. 

d-rcix^Tos, ov, (reix^" w ) unwalled, unfortified, 
Thuc. 2. not walled in, not blockaded, Id. 

d-TCKjxapTos, ov, (rcKfJ-alpOjuctft') not to be guessed, ob- 
scure, baffling, Hdt., Thuc. :- Adv., drejcjuaprcos 1 evety 
to be in the dark about a thing, Xen, 2. of persons 
vincertain, inconsistent, Ar. 

a,TKv<x, vi t childlessness, Arist. From 

a-TKvos, ov, (TSKVOV) without children, childless, Hes., 
Trag. II. in causal sense, destroying children 


aTCKvoco, f. c/oo"u>, to make childless : Pass, to be de- 
prived of children, Anth, 

dreXeia, Ion. -T], y, (dreX^s) exemption from public 
burdens (reX^), Lat. imtn-unitas, granted to those who 
deserved well of the state, Att.; c. gen., dr. crrpa- 
rrjifjs exemption from service, Hdt. 

ci-re'XccrTos, ov, (reXew) without end or issue f to no 
purpose, without effect, unaccomplished, Horn. II. 
iminitiated in mysteries, c. gen., Kur. ; absol. , Plat. 

d-rXVTT]Tos, ov, (reXevrduo) not brought to an end or 
issue, ztnaccomplished, II. II. of a person, im- 

practicable, Soph. 

d-T^Xevros, ov, (reA.vr^) endless, eternal, Aesch. 

d-reXijs, S, (reXos'l without end, i.e., 1. not 

brought to an end or issue, unaccomplished, Od., 
Xen. ".-incomplete, Soph., Thuc.,, Plat. 2. act. 
not bringing to an end, not accomplishing one's pur- 
pose, Pind,, Plat., etc. II. (r/Aos iv) at Athens, 
free from tax or tribute, scot-free, Lat. immunis, 
absol., or c. gen., dr. r&v &\\ttv free from all other 
taxes, Hdt., Att. 2. of sums, without deduction, 
nett, clear, opoKhs dr. an obol clear gain, Xen,, 
Dern. III. (re\os v) uninitiated in mysteries, 
c. gen., h. Horn. 

drcjipw [a], only In pres. to maltreat, to afflicf, per-, 
plex, Ocl. : Pass., c. gen., to be bereft or cheated of 
a thing, Horn. (Deriv. unknown.) 

d-TVTjs, $, (a copul., relvco) strained tight, clinging, 
of ivy, Soph. : metaph. II. of men's minds and 

speech, intent, earnest, lies., Plat. ; also stijf, stub- 
born, inexorable, Aesch., Ar. ; -Adv. drex/w, earnestly, 
dr. Ip^eiv irp&s n Pint. 

aTvtco, f. iff, (dregs') to look intently, g&ste earnestly, 
eis n Arist. ; nvl upon one, N. T. 

"ATEP [a], Prep, with gen. without', Horn. ; &rep Zyvds 
without his will, II. II. aloof or apart; from, Ib., 

vos, ov, (rfyqv} unsoftc ned ; metaph. stubborn, 

unfeeling, merciless, Od., Aesch. 
d-TpctjjLcov f &/*], ov, Att. for kr^pajULvos Ar,, Plat, 
arp0, before a vowel -0v, = tirep,, Trag',; c. gen,, 

d-Tp[Awv, ov, gen. ovos, (Wpjua) without bounds; dr. 

TreTrXoy having no end or issue, inextricable, Aesch. ; 

brtpftoves avyal the countless rays of the mirror, Eur. 
&Tpo$ [a], Dor, for $r./>os, Ar. 2, ^r/>os [a], Att. 

arepTrrj? "ArXa?. 
crasis for 6 eTepos, neut. O&repov [d], gen. Qasrepov, 


ijs, 4s, (repTrcu) unpleasing, joyless, melancholy, 
Horn., Aesch. j drepTreVrcpov is oLKpdacriv less attractive 
to the ear, Thuc. 

a-Tpiro$, ov, = d-rcpTTTjs, II. Hence 

a-Tep\|/ta, ^, unpleasantness, Luc. 

a-TC-uKTew, f. ^crcw, to fail in gaining a thing, c. gen., 
Babr. From 

s, ov, (ru7xav<y) not gaining. 
j s, (TCI/XOS) unequipped , unarmed, Eur., 
Anth. : so a-Tvxif)Tos, ov, Id. 

a-Txvi}s, es, = forex*^ Babr. 

drexvia, f), w^w^ 0/" <^ or skill, imskilfulness, Plat. 

a-rcxvos, ov, (r<='xv?7) without art, ignorant of the rules 
of art, unskilled, empirical, Plat. 

aTc'xvws, Adv. of &TCXVOS, without rules of art, empiri- 
cally, Xen., Plat. ^ II. drxvs (with penult, short'), 
Adv. of drexvfc, simply, i. e. really, absolutely, Lat. 
plane, omnino, Ar., Plat., etc.; /ca\bv dr. simply 
beautiful, Ar. : in comparisons, arexvQs SJcTTrep just as, 
Plat. : with negat., fast not, Ar. ; arcxv&s ouSeis 

pimply no one, Id. 

areoi [a], in part, or ewv, fool-hardy, reckless, II., Hdt. 

ttTrj [d], ^, (daw, for dar??) bewilderment, infatuation, 
reckless impulse, caused by judicial blindness sent by 
the gods, Horn. : hence ''Ami is personified as the god- 
dess of mischief or reckless conduct, "Ar?), $ irdvras 
dohrou II. : the Arra( come slowly after her, undoing the 
evil she has worked, Ib. II. as a consequence, 1. 
reckless guilt or sin, as that of Paris, Ib. 2. bane, 
ruin, Horn., Trag. : of persons, a "bane, pest, Aesch., 

a-TTjKTos, ov, not melted or to be melted, Plat. 

d-Tir)fjt,Xijs 4s, neglected, Plut. II. careless : 

Adv., drTj/ieAoSy %X LV ^. 

a-Tt)jji^A.T)Tos, ov, (rr)]UL\<i)") unheeded, zincared for, 
Xen. 2. baffled, disappointed, Aesch. II. 

taking no heed, slovenly, Alciphro : Adv., dr?7jU- 
\j]T<as %x LV * take no heed of a thing, c. gen., Xen. 

o.Tirjp<Js [dl, d, 6v, blinded by &nj, hurried to ruin, 
Theogn. II. baneful, ruinous, mischievous, Aesch., 
Soph. : TO arypdv bane* ruin, Aesch. ; drTjp^rarov 
KautAv Ar. 

"Ar0Cs, I8o$, y, Attic : as Subst. (sub. 777), Attica, Eur. 

a-TtTos, ov, (rta) unhonoured, Aesch. II. act. 

not honouring or regarding, TWOS Eur. 

a-To> (rfco, v. a pri'uat.'] not to honour, to hold in 
no honour, QSQ-US Aesch. : absoi. in part., dr/fiwv un- 
heeding, II. * 

a-Tl0a0"VTOs, ov, (rt&affei)^ untamable, wild, Plut. 

arlfxaYcXew, f. ^<ra>, to forsake the herd, Theocr. From 

aTip,-o,Y^ T l5> QV J &> ("T^XT?) despising the herd, i. e. 
straying, feeding alone, Theocr., Anth. 

arijAaJX f. dcrca : aor. l r)Tifj,ao'a: pf. T/r^awa : Pass., 
pf . fjT^uatr/zcu : aor. I jjTifjidcrOTjv : f . aTi/iao'fl^a' : 
(&Tifjios} : A<?^ zn n<? honotir, to esteem lightly, 
dishonour, slight, c. ace., Horn., Att. : so in Med., 
Soph. : c. ace. cogn., Imj driyucifeis trtXivthou speakest 
words in dishonour of the city, Id. : Pass, to suffer 
dishonour, Hdt., Att. 2. c. gen. rei, dr. \6yov to treat 

as unworthy of speech, Aesch. ; dr. 
Soph.: also,^ ^ 3 a.Ttfj.^a"r}STO fify ov 6av?v deem me not 
unworthy to die, Id. ', OVK drt/xacrca TrpocreiTre?^ wzV/ nof 
disdain to . . , Eur. II. = drijUffaj in legal sense, &? 
deprive of civil rights, Xen. Hence 

s, a, ov, verb. Adj. to fo despised, Plat, j and 
, 7?poy, o, a dishonourer, Aesch. 

aTljxw, Ep. impf. ari^<av : f. dn^o-cu : aor. I Tiri^ffa : 
(&TI/J.OS} : jfo dishonour, treat lightly, Horn. 

a-Tiji.'rjTQs, ov, (Tijuda)} unhonoured, despised, II. II, 
(rr/i^ 11) w<?if valued or estimated, S//CT? dr. a cause m 
wAzc-A jfAff penalty is not assessed in court, but fixed 
by law beforehand, Dem. 

d.Tt|Ua, Ion. -iv( [-n; Ep.], ^, dishonour, disgrace, Od., 
Soph., etc. 5 cV dri^(?7 rivd extv, dri^a^v TrpoorrtfleVat 
Tii/ Hdt. ; dr. rivJs dishonour done to one, Eur. 2. 
at Athens, #i<? foss o^ civil rights, Lat. deminutio ca- 
pitis, Aesch., Oratt. II. Mrj^dT^v dr., i. e. ragged 
garments, Aesch. 

d.Tt|j,o<-irv6Ti$, $-, (irevQos) sorrowing- for dishonour 
incurred, Aesch. 

a-Tip-os, ov, (ri,u^ i) unhonoured, dishonottred, II., 
Trag. ; Comp. d-r*/x<frepos less honourable, Xen. ; c. 
gen. without the honour of . . , not deemed worthy of 
. . , Aesch. j also, %&pis OVK fat/tos TTOVGQV no unworthy 
return for . . , Id. 2. at Athens, deprived of prim- 
leges, Lat. capite deminutus, opp. to &r(rijuos, Ar., 
etc. ', also c. gen., #r. ^epw^ deprived of privileges, 
Thuc. ; &T. TOV o*v[j.(3ovX.ijiv deprived of the right of 
advising, Dem. II. (TI/JL^ n) without price or 

value, oT/coi/ &TI{JLOV eSeis thou devourest his sub- 
stance without payment made, Od. 2. unrevenged, 
Aesch. III. Adv. -peas, dishonourably, igno- 

miniously, Id., Soph. 

aTljj-ow, f . cJcra) : aor. i ^rf/xcocra : pf. Tjrijtioo/ca : Pass., 
pf. T)Tijma)/ji,at: aor. i i]Ti/j,<^9rjv: to dishonour, Aesch. : - 
Pass, to siiffer dishonour or indignity, Hdt., Aesch., 
Eur. II. at Athens, to punish with art^ia (2), 

Lat. aerarium facere, Ar., Oratt. 

d-Ti|x<upTiTos, ov, unavenged, i. e., I. unpunished, 
dr. ytyvecrOai to escape punishment, Hdt., Thuc. : 
Adv. -Ttas, with impunity, Plat. II. for which 

no revenge has been taken, a.Ti(jnapv]Tov iav Q&VO.TQV 

^Aeschin. III. undefended, unprotected, Thuc. 

aTtp-wcTLs [r], ccyy, ^^ a dishonouring, dishonour done 
to, c. gen., Tpairefas, irarrpos Aesch. 

otTtotjs [t], 2 sing. aor. i subj. of d-r^ 

drtTaXXw, redupl. form of drcAA, to rear up a child, 

foster, cherish, tend, Horn. ', of horses, Pass., 

d-Trrjs [i], ou, 6, (rfc/tcw) unpunished, Aesch. II, 

(rid)) unhonoured, Id. 
ctTiros, ov, (r&w) unhonoured, unavenged, II. II. 

unpaid, Ib. [where F]. 
d-rCo) [i], *= d-r(^w, Theogn. 
*ATXd-7viis, es, (ylyvofJLa.i) sprung from Atlas, of the 

Pleiads, Hes. 
'ArXaVTiK^s, ^, ^, of Atlas, Atlantic, Tep^oves *ArX. 

the pillars of Hercules, Eur. : fern. "ArAavrCsf foos, 

fldAacrora ^ S A. KaXovfjLtvri Hdt. 
"ArXas, avros, 5 : ace. also^ArXav Aesch. : (a euphon., 

T\ds, v, *raA.a&)) : Atlas, one of the elder gods, who 



bore up the pillars of heaven, Od. : later, one of the 
Titans, Hes., Aesch. II. in hist, writers, Mount 

Atlas in Africa, regarded as the pillar of heaven, Hdt. 

aTXir|T&a, f. -ij<roo, to be unable to bear a thing, to be 
impatient, Soph. From 

a-rXijTos, Dor. a-rXdros, ov, not to be borne, in- 
sufferable, II., Orac. ap. Hdt., Soph. 2. not to be 
dared, &r\rira rA.a(ra Aesch. II. act. incapable of 
bearing a thing, c. gen., Anth. 

aTjievta, f} } (dr^j/) slavery, servitude, Anth. 

aTjJLTj, 7),~aTu6$, Hes. 

aTfxi^v, 4vos, 6, a slave, servant. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

a-TjxifiTos, ov, not cut tip, unravaged, Thuc., Plut. : of 
mines, not yet opened, Xen. II. undivided, in- 

divisible, Plat. 

aTfii^o, f. iffoa : pf. $fr/uwca ; (a.Tjjt.6s) : to smoke, Soph. : 
of water, to steam, Xen. 

aTfio's, 6, (&CD to blow} steam, vapour, Aesch. 

a-rotxos, ov, uncalled, Eur. 

a-roKos, ov, having never yet brought forth, never 
having had a child, Hdt., Eur. II. not bearing 

interest, Plat. 

cL-TdXp.TjTOS, Dor. fJtaTosj ov, titrXyros, not to be en- 
dured, insufferable, Pind. : of wicked men, Aesch. 

aroXjjLLa, y, want of daring, cowardice, backwardness, 
Thuc., Dem. From 

a-roXjxos, ov, (rdtyia) daring nothing, wanting 
courage, spiritless, cowardly, Ar., Thuc. : - of women, 
unenterprising, retiring, Aesch. : c. inf. not having 
the heart to do a thing, Id. 

a-Top.03, ov, (rcjuw) uncut, unmown, Soph. II. 

that cannot be cut, indivisible, Plat. ; & drJ/iy in a 
moment, N. T, 

srrovto), f. faa, to be relaxed, exhausted, Plut. From 

t-Tovo$, ov, (relvw) not stretched, relaxed, Arist. 

a-To|os, ov, (roov) without bow or arrow, Luc. 

vroira, 7), a being out of the way, and so : 1. extra- 
ordinary nature of a thing, Thuc. 2. strangeness, 

^oddness, eccentricity, Ar., Plat. 

a-Toiros, ov, out of place, and so, 1. strange, un- 
wonted,^ extraordinary, Eur., etc. 2. strange, odd, 
eccentric, SovXoi r&v del QsrAirtov slaves to every new 

paradox, Thuc. $ r&v arOTrcardruv Uv <efai Dem. 3. 
unnatural, disgusting, foul, Trvev^a Thuc. II. 

^Adv. -vcas, marvellously or absurdly, Id., Plat. 

O.TOS, ov, contr. for uaros. 

*-rpa.y$$^TQ$ t ov,(rpay(p$(a}nottreatedtragicaUy,Luc. 
6, a spindle, Hdt., Ar., etc. II. an arrow, 
ti. ; ^cf . ^XaucciTT?. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

"* ' ; or arpaKTvXXCs, i$os, y, a thistle-like plant, 
: making spindles, Theocr, (Deriv. unknown.) 
(5s and arapTriTiSs, 77, = sq., Od. 
a-Tpair<$s Ep. a-Tapir<Js, ^, (rpcTrca) properly a path 
'with no turnings, generally a path-way, road, Horn., 
Hdt., Thuc., etc. 

aTpa^afvs, vos, y, the herb orach. (Deriv. unknown.) 
a-Tpax^Xos* ov, without neck, Anth. 
arpliccia, ^, Ion. gen. -eLys, reality, strict truth, cer- 
tainty, Hdt. II. personified *ATpta, severity, 
Pind. From 
4-TpCKifc, 4s t real, genuine, II. 2. strict, precise, 


exact, apLdj*6$ Hdt.: rb drpe/ces 1 = arpc 
arpefcevrepov greater exactness, Id. ; ri> 
Id. 3. -S2;r<?, certain, Eur. II. used by Horn, 

mostly in Adv. arpcKccas, with ayop^eiv., Kara\J-ai, to tell 
truly, exactly ; so also Hdt. 2. also neut. as Adv. 
5eds arpetces just ten of them, Od. ; so, TO drpe/ces 
Theogn. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

ol, used by Poets for arpe/j,as before a conson., II, 
S) a, ov, poet, for drpe/^s, Hur. 
, (rp]u.(i>) Adv. without trembling, 'without 
motion, Horn. ~, arpe^as etfSeiv Id. ; drpe^aas 1 ^0*0 sit 
still, II. ; arpe^as e^eix/ to keep quiet, Hdt. ; drp. 
(tTrrecrQai nvos gently, softly, Eur. ; drp. iropV(r6ai to 
go softly, Xen. 

arp6p.cC or , Adv. of dr/>fwj,y, Ar. 

aTp|JL^co, f . 'jja'fw : aor. I rirpewtfa ; not to tremble, to 
keep still or quiet, Hes. ; 0&5a/xa /COD i]rpfjL7)(rafj.ev, of a 
restless people, Hdt. From 

a^Tpcp,i]s, ^s, (T/)JUW) wo^ trembling, unmoved. Plat., 
Xen. Adv. drpejuews Theogn. 

arpcjiC, v. arpejJLel. 

aTpcjxta, ^, (drpe/i^^) ! keeping still, arp^tav %x* LV or 
^yeiv Xen. 

a,Tpp,Ca>, f . Att. -ico, Ion. inf. -ieejjf : jf<; /I't'r^ quiet 9 

^Theogn., Hdt. ; ov/c dr/>. ^ ^^? restless, Id. 

a-TpiTTos > oj/,(T/3^7ra>) unmoved, immutable, Plut., Luc, 

a-Tpccrros, ov, (rp^oo) not trembling, unf caring, fear- 
less, Lat. intrepidus, Trag. : c. gen., &rp. pdxas fear- 
less of fight, Aesch. -, so, rp. tv jj.dx<us Soph.; &r/>. 
ti$ivseczirely,ld.: also neut, pi. ftrpeffraas Adv.,Kur. 

a-rpCaKTOs, ov, (rpidfa) unconquercd, Aosch. 

a-Tpipi{s, 4s, (rplftto) not rubbed; of places, not tra- 
versed, pathless, Thuc. : of roads, not worn or used, 
Xen. : generally, fresh, now, Lat. integer, Id. 

arpiov, r6, Dor. for tfrpiov. 

a-TptiTTos> ov, (rp^w) of hands, wo/ worn by work, 
Od. ; of corn, not threshed, Xen. ,* &rp. &Kav0ai thorns 
<?ra which, one cannot tread, or untravened thorns, 

a-Tp<ip,TjTos, ov, (rpo,u4>) = sq. Anth. 

a-Tpojxos, ov, (rpfyto} intrepid, dauntless, II. 

arpoirCa, y, inflexibility, Theogn. From 

inflexible, unbending t Anth. : -hence *A 

name of one of the Mo^ai or Parcac, lies. ; v. 

LTpo<pew, f, Tjcra), to pine away, suffer from atrophy^ 

Plut. From 

a-Tpo<fos, ov, (rptyo)} not fed, ill-fed,, Xen. 
a-TpvYCTOs, 17, ov, (rpi)7^cu) yielding no harvest,, tin- 
fruitful, of the sea, Horn. ; of the air, Id. 

worn out by ills, Aesch. 

a-TptJros, ov, (rpixt}) not worn ttwfty^ untiring, un- 
wearied, Aesch. : indefatigable, Plut 2. of things, 
ttnabating, Soph., Mosch. ; of a road, w/ wm^wz<',Theocr, 
A-Tp-uT^vKj, jj^ tf l6 Unwearied^ a name of Pallas, Horn, 
(Lengthd. form of drptn"*}, as *A.t$uvefa of "Ai$77,y, ) 

a-Tpwros, ov, unbounded, Aesch., Soph, II in 

mdnerable, Eur. 

irra, Att. for a<r<ra^rLvd, some, Plat, 

arra, a salutation used to elders, father, Horn. 

a, o, a bird, prob. a kind of partridge ; or, as 

others think, the godwit or redshank, Ar. (Deriv. 

<aTTa*ytjv, rjvos, 6, a bird, prob. a kind of grouse, attagen 
lonicus, Horat. 

ArraTai, a cry of pain or grief, Trag., Ar. 

arreXapos, Ion. ~pos> o, a kind of locust without 
wings, Hdt. (Deriv. unknown.) 

"ATTTJS ^Tr/s, a form of exorcism, used by the priests of 
Cybele, Dem. 

'ATTIKI^W, f. Att. iw, ('ArrifcJs) to side with the Athe- 
nians, Thuc., Xen. Hence 

'ATTiKicrfxds, o, a siding with Athens, attachment to 
her, Thuc. 

*ATTiKi<rrtj Adv., ('A.rriKO$} in the Attic dialect, Dem. 

'ATTUCIWV, a comic Dim., my little Athenian, Ar. From 

^ATTLK^S, $, ov, (OIKT^) Attic, Athenian, Solon, etc.; 
7) 'Arrticfi (sc. yri\ Attica, Hdt., etc. ; cf. *A.r6t$. II. 
Adv. -K&S in Attic style, Dem. 

. ? ATTiic<i>vLK<f>s> %, 6v, a comic alteration of 'Arrifcos, after 
the form of AaK(aviK6s, Ar. 

.^TTO), Att. for<r(a, afcrcra?. 

aT-u^ojiai, in pres., and in aor. 2 part, drvx^fc Pass. : 
to be distraught from fear, massed, bewildered, 
Horn, ; arvofj.voi. TreSloio fleeing bewildered o'er the 
plain, II. : also to be distraught with grief, arvfo- 
jjievos Soph., Eur. : c. ace., fyiv arv^Oeis amazed at 
the sight, II. II. in late Ep. we find the Act. OLTUO), 
with 3 sing, aor, i opt. arvgai, to strike with terror, 

a-T-up.fUvTos, ov, (Tu/tj8ei5w) without burial, Anth. 

a-rvp-pos, ov, without a tomb, Luc. 

a-TvpavvVTOS, ov, (rvpavvevu) not ruled by tyrants, 

a-Tu<f>ot, ov, without pride or arrogance, modest, Plat. 

.arvx^w* f. ^<r&> : aor. i ^Tv-^ffa: pf. TjrvxyKa: (arv- 
X^y) : to be unlucky or unfortunate, fail, miscarry, 
Hdt., Thuc., etc. 2. c. gen., to fail of a. thing, fail 
in getting or gaining it, rys aXyQeias Xen.; so, c. 
part., Thuc. 3. <XT. irpds rtva to fail with another, 
i.e. to fail in one's request, Xen. : Pass., ra ari/x^" 
6 evr a. mischances, failures, Dem. Hence 

or os, r6, a misfortune, mishap, Oratt. 
> es, (Tv7X^yt) luckless, unfortunate,Qem,,ekc. 
rt, ill-luck : a misfortune, miscarriage, -mis- 
hap, Xen. 

.o.T(ou,ai, v. araoo. 

,AY*, Adv., again, anew, afresh, once more, Horn., etc. ; 
after numerals, SeiJrcpov a5, rpirov a, etc., Id. II. 

generally, again, i. e. further, moreover, besides, Lat. 
porro, Od., Att. 2. in turn, on the other hand, 
following 5e, II, Att. III. the pleon. phrases, 

are only Att., mostly Trag. 
.iv, av, bow wow, of a dog, Ar. 
.cruatvca, Att. av- : f. ft avavto : aor. i ytiyva or a#~ : 

Pass., aor. i t\\}avBt]v or av : f . med. avavovfAai in pass. 

sense: (af/cw to dry} : to dry, Od., Hdt., Xen. 2. 

to dry or parch up, avavfo 0iov / shall waste life away, 

Soph. : Pass., avav8eis withered, Aesch. ; so in f . med., 

avavovfiai I shall wither away, Soph. 
.a-uaXe'os, o, ov, (aos) ^ry, parched, Hes. ; of eyes, ^r^> 

sleepless, Anth. 


avara, i. e, apdra, Aeol. for arrj, Pind. 

av^a^w, f . acrto, aor. i yftyacra : (avy^)} : to view in the 
clearest light, see distinctly, discern, Soph. ; so in 
Med., II., Hes. II. of the sun, to beam ttpon, 

illumine, rwa Eur. 

AYTH', y, the light of the sun, sunlight, and in pi. 
his rays or beams, Horn. ; I&TT* avyas i]\ioio, i. e, 
still alive, Od. ; so, avyas eo'LO'eiv, Xv<r<reiv, fiXzirsLv 
Theogn., Aesch., Eur.; but, VTT' avyas \v<ro"LV or 
ISew TI to hold up to the light and look at, Id.; 
KXvfav irpbs avyds to rise surging towards the sun, 
Aesch. : metaph., (ou SiWos avya'i ' life's setting 
sun, 3 Id. : avyfj the dawn, day-break, N. T. 2. 
generally, any bright light, as of fire, Horn. ; of light- 
ning, II. ; of the eyes, Soph. ; hence avyai, like Lat. 
lumina, the eyes, Eur. 3. any gleam on the sur- 
face of bright objects, sheen, avy^f ^a\Kifj II. ; avya 
TreVAou Eur. 

ccuSdo)j.aL, f. ~aojucu, Dep. (auSr?) to cry out, speak 9 
Hdt. : an aor. i act. av$aa occurs in Anth. 

avSdo), impf. yfto'tov : f . avo'ljo'CD, Dor. dcrta [a], Dor. 
3 pi. avdavovvri : aor. i vjijiS-rja'a, Dor. aijfiaffa, Ion. 
3 sing, aufr^cracr/ce ; also as Dep. aiSaopac : impf. 
rivSaro : f. fiffopat : aor. i ab^Q^v (pass, only) : 
(au5^) : I. c. ace. rei, 1. to utter sounds, 

speak, II., Eur. 2. c. ace. rei, to speak or say 
something, II., Soph. : so as Dep., Id. : Pass., TjvSSro 
yap ravra so 'twas said, Id. 3. of oracles, 

to zttter, proclaim, tell of, Id. ; to speak out con- 
cerning a thing, Aesch. II. c. ace. pers., 1. 
to speak to, address, accost, Horn. : to invoke a god, 
Eur. 2. c. ace. et inf. to tell, bid, order one to 
do, Soph. ; ai>5. TIJ/O. fjfy iroitiv to forbid one to do, 
Aesch. ; auSa? o-iwirav Soph. : so as Dep., Id. 3, 
to call by name, call so and so, Eur. : Pass., au5jucu 
TTCUS s AxiAAes Soph. ; KaKicrr' avftcSjuej/os most ill re- 
ported of, Aesch. 4. like \*y*iv, to mean such an 
one, Eur. 

AY'AH', Dor. a-iSa, ^, the human -voice, speech, opp. to 
o/x^ (a divine voice), II. 2. the sound or twang 
of the bowstring, Od. ; of a trumpet, Eur. ; of the 
TTTI, Hes. II. =* Q'fiM, & report, account, Soph., 
Eur. 2. an oracle, Id. Hence 

avSijcis, fcfcfa, ev, speaking with human voice, Od. 5 
when flebs ai>8'/je<rcra is applied to Calypso and Circe, 
it means a goddess who used the speech of mortals, Ib. 

ati-pv6>, Ep. aor. i avepvcra, to draw back or backwards, 
II. ; zto draw the bow, Ib. : absol., in a sacrifice, zto 
draw the victim's head ##/&, so as to cut its throat, Ib. 
(It can hardly be a compd. of ad tptw, for av is never 
elsewh. used in the local sense of back : perh. for av- 

avOaSeta, poet, -(a, y, self-will, wilfulness, stubborn- 
ness, contumacy, presumption, Aesch., etc. From 

av0-aS-qs [a], es, (^Soju-ai) self -willed, wilful, dogged, 
stubborn, contumacious, presumptzwus, Hdt., etc. : 
metaph. of things, remorseless, unfeeling, Aesch.: 
Adv. -Sots, Ar. ; Comp. -^vrepov, Plat. Hence 

a-u6a8o(i,ai,, Dep. to be self-willed, Plat. Hence 

av6aSi<rfJ.a [a], aroy, r6 } an act of self-will, wilfulness, 

;, ov, (aW/xtx) self-wilted in speech, Ar. 

K 2 



a.xi6-ai|jL<ov, ov, gen. ovos, (aTjua) of the same blood, a 
brother, sister, kinsman, Soph. ; so, av8cun,os> ov, Id. 

a\i6-aipTo$, ov, self-chosen, self -elected,, Xen. II. 

by free choice, of oneself, Eur. : independent, Thuc. III. 
oi thing-s &* o oneself, self-incurred, voluntary, 
Soph., Thuc., etc. 

a-u0-cacnros, ov, one who calls each thing ly its name, 

ax0evTea>, . ^cr, to have full power over, nv6s N. T. 

axiO-evTirjs, ov, Q, contr. for avro&TTjs, one who does 
anything 1 with his own hand, an actual murderer, 
Hdt., Eur., etc. : more loosely, one of a murderers 

family, Id. 2. an absohite master, autocrat, 

Id. II. as Adj., avQevrys ^>6vos > ctufleWcu 

murder by one of the same family, Aesch, (The part 
-eVrTjs is of uncertain deriv.) 

ax0-T}p.cpos, ov, (^/Acpct) made or done on the very day, 
Aeschin. II. Adv. av07j/X/><Ji' (oxyt.), on the very 

day, on the same day, immediately, Aesch., etc. ; 
Ion. avTrjiJLepfo, Hdt. 

irufh. Adv. shortened for cubrtdi, of Place, on the spot, 
here, there, Horn. ; a$9i x el)/ to keep him there, as he 
is, Od. 2. of Time, forthwith, straightway, II. 

ru0i-Y<=vVjs, Ion. a-uriy-, es, (yfyvo/xat) born on the 
spot, born in the country^ native, Lat. indigena, 
Hdt. ; avr, irora.fji.ot rivers that rise in the country, 
Id. ; v5cop avr. a natural spring, Id. : genuine, sin- 
cere, Eur. 

cuiOis, Ion. aims. Adv., a lengthd. form of aS : I. 

of Place, back, back again, II. ; 2hJ/ afiris Ib. ; this sense 
rare in Att . II. of Time, again, afresh, anew, Horn ., 
Att. ; strengthd., tfcrrcpov a&ns, er* aSriy, iraAijf ctfirts II., 
etc.; j3oav a30is to cry encore! Xen. 2. o future 
Time, again, hereafter,^., Aesch. Ill* of Sequence, 
moreover, in turn, on the other hand, Id., Soph. 

a-uO-iSjJLaijj.os, strengthd. for fyuat/ios, Soph. 

a-xuaxos, ov 3 (i, e. A-ffaxos)* epith. of the Trojans in 
II., either, 1. (a copul., la-xti) loud-shouting, noisy, 
or, 2. (from a.pri'vat.} noiseless, silent. 

avXaK-p-yaTt)s [a], ov, &, tracing furrows, Anth. 

avXai, &KO$, y, also aXo|, o/cosr with Ep. ace. d>A/ca, 
^A/cas : # furrow made in ploughing-, Lat. sulcus, 
Horn., etc, ; a/Aa/c' ^Kavveiv to draw a furrow, Hes. 2. 
metaph. of a w^v? as 2fA? fearer of children, Soph., 
Eur. 3. metaph. also, a furrow in the skin, a 
gash, wound, Aesch., Eur. -i.^tf-yyuos, a swathe, 
Theocr. (Prob. from same Root as 6\ic6s r Lat. sulcus, 
from e'Xjcw.) 

cnjXeios, a, ov and os, ov, of or belonging to the ccuA.^ 
or cozirt, tir a&Xe^ort Qvpyvt at the door of the court, 
i.e. the outer door, house-door, Od. ; so in Hdt. and 

a-uXe'u, f. ier*>> (auXtis) to play on the flute, Hdt., Plat., 
etc. ; auX. e^o5ov ^(? play a finale, Ar, II, Pass., 

o tunes, to be played on the flute, Xen. j but, avXenrai 

jj.G\a6pov is filled <with music, Eur. 2. in Pass, 

also of persons, to be played to, hear music, Xen. 

a-oXij,^, (prob.from fojjtu (i^/u) ^o 6^7y,for the auA^ was 

open to the air) : in Horn, the court-yard, surrounded 

with out-buildings, and having 1 the altar of Zebs 'Ep/ceros 

in the middle, so that it was at once the meeting-place 

of the family, and the cattle-yard, II. ; it had two doors, 

viz. the house-door (cf. atfAeios), and another leading 
through the ctffloucra into the ftpo'So/mos, Od. 2. the 
'wall of the court-yard., II. II. after Horn., the 

av\ri was the court or quadrangle, round which the 
house itself was built, having- a corridor (TrepKrrvXio^, 
from which were doors leading into the men's apart- 
ments; opposite the house-door (cf. atfAetos) was the 
u4o"av\os or fteVauAos (q.v.), leading into the women's 
part of the house, Hdt., Att. III. generally, any 

court or hall, Horn., Trag. 

a\jXY|jia, aros, r6, (au\co) a piece of music for the flute, 
Ar., Plat. 

a\jXt)<ri$, coos, r\, (auA.w) flute-playing, Plat. 

a\jXt]Tnp, TJpos, <$, =s av\i]Tris, Hes.j etc. 

at>XtjTT|s, ou, ft, (avXew) a flute-player, Lat, tibicen t 
Theogn., Hdt., etc. Hence 

avXijTiKiis, -i], 6v, (av\ea>) of or for the flute. Plat.; ^ 
-icf) (sc. r^xvri} flute-playing, Id. 

avX-qxpis, ttios, ^, (auAew) a. flute-girl, Lat. tibicina, 
Ar., Xen., etc* 

AxiXudSes Nv(j.<pa,t 3 (avX'fj) Nymphs protecting cattle- 
folds, Anth, 

avXCStov, r<f. Dim. of auA.-^, Thcophr. 

a-i)XL^O| : aor. I med. rivXifri^fiv, pass. ri\j\(ffQ^v ; 
(auA^) : to lie in the court-yard, of cattle, Od. ; to 
pass the night, lodge, Eur. ; of soldiers, to bivouac, 

cwJXLov, r6, (auAT?) a. country house, cottage, h. Horn. : 
a fold, stable, Eur., Xen. II. a chamber, ca<vi\ 

grotto. Soph. 

a\Xios> a, ov, (avX-ff] of or for farm-yards, rustic, Eur. 

avXis, iSoy, 77, (auA^) a place for passing the night in, 
a tent, roosting-placc, Horn., Eur. 

a/uXicncos, 6, Dim. of abxds, a small rccd, pipe, Theogn. 

avXiorrpCs, ISos, 7i, (av\ a hoiise-tnatc, Theocr. 

a-uXo-Siiai, TJ, (5^xo^0 ft flute-case, Anth. 

a-uXo-0T^w, (rtS'rjfj.L) to make flutes or pipes, Anth. 

avXoTTouKTJ, (sc. TX^) ^> flute-making, Plat. From 

avXo-iroios, fi, (irotcay) a flute-maker, Plat. 

avXds, <5, (^jui to blow) a. flute or rather clarionet (for it 
was played by a mouth piece, yK<atf<ris, Aeschin. ), IL,otc.; 
auAol a.v$pri"iot and yvvaw^toi, Lat. tibiae dcxtrac and 
sinistrae, bass and treble, Hdt.; sometimes one person 
played two coAo at once, Theocr. ; av\b$ *EvuaAfou, i. c. 
a trumpet, Anth. : -^TT* ai/Aowto the sound of the flute y 
Hdt. ; so, -jrpos avA(ij/, ijirb rbv ab\6v Xen. 2. any 
tube or pipe, as the socket oC a spear-head, the groove 
into which the tongue of a buckle fitted, Horn. ; thir 
pipe of bellows, Thuc. : ~a&A-&s irax^s 1 , in Od., seems 
to mean a jet of blood through the tube of the nostril. 

a-uXwv, &VQS, 6, poet, also 4> (awA^y) a hollow way, 
defile, glen, h, Horn., Hdt., Ar. 2.. canal, aque- 
duct, trench, Hdt. 3. a channel, strait, Aesch. ; 

cttv\Soj/es WPTIOI the sea straits, i.e. the Archipclag*o r 

avX-wirts, foos, rj, (^\|/) of ahc k lmet, with a tube in front y 
to hold the Attyos, II. 

ArHA'NaandAY^-ii^poct.d^q.v.): f. <^<ru; aor. i 
ij^Tjcra: pf. ?7#i7K<r.~ -Pass., pf. TjC^juat; aor. i 7j&|$0ij>>: 
f. av%r)6'fi(ro}jLai and in med. form ai^cro/xat ; - -to wz/&^ 
, increase, augment, Hdt., etc* (ilom. only uses 
2. tf^ increase in power, strengthen, exalt f 

aggrandise, Hdt., Att. : also to promote to honour, 
glorify, magnify, Trag., Plat. II. Pass, to grow, 

max, increase, Hes., Hdt:., etc. ; av. & irXyOos, cs- ityos 
Id. ; of a child, to grow itp, Id. ; 7)vi-av6]ji7]v I grew 
taller, Ar.; so with an Adj., av|cv<T0eu peyas to wax 
great, Eur. Hence 

av|*i, % ,= a.vj*7i<Tis, Plat. 

AvfjTicria, T), (a#) the Goddess of growth, Hdt. 

av^Tjo'is, etas, 7), growth, increase, Thuc.; o crops, Hdt. 
s, ov, (a#a>) promoting growth, Xen. 
eXirjvov, ro, (0"eA7?v??) the waxing moon, Anth. 

a/ua>, to increase, v. cw<voo. 

avovij, 77, (auos) dryness, withering, Aesch. 

axles, 7], ov, Att. avos, a, ov, (a&o) <irx, of timber, Od. : 
dried, of fruit, Hdt. : withered, of leaves, Ar, : neut. as 
Adv., aSov avrc'iv or atfetv to ring dry and harsh, of 
metal, II. 2. dried up, exhausted, Theocr. 

aim via, 77, sleeplessness, Plat. From 

a-vnros, ov, [v], sleepless, wakeful, of persons, Od., 
Att. : metaph. sleepless, never-resting, TnjSctXm Aesch.; 
KpTjvat Soph. 2. of sleepless nights, Horn. 3. 

{farvcs ZwVvos a sleep that is no sleep, from which one 
easily awakes, Soph. 

avpa, Ion. avprj, 77, (&7/u) air in motion, a breeze, esp. 
a cool breeze, the fresh air of morning, Lat. aura, Od., 
Hdt., Att. Poets ; rare in Prose : metaph. steam, 
Ar. 2. metaph. also, of changeful events, Eur., Ar.; 
of anything thrilling, Eur* 

avpiov, Adv., (akin to ijds] to-morrow, Lat. eras, 
Horn., etc. ; $ aftpiov on the morrow or till morning, 
Id. II. as Subst., the morrow, II. ; in Att., 77 

aftptov (sc. 7)/JLpa) the morrow, Eur. ; 77 afy?. 7}/j.epa 
Xen. ; 77 <-s atfp. T^uepa Soph. ; 5 a&piov %p6vos Eur. 

avcrai, aor. I inf. of atfw, fo shout. 

a-ucTLos, v. ryvffios. 

atxrraX^os, a, ov, Ep. avcrraXeos, (a#a> dry) s^in- 
burnt, squalid, Lat. siccus, Od., Hes. 

a-varTYjprfs, c, 6v, (atfco ^o ^fry) making the tongue dry 
and rough, harsh, rough, bitter, Plat. : metaph. 
austere, harsh, Id., N. T. Hence 

a-ucrnrjp^TTjs, rjros, TJ, harshness, roughness, otvov Xen.: 
metaph. austerity, harshness, Plat. 

avT-ayycXos, d, carrying one's own message, bringing 
news of what oneself has seen, Soph., Thuc. ; c. gen. 
rei, Xoyoiv afar. Soph. 

auT-dYpTO$, ov, (aypw) self-chosen, left to one's 
choice, Od., h. Horn. 

a-uT-dS\4>os, ov, related as brother or sister, Aesch., 
Soph. II. as Subst. one's own brother or sister, 


avr-avSpos, ov, (a,vf)p) together with the men, men and 
all, Polyb. 

<ax>T-av\j/ios, 6, an own cousin, cotisin-german, Aesch., 

avTap, Ep. form of &rap, Horn. 

avrapKCva, TJ, sufficiency in oneself, independence, Plat. 

CLVT-apKir]?, $, (Ap/cccu) sufficient in oneself, hailing 
enough,, independent of others, Hd't., Plat. ; vrj^s 
tdirapiffis acting of itself, Aesch. ; x^P a a " T - a country 
that supplies itself, independent of imports, Thuc. ; 
avr. irpos ri strong enough for a thing, Id., Xen. ; 


c. inf. able of oneself to do a thing, Dem. ; aur. $0?) a 

sufficient, vigorous shout, Soph. 
avrc, Adv. (aS, re, where re is otiose, as in cJcrrc") : I. 

of Time, again, II. II. to mark Sequence, again, 
furthermore, next, Ib., Soph. 2. on the other hand, 

on the contrary, following p.4y like $, Horn., Att. Poets. 
avT-eljovtrios, ov, (^|oyo*i) in one's own power; TO av- 

re^criovfree power, Babr. 
a-uT-cird-YYtXros, ov, (irayje\\<)) offering of oneself, 

of free will, Hdt., Eur., Thuc., etc. 
a{iT-irwvv|ios, ov, of the same surname with, rivos 


vT-epertis, ou, o, one who rows himself, i. e. rower and 

soldier at once, Thuc. 
ot-urew [v], only in pres. and impf. : (a#o> to cry} : to 

cry, shout, II. , Aesch. : c. ace. cogn., /8o&v avrj Eur.; 

aure? 5" oiJ Aesch. 2. c. ace. pers. to call to, 11., 

Eur. : c. ace. pers. et inf., Eur. From 

-uri} [\j], i), (a&u to cry) a cry, sho^tt, esp. battle-shout, 

war-cry, Horn. : generally a sound, Aesch. 

IXIT-IIKOOS, ov, (d/coi5w) one who has himself heard, an 

ear-witness, Thuc., Plat. 

a\)T-j)|iap, Adv., = owBrjfjiep6v, on the self-same day, II. 
avT-T|fXp<$v, Ion. for avQ-rjpepdv. 

-uTi-"Yvijs, es, Ion. for avQi-yev-fis. 

vTiica [I], Adv. (avr 6s) forthwith, straightway, at once, 

Horn., etc.; which notion is strengthened in aurtaa vvv, 

/j,d\* avrltca Od. ; c. partic., avr IK lovn immediately on 

his going, Ib.; so, avrlxa yevo'juevos as soon as born, Hdt.; 
Kal /xT7TtTa now and hereafter, Od. ; so, TO 
and rb jueAAov, Thuc. : with a Subst., rfyv 
Jipepav Soph. ; o nitrltca $6pos momentary fear, 

Thuc. 2. also in a slightly futiire sense, presently, 

Lat. mox, Soph., etc. II. for example, to begin 

with, Ar., Plat., etc. ; avrf/ca ST> jutiAa Dem. 
dvTfjii], 7), (&?/u) breath, II. ; avry.7] "HQaiffroio the fiery 

breath of Hephaestus, Ib. ; irvpbs ^vr^i} Od. ; of 

bellows, II. ; of wind, Od. 2. odo^lr, scent, fra- 
grance, Horn. 

d-uTjXijv, evos, 0, = &vrin7}, Horn. 
avTo-dv6p<)7ros, <5, the ideal man, the Form of man, 

ax/To-poet, (Pol}) Adv. by a mere shout, at the first 

shout, avr. lAcTi/ to take without a blow, Thuc. 
avT<5-pov\os, ov, self-willing, self-purposing, Aesch. 
avTo-7^vvrjTos, ov, self-produced : avrojevvrira Koifj.ii- 

para iM\rp6s a mother's intercourse with her own child, 

avTOYVWjJtov^w, f. Tjorw, to act of one*s own judgment, 

Xen. From 
avTo-YVcap-wv, ov, gen. ovos, on one's own judgment, 

at one's own discretion, Arist. : Adv. ~6va3S, Plut. 
avT<5-YVTos, ov, (yv&vai) self-determined, self-willed, 


a\>T!>-Yvos, ov, (yvr)s) of a plough, having the share- 
beam of one piece with the pole, Hes. 
avTo-Saijs, 4s, (*5aw) self-taught, unpremeditated, 

avTo-8diKTos, ov, (5aff<w) self-slain or -mutually slain, 


avT-oSdJ, Adv. with the very teeth, & avrotiag rpoiros 

your ferocious temper, Ar. 


Ka, just ten, Thuc. 
a-uTO-StjXos, ov, self-evident, Aesch. 
ariTo-SCSaKTos, ov, self-taught, Od., Aesch. 
axiTo-Sticos, ov, (5f/c7j^ with independent jurisdiction, 

with one's own law-courts, Thuc. 

a-vroSiov, Adv. straightway, Od. (It seems to be 
lengthd. from ctMs, as fMfyto'Los from /icty, fuvvvedtiios 
from n-ivvvQa..} 

s, ov, ~ avOeKaffros : TO avr. /r<? tdtea/ or 

form of each object, Arist. 
-s, ou, 6,==av6VTfis, a murderer, Soph. 

avro-creC, Adv. in the same year, Theocr. From 

aiJTo-eriis, 4s, (TOS) in or of the same year : Adv. 
auTo'eres, in the same year, 'within the year, Od. 

Auro-6at?, TJ, Thai's herself, Luc. 

a%T<$0e, v. avr6dev. 

avToBcXet, Adv. voluntarily, Anth. From 

avTo-OeX-qs, es-, (0eAa>) of one's own will, Anth. 

avT<$0ev, before a conson. -0e, Adv. : (avroO) : of Place, 

from the very spot, Lat. illinc, Horn., Att.; ccur. <? 
eSfnjs- straight from his seat, without rising-, II. j aur. <k 
^aKa^jLivos Hdt., etc.; avrAQsvfrom where thoustandest, 
Soph. ; aur. fiiortiietv to find a living /row rf/z ^/<m, 
Thuc. .or avr. 2A<? natives. Id. II. of Time, 

072 the spot, at once, Lat. illico, II., Hdt., Att. 

axmSOt, Adv. for aurov, <m fli* spot, II., Hdt., Att. 

avTo-icap8a\os,oy, wrought or done carelessly, slovenly, 
random, Arist.: Adv. -Ktos, Id. (Deriv. unknown.) 

avTO-Kacri/YVTfJTrj, %, an own sister, Od., Eur. 

a r uTo-Kacri"YVT|Tos, <5 } cm own brother, II., etc. 

cti)To-icaTa.KptTos, o*>, (Karcucpivca') self -condemned, N.T. 

m>To-Ke'Xev0os, OP, going one's own road, Anth. 

auTo-K&cwros, ov, self -bidden, i.e. unbidden, of one's 
own accord, Xen., Anth. 

ovTo-KcXijs, &, (KAo/xaO= = foreg., Hdt. 

avT<$-KXa8os, oj/, branches and all, Luc. 

auT<J-KXt]Tos, oy, self-called, L e. uncalled, unbidden, 
Aesch., Soph. 

avTo-KOjxos, ov, (K&iuti) with natural hair, shaggy, 
Ar. II. hair or leaves and all, Luc. 

aiiTo-KpaTijs, s-, (/cpareto) riding by oneself, absolute, 
autocratic, Eur., Plat. 

avTOKpo-TopiKxfe, 4, 0V, of or /<?r ;x autocrat : Adv. 
-KOJff, despotically, Plut. From 

evro-KpaTwp, opoy, <5, 17, (/c/oarcw) <?n<?V <?W7Z master: 1. 
of persons or states, />w and independent, Lat. 5z 
jims, Thuc., Xen. 2. of ambassadors, possessing 
full powers, plenipotentiary, Ar., Thuc., etc. 3. of 
rulers, absolute, arbitrary, despotic, Id., etc. 4. 

of reasoning 1 , peremptory, Id. II. c. g"en. o?w- 

plete master of, lavroO Id. j TTJS* ^Tnopfctas aur. ^ 
liberty to swear falsely, Dem. 

a-uT(5-KTiTos, ov, (icrffw) self -produced, i.e. natural, 
vrpa Aesch. 

avroKTovew, f. ^crw, to sfay ontf another, Soph. 

aTo-KT<5vos, ox, (lere^eo) self-slaying 1 ; Adv. -I/GJS, 
WitVA one's own hand, Aesch. : so X V a ^ T -> 0: f Medea, 
wA<? slew her own children, Eur. 2. slaying one 
another, Aesch. ; Q&varros avr. death #y each other's 
hand, Id. 

ov f 5. (?7z^ wA<? steers himself, Anth, 

avTO-Kcoiros, ov, (je^ff?^ together with the hilt, up to 

the hilt, Aesch. 

LVTO-X-qKti0o9, 6, one who carries his own oil-flask, a 

shabby fellow, Dem. 
ax>To-fj.a0i)S, 4s, (jua0/) having learnt of oneself, self" 

taught, Anth. 
avro-jxaprvs, vpos, <5, ^, oneself the witness, an eye* 

witness, Aesch. 
axTO|AaTit<i>, f . Icrca, to act of oneself, act ^madmsedly , 

Xen. From 
at>T<5aaTos 7)) ov, and os, ov : 1. of persons, acting 

of one's own will, of oneself , II., etc. 2. of things, 

self -moving, self-acting, spontaneous, of the gates of 

Olympus, the tripods of Hephaestus, II. : of plants, 

growing of themselves, Hdt. 3. without apparent 

^cause, accidental, Id. ; aur. Odvaros a natural death, 

Dem. II. avrdftaTov, TO, mere chance, a?rb roD 

avrojjLdrov or cbrb rauro/jidrov, Lat. sponte, by chance, 

naturally, Hdt., Thuc. HI. Adv. -r^^airo 

ravrofjidrov, Hdt. 
AxTo-fx^8<k>v, ovros, o, Self-ruler, name of Achilles' 

charioteer, II, 

AxiTo-jxeXLVva, TJ, Melinna herself, Anth. 
airroftoXew, f. 4?cnw, to desert, Hdt., Atfc. ; avr. vpos 

TOits Ttepffas Hdt. ; $ *A,Qi]v<ts <?K TLepcreuiv Id. ; and 
<x-uTO{xoXCa TI, desertion, Thuc. From 
avr^-fioXos, ov, {/LioX.e'iv} going of oneself, without 

bidding : as Subst. a deserter, Hdt., Att. 
<x"uTovow.^, f. ^o'Ojiiai, Dep. to live by one^s oivn laws, 

be independent, Thuc., Dem.; and 
a\Tovo(JLCa, 7j, freedom to use one's own laws, inde- 
pendence, Thuc., etc. 
a-uTd-vojios, ov, (v^fAOfAai) living under one's own laws, 

independent, Hdt., Att. 2. generally, of one's 

own free will, Soph. 3. of animals, feeding and 

ranging at will, Anth. 

o,x)T<5-voos, ov, contr. -vovs, ouv, self-willed, Aesch. 
' [*J, Adv. (v^|) that very night, II. 
s, ov, ($X.ov] of mere wood, Soph. 
. is> &, (Trfiyvvjuit) self-joined, self-built, Anth. 
axTO7ra0,a, rj, one's own feeling or experience, Polyb. 

avTO-ira0ifr, c^, speaking from one's own feeling or 

experience .Adv. -0coy, Polyb. 
avT<5-7rats, TratSos 1 , 6, ^, an own child, Soph. 
avTo-in](x<av, ov, (TrrJ/aa) for one's own woes, Aesch. 
avT<5-.7roi,os, ov, (TTOI&U) self -produced, as the Athenian 

olive, Soph. 

ai>T<$-iroXt.s, v), free as a state, independent, Thuc. 
;, ov, 6, citizen of a free state, Xen. 
, ov, (TTOV^W] self -wrought, Anth. 
<5, ^, -Trow, r6, on one's ovsn feet, 

a-iT<4^7rpcp.vos, ov, (irp^vov) together with the root, 

root and branch, Soph., Ar, j aur, ri fiifidvat, to g"ive in 

absolute possession, Aesch. 
atPTo-irpdio'wTros, ov, (Trpotftavov) in one's own person, 

without a mask, Luc. 
a\T-<J7TTi], ov, 6, (^ojuat, f. of opdw} seeing oneself, an 

eyewitness, Hdt. 
atiTo-TrwXif)s ov, 6, (TrtoX&u) selling one*s own goods or 

products. Plat. Hence 

4, Jy,foreg. : ^ -WT? (sc. T^MJ), the 

trade of an avroircAXys, Plat. 
avTop-piSos, ov, (^ifa) r^/j ^zw^ all ; poet, avrdpifrs, 

Babr. ^ II. self-rooted, self-foimded, Eur. 
a-uTop-pflTos, ov, (pea?) self-flowing, flowing unbidden, 

AYTO'2, avTij, axT(S, reflexive Pron., self, Lat. #$* : 

in the oblique cases simply for the personal Pron., him, 

her, it : with the Artie. 6 aiiros, r) avr-f], rb aM (or 

Tavr6j>\ etc., the very one, the same. 

I. self, myself, thyself, etc., ace. to the person of the 
Verb., Horn., etc. : 1. oneself, one's true self, the soul, 
not the body, Od. ; or opp. to others, as king- to sub- 
jects, parent to children, man to wife, etc., Horn, j hence 
absol. for the Master, rts odros j AurJy, i. e. Socrates, 
Ar.; similarly in neut. a.M 6Vei ike result will 
shew, Eur. 2. of oneself, of one's own accord, Lat. 
sponte, Horn., Soph. 3. by oneself, alone, abrts 
7T6p <&v although alone, II.; avrot ^cffjLev we are by 
ourselves, i. e. among friends, Ar. 4. in Plat., rb 
$LKCUOJ> avr6 right in itself, the idea of right, etc. ; cf. 
ai>Toav8pa>Tro$. 5. in dat. with Subst., together 
with, avdpova-ev avrrj (rbv tydpjjuyyi he sprang up lyre 
in hand, II. ; avrrf ffbv irfayKt helmet and all, Ib. ; 
and without <ri>v, avrols a.vb'pdo'i men and all, Hdt., 
etc. 6. added to ordinal Numbers, e.g. ire^irros 
aMs himself the fifth, i.e. himself with four others, 
Thuc. 7. in connexion with the person. Pron., y& 
avros, fae6cv avr^s, <rt aMv, etc., Horn. ; in Hdt. 
and Att. it coalesces with oblique cases of Pron., fy- 
avrov, cre-ctvTov, e-avrov : it is joined with these 
reflexive Pronouns to add force, avrbs KO.& atrov, aurol 
v<j>' avr&v Aesch., etc. 8. gen. avrov is used with 
the possessive Pron., trarpbs K\GOS ^8" avrov 
II. ^ 9. avrbs eavrov is also used with Comp. and Sup. 
Adj. to express something unusual, avrbs Icovroy 
7roXA.<^ viroSfcarrepos Hdt. 

II. he, she, it, for the simple Pron. of 3 person, 
only in oblique cases, and never at the beginning of a 
sentence, Horn., Att. : cf. eaurot). 

III. with Article 6 avros, f) avr-fi, rb avr6, and 
Att. contr. avros, atfnft, 6 and ravrdv, gen. 
ravrov, dat. ravr$, pL neut. ravrd- Ion. &vr6?, 
ra>vr6ithe very one, the same, Lat. idem, Horn., 
Hdt., Att. : -it freq. takes a dat., like %HQIQ$, to denote 
sameness, r&vrb &j/ vfjuv ^^ara'o^v we should fare 
the same as you, Hdt.; also, b abrbs Kal, cf. Lat. 
sim^cl ac, Id. 

IV. auro- in Compos. : 1. of itself, \. e. natural, 
native, not made, as in avrotcrLros. 2. of mere . , , 
of nothing bitt . . , as in avT^vXos-. 3. of oneself, 
self-, as in auToSiSa/cTOS-, avroparosi and so inde- 
pendently, as in avrfoojjios. 4. just, exactly, as m 
abrdtieKa. 5. with reflex, sense of avrov and aAA^- 
Xcav, as avOevrys, avroKrovtco. 6. together with, as 
in avrdvpe/jivos, a.vrdppios, 

avT^s, v. sub avrds in. 

a-(T<5cr, Adv. (avrov) thither, to the very place, Lat. 

illuc, Hdt., Thuc. 
CL-UTO -0-187] pos [t], ov, of sheer iron, with stroke of sword, 

avT<$cr-cri5Tos, ov, ((revo^at) self-sped, Aesch. 

a stand-up fight, close fight 


et-uTO-orraSiTj, ('/Wct/i 

%v y s avroffraSip II. 
avT<J-o-ToXos, ov, (<TTAX) self-sent, going or C#MP- 

of oneself , Soph., Anth. 
a-UT^-o-Tovos, ov, ((TTva>) lamenting by or /br oneself 

a-uTo-(r<f>aY5s, &, (<r4>a&j) slain by oneself or &y kins- 

\ Soph., Eur. 

_ . f' ^OTOJ, zto <2cf or Sjte^jfc off-hand, 
Xen. 2. c. ace. /p rfenw* off-hand, extemporise, 
Thuc., Xen. II. in bad sense, to act, speak, or 
think unadvisedly, try rash experiments, Plat. ; and 
iyTocrx8Cacrp.a, aros, ro, an impromptu, Arist, ; and 
ivTocrxeSiacrnjs, ov, o, one who acts or speaks off- 
hand : arena hand> bungler, Lat. tiro, Xen. From 

a, ov and os, ov, hand to hand, avro- 
(sc. Ataxi?) in close fight, in the fray, II. : ovro- 
crxe&fyv as Adv., = avrotrx^dv, Horn. II. off-hand, 
of an improvisatore, h. Horn. 

a\>To-<rx8<$v Adv. near at hand, hand to hand, Lat. 
cominus, of close fight, Horn. 

atiTo-TcXcarros, ov, (reXeco) self -accomplished, spon- 
taneous, Anth. 

a-uTo.TcXijs, 4$ y (reXos) ending in itself, complete in 
itself, supporting oneself, tWeTs Luc. II. (reXoy 

iv) taxing oneself, self-taxed, Thuc. 

ayT<5-Toicos J ov, (rticro)) young and all, Aesch. 

a-uTo-Tpayi-K^s, i\, 6v, arrant tragic, Dem. 

axTo-Tpoinrjaus, aor. i part, (as if from avro-rpoirdco], to 
turn straightway, h. Horn. 

ai>Toti, Adv., properly gen. of avros, at the very place, 
just here, just there, Lat. illico, Horn., Hdt., Att.j 
with the place added, avrov ^vl Tpolrj II. ; a.vrov r<p$* 
$vl xApc? Od. ; avrov ravrrj exactly here, Hdt., etc. 
i, Att. contr. for eavrov* 

'p-y^w, f . 4\<r<0, (avrovpy6s) to work with one's own 
hand, Luc. Hence 

ov, self -wrought, rudely wrought, Anth. 
a working on oneself, L e. self-murder 
murder of one's own kin, Aesch. II. per- 

sonal labozir, opp. to slave-labour, Plut. From 

axnr-ovpvo's, ov, (*$pyco) self-working, Soph. 2. as 
Subst., one 'who 'works his land himself (not by slaves"), 
a husbandman, poor farmer, ,Eur.; of the Pelopennesians, 
Thuc. : metaph., avrovpybs r^s <pi\o<ro<pia$ one that 
has worked at philosophy by himself, without a teacher, 
Xen. II. pass* self-wrought, simple, native, Anth. 

a\)T5(f)t, ~(>iv, Ep. gen. and dat. sing, and pi. of avrosr, 
Horn. ; owr. avrdtfuv, Trap* avrdtyiv or -tyi, from the very 
spot, II. ; ITT* avr6<j>iv on the spot, Ib. 

aijT<$-<}>Xoio<>, ov, with the bark on, Theocr. 

at)To-4><5vo5, ov, (*<^)v<w) self-murdering, murdering 
those of one's own family, Aesch. 

avTo-^ovTirjs, ov, 6, = foreg., a murderer, Eur. 

avT<J-<j>opTos, o v, bearing one's own baggage, Aesch. II. 
cargo and all, vavs Plut. 

avTO-4>vijs, 4s, (tyvofjiai) self-grown, Plat. : of home 
growth, Xen. 2. natural, opp. to artificial, Hes., 
Thuc. ; Kopvva avro<pvf)s rough as it came from the 
tree, Theocr. 3. TO avrotbves, one*$ own nature, 


avr<-<|ri>Tos, ov, self-caused, eA/cect Pind. 2. natural, 
aur. Jpyacria, = avrovpyia, i.e. agriculture, Arist. 

axnr<(<|><i>vos, ov, ((Jxwj/Tj) self-sounding, xp*W^ 
an oracle delivered by the god himself, Luc. 

cntiT4S-4>(i}po9) oy, (4><6p) self -detected, caught in the act 
of theft, Soph. ; &nr" abrotycopq) XafAfidveiv to catch in 
the act, Eur., Dem. ; TT* avro<f>c&p(p a\cavai Hdt : in a 
more general sense, ITT* avrotyc&pcp Ka,ra.\a/u.fidvLV TWO, 
ajuafleVrcpov <Wa to detect him point blank of igno- 
rance, Plat. ; &nr* our. cfX^/i^aai -nAotwc<JTaros &V Xen. 

4DtvT<J-xip pos, o, 1), with one's own hand, Aesch., 
Soph., etc. : c. gen. the very' doer or a^tthor of a 
thing, Id., Dem. II. absol., like aMevrys, one 

who kills himself or one of his kin, Soph. : then, 
simply, a murderer, homicide, Id., Dern. ; in full, rbv 
avr. TOV <$>6vov the perpetrator of . . , Soph. III. as 
Adj. -murderous, Eur, ; ir\yy*VT$ cwrdx* 
of brothers smitten by mutual slaughter, Soph. Hence 

avroxeipCa, i], murder perpetrated by one's own hand, 
Plat. : dat. abroxfiplq, Ion. -ly, with one's own hand, 
OUT. Kreiveiv Hdt., etc. 

avT<5-x0ovos, ov, (x^* 7 ) country and all, Aesch. 

avT<J-x0v, ov, gen. ovos, sprung from the land itself, 
Lat. terrigena: avr^x^ves, ot, like \jo.Indigenae, abo- 
rigines, natives, Hdt., Thuc. ; of the Athenians, Eur., 
Ar., etc. II. as Adj. indigenous, Hdt. 

cwTo-x<5X<i>Tos, ov, (xo\6o/j,ai) angry at oneself, Anth. 

CLVTO-X^WVOS, ov, Ep. for avroxoavos, X&VQS, (x<favos) 
rudely cast, massive, of a lump of iron used as a 
quoit, II. 

avT($xP'nH' a > Adv. in very deed, really and truly, 
Ar. II. just, exactly, Luc. 

a\)T-o\|na, j) f (ftyojucu, f. of ftpdca) a seeing with one's 
own eyes, Luc. 

auru, Dor. for adrou, there. 

a-urwsj Adv. of ai>T<fc : I. in this very manner, 

even so, just so, as it is, yvnvbv ^j/ra, airrws &&T* 
yvvaiKa, unarmed just as I am like a woman, II . 2 . 
in a contemptuous sense, Just so, no better, ri crv /dj- 
Seai. aijTtas &vl$p>v , why take you no better care ? Ib. ; 
vftmos a&rtos a mere child, Ib. ; a&rws &x&o$ bpovpys 
Od. II. in reference to the past, still so, just as 

before, as it was, Horn. ; Xevuhv %r afa<as still white 
as when new, II. III. in vain, without effect, 

a-uxcvftw, f. Att, ico, (avxtir) to cut the throat of a 
person, behead, c. ace., Soph. 

ovx^vips, a, ov, (avxfiv) of the neck, Od. 

AY XE A, f . Tjcrctf : aor. i ijijx'n ' ' (**t(x^) * like Kai>Yc- 
o^at, to boast, plume oneself, Hdt., Eur. ; rivi or JTT 
rivi on a thing, Id., Anth. II. c. ace. et inf. to 

boast or declare loudly that, protest that, Hdt., Thuc., 
Eur. : c. inf. only, Aesch. ; ov ydp TTOT* n\'6x^ liv /*# 
|eiy / never thought that . . , Id. Hence 

a 5x i l l '> *<r<ra, ejc, braggart, proud, Anth, ; and 

a-uxilH-a, wros, r6, a thing boasted of, a pride, boast, 
Soph. : cause for boasting, glory, Id., Thuc. II. 
boasting, self-confidence, Id. 

avxifv, evos, 6, the neck, throat, of men and beasts, 
Horn., etc. II. metaph. any narrow passage, a 

neck of land, isthmus, Hdt., Xen. 2. a narrow 

sea, strait, Hdt., Aesch.; of the point at which the 

Danube spreads into several branches, Hdt. 3, a 
narrow mountain-pass, defile. Id. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
'S ea>s, T), (au%o) boasting, exultation,, Thuc. 
, = avxp-^3 Luc. 

>, f. -h<r<a, (ca%u<fc) &? be squalid or unwashed, 
Lat. squaleo, Od., Ar., Plat. 

txH.T]p<te, <*, ^, (aux^ew) ^O/, ^z^^y, roz^A, squalid, 
Eur., Plat. ; esp. of hair, Eur. 

, 6, (a>w /o burn} drought, Hdt., Thuc. 2, 
effects of drought, squalor. Plat. 

, es, (elSos) looking dry, squalid, ito/Ay Eur. ; 

s drought, Hdt. 

Att. avw, w, /'/^A^ a j?w, ^-^ a light, Od. 
(Akin to #co : hence avatvu, auxM^O 
AY^ii, f. &UCTW [u] : aor. i ^uo-a: -to shout out, shout, call 
aloud*, Horn. ; a5e 5* *A.6'f}v'i], /xa/cpbv &vVe, etc., Id. : 
also iu Trag. ; c. ace. cogn, to zittcr, (rrevaj^Vj cw- 
$av Eur. 2. c. ace. pers. to call tipon, Horn. 3, 
rarely of things, to ring, bawls &vo"ep II. ; cf. a5oy. (The 
Root is Af, akin to ^T/JUI : hence &VTTJ.) 
CL^a^vu^tu, Att. f. t$> :~Med., aor. i -^y^ia'd^y i~-to 
purify : Med. to purify oneself by offerings, rols 
&Q?s to the gods, Eur. 
atfxi-tpecris, ccas, v), (a^baip^w) a taking away, carrying 

off. Plat. -, and 

&<|>aip^Tov, verb. Adj. one must take away, Plat. II, 
s, ea,; <lov, to be taken away, Id. ; and 
, 6v, to be taken away, separable, Plat. From 
Ion. aTr-aipco) : f. ^crw : pf. a^/pTj/ca, Ion, 
, : aor. 2 ^iAoy :- ^o take from, take away 
from a person, r rm Od., etc.; also r( nvos, Ar., 
Xen. ; and rt riva Aesch., Soph, : c. ace. solo, foreAcW 
r& %dea having taken them o$", Hdt. ; ^pyV ^. to re- 
OT<?T;<? it, Eur. ; &<f>, %cwp(s separate, set aside, Plat. II, 
Med., f . i^mip^erojueu, and later ktyeXovjAai : aor. 2 &0ct- 
\6^7iv : to take away for oneself, take away, in sense 
and construction much like Act., Horn., etc. 2. fol- 
lowed by pfi c.inLto prevent, hinder from doing, Soph., 
Eur. 3. btpatpeiffQal nva els tKevBepiav, Lat. vindicare 
in libertatem, to set a man free, Plat., Dem. Ill, 

Pass., f. -aipeO'fto'ojjLai : aor. i typp^O?))' : pf . ^j/^/xai, 
Ion. farapalpyjuLat : to be robbed or deprived of a thing-, 
to have it taken from one, ri Hdt, Att. 2. c. inf., 
elcropaj^ was hindered from seeing 1 them, Eur. 
, Dor. f or "H^ata-ros. 

, f. -aAoujuai : aor. x -ijA.cfyx"'?*' : Kp. aor. 2 
part. &Trd\fjLvos i-to spring off or from, ve^s 
Aesch.; A^Xaro jumped off, Ar. II. to rebound, 
^glance off, Anth. 

eU4aXo, o^, without the $&\Q$ or flow, in which the 
plume was fixed, II. 

a<j>-ap.apTavu>, f. ~a,ua/>r^a'0/uu : aor. 2 -"fj^aproy, Kp, 
lAfiporov: ^ wm one's mark, c. gen,, II. , Xen. II. 
6<? deprived of what one has, II, 
p.apTo-TTif]s, 4, ($-*<>$} random-t alking, II. 
&<(>-av8avw, f . -ati'f)<r<*) : Ion. aor. 2 inf. foraScIy ; /w 
displease, not to please, Od., Hdt., Soph. 
a4>avua, ^, obscurity, fafciAjAaros &<p. want of illustrious 
birth, Thuc. II. disappearance, utter destruction, 
Aesch. From 

-4>avis, 4s, (<^)a(i/oyuat) unseen, invisible, vicwlass, of 
the nether world, Aesch. ; xfopa &f>. a blind pit, Hdt, ; 

y d<jt>. Oe6s, of Proserpine, Soph. 2. a<j>. 
= a<pavif0"6ai, to disappear ; be missing., Hdt., Eur. : 
of soldiers missing after a battle, Thuc. : cf . a<pa- 
yifa. 3. imseen, unnoticed, secret, Solon, Thuc. : 
c. part., a<f>. i/j.i TToicav rt I do it without being 
noticed, Xen. 4. unknown, uncertain, obscure, 
Hdt., Att. : of future events, -rJ> agaves uncertainty, 
Hdt : Adv. atyavws, Thuc. ; so K rov atyavovs as Adv., 
Id.; and neut. pi, aQavirj, Eur. 5. of persons, 

unnoticed, obscure, Id., Thuc. 6. d<J>cu^js ovffia 

personal property, as money, which can be made away 
with, opp. to (pavepd (real], as land, Oratt. 

a<|>avit<i>, f Att. IS : pf . ijtydviKa : (a<f>avfo) to make 
unseen, hide from sight, Xen., Thuc., etc. 2, to do 
away 'with, remove, &x os Soph. ; d<. rivet, ir6\os to 
carry off one from the city, Eur. ; a<f>. avrbv els rbv 
ve&v to disappear into the temple, Ar. : of state 
criminals, to remove from sight, make away with, 
Hdt., Xen. : Pass, to be concealed or suppressed, 
Thuc. 3. to destroy utterly, rase to the ground, 
erase writing, Id., Dern. : to obliterate traces, 
Xen. 4. to obliterate, tarnish one's good name, 
Thuc., Plat. : but in good sense, d<. aryaQ<p KO.KQV to 
wipe out ill deeds by good, Thuc.; SiWXemj/ Id. 5. 
to disfigure, a(f>. ra irpdcraira, of hypocritical sadness, 
N. T. 6. to make away with property, Aeschin., 
Dem. II. Pass, to become unseen, to disappear, 

Hdt., Soph. ; of persons buried by a sand-storm, Hdt. ; 
or, lost at sea, Thuc., Xen. Hence 

d<t>avior%s, MS, f), a getting rid of, TT)$ SlKTjs Ar. II. 
(from Pass.) disappearance, Hdt. 

oKJmvicrreos, eo, eov, verb. Adj. of atyavtfw, to be sup- 
pressed, Isocr. 

a-4>avro$, ov, (tyaivojuLcti) made invisible, blotted out, 
forgotten, II. : hidden, Aesch., Soph. ; d(/>. Pyvai, ot- 
X(T0cu, fypciv, = atpnvLcrdvlvai, to disappear, Trag. 2. 
in secret, Pind. 3. obscure, Id. 

d4>-airTa>, f. ij/ca, to fasten from or upon, a/A^cara a<j). to 
tie knots on a string, Hdt. : Pass, to be liung on, 
hang on, pf. part. aird/ji/jLevos (Ion. for atyvj/Ajjievos), 
Hdt. ; a<prjfjLfjLj/os &c rtvos Theocr. 

a<j>ap [v* w], poet. Adv. straightway, forthwith, at 
once, quickly, presently, Horn., Trag. 2. there- 
upon, after that, Horn. II. in Theogn. as Adj. 
swift, fleet (cf. &<f>dprpo$\ 

a-<J>apKTo$,^-<po/croy, Trag. 

d(j>-ap7rda>, f . Ep. dfa, Att. ciffOfj-ai : Pass., pf. -^p- 
irafffjuu ; aor. I ~77pira(r07?j/ : to tear off or from, c. 
gen., II.; to snatch away, steal from, rl TWOS Ar. : c. 
ace. only, to snatch eagerly, Soph,, Eur. 

a<f>aprpo, a, ov, Cornp. Adj. (v. &ap il), more fleet, II. 

a<j>aoria, ^, (&-$OLTO$} speechlessness, Eur., Plat. 

a<j>dcrcr<i> : aor. I tftyaffa : (atyf), ^Trro/xai) : to handle, 
feel, c. ace., Hdt. 

a-4>a>Tos, ov, not uttered, nameless, Hes. 2. untold, 
unutterable, ineffable, extraordinary, Hdt., Soph.; 
&<parov &$ there's no saying how, i. e. marvellously, 
immensely, Ar. 

a<f>aup<fe> <, ov, feeble, powerless, TraiJbs 1 btyavpov II. ; 
mostly in Comp. and Sup., Horn., Hes. : Adv. p$>s, 
Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

a<f)-a-u(ii, (aijdty Att. aiJw) to dry up, parch, Ar. 

?. ^ 137 

a<|>da), Ep. part. a^6t)v, (a^, cwrro/xeu) to handle, rub, 
polish, II. 

d-4>YYTJs, es, ($67705) without light, <f>G>$ a.<p. a light 
Aa 25 no light (i. e. to the blind), Soph. ; VUKTOS 
d<77r P\(papov, of the moon, as opp. to the sun, 
Eur. 2. obscure, dim, faint, Aesch. 3, metaph., 
ill-starred, unlucky. Soph. 

d4>-e8pu>Vj (ovos, 6, (I5pa) a privy, N. T. 

d(|>-e'T|Kaj Ep. for d^-TjKa, aor. i of d^-tijjut. 

d(j>i8eo, f. ycru, to be unsparing or lavish of, fyvxys 
Soph. ; eavrov Thuc. : absol. afyciS'ho'as (sub. eavrov) 
recklessly, Eur. ; but 2. cupetSe'iv trdvov to be care- 
less of it, i. e. neglect, avoid, labour, Soph. From 

d-4>iSiqs;, es, (^e&o/zcu) unsparing or lavish of a thing, 
c. gen., Aesch. 2. of actions, done without regard 
to cost or risk, Thuc. II. Adv. $&$, Ion. Sews, 

freely, lavishly Hdt., Dem. : also sparing no pains, 
with all zeal, Id. 2. unsparingly, without 

mercy, Hdt. ; Comp. ecrrepov, Sup. effTcvra, Xen. 

d4>eiSa, y, profuseness, Plat. 2. harsh treatment, 
neglect, N. T. 

d4>-i0T)v, aor. i pass, of 

d(f>iKa, pf. of o^trifji 

a4>-iAov, aor. 2 of d< 

a(j>-cip.ev, d4-iT, i and 2 pi. aor. 2 of < 

d4>-A.iy, -cX!<r0cu, aor. 2. inf. act. and med. of atyaipfw. 

d<j>KT^ov, verb. Adj. of d7rep<;o/toj <?w^ WM^/ abstain 

from, Tiv6s Xen. 

d-<|>cXi)9, $, (<j>\\v$ ?) without a stone, even, smooth, 
Ar. : metaph. of persons,, simple, plain, blunt, Dem., 
Luc. : Adv. d^eAcos, simply, roughly, Theogn. 

cu^-t'XKiu, Ion. dir-eXicw : f . -6Ao> : but aor. i -etA/cucra: 
to drag away suppliants, $K rov Ipov Hdt., etc.; to 
drag' or tow ships away, Thuc. : to draw aside, &r 
rt Xen. II. to dmw ojf liquor, drink up 9 

Aesch. 2. Med. to draw off for oneself, Ar. 

d<)>X<$TT)9, ijroy, ^, (d<jtiA^s-) simplicity > N. T. 

d<j>-eX(i)v, aor. 2 part, of d^>-atp<w. 

"A^ENOl, T<$, riches, wealth, plenty, II., Theogn, 
(From same Root as Lat. op-es.} 

a<f>epKTos, ov, (a-jr-etpyw) shut out from a place, Aesch. 

d(j)-pp.T)V-u<o, f , cfw, to interpret,, expound, Plat. 

d^-^pTTw, aor. i etpTrvcTa : to creep off, steal away t 
retire, Soph. 

a-<f>epTos, ov, (4>^p) insufferable, intolerable, Aesch. 

acjj-es, aor. 2 imper. of d0-/7?/u. 

a<|>crLS eajj, ^, (d^jut) letting go, dismissal, Philipp, 
ap. Dem. : a quittance or discharge from a bond, 
Id. : exemption from service, Plut. : a divorce, 
Id. 2. a letting go (Lat. missio} of horses from 
the starting-post, and then the starting-post ^ itself, 
lff(&o"as ra<bffi TO rep/xara having made the winning- 
post <?w with the starting-post, i. e. having come back 
to the starting-post, Soph. 

d4>-crTcuTr], 3 sing. pf. opt. of d^-fcrr^/xi. 

d<j>-<mjii>, old Att. fut. formed from d^-eV-njKa (pf. of 
d4>(<TT7?/u) / shall be absent, away from, rw6$ Plat., 

d<J>-Tov, verb. Adj. of &,<f>ii)]jLi, one must dismiss, 
Plat. 2. decrees, ea, 4ov, to be let go, Id. 

d(j)TTJpLos, a, OK, (d^ijjui) /<?y letting go or starting 

138 & 

for a race : d0. Ai&rx:oupoi whose statues stood at the 
starting place,, Anth. 

GUSTOS, ov, (a^irjfjiC) let loose, at large, ranging at 
will, of sacred flocks that were free from work, Aesch,, 
Plat. : metaph. of persons, dedicated to a god, Eur. : 
rb Hcperov, freedom from restraint, Luc. 

a-<|>uKTo$, late form of ^VKTOS-. 

d<|>-evco, aor. i &-ei/(ra, to singe off, Ar. 2. to fry, 
toast, Id. 

d<|)-t|yw, Ion. dir-^j/to, f. c^cfaj, to refine by boiling 
off the refuse, to boil down, Hdt. : esp. to boil free 
of dirt and dross, to refine, %pvffiov Id. : to "boil young 
again, Ar. : Pass., #5p a.v&^'rj^vov Hdt. 

d<f>-^o>vrai, later form of d<J!>-?j/Tou, 3 pi. pf. pass, of 
d^frj/u, N. T.; cf. dj/-6a>i/Tou from dv-f^/xi. 

d<|hj, 77, (cta-TO)) rz lighting, kindling, irepl Xvxwv atyds 
about lamp-lighting time, Hdt. II. ($7rTOjuai) a 

touching, touch, Aesch. : the sense of touch, Plat., etc. 

d<j>-T), Ion. 4ir-Trjy- f- ^crojuat, Dep. to lead 
from a point, and so, generally, to lead the way, 
go first., ot d^yotfytevoi the van, Xen. II. to tell 

or relate in full, explain, Hdt. : pf. in pass, sense, 
rb a.frfiyqjj.evQV what has been told, Id. Hence 

d<f>T]Y T lH ia ) I n - oLirtjY""> T^ a tale, narrative, Hdt. 5 and 

< M >1 lY 1 l orl>s l n - diriijY-* ews, Ion. 10$, rj, a telling, 
narrating, &%wv fariiyhffios worth telling, Hdt. ; and 

d,4>T)YT|TTrjp, rjpos, 6, a guide, Anth. 

d<j>-Y)$uva>, f. vv&, to sweeten, Plut., Luc. 

a.<j>-T]Ka, aor. i of d^fo^r. 

dtjJ-TiK", to arrive at, Plat. 

d<j>-f|Xi|, Ion. dir-'fjXil, LKOS, 6, TJ, beyond youth, elderly, 
mostly in Comp. dTTTjA-t/ctcrTcpos 1 , Hdt. 

o.4>-T]}Acu, Pass, to sit apart, part, ^.(p^/j-evos II. 

d^Twp, opos, 5, (d^-frjfii) 3fA<? archer, of Apollo, II. 

d(j)6apar(a, ^, incorruption, N. T. From 

a.-(|>0apTos> oy, (ijb^efpw) uncorrupted, incorriiptible, 
Arist., etc. 

a-<|>6cYcTos, OV) (^^eyyo/iai) voiceless, Aesch., Anth. II. 
of places, where none -may speak, Soph. III. pass. 
unspeakable, Plat. 

a-4>0iTos, ov and 77, ov, (tydlvw] not liable to perish, im- 
perishable, Horn., Trag. : of persons, immortal, h. 

a-4>0oYYS:> ov voiceless, speechless, Hdt., Aesch., etc. 

a-4)86vrjTos, ov, (<$>Qov*a)} unenvied, Aesch. 

a.4>9ovLa, TJ, freedom from envy or grudging, readiness, 
Plat. II. of things, plenty, abundance, Pind., 

^Plat. From 

a-4>6ovos, ov, without envy : I. act. free from envy, 
Hdt., Plat. 2, ungrudging, bounteous, Lat. be- 
nignus, Trag. II. pass, not grudged, bounteously 
given, plentiful, abundant, Hdt., Att. 5 v &(f>Q6voL$ &LQ- 
Tt5eii/ to live in plenty, Xen. 2, unenvied , pro- 
voking no envy, #\j8o<r Aesch. III. irreg. Comp. 
-ecrrepos, Sup. -cVraroj, Plat, j but -drepos, -cUraTOS, 
Xen. IV. Adv. in abundance, d<$. ^%ii/ rivos 
to have enough of it, Plat. 

d<f>0op(ct, 77, incorruption, N. T. From 

a-<J>0opos, ov, uncorrupt, of young persons, Anth. 

d^-tvpai, pf. of a<f>LKVOfMat. 

d^-uSp-uw, f . {xro> LU], to remove to another settlement : 
Med. to cause to be transported, Eur. 

a4>-ipoco, f. cicrcw, to purify, hallow : Pass., pf. rawr* 
a<j)ip<&fjL(-da. I have had these expiatory rites performed, 

a<f>-iw]}JU, and (as if from d^-icw) 3 sing-, d^ei, Ion. dTriei, 
imperat. d<5t>^et: impf., afylyv, with double augm. fyfyiyv, 
3 sing. d^>(et, Ion. d7r(et, also Tj^fei, ^<^te, 3 pi. d^ecrav, 
^tecfCLV, t)<f>tovv : f. a^ffca, Ion. aTr- :- -pf . d^eT/ca : 
aor. i a<j>rJKa, Ion. a7r~, Ep. d^cTj/ca only in indie. : 
aor. 2 d<j(>77J/, indie, only in dual and pi., &.<pTriv, d^eT- 
jLtej/, d<|>iT, atyeicrav or &(j>ere, &<p(Tav; imper. &<p$, subj. 
d^>w, opt. d</>(77*', inf. d^eti'at, part. d<j!)efs: Med., impf. 
a^iffj.riv, 3 sing, ^fero : f . d^oro/xat : aor. 2 cupe't^riv ; 
imper. d^ou, ^<r6* ; inf. - sVflcu, part, -efjievos : 
Pass., pf. a^e'ifjLa.t : aor. i QL$*Wi}v, Ion. airiOr)v : f. 
atyeQ-fio-o/JiaL. \J Ep., except in augm. tenses: i Att.] 
70 stf-wo? forth, discharge, Lat. emittcrc, of missiles, 
Horn., etc. : -hence /<* /00s?, utter, give vent to 
words, Hdt., Trag. 2. fo let fall, II. 3. to s<?nrf 
forth an expedition, dispatch it, Hdt. : Pass., of troops, 
Id. 4. .g'j'iK? w^> or hand over to, rivi rl Id., 
Att. : Pass., f f\ 'Arrt/c^ aTrerro ^5?? Hdt. II. to 

send away, let go, loose, set free, II., Att. : ~c. ace. 
pers. et gen. rei, to set free from a thing, let off from, 
Hdt. : in legal sense to release from an engage- 
ment, accusation, etc., d<|>. rti/d <j>6vov Dem. 2. to 
dissolve, disband, break up an army, Hdt. : to dis- 
miss the council or law-courts, Ar. 3. to put away, 
divorce, Hdt. 4. to let go as an &<f>ro$, consecrate, 
Xen. 5. of things, to get rid of, Styav II. ; to shed 
its blossoms, of plants, Od. ; to slacken its force, of a 
dart, II. 6. d<j!>. ir\OLOv Is . . to loose ship for a 
place, Hdt. 7. in legal sense, c. dat. pers, et ace. 
rei, d</>. TIV\ cdrifiv to remit him a charge or a fine 
Hdt., Dem. III. to leave alone, give up, let pass, 
neglect, Hdt., Att.; foil, by a predicate, d^uXcucroj/ 
d<. to leave unguarded. 2. c. ace. et inf., d$. TI 

elvat to give ^tp to be public property, Thuc. ; 
. rb TrAoToj/ iptpeff&ai to let the boat be carried away, 
Hdt. ,3. c. ace. pers. et inf. to let, suffer, permit 
one to do a thing, Id., Plat., etc. IV. seemingly 

intr. (sub. (rrpardv, vav$, etc.), to break up, march t 
sail, etc., Hdt. 

B. Med. to send forth from oneself, scud forth, 
Att. 2. Seipys d^ero ir^x^e she loosed her arms 
from off my neck. 3. c. gen. only, r^Kvtav d<0u let 
go hold of the children, Soph., Thuc. 

acj>-lKa.v(D [a], only in pros, and impf. to arrive at, to 
have come to, c. ace., Horn. 

d<)>-iKV<Co|xai, Ion. onr- : f. d<^o/iat Ion. 2 sing, 
pf. d^ryjucu, Ion. 3 pi. plqpL iirfaaro : aor. 2 k< 
II. , Ion. 3 pi. d-wt/c^aro :-to come to one place from 
another, to arrive at, reach ; c. ace. loci, Horn, ; or 
d^>. 4s . . , M . , , Kard . . , irpds . . , Id., Att. (in 
Prose the Prep, is seldom omitted) ; absol. to arrive, 
Od. : -Horn, also puts the person reached in acc. 
fAVi/i(rrTrjpa$ d<. came up to them, Od* ; so, to come up 
to a throw (of the quoit), Ib. : -fyf>. M or <%h irdvra 
to try every means, Soph., Kur. 2. tf0 come into a 
certain condition, dTr, ts irav mitdv or KWOV, %s ^iropt^v, 
etc., Hdt., Att. 8, dw. nvt <ss \dyovs to hold converse 
with one, Hdt. ; so, 3$ %pw, %$ ^%0a d(^. nvt Id. j 8td 
5i* %xP as ^ 7r - rlv ^ ^ come to battle, or into 

enmity with one, Id. ; SLCL X&ytov nvi Eur. 4. & 
rdl-evfjia <x$. to come within shot, Xen. 

Sj ov, wot loving the good, N. T. 
s, ov, not loving money, N. T. 
[i], ov, ($iA&>) unloved, Soph. 
s, ov, of persons, 'without friends, friendless, 
Trag. II. zinfriendly, hateful,, Ib. Adv. a<pi- 

Tuos in unfriendly manner, Aesch. 

a-<f>iXocro<{>o$, ov, imphilosophic, Plat. 

a-<|HXo-crTax'uos ov, without ears of corn, starving, 

a4lXoTi}j.ia, y, want of due ambition, Arist. From 

d-<j>iX<$Ti[xos, ov, 'without due ambition, Isae., Arist. 

a-^XXoxp^H-a-Tta, y } contempt for riches, Plut. 

atfnfjis, ecus, Ion. am^is, LOS, r], (a.(f) an arrival, 
Hdt., Dem. II. departure, N. T. 

a4>-t--n", Dep. to ride off or away, Plut. 

a^-LTrirevo), f. era, to ride off, away, or back, Xen. 

a<j>Linrta, r], awkwardness in riding, Xen. From 

acjuiTTros, ov, unsuited for cavalry, %<fy>a Xen. II. 
of persons, umised to riding, Plat. 

a4>-i<rTri|xi : -A- Causal in pres. and impf., in f . obro- 
err^cra), aor. i airco'T'rjO'a, as also in aor. i med. : to 
put away, remove, c. ace., Aesch., etc. ; a<>. rtj/ct 
\6yov to hinder from speech, Eur. ; &<>. T^V itfL^ovK^v 
to frustrate it, Thuc. ; a<j>. rbv &pxovra to depose him, 
Xen. ; so in aor. i med., 86pv <irv\.S>v aTretrr^cracr^e re- 
moved vis.? from your own gates, Eur. 2. to make 
to revolt, move to revolt, Hdt., Thuc. II, 
out, Xen. : aor. i med., atrocrT^cracrflcu XP^ OS 
out or pay the debt in full, II. ; airoa'r'fjcracrdai, rbv 
X^K6v to have the money weighed out to one, Dem. 

B. intr., in Pass., as also in aor. 2 act. cbrcVrT]*/, 
irnperat. cLir6cfT'e]Qt, cbr(Jcrra, pf. ^(peffrrjKa in pres. sense, 
syncop. pi. a.^>(TrafMV, cfrarre, "-aTa<n, inf. apsffrdvat, 
part. a.<p<rr<*)$, -Sera, -6s or -(as : fut. med. aTrocrr^- 
cro/icu : aor. i ave(Trddr]v [a] : to stand away or aloof 
from, keep far from, c. gen., Horn., Att.; jvLaKphv r&- 
irois Kal xp6vois a^>. Diod. 3 atyeffrdvai <j>pevS>v to lose 
one's wits, Soph.; &<. irpayjjL&rtov to withdraw from 
business, Dem., etc. 2. in Prose, to revolt from, rt- 
vos or far& nvos, Hdt., Att. : absoL to revolt, Hdt. 3. 
<. TLv6s nvi to give up a thing to another, Dem.; hence, 
a<J!>. TIVL to make way for him, give way to him, Eur. ; 
c. inf. to shrink from doing", Id. 4. absol. to stand 
aloof, II., Att. 

a<j>XaorTov, r6, Lat. aplustre, the curved stern of a 

ship with its ornaments, II., Hdt. 
a-4>XeKTO9, ov, (tpX^yai) unbiirnt, itnconsumed by fire, 

WXai/oi Eur. 

a-<J)XoLos, ov, without bark, EpSgr. ap. Plut. 
a4>Xoicrfj,<$s, o, of an angry man, spluttering or perh. 

foaming, II. 
a4>veios, 6v and 4), ov, (&<j>evos} rich, wealthy, II. ; c. 

g-en., &(pvibs fitdroio rich in substance, Horn. ; c. ace., 

Hes. ; c. dat, Theocr. 
a<tv<$$, d, ov,*&<l>vi6s, Theogru, Aesch., Soph. 

l, Adv. unawares, of a sudden, Eur., Thuc. ; cf. 

> ov > (tyofitofJLai) without fear of, Slices Soph.: 
absol. fearless, Anth. 


oi^opia, T), fearlessness, Plat. From 

a-4>o(3os, ov, without fear : 1. fearless, intrepid, 
dauntless, Pind., Soph. : Adv. -j8ws, Xen. 2. 
causing no fear, free from fear, Aesch. 3. <J>oj3oi 
Gripes beasts which no one fears, i. e. cattle, Soph. 

o.4>op<5-o"TrXa'yx vo 5> ov, (GTcXky-xy QV} fearless of heart ,Pvc. 

a (f> -08 09, ^, going away, departure, Hdt., Xen. 2. 
& going or coming back, return, Ib. 

a-(j>otpavTos, ov, (<j>oLfia,iva) ^oijSacc) uncleansed, Tin- 
clean, Aesch. 

acj>-o}, f. cocra), #<? ma^& H^i?, T( rtvl Plat. : sfo cowz- 
pare, ri Id. : Pass, to be or become like, rivi Id. II. 
c. ace. rei only, to pourtray, copy, Id., Xen. Hence 

GKJtofJLoCcoixa, aros, TO, a resemblance, copy, Plat. 

a4>-oirXici>, f. fcrcu, to strip of arms, rivd nvos Luc. : 
to disarm, rivd Anth. : Med., a^oTrAffecrflcu evrea to 
put off one's armour, II. 

acjj-opdco, Ion. -eo) : f. aTr-^o/iai : aor, 2 owr-cISo*/ : pf. 
a<f>-edpa.Ka : zfo /{?<?^ awqy from all others at one, to 
have in fiill view, to look at, TI or irp6s n Thuc. ; 
also in Med., Ar. 2. to view from a place, airb 
iB/5/3ou Hdt. II. to look away, have the back 

turned, Xen. 

a-<t><5pir]Tos, ov, intolerable, insufferable, Hdt., Thuc. 

a<f>opia, T), (&<f>opo$} a not bearing: 1. non-pro- 
duction, dearth, Kapiruv Xen. 2. barrenness, ste- 
rility of land : metaph., a<>. <ppevS>v Id. 

a<J>-opL<o, f. Att. xw, to mark off by boundaries, Dem. : 
Med. to mark off for oneself, appropriate, Eur. 2. 
to distinguish, determine, define, Plat. II. c. 

ace. pers., 1. to banish, Eur. 2. to set apart, 
separate, N. T. : then, 3. to cast out, excomimini- 
cate, Ib. to. to set apart for some office, to appoint, 
ordain, Ib. Hence 

a<j>opiorT^ov, verb. Adj. one must put aside, Arist. 

acj>-op|JLdu, f . ^<rw, to make to start from a place : 
Pass, to go forth, start, depart from a place, c. gen., 
Horn., Att. II. intr. in same sense as Pass., Eur., 
Thuc.: of lightning, to break forth, Soph.; c. ace. 
cogn., bfyopfjiav Trsipav to begin an enterprise, Id. 

a4>-opp], 7], a starting-pointy esp. in war, a base of 
operations, Thuc. : also a place of safety, Eur. 2. 
generally, a starting-point, the origin, occasion or 
pretext of a thing, Id.; hfyopjjfyv wap&xeiv, diSdvai 
to give occasion, Dem. 3. the means with which 
one begins a thing, resources, Xen., Dem. ; &<. spyuv 
means for undertaking" works, Xen. 4. the capital 
of a banker, Id., Dem. 

a-4><$pfjuKTos, ov, (<f>opju.i{(*)} without the lyre, Aesch. 

a4>-opp.os, ov, (op/JJ)) departing from a place, c. gen., 

a-4opos,oy,(4>e/>co) not bearing, ^amn,Hdt.,Xen. 2. 
causing barrenness, blighting, Aesch. 

a-<j>6p-uKTog, ov, (<jkopt5o'o*&>) unspotted, unstained, Anth. 

a4>-ocr%<<i>, Ion. airo<r-, f. &cra>, to purify from guilt or 
pollution, T7)v ir6\LV Plat. II. Med. to purify 

oneself from sins of negligence, Id. ; &00<not3cr(?ai 
T?7 0e< to make expiatory offerings to the goddess, 
Hdt. 2. c. ace. rei, to acquit oneself of an obliga- 
tion, biroffiovcrOcu r^v ^ApKaviv to Quit oneself of one's 
oath, Id.; ATT. Xoyiov quitting oneself of the orders 
of an oracle, Id. Hence 

a4>ocri<i>cri5, $, y, expiation : a$Q<nc&crCi>$ eVe/ca for 

form's sake, Plut. 
LC)><&<I>V, Ep. for afy&v, part, of a<>do> 
ac^paS^u, only in pres. to be senseless, act thoughtlessly, 

Horn. From 

a-4>paS-r}5, es, ((ppti&uai) insensate, reckless, Od. ; of 
the dead, senseless, lifeless, Ib. Adv. atppadews, sense- 
lessly, recklessly, II. Hence 

af>po8Ca, Ion. -i-q, ^, /oJ/y, thoughtlessness, mostly in 
Ep. dat pi., a^pctSfycri Horn, j 8t* a<J>paSas Od. 

a-^pdSjAcor, or, gen. ovo$,= : a.<f)pQS'f)$, without sense, h. 

a<f>pcuv<o, (&^>po3v} to be silly, senseless } Horn. 

a-4>paKTOs, ov, old Att. a(j>apKTos, ((ppfaffoj] u 
unfortified, unguarded, Thuc.; c. gen,, 
by friends, Soph.; c. dat., #4>p. fy>/cois Eur. 2. 
io 6<? &$ in, irrepressible, Aesch. II, unguarded, 
off one's guard, Thuc. 

o,4>p<*o r H'ttv, ov, Att. for ct<pafyitoK, Aesch. Adv. -<fi/or, Id. 

a-4>pao-Tos, ov, (<J>pa(iw) unutterable, inexpressible, h. 
Horn., Aesch., Soph. II. (^prffoftai) not perceived 
or thought of) Aesch. j r2 typwrrArwrw ^^iov the 
place feas* /zd> ^ te thought of, Hdt. : Adv. ~TCO*, 
beyond thought, Soph. 

d4>po>, . ^orcc, (cufrxfo) zfo befoam, cover -with foam, 
'iiricoi &(j>pfov ffr-fidea II. 

a^ptl-X&yo?, o>/, (4>p<fc, \yw) gathering froth, skim- 
ming, nv6s Anth. 

&<fpt]<rri]s> <w, <J, (a<jfy?<fo) the foctmer, of a dolphin, Anth. 
p, <5j Ion. for a-^pctrcop, without brotherhood 
), i.e. bound by no social tie, II. 
<i), f. ^crw, (d<^p<Jjr) to foam, Soph. 
s, f(T<ra, ex, (afipts] foamy, Anth. 

) ^, (7(71/0/10*; foam-born, of Aphrodit6, 
Hes. : fern. *A^)po-7ifeia5 Mosch. 

*A<|>poS(r(.a, ay, rd v. *A.<t>po$l<nos. 

a.<j>po8lorid^(>), f. c<r, 2fo indulge lust, Plat., Xen. 

^A^poSicrCas, ^, sacred to Aphroditt, name of an island, 

*A<j>po8C<no$ [5r], a, 0y and oj, o^, belonging to Aphro- 
dite, Plat. II. *A<ppo$i(ria, rot,, sexual pleasures, 
Xen. 2. a festival of Aphroditt, Id. III. 
*A<f>po5tffiov, rJ, ^^ temple of Aphroditfr, Id. From 

'A4poSrrT] [r], 17, (A^pjy) Aphrodite, Lat. Venus, god- 
dess of love, said to be born from the sea-foam, h. 
Horn., Hes. II. as appellat. fovi, pleasure, Od. : 

~ ' A<p . fca/cwy enjoyinen t , Eu r. 2 . attractive beauty, 
grace, Lat. venustas, Aesch., Luc.; cf. Lat. venus. 

d^povlo), f. ^cr, (St^poji') ^<? <&e silly, act foolishly , only 
in part., II., Anth. 

ac^povTicTT^, f. ^o'w, to have no care of, pay no heed 
to a thing, c. gen., Xen. From 

(Si4>p<SvTi<rros, ov, (4>pojnr({iw) thoughtless, heedless, 
taking no care, Lat. securus, Xen., Theocr. : Adv. 
rus, inconsiderately, Soph. } &^>p. fyew to be heed- 
less, Xen. ; also to be senseless, demented, Soph. II. 
pass, imthought of, unexpected, Aesch, 

&<J>p<$vo>$, Adv., v. &<ppav, 

"A^PO'l!, 6,foam 9 of the sea, II. : of an angry lion,/oaw, 
froth, Ib. ; air kyBptfartav &(f>p6v frothy blood, Aesch, 

a<j)pocrvvT], ^, (&<j>pw) folly, thoughtlessness, senseless- 
ness, in sing-, and pi., Horn., Soph., Thuc. 

a-<t>po-upo9, ov, (^>poupa) unguarded, unmatched, Plat. 

ris, cs, (<f>vto\ foam-producing, Anth. 
qs, es, (flSosr) foamy , Eur. 

a-cppu>v, oy, gen. ovos, ($phv) 'without sense, of statues, 
Xen. : erased, frantic, or silly , foolish , Horn., Att. : 
rb &({>pov = atypocrvvitj, Thuc. Adv. atypfodos, senselessly, 

^-uppit ^ f . Att. iw, ffl ^Wd? /<9^5? to passion, Plut. 
cji-uBpaCvw, to wash clean froin dirt : Med., aor. x 
-vSpfivdfj^v, to wash oneself clean, bathe, Eur, 

a<pi$K], ^, in gen. pi. a^vccv (not a<j>vcop}j a sort of anchovy 
or sardine, Ar. 

a-cjnrijs, cs, ace. a<u7?, (<|>f']) without natural talent, 
witless, dull, Plat.; a^vfy* vp6$ n naturally unsuited 
to a thing, Id., Xen. 2. simple, unschooled, Soph. 

a-<j>-utcTos, ov, ((peifyw) not to be shunned, from 'which 
none escape, Aesch., Soph. ; of an arrow, unerring, 
Id., Eur,; of a question, admitting no escape, in- 
evitable, Plat. II. act. unable to escape, Ar. 

a<|>vXaicT&i), f. -fitfca, to be off one's guard, Xen. ; c. 
gen. to be careless about, Id. From 

cUc^uXaicros:, ov, (<jti5\cia'cra>) unguarded, unmatched, 
Hdt., Thuc. II. (4>vA,e$(T<roju(w) unguarded, ojf otie*s 
guard, Id.; oL^^XaKTOp- #8ei> to sleep securely, Aesch. ; 
a<j>. TWO, \ap$iv*iv to catch one off his guard, Xen. ; 
ri &<p* want of Precaution, Thuc. :~ Adv. -rwy, 
Xen. III. not to be guarded against, inevitable, 

a4-i3X <, f. Iff t, to strain off, Anth. 

a-<|>v\X.os, ov, (<f)v\\ov} leafless, of dry wood, 11. , &<$>. 
ffr6ua words not seconded by the suppliant's olive* 
branch, Eur. II. act. stripping off the leaves, 

blighting, Aesch. 

a,4)x)|o), Dor. f . of A^crtro). 

owjnnrv <>, f. Att. iw, to wake one from sleep, Eur., Plut. 

a4>t>7rv<$a>, f. ^<ro?j ^ wakefrotn sleep, Anth. II. 
/a# asleep, N. T. 

a,c|>vo"YT'6s, 5, ^A<? mud and filth which a stream carries 
with it, rubbish, II. (Deriv. unknown.) 

oupvcrcrci), f . <, Dor. "-;, also fyptftfco [i3 j : aor. I ^{/(ya, 
Ep. A^vo-cra, imper. &(pv(rcrov : Mcd., aor. I ^(p'uffd.^Vf 
Ep. 3 sing. &<|>jJ<rcraro .--to drain liquids, ewp. from a 
larger vessel with a smaller, olvov ly kfifytfyopevtftv ty<piu- 
tfa/iej/ Od. : Pass., 7rf(?wv ^iW'ero olVos ?* drawn 
from the wine-jars, Ib. : metaph., irXaOror &<frv%ew to 
draw full draughts of wealth, i.e. heap it up, rwt for 
another, II. II. Med. to draw for oneself, oTi/oy 

Ib.j l>ods Eur. : motaph., <f>\\a ^^uo"c/i7])/ / heaped 
me up a bed of leaves, Od. 

a.-<$>(t>VT]TQ<$, ov, (<py^co) voiceless, sjpticcfilcsti) Soph. 

a-4>wvos, ov, (<}>wf)) wicelifss, speechless, dumb, silent, 
Theogn., lidt., Dem, : c. gen,, frtytovos kpas unable to 
utter a curse, Soph. ;~Adv. -voujs, withwut speaking, 
Id.; ncut. pi. as Adv., Aesch. &. frfytavo, (sc. 
fjLix,ra), consonants, opp. to fytovowra, ox- ^ 
(vowels), Eur., Plat. 

Ion. *AXH.TJ 4, name of Dcmctcr an Attica, 

Hdt. (Deriv. unknown.) 
^AxaitKiJs, ^, Av, (*AXI^) of or /or the Achaians t 

Achaian, Aesch., Eur. 
*Axuts iftos, -y), th& Achaian land, with or without 

, II. 2. (sub- yvvfy an Achaian woman, Ib. ; 

also "Axo-uds, afoy, Ib. 
i^alvYjs [i], <5, (dttfo) wzfe single points to his horns, a 

young deer, Babr. 
*Ax- l <fej > ^ Achaian, Lat. Achi-vus, Horn. : 

oij &<? Achaians or Greeks generally, Id. : " 

TI, Achaia in Peloponnese, Thuc. 
a,-x<*Xtvos, of, unbridled, Eur., Ar., etc. 
a-X&Xivonros [f\9 OJ/ y without bridle, Xen. 
a-XaXiccos, oy, (XO.XKOVS} penniless, Anth. 
a-x<*Xic-uTos, o*', (%a\^a>) not forged of metal., Aescli. 
a.XaXK&>, f . /?<ra>, to be penniless, Anth. From 
tt-X<*Xjcos, oi/, withoiit brass, &x a ^ Kof cufviSeoy 9 i. e. vev 

) not brazened; 'without 

money, Anth. 

an measure, =45 fj.$i/j,voi, Ar. 
, aor. 2 inf. of %cc<r/c<^) ?z0jf opening 
II. (a euphon.) yawning, wide, 

a-Xa-vqs, es, (^av 

the mouthy Luc. 

Plut., Anth. 

a-Xapatc&rros, e?;>, (%a/?aW<w) not palisaded, Plut. 
a-x-P l ' ^> ^> ^X a P t > r ^> g" en * * T <w, without grace or 

charms, graceless, Theogn. 2. unpleasant, dis- 

agreeable, ovfev &x a P L vaJBeetv Hdt. ; as euphem. for 

grievous, &x- wfupopfl Id* H* ungracious, 

thankless, Id. ; x^P 15 &x a P iS a graceless grace, thank- 

less favour, Aesch., Eur. 
dxapicrTea), f. Tjtrcy, jfc? 5^ thankless, skew ingratitude, 

Xen. 2. = ov xaplfojjiai, to discourage, nvi Plat. 5 

v.yjoLpi<rTia. y %, thanklessness, ingratitude, Xen., 

Dem. 2, ungraciousness, Plat. From 
<L-X^P LorTO '3 oi/, (X&P^QIJLCLI} ungracious, unpleasant, 

unpleasing, Od, ; irreg. Comp., 5<fywrov axapiVrcpov 
Xfor -i<TT^Tepo/) Ib. : without grace or charms, 

Xen. II. of persons, ^^,ngracious, unfavourable, 

Theogn. 2. ungrateful, thankless, Hdt., Att. ,- 

rtn Eur. ; irptis TWO. Xen. III. Adv. -rcus, wf^ 

<zn -ill-will , Id. ; dxaptffTWs %t juot thanks are 

wanting to me, Id. 
a.X*P^ TOS > ov, dxctpicrroy or ^%apts, Hdt. 2. zm- 

grateful, thankless, Id.; x^P ls ^X-j l^ e X^P 15 &X a P LS > 


^> Acharnae, a demos of Attica, Thuc. : 
vs, to5, 6, an inhabitant of Acharnae, pi. 
s, poet, *Axp^5at Ar. : Adj. "AxapviK^s, ^, 

6v, Id. 

d-x^Stov [d], Dor. for ir/X 6 ^* 7 - 

a-x c ^F LaVTOS ' ov ^ (X 6t / aa ^ w ) w ^^ vexed by storms, Alcae. 
ot-x l 'po'"' *'' 1 T ro 5> ov, not wrought by hands, N. T. 
a~x c| *poSi ov f ^eip] without hands : r3t ^x ei P a ^ ^ Le 

hinder parts of the body, Xen. 
a-x^f> WT S:> o^j (x et P^ w ) untamed, unconquered, 

Thuc. II. not planted by man's hand, Soph. 

*AxXwC8s (sc. vycroi'}, at, islands at the mouth of the 

AcheloilSy AescK. 
'AxcXwos, poet. "AxX.atos, 6, Achelous, name of several 

rivers ; the best known ran through Aetolia and Acar- 

nania, II., Hes. , II. any stream, or, generally, 

water, Eur. 
a,x*p$os> ^i & wild prickly shrub, a wild pear, Od., 

Soph. ', masc. in Theocr. (Deriv.- unknown.) 


, a, ov, of Acheron, Eur. 

^ = foregf., Aesch. : fem. *Axpovo-ias, 
, Plat., Xen. 

, fSos-, y } the white poplar, said to have been 
brought by Hercules from the banks of Acheron, II. 

"Ax^pwv, ovros, o, (&x os ^ Acheron, River of Woe (cf.>Kvr6s), one of the rivers of the world below, Od. 

ax&rcis or axTa, Dor. and Att. for faerys. 

ctxc^o and axew [a], (&x os ^ on ^y ' n pres. part. 
grieving, sorrowing, moiirning, Horn. II. from 

the same Root AX came also 1. aor. 2 ^K.O,%OV, inf. 
CLKCL^IV, in Causal sense, to grieve, veic, annoy, dis- 
tress, Horn. : so also, redupl. f. aax??cn, Ep. aor. i 
aKaxy<ra, Id. ; and a pres. aKax^w, Od. 2. pass, 

forms axofAai, axvvficu, aKaxit H- a '- " imper. a/cax^feo, 
-i&v : pf. a.tcaxw ' 1 ) 3 sing-, a/cctx^aij Ep. 3 pi. OC/CT?- 
X^araz, plqpf. aA:axiTo; inf. &c<x?7<r0au ; part, awax^- 
juews (accent, as a pres.), Ep. also a/o7x^ ue *' oy : aor - 2 
Ep. 3 pi. a.K.k)(QvTQ : to be grieved, distressed, Horn. ; 
c. gen. causae, to grieve for a person, Id. ; rarely c. 
dat. to grieve at a person's death, Od. ; the cause of 
grief also in partic., ^ n dav&v cweax^C* Ik. ^* 

later c. ace. to lament, Soph. 

o-xeco [a], old form for mxecc, h. Hpm., Eur. 

ax<u [a] , Dor. for fix fa* 

ax*iv [a], d, j],$oor, needy, Theocr. (Deriv. uncertain. "i 

axT]Via, 17, w^e 1 ^, 'want, xp^ciTwy Aesch. ; o/i/carco^ ax'J- 
ytaw in the eyes blank gaze, Id. 

ax^cuvos, ^, <iy, (&x^os) burdensome) oppressive, 'weari- 
some, Lat. molestus, of persons, Eur., Xen. : Adv. 
-j/tos, %in r willingly , Id. 

ax^eis? aor. i pass. part, of yea. 

ax0t]8(ov, ovos, f), a weight, burden, Aesch. 2. 
metaph. grievance, distress, vexation, annoyance, 
Thuc., Plat, i Si axfytidva for the sake of teasing, 
Thuc. (From #x<?oy, as a\y^d>v from #A/yo$.) 

axOi^Ci), f. (cfta, to load, Babr. 

"AX0QMAI, Pass. : f. ax^eo-^o-OjUai or (in med. forrn^ 
dx^cro/xat ; aor. i < ^x^ e/cr ^ 7 ? I/ : f oe loaded* v-rfis 
$fX# TO Od. II. of mental oppression, to be 

weighed down, 'vexed, annoyed, grieved, Horn. ; rwi 
at a thing-, or with a person, Hdt., etc. ; so, |TT( nvi 
Xen. ; 7rep rtyoy Hdt.j iJTrep nvos Plat. : also c. ace., 
#X&ty"" cAwos II. j also c. part., either of subject, as 
$X00jUC" l$t&v Soph. ; or of object, ^x^ TO $&iwa>p-&ovs 
at their being conquered, II. ; but the object is also in 
g~en., ovB^v ^jx^ ro ftvTcS^ TroA.e/xoiJrrcoi' A# Aa<^ wo <?6- 
jection to going to war, Xen. 

OLX^OS, eos,rd, (^x^o/tai) a- weight, burden, load, Horn.; 
&XQs tyotpys a dead, weight on earth, cumoerers of 
the ground, Id. II. a load of grief, grief, 

troiible, distress, sorrow, Trag. 

a^Ooc^opeo), f. ^orw, to bear burdens, Plut. 2. to 
bear as a burden, n Antb. From 

ov, (<^e/36>) bearing btirdens, Hdt. 
, a, ov, Ion. -tjias, 77, OK, o/* Achilles, Hdt., 
Eur. II. 'AxiAAefy K/?i6^ Achilles-barley, a fine 

kind : hence 'Ax^XeJtu (ju-SCcu) cakes o/ /<? barley, 

gen. *AxiAAews, Ep. -^os, ace. *Ax*AAed, voc. 
v : Ep. nom. also ^xtXcvs : (from 2ix os J ^ 
^2>/ of the hero being the subject of the II., cf. *O5vcr- 


*M '.Achilles, son of Peleus and Thetis, prince of 

the Myrmidons. 
a-xiTwv [i], QV } gen. wvos, without tunic, i. e. wearing 

the ifj-ariov only, of Socrates, Xen. 

" ,, 7), want of a cloak or mantle, Eur. From 
'> ov> (X^ a ^ G ) without cloak or mantle, Simon. 
ov contr. ax^-o^Sj ovv, (x^ a ) without her- 

uuge, Eur. 

ax^ots, e<r<ra, *>, gloomy, Simon, ap. Hdt. From 

'AXAY'I [i>], tos, V, a mist, Lat. caligo, Od. 5 a mts* 
over the eyes of one dying, II. ; or of a person deprived 
of the power of knowing others, Ib. : metaph, gloom, 
trouble, Aesch. Hence 

ax^u> aor. i tfxKvtfa, to be or grow dark, Od. 
"AXNH, Don ax vtt %> anything that conies off the 
surface : I. foam, froth, of the sea, Od. ; of 

wine, Eur. ; &xm ovpavia. the dew of heaven, ^Soph. ; 
SaKpvuv &XV7) dewy tears, Id. II. of solids, the 

chaf that flies off in winnowing, in pi., II. ; the down 
on fruits, Anth. III. tyyw " l ^ acc - as Adv., a 

morsel, the least bit, Ar. 

a-xvoos, ov, contr. a-xvovs, ovy, 'without down, Anth. 

axvu^ai, v. a%et/a>j ax e/ft> Ijt - 2i 

a-x^^-5 v> allaying bile or cinge?) Od. 

ttvoiinttii v. ax^iJco, ctx^w II. 2. 

ax^pevros, o^ (xo/96uoj) wc attended with the dance, 
joyless, melancholy, Soph., Eur. 

S_ X opos, ov, without the dance, of death. Soph.; melan- 
choly > Eur. 

"AXOZ, cos, r6, pain, distress, Horn., Find., Att. Poets, 

axes, Dor. for fees-. 

ci-XP^lS* *^> S"^^ 1 * ^os t == sc|. i , Anth. 

a-xpa-vros, ov, (x/mfra) undefiled, immaculate, Plat. 

d-xpios> Ion. d-xpifios, oy, useless, unprofitable, good 
for nothing, Hes., Soph., etc. 2. esp. unserviceable, 
unfit for war, Hdt. ; rJ> %?. rov ffrparav the^ unser- 
viceable part of an army, Id., Thuc., etc. ^ II. in Horn. 

look, looking foolish,, of Thersites after being beaten, 
II. ; axpfiov (fyeAaacrc laughing" without cause or mean' 
ing, laughed with a forced laugh, Od. j so, axpeioy 
/to bark without cause, Theocr. 
,ria, 17, want of money., Thuc. From 
aros, ov 3 (x/'J/ xa ' ra ) without money or means f 
Hdt.',' Aesch. 

4^ptj|jLo<ruvT|, fi> want of money) Od., Theogn. From 

^.vp-riii.wv, ov } fifen. ovos y (XP'^/ ia ''" a ') without money, 
poor, needy) Solon, Eur. 

oLxpfio-ria, y> uselessness y Plat. II. the non-usance 
of a thing, Id. From 

*"XP 7 J crTO 5' ov > (jXP^ / 4 " 011 ) us l ss > unprofitable, unser- 
viceable, Hdt., Thuc. ; of an oracle, without effect, 
Eur, ; &XP' ^ s or V P^ TL un fit f@ r a thing 1 , Hdt. ; 
&XP* t lvl useless to a person, Id,, Eur. 2. like 
axpeios, of useless, do-nothing 1 persons, Oratt. 3. 
act. making no use of 3 c dat., Eur. II 
unkind, cruel, Hdt. 

"AXPI, Ep. also axpts - - I- Adv. to the uttermost, 

utterly, II. 2. after Horn., before Preps., &XP* ^ 
&Xpi irpbs . . 3 Lat. usque ad . . , Xen., Luc. II 

Prep, with gen. F*# to, as far as: I. of Time, 
until 9 &xp l A 4 *^-* wfya* 05 until deep in the night, Od.; 

Dem. 2, of Space, rts/rrr as, even 

to, &xpi rys ttftdov Hdt. 3. of Degree, &XP 1 - rotrov 

up to this point, Dem. ; ^xpt rot) JUT; Ttf-ivav Xen. ^ III. 

as Conj., ^XP 1 ^ or ^XP 1 alone : 1. of Time, Lat. 

donee, until, so long' as, &%pi ov 8$e $ \4yos <fypa$ero 

Id.; ^XP : & v wlth Subj., &XP L ^ v ^X ^ "!? Ml he 

should be at leisure, Id. 2. of Space, so far as, 

Id., Luc. 

.-W<*\t<*'ro < S, v, (xpwf 1 ^ colourless, Plat. 

-xP* ^* w ^ en - w colourless, Plat. 

-xpwo-Tos, oj/, i^Xf^C") untouched, ^f)S>v ty&v by my 

hands, Eur. 

ls s & os > %> ^ em ' Noun, = sq., Anth. 
a> f)> (&X.vpov) a heap of chaff, II., Anth, 
s, ot), d, v. axvp(i5, ,,7^7 

[a], T6, mostly in pi. &X u P a > ^"^S */T *w> 

Hdt. ; metaph., &x u P a T<5y atTTWV Ar. 

x-vpfe or ax^pos, 6, a cha/-ficap, Ar. 5 1>ut axvp/xds is 

prob. the true form. 

X^-Tpi^r, ijSos, d, i5, (TpfjSw) tkrediiug out the husks, 


x 4 ^, Dor. for^" ,;;; 

X^picrros, ov, (xw/jlfw) ^XGP parted,, not aw idea, 

Plat. II. (x^P 05 ^ w tth no $ ac6 ^sigm^l one, Xen. 
a\j/, vaTTtJ) Adv. of Place, backwards, back, back again, 

Horn. 2. of actions, again, in return, Id. j so, 
&{/ C^TI^ &J/ TrdtAi^, yet again, II. 

a-\|/ouj<rros, oi/, (^avw^ untouched, not to be touched, 
sacred, Thuc. H. act. not touching a thing, c. 

gen., Soph. 

^s, is, ($&Yto) unblamcd, blameless, Soph. 
, o>/j = a^7^s, Theogn. 
, ^, truthfulness, Plat, ; and 
f. ^<rw, not to lie> to speak truth , trpjj rtyot 

Soph., Plat. From 

L-\|r)8fc, 4s, (4/v5oj) without lie and deceit > truthful, 

sincere, trusty, Hes., Hdt., etc. : Adv. -Sfas, Att. 

~8ws 3 rea% and truly, Id. 

-\|/v<rros, oy, =a&\|/u8^s, Plut., Anth, 
oL-\|;il4>i<rTOS, oi/, (il/Tj^ffo/uai 1 ) ?iJ? hawngtMtcd, Ar. 

\|/t8<5ojj.fln,, pf. rjxj/fSw^ai, CH^ S ) P3LSH - ^ f; & c 

at|/i-icopos, oi/, (farrofjuu, K<$f>Qs) stitisfrd with touching, 

\. z. fastidious, dainty, Plat. :~ri ty.fastiditmsnes$> 

Plut., Luc. 
ou|/fyiax^ w f- ^o"^j &> skirmish with an enemy, lead on 

tofiffkt, Plut. j and 

a\|itjJikxCa, -J, a skirmishing^ Acschin. From 
ail/C-ii-^XO^' OJ/ > (fiwroftat, ^X 7 ?) skirmishing. 
a\j/v0iov, f(J, worm'woody Xen, From 
at|nv0os, ^, N. T. (Dcriv. unknown,) 
atj/is. Ion. a\|>Cs, TSos, ^, ^WTW) a junc:ti<rc,loop> mesh, 

such as form a. net, II 2. fe /<s?^r or felly of a 

wheel, *A* oA^Z itself, Hos., Hdt., Juir. 3. any 

ctrcZc or disk, of the sun, Id. 4. <w rfA or waw/^ 

Plat., Luc. 
&\lf-<5ppoo, oi/, contr, -po-us, ow, (S^, p ww- 

flowing, refluent, of Ocean, regarded as a stream ew- 

cir cling the earth and flowing ha,ck into itself, Horn. 
OL\|/-oppo5, or, poet, form of foreg., going back, back- 
wards, II., Soph. :- neut. fyoppov as Adv., backward, 

back again, II,, Aesch,, Soph, 

at|/os, 0$, r6, (aTpretf) a joint, Od. 

a-i|/<!>4>TjTo$, ov, (^o<p(a} noiseless; c. gen., ch//. KWKU- 
fjidrcav without sound of wailings, Soph. 

o-t|/o<|>oSj ov, = w\/6<pi]ros, Soph., Eur. 

a-\|rutcTos, 0y, (^xa>) not capable of being cooled, Plat. 

axj/a/xia-j ^, -zuaniif ^ life : want of spirit, faint-hearted- 
ness, Aesch., Eur. From 

a-t|/vxos, ov, (^vx^?) lifeless, inanimate, Simon., Eur., 
Plat. 2. &j/. fiopd non-animal food, Eur. II. 

spiritless, faint-hearted, Aesch. 

""Ail (A\ = ay{jt.i, to blow.^ca, to sleep, used 

only in aor. i aecra, Ep. #ecrora Od. ; also I pi. contr. 
&o"a/JLv, Ib. 

V A (B), hurt, contr. from ada. 

V AH (c), Ep. inf. afjt,vai (contr. for ae'yuez/cu) : f. #crcw : 
aor. i subj. t<r, inf. acrcu : Med., Ep. 3 sing 1 , aarai : f. 
acrofj-ai: aor. i acrctjUTjv : I. trans, to satiate, afytaros 
acrai 'Apya to give him his fill of blood, II. II. intr. 
to take one's fill of a thing, c. gen., XP^ S &p*v<u 9 XP^ S 
acrai Ib. ; so in Med., acrecrQe /cAaufyiOib, TTGTTJTOS affacr&ai 

awdev, Dor. for iitaBev. 

<c6v, (Jj/os, ^, Dor. for fy'icibv. 

acapi, Adv. of acopos, at an untimely hour, too early, 
Luc., Anth. ; acopl TTJS- j>u/cT<fo <2zf cfoaci? of night, 
Antipho, Theocr. 

acapia, 7), (awpos A) # wrong time : ace. as Adv., 
acaplav ff/ceij/ to have come too late> Ar. ; dwpfa at an 
^cnseasonable time, so late, Luc. 

ac&piog, a, ov, = a<apos, Anth. 

awp^-vuKTos, ov, ( vv) at midnight, Aesch. 

a-copos (A), ov, (&pa) -untimely, %mseasonable , Lat. fw- 
tempesti'vus, Aesch., Eur. : c. gen., yfipcas acop^repa 
things imbecoming old age, Plut. 2. ztnripe, &apo$ 
Trpbs ydfMov Id. II. 'without youthful freshness, 

ugly, Xen., Plat. 

awpos (B\ ov, (atp<a,cL per-ewpos} pendulous, waving 
about, of the ir\Krdvat or polypus-like legs of Scylla, 

acjpTo, Eq. plqpf. pass. o aetpa, 

s Ao>s TI, Dor. for *H <?$, "Eajy. 

'Awcr^opos, d, Dor. for "(aff<f)6'pos. 

ao)Ta>, (^w jf<? sleep} only in pres., jf<? sleep well, Horn. 

acorov, r<J, and awros, ^, ^<? w<?(?Z, flock, olbs &VTOV, or 
without oU$, the sheep's finest wool, Horn. ; \ivoto 
AeTrrbv ^(WTOj/ the delicate j#0c& of flax, i. e. the finest 
linen, II. II. metaph. the finest, best of its kind, 
the flower of a thing, &<aro$ (was the flower of life, 
Pind. j Xaplrajv &WTOS their choisest gift, Id. (Deriv. 


B, P ptjra, indecl., second letter of the Gr. alphabet : 
hence as numeral, /J' 8i5o, Setirepos, /jB^sooo. 

I. # is the medial labial mute, between tenuis r and 
asp. 6. The dialectic variations of # seem to be mostly 
due to uncertainties of pronunciation : 1. for y, as 
jSAijxcSy yKyx&v, fiXetyapov Dor. yXeipapov, fiovvos 
yowls' pfji.ppds for ju,/x|8p<fo, (Sports for juoprJs (mort- 


alis\ 2. ^ is sometimes inserted between /xA, jup to 
give a fuller sound, as in &jj.&poros, fiff7)fM$pla., yap&pts, 

Pa, shortd. form of voc. BacrtAeC, JTzw^ / Aesch. 

pa^ai, Lat. papae ! exclamation of surprise, bless me / 
Eur., Ar. 

papaia^, strengthd. for jSajSaf, Ar. 

pap-uKa, j), Lacon. for yetyvpa, Arist. ap. Plut. 

P<ryjjia, aros, r6, (fid(u) a speech, Aesch. 

paSifiv [a], Adv. (fraivv) step by step, Lat. pedetentim, 
II. j in marching step, Hdt. ; j8. raxu at quick step, 
Xen. 2. gradiially, more and more, Ar. II. 

walking, marching, opp. to riding, driving, sailing, 

Pa8iw, f. Att. 0a8ioi//uat: aor. i d/Sc&itra: pf. ^ej3a5wa: 
Oc$5os, ftaivu>} : ^ go slowly, to walk, Lat. ambulare, 
h. Horn., Xen. : to go, march, of horsemen, Id. : 
to go by land, Dem. : c. ace. cogn., fi&tiov, dSbv j3. 
Ar., Xen. 2. generally, <TT S oltcias /8a5. /<7 ^-/z^r 
houses, Dem. : to proceed (in argument), Id. : of things, 
at rtpal ^TT* ^Aarrov ej3e{5tf?i/ prices were getting lower, 
Id. Hence 

(BaSicris, eeas, TJ } a walking, going, Ar. ; of hares, Xen.; 

pdSi<r|i.a, aros, r6, walk, gait, Xen., Dem. ; and 

po.Sicrjj.o$, (5, = ftdSicris, Plat. 

paSioTTcov, verb. Adj. of )8aa>, one must walk or go, 
Soph. : so pi. /JaStoWa, Ar. 

paSumjs, ov, 6, (PaStfe) a goer, rax^s /JaS. a quick 
mnner, Eur. 

paSurriKcfe, 'ft, 6v, (paStf^, good at walking, Ar. 

paSos, o, (j8afr/a>) a walk, jSdSoi/ ^3o5ffei/ Ar. 

BA'ZQ, chiefly in pres. and impf., 3 sing. pf. pass. /3e- 
3a/crat : to speak, say, Horn. ; fid^etis ri rtva to say 
somewhat to a man, II. ; also, ri nvl Aesch. ; c. dat. 
modi, ^OX^TO'LS jSctfei^ &TrG<s<r<n to address with sharp 
words, Hes. : Pass., enros ftepaKrat a word has been 
spoken, Od. 

Pa0&0$ Adv., v. &aQvs II. 

paOicov, paOtarros, Comp, and Sup. of jSaflusr. 

pa6p.C$, 7], gen. /5oy and Wos, a step, Anth. 

po.0fj.6s or pacrp,6s, ^, (j8alj/w) a 5#^5> ; metaph. a step, 
degree, N. T. 

p 0,605, eos, rJ, (&a.B\)$) depth or height, ace. as measured 
up or down, Lat. altitudo, Taprdpov fidOy Aesch. ; 
alBepos fidQos Eur. : in military sense, the depth of a 
line of battle, Thuc., Xen. : ]8. rpi%G>v depth, i.e. 
thickness or length, of hair, Hdt. : in N.T.,rb $aQo$ 
the deep water. 2. metaph., KaKcav &d6o$ Aesch. ; 
n-AoiiTou j8a0os Soph. 

pdOpov, T(J, shortd. from jSar^pioi/, (j8a^<u) jfA(2f <m 
which anything stands : 1. # ^^, pedestal, Hdt., 
Aesch. 2. a steg-0 or scaffold, Hdt. 3. generally 
so/^W ground, SaAa/xTvos j3. Soph. ; & Trarpqiov ecrrtas 
fidOpov i.e. house of my father, Id. : in pi. found* 
ations, Eur. ; & &dQpoi$ elyai to stand firm, Id. 4. 
a step, Soph. : the round of a ladder, Eur. 5. a 
bench, seat, Soph., Dem. 6. metaph., KivMvov 
QdOpa the verge of danger, Eur. 

paBu-a-yiofc, 4s, (&JKOS) with deep dells, Anth. 

pa0v~povAo9, ov, (fiovX'fi) deep-counselling, Aesch. 

ov, (ycua) with deep soil, productive, Hdt. 

144 ; 

po.O'u-'Y'rjpcos, <#v> gen. <w, (yypas) in great old age, de- 
crepit, Anth. 

Padij-Stvijs [t], ou, o, (Sivy) deep-eddying, II., Hes. : 
so also Pa0v-8lv>jis, earcra, v, II. 

pd9ij-covo5, ov, ((dvy) deep-girded, i.e. girded not 
islose under the breast, but over the hips, so that the 
gown fell over the girdle in folds (cf. $a0i$/coAiro$), Horn. 
' "" ', 77, of sheep, with thick wool, h. 


, $, (/ccfywrTa;) strongly curved, Anth, 
es, (KTJTOS n) fltetf^ yawning, of the sea, 

pdOv-KXciis, es, (KA.COST) illustriozts, Anth. 

pd0ij-KoXiTos> ov, stutf/z dress falling in deep folds (cf. 
jSaflufawos-), of Trojan women, II. II. with deep, 

full breasts, deep-bosomed, Aesch. ; of the earth, 
Find. : cf. ftaQvcrrepvos. 

pa6v-Kp-r][JLVos, ov, with high, cliffs, a\s Find. ; j3. a/crai 
deep and rugged headlands, Id. 

pdOv-KTtdvos, ov, (/CTCWOJ/) with great possessions, 
plenteous, Anth, 

po.0v-Xei.jios, ov, (Xftfjicav) with deep, rich meadows, II.: 
so, pa0v-Xeijxv, ovos, 6, rj, Find. 

Pa0v-X>fto$, ov, (\fy'ov) with deep crop, very fruitful, II. 

Pa0ij-voos, contr. vovs, ovv, of deep mind, Anth. 

Pa0vva> [v], $ajdvv&, (&<x.9vs} to deepen, hollow out, of a 
torrent, II. : to dig deep, N. T. 2. as military term, 
to deepen, rfyv <pd\ayya, Xen. 

3d0ij-vXos, ov, (&\.oy) with deep wood, Eur, 

idSv-TreX^os, ov, (WA/ia) thick-soled, Anth. 

] JaOv-irXovros, ov, exceeding rich, Aesch. 

3a0v-ir(X|j.os, ov, plunged deep in war, Find. 

Ja0-up-.pT-r|s, ov, 6, (e'a>) paMppoos, Ep. gen. ftaOvp- 
peirao II., Hes. 

po.6u'p-pT]vos, ay, (fMf*') flwVA thick wool, Anth. 

Pa0vppios, oi/, (/ufa) deep-rooted, Soph. 

pa0vp-poos, oj/, contr. -pous, ow, (/Sew) deep-flowing, 
brimming, II., Soph. 

BA'GY'J, jSaflcTa Ion. /3a0ea, a0tf : gen. fiaQeos, /Baflefay 
Ion. a0eV : dat. j8a0ef, j8a0efy Ion. tfafle?? : Comp. 
fiM-repos, poet. jSa^W [i], Dor. fidffpcav : Sup. /3a0tf- 
raros, poet, fiddtcrros : <ste<?^ or Az^-A, ace. to one's 
position, like Lat. alt^is, Horn., etc. ', ^aQejj 
from high-fenced court, II. ; fy'dvos irpoirdpoiBf 
the deep, i. e. wide, shore, Ib. ; in Prose, of a line of 
battle, Xen. 2. deep or thick in substance, of a 
mist, Horn, j of ploughed land, opp. to stony ground, 
II., Eur. : deep, thick, of woods, corn, clouds, II., 
Hdt., etc. ; of hair, Xen, 3. violent, of a storm, 
II. 4. generally, large, copious, abundant, K\^OS, 
KXrjpos Find. ; fiaQeia repots: Soph. ; ftaObs &vf)p a rich 
man, Xen.; j3. ftirvos deep sleep, Theocr. 5. of the 
mind, deep, IL, Aesch. ,- /Sa^tJrcpa #0a Hdt. 0. of 
Time, far-advanced, late, $M$ &pQpo$ (v. ftpQpos] ; 
ftaQb TTJS ^XiKlas Ar. ; j8. yypas Anth. II. Adv. 
0aQ(a$, Theocr. 

JaO-u-orKa^iis, cy, (fl*/ca7rrw) deep-dug, Soph. 

3adv~cnao$, ov, (o*/ci<) deep-shaded, h. Horn., Theocr. 

iJaO-u-oriropos, ov, (ffirelpaf) deep-sown, fruitful, Eur. 

i 3a0i5-orTpvo, ov y ((TTepvov) deep-chested, \4(av Find., 

Cf. fiaJdllKOXTTOS. 

pa0-u-<TToX|Jios, ov, with deep, full robe, Anth. 

, ov, deep-strewn, well-covered, Babr. 
, ov, deep-grown with rushes, II. 
i]ros, rj ~ fidQos, depth, Luc. 
aO-u-(f>pb>v, ov, ($p*f]v}z=$M$ov\o$, Solon, Find. 
la.0v-<j>t>XXos, ov, (fyv\\ov} thick-leafed, Mosch. 

, ou, o, (%a.(rti) with deep, thick hair, Hes. 
, 0v-x0wv, ov, gen. ovos, = $a.Qvya.ios, Aesch. 
PQL(VO) (Root BA) : f. firjcrojAai, Dor. jSao-eOfcat, Rp. j8eo/.iat 
or fictoiAai : pf. /B^jS^/ca, Dor. ^/8dKa, with Ep. syncop. 3 
pi. /Se/Sada-i, contr. p<-fia<rt; inf. /Se^SavazLaJ, Ep. ^e/Sa/tey 
[a]; part. jSejSaouy, -auTa, Att. /3e/3c6s: plqpf. ^j8ej8^/cetj/, 
Ep. 8*firiKei.v, sync. 3 pi. |8e'/3a<raj/ : ~ aor. 2 /37?j/, Dor. 
ejSct?/, Ep. 3 sing. #7, 3 dual jSc^TT/^ [a], 3 pi. ^d^; 
imper. )87?0t, Dor. /3a9t, 2 pi. jSare ; subj. /3a>, Ep. j8e(co, 
3 sing. $1777, Dor. jSa/xes (for jSco/xev) j opt. fialriv " 3 inf. 
jS^J^ai, Ep. jS^uejt/ou ; part. j8c(s #a<ra j8ot^ : Med., Ep. 
3 sing. aor. i ^fjcrero. 

A. in the above tenses, I. intr. ft> 7wa/X, step, 
properly of motion on foot, iroffffl or 7ro<ri paivetv Horn., 
etc. ; c. inf. in Horn., $17 isvai, jSTj lefj-ev set out to go, 
went his way, II. ; $77 QGGLV started to run, Ib. j ^7) 5* 
\a,av, Ib., etc. : c. ace. loci, Soph.; and with all Freps. 
implying motion, as, &7rl vf\bs jSfuvej/ 70rt5 i going on 
board ship, Od. ; ^* '/TTTTOOJ/ ^ai/rcs having mo'unted 
the chariot, Ib.; paivew &Y ai^aros to wade through 
blood, Eur., etc. 2. in pf. to stand or &? in a place, 
X&po* & <? ftefi'fiKafji<~v Soph. ; often almost = eZ/x^ (A S U w 1, 
v @<~0r}Kw$ on a good footing, well established, pr&s- 
perotts, Hdt., etc. ; so, ot &f reXi ftc-fi&res they who 
*zr<? in office, Id., Soph. ; cf. vp6v. 3. to go, go 
away, depart, II., Soph. ; $e/37]:a euphem. for 
vr)Ka, Aesch., Soph. : of things, vvea ^viavrol Ps 
nine years have come and gone, II. 4. zfe> cowze, 
T^TTTC fiefirjKas: ; Ib. : jf<? arrive, Soph. 5, to go 
on, advance, j-s r65e r^A^y, <?y Toffovrov %\irti>(av 
Id. II. c. ace. to mount, Horn, only in aor. i 
med., /3t]0"ct<3r0at Sitypov : Pass., 'tinrot. (Saw 6 ^v 0,1 brood 
mares, Hdt. 2. %0&>$- ^j3a jue debts came on me, 
Ar. 3. in Poets, with ace. of the instrument of 
motion, which is simply pleonastic, ftaivsw Tr6$a to ad- 
vance the foot, step on, Eur., etc. 

B. Causal, in f. jB^crw, aor, i %&y(ra : to make to 
go, jS^cyej/ btpf'tirirov, } "Ivrircaj/ ^ofe brought them down 
from the chariot, II. The pres. in this sense is fitfidfw, 

POLLOV, r6, = $&$, N. T. 

BAIO'X, a, 6v, little, small, scanty, and of n umber, few, 
Find., Aesch., Soph. ; <?%c$pei /ScuoV he was going with 
scanty escort, i. e. alone, Id. : of condition, low, 
mean, humble, Id. : of time, short, Solon, Soph. :~- 
neut. fiatov, as Adv. a little, Id, ; so pi. $cuc, Ar. 
Cf. ^Scurfs. 

POLLS, TJ, a palm-branch, N. T. (Coptic word.) 

PC<.CTT|, T], a shepherd's w: peasant's coat of skins, Hdfc., 
Theocr. (Deriv. unknown.) 

paKeXas, 6, an eunuch in the service of CybeU, Anth., 

to prophesy like JBacis, Ar. From 
, o, an old Boeotian prophet, Hdt. 

pdicXov, TO, Lat. baculum, a stick, Aesop. 

paKT7}p(a, 7},=spdicrpov, a staff, cane, Ar., Thuc.: borne 
as a badge of office by the SiKatfrat, Dem. 

paier{pt,ov, rJ, Dim. of paKrriptn, Ar. 

paicrpe-ujxa, aros, r6, a staff ', jSaKTpeujuara 7ro5<Js 

tent to one's foot, Eur. From 
patcrpe-uco, to lean on a staff. 
patcTpov, ro, (pL-ftdfa} Lat. bacillus, a staff, stick, 

cudgel, Aesch., Eur. 
paKTpo-irpooraiTTrjs, ov, 6, going about begging with a 

staff, of a Cynic, Anth. 

poLKvXov, rd, = $&K\OV : pi. = Lat. fasces. Pint. 
BaK^o-to, (Ba%77) zfo > 2*74 Bacchic frenzy, to rave, 


X ov <xorat, to sing- the song Ba/c%e Ba/c^e ! Ar. 
77, if/z^ feast <?/ Bacchus, Bacchic frenzy, 

revelry, Aesch., Eur. : generally,/r<?/z^r, Plat. : in pi. 

Bacchic orgies, Eur. 
Baicxetov, r6, the temple of Bacchus, Ar. II. 

Bacchic revelry, Eur, : in pi. Bacchic orgies, Ar. j 

also Bax*, Eur. 
BO.KXCLOS or Baicxcios, in poets also Baicx 10 ** 5 w> 

i v Ba/cxos) Bacchic, of or belonging to Bacchus and A /A* 

r/fes, Eur., Xen. ; frenzied, frenzy -stricken, Hdt., 

Soph. ;; rbv B., of Aeschylus, Ar. II. as 

Subst., Ba/c%ios, 6, == Ba/c%os, Soph., Eur. 2. = olvos, 

Id. 3. Bi/c%ios (sc. TTOUS), <5, /b0 of three 

syllables, <--, opp. to antibacchtus. 

BaKxe-ufxa, aros, TQ, (Ba/cxeiJw) in pi. Bacchic revelries, 

Eur., Plut. 

BO.KXIJ$, ews, o, = Ba/cxos, Soph., Eur. 
BaKxcvcriiAos, ov, Bacchanalian, frenzied, Eur. ; and 
BaKxcvcrts, ecos, 77, Bacchic revelry, Eur. 
BaKx t)T1 is ou, d, a Bacchanal : as Adj. Bacchanalian, 

Anth. Hence 

BaKx^vTiiccJs, -jfj, 6v, disposed to Bacchic revels, Arist. 
BaKx^^Tcap, opos, S,=BaKXVT-f)s. From 
BaKx^vo), f. <rc), ^Ba/cxos) # keep the feast of Bacchus, 

celebrate his mysteries, Hdt. 2. zfo speak or #r 

//"<? 0m> frantic, Lat. bacchari, Soph., Eur. II. 

Causal, to inspire with frenzy, Id. : Pass., Id. 
BaKx^b r) 3 a Bacchante, Aesch., Soph., etc. : generally, 

Ba/c%7? "At5ow frantic handmaid of Hades, Eur. ; $. 

vKV(av Id. 
Batcxio-^w, ~ Ba^xeucw, Eur. 

s, c^Sos, 77, poet. fern, of BcC/cxeios, Anth. 

a, ov, Bcbcxetos, q. v. 
fSos 1 , ^, = Bet/ex^ Soph. 
BaKx.<>TTjs, ov, 6, = BaKX*vT'f)$, Soph. 
BO.KXOS, a, Bacchtis, a later name of Dionysus, Soph., 

etc. : called Ai6vvo~o$ "Bdicxzios and o "Qatc^ios in 

Hdt. II. as appellat. wine, Eur., etc. III. 

a Bacchanal, any one inspired, frantic, Id., Plat. 

i^The Root seems to be /"AX, so that Bdcxos represents 

faKXos ; and "lo/cxoy is for flf^aK^QSi prob. from 

!dx a >> =: F t Fd>X Cl) > to shout.} 

ftaA.av~a.Ypa, 77, ^ ^rj/ or hook for pulling" out the door- 
pin (fid\avos n\ Hdt., Xen. 
paXavciov, r6, Lat. balineum, balneum, a bath or 

bathing~room, Ar. ; in pi., Id. From 
P&Xavevs, ews, o, a bath-man, Lat. balneator, Ar. 

l^Deriv. uncertain J 
paXavcvw, f. <rw, (/SaXayeiJy') ^ Ty^z^ w^ a person at 

the bath, #. avr$ to be one's own bath-man, Ar, 
paXaviri-4d^ S>0v,(<pa7(V) acorn-eating, Orac. ap. Hdt. 
paXavr]-<j>opos, ov, (,<^pco) bearing dates, Hdt. 


paXavia> Spvv, to shake acorns from the oak : as a 
proverb, answer to beggars, frXXyv Spvv $aXdvi(e Anth. 

PaXavicrcra, 77, fem. of fiaXavefe, a bathing-woman, 

paXavo-SoKT], 77, (Sexo/^cu) the socket in a door-post to 
receive the fedXavos (li). 

paXavos [#a], 77, an acorn, Lat. glans, the fruit of the 
<$>T}y6s, given to swine, Od. : any similar fruit, the 
date, Hdt., Xen. II. from similarity of shape, 

an iron peg, a bolt-pin, Lat. pessulus, passed through 
the wooden bar (^x^ os ") * n t the door-post, so that the 
bar could not be removed till the pin was taken out 
with a hook (fiaXavdypa), Ar., Thuc. (Deriv. uncer- 
tain, j 

j3o.Xo.v6oj, f. c6<r<w, to fasten 'with a bolt-pin (fidXavos 
III, fteftaXdvwKe T^V 6vpav Ar. : Pass., /SejSaAavw/xcVos, 
77, ov 3 shut close, secured, Id. 

PaXavnov, paXavTioTOjA^to, paXavTio-Tojjios, 6, v. 

, T5os, 77, properly, zfA<? r<3^ drawn across the- 
race-course: mostly in pi., Lat. car ceres, the posts 
marking the line whence the racers started, and to 
which they retitrned, Ar, : then, any starting point, 
Eur.., Ar. -, metaph., irpbs paXfffia, ftlov Eur. II. 

also any point to be gained, as the battlements (by 
one scaling: a wall), Soph. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

paXijv, 6, v. /3aAA?V. 

paXi<Js, d, 6v, spotted, dappled, Eur. II. parox. 

Ba\tos, one of the horses of Achilles, Dapple, II. (Deriv. 

paXXavTiov, less correctly fiaXavriov, r6, a bag, pouch, 
purse, Simon., Ar. 

paXXavTioro|jL0), f. 4\&u>, to cut purses, Plat., Xen. 

paXXavTio-T<5|Jio<;, o, (re/mo) a cut-purse, Ar., Plat. 

(JaXXTJv, o, a king, Aesch. i^Prob. from Baal, Bel.) 

BaXXijvaSe $xiir*w, a pun between fidXXw and the 
Attic deme HaXX^vn, Ar. 

jSaXXeu, Ep. for fraXXov, imper. med. of pdXXw. 

paXXw i^Root BAA): f.)3aA5, Ion. /SaXew, rarely 0aAArV<y: 
aor. 2 %fia\.ov, Ion. inf. fiaXseiv : pf . jScjSXTjKa : plqpf. 
, Ep. faMiceLv : Med., 3 sing. Ion. impf, 
o : f . /3aAovjucu : aor. 2 tfiaXd/ATiv, Ion. imper. 
Pass., f. ^X^ffo^ai and p&X'f)<ro/jLCu : aor. i 
'. Horn, also has an Ep. 3 sing-, syncop. aor. 
2 pass., I^ATJTO; subj. fiXfarai (for jSA^rai), opt. 2 
sing-. /8A^o or fiXeTa;- inf. &Xri<r6ai.- 3 part. frXJi^vost pf. 
p4&X-rifjLcti, Ion. 3 pi. jScflA^cmu, plqpf. j8e/8X^jaro. 

A. Act. zfo jf^ww ; I. with ace. of person or 

thing aimed at, to throw so as to hit, to hit one with a 
missile, opp. to striking (rvirrca, ouraoj), &X"hfj.VO$ TJ 
rvwels II. ; c. dupl. ace. pers. et partis, pw j3Ae wpbv 
b'iffrcf Ib. : c. ace. cogn. added, eXaos, r6 piv j8aAe the 
wound which he gave him, Ib. : also, fidx* war* 
smote upon it, Ib. 2. of things, rjvtox 
e&aXXov Ib. ; of the Sun, a/men*/ ejSaAXev x d 
to strike the senses, of sound, KT^TFOS o&ara 
II, 3. metaph., j3. TI^ KaoTy to smite with re- 
proaches, Soph., etc. ; tyQovos jSctAAet rivd Aesch. II. 
with ace. of the weapon thrown, to throw, cast, hurl, 
^oAcbv fieXos II. j & vi\v<flv irvp &dXXiv Ib. : with 
dat. of the weapon, to throw or shoot with a thing, 

i Ib. ; j8^\tn 3. nua Horn, j #. JT T 
throw at one, Thuc. 5 M CTKOTT^V or O-KOVOV Xen. 
generally of anything thrown, els aAa Au/iar' 


/? /a//, erepwtre /capo? #aAej/ II. ; )3. fork Stfopu Tra- 
twv Od. 4. of the eyes, erepacre /3aA J o/x/xara H? 
them the other way, Ib., etc. 5. in a loose sense, 
to throw, to put, place, Iv crr^Qecfo'i fieW #<Ue II. ; 
frjrojy ^nA^TTjTa juer 1 fyujxtTfyoiffi j3c\o>ju.6j' ;wy ^wrf 
friendship between them, Ib. ; . ri TH/I v 0vju<p Od. ; 
<fs 0ujubv . #o Ztf,y to heart, Soph. 6. fc> j^ round, 
a^cf ox^ea-ffi /3d;Ae Ki>K\a II. ; and of clothes or arms, 
fyujjl 5* "A0i)j/T7 jUOis jSdA 1 oZyfSa Ib. 7. /3aAc4i/ is 
sometimes added, like kapdv or exwv, at the end of a 
sentence, almost as an expletive, noit/j, Soph. HI. 
intr., TroToubs els aAa jSaAAcoj/ falling, II. ; $v ir&y 
/3aAc5 'sc. fyavr-fiv) Aesch. 2. so in familiar lan- 
guage, /SeiAA' es K^poucas away with you ! be hanged ! 
Lat. pasce corves ! abi in mala in rem ! Ar. 

B. Med. to put for oneself, evl &V/JL$ /3dAAeu lay it 
to heart, Od. ; & Qv^bv aAAecr0cu ri Hdt. ; <=<J>* Icouroi) 
fiaKdjAGVos on ou^s own judgment, of oneself, Id. 2. 
r^a or ^<^os ctja^ tijuots fid\\*cr6ct.i to throw about 
one^s shoulder, II. 3, $ yacrrepa jSctAAea'^ai, of a 
woman, to conceive, Hdt. 4. luy the foundations 
of, begin to form, olKo^o^iav, ffrparAiretiov,, Plat., etc. ; 
/8. oLyttvpcus to ^^ anchor, Hdt. II. rarely, XP^ a 

j3(AA6<r0at \ovrpo7s to dash one's flesh with water, 
bathe, h. Horn. 
ia\6s, ^ Dor. for j3rjAds., f. ind. and aor. 2 subj. of fidxhco. 
afjia, rJ, Dor. for )3^/xa, 

afxpaivco, only in pres. to chatter with the teeth, 11, : 
to stammer* Bion. (Formed from the sound.") 

(, Dor. for ^cS^ue^, i pi. aor. 2 subj. of fialvai. 

(3afxp,a, aros } r6, l^aTrrco) that in which a thing is 
dipped, dye, Plat., v. jBcwrTw 1.3. 

f3<iv [a], Ep. for %ftav, %ftr)<rav, 3 pi. aor. 2 of 3afi/w. 

Pava-ucrta, -^,, handicraft 9 the jbractice of a, mere me- 
chanical art., Hdt. ; and 

fiava-ucrLKos, ^, (Jj/, o/ or /or mechanics : T/x*' 1 ? J3 ? 
mere mechanical art, Lat. r.s % scllularia, Xen. From 

pdvaucroSj oi/, mechanical, and as Subst. mechanic, 
Arist. II. T&xvy ftdvavcros a mere mechanical 

art, a base, ignoble art, Soph. 3 Plat. iDeriv. uncer- 

pava-ucr-oTjpYLa, ^, C^pywO handicraft, Plut. 

pcx^t?, ews, ^, (j3e^w) a saying, oracular say ing, 
like $^"77, Aesch., Soph. 2. & report* rumour, 
Theogn., Soph., Eur. j aAc6(n/w$ ^. tidings of the 
capture,, Aesch. 

. Att. tw, jft; ^/> / or under water; metaph., 
yot. soaked in ivine, Plat.j ^^A^/xacri /3j3. 
and ears in debt, Plut. 2. to bafitijue, 
riva. N. T, : Pass., jBairrtfeffQcu els 
&(p<nv a^aprtSiv Ib. ;Med, to get oneself 
Ib. Hence 
diTTLcrjxa, r6, baptism, N. T. ; and 
aTTTi.orfx<$5, <5, a dipping in -water, ablution, N. T. j 

v ? <5 3 ^w^ ^^c^ ^*p-s : & baptisser, 6 B. tJie 
baptist, N. T. 

fsawTOs, TJ, Ji/,, dipped, dyed, bright-coloured, Ai\ 2. 
/br dyeing, %pc6/xara Plat. II. of water, drawn 

by dipping vessels (cf. ftdirrto i. 3\ Eur. From 

pdiTTw (Root BA4>\f. jSctyw: aor, i e3ax|/a: Pass., f. j8d- 
^crofjiai : aor. I ^d(f>Qrjv : aor. 2 l/3ac|>^v [a] : pf . jSe- 
/Sa/x/xat : I. trans, /c? <^//> /w water, Lat. /;;/- 

mergere, Od., Plat. : of slaug-hter, ^ cr^ayaro-t 
jBa^atra ^I^os 1 Aesch. ; /3ca//a$ eyx^s Soph. ; <f>dcryavov 
eftrco ffapKbs j3ai|xK/ Eur. 2. </// / poison, tous, 

Xirwva. Soph. 3. ^ ^/^ / ^', / <r/j^, Hdt., 
Aesch. : - Comic, ^c^7^T6l^' riva pdp-fjia. '2,apdiaviK6^ to 
dye one in the [red] dye of Sardis, i. e. give him a 
bloody coxcomb, Ar. 4. to draw water by dipping 
a vessel, Theocr. ; /6dtya(ra aA(Js ^sc. T^ TeD^os) having 
dipped it so rts to draw \\ ater from the sea, Kur. II, 

intr., j/ai/y e^a^ey the ship dipped, sank, Id. 

J3apa0pov, Ion. p^pcOpov, rJ, <rr ^//, /// : at Athens 
a cleft behind the Acropolis, into which criminals were 
thrown, Hdt., Ar. 2. mciaph. ruiti f perdition^ 

Deni. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

fBappapi^cj, f. Att. i, Oapj3apos) ^o behave like" a bar- 
barian, speak like one, Hdt. : to speak broken Greek^ 
speak gibberish. Plat. II. to hold with the bar- 
bariaus, i. c. the Persians, Xen. 

pappaptKos, 7^,, &v, barbaric^ foreign, like a foreigner, 
opp. to 'EAA?jj>iK<ta, Simon.; TC> ^Cf.p^a,pu()V,-^ i ol /3<ip- 
ftapoi, Thuc. j csp. of the Persians, Xen. : Adv. ? fictp- 
fiapiKus teal e EAA7?j/i/cws i. e. both hi Persian and 
Greek, Id. Hence 

Papp<xpiarp.<s) 3, (^ a pj3 a f > ^C w ) barbarism, Arist., Pass, to become barbarous, Eur. ; 0c- 
ftapftapto/A^vos of barbarous or outlandish sound, Soph. 

pdppapos, ov, barbarous, i. e. not Greek^ foreign, 
known to Horn., as appears from the word /3ap$ttp<{- 
<pcwQ$ in II. : -as Subst. /-Up/Bapoi, aboriginally all that 
were not Greeks, specially the Modes and Persians, 
Hdt., Att. : so the Hebrews called the rest of mankind 
Gentiles. From the Augustan a&'e however the name 
was given by the Romans to all tribes which had no 
Greek or Roman accomplishments. II. after the Per- 
sian war the word took the sense of oii^landi^/i^&fAaO^s 
leal jScp/3apoy Ar, ; j8apj3a|)cjTaTOS Id,, Thuc, (Dcriv. 

Pappolp<$-c|)<ovos, ov , (<f>w^) speaking a foreign tongue, 

, v. 

T] or &} ft musical instrument: of many 
strings (iro\.^xP^ os Theocr.), like the lyre, and often 
used for the lyre itself t Aniuir., Eur,, etc. (Prob. an 
Oriental word, ^ 

olpStcrTos, 17, ay, by Ep, ractath. for j8pc#t<rro$', Sup, 
of ^p(JtStJs, II, : papS-uTcpos, for j8pa5-, Theocr. 
ap^cu, f. ^crw; pf. fieftdpirjKa.; ((Baptist'): -- to weigh <&mm, 
depress^ Luc. II. intr. iu I 4 'p. pf. part. ^Cj8ap7j<*jy, 

weighed down, heavy > titvq ^e/3ctpr)(Jrs Od ; later in 
part. pass. ^e^oLpTrj^yoSf Theocr., Anth.j etc, 
appus, Adv. of ftapvs. 

apis, t8os Ion. tos, ft ; pL ftdp$is t Ion, /3<pft ; poet, dat. 
pi. fiaptSeffa't : a flat-bottomed byat, used in Egypt, 
Hdt., Aesch. 

papog [a], CMS, rd, \,fiapvs} weight, Hdt., etc. II. a 
weight) burden., load, Aesch., etc. III. metaph. a 

heavy weight, TTT^IOJ/TJS, crvfj^tyopas /3. Soph, ~, then alone 
for grief, misery* Aesch. ; jSapos %t*/ Arist. IV. 

abundance, irXo^rov, o\$ov Eur. 

\yos}=sq. y Anth. 
a ov, (aA/yew) very grievous, Soph. 
, es, (&%os) heavy with woe, Soph. 

9 Dor. for papvrix'f)$> Ar. 

apv-pp|JiTr|s, ov, 6, ( jSp^jua) loud-thundering, Soph, : 
so, papt-ppo[j,TJTr|s (3p0^e<y), Anth. 
papv-ppopios, ov, (fipejjLUi) loud-roaring,, loitd-sounding, 


papu-ppoas, <5, ^, (j8i-/3/>ct)<77c<o) gnawing, corroding, 

or, (y^Wl heavy-kneed., lazy, Call. ; and 

, Theocr. 

oy, (yuToj/) weighing down the limbs, 
wearisome, Anth. 

apvSaifxoWa), f. jjffto, 2to <? grievously vmlucky, Ar. 
ap-u-Satfjicoy, op, gen. OVQS, pressed by a heavy fate, 
luckless, Eur. 

aKpv} weeping grievously, Anth. 
apti-Sitcos, ov, (Sircr)} taking heavy vengeance, Aesch. 
apii-SoVeipa, y, giver of ill gifts, Aesch. 
i, ov, loud-sounding} Mosch. 
ov, exceeding jealous 9 Anth. 
apu~0poo$, ov, deep or loud-sounding, Mosch. 
papvOvfieo), f. ^cra?, to be 'weighed down : to be heavy 

at heart : in Med., Plut, ; and 
papv6vp,a, 77, sullenness) Pint. From 
PapiS-OvfAos, oj/, heavy in spirit : indignant, sullen, 


P<jLpiJ0<*> [if], (fiapds) only in pres. and impf. to be 
weighed down, II., Hes. 2. &? <? heavy, Anth. 
, ov, heavy in wrath, Aesch. 
s, ov, heavy-sounding, loud-thundering, h. 
Horn., Hes. 

pdpTj-fi^vio?, oj/, = sq., Theocr. 

papij-pvTiVLs, t, heavy in wrath, exceeding- wrathful, 

papt}-(jucr0o$, OK, largely paid, Anth., ov, very toilsome, painful, Anth. 
papwto [u], f . ijvw : aor. i tftAovva : Pass., aor. i 
3fta.p6v6riv : (fictpvs} : - to weigh down, oppress by 
weight, depress, Horn. : Pass., yvia fiapdrerai he is 
heavy, i. e. weary, in limb, II. ; X W a QapvyQets dis- 
abled in hand, Ib. ; fiapiu/zral rivt TO cric4\os Ar. ; 
^/A/* /5., of one dying, Eur. 2. metaph. to oppress, 
weary, TQVS Sucaffrtis Xen. : Pass, to be oppressed, 
distressed, Lat. grccvari, Aesch., Soph. 
Papv-o'pyn'ros, ov, (opydca] exceeding angry, Anth. 
pap-ij-Tra.Xap.os, ov, (iraXdfir]} heavy-handed, Pind. 

s, es, (vtvBos} causing grievous -zoo*?, Anth. 
Tos, ov, (irsv94to} mourning heavily, Anth. 
, es, (Trccrcty) heavy-falling, Aesch. 

, ov, = (Sapvo'alfjLwv, of persons, Soph. ; of 
sufferings, grievous, Id. : irreg. Sup. $apvTtorii,&rwro$ 
(metri gratO Eur. 

papv-trovs, o } y, irovv, r6, heavy at the end, Anth. 
BATY'Z, eta, v; poet. gen. pi. fern, fiape&v (for -etwy') 
Aesch. ; Comp. fia-pdreposy Sup. fictpdrctfros heavy in 


weight, opp. to KOV<}>OS, Hdt., etc, : in Horn, mostly 
with a notion of strength and force, x ?P a &etpeiay II. , 
etc. : also, heavy with age or suffering, yfipa., voo-y 
Soph. 2. heavy to bear, grievous, Horn.; /3/>u or 
fiapca (Frcvdxeiv to sob heavily, Id. : in Att., burden- 
some, gr^evo^ts 3 oppressive : Adv., fiapeas (j>4piv n to 
take a thing ill, Lat. gramter ferre, Hdt., etc. ; fiapecas 
aicavGiv to hear with, disgust, Xen. 3. violent, 
Theocr., Plat., etc. 4. weighty, impressive,, 

N. T. II. of persons, severe, stern, Aesch., 

Soph. : also, 'wearisome, oppressive, Eur., Dem. : in 
good sense, grave, dignified, Arist. 2. of soldiers, 

heavy-armed, Xen. III. of impressions on the 

senses, 1. of sound, strong, deep, bass, Od., Aesch., 
Soph. 2. of smell, strong, offensive, Hdt., Soph. 

Papu-.0-CSY)pos [f}, ov, heavy with iron, Plut, 

papv-crTa0jxos, ov, weighing heavy, Ar. 

papv-cnrovos, ov, (cfr&to} groaning heavily, bellowing, 
Dem. : Adv. -VMS, Aesch. II. of things, heavily 

lamented, grievous, Soph, 

papv-r<|>apaYos [a], ov, loud-thundering, Pind. 

papvTtjs [3], rjros, jj, (papvs) weight, heaviness, 
Thuc. II. of men, importunity, disagreeable- 

ness, Dem., Plut. 2. in good sense, gravity, dig- 
nity, Arist., Pint. III. of sound, strength, 
depth, Plat. 

pap-u-Tifjios, ov, (njLL'fi') very costly, N. T. 

papv-T\T|Toc, ov, bearing" a heavy weight ', Anth. II. 
pass, ill to bear, Id. 

Papv-Tovosj QV} deep-sounding, Xen. 

papv-<j>0oYYoSj ov, lotcd-sounding, roaring, h. Horn. 

P<xpv<[>po<rvvir| [u], T] y gloominess, indignation, Plut. 

Papv-<j>piv, ov, gen, ovos, (<$>PTI\V} "weighty of purpose, 
grave-minded, Theocr. 

;, ov, thick-lipped, Anth. 

' (%P^) deep-toned, Anth. 

j (tyvx'ti} heavy of soul, dejected. Soph. 

pas, /Sacra, fioiv, aor. 2 part, of (3atva). 

Pourav(<u, f . Att. to) : aor. i tfiacrdvura, tfta.o-avlo'O'Viv : 
pf. #e/3acrc&M<rju,c : to rub gold upon the tou~ch-stone 
(&ci(ra.vos\ Plat. : hence, to try the genuineness of a 
thing, to put to the test, make proof of, Id. II. 

of persons, to examine closely, cross~q%iestion, Hdt., 
Ar. 2. to question by applying torture, to torture, 
Id. : Pass, to be put to the torture, for the purpose 
of extorting confession, Thuc,: to be tormented by 
disease or storm, N. T. Hence 

pdcravLCTTeoSj a, ov, verb. Adj. to be put to the Proof, 
Plat. II. paffavurr&v one must put to the tor- 

ture, nvd Id., Dem. 

pao"avLarri]s, ou, 6 9 (j8acraj/) questioner, torturer, 
tormentor, Dem., N. T. : fern. pacravCcprpia, an ex- 
arniner 3 Ar. 

pao*avos [j8&-], ^, the touch-stone, Lat. lapis Lydius, 
a dark-coloured stone on which pure gold, when rubbed, 
leaves a peculiar mark, Theogn. : hence. II. 

generally, a test, trial whether a thing be genuine or 
real, Hdt., Soph. Ill, inquiry by torture, the 

6 question ,' torture, used to extort evidence from 
slaves, Oratt, 2. torture of disease, N,T, (Deriv. 
(, Dor. for fiycrofjiai, f. of fialvtv. 



pacrCXcia, ^, (J3ewri\efa) ft queen, princess, Od., Aesch. i C a, Ion. "nti}, TJ, ^jSaoMAeuaO a kingdom, do- 
minion, Hdt. : hereditary monarchy, opp. to Tvpavvis, 
Thuc., etc. 

pacrlXeiSiov, r6 t Dim. of j8a<nAei/s, a petty fang, Plut. 

pacrXi,oy, Ion. -TJLOV, ro, (/ScunAetfo) a kingly dwelling, 
palace, Xen. j mostly in pi., Hdt., etc. 2, /z r<?jW 
treasury, Id. 

pao-tXeios, ov, or a, ov, Ion. ~-ijios ??, ov, of the king, 
kingly, royal, Hdt., etc. From 

patrXXe-us, 6, gen. os, Ion. TJOS, ace. jSacriAca, ftacriXy : 
nom. pi. pao-iAeiV, Ion. -7?es, old Att. 0acriA7/<?3 ace. pi. 
j3a0*iAeZs, old Att. jSacriAijs : a king, chief 3 Horn. : 
later it was an hereditary king, opp. to Titpawos, 
Hdt., Att.; &va% j8. lord fo'ng 1 , Aesch.: c. gen., ft. 
ve&v Id. -, olcwcav $., of the eagle, Id. : Horn, has a 
Comp. j3a<nAeure/>os more of a king, more kingly, Sup. 
JJaatAetfraros ??z0s kingly. 2. of z%*> king's son, 
prince, or any one sharing in the government, 
Od. 3. generally, a lord, master, householder, II., 
Pind. II. at Athens, the second of the nine 

Archons was called j8cnAevs; he had charge of the 
public worship, and the conduct of criminal processes, 
Plat., etc. III. after the Persian war, the king 

of Persia was called /ScunAetk (without the Art.), Hdt., 
Att. -, more rarely <5 /3cc<nAefo, or 6 peyas 3cur. Hdt. 
(^ Deriv. uncertain.) 

pacrtXevw, f. <r, (&<x,<riXi>s) to be king, to n ride, reign, 

Horn., etc. , of a woman, to be queen, Id. ; c. gen. to 

be king of, Od. j also, o^p' "lOa/ajs Kara S^/xov /3a<n- 

Aeiiot Ib. ; in aor. to have become king, Hdt. ; c. dat. 

to be king among others, Od. : Pass, to be governed 

by a king, Plat. : to submit to the king, Plut. 2. 

to be waster of a thing, c. gen., Theocr. 

0acrtXi]ti], pacrtXiqios, Ion. for j3a<n\fa, fiaffiteios. 

paaXX-nts, 18o$, i) 9 poet. fern, of jSaor/Aeios, r0ytf/, IK, Eur. 

pao-XXij>, f . <rw, (jScwnAeik) ^ A* 0/ tfAtf *#'$ j<w*y, 


pcurXXiicos, 4 oV, like jSacriAcws, n>y0, kingly, Hdt., 
Att. * 2. //& # Hn^, kingly, princely, fia<n\LK(>~ 
raros Xen. : Adv., jSatnAiftojs *zs fo"?^, with kingly 
authority, Id. II. as Subst., 1. j3cnAuc^ (sub. 
o-Toct), ^, a colonnade at Athens, Plat. ; v. crroci. 2, 
ftafftXiicos, 6 3 king's officer, N. T. 
pacrlXXvai), barbarism for /8acr(Aivv, Ar. 
paorCXivva, ^, /BacrfAicrcra, Dem. 
pa<rXXCs, (5oy, ^, = ^a(^(Aia, a queen, princess, Soph., 

Eur., etc. 2. as Adj. royal, Id. 
pacrCXicrora, ^, later for jSacrfAeta, a queen, Xen., Theocr. 
PCXCTLJJIOS [a], ov, (fialva} passable, accessible, Dem., Plut. 
pd<ris [a], <a$, ^, (jSafvw) # stepping, step, and col- 
lectively sfej^, Aesch., Soph., etc. ; O^K ^x wy 3^o" iv 
power to step, Id. ; rpox^v fidffeis the rolling of 
the wheels, Id. II- ^/z wiVA 'which one steps, a 

foot, Eur., N.T. III. Aa whereon one stands, 

a base, Plat. 

fJao-Kcuvoj, f. avw : aor. I ^Sdcr/ajya, -d^a : Pass., aor. 
i Upatnccivdriv : 1. c. ace. to slander, malign, belie, 
disparage, Dem. 2. c. dat. to envy, grudge, 

Id. " II. to bewitch, by means of spells : Pass., &$ 
ftfy $affKa,v&& i^aor. x subj.) that / ^e not bewitched, 

JacrKavLo., ^, slander, envy, malice, Plat,, Dem. From 
Jdcrtcdvos, ov, slanderoits, envious, malignant, Ar., 
Dem. H. as Subst. <? slanderer, Id. 2, 

sorcerer, Id. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
3ao-Kas (or -as), ^, a kind of duck, Ar. 
Sdcncw ^akin to ^afvw, cf. xaffKO), x a/Lyo} )> n b' us ^l in 
imper., fidffK IBi, speed thee I away ! II. ; also <v>;w> .' 

3acr[J.^s, another form of fiaQuds. 
r _,_. ., 7), Dor. for^o-o-a. 
3a<rcrdpoL [a], 7], aAc^TrT]^, a fox. II. <7 Thraciau 

bacchanal, Anth. (Prob. a foreign word.) 

3ao-crapLov, rcJ, Dim. of j8acr<rctpa I, /r little^ fox, Hdt. 

Saxrcrwv, ov, gen. ovos, Dor. Comp. of fiadds. 

3acrTa"yu.a,r J, zf/mzJ which is borne, a burden, Eur. From 

]ao"T<xf w : f . a<rw : aor. I ^dlcrracra, later ^j3ci(rTa^a : - 
/x/z^ Zz/if w^, rmV, Od., Soph., Eur. : to bear, carry, 
support, Aesch., Soph. 2. to hold in one's hands, 
Id. 3. jSaa'Ta^exv Hv yv&jAT) to bear in mind, consider, 
weigh, make proof of, Aesch. II. to carry off, take 

away, N. T. III. Att. also = if/i7Aa<jt>aco, to touch, 

Aesch. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence 

(3<urraKT<Js, 17, 0V, verb. Adj. to be borne, Anth. 

la/raXcs, d, (jSarros) a nickname given to Demosthenes, 
from his stuttering, Aeschin, 

pare, Dor. for jS^re, aor. 2 imper. of fiatv(a. 

, ^#av<w) jf<? tread, cover, of animals, Theoci*. 
[a], Ep. for J^TTJV, 3 dual aor. 2 of &a,tvto 
' ;, (Sos, T), i^arew) /cAi>a^ j3. a mounting ladder. 

paTi8o-<rK<$Tros> ov, looking after skates, Ar. 

PO.TIS, i$o$, j], a flat fish, perhaps the skate, Ar. 

paTo-8p<Siros> ov, (,8p&r&>) pulling berries off, h. Horn- 

BA'TOX [a], ^, a bramble-bush or wf/rf raspberry, Od. 

pa,TOs,^,the Hebrew measure 5att, = Att. ^erp^r^s, N/i . 
' ;, ^7, o'v, (jSa^vco) passable, Xen. 
HX^LOS, ov, (jSc^Tpax^^) <i^ or belonging to a frog : 

iX^s> ^5os, ^, a frog-green coat, Ar. ; and 

frogs and mice. From 

pdrpaxos [jSarpa-], <5, a frog , Batr., Hdt., etc. (Deriv. 

paTrapw, (pdrros} to stutter, Luc. 

paTTo-Xo'Y&iD, f* ^0*^ (A^oy) ^ ^AV/^ stamnieringly,, 
say the same thing oner and over again, N,T. From 

BaTTos, 6, Stammerer, name of a king of Cyrene', licit. 
(Formed from the sound.) 

paiij>, Dor. paiJorSto, only in prcs. to cry &ad 
bark, Theocr. : of angry persons, to smirl 9 ydp t f 
trans, to shriek aloud for, rw& Id. (Formed from the 

po/utcaXis, ^f, a in}inC'COoU } r, Anth* 

pauKo-iravoiiipYOs, ^, a paltry braggart ', Arist. 

BAYKO'I, 4, fo, prudish. 

paiiorSa), Dor. for $a$ej. 

pa<)T), ^, OCTTTC)) a dipping of red-hot iron in water,, 
the temper produced thereby, Arist. II. a dipping 
in dye, dyeing, dye 9 Aesch., Plat., etc. j wptfW /3a0a( the 
saffron-rfv^ robe, Aesch. ; j8</>ai titipas the nihe dipped 
in the hydra's blood, Eur. Ill, xXoi/ 0a<J>at, in 

Aesch., is prob. the art of tempering brass, to express | 

something which no woman could know. IV. in 

Soph. Aj., fta<pfj (rl^rjpos $$ must be construed not 

with zQrtXvvQ'riv, but with the preceding words Kaprepbs 

yv6fj.vo$, for iron becomes harder, not softer, by being 

dipped. Hence 

!acf>iK09, *], ov, fit for dyeing, Luc. 

tSaXXa) (Root BAAA) : aor. i /357?Xa, to milk cows, 

Plat. : to sitck, Arist. Hence 

i, a leech, Hdt., Theocr. 

,, r6, (/35eXu<ro"o J acu} an abomination , i. e. an 
idol, N.T. 

,, T), (^SeXucro'o/xai ) nausea, disgust, Xen. 

, $, ov, ( fi'SeXvcra' } disgusting, abomin- 
able, N. T. 


) ov, = foreg., Aesch. 
Dep. to behave in a brutal manner, 
Dem. | and 

pScXvpia, r\, brutal conduct, want of shame and de- 
cency, brutality, Oratt. 

|38eXvp6s, d, 6v, (|86*<y) loathsome, disgusting', brutal, 
Ar., Oratt. ; Sup. -tararos, Dem. 

pScXvcrorojAat, Att. -rrop-ai : f. -~uoyucu : aor. I <-/8Se- 
Xi/XO'rjv: (/38eo>) : to feel nausea, to be sick, Ar. 2. 
c. ace. to feel a loathing at, to loath, Id. II. to be 
loathsome: ot 6j88eXv7/x,eVoi the abominable (in ref. to 
j85eXu7jua), N. T. 

BAE'&, to break wind, Ar. Hence 

pS-uXXo), Lat. oppedere, to insult grossly, rivd Ar. 2. 
to be afraid, of, Id. 

jSejBaios, 05, ov and a, ov, {fialv<i>}firm, steady, steadfast, 
s-ure, certain, Aesch., etc. ; fieficuo'Tepos KivSvvos a 
surer game, Thuc. 2. of persons, steadfast, steady, 
sure, constant, Aesch., etc. ; c. inf., $$a,i6repoi prjtev 
Vb)TpLtv more certain to make no change, Thuc. 3. 
rb fiefiatov certainty, firmness, resolution, Hdt., 
Thuc. II. Adv. -cos, Aesch., etc. ; Comp. -orepov, 
Thuc. ,* Sup.,, Id. Hence 

(3e|5aLOTT)9, ^TOS, rj, firmness, steadfastness, stability, 
assurance, certainty, Thuc., Plat. -, and 

pepoudb), f . c*5cr<Wj to make firm, confirm, establish, se- 
cure, warrant, make good, Plat., Xen. ; />7# #e$cuot5- 
jueya thing's warranted by fact, opp. to a/cop heyofjieva, 
Thuc. 2. j3. ri nvi to secure one the possession of 
a thing, Id. : Med, to establish for oneself, to con- 
firm, seciire, Id. II. Med. also to secure one's 
ground in argument, to asseverate, maintain, make 
good, Plat. 2. to guarantee a, title, Isaeus. Hence 

p(3atcooris, fias, T], confirmation, Thuc., Aeschin. 

Pepojxcv [a], sync, for ^e^KafJLev, i pi. pf. of fiaivu : 
so, fkpavcu for jSe/S^/ceVai, pJ3aws for &&riK<*>s. 

, sync, for l/8^/c<ra^, 3 pi. plqpf. of /8a/j/a>. 
, ov, (firi\<!)$, with $e- as a redupl.) allowable 
to be trodden, permitted to human use, Lat. prof anus, 
Soph., Eur. , itf peftfay Thuc, II. of persons, un- 
halloaed, impure, Id,, Plat. : c. gen. uninitiated in 
rites, Anth, Hence 
!e{3ir)X6to, f. <bff<a, to profane, N. T. 
kp(ir)Ka, pf. of fiidu. 
U'pXa}, pf. pass, of jSXciTTTO). 
UpXirjarai, -aro, Ep. 3 pi. pf. and plqpf. of j8(xXo>, 
, -TO, 3 sing. pf. and plqpf, of 

Adv. part. pf. pass, of / 
visedly, designedly, Dem. 
jJiai,, pf. of &OII\OIJLCU. 
pf . of 

j f. pass. 

pf. pass, of 
Ep. for $ej8acfo 

KO) : peppo>Ka pf. of same : p- 

pf. part, of ySafi 

KK-<r^Xy|vos, ov, (0*6X^1/17) superannuated, doting, 
Ar. (A word coined from the story about /Be'jcos In 
Hdt. 2. 2, and the Arcadian claim of being Trpo-a-tXTivoi.} 

PK<S or P&CKOS, ro, bread, a Phrygian word, Hdt. 

peXT]-<f><$pos, ov, (</>/?<a>) bearing darts, Anth. 

P^Xejxvov, rJ, poet, for &4\o$, a dart, javelin, II., Aesch. 

peXecr<ri-xapiis, 5, (&4\os, x^P^ i n darts, Anth. 

pcX^vrj, ^, (/8<eXo$) a/^y sharp point, a needle, Batr., 

peXovo-TTftiXifis, ov, 6, (TrcoXew) a needle-seller, Ar. 

peXos, eos, T j, (jSaXXw, as Lat. jaculum from jacio} a 
missile, esp. <m arrow, dart, bolt, Horn.; of the rock 
hurled by the Cyclops, Od. ; of the ox's leg thrown at 
Ulysses, Ib. ; UTTC/C peXecav out ^ #A<? reach of darts, 
out of shot, II.; so ea? fieX&v Xen. 2. like ^7%oy, 
used of rmy weapon, as <rz sword, Ar. : w ^r^, 
Eur. 3. the ayaycfc fieXea of Apollo and Artemis in 
Horn, always denote the sudden, easy death of men 
and women respectively. 4. after Horn, of anything 
swift-darting, Zyvhs &\r) the bolts of Zeus, thunder- 
bolts, Aesch. ; Trbpirvovv $. Id. ; /3eX7j Trdycwy the 
piercing frosts, Soph. ; metaph., b^drfav ^3Aos the 
glance of the eye, Aesch.; tpepov jQeXos the shaft of 
love, Id. ; of arguments, trav rr6%vrat /SeXos Id. 

pcXo-0x|>v8<ivti, y, a dart wrapped with pitch and tow, 
and thrown while on fire, Pint. 

P^Xrepos, a, ov, poet. Comp. of &ya0<fc, better, more 
excellent, ftzXrepdv [^<rri] zzJ /5 better, c. inf., Horn.; 
in Theogn., Aesch. , etc. : hence Sup. plXraros, t\, ov, 
Id. (Prob. from same Root as /Wx-o/wu.) 

P^XTLCTTOS, tj, ov, Dor. p^vr-, Sup. of &yaQ6$, best, Ar., 
Plat., etc. : <5 pfXrurre or fi^Xriffr*, a common mode 
of address, wy ^<?<?^ friend, Ar., etc. : ri> peXrurrov 
the best, what is best, Aesch., Plat. :-ol fteXrtarroL or 
rb jSeXrto'TOj' fA^ aristocracy, Lat. optimates, Xen. 
(Cf. jS^Xrepos.) 

peXriwv [f], ov, gen. oros-, Att. Comp. of ciyaOdV, better, 
fal rb f$*\riov ^ajpeTj' #<? improve, advance, Thuc. (Cf . 

pcfApiKiclw, only in pres.,. ' j8/u^i^} to spin like a top, Ar. 
pfApiKt<4, f. Att. tw, (j3^/Aj3|) &? -y^ <2 spinning, Ar. 
BE' MB IE, r/co^, ^, Lat. turbo, a top spun by whipping, Ar. 
pefjiBpas, d5os, ^, v. jU/ij8pcis. 
Bevots, TSos, ^, ace. Be^So/, zf/t<? Thracian Artemis, 

Luc. : hence BevSCSciov, T^, her temple, Xen. : BevSC- 

Scia, ccv, r4 her festival, Plat. 
pe'vOos, cos, T(J, poet, for ftdtios, as irsvQos for irdQos, the 

depth of the sea, Horn. ; also in pi., 0aXdl<r<n?s 

& &vQ(r<riv a\6s II., Horn. : also of a wood, 

v\r)s Od. 


PCVTIOTTOS, a, ov, Dor. for $\ri.<rro$. 
pou,cu and piop,cu, 2 sing. /Be??, Homeric fut. with no 
pres. in use, / shall live (^akin to &i6<a i : -others regard 
it Ep. fut. of ftalvco. 

|3pe<rx0os, b, a booby, Ar. (Deriv. unknown.) 
i-fj, Ep. for 1/817, 3 sing-, aor. 2 of fiaivw. 
JTJ PTJ, &##, the cry of sheep, Cratin. 
Ji]0L, p-fjvai, aor. 2 imp. and inf. of pottya. 
JijX^s, Dor. pdX<5s, <5, (fia,ivc*>} that on which one treads, 
the threshold, Lat. linien, II., Aesch. 
pYjfJia, arcs, T<$, (/3aWj a s^, ^<Z, stride, h. Horn., 
Aesch., Eur. ; Aita etf<poi/i fihiiam under the kindly 
guidance of Ze-us, Soph. II. = /3a0poy, a s&'A smjf, 
Id. : a raised place or tribune to speak from in a 
public assembly or law-court, Thuc., Oratt. 
Pfj|xcv, Ep. for ^Tj/Aey, i pi. aor. 2 of ficdvta. 
;vcu, Ep. for ^ycci, aor. 2 inf. of &aiva>. 
&Tflx6 s > an( i ^? (^ffffo)) a cough, Thuc. 
! Ep. for /877<raro, aor. i rned. of ftatvw. 

Dor. PCLCTCTU, ?), a wooded comb or glen, Horn., 
Soph. (^Deriv. uncertain.) Hence 
ptjarcnjeis, etra-a, cv, <?/ or like a glen, wooded, Hes. 
BH'IXft, Att. -TTW : f . #7|a> Hipp. : aor. i /87]a : to 
cough> Hdt. (Formed from the sound. ) 

ovos, 6, a dancer, Od. ^Perh. from fiatvw, 

BI'A, Ion. piir], ^: Ep. dat. plyQi : bodily strength, 
force, power, might, Horn., etc. ; periphr. |8^T? *Hpa- 
K\v)el7) the strength of Hercules, i. e. the strong Her- 
cules, II.; ply Aio/jt,^Seos Ib. ; ToSews $fa, "tto\vv*tKOvs 
&. Aesch., etc. 2. of the mind, 11. II. farce, 

an act of violence, Od. ; in pi., Ib. ; in Att., $/a tiv6s 
against one's ivill, in spite of him, Aesch., Thuc., etc. ; 
&tq <f>pevS>v Aesch. ; also fiiq. alone as an &dv., perforce, 
Od., etc. j so, irpbs {Slav rtv^s and irpbs j8(av alone, 
Aesch. Hence 

pido>, f. ffu>, /8tc(w, to constrain, Od. : Pass., aor. i 
^/8j {0*077 r, pf. /Se/SfacTjUcu ito be hard pressed or over- 
powered, II. ; jWfoucu rciSe I s^tJfer mole/ice herein, 
Soph. ; fiiaffQsts Id. ; ^rci izfiuia'Qy Thuc. ; j3j8tacr/iVoi 
forcibly made slaves, Xen. : of thing's, rotfwSos- /8m- 
(T^cit/ forced from one. Soph. II. Dep. /3tcib/ucu, 

with aor. j med. j-fiiaffdfjLyvy pf. /Se/Sfacfyiai :~~~-to over- 
power by force, press hard, Horn.; fiidfeffQat vdpovs to 
do them violence, Thuc.; /3. aur^y if<? lay violent 
hands on oneself, Plat. : /8. rtva, c. inf., to force one 
to do, Xen. ; and inf. omitted, /8. r& fftydyta to force 
the victims \to be favourable], Hdt. 2. c, ace. rei, 
ptdfeardcui rbv %KV\QVV to force the entrance, Thuc. 3. 
absol. to use force, struggle^ Aesch., Soph., etc. : to 
force one's way, Thuc., Xen.; c. inf., ft, irpbs rbv \&<$>ov 
\0iv Thuc. : of a famine, to increase in violence, 

picuo-|j.axas, 6, (/^axoyuat) fighting violently, Anth. 

ptaios, a, ov and os t ov, (fatal forcible, violent, Hpya 
0laia Od. ; /3. Bdvaros a violent death, Hdt,, Plat., 
etc. ; b TT(A / UOS' #. $i8do'Ka\of is a teacher tf/ 7 violence, 
Thuc. : Adv., piatws by force, perforce, Od., Aesch., 
etc. ; so, irpbs rb ftia.iov Id. II. pass, constrained, 
compulsory, Plat. 

pt-apKTjs, /y, (/Sios-, dp/cew") supplying the necessaries 
of life, Anth. 

, verb. Adj. of f$id(a>, one must do violence 
to, Eur. 

Piacmjs, ov, 6, (&id<o) one who uses force, a violent 
man, N. T. 

piato, f. TJCTW, pf. fic&iTiKa, = jSia^w, zfo constrain, II, ; - 
E^ass. #o Z># forcibly driven, of fire, Hdt. ; Qavdrcj) fiiy- 
dels overpowered y Id. II. as Dep. in act. sense, 

to constrain, press hard, overpower, Horn. ; ^craro 
KVJA girl x*P ffov it forced me upon land, Od. ; vQi &rf~ fiicrdoy he did us wrong in respect of our wages, 
II. '.to force or wr^ ow, Aesch. 

Ptpa^to: f . Pi&do-u, Att. /8ij8<S : aor. i t/St&acra: -Med., 
f. jSi/Sao-o^aai, Att. /8i#<jucu ; aor. i 3$t0a<rdfMiv : 
Causal of fialvca, to make to mount t to lift up, exalt,, 

pLpa.o-00), /8i)8aw, /8^/xi, yUaKpA $i$d<rQu>v long strid- 
ing, II. 

ptpaca, poet, form of fiatva), to stride, ir<l\<epa /3ij8a he 
ia^A" huge strides, h. Horn. ; ^/3f/3a<r/c, 3 sing-. Ion. 
impf., Id. 5 elsewhere in part., paicph /-h/Swvra, /xa/c/jct 


, poet, for fiatvoj, to stride, only in part., ncucpk 
jBtjSas II. 

pipXapiov,TJ, Dim. of &t&\os, Anth. ; pipXap8tov, N. T. 

pipXidtov [i5|, r<J, Dim. of /8(/3Aos, Dem., Anth. 

P^pXivos olvos 1 , <5, Biblian wine> from BibUs in Thrace, 
Hes., Theocr. : &V&\LVQ$ in Eur. 

pLpXto-K<x7rir]Xas [aj, <5, dealer in books, Luc. 

ptpXCov, r<i, Dim. of /Sf/SA-oy, a paper, scroll, letter^ 
Hdt., Ar., etc. ; often written $v$\(ov. 

pCpXos, ^, Mtf inner bark of the papyrus (/8i$/8A.os' : 
generally, bark, Plat. II. a book, of which the 

leaves were made of this bark, Dem. (Prob. a foreign 

pippcao-KW, f./8p*><r<jyuat: aor. i $ 
pf. &4&pMKCL; syncop. part, 
/8j8pc)0oi!?, as if from a pf. fr 
Pass., f. /8/3pct><r<tyuu : aor. i 
(The Root is BOP, v. /Sop-ei, Lat. -z/o/'-w. ) 7V; 
<?<7^ z^, /8e/8pa)/ccb^ /ccuc^; <pdp/na.K II. ; C. gen. /<? <Y^ ^ a 
thing-, /Je/Sp&wccbs /3o^ Od. : - Pass, to be eaten, %p^- 
/Ara /Se/Sp^creTai w/// #<? devoured, Ib. 

piir|-}jLaxos> oy, = /8taio-/i^as, Anth. 

pL1)<K Ep. for /3fr?, Ion. dat. of ^^a. 

PIKOS, <5, Oriental word for a wine-jar, Hdt., Xen. 

', of illicit intercourse, Ar. 
;, 6, g'wor of life or food. Plat. 
, ov, life-giving, Poeta ap. Plat., Soph. 
, ou, <5, ^SioS^TTjS", Anth. 

j3Lo-0o.XfJLLO9, ov, (Qd\\.(a) llvaly, strong, hale, h. Horn. 

pio-Optp-fxcuv, oi/, (rp^w) supporting the life, Ar. 

BTOZ, 4, ///<*, i.e. not animal life (fw^J, but a course 
of life, wanner of living, Lat. v/la, Od., etc.; in pi., 
rives Kal ir&<r(H eicrl fiioi; Plat. 2. in Poets f^, 
^(oy j-Kirvew Aesch. ; &irox(/i5%ty Soph* 3. life-time, 
Hdt., Plat* II. a living f livelihood, means of living, 
substance, Lat. victus, Hes., Soph., etc.; r2>^ /8/oi/ 
irotctcr^ai &TT^ nvos to make one*s living of a thing', 
Thuc., etc. III. a life,, biography, as those of Plut. 

BIO'I, a, a bow, II. 

, e's, (crrep^ta} reft of the means of life, Soph. 
a way oflife f Xen. 

Ep. aor. 3 %$f>utv; 

<roy : an opt. 
occurs in II. : 

: pf. 

ptorewo BAE'im. 

a, f. ffa>, to live, Eur. 2. to get food, Thuc. : 
to live by or off a thing, airb TroAe'^uot; Xen. From 

PLOTIJ, y, = pioros, ptos, Od., Att. Poets. II. a 

living, sustenance, Soph., Ar. 

ptoV-qs, i\ros, ^, = foreg., h. Horn. 

PIOTIOV, TO*, Dim. of fiioros, a scant living, Ar, 

PIOTOS, 6, (j3i<fo>) = /3(oy I, /z/<?, IL, Trag. II. = /Stos n, 
means of living, sitbstance, Lat. victus, Horn. III. 
jfAtf world, mankind, Anth. 

Pio-4>i8i]$, 4s, (<jt)f5o/xaO penurious, Anth. 

PLOCD, f. $ic&ffQu,ai : aor. I e/Btcoffa : aor. 2 cpicw, 
3 sing, imper. ftLtarto, subj. /6i<S, opt. Picprjv, inf. PLUVCLI, 
part, fiiovs: pf. #e$iWa : (ftios] : &? live, pass one's 
life (whereas a properly means zf<? /i-z;^, exist], IL, 
etc. ; o-TT 1 avrcov &v avros /BejSiw/cev from the very 

actions of his own 

, Dem. ; hence in Pass., T& <rol 
actions of our /zjfe, Id. ; impers., 
^01 / Aw lived, Lat. -y^', Id. : Med. in 
act. sense, Hdt. 

PIOOJVTCU, Ep. for $L<avTa.t, 3 pi. med. of fttdca, 

J5io>, pioJirjv, j3iwvcu, PIO>T<I>, v. i(ku. 

pKpaiTo, Ep. for fiLcpvro, 3 pi. opt. of #ia. 

Pia>cri|xos, or, (fii6ca} to be lived, 'worth living, Eur. :; 
ov ^L(t}(TLfjL^v crri nvi 'tis not ra<?<? for him to line, 
Hdt., Soph. 

pi<0cri$, ecus, 17, (Pi6ct)} manner of life, N. T. 

pnua-KofiaL, aor. i e/Stwo-ctjUTjp, Dep. : Causal of ftida, 
to quicken, make or keep alive, Od. 

PLCOTCOV, verb. Adj. of jSto'w, <w<? ww-stf &W, Plat. 

PLWTLKOS, !), oV, (fii6a)) of or pertaining to life, N. T. 

PI orr^s, ^y, (fli6(a) to be lived, worth living, Soph., 
Ar., etc. 

pXapcv, Ep. for <?/8A.a/377<rew/, 3 pi. aor. 2 of pxdirrto. 

pXa|3p<5s, d, 6v, (/SAairrcw ) h%t,rtful, noxious, disad- 
vantageous, Hes., Xen. From 

pXapT) [a], rj, (^\dirT(a} hurt, harm, damage, opp. to 
wilful wrong 1 (aftiKyiJia}, Aesch., etc. : jSA.. Tiv6$ damage 
to a person or thing, tyopricav Ar. ; but, fi\dfiy Oeov 
mischief 'from '& god, Eur, : of a person, ^ Tracra fixd&i) 
who is naught but mischief, Soph. 2. fixdpTis Siicr] 
an action for da-mage done, Dem., etc. 

jSAa-TTTO/xai, IL 

gen. eos contr. ous, r6 } =^\d^f], Hdt., Eur., etc. 
, ^, di^, having the knees bent inwards, bandy- 
legged, Lat. valgus, Batr., Xen. : generally, twisted, 
crooked, Anth. 

Xaicrwcrig, CMS, 7), (as if from ^Xai(f6<a] distortion, re- 
tortion, Arist. 

XdKeia, ^, laziness, stupidity, Xen., Plat. ; and 
XaKcvci), only in pres., to be slack, lassy, Xen. II. 

c. ace. to lose or waste through laziness, Luc. ; and 
XaKiK<5$, 'f), 6v f lazy, stiipid, Plat. : Adv. -K&S, Ar. ; and 
XdK-to8T|S, $, (eltios) lazy-like, lazy, Xen. From 
Xa|, fiXaKos, 6, t), (juaAa/c(k} slack in body and rnind, 
st^t,pid, a dolt, Plat., Xen. : Sup. j8Aa (err arcs. 
XaTTTw (Root BAAB, v. /3AcjS^ : f . ^co : aor. i ^j8Aaxf/a, 
Ep. flActysi: pf. j8j8Aa<^a; Pass., f. j8Aaj8Vo/u and 
In med. form Actyo/xai : aor. i %fi\d<f>&iriv : aor. 2 
[a], Ep. 3 pi. g#Aa#J>, pxdfev : pf. )3)8Ao/z. 
: to disable, hinder, stop, Horn. ; /8A. 7r(i5as d&?- 
aA/^ the feet, /0 /m^ them, Od. : Pass., #& 
flcW* [the horses] caught in a branch, II. ; 

-mere stopped, Ib. ; Aio'flej/ PkatyOevTa jSeAe/iva 
stopped, -made frustrate by Zeus, Ib. 2. c. gen. fo 
hinder from, fiXdirrovo-i. eAeii0ou Od. : Pass., #Act- 
jSeWa \oicr6lccv Sp&pcov arrested in its last course, 
Aesch. II. of the mind, <? distract, delude, de- 

ceive, mislead, of the Gods, Horn.; fiXaipdeis, Lat. 
mente captus, II. III. after Horn, to damage, 

hurt, mar, opp. to wilful wrong (afiiKeiv^, Aesch., etc. 
pXacrrava), f . jSAao-r^crw : aor. 2 e&Xacrrov : pf . e/3Aa- 

sprout, grow, of plants, Aesch., etc. 2. metaph. 
&? shoot forth, come to light, of men :; a.vQpcairov ty-Lffiv 
$\a.<rT<av born in man's nature, Soph. ; /SAacrrayei 
aTncrrta Id. (,The Root is BAAIT, f. #Aa<rru/, ^Aa(TT^. i 

PXao"Ta>, late form of jSAatrrcxj/co, often introduced by 
Copyists for the aor. 2 forms jSAacrTeu/, j8Aa<rTCt>i/. 

pXaoTT-rj, y^fiXao-rds, Plat., etc.; irerpaia /3A.. the 
growing rock, Soph. II. of children, pXacrrai 

irarp6s birth from a father, Id. ; TrouSbs 1 fixdffrai its 
growth, Id. 

pXdcrTiifjLa, arcs, T(^, = fixd&ri} I, Eur. II. metaph. 

offspring, an offshoot, Aesch., Eur. III. aw 

eruption on the skin, Aretae. 

pXacrrr)p.<5s, S^fiXda-rij I, Aesch. 

pXaorrfe, 6, (fiXacrrdvo)} a, sprout, shoot, sucker, Lat. 
germen, Hdt. 

pXaorcf>r)p.ea> : pf. ^e^Xacr^fJ^Ka,: ($Xd,ff<$>fi[JLOS'< : to 
drop evil or profane words, speak lightly or amiss of 
sacred things, $A. eis 6eoi>s Plat. : to utter ominous 
-words, Aeschin. 2. to speak ill or to the prejudice 
of one, to speak slander, vepi rivos Dem. ; eft TWO. 
Id. : also, A. rtva Babr., N.T. : Pass, to have evil 
spoken of one, Ib. 3. to speak impiously or 
irreverently of God, to blaspheme, Ib. 

j3Xacr4>T)}J.ia, 17, a. profane speech, opp. to eixpyfjila, 
Eur., Plat. 2. defamation, evil-speaking, slander, 
Dem. 3. impious and irreverent speech against 
God, blasphemy, N.T. ; TOU Trye^uaros against the 
Spirit, Ib. ; Trpds -nya Ib. From 

P\acr-4>T]p.os, o;/, evil-speaking : of words, slandero%ts, 
Dem. 2. speaking blasphemy, blasphemous, and 
as Subst. blasphemer, N. T. (The origin of JBXa<r~~ 
is uncertain : /3A< and fixdwra are both suggested.) 

pXavTTj, ^, a &W of slipper worn by fops, Plat. (De- 
riv. unknown.) 

|3Xaimov, TO, Dim. of fiXafair), Ar. 

|3Xaxa Dor. for &XriX'fl. 

SXaxjus, ews 1 , ^, (fiX&irra)} a. harming, damage, Plat. 

j5Xtt\|;i-^>pwv, OK, (Qp-firiQpevafiXafr-fis, mad, Aesch. 

pXcio, Ep. 2 sing. aor. 2 pass. opt. of &dXX<a. 

pXejieaCvw, only in pres. part., to look fiercely, glare 
around, II. (Deriv. uncertain.) 

pXfyifia, CITOS, -7-4 QBX&ra>) /<?o^, glance, Eur., Ar. 

(JXeTTos, TO", = jBAe^a, <3r /<?o^, Ar. 

jJXeirrcov, verb. Adj. of )8A&ra), ow^ ww5# /o^, Plat. 

|3Ximic<$s, ^, ^, of or for sight, Anth. 

1 5XeirT(s, ^, ^v, to be seen, worth seeing, Soph. From 

BAETlft, f . j8A<fyojucu : aor. i j8Ae\J>a : -to see, have the 
power of sight, Soph. ; ju^ frXeirT) 6 pdvris lest he see 
too clearly, Id. II. to look, tfs nva or TI, Aesch., 

etc.; vS>$ frXfiruv; with what face? Soph. ; with an 
Adv., tyOpv* &*" v pt* T 1 Xen - : foil, by a noun,, 

1 5 2 j3\e<papl$ 

$ 6&ov j8\. to look terror, i, e, to look terrible, Aesch. ; 
j8\e\J/ vavv looked mustard, Ar, ; irvpplxflv AeVwz/ 
looking like a war-dancer. Id. 3 ir^povrtK^s j3A/7reu/ to 
look thoughtful, Eur. 2. to look to some one from 
whom help is expected, Soph, j fe rivet Id., etc. : - 
of places* otnla irpbs fkffi)f*.fiptav 3Xrov<ra looking ttt- 
wards the south, Xen. 3. fo /oo longingly, expect 
eagerly, c. inf., Ar. 4. to /oo /<?, caurous N.T. ; 
also, $A. ttTrci rtfos to beware of . . , Ib. ; /3A. Tj/a , . to 
see that . . , Ib. HI. trans, to see, behold, c. ace., 
Trag. : $A. <f)do$, <f>cas f)\lov to see the light of day, to 
live, Aesch., Eur. ; and, without <pdos t to be alive 9 live, 
Aesch., etc. ; of things, ftKbtovra actually existing^ Id. 
pXc(|>o.pLs 7 (5os, 7), an eyelash, in pi. eyelashes, Lat. cilia, 
Ar., Xen., etc. 

pXe^apov, Dor. -YX<|>apov r6 } (Qheiroo) mostly in pi. 
the eyelids, Horn. II. the eyes, Trag. : a/m-epas j3A<=- 
tyapov, vvKrbs fi\tyapoy 3 i.e. the sun, the moon, Soph., 
BX&l/LS, ecos, f), (fa&rv] sight, Plut. 

,i, for jSA^rcu, Ep. 3 sing-, aor. 2 pass, of /3aAA<o. 

, aor. i pass. part, of $aAAo>. 
pXrjiJia, r^, (3aAAw) a, throw, cast, of dice, Kur. 2. 

, wound, Hdt, 3. <r coverlet, Anth. 

OS, Ep. aor. 2 pass. part, of #<xAAw. 

a, Ep, aor. 2 pass. inf. of #a'AAw. 

v, verb. Adj. of #<AAa>, ow<? must put, N. T, 
pXtjTpov, r^ (pd\X.(0 ?} a fastening, a- band oTriwt, II. 
aor. i <ift\.ij)(ir]a'dfji'r]v, Dep. jfo bleat, of 
sheep and goats, Ar. 5 of infants, Id. From 
BAHXH', Dor. pAax<i) $l> a bleating, ol&v Od. : the 
Bailing of children, Eur. ^Formed from the sound.^i 

's, d, dv, (&xd) 'weak, faint, slight, Plut, : cf. 

bleating, sheepish, Babr. 
gen. o>ws, or pXirjxw> gen. ow, Ion. 

Dor. "yXaxw^ and ~c% pennyroyal, Ar., Thcocr. 

(Deriv* unknown.) Hence 

pXirix<>vias, ov f b, prepared with pennyroyal, Ar. 
pXumrjpfe, iSos, f), (fiXtrrco) honey-taking; Anth. 
pXiTo~fJi.a}jL|, ow, 6, a booby, Ar. (Deriv. unknown. 
pXtTTa> : aor. I ^Atofa, to cut out the comb of bees, 

take the honey, Plat. : metaph., jSA. Tbv STJ/JLOV to rob 

the people of their honey, Ar. : -Pass., /ifAt ftXlrrer&i 

Plat. (The Root is BAIT, of /x/Acr-oy, fen. of ^\t f 

& being- in place of /M, cf. /3Ac<ncco for /xA^<r/ccyV 
pXocrup6s; d, (jf', and <fs, 6v, grim, fierce, II, : &Y- 

ri^^, Aesch, ; ^/^^jf, burly 9 valiant, Plat. ^Dcriv, 


pXocrup-wiris> *8os, q, (^&t|/) ^rim-looking, Topyeb II. 
BAY'Zii, f. j8At5<r (>], aor. i ^\C<raj poet, opt, /8Ai5<r- 

irete : ^ bubble or jwsfe forth ; c dat., j8\. Au/y 

wi/^ wine, Anth. Hence 
pXv<ris [u], cws, ^, a bubbling up, Anth. 
pXw$p<Js, ^, ^, #//, stately, of trees, Horn. Deriv. 

pXtderKoi, f . /j,o\ovfjL<ni : aor. 2 

(for /uepfa&Ka) : &? ^<? or 

Root is MOA, so that fiKtiff 

<TKta - } cf. OpfaVKW from OOP.) 
godypiov, rd, a shield of wild 6ufl'$ hide, II. From 
p<5-<rypos, <5, f ftovs} a wild bull. 

: pf . t 

., Horn,, Trag. (The 
is for juoAc5<r/ccu, ) 

aros, TO, V j8oacu^ a shriek, cry, Aesch. 
fSoS/rLS, Oor. fern, of jSoTjT-rjs. 
pd-a-uXos, &, (&ovs, av\-f]\ an ox-stall, Theocr. 
poaw, Ep. 3 sing, fiocia, 3 pi. 3<xJw{nv, part. j8o<Jcoi/t 
Att. f, Qofaopnt, Dor. poaaroftai ; later jSo^crw, ($od(rw 
in Eur. is aor. i subj.) : aor. t ^Qdijcra, Ep. /3^o"a, 
Ion. e^coo*a : Pass., Ion. aor. i <=j3cotrftr))/ ; pf. ^ 6 . 
jS^Tj/KU, Ion. part. |3^3cj J LteVos : (jSo^): ^<? cry aloud, 
to shout, Horn., Aesch. j ot jSoT/cr^eyoi -w^-w. ready tit 
shout -Jn the KK\f}(ria\ Dem. 2. of things, ^ 
sound, resound, roar, howl, as the wind and waves, 
II., Aesch. ; aurb #oa it proclaims itself, Ar. II. 

c. ace. pers. to call to vne, call on, Eur., Xen. 2; to 
call for, shout out fay, Soph. 3. c. ace. cogn., 3. 
, etc., Ar., Soph. ^. ^ M/6V abroad, 
ot w& *l<aviv\v Hdt. ; $<b<rQyffa.v wo, r^v 
Id. 5. c. inf. cry aloud or command in 
a loud voice to do a thing 1 , Soph., Eur., Xen. 
pociKfte, TJ, 6v, (ftovs*}^ 04*10$, of Of far oxen, fetrpri j3, 
vvag"ons drawn by oxen, Time-, Xen. 
jBoetos, Ion. p^os a, ov, (&ov$} of an ox or oxen, esp, 
of ox-hid t>, Horn. \ fifaet Kpea Hdt. ; yaAa fideiov cows- 
milk, Eur. ; mctaph,, fideia ^^WTK great bull-words i cf- 
$Qi)ira.i$, etc.\ Ar. II. poCir| or PCKYJ (sc. 5o/)7j , 

f), an ox-hide, ox-hide shield) Horn. ; jycn. pi. jSoco^, 
contr, for $OGt*>v, II. 

|3oTJSi &>$, 5, Oovs) w/i' of ox-hide, Od, 
BOH', Dor. poa, ^, Zoz^dl ^rry, shout, Horn., etc. : A 
battle-cry, /3oV aya^Jff gfood ^^ #//< battle-cry, II ; 
3oay /x^S* tivo/ji %ffrco let there be not even the name of 
war, Theocr. : - also of the roar of the sea, Od. ; of the 
sound vi musical instruments, II., Pind. ; the cry of birds 
or beasts, Soph., Eur. ; - %<rov a-Trb $QT)$ GVCKW as far 
as smmd went, only in appearance, Thuc., Xen. II, 
aid called for, succour, Aesch., Soph. 
&$, (ylyyofiai) born of an ox, of bees, Anth. 
ov)8po|j.&i>, f . ^tra, (^OTfi^p6fj.os} to run to a cry for aid, 
haste to help, Eur. 

oT]Sp(Sp,ta, cov, r&j (j3o-r)8pd(jL0s} g^ames in memory o/ 
the succour given by Theseus against the Amazons, 
Dem.., Plut. 

fos, <5, the third Attic month, in which 
were celebrated, answering nearly to our 
September, Dem. 

poTj-Spop,os, ov, (fto^, Jpa^e^V) running to a cry for 
aid, giving succour, a helper, Eur. : cf. $oy~d6o$. 
potjOeia, ^, kelp, aidt rcscuc 3 $*/$/>0nJ,Thuc M etc. 2. 
medical aid, cure, Plut. II, an niiwilinry force, 

Thuc., Xen. From 

Ion. p<k>0lw, f. -^<r, (jSoijtofe'i : to conw to 
aid) to succour, assist, aid* c, dat. pcrs. y Udt,, Kur., 
etc. ; vpfo nm Xen. 2, alxsol. to giw aid, came to 
the rescue* Hdt., Thuc., etc, Hence 

, verb. Adj. one must help* Xen., Dem. 
Dor. poa~, ov f (#oifj, &M hasting to the 
f hasting to battle, II. ; cf. ^o^po/j.osf. II. 
aiding) helping, Pind. j and as Subst. an assistant, 

poT]-06s, dv, shortened form of ftoij-Qfos, assisting, auxi- 
liary, Thuc. 5 and as Subst. an assistant ', Hdt,, Plat. 
po"qXacr(ot, 17, a driving of oxen., cattle-lifting 1 , II, II. 
/? cattie-mn, Anth. From 



po-TjXdrqs, ov, 6, fern. --qXaTts, i5os, f), fiovs, eAaiW) 
<w<? & drives away oxen., a cattle-lifter, Anth. II. 
ox-driving, Id. Hence 
po-qXaTiicos, fa 6v, of or for cattle-driving : y -KJI 

sc. rexvr]} the herdsman 's art, Plat. 
poTtj-vdjxos, d, == &ov-v6po$, Theocr. 

potjTijs, of?, <5, i'/3oaV; davwrous . Dor. fern. #oa-m 

POTJTVS, iW, T), t x /3oa) & shouting, clamour, Od. 
podpos, <5, #wy A0/tf or pit dug in the ground, Lat. 
puteus, Horn. : natiiral trough for washing clothes 
in, Od. : a hole, such as a fire makes in the snow, 
Xcn. iProb. from the same Root as pafrh: cp. also 
Lat. fod-io. ] 

po0wos, 6, &66pos, Xen. 
pot, like alfio?, exclam. of disgust, Ar. 
poiSdpiov, ro, Dim. of &ovs, Ar. 
poiSu>v, TO, Dim. of fiovs, Ar. 

BoLa>T-dpx*ls> ov, 6, (upx} a Boeotarch, one of the 
chief magistrates at Thebes, Hdt., Thuc., etc. ; Botw- 
rapxos, Xen. Hence Boiwrapxcc.), f . 7?<ra, to be a Boeo- 
tarch, Thuc. ; and Boiwrapxia, & the office of Boeo- 
tarch, Plut. 

BoLCi>Tida>, f. ffca, ^BotcoToYi to play the Boeotian, 
speak Boeotian, side with the Boeotians, Xen. 
BoicDTiSiov [rl], TO, Dim. of BoiajToV, Ar. 
BoLa>Ti-ovpY > is> *$3 ^^py} of Boeotian work, Xen. 
BotwTcJs, 6, a Boeotian, IL, etc. : Boiwria, y, (jSovs) 
Boeotia, so called from its cattle-pastures, Hes. : 
Adj. Boic2Tio$, a, ov, Boeotian : the Boeotians were 
proverbially clownish, whence the saying- vs Boiwrfa : 
fern. BotwrCs, iSos, Xen. 
poXouos, a, ov, (jSoArV) violent, Trag. ap. Plut. 
poXpa, 7), the Lat. vulva, Anth. 
poXpia-icos, 6, Dim. of &o\&6$, Anth. 
BOABO'I, o, a bulb : in Theocr. a truffle f 
^poXca), pres. only found in pf. pass. part. ^e^oKfi^vos, 
to be stricken with grief, Horn. ; jSe^oX^aro Ep. 3 pi. 

7}, v j8aAXw) a throw, the stroke or 'wound of a 
missile, opp. to vXyyj] (stroke of sword or pike), Od., 
Eur., Thuc.: fto\cu$ <r<{>6yyo$ titecrev - jpa^v by its 
stroke or touch, Aesch, 2. metaph., like &\o$, a 
glance from the eyes, Od. 3. o\ai 

thunder-^^^-, Aesch, j jSoXai yXiov sun-beams, Soph. ; 
QVQS a snow-shower, Eur. 
to heave the lead, take soundings, N. T. 
poXCs, Idos, y, >^d\\o)} a javelin, Plut. 2. a cast of 

the dice, a die, Anth. 
poXiTtvos, if], ov, of co-m-dung, Ar. From 
p^XXrov, T<f, or P<SXitTos, <5, f jScxAAw ?) cow-dung > mostly 
in pi., Ar. 

poXo-KTvirti, ^, ^/crtJiroy") ^A^ rattling of the dice, Anth, 
Ep. form of j3oi/Ao/xat, Horn. : an impf. ^/8oX- 
/ in Theocr. 

s, 6, Oc(XXw) a throw with a casting-net, a cast 
Orac. ap. Hdt., Theocr. : metaph., els &6\ov KaQiffracr 
6<x,t to fall within the cast of the net, Eur. 2. tht 
thing caught, a draft of fish, Aesch., Id. 
pojip-avXtos, 6, X/3o/ij8ea>, a&A(k) a bagpiper, with a 
play on j8o/ij3vAk, Ar. 

iO|j.pCt), f . faa), t v j3o,uj8o$) to make a booming, humming- 
noise, to sound deep or hollow, Horn. ; fiojj.$7}ffa,v 

Kara frbov the oars fell with a loud noise down into 

the tide, Od. ; $op.$'f}u'Gv \tOos the stone flew h^lM- 

ming through the air, Ib. : of bees, to hum,1\\toci-.; 

of mosquitoes, to buzz, Ar. 

5o{xp-]Ls, effffa, ev, (fiofifteca^ humming, buzzing, Anth. 
p tojj,pTjTijs, ov, 6, (/So/i/BeV) a hummer, buzzer, Anth. 

3O'MBCX2E, d, a booming, humming, Plat. (Formed 

from the sound.) Hence 

lop.pvXi<!>s or-vXioSj o, an insect that hums or buzzes, 

a humble-bee, Ar. 

3oo-cr4>a-ym, ^ i <r<payfi) slaughter of oxen, Anth. 
lopd, T], {v. #t-)8pc6<r/c&>) eat age, meat, properly of 

carnivorous beasts, Trag. ; of cannibal-like feasts, 

Hdt., Trag. : -rarely of simple food, Aesch., Soph. 

3op(3opo-6v}AQS, ov, muddy-minded, Ar. 

3oppopo-KoLTTj9, ov, o, (/coM) Mudcoucher, name of a 

frog, Batr. 

irfppopos, 6, mud, mire, Lat. coenum, Aesch., Ar., etc. 
loppopo-TapaliSy o, (rapdcfffca) a mud-stirrer, mud" 

lark, Ar. 

3oppop-cu8rjs, $, ^elSos) muddy, miry, Plat. 

3op<xs, ov, b ', Ion. Bopctjs or Bop-qs, ew ; Att. Boppas, 

a : the North wind, Lat. Aquilo, Od. ; TTOOS- &opyv 

&Vfj.ov towards the North, Hdt.; irpbs &op4av rivds 

northward of a place, Thuc. (Prob. from opos, fopos, 

wind from the mountains.} Hence 

Bo peas, Ion. Bopeids, poet. Sophias, a$o$, i), a Boread, 

daughter of Boreas, Soph. ; and 

J^petos, , ov and os, ov, Ion. Popi]jios 9 17, ov : -front 
the quarter of the North wind, northern, Hdt. , a/era 
j8. exposed to the north, Soph. 

3opTi"ids, Popiftos, Ion. for "Bopeids, fidpctos. 

Bop-fjs, 03, o, Ion. contr. for Bopeas. 

Poposj, a, oV, ( fii-fipdcrKw i devouring, gluttonous, Ar. 

Boppcuos, a, oy and os, ov, = ftopeios, Aesch. 

Boppas, a, <5, Att. contr. for Bopcas. 

jB^pTjes, ox, unknown Libyan animals, Hdt. ; cf. opues. 

BopvarOcvt^s, ous, ^, ifA^ Borysthenes or Dnieper, a river 
of Scythia, Hdt. :-- Bopvor0veiTir]S> ov. Ion. -etnfjs, 
, ^, an inhabitant of its banks, Id. 

P6<TLS 5 ews, ?i, (ySJcr/ccu) food, II. 

poo-Kif, -^, ^6ffK(a] fodder, food, Aesch., Eur. 

poo-KT|p.a, euros, rd, (j8<^o"w) that which is fed or fatted : 
in pi. fatted beasts, cattle, Soph., etc. , of sheep, Eur. ; 
of horses, Id. ; of pigs, Ar. II. food, Aesch. 

PO<TKTIT|OV, verb. Adj. of fioffKu, one must feed, Ar. 

po<ric<S$, o, a herdsman, Anth. From 

P<$(nca>, impf. ejSoer/cof, Ep. &6ffKov : f. -V : Pass., 
Ion. impf. fiocrK&KOvro : f. j8ocr/c^o"o j aat, Do: 
jam : I. of the herdsman, to feed, tend, Lat. 
Od. 2. generally, zto /<?^, nourish, support, of 
earth, Ib. ; of the Sun, Soph. ; of soldiers, to maintain, 
Hdt., Thuc. : metaph., #. v6ffov Soph. ; irpdy^ara, fi. 
to feed up troubles, i. e. children, Ar. II. Pass., 

of cattle, to feed, graze, Lat. pascor, Horn., c. ace. : 
to feed on, Aesch. 2. metaph. to be fed or wwr- 
tured, Trag. ; . r^ or vepl ri to run riot in a thing, 
Anth. (The Root appears to be BOT, cf. j9or^p, ports, 

B<5<r-Tropos, o, Ox-ford, name of several straits, of which 

J 54 

the Thracian and Cimmerian are best known, Hdt. ; 

also of the Hellespont, Aesch., Soph. 
po<TTptxT)8<$v, ($oVrpi>xo$) Adv. like curls, Luc. 
P<5crrpiJxos, o, pi. #oVr/>uxa, (&6rpvs) a curl or lock of 

hair, Aesch., etc. 2. anything twisted Q? wreathed , 

Trupbs jS.^of a flash of lightning, Id. 
poTajJLua, TC, (jSoV/cw) -pastures, meadows, Thuc. 
poravifj [a], ^, (fidffKa>} grass, fodder, II., Plat. ; e/c 

jSorcCvijsr from feeding, from pasture, Theocr. 
poTijp, Tjpos, <5, (fida'Kca} a herdsman, herd, Od. ; ofo- 

vwv /?. <z soothsayer, Aesch. ; KIKOV jSor^p a herdsman's 

dog, Soph. Hence 

po-rnpiKos, T?, oV, of or for a herdsman, Pint., Anth. 
POTOV, r6, (jSoVfcco) a beast, Aesch., Soph. : mostly in 

pi. grazing beasts, II., Trag-., etc. ; but of birds, Ar. 
poTpijS<v, Adv. (&drpv$} like a bunch of grapes, in 

clusters, II. 

poTpmos, a, ov, (j8oVpv$) of grapes, Anth. 
|5oTp-u<5-8a)pos, ov, (Swpov) grape-producing, Ar. 
|5oTpv6fiis, 0*0-0, ev, (fidrpvs") clustering, Anth. 
iJoTpixS-irais, TraiSoy, d, r), grape-born, child of the 

grape, Anth. 2. act. bearing grapes, Theocr. 
poTpTJO-x<uTir)s, ov, 6, (xa^TT?) with clustering hair, Anth, 
BO'TPYX, vos, d, a cluster or bunch of grapes, 11., 

Att. 2. = fS6ffrpvxo$, Anth. (From same Root as 

os. Hence 

_ !oTp-ux-u8if]s es, (elSos*) like curls, curly, Eur. 
poTpv-dSSTjs, es, (efdos] like a bunch of grapes, Eur. 
PO-U-, often used in compos, to express something- huge 

and monstrous, e. g. jSowrcuy, jSoTryai'os. (^From j8ous, 

cf. '/TTTTOS IV.) 
povpaXis, tos, %, an African species of antelope, prob. 

jA# hartbeeste, Hdt. 
POTJ-POTOS, ov, graced by cattle, Od. 
Pov-ppcoornq, eojy, 7), (jSt-jSpcocTKO)) eating enormously : 

metaph. grinding poverty or misery y II. 
BOYBjfl'N, wvos, ^, the groin, Lat. ingiten, II. Hence 
po-upcoviao), jfo suffer from swellings in the groin, Ar. 
Pov--y^s [<*]* ^ (*ya^w) <x great bully or braggart, 

voc. ftovyaie Horn. 
pov-So'pos, ov, (Scpcw) flaying oxen, Hes. 3d. as 

Subst. knife for flaying, Babr. 

pov-0pTjs, es, (0epos) affording sitmmer-pasture, Soph. 
|5ov-0oCvr]s, ov, 4 (QoivT]} beef-eater, Anth. 

3o\)6\)aria, ^, a sacrifice of oxen, Anth.; and 

JovOvT^w, f. ^o"w,, to slay or sacrifice oxen, Soph., 

Eur. : generally sacrifice any animals, Ar. From 
pov-Ouros, ov, (iMw") o/ or belonging to sacrifices, esp. 

0^ cwtfw, Aesch., Eur. 2, ow which oxen are of- 

e ered, sacrificial) Trag*., Ar. 
>UKGUOS> 6, (&OVKOS} Theocr. 

;, wv, gfen. oj, (/c^pcw) horned like an ox or 

cow, Hdt., Aesch. 
pov-K<f<|>aXos, ov, (/c^>aA^) bull-headed, epith. of Thes- 

salian horses, Ar. : Bo-uKc<(>aXa3, g-en. -a, the horse 

of Alexander the Great, Plut. 
povKoXew, Dor. PWK-, f . ^o*o> : Ion. impf . jSoufcoA&cncov : 

(j8owc^Ao5) : to tend cattle, 11. ; Pass, of cattle, to 

range the fields, graze, Ib. 2. of persons, to tend, 

serve, worship, Ar, : Med., T<Jv5 j8oi//coAoujuVo$ iroVov 

being constantly engaged in this toil, Aesch. II. 

metaph. to delude, beguile, Id. ; Med., \.Tricn. /Sou- 
KoAof/yucu f feed myself on hopes, cheat myself with 
them, Eur. Hence 

po-DK<Xir]|J.a, aros, ro, flr bcguiloiient, rq$ AUTTT/S Babr. ; 

povKoXia, y, a herd of cattle, h. Horn., Hes. II. 

a byre, ox-stall, Hdt. 

po-uKoXia^op-aL, Uor. PWK ,Uor. f. )8w/coA.iaf 09/xai : l)cp. : 
(j8ou/c<J\os ) : - fo -s//;^ or 7w//Vr pastorals, Theocr. 

, Dor. pK~, <5, r? pastoral poet, Theocr. 
, Dor. P<OK~, ijj, ov, pastoral, Theocr. ; and 
, Dor. PWK-, r<J, tf A<'/-^ c/" cattle, Hdt.,, 
Theocr. II. <7 weans of beguiling, Anth. From 

PO-U-K^XOS, Dor. PWK- ^, a cowherd, herdsman, Horn., 
Plat. (~~KO\O$ is prob. an altered form of ~~TTO\O$, cf. 

POVKOS, Dor. PWKOS, <5, ~= (BovKCuos, '(lieocr. 

poxi-Kpavos, ov, (KCLpai-^fiovTrpypos, 

{3o\jAcuo9, a, ov, (fiovX'f)} of the council ; ^8ouAaa, a name 
of Vesta, as having- a statue in the Senate House, Aeschin. 

po-uXapx^<>>> f. 7?o"a>, to be a j8o^Aap%os', Arist. 

po-uX-apxos, 6, chief f)f tha senate. II. adviser of 

a plan, Lat. auctor consilii, Aesch. 

po-uXoU<j>6pos, Dor. for jSouATj-^o'pos. 

po-uAcvifxa, wros f r6, (/SovAevw) a deliberate resolution, 
Purpose, design, plan, Hdt., Att. 

po-uXe-ujJooLTtov, T&, Dim. of foreg-., Ar. 

poiiXexjoris, ecas, rj, deliberation, Arist. II. the 

wrongful enrolment of a person among the public 
debtors, Dem. 

povXetrr^ov, verb. Adj. of /SouAe^w, one must take 
counsel, Aesch., Soph., Thuc. 

povXevrtipiov, ro, (jSouAevco) a council-chamber, senate- 
house, Lat. curia, Hdt., Att. II. the council or 
senate itself : and poet, a counsellor, Kur. 

po-uXe-uTijpios, ov, (/3ouAeiw) advising, Aesch. 

povXcvTirjs, ov, 6, (fiovXevt,)) a councillor, senator, 11., 
Hdt., etc.; at Athens, one of the 500, Oratt. 

pouXc-uriK^s, ij, &v, (jSouAei/w) of or for the council or 
the councillors, Xcn., Dem. 2. able, to advise or de- 
liberate, Plat., etc. II. as Subst., j3ouAcurt;cJv, r<J, 
in the Athen. theatre, the seats next the orchestra, re- 
served for the Council, Ar. 2. the senatorial order, 

povXevro's, ^, <^v, devised, plotted, Aesch. From 

povXcvwy f. crca : aor. i <rj3otfAei>0*a, Kp. /So^Xcucra : pf. 
jBej8ot5AVK:a : (jSouA^) : ^ /&<! counsel, deliberate, 
concert measures, and in past tenses if<o hone consi- 
dered and so to determine, resolve : 1. absol., otos 
^rjv ^3ovAeve)uv ^8^ /xc^co'flou .such as Ko was ?"/* council 
and in battle, Od. ; ^y 76 /xfav /3ovA<suo'o/t]r/ [c. jSovA^v] 
7u<? A'Aa// agree to one plan, Ib. : in Prose, this sense be- 
longs chiefly to the Med. 2t, c. ace. rei, ifo deliberate 
on, plan, devise-, Od., Hdt,, Att. : - Pass, with f. med., 
aor. i !j3ouAet!/077v : pf. j3^3oi5Au/xai : -to be determined 
or resolved on, Aesch., etc.; rk $)80vAeu/A&'a*K 
jSotiAetf/utra, Hdt. 3. c. inf. to resolve to do, Od., 
Hdt. II. to give counsel, rk Xcfffra $. Aesch. ; c. 
dat. pers. to advise, 1L, Aesch. XII. in polit. 

writers, to be a member of Council, Hdt. ; esp. of the 
Council of 500 at Athens, Plat., Xen,, etc. 

B. Med., f.-eucro^cu: aor. i eySovAeucrajU^v, Ep./3ovA- 
or in pass, form e/SovAevflT/v : pf. /3e/8ouAev/xcu : 1. 
absol. to take counsel with oneself, deliberate, Hdt., 
Att. 2. c. ace. rei, to determine 'with oneself, 
resolve on, 11., Hdt. 3. c. inf. to resolve to do, 
Id., Plat.j j8. faus . . , Xen. 

povXi], j), Dor. peoXa : ^ovAo^uaO : 'mill, determi- 
nation, Lat. consilium, esp. of the g'ods, IL, etc. 2. 
a counsel, piece of advice, plan, design, Ib., Hdt., 
Att. : in pi. counsels, Aesch. II. a Council of 

the elders or chiefs, a Senate, Horn., Aesch. : at 
Athens, the Council of 500 created by Cleisthenes, 
Hdt., Ar., etc. : fiovXys eTvcu to be of the Council, a 
member of it, Thuc. 

po-uX-]ig, ecrora, ev, (,j8ovA^ of good counsel, Solon. 

poiiXTjcri,?, ecus, 7], ^ySouAojUcu) a willing; one's 'will, 
intention, purpose, Eur., Thuc., etc. II. the 

purpose or meaning of a poem, Plat. 

po-uXtjTo's, ri, oV, (jSovAojUcu) that is or should be willed : 
TO /8. the object of the 'will, Plat., Arist. 

po-uXr]-4>6pos, ov, (<|>6pw) counselling, advising^ II. 5 c. 
gen. a counsellor, Ib. 

pov-XlfJiCa, ^, (j3ou-, Alto's-) ravenous hunger, a disease, 
Arist. Hence 

povXlfJLLacd, to suffer from #ouAi/ua, Ar., Xen. 

pcwXios, ov, (jSovAi] ) = jSovAevTi/co's 2, sage, Aesch. 

po\)Xo}Ji,aL, Ion. 2 sing. $ovAecu : impf. ejSovAd/wjv, Att. 
also riftovXApriv, Ion. 3 pi. ejSot/AeWo : f. /8ovA^o"0/xcu : 
aor. I ij8ouA^77v, Att. also Tj/3- : pf. ^e/tovATj^ucu : Dep. 
(The Root is BOA, which appears in Ep. pfaopai, Lat. 
i;0Z0 : hence ySovA^.) T^o wz//, ivish, be willing, 
Horn., etc. : mostly c. inf. or c. ace. et inf., Id., 
etc. : when j8ovAo/xcu is foil, by ace. only, an inf. may 
be supplied, Tpc&so'o'iv e$ovAero VI/CTJV he willed victory 
to the Trojans, or Tpt&effcriv IjSovAeTO /cuSos o/>etu, both 
in IL II. Att. usages : 1. #ovAet or j8ovA<r0e 

foil, by subj., adds force to the demand, jSo^Aet A<- 
j3co/xcu 'would you have me take hold, Soph. 2. c! 
jSovAei, a courteous phrase, like Lat. sis (si vis\ if 
you please. Id. 3. o $ouAo / / uevos, Lat. quivis, the 
first that offers, Hdt., Att. 4. j8ovAo/xeVy pot tffri, 
nobis volentibus est, c. inf., it is according to my 
wish that . . , Thuc. 5. to mean so and so, ri $ov- 
AeTtu e?vcu ,* quid sibi vult haec res f Plat. : hence, 
/SouAeTcct efvai professes or pretends to be, 'mould fain 
be, Id. III. followed by ^, to prefer, for /3ov- 

Ao^icu /xaAAov, ^O\)\OJJL ^-ycb Aa6v o"<iov e^a/ievai, ^ aTro- 
AeV^ot 7 //z^ rather the people were saved #m lost, II. 

PovX<$<>Sj ov, (/xc^XTl) strife-desiring, Ar. 

po-u-XiiT^s, ^, (Aucu) A<? time for unyoking oxen, even- 
ing, Ar. : in Horn, as Adv. povXvTtfvSc, towards 
even, at eventide. 

' :, 5, (ajueAyw') cow-milking, Anth. 

[t j, ov, <3, (^otWs) a dweller on the hills, Anth. 

T^W, f . ^crw, (fiaiva) to walk the hills, Anth. 

powo-a8ijs, es, (eTSos) Plut. 

pov-vop.o, ov, (vffjLopat] grazed by cattle, Soph. 2. 
aye\cu POVVO'IJLOL (parox.) herds of oxen at past^^,re > Id. 

BOYNO'I, 6, a kill, mound, Hdt. 

POV-TTCUS, aiSos, 6, (fiov-, TraTs) ^ ^j^ boy, Ar. II. 

^j8oiJ$, TToIy) child of the ox, of bees, in allusion to their 
fabulous origin, Anth. 


;, ov, like Bitpalus, i. e. stupid, Anth. 

pov-iraXis, ecus', 6, TJ, (Trd\7] > wrestling Like a bull , i. e. 
hard-struggling, Anth. 

Poi>-irap.o>v [a], ov, ^Trao/tai) rich in cattle, Anth. 

po-u-irXcumrjs, ov, 6, (irXao'o'u / coiv-modeller, of the 
sculptor Myron, Anth. 

pa-u-irX-rjierpos, ov, (TrX^cfcra}^ goading oxen, Anth. 

poV"irXij, T^OS, o, {vX^ffo'd)} an ox-goad, Lat. stimu- 
lus, II. 2. ,cw axe for felling an ox, Anth. 

pov-iroiiq|TOS, ov, = povircus II, Anth. 

pou-iroijJLir]V, evos, o, a herdsman, Anth. 

(Sou-Tropes, ov, ^ireipca} ox-piercing, /3ov7r. ojSeAos a spit 
/arg-tf enough to spit an ox, Hdt., Eur. 

poii-Trpwpos, ov, i^Trp^pa) TuzY/z the face of an ox, Soph. 

BOY~5., $ and ^, gen. fiatis, ace. jSow, Ep. jSouv, poet, 
also (a : Dual jSde : PL, nom. ftdes, rarely fiovs : 
gen. fioaJv, Ep. j8o>v: dat. fiovffi, Ep. jS6O"<n: ace. ^8o / as, 
Att. jSovs' : Lat. os (bov-is), a bullock, bull, ox, or a 
cow, in pi. <?# or kine, cattle, Horn., etc. II. 

= $oe7? or fioeTj ^always fem.), an ox-hide shield, 
II. III. proverb., fiovs eVi yX&tfarj fi&r)K, fiovs 

eirl y\d)fffft]s eirLfiatvet, of people who keep silence from 
some weighty reason, from the notion of a heavy body 
keeping down the tongue, Theogn., Aesch. 

Pov-<rro,0}xov, r6, and po-u-irraOjuios, 6, an ox-stall, Eur. 

po-u-cTTpo^os, ov, (o'Tp<f)ci>') ox-guiding, and as Subst. 

an ox-goad, Anth. 

pov-cr^aYs'w, f ^crco, (crQayf)} to slaughter oxen, Eur. 
povriqs, ou, Dor. POVTOS or PWTCXS, a, 6, (fiovs) a herds- 

man, Aesch., Eur., Theocr. II. as Adj., jSouT. 

<f>6fos the slaughter of kine, Eur. 
poi5.TO|jLov, TO\ or POV-TOJXOS, <5, (rejUeTvi biitomus, tht 

flowering rush, Ar., Theocr. 
pov-<f><rYos [a], ov, v<ay?;v) ox-eating, Anth. 
poA)<j>ovb>, f . r f)cr<a, to slighter oxen, II. ; and 
|3o"u<j>ovia (sc. Ifpa), rd, a. festival with sacrifices of 

oxw, Ar. From , 
po-u-^oVos, ov, i^eW) ox-slaying, ox-offering, h. 

Horn. II. at Qvfor 'which steers are slain, Aesch. 
po-u<|)oppw, to tend cattle, Eur. ;, and 
(3o-u<j>opfka, wv, rd, a herd of oxen, Eur. From 
po-u-<|>oppos, oV, (<j(>e/)j3aj) ox-feeding, and as Subst. a 

herdsman, Eur., Plat. 

Poo-)(av8if]S, 4s, (xovSdvcw) holding a inihol^ ox, Anth. 
po-cavir]9, ov, 6, (aWo/iai) at Athens, an officer who 

bought oxen for the sacrifices, Dem. 
PO-WIUS, t5os, 7], (^) ox-eyed, i. e. having large, full 

eyes, mostly of Hera, Horn. 
powTo), 2f<? plough, Hes. From 
pcMOTtjs, ou, 5, (jSovs) a ploughman, Babr. II. the 

name given to the constellation Arcturus, Od. j v. 

&pKTO$ II. 

ppapcia, 7), (jSpajSevs") arbitration, judgment, Eur. 
ppapclov, Tti, a />n> iw ^A<? games, N. T. From 
ppa.pcijs, ecoy, d, ace. /Jpa/#}, Att. pi. ftpa&ys, the judge 
who assigned the prizes at the games, Lat. arbiter, 
Soph., Plat. 2. generally, an arbitrator, umpire, 
judge, Eur. : then a chief, leader, Aesch. : an author, 
Eur. (Deriv. unknown.) 

qs, oiJ, <5, =foreg., Plat. From 

ISO >i i 

ppafkvto, f. (Tco, fipafiws} to act as a judge or umpire^ 
Isocr. II." c. ace. to arbitrate, decide on, ret 

SIKCUO, Dem. : to direct, arrange, control, Anth. 
v, T-6, a wild plum, Theocr. 

s, 6, hoarseness, or sore throat causing hoarse- 
ness, Thuc. From 

BPAfXO'2, fa 6v, hoars? , Anth. > s Prob, formed from 
the sound. 1 

ppaSews, Adv. of fipaSvs, q. v. 

ppaSvvo* [u], f .' vv-Q : aor. i $p<i?>wa : \fipa$v$) : 
trans, to make slow, delay .Pass, to be delayed, 
Soph. II. intr. to be long, to loiter, delay, Id. : so 
in Med., Aesch. 

ppo&u-.ireiOi'js, &, (w eld o /tat) s/0w believe, Anth. 
PpaSv-TrXoeX f. ^<r<w, (VA<W) fo sail slowly, N. T. 
ppaS-v-irovs* 6, ^j -TOW, r<$, sfaw of foot, slow, Kur. 
BPA V AY'I, ?a, t5 : Comp. jSpaSurepoSj by metath. 
rpo$, Ep. PpaSitoV and ppdorcrav : Sup. fipcfivraros, 
also ppd$ta"ros, by metath. &dpdurTOs : s/W>, Horn., 

e tc, ; c. inf., '/TTirOi j8<p5i<rroi Oslew slowest at running, 

II. ; /3. Ktytiv Eur. : Adv., jSpaSews %<w/jeii/ Thuc. 2. 
of the mind, like Lat. tardus, IL ; c. inf., 
jfyafcTfThuc. ; T^ jQpaS^ slowness, Id. : Ad 1 
^ouAeuecr^ai Id. II. of Time, tardy, late, Soph., 


Xijs, &, ^<TK(l\os) slow uf h'gi Anth. 

Tjroy, 17, (j8pa$t5sl sloivjusss, II., Att. 2. 
" of the mind, Plat. 

, woman's-garment, Theocr. 
1, Att. -TTW : aor. i %fipacra ; Pass., aor. i 
': pf. )3j8pa<r/x,ai :~ -to shake violently, throw 
up, of the sea, Anth. 2. to winnow grain, Plat. 
[Spacrerajv, ov, Kp. Comp. of fipctfits. 
Bpax a ) TC *3 aij ^ from a nom. ftpfaxosi TQ> or Ppax^i 
neut. pi. of &pa-xfi$3 shallows, Lat. brwui, Hdt., Thuc. 

"s, aor. 3 part. pass, of jSpe^w. 
BpaxiovtcrTVjp, ypos, d, an armlet, Plut. From 
~ " ' v [l], ovo5, ^, the arm, Lat. brachium, 11. ; 
s jSpaxfaj/ M* shoulder, Ib. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
K | Ion. t, Att. r], ppo-xi-crTos, Comp. and Sup. of 

pd-XOS, tos, rd, v*. 

ipax^-ptos, ov, $hort"iived 9 Plat. 

Ipax'u-pwXos, oi/, 7o/afA small or few clods, Anth. 

-, OV) of s Mall understanding, Xen. 

> OK, (Spajitw, v. T/>/XW) running a short 

i, oy, i.ktoAo*') wiiJA short limbs or 
II. consisting of short clauses. 

, brevity in speech or writing, Plat. From 
', vA^yw) *^^ * speech, of few words t 

ppaxvvw [Oji f. iJi/aJ, ^ shorten, to use as a short 

syllable, Plut. 
Ppax^-wopos, oy, w#/e short passage, Plat, 

w/#A narrow passage, Plut. 
BPA V XY'Z, ?a, Ion. ea, i5 : Cornp. 

5*>up. ftpaxitr ctTOs, ftpdxio'TOsr : short, Lat. br&vis : 1 

of Space and Time, Hdt., Att.; <y jSpaxeT (Ion. /3pa 

way, Xen. 


Xi' in a short time, briefly, Hdt., etc. ; 5tct 
Thuc. : Adv. ppax&$f scantily, seldom, Id. 2. 
of Size, short, small, little, Find., Soph.; #p. Terror 
a /<?7W wall, Thuc.; KUT& j8pX^ /^^ by little, 
Id. 3. of Quantity, few, Sict &pax&av in fete 

words, Plat. ; 5i? fipaxurdrtav Dem. :~ Adv., ftpaxws, 
briefly, in few ivords, Xen. 4. of quality, humble > 
insignificant, Soph. : of thing's, small, petty, trifling, 
Id., etc. : neut. as Adv., j3pa%^ Qpovrlfatr nv6s to 
think lightly of, Dem. 

pax^-cnjp-poXos, ov, (<r\)fJLpoXov) bringing a small 
contribution, Anth. 

paxvTTis, VTOS, T), (j8pa%^) shortness, Thuc. 2. 

narrowness, deficiency, Id. 

tf) reaching but a short way, Plut. 
hort-necked, Plat. 

with few leaves, Anth. 
BPA'XH, a Root only found in 3 sing-. Kp. aor. 2 j8/>x 

or /3pax*j ^ rattle, clash, ring, of arms ; of a torrent, 

n>ar / of an axle, to creak ; of one wounded, to 

shriek or roAr, aS\. in II. 
ppe^jxa, aros, r6, the front part of the head, Lat. sin* 

ciput, Batr. ( Deriv. uncertain.) 

ppKKK^|, formed to imitate the croaking offrogs> Ar. 
BPE'Mli, only in pres. and impf., Lat, PREMO, to 

roar, of a wave, II. ; so also in Med., Ib., Soph. II. 

in later Poets, of arms, to clash, ring, Eur. ; of men, t 

shout, rage, Aesch., Eur. 
ppv0i5o|xai [u], Dep., only in pros*, and impf. to bear 

oneself haughtily, to hold one's head high, swagger, 

Ar., Plat. 

Ppl|is, eus, y, ij3p^x w ' a wttiHg* Xen. 
Pplras, r<J, gen. fiptreos: pi., nom. and ace. jBp^rca, 

contr. Pp&ni ~, gen. j8per<W ; a iwoden image of a 

god, Aesch., Eur., Ar. (Deriv. uncertain.) 
BPE'*OI, coy, r6, the babe In the womb, Lat. foetus: 

of an unborn foal, II. II. the neW'-btrrn babe, 

Aesch., Eur. : -of beasts, a foal, ivhdp, cub, Hdt. :- 

&c fip<bQ!t from babyhood, Anth. 
pp<j>vXXiov, r6 t Dim. of Qp^s, Luc. 
^pex}JL6s, 6 f s*pp&yfM 9 the top of the head, Lat. sinci- 
put, IL 
BPE'Xfi, f . & : aor. i Hfrpefr : Pass,, aor. i i&pfyOw > 

pf. p^fipeyfjiai ; - Lat. RIGO, to wet, ri> 7<fo% of 

men walking through water, licit.: * Pass, to he 
, get met, j3/)e%^vot vpbs f'bv bju.<f>a\6v Xen. ; 
rQai. v {JSari to bathv in water, Hdt. : of hard 

drinkers, ^pex^ts soaked, Kur. II. to rain, setul 

rain, N. T. ; c. ace. cogn., ftp. irvp to rain fire, 

Ib. 2, impers. fip^i, like fot, Lat. ^/?.'#, /# 

rains, Ib. 

ppi, apocop. for jSpiap^, lies. 
Bpidpcws, 5, a hundred-handed g*iant, so called by the 

gods, but by men Acgaeon, II. From 
ppiap<Ss, ei, <^/, Ion. ppicp^t, ^, rfv, strong, stout, II. 

'.From same Root as fiptQfe, ftptdwj j3ctpi5y.) 

w, to make or to ^>fc' strong and mighty 9 Hcs. iv, 
aor. i IjSptfa : fytMs) \-~to be sleepy, to 

slumber f nod 3 IL, Aesch. 

, ov, &?riJft)) loud'Sthoutuig, of Ares, IL 
, cos, rl, f &piMs) weigh f, Kur. 

y, weight* heaviness, II. 

PpI0u~voos, ov, grcwe-minded, thoughtful, Anth. 

pptOvs, eTa, v, 'weighty, heavy, \\, ; Comp. ftpiBvrepos 
Aesch. (Ci. ftptapos.} 

BPI'0fl [r], Ep. subj. ppieyon: Ep. impf. ftfiQov : f. 
fipi<r<a, Ep. inf. -e/x,ej/ : aor. i %&pt<ra : pf . ft4fipl6a : 
3 sing, plqpf. pefiptdei. (From same Root as ftpuz- ; 
p<2s.) To be heavy or weighed doivn 'with a thing", i 
c. dat., of fruit-trees, Horn.; metaph., oA0<jJ ftp'tfeiv 
Eur. 5 (cj!>ecri j8p. if/sitf heavily with the sword, 
Id. 2. c. gen. to groan with weight of a thing-, 

tr'iTOv, otvov Od. 3. absol. be heavy, II.; rare in 
Att., ftpiQsi 6 TITTTOS sinks. Plat. II. of men, 

outweigh, prevail, ee'Svoicn <$y gifts, Od. : absol. &? 
&*; tfA<? preponderance in fight, to be master, prevail, 
II. III. trans, to weigh doivn, Aesch. : Pass, to 

be laden, KapTrcp ^ptOoftej/vj laden with fruit, II. : c. 
gen. fipiOza'dai <rrax^cwj/ Hes. 

Pplp,dop,ai, Dep. to snort with anger, to be indignant, 
Ar. From 

pptjjLTi, -ft, strength, bulk, h. Horn. (^From same Root 
as jSpiapck.), =, Xen. 

Ppur-appLaTos, ov, (fipiQco] chariot-loading; Hes. 

Ppiryicos or Pp<$K)(o$, <5, poet, for ftp^os, Theogn. 

Ppop,ea>, = |8pejucw, only in pres. and impf., of flies, to 
buzz, II. 
po|u,aofJ>ai, Dep. , == Ba/cxei^a?, Anth. From 

, a, ov, (fipo/jLOs) sounding, boisterous : whence 
Bp<|j,Los, <5, as a name of Bacchus, Aesch., Eur. ; Bpo- 
/JLLOV TToi/xa, i. e. wine, Id. 2. as Adj. Bp<fyuos, a, ov } 

Bacchic, Id., Ar. : so BpofJU-cSSiris, es, (elSos) Anth. 

PpdfA.09, 4, (jSpejuw) Lat. fremitus, any lo^ld noise, as 
the crackling of fire, II. ; roaring of a storm,, Aesch. ; 
neighing of horses, Id. 2. rage, fury, Eur. 

ppovTouw, f. ^<r ; Ep. aor. i jSpcWijcra : jfo